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06-11-2011, 07:19 AM
Chapter 2

I now turned to Jackie and asked her to tell us all about her first experience of been a slut, and also about how she lost her virginity to her first real cock, as we had already heard how she had broken her own hymen with the red vibrator that belonged to her mother.

Jackie began, I had been using mom's vibrator just about five times every day for about three months when I rather foolishly let it slip out of my schoolbag in front of one of the girls at school. She asked about the wonderful sensations this toy was giving me and she begged me to bring it over to her house one evening when she was going to be there alone. The idea of me and her having extra fun was too good to miss and I was determined that I would show her the pleasure it could give. But what I didn't know was that she was setting me up for a fall with four guys from the same school, when I arrived she led me into a bedroom and told me to make myself comfortable so that she could see how I used the toy on myself.

Not thinking anything of it I simply removed all my clothes and began to lay on the bed, soon my throbbing friend was sliding easily into my well wet, well worked cunt, and I was moaning like a banshee. I suppose with the noise I was making this could explain why I did not hear the four boys coming into the room and I only became aware of them when suddenly each of my arms and legs were grabbed and held tight. Judy, the girl then pulled the vibrator slowly out of my cunt and trailed it up my body between my tits and literally tapped at the entrance to my mouth, I knew she wanted me to suck it so I did, much to the amusement of the boys. Where they came from I do not know but suddenly my hands and ankles were tied using ties and I found I could not close my legs or protect myself.

At first the boys seemed nervous of each other and no one wanted to take the lead, so they seemed to be egging each other on as to who would be the first to actually touch my cunt or suck my nipples. Judy had no hesitation in leading the way by calling me the biggest slut, whore and cock hungry bitch she had ever met, this served to turn me on even more though and pretty soon Judy was lapping away at my cunt, suddenly she raised her head and told the boys to get undressed and get their cocks ready to fuck the shit out of this two bit whore. Out of the corner of my eyes I could see a hive of activity as the boys quickly divested themselves of their clothes, I was then made to suck the nearest cock until it was hard enough to actually enter my cunt. As soon as one cock was inside my cunt another was thrust in my face for me to suck, now one poor boy had barely got his cock to my lips and just about less than an inch inside my mouth when he suddenly withdrew it because he shot his load much to his embarrassment and ridicule from the others, but this was the first time I tasted spunk and loved it promising myself to do it as often as possible.

By now the boy in my cunt was getting excited and just about managed to pull out in time to spray his load all over my stomach, but he was quickly replaced by the other boys as they used me as nothing more than a human version of a blow up doll, over and over they fucked me but always they pulled out before adding their loads on my skin, Judy suddenly appeared at the side of the bed with a dessert spoon and she scooped up the spunk and spoon fed me the creamy sauce. By the time the boys were exhausted I suppose I could say that I had taken 24 cocks although there were only four different ones, and regrettably not one of them seemed interested in taking my anal cherry. After the boys left Judy removed her clothes and sat on my face making me eat her cunt, I had no idea what I was actually doing but it seemed to work as Judy soon began panting and begging me to make you come.

I think that Judy had a bit of an evil streak in her for the suddenly clamped down on my mouth and suddenly my mouth was full of an acrid taste as Judy actually pissed in my mouth and made me swallow it all, not only that but she made me use my tongue to clean up her cunt. Suddenly the room was full of flashing lights as Judy took lots and lots of pictures of me and told me these would be distributed via the Internet if I squealed on her.

I (Master Ray) now spoke to Jackie and asked her if she was still an anal virgin, she blushed and then answered yes, and then she added that she hoped this would not be the case for much longer. By now Sandra was on the verge of another climax all over my fingers, as she listened to how her daughter had been tied up and she actually mumbled that she would have loved to have been in that situation tied to the bed and made to service so many young virile cocks.

I asked Jackie to tell me honestly which event she found the biggest turn on, was it the being tied down or was it being used as a urinal or even as I really suspected, was it being called a whore, slut and a bitch. She replied that the name calling was exciting in its own special way but what she often recalled in her naughtiest dreams was being used over and over again as a substitute for a rubber doll.

At this Sandra suddenly gasped and her thigh muscles twitched violently as a shiny patch spread down her inner thighs. She apologised most profusely at coming without permission, and I actually think she expected to be punished. I did tell it that instead of spanking her worthless ass again I would make her repay her transgression by making her carry out the task to the letter within the next 48 hours.

Both women were still stood almost naked from the waist down apart from their skirts which were around their waists and I ordered them to remove the skirts now, I smiled slyly to myself as I gave them their next command, which was that they had to remove each other's blouses. Now the only thing stopping mother and daughter from being totally naked in front of each other was their flimsy Lacy bras and these were soon to be heading the same way as the blouses. I turned to Jackie and ordered her to remove her mother's bra but she was only allowed to use her mouth, teeth and nothing else. It was quite amusing to watch as she struggled to work out the simple logistics of removing the bra without using her hands, it took her nearly 10 minutes to get both shoulder straps down past the elbows and I actually caught her mother helping her by pulling your arms out but a swift slap across her backside indicated she should help no more. Jackie managed to work the waistband of the bra down in sections until she was stretching it in order to get it over the arse of her mother.

No sooner had Jackie completed the task then I set Sandra off to do the same on her daughter, but to make it more even I actually kept asking Sandra questions as she was doing it. Sandra did you use to breastfeed Jackie when she was a baby? And Jackie would have to release the bra to answer as she turned round and said yes master I did, I breastfed her until she was three years old, as I explained Tony and Bill kept my breasts lactating with their constant sucking of them. And then she would return to carrying out the chore I had given her until my next question. When Jackie was breastfeeding was your horny cunt getting wet and did you ever orgasm at any time just by having your daughter sucking on your nipples? A slightly blushing Jackie again admitted that towards the end when her daughter was three years of age she did often orgasm whilst Jackie was at her breast.

Sandra having completed the task now waited for my next question; do you think that breastfeeding Jackie now would make you orgasm without anyone touching your clearly overheated cunt? Sandra almost choked as she quickly tried to answer saying that yes she probably would orgasm without playing with her cunt as mentally it would now be different from the time when she breastfed her baby daughter. I then told them to come together until they were literally 6 inches apart I made them hold hands and then told them that they were to kiss each other but not to mother and daughter but as two horny lesbian sluts and pointed out that I wanted to see lots of tongue action and then I counted down from 3 to 1 and said go. Immediately they opened their mouths poked out their tongues and began to tease each other with them I could see quite clearly both women were aroused because there nipples were rock hard and I suspected that the silky sheen between their legs had nothing to do with sweat. I allowed them to play like this for over 30 min as I slowly undressed, when I was stood there in just my boxer shorts I told them to stop what they were doing and both to kneel before their master. Side-by-side mother and daughter knelt only inches from the 7 1/2 inch bulge, and I asked them both which horny little bitch was going to be the first to suck my cock in order to make it hard enough for me to fuck the other one.

Sandra said, master as the training lessons were supposed to be for Jackie, please allow me the privilege of preparing your beautiful cock to be used on either her horny soaking wet cunt or her extremely tight virginal arse. Almost at the same time Jackie was begging to be allowed to suck my cock to prepare it for the old whore that was her mother and she used the excuse that in that way her mother would show her how to be the perfect slut. I decided to hold a little competition and explained the rules to them both, the first one using only their fingers to make the other one cry out in lust would get to choose to suck or be fucked.

Instantly very turned on each other trying to gain the upper hand and their fingers into the other ones cunt, however the more experienced Sandra soon pinned Jackie down and whilst sitting on her stomach had one hand playing with the younger persons cunt well her other hand was pinching one of her nipples this combination soon had Jackie gasping and begging for it to stop. As the winner Sandra now chose to suck my cock and asked that she be allowed to guide it once it was rock hard into the virgin opening of her daughterís anal ring. Knowing that Jackie was extremely keen to lose her anal cherry I agreed on one condition that immediately after I entered, Sandra would have to grip her daughterís hair and force her to eat out her own mother's cunt.

Sandra quickly dropped my boxer shorts to the floor and soon had her velvet tongue licking in delicious tiny circles around the head of my cock, whilst her daughter waited rather impatiently on all fours. The tiny licks soon became long slow sucks as Sandra accepted my entire length into her mouth and she only stopped taking my length when my pubic hairs began tickling her nose. From my point of view all too soon she worked her oral magic and once I became seriously hard, Sandra took a firm but gentle hold of the base of my cock and guided me towards her daughterís puckered anal ring.

When Jackie felt my cock head press against her anal ring, she looked over her shoulder and literally growled take me, I am all yours master. Now I pressed slowly but surely forward and could feel every restrictive throb of her anal ring as it yielded to my cockís presence until almost with a plop my cock head passed through her sphincter muscle, now my cock head was engulfed in the furnace like heat of her bowel, on and on I pushed almost trapping her motherís hand against her anal ring until the very last centimetre was buried in Jackieís once virgin arse. I allowed Jackie to adjust to my thick cock now firmly wedged up her anal canal, before slowly sliding back out until just my cock head remained. I was just about to begin pushing back in to her when she thrust back causing my cock to lurch forward violently back up her arse, I swore that if that was the way she wanted it then so be it and I began to vigorously fuck her arse. By now Sandra had positioned her wide open legs either side of her daughterís head and he literally yanked her daughterís head down to her cunt screaming lick me out you fucking horny bitch.

My violent strokes into Jackieís arse literally bounced her head forward against her motherís cunt and she stuck out her tongue and used my momentum to spear it into her mumís soaking slit. Sandra began panting and then screaming through yet another climax while her daughterís arse tried to clamp on vice like to my cock. The three of us were now like a runaway train without brakes heading to the inevitable derailment of sheer orgiastic proportions. The way her anal walls milked my cock and the fact that all the rest of this evenings fun had been using my fingers led me ever closer to a massive eruption of spunk, but I was determined to last as long as possible and to try to make mother and daughter climax together.

Suddenly form out of nowhere a shuddering tingle erupted in my balls and it felt searing hot liquid shot from my balls up through my cock as my dam burst, I emptied what I thought had to be gallons of steaming hot white spunk deep inside Jackieís so recent virgin arse and at the same time Jackie threw her head back and let out what can only be described as a wolfís howl. For almost ten minutes after I pulled my shrivelled cock from her arse her thigh muscles still twitched on their own accord and her howling continued, even though by now her mother was cuddling and caressing her head as she tried to soothe her daughter.

Eventually Jackie opened her bleary eyes and smiled weakly, Thank you Master Ray for that was an orgasm that was out of this world, I would never have thought anal sex could trigger such a mind blowing orgasm as that. She said. She went on to describe how I her mindís eye she was seeing vivid flashes of bright yellows and greens and almost starbursts of brilliant reds. She confessed she had not been aware of my pulling out of her cunt and wondered at what point I had done so. I explained that two minutes after her first scream her frantic thrusting had dislodged my softening cock and she just went on and on thrusting and howling.

As she now calmed down, her mother without being told to, lowered her head between Jackieís legs and began gently licking at the pool of spunk not appearing on the hard wood floor, occasionally Sandra would catch her daughterís ultrasensitive anal ring and make Jackie jump. I told them we had better call it a day for today and I would contact them next week.

A still weak and smiling Jackie quietly hinted that I had said I was going to set her mother a task to be completed in the next 48 hours, much to her motherís consternation. I sat and thought for a moment and then said, Very well, before today is out you must buy two sets of Ben Wah balls and for a period of not less than 36 hours straight you will wear a set in each of your cunt and arse and you had better not remove them early. During that period you will jog on the spot for 10 minutes every hour unless you are sleeping, during those hours you will insert a working vibrator into your cunt at full speed. Sandraís face was a picture for she obviously knew what Ben Wah balls were and how they worked, jogging would set them in motion and having a pair in each hole would be double the fun and once working even triple the actions. Also the vibrator would have much the same effect as jogging but only for the full sleeping hours; as a final twist I ordered that Jackie should witness the sleeping hours by being in the same bed as her mother but she was not allowed to play with herself nor her mother but she would be required to make a note of how many orgasms her mother endured during the night.

With that I allowed them to dress and leave for home, as they went to their car I called out to Sandra that I expected her to call me tomorrow night and tell me in detail of her experiment up to that point. With a wave they soon disappeared and I returned in doors and began to clean up, the stench of horny over ripe cunt juice filled the air and the wet patches on the floor would need to be dried off.