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Wrong choices.
Synopsis. A husband cost the firm he works for a large contract and as a result in order to keep his job he must surrender his wife and his manhood lock stock and barrel. She is used as a whore for the company and ends up being part of a bestiality video. Later she becomes addicted to sex with dogs and divorces her husband to be married as a bitch to King a Rottweiler.
Chapter 1.
A slippery road to disaster.
John Wells was a decision maker; he was responsible for making important decisions in regard to his firmís contracts, but at Atkinson, Dolby and Bates his decisions were usually trusted. John had been taking a few risks lately trying to maintain his own high standards of contract successes.
Now John was married to Susie, a woman three years younger than his own 42 years of age. She was almost diminutive beside John who stood six foot two tall and his wife barely measured four foot eleven tall. I suppose her crowning glory was her body, she was amply proportioned with firm 38DD tits and frequently turned menís heads when she entered a room. They had been married for nearly ten years but the fires of passion in their relationship had not yet started to diminish.
John never really suspected where the meeting, he had been summoned to was about to lead as he usually managed to talk his way out of most difficult situations. Now Standing before his managing director and chief shareholder of the company Buck Bates, he was waiting to find what out the hassle was.
Suddenly Buck launched into a tirade of abuse, calling John the biggest prick since time began; he thrust a folder towards John who instantly picked it up. Quickly reading the top page he suddenly looked shocked and confused. Apparently the deal he did with the Johansson company had gone tits up in a massive way, not only had Atkinson, Dolby and Bates now had the contract cancelled but the penalty clauses imposed was going to cost the company over £500,000. The damage to the company reputation was for more substantial too and would take years to recover.
Buck Bates had always fancied Susie Wells and had flirted several times with her on corporate days, but had never got anywhere so he was not slow in seeing the opportunity now presented to him. Now in a much calmer voice he asked John what he was going to do about this hell of a mess he had created for the company. For once in his life John could not think, he began muttering that he would contact Johanssonís and try to straighten them out and he then added that he would do whatever it took to make amends and literally begged Buck not to fire him.
With a leering smile, Buck suddenly announced, ďI had not even thought of sacking you after all you have a valuable asset you have not even tapped yet!Ē Confused John tried to sort his mind out and figure out what asset had he got that he had not already used, in desperation he asked what asset is that, sir?
With a sly grin, Buck suddenly said, ďBut are you not married to that horny looking Susie?Ē John suddenly looked shocked, what had Susie to do with sorting this mess out, he was still puzzling this when Buck suddenly broke the silence with a demand, ďYou fucking wimp, sit down right there!Ē

A rather dazed John found himself sitting down as instructed, now Buck seized the upper hand and instructed John to remove his clothes. John began to protest, but suddenly fell silent when Buck told him in no uncertain terms that failure to comply would result in not only him being sacked but also sued for the loss of finances incurred by the company by his shady dealings.
Realising he was stuck between a rock and a hard place he had no alternative but to do as he was told, so he quickly undressed and was about to sit down when Buck stopped him. Laughing now Buck told John he was going to experience exactly what Buck was going to do to Johnís wife. Still not making sense of the situation a confused John asked what he meant, when suddenly Buck pressed the buzzer on his desk and the door sprung open, in stepped Nigel Spence, one of the juniors of the firm. Suddenly John felt really naked because he knew Nigel was openly gay.
Buck walked over to Nigel and whispered in his ear and all John saw was a great big smirk which appeared on Nigelís face. Buck then turn round and told John to bend over the board room table and relax, knowing he was so close to the sack and being sued John meekly obeyed. Suddenly Nigel was behind John and unbeknown to John, Buck was filming all the action. Nigel began to kneel down behind John and a shock ran through him as Nigel began to lick the crack of Johnís arse.
Suddenly the moment was broken by Buck who demanded John open his legs wider and told him he should reach behind him and open his arse cheeks. Again John meekly obliged, and now Nigel was rimming his anal ring, occasionally Nigel would probe his arse with his tongue and tried to push his tongue into Johnís arse. What surprised John more than anything else was the fact he was beginning to enjoy the sensations and was rudely brought to earth when Buckís voice announced, Look the little faggot likes having a queer lick his arse.
Even worse was to follow when as instructed by Buck, Nigel stood up and promptly dropped is trousers and began to push his hard cock up Johnís arse. The pain that shot through John was incredible but he knew better than to cry out, again he was shocked when he found the pain becoming less and being replaced with sheer pleasure.
As Nigel continued to pound John's arse, Buck made sure that he got it all on camera, not only the action but also he made sure to capture the look of pleasure on John's face. John was even heard to be begging for Nigel to do him harder, and be begging for permission to actually suck the beautiful cock now ploughing his very tight anal chute. Things worked out better than Buck could have hoped for and for John as he displayed tendencies that even he was not aware he had. Suddenly Nigel pulled out of John's arse and quickly scurried round to John's head where he began to stroke his rigid cock until great wads of spunk flew from the end of his cock landing squarely on John's face. Every single spurt was captured by Buck on the camera and all in crystal clear quality, no matter how much John would want to protest after this day, Buck had all the evidence to show that John really loved what was happening to him.

John was made to clean Nigel's cock before Nigel was allowed to leave, and as Nigel was dressing he leaned over to John and kissed him full on the lips and as he pulled back he whispered that was one of the best fucks I have ever had and I would love to do it again with you soon. Now as John and Buck were the only two left in the boardroom, buck quickly released his massive 9 inch cock from his trousers and made John suck him until he was ready to unleash his load and once more it was all over John's face.

Finally Buck began to tell John of his ultimatum, John was to deliver his wife Susie to an address that he would be given and he was to stand by and watch his wife service the people at this address, not only that but if required John himself would partake of the fun as required. Buck ensured that John was aware of the penalty for failing to deliver his wife, not only now would the police be at his house with charges amounting to embezzlement but also further charges now of indecent sexual behaviour between two men would be added.

John begged buck not to do this and to save his wife from her ordeal, as John dressed his mind was Replaying the almost manic laughter of buck to his begging. All the way home John was trying to figure out how to tell his wife the disaster that befell them and even more that she was going to have to save his bacon by becoming the plaything for the company at which he worked.

When he arrived home he found his wife already in the bath relaxing, and as he entered the bathroom the actually caught her playing with her cunt, in fact she had three fingers up her cunt and was strumming her clit like a banjo player. As he walked over to where she lay in the bath his cock started to stir but his mind replayed the images from earlier when he was fucked. All Susie saw was her husband pleased to see her naked again, and with wet hands she reached out and unzipped his trousers. Just before she started to suck him she asked what had the meeting been about and how would it affect them both. As she went to town doing her husband the usual high quality blow job, she was astounded to hear that they were both in big trouble.

As he explained what had been said to him and the possible solution to the problem, Susie kept on sucking his cock and although John had no intention of telling her about what had happened in the boardroom, he suddenly found her staring at his face. John turn his head and looked in the bathroom mirror, oh my God he thought for he could see dried spunk still on his face. Susie quietly asked is that spunk on your face dear and if so how did it get there. Not wishing to lie to his wife John now made the decision to tell the whole truth, Susie was shocked and disgusted when John explained what her part of the bargain would be.

John promised to fight the situation if Susie decided not to go along with the situation, but Susie ever the practical one admitted that with all the evidence stacked against them there was no alternative but to do what they wish and besides it was only going to be the once.

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whould love to here the rest of the story it is great so far!