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Wrong choices 03

Chapter 3.

The dreaded day.

It was only 48 hours ago that John had been mated by King and now here he was once more talking to Buck. He could not believe his ears as he was told that tomorrow Friday he was to surrender himself and his beautiful wife Susie to Buck Bates at the same Ranch he had attended so recently.

Buck made a big deal in telling him that a party was arranged and both John and Susie were going to be guest of honour or more accurately the centre of entertainment. Once more John was ordered to arrive naked but his wife was to be specifically dressed. She was to wear no makeup, no Bra, A semi-transparent blouse, stockings, suspenders and a short wrap around skirt. Buck laughed as he instructed John her panties would be optional, but he advised a plain pair if she was to wear any at all.

Johnís heart sank as he tried to work out how to tell his wife that she was going to have to put out for his boss and his guests, how would she take it? Would she bottle out at the last minute? Could he even ask her to give the final sacrifice for his stupidity? Susie was practical as always as she comforted her husband as she pointed out they knew it was coming sooner or later so letís get it out of the way and move on with their lives. Almost in silence they sat and ate their evening meal but both could not settle into watching TV that night, even her usual pastime of reading a book could not settle her nerves. So when 9.00pm came around they decided to have an early night, strange enough for them as normally it would be nearly eleven pm before they would retire.

Now laid naked in bed, as they normally did, neither one of them wanted to be the one to make the first move tonight again an unusual situation because they normally would just start and not worry who made the first move. As John closed his eyes and tried to sleep his mind was invaded with horrible pictures of his wife having to take on many cocks and even worse having to accept them orally, anally or up her cunt. Despite his abhorrence at the images going through his mind John suddenly realised his cock was almost painfully stiff, for the first time in his married life he turn his back on his dutiful wife and tried to hide his erection.

Susie was similarly troubled, but for her the images were of having to perform with strange men in front of her husband, it did not bother her so much that she would be used like a whore but to have John watching would surely sour their marriage. How could he respect his wife after she was used in such a fashion, would he want to even touch her after this? Suddenly Susie felt a rush of wet between her legs and she realised that her cunt was on fire as she could barely recall it being so active before. She too turned her back on her husband for the first time only she actually contemplated playing with her own cunt to quell the raging fires within.

Suddenly Susie swore she felt the bed rock slightly, had she absent-mindedly been touching her cunt and had she actually thrust towards her own hand causing the bed to rock, there it was again she was sure now it was not her but if not her then it had to be John. She turned over to face him and slid her hand over his side and found his fist wrapped around his cock, she was initially feeling a little hurt but was determined to ask him why he found the need to play with himself when she was so willing to do it for him.

John now feeling her hand outside his, half turned to face her and apologised, saying that he felt unworthy of her after getting into this mess and Susie suddenly felt tearful as she fell in love with this man all over again, she kissed him firmly on the mouth as if to tell him to shut up. Then twisting him on to his back she straddled him and eased his rock hard cock up her eager cunt, instead of riding him like she sometimes did, she stopped dead and asked him to tell her what he was thinking of as he stroked his cock.

John nearly choked, but managed to mutter that he was thinking of the pride he would have when his sexy wife showed her charms to these horrible men. Pressed further he admitted that the thought of her having to screw some of the men was heaven and hell for him and he went on to explain, it would be hell for him to see these perverts sample and know the delights of her body but it would be heaven to know that they were going to sample just once while could delight in her body for all time. She once more leaned forward and kissed him, before asking him to describe what he had been imagining.

John went on to describe how when they arrived at the ranch house she had gone inside and had been led to the centre of the room made to stand on a low table and she had begun to sway with the rhythm of the music before being told to remove her skirt, more dancing followed until she was told to remove her blouse and the audience gasped at the wonder of her great tits. As John was describing his own fantasy, Susie began to slowly ride his cock applying more pressure against his body before almost losing contact with it.

Eventually John described how she was laid naked apart from her stockings on the same table she had been dancing on and now Buck Bates was between her spread legs and he was about to begin fucking her. Suddenly Susie interrupted John and asked him to describe Buckís cock, this caused John to wince as he had hoped not to have to remember the size and thickness of a cock he had forced into his mouth and at the second event had been forced to accept up his arse.

Swallowing hard he said, Darling his cock is immense I would say it is nine or ten inches long and as fat as a salami. Susie pressed him to tell her about how it felt when he had tasted it and again John swallowed hard as he continued, remember that I did not do this willingly but the cock head felt soft as velvet and yet his shaft felt hard as iron, I nearly passed out when he had it wedged in my throat but managed to breathe through my nose as he fucked my mouth. John let slip more information than Susie had been expecting as he continued and when he came in my mouth it was like a force ten storm I could not swallow fast enough and felt I was going to be drowned in his salty thick sperm.

Suddenly Susie groaned as the thought of her own husband swallowing another manís spunk took her over the edge and she thrashed about in the hottest orgasm she had experienced in years. Breathlessly she asked if John had taken this monster cock up his arse as he had told her previously that he had been butt fucked, As john described the sheer pain of something that thick pushing passed his anal ring Susie experienced a second orgasm as in her mind she saw herself riding the monster cock. John then went on to tell her it felt like his cock was almost all the way up his arse and seemed to be touching the back of his throat as the pain disappeared and he was swept over with sheer pleasure. This resulted in Susieís third orgasm and as she screamed her way through it she let slip that if she had known his cock was so big she would have allowed him to fuck her at the last company day party.

Listening to his wife orgasming over another manís cock sent John over the top too and she filled her cunt with his spunk but kept on thrusting against her as he turned the tables and asked her to tell him how she would feel taking another manís cock while her husband was forced to watch. Throwing caution to the wind now Susie told him she would try her very best to make the man jealous of what her husband was getting freely and without duress, but she confessed that she would want to try to swallow all of his cock in her mouth so she could sample the same feelings that john had and then she would bounce up and down hard on the cock trying to get it over with as quickly as she could but would insist that the cock be pulled from her cunt before it came as only her husbandís spunk was destined for that place. It was Johnís turn to lovingly kiss his wife this time. If only they knew the plans that were to befall them both.

It seemed ages before John finally came a second time and Susie enjoyed several more orgasms along the way until in the early hours of Friday morning they drifted off in to an exhausted sleep, even so their dreams were invaded by the prospects of what was to come and in Johnís case the recalled images of becoming Kingís bitch seemed most prominent.

In what seemed like a flash the alarm clock was ringing waking the pair of them up to face a day of wonder and anticipation. Breakfast was both a solemn affair and yet they made eyes at each other like school kid lovers, so passionate was their love making last night. It was Susie who first broached the subject that both were skating around when she asked, what do you think they will do to me tonight? John tried his best to reassure her she would be alright but he did have to admit he had no idea what was in store for either of them but he tried to put a brave face on it by telling her it would be an experience.

Susie, realising that their anticipation was going to drive them mad by dinner time let alone by the time they would have to leave, suggested they try to keep busy and to do so she suggested that John go clean out and tidy up the garage while she was going to finally sort out the attic. With a laugh and a joke John hinted that all the stuff in the garage started out in the attic in the first place.

Susie threw a playful punch in Johnís direction but he ducked and grabbed her waist before tickling her, collapsing in fits of laughter she begged him to let her go. Shortly afterwards they parted company and John headed towards the garage whilst Susie headed off to the attic.

They finally came back together at tea time and boy did they look a sight, both looked like they had been down a coalmine. Susie announced she was going to have a shower before preparing tea; John also said he was planning on taking a shower too and playfully suggested the first one to the bathroom would go first, instantly Susie pretended to want a kiss and as John leaned forward to kiss her she scooted passed him and raced for the stairs. John squealed foul play as he chased her and they hit the stair landing almost together. Even more comically they were trying to squeeze through the bathroom door together, then like a cork coming out of the bottle they managed to push through.

With fits of laughter they agreed to share a shower but John pointed out that with what was supposed to be happening tonight they would have to refrain from any playing in the shower. Susie feigned indignation and shrugged her shoulders as if to say what me.

With great difficulty they did shower together and despite washing each other they did managed to avoid fucking in the shower but the bathroom was a bigger mess than the attic and garage they had cleared put together.

Susie ducked out of the bathroom before turning to John and telling him to be a dear and clean up in the bathroom whilst she prepared the meal. So forty five minutes later John came down to the kitchen wearing just his shorts and was met by the aroma of his favourite meal of spaghetti Bolognese and his sexy wife wearing a short silk dressing gown tied around her waist with a sash. As Susie walked around in the kitchen she flashed lots of inner upper thigh and constantly peeked Johnís interest, so much so he actually asked her to stop teasing him.

At last it was time to go get ready to leave for the ranch and now Susie admitted she had butterflies in her stomach and she was unsure she could go ahead with everything. John reassured her that she would be safe, he promised her that much and urged her to go get ready.

Susie went upstairs and carefully put on her stockings and suspenders, she chose a plain pair of panties and then put on the wrap around skirt but soon removed it and tried another one until she found a plain dark blue one she had not used for several years. This one was so short that she flashed her stocking tops as she walked. She could not find a semi-transparent blouse so she wore a plain white one and hoped to get away with that.

John had been calling up to her for the last ten minutes to hurry up or they would be late. Even John let out a wolf whistle when she watched his wife slowly walk down stairs, as she walked down she flashed not only her stocking tops but also the blue panties she had chosen.

John passed her a long mac and suggested that she put this on, in case the neighbours were watching. John then went out to the car and shortly Susie came out and joined him, as John started the car Susie asked when he was going to get naked and John explained he was going to pull up where he had done so previously and do it there as it was shaded from open view.

Off they went and soon John was stark naked and driving towards the Ranch and once more he found the experience almost too much as his hard cock testified. This time the journey was uninterrupted and without incident, so forty minutes after leaving home they pulled up round the back of the ranch.

Taking Susie firmly by the hand John led her up to the back door and knocked, shortly the door swung open and there stood Buck grinning from ear to ear. He beckoned them in and then told Susie to stay in the kitchen whilst he took John through to the lounge. As Susie stood there she had all sorts of thoughts rushing through her mind and to be honest her cunt was well wet when Buck returned. What Susie did not know was that now in the living room John was being tied up.

Buck slowly walked up to Susie and leaning close to her face he said, you even smell like a whore and I bet your cunt is watering already. Without waiting for a reply he slid his had up between her legs and laughed out loud, fuck me bitch youíre like a river down there.

Susie Blushed but did not move and soon Bucks hands probed her tits to ensure she was not wearing a bra, She squirmed as he whispered close to her ears that she was going to be well looked after tonight. He then told her to turn round and produced a scarf to blindfold her with; then he led her by the arm into the living room. Suddenly there were cheers and wolf whistles galore and a shocked Susie tried to differentiate between the sounds to gauge how many people were present but she was confused.

She need not have worried for suddenly the blindfold was gone and she saw she was in a room with six men and two women not counting John and Buck. Suddenly she saw John he was on his knees beside a low coffee table with his hands secured behind his back and then attached to his ankles; already a woman was stroking his rock hard cock.

Buck suddenly announced that Susie slut was now going to stand on the coffee table and slowly remove her clothes. As Susie stood up there, she was told to remove her skirt first, once she was minus her skirt she blushed because her blue panties clearly showed a dark stain where her cunt had leaked. All the men commented on how she must be a slut because of her horny cunt being so wet. Now Buck informed her to remove her blouse, the men began clapping as she undid each button.

When her blouse slipped from her shoulders her natural reaction was to cover her breasts with her hands, until a stern voice of Buck instructed her to drop her hands or else. John suddenly looked up pleading at his wife and she dropped her hands to her side and the women oohíd and aahíd, several of the men whistled.

Now Buck commanded her to remove her panties and added that she had better have had her cunt shaved, or he was personally going to spank her and then set the women off to shave her. Taking a deep breath Susie hooked her hands into the side of her panties and closing her eyes she suddenly plunged her hands down towards her feet. Then releasing her panties she stood back up and tried to clamp her legs together, again the stern voice of buck commanded her to open her legs and he was a little disappointed to find she was in fact shaved.

Now Buck demanded she lay on her back on the table as he moved in front of John and un doing his belt, he let his trousers fall to the floor and followed this quickly with his pants and then in a loud clear voice he told John to suck his cock to full hardness because he was going to be the first one to fuck this horny mother fucker of a bitch. Without complaint John began sucking Johnís cock but avoided catching Susieís eye.

When Buck was hard enough he told the rest of the men to undress and to sort out their position in the line-up and each man had to have John suck his cock preparing for that cock to fuck Johnís wife. Meanwhile he moved between Susieís open legs and she looked shocked as he approached her, for from her view point it seemed his cock was even larger than John had described last night. Soon she felt Buckís cock rubbing up and down her cunt and she began to Mew like a kitten. The suddenly she felt like her cunt was being ripped open as unceremoniously plunged his cock into her extremely tight cunt. Susie screamed out and this caused John to jerk her head to one side, which led to him receiving a slap across his face from the man he was supposed to be sucking.

The pain Susie experienced from the fatter longer cock of Buck soon began to recede and be replaced with an exhilaration and exquisite pleasure if she was honest she had never felt before. As she lost herself in her pleasure she found herself begging to be fucked harder and suddenly she realised her husband was bound only feet from her and maybe he would not appreciate her now eager acceptance of the situation.

Suddenly Buck grunted like a boar as he thrust forward and held his place at the same time Susie felt the hot stinging Spunk wash over her cunt walls and that sent her over the top again. As Buck pulled out he literally dragged John backwards and almost smashed his head on to the floor as he made him kneel between his wifeís open legs. Then Buck laughed as he pushed Johnís head forward and ordered him to be a good little cuckold and suck another real manís spunk from his wifeís whoring cunt. John surprised everyone by not even thinking about it as he lunged his tongue into the white sticky fluid now beginning to seep from his wifeís open cunt.

Whilst John lapped at Susieís overflowing spunked cunt he suddenly felt something pressing against his anal ring. He realised it was a cock at the same time as he heard Buckís voice telling the man to stick your fucking cock up this cuckoldís boy pussy and to fuck him so hard his fucking head would get stuck to the slutís cunt.

John gazed up towards his wifeís face hoping she would not think less of him and was amazed to see her trying to swallow two cocks side by side. He could not help but wonder how she could stretch her mouth so wide as to take these two pricks together.

This redoubled his efforts to clean her cunt of Buckís spunk, whilst trying to ignore the delicious feelings he was now enjoying in his arse. On and one the merry go went every time John cleaned Susieís cunt another prick would fuck it and he would have to eat her out again. Susie now indulged in Johnís original job and was busy preparing the cocks about to fuck her, secretly she was enjoying being the centre of attention and she was actually fulfilling a lifelong fantasy of hers to be fucked both ends at once.

Then suddenly Buck thrust his cock into Susieís face and demanded that she suck him like the tart she really was and once he was rock hard again he announced he was now going to take the prize he had dreamed of for the last seven years, he was going to fuck Susieís tight little arse. Susie suddenly panicked for she had felt the pain in her cunt of her first fuck with such a large cock and now to have it pushing into her tight arse she feared would be horrendously painful.

She began to struggle to get up but suddenly the men around her grabbed her and held her firm, she began sobbing and pleading for John to help her but John was unable to respond because he was being held on the floor by the two women as one was biting his cockhead and the other was crouched over his head and right now was pissing into his mouth.

John froze as he heard a terrible wail come from his wife as Buck forced his cock up her arse and laughing said that King would soon make mincemeat of her body. The echoing crying of Susie resonated inside his head and threatened to haunt him for the rest of his life.

Buck ignored the commotion and continued to fuck harder at Susieís tight ass, slowly Susie stopped crying and began groaning and those groans grew intensity as her passions rose too. As soon as Buck unleashed his load inside Susieís arse he pulled out unceremoniously and demanded that she clean his shit covered cock. Susie retched violently as Buck forced his cock into her mouth and refused to stop until she was cleaning his cock with her tongue.

Soon exhausted and stinking the couple were told to get the fuck out of here and to expect a call soon. Wearily the made their way out of the house but they could not find any of Susieís clothes so trying to be gallant John told her she could wear his clothes that were out in the boot of the car. Except that when they got to the car there was no clothes in the boot so both had to go home naked and showing clear signs of being well fucked.

As they drove home, a tearful Susie cursed John for not being able to stop Buck from fucking her arse and an equally tearful John could not stop apologising but tried repeatedly to explain he was bound and held down by those obnoxious women who were biting hard on his cock and cock head as well as pissing all over him. Susie looked down and saw the tell-tale red marks left behind by their teeth and she mellowed slightly but vowed she would never trust John again to protect her.

Brigit Astar
07-04-2011, 11:28 PM
Niteowl, you would make DeSade proud--and I mean that as a compliment. I don't respond to every story you write, but that doesn't mean I don't read them. I read every story that you post. Your writing and mine is almost directly opposed, but I respect andf admire you as a writer. You go to places in your writing that I just am not inerested, to put it honestly, in going. But that doesn't mean that I don't appreciate your writing. I have told you before, and I still believe, that you are the best writer on Erotic Stories and SexStoriesPost. I am a close second. I find it very interesting that I can appreciate a writer that writes of subjects that I find to be rather offlimits for my own interests and writing.

07-05-2011, 06:20 AM
Brigit as I have said many times you are too kind to this old pervert....lol I thank you for all your comments but genuinely feel I do not deserve any of them, strangely enough I still feel that I have yet to write the definitive good erotic story so all my meanderings so far are mere practise for the story that lies somewhere with in me. where as your stories always seem so set out and well structured like any classic novel should be so if truth be told I aspire to write just like you.