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My Terry is 55 and I am 68 quite a deference in our ages but it worked well up to about a year ago when she started to make excuses when I wanted sex which I was really only capable of doing once a week at 67, so I got annoyed and she turned round and said “there`s no point for me, you haven`t made me come in over a year and then she told me she had got a vibrator to relieve her needs. I left it at that, I knew my cock was not what it used to be and for several years I`ve been unable to hold back and usually come within a minute or so and that what she said was true it was obvious our sex life was over. We still get along OK and now she lets my play with her pussy with the vibrator and after she comes I go down and lick her juices and clitoris. It`s a compromise and I do get some satisfaction, if I get aroused she plays with my cock until I come and we still talk dirty to each other which is a turn on. Not perfect but apart from the sex we are happy.

A family friend Martin had gone through a very bad break up. He loved his wife Barbara and was heartbroken when she informed him she was leaving for another man. That was three months ago and up to last Saturday he had not left his house except to buy essentials. He is 55 and now lives on his own so my wife Terry and I have kept trying to get him to come over for a weekend and up to last week he had refused, when Terry said he was coming over last Saturday I was really pleased. The four of us were always going out and on holiday together; they were our best friends from when the children were young. Martin duly arrived Saturday afternoon and he looked terrible, his face was all drawn and haggard, Terry took his overnight bag and showed him to the guest room. When she come down she said “Doesn`t he look awful”? And I agreed.

We sat down to dinner that evening and after few bottles started talking about old times and the four of us, I don`t know whether it was the drink but Martin suddenly burst into tears got up from the table and said sorry but I`m going to bed. Terry and I looked at each other and realised that talking about old times had really upset him. We finished the wine that was open and then went up to bed, as we past the door to Martin`s bedroom he was still sobbing his heart out. We were getting ready for bed Terry always wore satin shorty night dresses which just about covered her modesty and always used to turn me on especially when she bent over also it had always made access to her pussy easy when she was sleeping. We got into bed I was stroking her pussy hoping she would ask me to get the vibrator when she said “listen he`s still crying” I said “do you think you should go and see if he`s ok” and she agreed. It was summer so she didn`t bother putting her dressing gown on. Five minutes later she came back and said “he`s in a terrible state I`m going to sit with him until he goes to sleep”, I thought that was a good thing to do and said so.

I read for half hour and not hearing Martin thought Terry had got him calmed down, with that I turned over and went to sleep. It was just getting light when I was awakened by Terry coming back to bed and when she was in she asked me if I was awake, I turned over and asked if everything was OK and she grabbed my hand and began telling me what had happened. This is her story in her own words.

When I went back I sat on the edge of the bed and put my arm round him, he kept saying he was sorry he spoilt the evening and I told him it didn`t matter. After about fifteen minutes he started to nod off and I decided I would stay until he was sleeping soundly. I felt uncomfortable just sitting there in the dark and then I thought the bed`s six foot wide I can get in the other side and lay there until Martin is settled. I turned away from him facing the window and there was about three foot between us. I must have dozed because when I woke up Martin had turned over and was right behind me his breathing was steady and I had just decided to come back to bed when he moved slightly and I felt something touch my back side. I lay there for a minute and he moved again and the pressure on my behind became harder. I thought that can only be his cock and as I went to get up he started moaning and pushing back and forwards on my bottom. I know under the circumstances I should have got up then but I felt my stomach clenching and I realised it was nice and rather erotic, my pussy started getting wet and I decided to lay there and let Martin finish his wet dream if that`s what it was. You must understand darling to feel a real live and more importantly hard cock touching my bare skin just naturally got me horny. After five minutes of his hard cock moving a couple of inches away from my wet pussy I thought if I could move in a position where it was rubbing on my pussy he could finish his wet dream and just maybe I could come and I didn`t think you would mind, by now I definitely needed some relief. It took a while but finally I felt his hard warm cock brush my pussy lips as he pushed forward, he was pushing in a slow regular rhythm so I now started to push back holding my leg up so my pussy was more open. I must admit I was hoping his cock would find the entrance to my pussy and after two minutes of brushing against my pussy hairs I become rather desperate. I decided that he was still fast asleep and all I had to do was put my hand behind and guide it in, after that hopefully nature would take its course and both of us would be satisfied and no one except me would ever know.

As I reached behind I had no trouble getting my hand on his cock it was huge making me more determined than ever to get at least his bell end in what was by now a very hot and raring to be stroked pussy. The next forward push he made I guided it to my opening and quickly pushed back. I felt the end of his cock enter me and I pushed some more as he started to pull back again, fortunately it left enough inside me for it not to come out as he pulled back, it stopped with his bell end just barely inside my pussy and then he pushed again and I did the same, the next time he pulled back I still felt plenty inside me. It felt like all his cock was in me stretching my pussy lips and I kept pushing back. Incredibly I felt more of his cock entering me and it was a wonderful feeling. He was still asleep but his cock having found what it needed pushed forward more and more and each stroke I was getting, having that cock stroking the sides of my pussy I knew I was close to orgasm, but just then I felt it throb and jerk and this hot wet feeling inside my pussy, I felt let down he had come and I was left totally frustrated with a burning hot pussy soaked with his come.

You can imagine how I felt for the first time in years I had a proper stiff and hard cock in me and then suddenly it was gone it was like it was me having the wet dream and I woke up before it finished! I couldn`t even come back to you to finish me off because I knew that even if you did get it up after what I had just experienced it would have been of no use to me, my vibrator was in the bedside cabinet, there I was with a soaking wet pussy which was screaming to be stroked and Martin was sleeping peacefully after leaving his come inside me, I was desperate and decided on a plan of action.

I turned round and saw Martin was laying on his back I reached across and felt around until my hand found his cock, it was limp but still quite thick, laying still with it resting in my hand I very gently started rub his foreskin up and down. Nothing happened for ten minutes or so but then I felt a very small throb go through my hand which I answered by squeezing it very gently and rubbing the full length of it, I don`t know how long I kept this up but when I was about to give up I felt it was getting thicker and larger and I the veins beginning to swell. I was thinking what I was going to do now this monster had come alive again when suddenly Martin sat up and said what`s happening Barbara. It frightened me a little, there I was with his cock in my hand so I decided to go on the attack straight away and said what am I doing, I was trying to finish what you bloody started. I was laying here waiting for you to go to sleep when I must have dozed off and I woke up feeling your cock pounding my pussy. As Bill and I have not had sex for so long I must have subconsciously responded when you entered me because although I was shocked when I woke up I knew I did not want you to stop and I found myself responding to your thrusts and just when I thought a cock was going to make me come for the first time in I don`t know when you shot your bloody load into me and rolled over and went back to sleep, as I said this I took his hand pushed it over my pussy saying where do you think that lot come from.

He immediately started to apologise saying he was asleep and that because he had been without sex for so long he`s been having wet dreams more and more frequently and he ended up asking me to forgive him and he could never knowingly do something like that. I pretended to think about it and then realising his hand was still on my pussy I said I will forgive you on one condition, anything he said just name it. You finish what you started, my pussy is burning up and while I can go without sex under normal circumstance you have got me this way albeit from what you say unknowingly and I insist you finish what you started. He agreed admitting touching my pussy and listening to what I said had turned him on which I confirmed by placing my hand back on his now highly aroused thick cock. Having got that admission from him I relaxed a bit laying back told him to do whatever he wanted to me as long as he made me come at least once and stopped the tingling in my pussy.

He played with my pussy for a while and then said you`re ready Barbara aren`t you I said I had been ready since he woke me up and with that he pulled me across the bed and position his cock at the entrance to my pussy and started gently pushing it into me, as it filled me I started to respond and begged him to give me all of it, as he plunged in right up to his balls I gasped and thrilled at the feel of this huge throbbing monster. For some reason I felt jealous of Barbara having a cock like this whenever she had felt the need. Taking my legs and lifting them he whispered I`m going to fuck you hard and this first time you will be satisfied I promise you but hopefully as I`ve come once tonight I will be able to last longer than usual and give you a slow fuck to a second orgasm, his words made even hotter as I pushed myself up to get as much inside me as was physically possible. I was soon close to coming and said fuck me fuck me I`m going to come and then it happened one of the most fulfilling orgasm I ever had wave after wave of pleasure with that unrelenting monster seeking to stroke every single secret part of my pussy. When I stopped moving he slowed down and withdrew most of his cock leaving only his bell end inside me, He asked me if I was ready for some more and I said yes do it to me again now.

The second time was incredible he asked me to tell him when he hit the spot and then he slowly eased his cock in and out brushing the spot with every beautiful stroke. This was pleasure like I had never experienced and I could feel my body gradually building for one massive release, he seemed to sense the moment when it finally came and whispered now Barbara and even as I said yes he was fucking me so hard I thought I would pass out from pleasure, and then I felt him start to come and it was pure bliss for me, he two of us getting so much pleasure at the very same moment. After that I kissed him and said I was coming back in here and if he felt for one minute that this was our last fuck together he had better think again. I told him his cock was mine now and he would have to get used to coming inside me instead of his wet dreams. He said after what had just happened he would like nothing better but what about Bill. I said leave Bill to me I`m sure he will understand he wants me to be happy.

"Well what have you got to say Bill have I been dreaming or did all I have said really happen". he said "let me feel your pussy and I`ll tell you what I think", with that he reached across and felt me, "God your saturated and your pussy is all swollen and gaping open".

"I know that`s what Martin`s huge cock has done to me and before you say anything I am going to let him fuck me at least once a week more if possible", and he replied, "it`s really turned me on hearing what went on in there and I agree on one condition you let me watch"

. She sat up in bed and said “you dirty bugger this has really turned you on hasn1t it”? I said l can`t wait to see it. “In that case I`ll take a cup of tea into Martin in the morning and see if he`ll agree, God if he does we can do it again tomorrow!!”

We fell asleep then with pictures of her pussy being stretched etched in my mind. Next morning she woke me up with a cup of tea with a big smile on her face, “It`s all agreed we are going to fuck in the guest room this afternoon and you my sweet can have a ringside seat.” As she told me I felt my cock stirring and my only regret was waiting until the afternoon! As she went out the door she asked me to re assure Martin that I was ok with things.

Martin was in the kitchen when I went down and I immediately said “thanks mate you`ve made my day, I can`t tell how much it`s upset me not being able to satisfy her, from what she`s told me you can do the job for me and the rest of the time I`ll have a happy and satisfied wife. You get some relief so everybody is happy”.

We were sitting in the lounge about 1pm when she got up and announced she was going up to get ready and we could come up in half an hour, as she left I looked at Martin and said “Well it won`t be long now and remember she`s going to need enough to last until next weekend,” then I laughed and he started to laugh with me. I kept looking at the clock and at 28 minutes past one I got up and said “You`re on mate.”

I pushed open the door to the guest room turned and gestured for Martin to go in first, I`ll never forget how Terry looked laying on the bed in black underwear stockings and suspenders, she was wearing French knickers that are very loose round the crutch and wisps of her pussy hairs were showing and because they were black you could see a damp spot where her pussy was. She had put a chair at the bottom of the bed and I sat as Martin got on the bed and started to stroke her nylon clad legs. I had already decided not to say a word and it wasn`t long before they were kissing and Terry said if you take those clothes off I`ll take these knickers off and we`ll see where that leads us. Martin stood up and off came his shirt then his socks and trousers and I watched with interest when he pulled off his pants, I had to stop myself commenting when his cock popped free from his pants, Terry had said it was huge but that was an understatement his prick was hanging with a semi hard on and it was really thick and at least nine inches long and I wondered what it would be when he was hard. I was soon to find out because Terry having taken off her knickers pulled him towards her. He was still standing so his cock was level with Terry`s face as she pulled him forward and taking his cock in her hand tried to get her mouth around his bell end, she couldn`t it was too big for her mouth so she started kissing and sucking up and down the shaft. Martin was holding her head and she started to run her tongue round his bell end, I sat fascinated as his cock started to swell it did not get much longer but it`s thickness was massive and I had doubts Terry would be able to take it all. Terry leaned down and started playing with her pussy she had already opened her legs and I could see her hairs were moist and her vulva was swollen.

Suddenly Terry pulled him onto the bed saying repeatedly fuck me now, fuck me now. As he started to mount her I pulled my chair to a position where I was to see better, Terry was holding his cock over her pussy gently rubbing the end up and down the open lips and very gradually the bell end disappeared inside, he stopped there and asked Terry if he could push and her answer was to grab him around the waist and pull him as hard as she could in doing so I saw most of that monster slide into her. She sighed and he started to rock his cock back and forth until finally it was in her all the way, she held him and asked him to stay like that for a minute he did not move his cock but I could see his buttocks clenching and knew from Terry`s moans that she was loving it. After a while Martin said he had stopped because he was close to coming and after last night he didn`t think he could go twice. He pulled out and asked Terry to get on top, he lay down and she put one leg over facing him, my eyes were glued to the view this position afforded me of her pussy. It was gaping open with her juices running everywhere and her clitoris was swollen, standing out, as I watched Martin moved his cock in position and rubbed it up and down, when she felt it I could see Terry clenching her pussy lips as if she was trying to catch hold of it, then her hand reached down and guided the head in. It reminded me of the night before when she told me how after repeatedly trying to position her pussy to receive his member she had thrown caution to the wind and with her hand finally got it in her pussy whilst he was asleep, that for me was the most erotic part of her story.

He lay still and told Terry to move at her own speed but when she asked him to push he would not be able to hold it too long, this way he said you can move up and down on it as much as you like. Terry sat back until the whole thing was inside her then slowly she sat forward again stopping with just the tip of his cock inside. She got herself into a rhythm and it was so erotic watching her rise and fall on his magnificent member, it also meant her juices ran down the shaft and I had a bird’s eye view, she was moaning softly and then Martin asked her stop for a minute because he was getting close to coming again she said do it now Martin I`m going to come again do it now, with that he started to thrust up deep into her and it got faster and faster, then he cried out I`m coming and what happened then was incredible as he thrust in and out I could see his come running out of her pussy down his thick shaft, I felt myself getting a bit wet as a little of my own come oozed out of my prick. Terry got off Martin kissed him and walking round the bed took my hand and led me to our bedroom, closing the door she said “one way or the other I am going to make you come what would you like”?
This was a surprise but my cock was probably the hardest it`s been in years and I told her to lay on the bed as I was taking my clothes off, knowing she did not need any fore play I position myself between her legs and eased my cock into her, she looked up saying you are randy that`s like the cock I used to know please fuck me darling and don`t hold back. Her pussy was wet and very slack and I could not feel the sides so I actually lasted for three or so minutes pumping as hard and fast as I could. When I come it was the best release I could remember having and I thanking her I kissed her neck and she said “if you can do that in the middle of the week it will be great, Martin`s coming the weekend so my need will be up by Wednesday and my pussy should have gone back to near it`s normal size, it`s so swollen now I have a job putting my legs together”.

We have now what I would call a perfect arrangement, I did get it up the next Wednesday and I think she actually come with me, that weekend Terry was servicing her and I was not only watching but I used our small video on the better parts especially when she was on top so now we watch that in bed together every Wednesday and she says my performance is improving all the time just because I watched her getting fucked by Terry`s huge cock. The moral of this true story is if you`re in a rut with your partner try something new.

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