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Jed found out that my husband’s illegal and underhand deal had got him the contract, and had deprived Jed’s company of a lucrative contract, but more importantly, losing face with his political associates. Jed’s price of keeping quiet was for me to stay at his villa two extra days in his special room, entertaining him, and his friends after Richard had left. __________________________

Three months after the villa episode I was at our apartment in London and Richard was in the Middle East, again negotiating another lucrative contract which also carried a lot of political pressure, he was accompanied by ex-army chiefs.

I had just got back from a boring charity lunch with the politicians’ wives. It had been barely tolerable and I had possibly drunk a glass of wine too much, when the doorbell rang, it rang again, then realising that it was Michelle’s day off, I dashed to open the door to find Jed standing there.

‘Hello, what do you want?’

‘Don’t be like that Colette, I was just passing and thought how nice it would be to call’. His charming and benevolent manner did not fool me, he wants something. He still sent a cold shudder through my body, knowing his cynical and contrivable manner, nearly always getting what he wants. I offered coffee, which I would have to make myself. When I returned I nearly dropped the tray, a DVD was playing and I was on the screen, totally naked and walking around the pool at Jed’s villa on Crete. He stopped the DVD and smiled at me. I was shocked that he had used a hidden camera, I had not considered that. It gave me a lot of disquiet, suppose he had? No, I don’t want to think about that.

Aggressively, I asked him what he wanted.

‘All I want is just a little bit of your time and for only one night’.

‘On the assumption that I am reading you right. Go to hell!’

‘Funny, I heard that last time’, a broad smile on his face.

He released the pause button, now I am in his beautiful Bedouin tent, in the restraints portraying my absolute pleasure, and getting every bit of satisfaction from the three piece vibrator strapped to me. My shattering orgasm was impressive.

‘Do you see where I am going Colette? I just need one last favour’’.

I gave him the same reply as before so he released the pause again. My worst fears materialised, he had recorded the whole scene of Louis banging me from behind, the two way mirror vibrating somewhat, but there was no mistaking my total and utter pleasure when going through that orgasm. I had not realized what a mess I had made on the mirror. Saliva and lipstick smeared all over, and my breasts looked squashed out to an enormous size, erect nipples bent sideways looking rather strange. I was freely accepting and relishing it! The worst part was when I slid down the mirror exhausted. I watched my hand pulling through my legs, gathering as much cum as I could, and then holding my hand out to the mirror, him not knowing that I knew he was watching, and I not knowing about the camera. In the heat of the moment it was fine, but now in the cold light of day, seeing it dripping through my fingers, was completely horrible.

Jed was a monster from hell!

‘We don’t want your husband to see this, do we?’ Although Richard had shared me once, he would not tolerate anything unless he was present. I could not even say it was for him as my abandonment, pleasure and enjoyment, was plain to see. Jed watched me slump in my chair, body language of a crushed, and flattened objector.

Jed continued, ‘An aide of an Eastern gentleman and I will pick you up tomorrow night at 8 pm, and, providing he thinks you are suitable, we will depart in his limousine’.

He put the disc back in his pocket. ‘You can have it back providing you are, . . . . shall we say, . . . . sensational!’ He continued, ‘This is a big deal! I don’t want to get angry’, his steel blue eyes emphasised that statement.

It was just before eight when Jed arrived with the aide in a chauffeur driven limo. An Arab appeared with his white thawb and headgear, and about the same height as Jed, who was well over six feet. The Arab was about 30 at a guess, five years older than me, but I felt quite comfortable with him. He was polite and quite nice, also very good looking, with a distinctive air about him. Jed introduced me as though he was a good friend of my family, I nearly laughed. The Arab explained he was the personal aide to a very important person, who would stay anonymous.

I thought of Richard out in the East, working for probably the same contract as Jed, their companies always being in competition. My body was going to be used as a bribe to clinch the contract for Jed. The ultimate revenge for his lost contract three months ago, so my husband’s dirty trick is now going to be paid for a second time. My mind was racing so fast I hardly heard Jed say, ‘Stand up and take your clothes off, so my companion can verify what a classy lady you are’. A rather strange feeling came over me as I stood in front of them to follow Jed’s instructions. First my blouse and then bra. I tried to appeal to him, but the return of his determined steely eyes made me unfasten my skirt which fell at my feet. A finger gestured to my panties so I bent, breasts swaying, as I slipped them over my high heeled shoes. I was about to undo my stockings when the aide raised his hand to stop me. Jed then stood up behind me and we both looked straight at the sitting aide as his hands came round in front to brush and erect my nipples. He was defiantly intent on showing how very long my nipples were, the reason becoming clear later in the evening. He knew from the last time in his villa that if he squeezed them again I would let out lots of guttural noises. He squeezed, and I did. My knees felt weak and leaned back against his body for support. I hated myself for so much lack of control.

The aide spoke for the first time, ‘Perfect, now walk to the end of the room and back’. His voice was firm and commanding. I intended to be classy, why not? I was in a classy apartment in Knightsbridge. It was a long room, so, hips swinging, and wearing only stockings and high heel shoes, I walked the walk. I knew my legs and tight bottom looked good, and my husband did not affectionately call me his ‘little Giraffe’ for nothing. On my return he looked at my shaven pubes, swaying breasts with erect nipples, as any man would have done. ‘Excellent’, he said. I was told to dress in the men’s clothes and sandals that he had brought, nearly the same as he was wearing. I hated myself again, feeling the wetness between my legs.

We left, deal done, or at least from the aide’s point of view. Jed whispered, ‘You looked fantastic’.

As I closed the door I was apprehensive of what might be before me. The chauffeur was running around in circles opening and closing doors and it was not long before we arrived at the rear of a top London hotel. Jed said he would wait with the chauffeur, as I was ushered into a lift for the penthouse, but not before the aide had a quick look round.

We walked out of the lift onto the side of a splash pool and gym, and then he ushered me into a treatment room. There, to my surprise, were two beautiful, young, petite girls, their olive skin emphasized by very short white medical tunics. The aide settled himself in a chair to read a newspaper. The two girls undressed me and helped me onto the therapy table to lie on my side, a trolley nearby full of various items. Without warning a finger was lubricating my anus, which was a rather a shock, why were they doing this? The only other woman to touch or see me like this was my doctor. Another shock and a loud ‘Oh!’, as a tube was inserted into my anus, the aide looked up. Before I knew it they were giving me an enema which, surprisingly, gave me a nice warm feeling, in fact I lie, I think it was more than that. Onto my back next, legs spread wide, one pulling my lips open for the other to apply the douche, then continuing to sponge all my body.

Jed did say I would be pampered.

A tray was placed at my side full of fragrance and massage oils, the incense aroma was intoxicating. One started on my feet and the other on my shoulders, and it was not long before I was purring with little noises of pleasure as their oily hands slipped around my body. The aide had put his paper down now, I turned my head to look at him, and our eyes locked, staying that way, while the girls were applying their skills. One thumb rubbed over my erect nipple and I moaned quite loudly, then the other nipple was squeezed, I was louder! At the same time the other girl found my clit between my sopping wet lips. She was doing something different to it, then I realised as it stiffened, she was masturbating my clit between finger and thumb. I tried to lift my body but a gentle hand pushed me down again to my very loud ‘Huuuummm’, as her finger teased my anus, and her thumb feathered my clit, bringing more loud exclamations. His eyes were still locked on mine as the girls brought me to my orgasmic eruption. My mouth dropped opened, emitting all sorts of noises while I bucked my hips, wanting fingers inside me, all of them. When they did, I finally shouted my exclamation of sheer pleasure, looking at him through glazed eyes.

The girls placed a bath sheet over me and I closed my eyes for peace and relaxation.

After a moment or two one girl applied a gel to my nipples making them numb, while the other held up two beautiful tassels, in gold and with a small diamond in the centre. I was apprehensive as they started piercing my nipples but the gel had worked. After fitting the gold rings, and then the tassels, they moved down to my legs. One worked on piercing a lip while the other showed me a gold ring with a kind of miniature gold cow bell attached. After the fitting and another rest, they helped me off the table.

They started to dress me, first, red French knickers, trimmed with exquisite lace, my favourite underwear, plus a silk sarong. My hair was combed and a deep purple head band was fitted under my hair and around my forehead, while the other girl applied makeup. Suddenly one girl took a very athletic standing jump straight onto the table, squatting to face me, with knees apart. She was naked under her tunic, her little bell lay between her pink lips. She showed me how to take the bell off the ring. I was mesmerized with her olive skin and tapered pubic hair, and she looked ‘soooo’ cute.
Finally, a chiffon wrap for my shoulders and a look in a mirror, makeup a little heavy, and how strange, the tassels looked gorgeous.

The aide, who had never taken his eyes off me, shepherded me into a large dining room, the tassels pulling my nipples, keeping them erect and possibly making them even longer. A young man in Arab dress came to greet me, his eyes all over me before pulling out a seat. He sat at the other end of the long dining table and could not take his eyes off my swaying tassels. We ate and talked as though this happened every day, an hour passing before we sat on an ornate settee. All the waiters had disappeared, but of course, the aide had returned and sat quietly in a corner. I wondered if he was a body guard, but why was he not here all the time? After a while the young man pulled the chiffon wrap off my shoulders, his hands cupping my breasts to feel their fullness. He stood up, holding my tassels and pulled me to the edge of the settee, making me gasp, starting that wonderful feeling below. As he raised his thawb to display a long slim erection, he pulled my head forward, indicating what he wanted. I sensed the aide looking again as I took the young boy into my mouth. Every time I sucked down on him, my tassels dragged my nipples making me very sexually inspired. He was trying to go deeper, and very quickly his breath was coming in gasps, his erection was swelling and ready to come, when he shouted, ‘Swallow!’ ‘Swallow!’ I put my arms around his body and swallowed, and only just in time. His cum was jetting down my throat, time and time again to his vocal noises. He withdrew but I continued licking imaginary drops off the end. This was only for watching eyes. The young man dropped his clothes, stroked my cheek gently, and left.

The aide handed me sandals and the male attire, indicating to put it over what I was wearing. As we descended in the lift I was confused. Was that it? Why had they gone to all the trouble of fitting my aptly named, cow bell? After all the build up, I was disappointed. I should not be thinking like this, I theoretically was reluctantly here and should feel ashamed of the flood between my legs. For some weird reason I was pleased to see Jed there with the chauffeur. The aide was taking his responsibilities seriously, accompanying us back to my apartment. When we arrived he indicated that he would take the male attire back. As soon as I had taken it off he held out his hands for mine, “You were exquisite, wonderful, and so obedient”. I thought Jed was going to faint with joy, he probably knew now that he had his contract once the aide had reported back. Jed was enthralled so much with my tassels hanging from my enlarged nipples he nearly missed what the aide said to him.

‘Ask the chauffeur to take you anywhere. I will stay here’, while looking at me. Was he asking for my consent, did he think I would have sex with an aide? Jed suddenly realised that it was not a request, and left, leaving the disc on the hall stand.

The aide put his hands on my shoulder and I was shocked at what I saw, realising immediately that the whole event was not as it seemed. I know a diamond when I see one, I also know fakes that some of the politicians’ wives wear. He probably had a million pounds on one finger. It sent a quiver through my body. I thought fast, realising that all that I had done tonight did not add up, whatever I had done, he had been there, and watched. Abruptly, it all came into place, he was not an aide, he was the man, and that’s why he was not dismissed in the dining room and he had not even opened a car door. He has seen me strip, and walk the walk, he has seen me masturbated by two girls, and finally, seen me suck and swallow a young man.
I confronted him, ‘you are not an aide, who are you?’

‘No, I am not. I cannot tell you who I am, are you going to call Jed back?’

My mind raced, I still felt the quiver go through my body again and the wetness between my legs made me reckless, throwing caution to the wind. ‘No’.

‘Well then, take off your sarong and walk for me like you did before, now!’

I jumped in surprise at his loud, commanding voice, letting my sarong fall to the floor. Why was I so obedient?

This time I walked very slowly, sensuously and without shoes, and did not stop until I paused at the bedroom door. I looked over my shoulder, my heart beating wildly, breath totally out of control. He followed quickly and stripped off to lie on the bed, he was so attractive, his olive smooth body accentuated by rippling muscles, not to mention his big, demanding erection.

‘Stand over me, so I can touch you’. Wearing only my French knickers I walked up the bed, tassels swinging, until his head was beneath my legs, I stood there while he looked, waiting for another sensual command. I was having a flood and wondered if it showed. His hand slipped up one leg of my knickers, it was so easy with French, he flicked the bell a few times, and we both could hear it. His fingers moved around but did not penetrate, just teasing, and I loved every minute of it. Slowly, very slowly, he pulled my knickers down to my knees. His hand went back up my thigh. Oh yes! Please, don’t stop now! But he did stop, to feel my juices running down my leg. He told me to take them off, which was difficult still standing astride him. He told me to widen my stance and bend to swing my breasts, seeing the tassels dragging and tormenting my nipples. He told me to crouch near his face, so he could take my scent, and then, pushing my knees wider, his hand sensually travelled up my leg again. He was looking, playing and touching. Suddenly fingers pushed my lips wide open to gather my juices and he put one hand round the small of my back while the other, utterly and totally, shocked me with disbelief.

My heart is thundering, and stops for a split second.

His whole hand was inside me, and perfectly still.

I felt faint, his other hand steadied me, keeping me on the edge of a lightning orgasm by not moving his hand, and he just watched my face. It’s like being on a roller coaster right at the top, but stopping just before the downward plunge. I could tell he was extremely excited by the strong pulse in his wrist. He still watched my face, my eyes begging him. I am hanging, waiting, and then, still watching my face, an explosion, his fingers spread in all directions making the bell go frantic. I was over the top and falling, screaming, and shouting, “I’m coming, I’m coming, don’t stop”, wriggling and squirming on his hand while shouting out all manner of things. Finally I slowly sank down on him, my legs completely gone, as this raging feeling ripped through my body, and I wondered where the next quivering breath was coming from.

I hadn’t even finished before I felt his throbbing hardness enter eagerly, thrusting wildly, urgently, a mind of its own. It had only one thing on ‘its’ mind, it wanted to ejaculate forcibly into my body, spurt after spurt. My hands were on his chest trying to support myself in a sitting position, breasts swinging wildly, nipples hurting like hell. I was not even sure I had finished my orgasm as his frantic thrusts pounded up into me, hard, and with such ferocity. Then another orgasm shot through my body, absolutely overwhelming, a confused beautiful blur. Now he was in frenzied frustration, I am stretched, and far too wet for him. I quickly lifted off him and lay face down on the bed. He nudged once, twice, and then crashed into my anus, powering from his shoulders. I clenched my bottom tight for him, he groaned loudly and released inside me, grunting and shouting everything in his own language. I feel every spurt, hot and comforting, rewarding. He finally caved in onto my back.

After a few moments he whispered in my ear, ‘Colette, you are amazing’.

Passions spent, I turned on my side and he closed up behind me, gently taking off my tassels from the rings. We both went to sleep, but only for part of the night. Next morning he had coffee while waiting for his car to arrive. He said he wanted to see me again.

On TV a few days later the news showed a group of Arabs all in traditional dress on the tarmac, but one stood out from the rest. He was being interviewed regarding a big arms deal with an American company. The crest on the private jet was the same as . . . . . . . . . .OMG, was it him?

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