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Chapter 03.

The shopping trip experience.

Over the next week master Ray spoke often to both Jackie and Sandra both separately and together and he ordered them to go shopping on Saturday to the Parkhurst Shopping Mall, they were to purchase two extremely erotic lingerie sets one for mother and one for daughter, also Mother was to have her nipples pierced and the daughter her cunt lips. Finally they were to go to Victoria’s secrets and purchase three items of adult sexual toys; one large double ended dildo, one medium sized Omni Pod vibrator set and finally a large butt plug.

Master Ray also reminded them that as they were both sluts, they should flash their charms to anyone who may notice at every opportunity. I suppose like any pair of women they decided to start their shopping trip with a cup of coffee at the open format coffee lounge in the middle of the Mall, where sitting near the edge they could casually sit with their legs slightly wider than normal and still look innocent. Sandra turned to her daughter Jackie and whispered for her to take a look at the man now eyeing them up, Jackie followed her mother’s lead and gazed in the same direction and sure enough a man old enough to be her own father was sat absently smiling in their direction.

Jackie opened her legs a little wider and saw the man actually wink, so she slowly raised her hands and made out as if to be brushing crumbs off her blouse only she paused slightly longer than the norm over her breasts, the man licked his lips and both women knew they had hooked their prey.

Suddenly the man approached and asked if they minded him joining them for a chat, Sandra reacted first by saying, “Well, it is a little forward of you but I am sure my daughter and I would be happy to chat with such a distinguished looking man!”

Both women adjusted their posture as the man sat opposite them, for him he was spoilt for choice for he could see all the way up to their shaven naked cunts, but he could not decide which one he wanted to taste first. As their conversation progressed the man found out that they were here to buy some lingerie and a few personal things and he boldly suggested that if they allow him to help them choose the lingerie he would buy them both a matching set. Leaning between the two of them he said in low voice, “Imagine the erotic turn on for Mother and Daughter to be identically dressed in the best erotic lingerie, now that would be any man’s ultimate fantasy! But what about your husband and her father?” he added.

This time Jackie spoke first and nearly gave the game away when she said, “Oh there is no Father or husband anymore, only our Mas----“ before Sandra cut her short by telling her they really had to get a move on.

The rose to pay for their coffee’s and the man insisted on paying it for them, he then asked if they wanted him to escort them on their shopping trip and before Jackie could respond Sandra had taken the man’s arm, The man now introduced himself as Steve Goodman the III. Jackie not to be out done now latched herself on to Steve’s other arm and they headed off towards the clothing section of the mall.

Arriving outside Che Bon Marche store Jackie and Sandra said they wanted to check out this store for their lingerie, and all three of them went in. immediately Jackie and Sandra began going through the different designs of lingerie whilst Steve wandered over to the sales woman. Unbeknown to either Mother or Daughter Steve handed the woman some money and arranged for the private use of the celebrity changing room. Unlike the normal changing room which had a curtain for privacy the celebrity one had a proper wooden door and much more space inside, being fitted out with a large leather sofa and near the clothes racks were padded benches to place your clothes on. Meanwhile Sandra chastised Jackie for nearly letting slip about their master.

Now walking back to the two women he simply said I have arranged for you to try on any article you wish too in full privacy but only on the understanding that I be allowed to join you and give my opinions. Both women looked at each other and simply nodded, thinking this would surely make their master happy.

Sandra selected a bright red satin Basque with quarter cup bra, it was covered in black ting bows and looked very garish to her mother but Steve said it was not really something such a young and obviously sexy woman would really need, instead he lead her over to a latex bodice which had zips over the breast area’s and he pointed out that this would shape and define her ample chest in a much more provocative way.

Jackie selected a more modest leather and lace ensemble where the leather formed a bodice and the lace acted like the bra section, Steve said he approved of this if she was looking to show her submissive yet feminine side. Eventually the two women selected three items each and the sales woman came over and led them to the back of the store where she unlocked a door and showed them inside. Immediately Steve went and sat on the sofa, whilst the saleswoman showed Jackie and Sandra where they could change; both seemed to hesitate whilst waiting for the sales woman to leave but she quickly turned round and ignoring the women she said to Steve, “I am sorry but company policy regarding the number of thefts now requires me to remain in here while it is in use!”

Steve called her over and Jackie and Sandra both thought he was going to offer her money to leave them alone but instead Steve whispered to her, she immediately smiled and nodded and when Steve patted the space beside him the woman sat down. Steve now spoke to Jackie and Sandra by simply saying, “Right you two fuck bags, get your fucking clothes off and show us your slutty bodies and whoa betide you if your shaved cunts are not sopping wet when you come over here for us to examine them!”

When both mother and daughter heard him using such words to a pair of women he had met literally only five minutes ago, they thought their birthdays had all come at once. Here was a stranger about to take charge of their bodies and in front of another woman too; Sandra nearly climaxed on the spot and suddenly she saw her mother quickly divesting herself of her clothes.

Steve stopped Jackie from putting on any of the lingerie until Sandra was also naked and he then ordered them to come over towards him but to walk with their legs slightly apart so he could see their cunt lips clearly. Now stood directly in front of this stranger, Sandra shuddered as she felt the sales woman’s hand on her inner thigh. Jackie similarly felt a rush of blood to her cunt when she felt Steve’s thumb against her cunt lips.

Soon Steve told the slutty pair to remove the saleswoman’s blouse and to suck hard on her nipples, Sandra and Jackie were happy to do as they were told and soon had the saleswoman grunting her way through her first big orgasm. Quickly Steve stripped off his clothes and his already rock hard six inch penis was ready for action and he was quick to find Jackie’s cunt, slamming his cock up her motherly cunt in one fast thrust.

Suddenly Jackie appeared to be going mad as she jerked and grunted her way around the saleswoman’s body whilst Steve gripped her hips and continued to thrust at a fast pace into her wanton cunt. Steve managed to grabbed Sandra’s hair and dragged her head down to her mother’s cunt and ordered to lick up the excess liquid running down the older woman’s legs. The sales woman was not slow either for she soon had three fingers buried in Sandra’s cunt, she hurled verbal abuse at the two women declaring that they were worse than two bit hookers and had to be slags needed to be fucked so much so easily. She was not aware of the effect her verbal assault was having on both women urging them on to bigger and bolder acts of complete abandonment to being sluts.

All too soon Steve unleashed his torment of spunk into Jackie’s cunt and delighted in making Sandra lick and suck every last drop from her mother’s cunt. Even the saleswoman was not on her fifth orgasm as the room began to smell like a cheap brothel, Sandra and Jackie never did get the chance to try on the lingerie they had selected but they did achieve a very good discount on the items so much so that they walked out of the shop with all three outfits.

Steve asked which shop they were heading too next and was a little shocked when told Victoria’s secrets to buy some personal toys, he patiently waited outside the shop until the two came out and then led them off to one side and asked if they wanted to go back to his house for some more fun, of course both women eagerly agreed.

Forty minutes later the three of them arrived at his house and were ushered in to the living room where Steve ordered the two of them to strip off and then had them masturbate themselves off. Only when they had cum on their own fingers did Steve tell them now to clean each-others fingers, did Steve confess that their meeting had not been so random as they believed.

He explained that this person here, he said as he let Master Ray enter the living room told me where to find you and what you were supposed to do. Master Ray then took the shopping bags and emptied the contents on to the floor and ordered the two bitches to dress each other up in the new lingerie whilst Sandra had to take the large butt plug up her arse and Jackie had to put the large single vibrator up hers. Finally they were to fuck each other up the cunt with the double ended dildo whilst sucking the two now rampant cocks of Steve and Ray.

Master Ray broke the silence when he ordered that Jackie was to make sure she had her ears and nipples pierced with in the next seven days and Sandra was to have her ears and cunt lips pierced by the same deadline. As each cock reached the point of no return they pulled out of the women’s mouth’s and spurted their loads all over the slut’s faces and tits.

Only after both women had posed for exaggerated erotic photographs were they allowed to lick the cold clammy drying spunk from the other’s face and tits. Steve suddenly produced a bright red lipstick and promptly wrote just above each of the women’s pubic bone the single word ‘SLUT’ and he suggested that Master Ray have the same word tattooed permanently in place.

By seven pm two extremely exhausted and yet still horny women were ordered to go sit in the back of Master Ray’s car still stark naked and they were to await his arrival without hiding if someone walked passed.