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Previously: Suddenly across the pool they are shouting at each other. Jed shouted at Richard (my husband) ‘Bullshit man, complete bullshit, I know how you got that contract! That caller just told me’. Richard was severely distressed and tried to reason with him. I only caught odd words, ‘hands tied’, ‘political’. Although I was naked I got up and walked round the pool to try and smooth it out.

Richard shouted again, ‘what do you want Jed! I can’t do anything now’! Jed thought deeply and for quite a while then putting his arm around me, ‘I want Colette to stay, you can leave! I will only keep her here for an extra two days, and then I won’t blow the whistle’.

‘Go to hell’.

I took Richard to one side to restrain and reason with him.

An hour later he left in a taxi for the airport, the first time I had ever seen him so angry. I had visions of him in an eastern prison and thought, ‘if this is what it takes for us, only two days, so be it’. But little did I know that Jed’s golfing friends would arrive later.


The moment Richard had left, Jed, his so called friend, took me into the villa. I was totally naked having dispensed with the bikini earlier while sunbathing. I thought he was really mean after my distressing farewell to Richard. He could not even wait until the dust of the taxi had settled. He collected my packed case and the clothes that I was going to wear going home, also my shoes and bikini. He had another quick look around the room before going out taking everything with him. Was I going to be completely naked for two days? He returned to take me to another room at the back of the villa which he unlocked. The sight was totally amazing as we stepped into a beautiful Bedouin tent fitted inside the room, expensively decorated, the only light being two ornate oil lamps, plus all manner of things hanging from the two centre poles. Highly decorated prayer mats, a camel stick, Moroccan leather water carriers, all reflected in the floor to ceiling wall mirror. The floor was completely covered with Arabian traditional rugs, and in the centre, between poles, a low mattress covered with black silk sheets.

‘Don’t bother looking for your clothes, they are looked up, here is what you will be wearing for your two days’, pointing to boxes on the rug.

He saw my reluctance and immediately gave me a stinging slap across my bottom, and it hurt, my bottom had not recovered from Richard’s spanking. ‘I have golfing fiends arriving within the hour. I want you to look good and sexy, also you must be ultra nice to them’.

That was a complete shock!

Questions were racing through my mind, ‘was I going to be a sex toy for him and his friends?’ He spoke again. ‘All you need for this evening is the dress and shoes, and later, a nice welcoming smile. When you are ready I will be at the pool bar’. Before he left he pulled open part of the tent wall to reveal a sumptuous western bathroom.

I was starting to have the feeling that it would be much more than a smile with his friends, but I had to take a different attitude than I had so far, otherwise staying behind would be useless to my husband. I will have to keep him happy to protect Richard. I unpacked the boxes lifting out an exquisite long silk dress, a pair of decorated high heeled shoes, a see through silk blouse and a mini skirt. No underwear! But there were plenty of perfume and cosmetics. I tried on the blouse and looked in the mirror, my large areolas showed through quite plainly, my erect nipples shocked me, was I already playing his game?

I had one last look the mirror at the dress, my hair was in a French twist, how appropriate, and the high heeled shoes really did something for my legs. The dress was cut very low, so low that I would have great difficulty containing myself if I bent. There was a long slit at the front which nearly exposed me completely and on turning round I could hardly believe my eyes, the slit at the back just barely covered my cheeks, it was like a Chinese prostitute’s cheongsam, but with the slits in the wrong place.

I stepped out onto the patio, shamelessly thinking I had not looked and felt so sexy for a long time. My stomach began to flutter, it couldn’t be excitement, surely not, what would Richard have thought? He looked across the pool watching every step, so I deliberately lengthened my stride making the opening show more leg, or even possibly more, breasts swinging in rhythm.

‘Excellent, you should wear high heels all the time’. His approval was flattering and made me feel better and this time he gently tapped my bottom, ‘Good Girl’ helping me onto a high bar stool, my crotch was totally on view to him and he saw me attempting to cover up and scowled, so I crossed my legs letting the dress fall either side, and very much to his approval. He leaned towards me and with upward fingers lifted out one of my breasts. He squeezed my nipple between finger and thumb making it erect, he had remembered! I moaned continually with pleasure as his unremitting gentle teeth made them completely rigid, I squeezed my crossed legs together to accentuate the pleasure below. His hand was pushing my knees apart, his admiring blue eyes demanding, and I wanted him to touch me, but just then the taxi arrived.

‘Stay there, don’t move’.

All kind of emotions swept through my body, my heart was racing, fear, apprehension. I did not know how many to expect, my arousal from his attention and my desire could outweigh all that. I was very wet and wondered how much it would show on the stool if I stood up?

Cases and clubs came out of the car as he greeted them, both were American. One was blond and fairly tall, about 40’ish but other was probably about 30, maybe 5 years older than me and black. He had powerful shoulders and big biceps, carrying his clubs up the steps as though they were a toy set. The blond lugged everything up the steps and stopped dead, he whistled! Was it the subdued lighting around the bar, or the coloured underwater pool lights reflecting on gentle ripples, or, I looked down, and realised the night air had prolonged my stiffened nipples, they were too long and I had no way of hiding them! ‘Hey Jed, you didn’t tell us about this’, looking straight at me. Jed motioned them to the bar and I slipped behind to get drinks, lucky for me they did not see the surreptitious wipe of the stool with my hand. Jed started the introductions. Stuart was the blond whistler and the other was Louis, a black American who never took his eyes off me. I immediately warmed to him and it was Jed’s voice that broke the connection with, ‘Yammas’, lifting his glass to theirs. ‘I hope you had a good journey’.

‘This is ‘Girl’, at least that’s her name while she is here, she missed her flight early today and I have arranged another in two days time. I am sure we are all going to get on well with this unexpected pleasure’. Jed smiled. He was charming, benevolent and the perfect host. Even so, he still sent a shudder through my body.

They started discussing their plans for tomorrow, they had a very early tee off time but all agreed that they should be back by mid afternoon for the pool. Meanwhile I kept providing the drinks and while bending over the bar with Jed’s drink my breast slipped out. Jed immediately said, ‘That’s nice Girl, leave it like that’ with rapturous approval from the other two, everybody was getting a little fresh. The night air had kept my nipples erect, and embarrassingly big. Jed came behind me in the bar and the other two watched him slip the dress straps off my shoulder, presenting my breasts to them. He pulled my dress down all the way for me to step out of. In deathly silence they watched his fingers and thumbs squeeze and manipulate my nipples, rolling and squeezing them to their full length. My uncontrollable moans and gasps were loud, I let my head flop back onto his shoulder to use his body for support, his hardness pushing between my cheeks. Stuart whistled again and leaned over the bar to cruelly nip one making me cry out with pleasure as Jed’s hand disappeared below to find the flood running down my legs, and then callously slipping fingers between my lips. My deep throated moans were loud and I had to put a hand on the bar to steady myself, shocked and excited, leaning against his body.

Jed broke the silence, ‘Girl, it is time for your bed’, which brought protests from Stuart. Jed, taking my hand and my dress in the other, we walked together across the patio, he shouted over his shoulder. ‘Help yourselves to drinks’. I could feel two sets of eyes burning my bottom with desire, the high heels made me walk with a swing, I felt good! My husband did not call me ‘My little Giraffe’ for nothing. As soon as we were in the room he pulled me onto the silk covered mattress, immediately reaching up for, ‘oh no’, restraints. Why had I not noticed them amongst all the dangling artefacts? He secured my wrists first and bent down into a box, my god, a three piece vibrator attached to what I can only describe as a Brazilian thong. He fitted it all with great care but not before liberally lubricating my anus, then securing my ankles. Then he surprised me, he switched it on with a huge smile and was leaving. ‘Just going to pop over and have another drink with my friends, you have a good time’. Before leaving he made the lights brighter, they must have been electric, and not as I first thought. As much as I resisted all the vibrations I had to finally give in and before long I was writhing and screaming, swinging wildly in the restraints. Sheer pleasure was coming from the smallest part of this contraption which was rubbing my clit, suddenly the almighty orgasm arrived, as I unashamedly thought of what he might do next. Slowly, very slowly I came down to earth, with a wonderful feeling of warmth and pleasure.

Moments later he was back, grinning all over his face, that was a bit strange, and the reason only became apparent later. He stepped out of his shorts and pulled his tee shirt off, his unbelievable huge erection towered over me, I always thought Richard was very big but this was a monster. I could tell there would be no preliminaries as I could see pre cum as he bent and whispered in my ear, ‘I’m going to take the tight one’! I was totally shocked as he started raising the restraints for my ankles, leaving only my shoulders as support.

He was so huge we definitely needed the gel he was applying to himself and my anus. I knew it was going to hurt as he wanted satisfaction. The first violent thrust came, but he had only managed to partially penetrate, another violent thrust, then he was sinking deeper and deeper to its total entirety. He was still for a moment, his throbbing erection emphasising its presence and accompanied by his sigh of sexual satisfaction. Holding my legs, he swung me back and forth on the restraints wanting to penetrate even further. He had obviously done this before because he stood still, moving me backwards and forwards. I looked sideways to watch in the mirror as this huge glistening erection repeatedly plunged in and out of me, I was fascinated and could not stop looking as his pace quickened to shouts of ‘You’re a slut!’ More expletives and humiliation for me before he erupted, spurt after spurt, ramming it to the top. He lowered the restraint partially and swivelled my bottom round to the mirror, my enquiring look brought, ‘We can watch it run out’ which we did, out of a much widened hole, in vast quantities. Finally he released me saying I had better get some sleep. ‘We all need early morning coffee before we leave, wear this’, he threw his tee shirt to me. Now I had four pieces of clothing.

Next morning I put on Jed’s t- shirt which went half way to my knees, I felt dressed for a change. I made coffee, Jed who was the first to show, he was his charming self again as I poured his cup, next was Stuart who sat opposite him. I was pouring his coffee when his hand went up the back of my legs, I nearly dropped the coffee pot. Before I knew it he had wriggled his thumb between my lips, he looked at me and said ‘We are going for a swim’, wriggling his thumb again, trying to intimate it would be fun. I did not even like him, and Jed knew it.

‘You have not got long’. Stuart took note, and nodded to Jed.

Stuart forcibly took my hand as we walked out and Jed followed to sit on a bar stool to watch, not for any sexual stimulation but for his revenge and my degradation. Stuart stripped and jumped in with a shout, ‘Come on Girl’. I looked at Jed’s steely eyes and knew there were no options. I pulled the t-shirt over my head and they both watched me stepping down into the early morning chill of the pool, I was goose lumped with very erect nipples. Stuart grabbed me and pushed my back up against the side, lifted my legs and without further ado, went straight in. I did not want this to last long and luckily he had already starting to groan. I faked an orgasm which had him coming in seconds. He just said ‘That was good’ and left the pool, I looked at Jed and I could see his pleasure in prostituting me. I got back just in time to give Louis his coffee, he was very pleasant and asked how I was. I jokingly asked him if they had talked about me after Jed left me last night ‘No, he did not come back for another drink’. I thought that was very strange, where did he go?

They all went off in a taxi and Jed had left me with one or two jobs to do for the meal, I can’t say I was looking forward to it but it was my last night. He had ordered food to be delivered and wanted to eat in style on the patio. I sorted it, candles, wine, fancy napkins, I got most things ready and I was expected to serve it in the dress and shoes.

Back in my room I Idly looked around the tent at all the interesting pieces but was drawn to the incongruous floor to ceiling mirror. It was a little suspicious, oh no! Was it two ways? I turned the lights off and tried to peer through, but could not see anything. I walked down the corridor to the next room, where there was a small office and I was immediately attracted to the desk and computer. Looking round idly again I saw an inner door, it was locked, and more interestingly, fitted with a card access key. I riffled through the desk drawers with no luck, but finally, success, inside the first book on the shelf. I slipped the card in, it opened. It was a smallish room fitted with a projection system and 4 large arm chairs, plus a small bar, a filing cabinet which was locked, and nothing else. On an impulse I looked behind the dropped screen, the whole tent room was before me. I was genuinely shocked, now it added up. This was probably he entertains potential Arabian clients. Louis was right, he had not gone back to join them, he came here to watch his contraption sending me frantic. Closing the door was difficult, it jammed a little. I returned the card key feeling some satisfaction, and perhaps ahead of the game.

It was dusk now as we finished our meal on the patio, every time I served Stuart’s his hand was up my dress, fingers searching until sliding between my wet lips, he knew how to touch me. He kept me there standing, while Jed looked on with pleasure, watching me trying to resist an oncoming orgasm which I couldn’t stop, a hand on the table, a cry of pleasure. It was not until Louis called for more beer that I was saved from him, I did not like him at all and hated myself for coming. All three retired to the bar while I cleared up. The wine had gone to my head, Stuart was drunk, but the other two were in a good friendly mood. Jed told me to change into the see through blouse and mini skirt and join them at the bar. When I arrived Jed was behind, serving, I was to sit between the other two.

My skirt was so short I could not cover anything and Stuart swivelled me round on my stool, forcing my legs open to fondle me again. I looked across the bar to Jed face for his intervention, he laughed, enjoying my humiliation. Suddenly Louis’s hand gripped Stuarts wrist dragging him up to his feet, ‘Man, you’re drunk, you need your bed’!
Astonishingly Jed said, ‘I will take him’, and came from behind to escort him, a complete surprise!

I thanked Louis, for his intervention
He said, ‘Would you like to take those ridiculous clothes off, and swim?’ I smiled, and told him Jed had confiscated my clothes and these where what Jed was making me wear. He nodded, and we both stripped off and leapt in with an almighty splash. After a while he climbed out and pulled me out onto a bar stool, it was still just warm enough to be without clothes. Louis said, ‘You look positively respectable now. Well nearly . . .’, brushing a water droplet off my erect nipple. I crumbled, why was it always like sending an electric shock through my body?
‘What’s your name?’
He smiled and held open the palms of his hands to lay mine in his, mine looked tiny. He lent forward and kissed me deeply. On Jed’s return we continued to drink and chat until Jed said to me, ‘You had better turn in, you have an early morning taxi. Take her in Louis, I will tidy up here’.

He jumped to his feet and laughingly takes my hand, ‘Show me the way’. Jed watched every step as we walked away naked, just like the others had done the previous night. Getting rid of the Stuart, and possibly Jed too, was good.

I opened my room door, ‘Wow’ Louis exclaimed, the tent really impressed him. He spent a little time looking around and as he did so I marvelled at his naked body. ‘I better be going and let you get some sleep’ he said half heartedly, moving closer. I parted my lips, breasts and nipples undulating as my breath quickened, he started to grow. It was as if a starting pistol had gone off, he lost his shyness and swept me onto the mattress, his tongue frantically searching for my mouth, crushing me with his weight. He was growing hard now as I pulled him to me to feel his warmth on my belly, then I straddled his chest and everything was fun, we were both laughing. I looked up and pretended to notice the restraints, ‘They could be interesting’, he laughed as we stood up and he was very surprised that I was putting them on his wrists, raising his arms high with the cord, crucifix style. I secured the cord marvelling in his upper body, his tight waist and wonderful thigh muscles but most of all the girth of his erection, he was thick. He probably had the power to rip the restraints down, but he was curious to see of what I might do. I smiled and said, ‘I want to play games, you are not allowed to speak’, I placed a scarf over his eyes and had to be on tiptoe to knot it, my hardened nipples raking across his chest. He was deadly serious now and highly aroused, as I was.

Sitting in front of him in a low wicker chair his rock hard erection was only a few inches from my face. I wrapped my long hair around it then pulled it off in a spiral making sure he felt my breath, and repeated it. I played and soothed him through his deep moans. His erection was beautiful, not like Jed’s big and angry, but as smooth as silk and his girth was incredible, it was impossible even to try and encircle it with my fingers. I slipped my fingers underneath his helmet and found that special place, making him groan and physically sag in the wrist restraints. Teasing him unmercifully, I leaned forward, and he was even groaning before my mouth touched him, he had felt my breath again. I forced my lips around it, mouth stretched to the limit. My arms encircled his thighs to trail a figure over his anus, and his pleasure was loud and appreciative.

Then I heard it quite plainly, the badly shutting door in the next room, I had forgotten all about it. He was there, it was obvious now why he had kept his distance and let Louis be nice to me. He had been hoping to watch, and he had got lucky. I certainly was not going to tell Louis about the mirror, but the devil was driving me now. I was going to make him so jealous, and get my own back.

I pulled Louis around a little so he would have a good side view and repeated what I had been doing, but exaggerating my tongue slurping up and down his erection, he was absolutely rigid now, cum drops glistening, his breathing laboured. I stood up on tiptoe and whispered, ‘I’m only going to tease you a little more, but I want you to see’ taking his blind fold off. I turned my back on him and went right up to the mirror, real close, to apply red lipstick to my areolas highlighting my long stiff nipples. I also pouted my lips to apply lipstick carelessly, on purpose. My evil bit was turning into enormous excitement for me, and I wondered what Richard would have thought. I had an uncontrollable flood between my legs, thinking of Jed watching and stroking his huge erection as he witnessed the scene. I returned to Louis and stood close, he looked at my decorated breasts, while my hands slid up and down his rampant erection. I delighted in listening to his moans as his half closed eyes devoured my breasts and nipples. I knew in the state he was in that there was a danger of him being too aggressive. I remembered the gel and applied a mass of it to more deep groans, he was big, glistening and beautiful. I knew he was going to be quick.

I let him loose and I ran, but he caught me immediately from behind, a large hand on the back of my neck, the other in the small of my back and unwittingly crushes me against the mirror. Still holding my neck, his other hand was steering his rampant erection forcibly in from behind. The passion he had generated was frightening, awesome. He moved my flattened body violently up and down the mirror, my hands pressed high, nipples bending and hurting, lipstick smudging. I was gasping for what seemed my last breath. More pressure from his hand on my neck, squashing my mouth open on the mirror, saliva dribbling out while tormented nipples scraped on the mirror again. His hand squeezing my neck was making me light headed, and I could hardly breathe which I thought was intensifying my on coming orgasm. I had never been so long on the edge before. We were starting together, every thrust lifted me off the floor, and the feeling was immense, body jerking in rhythm with his. I managed to push my month away from the mirror to scream ‘Yes! Yes, Louis, don’t stop, please don’t stop’ as he thundered into me, my orgasm washing completely over me like a giant wave while our bodies were in unison, him heaving and jerking, every spurt, every last drop, until he finished with the loudest of groans.

Before I had time to recover he was gone from behind me and I slide down the mirror to the floor exhausted, mentally and physically drained. I lifted my head as though looking through the mirror, I had enjoyed being watched and this had been the most exciting event of my life which on reflection was rather disquieting.

Next morning they saw me off, except Stuart, he was still in bed. Louis kissed me and Jed wanted to quantify that he did not want to hurt Richard, but teach him a lesson. Jed did not know I knew about the mirror perhaps that could be insurance. But unknown to me, he had it all in his camcorder, and would blackmail me.

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a great continuation which leads to the question where will this couple end up.... thanks for posting it here.