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07-04-2011, 06:32 AM
Previously, and payment completed. This stranger who would not give his name, whispered in my ear, ‘Colette, you are amazing’.
Next morning he had coffee while waiting for his car to arrive. He said he wanted to see me again.
On TV a few days later the news showed a group of Arabs all in traditional dress on the tarmac, one standing out from the rest. He was being interviewed regarding a big arms deal with an American company. The crest on the private jet was the same as . . . . . . . . . .OMG, was it him? _

My husband is due home for his birthday, no doubt very dejected after losing the latest Middle East contract, he would know from the news that Jed’s American company had secured it. If Richard ever found out about my involvement, I would be fearful for myself, and others. My biggest problem was how to explain away three gold rings, one in each nipple, and one between my legs. I must admit I have always frowned a little on seeing other people wearing them, but now, I wanted to keep them, they were beautiful. Then I had a brilliant idea and it was all going to work out, I telephoned him to say I had invited friends for his birthday dinner and that I had two nice surprises for him.

Richard was back and entirely taken with the rings, I was amazed how much he liked them once he had found out that a girl had done the piercing. He was not really enthused about the dinner party, but just then, Michelle walked towards us with a letter after answering the door. It was large, and looked important. I have never seen such a quick change around in a man as he eagerly pushed it under my nose. We were apparently invited to a weekend, part business, part pleasure, with an Arabian Prince, no less, it went on to say his personal assistant would be in touch with details. It looked as though it was going to be a male thing with fishing, shooting and riding. Richard saw this as a breakthrough for new contracts in the Middle East. Lucky for me I had been brought up in a wealthy family, my French mother insisting on my interest in music, dancing and horse riding. I remembered the happy hours with my Chinese father at Happy Valley horse racing in Hong Kong, also my lessons on the beach at Repulse Bay learning to ride, and my instructor who touched too much.

Richard was obviously over the moon thinking about tomorrow, as our four guests arrived, Maria and Russ, April and Mark, who had become friends of ours since arriving in London, albeit they were like Richard, 45ish, 20 years older than me. Richard was at his best and the dinner had gone very well when he asked where his second birthday surprise was, I said it was for later but they chanted ‘now, now!’ I know the wine was good and they were all in good spirits, pardon the pun, but Richard insisted. I asked ‘Are you sure, this was going to be upstairs’, trying to give him the nod, and put him off. He insisted once more, so before going out of the room I turned on Greco-Turkish music.
I dressed in a headband with fringe, harem pants and oh yes, my tassels, plus chiffon a wrap, which hid nothing. I had being practicing the belly dance for the last 10 days and waited for the music to be right before running in, their faces a complete picture. My tassels splayed from erect nipples in my playful and flirty routine, sitting on the men’s knees to wriggle. Russ had always fancied me and when I sat on him he had an erection, for that compliment I gave him an extra wriggle, before finishing in the middle with a flourish. There was applause and before we knew it the taxi horn was sounding for them, Richard was so happy and gave me a big hug, Russ tugged a tassel on his way out making me gasp! He heard!

Now tomorrow was facing us, and I didn’t want to leave home for the weekend, I really did not want to be ‘business support’ at this kind of high level. Richard wanted to take full opportunity of a private invitation, which could turn things around for him.
A car arrived, and we were transported to the airport, his aide informing us that we were going to fly out to his hacienda. We were whisked around the side of the main building to pull up near a private jet, Richard got out pleading in a low voice, ‘Smile and be nice’. We saw the distinctive dress of an Arab waiting for us to board. I saw the crest on the plane, and his face! My knees physically buckled, my body trembled, it was him, the man who I had slept with and would not give his name. I had already named him ‘Amir’ in my mind. He shook our hands with no recognition, saying how pleased he was as we climbed aboard; my mind is in a whirl. It was not until he secretly raised his finger to his lips did I feel somewhat better with his recognition. Every time he smiled I inwardly squeezed my legs together feeling the wetness gathering, and demanding, whatever would happen, if anything? Was I just to be a toy for him?

Most of the flight Amir and aides spoke with Richard consulting lots of papers spread across the table and I was quite happy looking out, excitedly hoping, wondering, what was in front of me. I had to keep dragging my eyes away from him the whole of the two hours. It was a wonderful flight, in such luxury, plus the unexpected pleasure of meeting the two beautiful girls again. I smiled to myself as they served drinks, were they naked under their cute uniform as they were in the treatment room. They too were very polite and showed no kind of recognition with me, although the one that had put her fingers inside me did show her affection, trailing unnoticed fingers across my hand.

He came across and to ask if there was anything I needed. I smiled, I have given you the name, ‘Amir’, he smiled and touched my hand, sending beautifies racing around my stomach.

‘How nice, do you know what it means?’

‘Yes, the ruler’. He smiled broadly, impressed that I wanted to call him by that, now that I knew his real name. The memory of that night spent with him was simply wonderful, I had never felt like that before, was I going to let it happen again? We were descending and the aide was pointing out the hacienda, set in trees, a huge estate with land running down to the sea.

In the hacienda Amir explained that his aides would be discussing business with Richard, would I like to ride? ‘Yes please!’ It had been some time since I had ridden, there were not many opportunities in London so I jumped at the offer, and had come ready, just in case. His next statement sent my heart and stomach somersaulting, ‘There will be just the two of us’.

His next question surprised me. ‘Are you here of your own volition?’

‘Yes, I am’. He was obviously a sagacious individual to know of Jed’s previous behaviour, I wondered if Jed’s future contracts were over.

‘Do you regret last time?’ I lifted my eyes to his, ‘No’, he smiled.

His horse was a magnificent 16 hands white stallion with power and elegance, fitted with a very ornate western saddle. My horse was a mature 15 year old mare fitted with a saddle that could induce sleep. He assured me that a 21 gun salute would not make her blink. Once we had left the hacienda we descended into a dried up river bed, although it did have a small stream in the middle, and it was lined with old olive trees and wild flowers. We had only being going a short time when we dismounted.

Immediately his arms went around me to smoother my eyes, ears, and then my mouth, his tongue finding mine. Hot breath whispers of his longings for this moment, making me quiver, stomach flipping and my legs weak, thinking of what this exciting man might do next. He started to unbutton my blouse, so slowly, button by button. I just want him to rip it off. His hands behind my back release the fastening and breasts tumble out. He was completely taken aback by what he saw, ‘You have not taken my rings out’, gently brushing over my erect nipple, doing the same with the other. I purred as he tugged both nipples together making them ridged and long, starting the wetness. I motioned him to stoop and whispered, ‘I have my tassels with me, I take them wherever I go’. It had a profound effect on him.

He asks if I still have the other ring. I smile, knowing at this moment in time it is drowning as his hands go quickly to my belted jodhpurs dragging them down, his fingers slip inside my panties to find the ring.

‘And even the bell’, he exclaimed.

‘When I shower it reminds me of you’. He could not conceal his total pleasure, which was bliss to me.

He then trailed his finger up through my ocean to find my pearl. I moaned out loud and he smiled, kneeling to take off my boots and jodhpurs while taking my scent. ‘We will ride a little further, the beach is very near’. I have never ridden naked before and he sees my hesitation. ‘Please! It’s not very far’. That was the first time I could remember him ever saying please. Before I mounted the mare he fiddled in his saddle bag to find a length of cord which he threaded through my nipple rings pulling them together, tight! It had the same effect as the tassels I worn, keeping them erect, and giving me that special feeling of wanting. With his help I mounted and he did not take advantage, unlike my old instructor in Hong Kong. He simply loves watching until he cannot hold back his headlong rush.

I was completely under his control, his eyes watching and looking, even sometimes I thought, inspecting. He watched my breasts swaying, sometimes wildly, straining the cord and stretching already long nipples and making me gasp, as the mare’s sure footedness took me through cobbles and boulders. He was still in his Arabian clothes and his eyes had never left me, then his first inevitable command came, ‘Stand up in the stirrups, drop the reigns, hold onto her mane’, while his horse dropped behind mine. She was moving slowly now as I stood up, leaning forward to hold her mane. I knew what he could see through my spread legs, it excited me, he might see my lips glistening against the light? We stopped again and he told me to dismount, holding a hand out for mine, and then with little effort, pulled me up onto his horse, in front of him.

This was completely every girls dream, I was naked sitting on a white stallion with an exciting and good looking Arabian Prince, he whistled for the mare to follow.

One hand came round to pull and tighten the cord connecting my nipple rings. I gasped and moaned, lying back on him, not able to conceal my desire, it was total abandonment. We seemed to have moved forward on the saddle as the horn was pressing against my labia.

The stallion seemed to just ‘walk on’ on its own. Amir’s hands came round to rest on my thighs, then to my astonishment, he pulled my lips wide open, ‘Move right up against the horn’. It was like using a phallus, the slow undulating movement from the horn was ecstasy, and just in the right place as the horse continued treading its careful path. He moved my long hair to one side so he could see over my shoulder, watching my squashed wet lips rubbing up and down on the horn. I collapsed forwards with the undulation of the saddle, my hands firmly around the horse’s sweating neck, stiffened nipples rubbing on its mane.

We stopped on the beach, water swirling around the horse’s feet, Amir dismounted and was naked in seconds, we were alone but if they had been hundreds on the beach, I would not have been able to stop my vigorous movement on the horn. I looked down to see his big erection waiting, he watched my wet lips slither around the horn; the saddle was a complete mess as I doggedly pursued my on coming orgasm. He watched the saddle horn trying to thrust inside, I wriggling and squirming around it until I was there, moaning and gasping. I was still quivering and gasping for air when he lifted me down. A slap on the horse sent him galloping off, as Amir’s strong arms laid me down in the cool water.

Knelling back on himself between my legs, with hands underneath my bottom, he pulls up onto his thighs to enter easily through drenched lips pushing right to the top with a satisfied grunt.

I was still in a height of arousal and I knew what he would do next, he reached down and I was mentally screaming before he pulled the cord fastened to my nipple rings. The horse ride had made my heavy breasts swing, sometimes in a different directions, making my nipples engorged and tender, and even longer. I had hardly noticed the pain going through my orgasm but now he pulled, I screamed out loud, they where as big as I have ever seen them. Untying the cord he sucked each one in turn, his moans, and my pain, mingled with pleasure as he moved inside me. It was intense, and his passion undeniable, strong and rough, I started to come again. He pulled out and rolled me over, nipples and rings rubbing over sand, the water making my long hair swirl around. He entered from behind, immediately I was flying, ‘I’m coming’, I shouted, ‘I’m coming’ louder and louder, spluttering in the water while waves breaking around us. We had arrived together, the perfect moment; the ferocity behind me was calmed by tranquillity flowing through my body. I was up there, flying, waiting to crash. ‘Oh yes, yes! Harder!’ gripping him like a vice as he starts his release into my body, I felt every spurt, every plunge, and then his final thrust with his beautiful and powerful shout of pleasure. I screamed out again in ecstasy, thrashing around in the water and then it’s over. I was down to earth, spluttering in the water and can hardly breath, then he lifts and sits behind me, strong arms around me while his hands cup my breasts, the water sweeping over my legs, swirling and soothing my tormented lips.

Two different whistles brought the horses thundering down the beach.

We touched down after a two wonderful days. Amir’s hand covered mine, “Please stay!” Richard was leaving the plane and looked over his shoulder. He knew I was going to jet off with Amir, and disappear.