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My name is Colette, I am a 25 year old Eurasian, and my father is Chinese, my mother French. I lived in Hong Kong until I met and married Richard, now I live in London. I cannot complain about his long trips abroad, otherwise I would never have met him. Richard is in the tough world of government contracts in the Middle East. We had not seen each other for weeks and he needed a rest. His friend, also a fierce business competitor, had offered us his villa on Crete. Richard is young at heart and although he is 20 years older than me he worries about this and does not want me to miss out on the good times while I am young.

There was nobody interesting sitting next to me on the flight so with eyes closed I thought deeply and imagined Richard’s weight on me, his hot breath quickening in my ear, when there was a tap on my shoulder bringing me back to reality, standing up I realised I was wet with day dreaming. While waiting for my luggage at the carousel I stepped back mentally to look at myself, thinking how lucky I was. Tall with a slender frame and long legs, perhaps my breasts were too big, but at least they were firm. I never wear a bra. on holidays. My long black hair tumbled over my case as I grabbed it from the carousel. I thought this is the start of a wonderful holiday, it always is with Richard. There he was, waving easily above everybody's head and looking so tanned and healthy in a rather good looking, distinguished way. I was in his arms and crushed to his chest, my nipples stiff with excitement. I could feel him growing, pressing his hardness into me which only increased my intense excitement.

“You look wonderful”, he said. I could not wait to reach the villa.

It was large and expensive, isolated on a hill top, a patio surrounded a beautiful swimming pool plus the biggest swinging hammock I have ever seen, it was like a Viking boat covered with an enormous sun umbrella. Further round the patio, and next to the pool, was an attractive small bar with crimson red Bougainvillea growing up each side.

Five days had passed and it was Saturday. Richard’s American friend had arrived, the one who had let us have the villa. He had promised to catch Richard for a round of golf, and then take us out for a meal before we left the next day. I had been a wonderful five days of sunbathing around the pool, a slave to the all over tan. Richard had had a good time too, he had enjoyed me! It had been exciting and little did I know it was going to be even more so.

Jed, who was about 10 years older than me was a rather charming American. I had never before been introduced to anybody while wearing only a tiny bikini, but he was warm and friendly, slightly gaunt in an attractive way. What I noticed most about him were his huge hands and feet. I think I started to blush, remembering the school girl joke about men with big feet.

Jed went to get his car from under the villa, it was a silver blue MR2, and it looked wonderful as they drove off with the top down. My afternoon was going to be swimming and reading while they played golf and the swinging hammock look very inviting, being in the shade. After the swimming I found a book to read, ‘The Story of O’ by Pauline Réage. I had never read anything like it before, it was about a young girl being trained for the pleasures of her lover, and his friends! It was not long before my bikini was off and my hand slipped down to my overwhelming need, I was frantic, and raising my body to receive the same as ‘O’ was receiving in the book, my fingers brought me to orgasm, a thundering climax. My god, that was wonderful!

I must have slipped off to sleep but I did vaguely hear voices speaking, catching one or two words as I awoke. Jed and Richard were back and at either side of the hammock. I am fairly sure they had been discussing my body like a new car in a showroom. All I could think of to say was “Have you had a good game”? I give up any attempt of finding something to cover up with. Jed laughingly said “Not as good as this one” as his knees nudged the hammock sideways and Richard did the same, making it swing wildly between them, including my breasts. Jed and Richard went into routine, ‘nice breasts, long legs, and no fuzz’, plus other things, before I managed to scrabble out and grab a towel.

We had decided to go to a taverna in the village that evening so Richard was, as usual, rummaging through my new clothes, not that he was going to allow me to wear much, he never did when on holiday. He chose a halter necked short dress and no underwear, he did not always take advantage of it but it turned him on, which made me happy. So that was it, a dress and shoes. The dress could be quite revealing of my breasts for somebody standing slightly behind me, and if I stood against the light I made sure my legs were together for obvious reasons. Richard waited behind and told me to stop at the villa door and stand with my legs apart, the sunlight streaming through my dress. I knew what he could see and I enjoyed doing it for him, it makes me feel good. I would do anything he asked.

It was a nice drive down the hill, Jed was driving and I sat on Richard’s knees, my long hair blowing in the wind, when I started to notice that every time Jed changed gear he brushed my bottom, in fact before we arrived his fingers touched me unashamedly. In the taverna Richard sat opposite and Jed next to me. He could not keep his eyes off my tanned thighs, my dress hiked up every time I moved. The meal and the wine were wonderful and the evening very enjoyable, having two attentive men. As soon as we got near to the car Jed asked Richard if he would like to drive. Richard jumped at the chance, he had always been mad about cars.

It must have been the wine and the sun because it only just dawned on me that it had been engineered by Jed that I would be sitting on his knees. As soon as we set off I started to feel his growing erection when he asked, “Are you comfortable?"

”Trying to make light of it I said, “Yes” with a smile, and followed up with “It's a bit bumpy”. He laughed!

I was soon to feel his hand sliding up my leg and Richard had no idea what was happening. I tried to hold his hand but he was too strong, gradually he pushed further until his fingers touch my lips. I heard his quick intake of breath when he realised I was not wearing anything. I made one more desperate effort to stop him, but failed. He spread my lips wide and slipped a finger in, and then more, I gasped! Richard looked but still had no idea what was happening, I was getting very wet and Jed seemed a little breathless too. I was very excited but still glad we had arrived back at the villa. On getting out of the car I put a hand in his lap on the pretext of pushing myself up and he groaned, he was massive and it was not a schoolgirl joke anymore, it was absolutely rigid, enormous! Jed was all for us having more drinks but Richard excused us saying he had a tiring day around the golf course. I knew him better and that was certainly not the reason! I looked over my shoulder entering our room as Jed put his fingers to his nose and grinned.

As soon as we were in the bedroom Richard was untying my halter neck dress, sliding it over my hips as I kicked off my shoes and was on the bed in seconds. He came close up behind me and his hand came round to squeeze and stiffen my nipples, little murmurs of pleasure escaped me, even louder as he nestled himself between my cheeks. It was not long before he was pushing and slipping into me with ease, not surprising though, as I could not stop thinking about my hand on Jed’s enormous erection. Had it excited him that Jed had seen me naked in the hammock? One hand came to search and find my clit, mercilessly teasing its hood, then he stopped, I could feel him throbbing inside while he tried ‘casually’ to ask, “Does Jed fancy you”?

“Yes”! I replied, knowing from one time on the boat, he likes to be jealous.

“How do you know”?

I told him how he had felt my bottom in the car. I could feel him inside twitching and getting really excited. “Do you want to hear the rest of it, because it was your entire fault”?

“Yes, how do you mean”?

“It was you who only wanted just a dress and shoes! You made it easy for his fingers, all the way home”.

I felt him go rigid inside with excitement, pumping furiously, which started me with wonderful feelings of pleasure, building up, and up. Then he asked breathlessly, how many fingers, and when I said, “All of them” that was too much for him. He could not contain himself anymore and erupted as I shouted “Yes, yes, don’t stop, I’m coming too”. We were two inseparable heaving bodies while he pumped his everything into me. I was flying in wonderful ways until my orgasm subsided into comfortable contentment. Richard’s final satisfaction was leaving himself inside me while he fell asleep.

Next morning, and our last day, was intended to be a lazy day around the pool, with final sunbathing for me, how wrong can one be! I did not think being naked would be a problem considering Jed had seen me yesterday. Richard had a 'quiet word' with me because Jed had been inquisitive about a contract. “Whatever he asks you, you don't know anything”. Not that I did.

Jed was clearing up after providing a wonderful barbecue lunch, but all the time he could not keep his eyes off me as I lay naked on the sun bed. One thing I knew for certain was not to fall asleep in this heat, the food and the wine were making my eyes heavy as I faintly heard Jed saying to Richard, “She needs some sun tan oil on”, or something to that effect. A minute later they were at each side of the sun bed. Through the haze of the wine and the direct sun I could hardly see, but I felt it. They were laughing, I wondered how much they had drunk as oil was poured all over my body, followed by many hands sliding up and down, touching, nipping and squeezing. I started to rise but a hand pushed me down. Jed was rubbing my breasts and about to erect my nipples, I covered them, knowing if he squeezed my erect nipples I wouldn’t be able to say no. Obviously Richard knew this and forced my hands away letting Jed squeeze and nip them till they were erect and very stiff, then his thumb, ‘oh’ his thumb, rubbing over them. He released my hands knowing the wetness between my legs would overcome any objections now. Their heads blocked the sun as their mouths took an erect nipple each and Jed used his teeth in a cruel nip bringing a loud gasp from me. Richard started between my legs with copious amounts of oil which ran down over my anus. With Jed’s attention and Richard’s insistence below I was starting to come which Richard recognised, motioning to Jed to stop and they left me hanging. They got rid of their shorts and two huge sentinels hung over me as though guarding what they were about to take. Each took one of my hands to place on their erection, but I released them to slide my hands down my body, now they were oily too. Hands behind my head raised me to what was the perfect height for their next pleasure. It came from Jed who grabbed a handful of hair pulling my head towards him. I could not get it even half way in.

Richard watched then said, “Lift her inside”.

I cannot describe the effect those three words had, it sent my stomach into a turmoil, butterflies and excitement plus apprehension of Jed’s size. Jed stooped to carry me, his large frame blocking the sunlight, having difficulty picking me up because of all the oil they had poured over me, but finally he did, carrying me towards the villa. I was in such a height of expectation and excitement, being cradled in Jed’s arms, still on the edge, body demanding. Looking over his shoulder through glazed eyes to Richard, I was not asking him for permission, it was too late for that, but I did need his reassuring smile.

Richard placed the beach towel on the bottom of the bed as I literary slipped out of Jed’s arms onto it, there was certainly urgency now for me, my desire would not wait and I needed without question whatever they would give. Richard lay higher, I turned my head to take him in my mouth. Jed kneeled at the foot raising my heels onto the edge of the bed, then to spread my knees to sink his head between my legs. Richard heard my muffled pleasure as Jed’s tongue searched for my anus, before moving on to find my sodden depths. I wanted to scream, it was too nice, and my orgasm was rushing at me like no other time. I lifted my head off Richard’s erection and to whispered to him, “He’s going to make me come” as though asking his permission, he cradled my head against his chest as Jed’s tongue thrust deeper and deeper. ‘Oh my god, he’s sucking my clit now. I’m coming, I’m coming’. I felt the energy of excitement from Richard’s arms wrapped around me as he watched. I cried out with pleasure, time, and time again while I indulged myself in his searching mouth doing all manner of things, my orgasm reaching its final moment as he sucked my lips completely into his mouth. “Yes, yes!” I could not stop the great rush of sheer pleasure consuming me while being held tightly in strong arms, embracing the satisfaction of contentment until it faded.

But now I was sure that I was going to be used, roughly, and without consideration.

It happened quickly, Jed lay on the bed, his huge mean erection demanding service and I knew Richard wanted to watch so I gave him the best view possible. Richard knelt at the foot of the bed, and I turned round to face him with my back to Jed and squatted over his monster. I had reservations as to whether I could take him entirely, so slowly my hands guided him in between my dripping wet lips. A few wriggles and a squelch I took his beautiful monster, all of it, sinking deeper and deeper, it was marvellous. Richards’s fantasy had come true, watching this enormous glistening monster sliding in and out of me, my breasts swinging, mouth hanging open, and I realised for the first time that I was enjoying being watched. Jed’s erection drenched in my juices as I rose up on it to the tip, only to sink back down again, leaving Jed whimpering. I rose up again and Jed’s finger found my anus, it was excruciatingly nice. Not surprisingly droplets were appearing for Richard as he stroked himself. At first I thought he was going to spurt it all over my face and breasts, but no, he stopped. I was disappointed never having seen it spurting, I wanted to watch. I swivelled round to face Jed again and Richard’s next words amazed me, “You're a slut” pushing me down flat on Jed. His words were accompanied with one violent stinging slap on one cheek, instinctively and abruptly I clenched my body tight, very tight, not realising how hard I had gripped Jed beneath me, he moaned and spoke for the first time.

“Richard, do it again!”

“No! Don’t do that!” I cried out. He had never done this before.

To my astonishment Richard did, and surprisingly, continued, making Jed cry out every time I gripped him. It was a while before the pain turned somewhat pleasurable, a mixture of numbness and tingling, diminishing any discomfort from Richard’s fingers stretching my anus for his throbbing erection. Richard tried to enter, pushing hard, but not even the oil helped much. It must be the accommodation of Jed huge monster that was making it difficult, and then suddenly, with one fierce push, he sinks deep into my pink with my ‘loud scream’! They are both breathing very heavily and moments later my pain had gone and it was a most sensual moment. Their heads at either side of my face, their quick heavy breathing in each ear was wonderful, they were see-sawing inside me, both starting to swell as they approached their climax. I imagine their sensitive parts rubbing against each other through the thin membrane. This thought brought me to the brink again as they changed their thrust, they are one, violent, and together. Jed’s hips thrusting up and Richard forcing down, deeper and deeper. Richard is first, I can feel him spurting each time in my anus, his hot cum rushing right up and I think Jed felt him ejaculate too. He is coming with me, erupting time and time again, accompanied by more large groans, forcing out every drop until the last. Now I am floating, and definitely going to fly again for the second time, harder and stronger this time, feeling faint with the intensity. “Yes, Yes. Oh yes, I’m coming” it went on and on, it was good, it was fantastic. I did not want it to stop and then very slowly, I came down to earth. We were all still breathing heavily, as Richard helped me from the bed and wrapped his arms around me, “Are you alright”? I smiled and stretched up to kiss him, long and hard, while Jed’s hand comes between my legs to rub the leaking cum all over my inner thighs.

Its mid afternoon and I finally got back into the sun, a very welcome rest after the last hour. We are all packed and ready to go after another wonderful holiday. Richard is at the other side of the pool having his last beer while Jed plays barman, and strangely, answering the phone.

Suddenly across the pool they are shouting at each other. Jed shouts “Bullshit man, complete bullshit, I know how you got that contract! That caller just told me”. Richard is severely distressed and trying to reason with him. I only catch odd words, ‘hands tied’, ‘political’, ‘we didn’t even provide the money’. Even though I was naked I got up and walked round to try and smooth it out.

Richard shouted back at him, “What do you want Jed! I can’t do anything now”! Jed thought deeply and for quite a while then putting his arm around me, “I want Colette, you can leave! I will only keep her here for an extra two days, and then I won’t blow the whistle”.

“Go to hell”.

I took Richard to one side to restrain and reason with him.

An hour later Richard left in a taxi for the airport, the first time I ever seen him so angry. I had visions of him in an eastern prison and thought if this is what it takes for us, only two days, so be it. But little did I know that Jed’s golfing friends would arrive later.

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Another well thought out story, thanks for sharing.