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The truth will out 02.

Chapter 2; things take a turn for the better.

It had been a week since Master Ray had given Jenny her shopping list of sex toys, and tonight he was going to see her to find out which ones she had bought. Arriving exactly at the time he said he would he rang the bell and waited. After the briefest of waits the door opened and an already naked Jenny beckoned him in, she clearly wanted him to hurry inside so she could close the door but Master Ray stood his ground and in fact ordered Jenny to go close the front garden gate. It was some 10 metres from the front door and knowing better than to refuse, the naked Jenny sprinted past her Master and quickly closed the gate before racing back inside.

Master Ray motioned for her to stop once they were both inside the door and said, “Next time I will make you walk slowly to the gate and back!”, “My little fuck slut!” he added.

“Master I have a surprise for you; or rather a gift for you if you choose to accept it?” Jenny eagerly announced. With that she led him into the main hallway and pointed to a cupboard door, “It is in there, Master I do hope you like it and it pleases you!” she confessed.

As Ray opened the door he was confronted with a young naked woman five feet four tall, with almost petite 36A breasts and what appeared to be a freshly shaved cunt; the woman’s hands were bound behind her back in handcuffs and she had a ball gag in her mouth preventing her from speaking. Jenny quickly began to explain. “Sir, when I went to the adult store I noticed this woman seemed to be following me as I picked up some of the items on your list, so knowing you like me to be a slut, I deliberately bent over more than I really needed and always with straight legs so my short skirt would show my old navy blue school knickers I wore beneath!” She continued, “I wore them because I knew they would show off much better the wet patch which develops when your whore’s cunt gets so excited; well every glance behind me had this woman standing almost staring and so I tested the water so to speak by heading for the DVD section and picking up a lesbian bondage film!”

“I showed her the title and asked her if she fancied watching it and she nodded!” Jenny continued, “Then as we walked home I was getting extremely excited and you know me when I get like that I become outrageous so I had her remove her panties on the Bus home and then her blouse at the front gate. I never realised how hypnotic the power over another person could be but I will always be your slave Master!” she finished.

“Remove this girl’s ball gag, this instant bitch!” I demanded and when Jenny had complied I asked the girl her name and she replied Sarah; she also told me she was 18 years old and bisexual or at least thought she was. I asked her to explain and she replied that she had always been drawn to women but loved the taste and feel of a rigid spurting cock. She confessed she had willingly agreed to all Mistress Jenny had demanded and hoped to please me by being both our underling and slave.

I discovered that since 10 am Sarah had been here and Jenny had insisted that she be allowed to shave Sarah’s cunt, much to Sarah’s concern. Sarah confessed she was dubious about having her cunt shaved as it made her look even younger than she in fact was; she did tell me that apart from a few spanks the operation had gone smoothly. I turned to Jenny and told her that because she had shaved Sarah’s cunt, then I was going to shave hers right now, I sent Jenny to fetch a bowl of water and the shaving gear.

When she returned I walked into the living room followed by Jenny then Sarah and ordered Sarah to be released from her handcuffs. Jenny placed the items she was carrying on to the coffee table and quickly released Sarah’s hands. I then ordered Sarah to get down on her hands and knees beside the coffee table and told her she was going to be my side table; I warned her that if she spilled a single drop of the water in the bowl she would be punished twice over, once by me and once by Jenny.

I then carefully placed the plastic bowl in the small of her back and ordered Jenny to lie on the coffee table; I took my time soaping up her cunt and then with a wet razor shaved her three times to be sure to make her baby smooth. She was just about to get up when I told her to remain where she was as I had not given her permission to rise. I popped back out into the hallway and picked up a bottle of aftershave I always carried in my inside pocket. Without letting Jenny see this I applied some to my hand and then dabbed it on to her freshly shaved cunt. Immediately she almost screamed out as the aftershave stung; poor Sarah almost jumped out of her skin and splashed herself with the water from the bowl. I warned her she would be punished but because it was Jenny who caused her to jump so much; only I would punish her and Jenny would get the same punishment too.

I removed the bowl and shaving gear, allowed Sarah to dry herself off and then ordered the pair of them to bend over the back of the sofa. I asked Jenny how many of the toys on the list had she purchased and she told me she had bought the lot including a few extras. I then demanded she tell me how many items she had bought and she told me she had bought twelve. So I announced that she would be receiving twelve spanks and so would Sarah.

After every spank I gave to Sarah I made her beg Jenny to kiss the area better and I instructed Jenny to do so, similarly I repeated this with Jenny so there was the very real mixture of pleasure and pain for both women.

After they had calmed down I told Jenny I had originally intended her to carry out a task tonight but it would be more difficult with the three of us but instead I would give her the details and she would now have to complete it alone tomorrow night, eagerly she wanted to know what she would have to do but I kept hesitating in telling her instead choosing to change the subject. I knew that she would never have the bottle to face me down to demand to know what her task would be so it played on her nerves for a fair while.

I turned to Sarah and asked her to explain to me why she decided to follow a complete stranger in an adult shop like she had, she explained that as she had already said she was a little confused as to whether she was a lesbian or not and wanted to find out what it would be like with another woman. When she saw Jenny selecting the different types of vibrators, dildos and butt plugs she figured that there must not be a cock involved and so Jenny was the type of woman she was seeking out. This impression seemed to be reinforced when Jenny showed her the DVD she had selected, but how quickly things change when they got back to this address.

Jenny had quickly instructed Sarah to remove all the clothes and to be honest Sarah was happy to do so in the hope that Jenny would spend time playing with her. Then Jenny suggested the Sarah that she would find it a bigger turn on to be blindfolded and allowed Jenny to put a scarf around her eyes, it then quickly followed that Jenny suggested Sarah put her hands together behind her back and no sooner had Sarah done so than Jenny had captured her wrists in the handcuffs. Sarah then explained that Jenny had then begun to verbally abuse her, by calling her all sorts of names like slut and whore, not only that but when Sarah began to protest Jenny produced the ball gag and applied it tightly to stop Sarah saying anything further.

To complete the abuse, Jenny then spanked Sarah's arse and forced the medium sized butt plug up her arse before fucking her cunt with the large black dildo, Sarah could not plead for this to stop as the ball gag did its job. However Sarah did admit that she experienced three of her most potent orgasms whilst in this position and confided that the only thing that was missing was being made to actually lick clean both the dildo and the butt plug. She admitted she was rather jealous as she watched Jenny lick clean the dildo before using it on her own cunt, and how she would have dearly loved to have licked all the cunt cream that Jenny produced both from the dildo and directly from her cunt.

I quickly turned to Jenny and told her to fetch all the toys that she had bought that day and in fact she was to bring everything she had bought that day. 5 min later Jenny was emptying a carrier bag onto the sofa and I noticed that there were items of clothing as well as the DVD and the toys. One of the items of clothing was a bright red pair of crotch less panties and the other item of clothing was a black satin blouse type garment that had zips rather neatly placed which would have been just about over the breast area on the side of the blouse. I immediately sifted through the toys and located the heavy duty nipple clamps and ordered Jenny to kneel before me, but her hands behind her head and accept me attaching these nipple clamps to an area just below her nipples. I now took the length of chain between the two nipple clamps and raised the middle piece up and into Jenny's mouth; I instructed Jenny that if she were to drop the chain then she would have straight pins stuck into each of her breasts until I decided enough was enough.

Now turning to Sarah and told her to stand behind Jenny and take a firm grip on the spare chains between Jenny's mouth and both her breasts and that the count of three she was to yank the nipple clamps from Jenny's body. I knew that Jenny would be anticipating the count of three, so I staggered the count. I counted one at the same time as my fingers found Jenny's soaking wet cunt, two as my fingers played with her clit and then suddenly I declared three as my finger and thumb pinched hard on her clit, instantly Sarah pulled down on the chain and a nipple clamps stretched Jenny's breasts until finally they sprang back into place as the clamps themselves now hung from Jenny’s mouth.

Summoning Sarah to come around in front of Jenny, I now made her kiss better each of Jenny's breasts before ordering her to lick and suck on Jenny's nipples, soon little murmurs of contentment were coming from Jenny's lips and they grew in noise levels as I instructed Sarah on how to play with Jenny's cunt. Allowing Sarah to continue until Jenny was on the very verge of Cumming, I suddenly pulled Sarah away and made Jenny hump her own cunt on one of her own clenched fists. Right in front of Jenny's face Sarah was now sucking on my cock and I was threatening to give her a pearl necklace that Jenny would then have to lick up. Before I did, however I instructed both women to get into a 69 position and to bring each other off by using only their tongues.

When the two women had calmed down I then began to explain the task that Jenny should have been doing that night and had now been postponed for another day. That task was that he was to take a bus ride and flash her bare cunt to as many people on the bus as she could, then when she was more than 20 stops from home she was to get off the bus, find a suitable place to undress and then slowly make her way home naked, she was allowed to put her clothes in a shoulder bag but she was not to cover either her breasts or her cunt and to the best availability she was to try to avoid being seen or arrested. If she was stopped by a man she was to use her charms to try to avoid any further action by offering nothing more than a blow job and not only that but she had to take the load on her face and chest and was not allowed to cleaning up before moving on.

Jenny’s face looked a picture as she realised that in all probability she would be seen and would have to give more than one blow job to get home safely, and with a rather shaky voice she asked if she could choose the time that she was to set out on this task. I allowed her to choose the time of the task but explained to her that when she got home before she was allowed to clean up she had to take a picture of herself in the mirror and e-mail it to me along with an explanation of how she felt and how big your slut she had been in getting home.

As for Sarah, I challenged her as to whether she wanted to walk away or was she prepared to become my slut, knowing the type of tasks I could well set for her in the future. It was with a sense of pride I accepted her answer when she replied that he would love to be my number one slut and would do everything she could to reach that position.