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Warning this chapter contains sex with animals so if you offended by this please do not read.....

Wrong choices 02.

Chapter 2.
The dreaded phone call.

It was three days later that John took the call; it had been three days of sheer hell suspend from work and told to work out the problems with having his wife submit to other men. Buck Bates called and told John to come alone to a ranch house which is a forty minute drive from your home, just as John was preparing to write down the directions he got a further shock. “Once you leave home and before you hit the main highway you will remove all your clothes and lock them in the boot and complete the journey naked!” Buck then added, “We will have people watching tour route and if you fail to carry out the instructions you will find your pictures on the local news!”

Susie came over to her husband and asked him what was the matter, John quickly explained what he had been told and Susie shrieked, “What if you get stopped by the police? How would you explain it? Oh John what are we going to do?” she asked seemingly all at once.

John thought for a minute and then replied, “What can we do if they publish those damned photos on the local news channel I would die; we would have to move pretty damn quick!”

Ten minutes later John climbed into his car and began to pull away, three streets away from home he pulled into a shaded area and quickly got out of his clothes, unaware of the eyes watching from a car which had followed him discretely. Quick as he could he dashed to the boot of the car and dumped his clothes inside slamming the lid and just as quickly dived back into the driver’s seat.

Now naked he tried to concentrate carefully on his driving as he moving out towards the highway and no sooner had he got on the highway then he saw the blue and white flashing lights behind him. He almost froze as he hoped against hope that they would simply drive past him. Suddenly they were out beside him and without even giving him a second glance they were up in front and away, John let out an audible sigh and realised he was sweating, but even worse he now realised he had a rock hard cock. The sheer thrill of nearly getting caught driving naked had given him a hard on; he almost contemplated actually playing with it but out of somewhere or other he heard a voice telling him he would be made to suffer if he did.

Steeling himself to continue driving and trying as hard as he could to ignore the throbbing of his cock, John continued and when he was just about half way to his destination, it happened. Suddenly out of nowhere the blue flashing light appeared in his mirror and sure enough this time it was a cop on a bike, he was flagged down and ordered to pull over. Now the fear pounded in his brain, should he try to speed off or should he pull over and pretend he was doing this as a result of a lost bet. He had just a split second to decide and suddenly he found his car coming to a halt. The police man pulled up behind him and walked over slowly; “get out of the car, Sir!” the officer called out.

Leaning his head out of the window John replied, “I would rather not Officer!” soon the officer was beside the car and looking in got a great view of John’s still hard cock. “What have we here?” the officer said, “Driving with an offensive weapon!” the officer chuckled. John started to explain when the officer simply Said “Save it John, Buck sent me to check on you!”

Breathing a sigh of relief, John began to ask if he could go but was shocked when he actually turned his head to look at the officer for there was the man’s semi hard cock hanging through the open window. The officer said just take the breathalyser test and then you can be on your way. John tried to pretend he did not know what the officer meant, but he was quickly told to suck it or else.
Poor John really had no alternative so he began to suck the man’s cock and to be honest began to enjoy doing so, when suddenly without warning the man pissed directly into John’s throat and John had no way of avoiding swallowing the golden shower. Quickly pulling his cock out of John’s mouth just in time for the last of his piss to hit John in the face and run down his chest the officer quickly zipped himself up and told John to get the fuck out of here you faggot.

The rest of the journey was uneventful thankfully for John but he could not get the fact that he had enjoyed sucking another man’s cock out of his mind and even the fact that cock had made him drink piss just made him all the more hornier.

The cold piss on his lap and chest began to stink, he actually smelt like an old toilet with the urine and sweaty permeating to form a stale odour smell. He would need a shower when he got to the ranch and here he was now knocking on the ranch door whilst totally naked, the door suddenly opened and there was no one there. Stepping inside John found a table and a letter addressed to him, quickly reading the letter it instructed him to go out the front door and walk slowly around the back where he would find a garden hose to wash the piss off his body. The letter told him to also insert the nozzle into his anal ring and to leave the water running for seven minutes before removing the nozzle. John was then to walk down the garden path until he was beside the oak tree and there he was to finally let the water out of his bowels.

Again John had no option but to do as he was told and as he crouched by the tree he saw someone taking pictures of him, he was just about to leap up and chase the guy when Buck appeared to step from behind another tree and told him to hurry the fuck up as the guests were waiting. Then with a hand cuff around his bollocks and penis he was led unceremoniously back up the path and into the rear of the ranch house.

Once inside he saw ten men all standing around watching him, Buck announced that the entertainment had finally arrived and would soon be performing to everyone’s wishes. Then John was told to get on the floor on his back, further instructions had him opening his legs and showing of his boy pussy. Then one of the men told him to jerk himself off and make sure you cum in the bowl provided. John was more than happy to relieve the hard cock he had been sporting since the first thought of being caught. Very quickly he was spurting into the clear glass bowl, which was suddenly taken from him and passed around, some men pissed into the bowl others simply followed John’s lead and wanked off into the bowl but by the time it was passed back to John it was almost half full of this golden liquid with streaks of white spunk floating in it.

Buck then ordered John to drink it; Instantly John thought about throwing it at Buck but the idea of his wife being ridiculed as married to a queer prevented him from doing so, so with a reluctant resignation he brought the bowl up to his lips and pour the vile mixture down his own throat, much to the delight of the crowd there.

For the next two and a half hours John was systematically raped by consent, in other words he was fucked up the arse by numerous members of the guests and whilst he would not have agreed to it normally he gave his consent under duress of being publically humiliated by the photo’s he knew Buck possessed.

Each man that fucked his arse did so with a condom on and laughing they removed the condom and inflated them from a gas cylinder and then tied the ends up. Just when John thought it could not get any worse, he was presented with a hat of condoms, the same used condoms which had been inflated had been tied together to make a crude hat and now it was placed on John’s head.

Just then the guests stepped forward and using safety pins they popped the condoms and watched as the spunk inside them slowly dripped down over John’s face and chest. The cold slimly spunk began to set against his skin and thinking they could no worse to him now, John felt relief.

How wrong could one man be for suddenly Buck ordered John to follow him, once outside John saw a strange looking table, it was low and had like a stock for someone’s head and hands and at the opposite end there were straps attached to the wide legs. John was quickly told to lay face down on the table and had his head locked inside the stock, his hands were secured in the wrist locks and suddenly someone’s hands grabbed his legs and pulled them apart. He felt them fastening the straps around his ankles and his knees forcing his legs painfully apart.

Buck announced “bring in King!” and there was a hushed silence just before a loud cheer went up; all too soon John saw who or rather what king was. A large dark brown Rottweiler was lead in front of John and the dog was allowed to sniff John’s spunk stained face, suddenly the dog barked and began licking the spunk from John’s face. After what seemed like ages but in fact was only minutes, King was dragged from John and Buck told John it was only fair that after King had shown such affection for John that he reciprocate the feelings and Buck demanded that John now suck King’s cock.

The thought absolutely horrified John, but as he was unable to move he had little choice, and soon someone’s hand was stroking King’s sheath until his shiny pink pointed cock poked from its hiding place, closer and closer King’s cock get to John’s mouth and suddenly the hot tip was touching his lips. Enough was enough he had to make a stand and so John decide to clamp his lips shut, several times the dog’s cock threatened to pass into his mouth but he managed to avoid it when suddenly he felt excruciating pain in his bollocks and went to scream out. That was the chance king needed and suddenly John’s mouth and throat were full of doggie cock.

King immediately launched into his humping stroked and john could feel the cock hitting his tonsils, also there was an almost immediate feeling of hot sticky fluid running down his throat as the dog cum slipped easily into his stomach. Buck laughed as he declared I knew John’s bollocks were useful for something.

The dog humped John’s mouth for five minutes until someone dragged the dog off and Buck himself led the dog round to behind John, Suddenly John felt the extra weight on his back and he feared for the worst, just as quickly he felt the hot tip of the dog’s cock trying access his anal ring. It was on the seventh or eighth thrust that King hit his mark and once more an almost horrific scream came from John’s mouth as his arse was unceremoniously forced open by the spearing cock of King.

One of the men was not slow off the mark and seized the opportunity to slip his cock into John’s open mouth, the pain was too much for John to ignore and he automatically began sucking the cock in his mouth without thinking, at the same time the pain in his arse began to leave him and it was rapidly being replaced by a feeling of sheer animal lust. John was totally oblivious to the multiple camera flashes and had just begun to enjoy his first animal coupling when suddenly it felt like someone was shoving a baseball bat up his arse alongside King’s cock and the fat end at that.

Never having been interested in how dogs fuck, john was not aware of the time in the mating when the dog knotted his prey and King’s knot was a considerable size to start with but once engaged it swelled to almost twice its size. Now king seemed to be standing still but the scalding hot flushes of spunk told John he was being filled to capacity with doggie cum.

Then it happened as King lost interest in his latest bitch and turned tail to tail, suddenly John nearly broke his neck as King pulled to break the seal, of course John was dragged backwards and the wooden stock around his neck acted as a breaking board.

For thirty minutes John felt the occasional tug from King until with a sudden cold breeze up his well spread arse he was free, what seemed like gallons of dog spunk flooded out of his arse and everyone around him was clapping and cheering, poor john felt nothing like celebrating and only slowly became aware he was the subject of even more photographs.

Suddenly his mind snapped will this nightmare never end. He was soon to get his answer as one by one the guests either probed his arse with dildo’s or actually got to fuck him once more and each one deposited their loads on his spread arse cheeks. It was well after dark that John was allowed to go home and once there he crawled into the bath and caught a glance of himself in the mirror. He froze in horror for he now had KING’S BITCH written in block capitals and in permanent marker pen across his stomach.

He scrubbed and scrubbed for hours to remove it and always when his wife wanted to come in and chat to him about what had happened at the ranch he told her he was busy and would be out soon. It was three am when he finally came out of the bathroom and for the first time in his life he was too embarrassed to tell his wife the truth so he left out the part where he was mated by the dog.

Brigit Astar
06-29-2011, 02:16 PM
Niteowl, this is one of the best perverted stories I've ever read. This just about takes the cake.

06-29-2011, 07:33 PM
Why thank you Brigit, coming from such a note worthy authoress as yourself that is extremely high praise indeed..... but I should point out that the cake as you put it comes in chapter five I think.....lol.