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The truth will out.

By niteowluk2003.

Jenny Bond was a 28-year-old secretary for a media manager, she was single 5 foot 10 tall and of slim build and to all intents and purposes would be considered by many to be a plain Jane but her true beauty was her inner beauty, for she would do absolutely anything for anyone. Add to this the fact that Jenny was also submissive by nature and you can see that she would be the ideal partner for any dominant male.

Now I first came across Jenny when I was a security officer for a well-known venue in London, it was during a briefing that highlighted my role in looking after a well-known female Australian singing star and well Jenny, she was with the promoters office based in London. Jenny and I seemed to hit it off right from the start and she was the most helpful of staff that anyone could wish for. Whether it was my forthright personality or my air of self-confidence I could not say but I did notice that Jenny seemed to constantly be around even when it was not expected she would be. This led me to actually asking her out on a date which she willingly accepted, and she even volunteered her home address for me to pick her up from.

So it was that three weeks later on my first night off I was now stood outside her home, having rang the doorbell I waited for her to answer. Jenny opened the door and quickly ushered me inside before closing the door behind me, I then got my first proper look at the off duty Jenny, she was standing there in front of me wearing a silk dressing gown of satin pink, the only thing which held the dressing gown closed was the 2 inch wide sash around her waist. It was clear to anyone who looked closely that she was not wearing anything beneath it, for her cleavage looked relaxed and there was almost a trace of a bead of sweat trickling down between 38c breasts. As she stepped aside I caught a glimpse of her thigh and saw no traces of any edge of any panties so I assumed these were also not there.

Jenny invited me to wait in the living room while she finished getting ready, but I had already decided to test out her susceptibility to being ordered to do things; as I turned to walk past her and into the living room I suddenly stopped turned and said, I suspect you are naked beneath your dressing gown and that you dearly want me to order you to undo the sash belt which holds a closed. So I am going to give you the option of obeying me or risking my displeasure by disobeying my command and frustrating yourself.

Without waiting for any reaction, I now demanded that she undo the sash right now. Time seems to stand still for what seemed like an eternity, but Jenny later told me it took her a split second to decide and then suddenly there was the reaction from Jenny, it was not the reaction one would normally expect from a woman on her first date with a man; no she quickly untied the sash and actually physically opened her dressing gown to reveal her naked body beneath. As my eyes scanned from her neck to her thighs I notice that her nipples were already standing to attention and that she clearly regularly shaved her pubic hair. As I moved my hand towards her cunt without hesitation she slightly opened her legs allowing me free and easy access, and within seconds of the first touch I could tell that her cunt with soaking wet.

Revising my plans I simply told her to show me her bedroom, and followed her up the stairs and into the room she indicated, my next instruction was her to remove the dressing gown and hand me the sash on its own. Now getting her to grip her own elbows behind her back I used the sash to bind both forearms together in the small of her back, this caused her to arch her back slightly thrusting her breasts forward as she did so. Now demanding to know where she kept her panties, I went to the draw and opened it; going through the pairs of different panties in the draw I selected two of the silky French Cami-knickers and turned to face her. Holding each pair up in turn so she could see what I selected, I moved towards her and told her to opened her mouth; scrunching the pairs of panties into a tight ball I popped them both into her mouth before telling her to close it.

I told her to nod if she thought the idea of me spanking her naked butt would make even hornier or she was to keep her head still if she thought it would turn her off. Jenny nodded so violently that I half expected her head the fall off; also there was a look of wild passion in her eyes, almost as if she was daring me to punish her. I told her to stamp her foot the same number of times as she thought would be the appropriate amount of spanks it would take to make her come. Jenny stamped her foot eight times before she stopped and she watched me settle as I sat on the edge of the bed. I assumed she would not hesitate if and when I told her to lay herself over my knee and prepare to be spanked.

Jenny seemed to be choking with the panties in her mouth and so I reluctantly reached forward and pulled them from her mouth, but I warned her that in future I would expect her to be able to hold panties that she had worn all day in her mouth without baulking and would expect her to actually suck her own stale cunt juice from those panties at my command.

Instead of demanding that she lay across my lap, I took my time and I smoothed the imaginary creases in the length of my trouser legs but all the time I watched Jenny's reaction. I noticed her eyes seemed to be drawn to the area of my crotch, so I casually asked her to predict the size of my rampant cock once it was hard. Rather breathlessly Jenny replied, I hope it is bigger than my toy. Suddenly I raged that I was not happy for she had shown me great disrespect by not addressing me properly, she looked confused until I explained that in future I expected to be addressed as Sir, or master. Realising that she had called me neither she immediately apologised and promised that as the lord and master of her body, mind and soul she would not make that mistake again.

I told her that it was too late and that I was just contemplating doubling the punishment and that in fact I was seriously considering applying equal spanks to both of her tits and also her cunt and arse, so each would receive four spanks. She looked at me quite shocked and a little puzzled, so I asked her what the problem was. Master I know you can spank my tits and my arse but how the hell do you intend to spank my cunt, surely my cunt lips would get in the way. She said.

Well my little fuck slut, you will just have to wait and see but I promise you this it is quite possible to induce a very heavy orgasm just by spanking a woman's cunt and in particular her clitoris but first my horny little bitch I wish to see the toy that you were referring to, so which drawer is that in. I asked.

Oh master, it is an old toy and I am rather ashamed for it to be seen as I bought it many years ago when I was on a trip to Amsterdam. She replied and then she pointed to the drawer beneath the one I had taken the panties from. When I reached the drawer I opened it and rooted around inside, eventually finding the little plastic vibrator which measured less than 3 inches in length and less than half an inch in diameter. This, will never do I explained and told her that I did not care where she bought them from, but she was to buy a new set of toys from the list I would give her and that eventually she would have every single toy on that list. Jenny listened patiently and nodded appropriately as she was told my instructions.

I now ordered Jenny to bend over at the waist to keep her legs straight, as her tits hung down I reached beneath her and pinched her left nipple, holding it tightly between my thumb and forefinger I stretched the nipple away from the body. The more I pulled the more she allowed her upper body to go with the flow until my sharp scornful voice told her she had better start resisting or her punishment would be never ending. I stopped pulling on her nipple and allowed her upper body to return to 90 to her legs, and then I began to pull down again. This time Jenny did resist and was almost pulling back against my pull, when I felt that she had resisted sufficiently I quickly let go of the nipple and was pleased to see about 2 inches of recoil in her upper body. This told me that she had really been pulling back against my fingers and for that I rewarded her by placing the flat back of my hand against her cunt and telling her to rock back and forth. By doing this I was able to adjust the amount of pressure against her clit and cunt and yet she was doing all the work.

When I finally pulled my hand away, I could hear her almost groan with frustration, I asked her what was up and she mumbled nothing. I told her I had one more test of obedience for her and that if she pleased me then I would actually show her the size of my cock and allow her to play with it unrestricted for 5 min. I now told her to stand up straight and then sent her to fetch a sweeping brush. I knew that she would have to try to manage to grip the handle in her mouth because her hands were still tied behind her back, so I was curious as to how was going to get the brush up the stairs without using the hands.

While she was out of the room I got hold of her dressing table chair and one that sat beside the window and brought them together with just 2 feet between them, I then went and watched from the landing until she came upstairs. Just as I suspected she gripped the handle between her teeth were almost had to cock her head to one side in order to mount the stairs carrying the brush. Once she was back in the bedroom I took the brush from her and made her stand between the two chairs. Then I slid the brush handle between her legs and rested it on the chair seats, my next command was to make bend her legs until the handle was neatly lined up with her cunt lips.

I instructed Jenny that the task was simple, she had to rub her cunt on the bar until she came but at the same time I would be using all my powers apart from commands to prevent her from bringing herself to orgasm, if in the next 3 min she came I would give her a surprise but if she did not come then I would double once more her punishment, without waiting for her to agree I told her I was starting to time her. Quickly she began pressing down on the bar and sliding her cunt along it, whilst I quickly inserted her finger into her anal ring and applied pressure to lift her away from the bar. I suppose it was inevitable that the joint processes applied that for a lot of the time only the tip of her clit was making contact with the broom handle. In 2 min and 36 seconds she was grunting her way through an orgasm and almost smiling turned to face me and she mouth the words I did it. Knowing that she had not seen my watch I told her that she had failed by just 15 seconds and the look of horror on her face was an absolute picture.

She started to beg me to be gentle with the now 32 spanks she was expecting until I started to smile and told her well actually you completed the task with 24 seconds to spare, so I would give you a surprise. Easing my finger from her clutching anal ring I quickly replaced it with the poor vibrator and flicked the little switch and was surprised to find the vibrator actually still worked. I then removed the brush handle and allowed her to kneel as if praying beside the bed before pushing her head forward until it was resting on the side of the bed. I then knelt behind her and began to thrust my fingers into her already soaking wet cunt.

I started with two fingers and quickly worked them all the way in and out of her before adding a third and stretching her cunt a little wider, well bitch can you take another finger I asked her unceremoniously. Yes master I will take whatever you want she replied. I soon added a fourth finger and asked if she could take any more, once again I got the same reply so I bent my thumb into my fingers and began to push until with some difficulty my entire hand slipped into her cunt. Suddenly it was like a fire extinguisher going off she was actually squirting cunt juice at a great rate of knots, this actually caught me unawares and actually soaked my trousers but I couldn't be angry with her because it was what I had hoped her response would be and just to show I was angry I actually gripped her hair and pulled her into a French kiss. As we kissed and swapped tongues I actually closed my hand into a fist inside her cunt and was now plunging the uterus and making sure I hit her G spot as well.

I noticed as we kissed that her breathing was very ragged and that she had a real glassy look in her eyes and a rosy blush to her neck and upper chest, all sure signs that she was extremely well turned on and probably up for a lot more fun. Without releasing the fist I slowly pulled it like a cork out of the bottle until with a plop it was out of her cunt, her cunt seemed extremely stretched wide and seemed to take a while to close up. Now for the first time since arriving at her home I stood up and quickly removed my clothes and Jenny was allowed to see my cock for the first time. Taking my place upon one of the chairs I ordered her to come on hands and knees and to show me how she liked to suck and kiss cocks.

Jenny came quickly and beginning at the base of my cock she ran her tongue all the way up the length of my cock and around its head before working her way back down and actually kissing each of my testicles. The second time she ran her Tongue up my cock she accepted the head into her mouth and lowered her head until her nose was touching my pubic hairs. I do not know what she practised on but it certainly was not the little vibrator still stuck in her arse, for she swallowed my entire 7 1/2 inch length of my 3 inch diameter cock. Not only that but she seemed able still breathe through her nose because she was not baulking with my full length touching the back of her throat. Soon she was bobbing her head up and down and running her tongue around the underside of its head. The sensations were wonderful and I had to be careful to make sure I did not shoot off too early, for I still had plans about fucking this girl.

I turned to Jenny and asked her if she was still feeling really horny, almost with a maniacal laugh she said you bet, so I've made her turn round and released her arms before telling her to get on her hands and knees with a back to me and as I slid my hand between her legs I told her that if my bitch was on heat then like a horny bitch she would be fucked like the whore of a bitch she was and that meant doggie style.

Taking a fistful of the hair I eased my rock hard cock into her cunt from behind and whispered in her ear that if she was a horny bitch then she better howl like a dog on heat. For the next 30 minutes I fucked her with great vigour, I had intended to pull out and shoot my load all over her cute ass but in my attempt to drive her ever onward to a bigger and better orgasm I didn't pull out in time and Jenny felt my hot spunk splashing against the clutching walls of her cunt. God knows what the neighbours must have thought for she bayed like a wolf bays at the full moon.

I did make her turned around though and lick my cock clean before I allowed her to scoop my come out of her cunt and into her mouth. I told her that from now on we would speak every evening and I expected true and honest replies to any questions I asked. As we lay there recovering I started to dictate the list of toys that she was going to have to purchase, they included three different sized butt plugs, four different sized single headed rubber vibrators, two different thickness of double ended rubber cock's, three different pairs of nipple clamps one of which had to be a vibrating pair and finally the last item on the list was a leather dog collar and lead.

Jenny asked me if I was going to give a some money towards the purchase of these items and I replied that as far as I was concerned she could earn the money by working the streets to pay for them, or she could simply purchase them herself; as the items listed were solely for her use on her own body why should I be the one to pay for them.

I then had her lay over my naked lap as I administered four firm slaps to her arse and then kneeling beside me she received four similar slaps to each breast and now I made her lay on the edge of the bed and hold her legs open and wide. I dropped my hand sharply making sure to connect with her still open and excited cunt and sure enough each of the four spanks made initial contact with her clit before her cunt. At each spank Jenny dutifully counted the spank and thanked her benevolent master for correcting her sinful ways.

I have to confess my semi hard cock was soon rock hard again by the time I had spanked her arse let alone her breasts, before I left I did fuck her cunt once more and this time I did pull out and left her to clean up her spunk strewn face.

To be continued, so watch out for the forthcoming chapters in which Jenny gets to use her new toys and the circumstances in which they are used.

Brigit Astar
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What can I say - excellent writing, fantastic imagination...well done