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The Weekend
I am 63 years old and have been married to my wife Rita who is 53 for 32 years. We both work out and keep pretty fit especially during the summer months as we play golf but don`t play in the winter months so much. As we had no children Rita has kept her figure well and looks younger than her age and wares clothes which sexy but elegant. Our sex life has been great over years as she has always really enjoyed a good service; that is up until six months ago. For no reason I can fathom I suddenly started having premature ejaculations, within a minute or so getting inside her I could not stop myself coming, our normal session would last about 15 minutes so Rita kept getting left totally frustrated. Recently she bought an 8 inch vibrator which I bring her to orgasm with after I have come. She says it`s not the same as a real cock pumping her, mine is 7 inches and quite thick and has up until now always given her a good seeing to.
I`ve been to the doctor but he said it was a psychological problem and there was nothing he could do for me, I tried Viagara and several other pills but to no avail. I`ve been desperately worried for Rita who says it`s ok but she`s been moaning and rubbing her pussy in her sleep which she`s never done before.

About a month ago I realised I would rather see her content and happy with somebody else fucking her than here her telling me it`s ok and she`s not frustrated, I know she loves me so it would just be for relief. We were having a drink about 2 weeks ago and I plucked up the courage to suggest she used a surrogate cock (the polite way of saying somebody else could fuck her). I knew she wouldn`t say yes straight away but hoped she`d agree to consider it, I was not however prepared for the verbal tirade she gave me.

“Is that what you really want?” she said, “to see your wife fucked by another man, I`ve heard that there are men who get off watching their wives getting fucked.”

I tried to defend myself saying, “ It`s not like that, I know your frustrated whether you admit or not, I love you which means I want to see you happy and we both know how much you enjoy sex. And for your information I`ve never given watching somebody else putting his cock in you, it`s a necessary evil if you like and I would go down the pub or something”

“You would not ask me to get another man to satisfy me unless it turned you on.”
I had honestly never thought about it in that context but as she said it I realised my cock was beginning to stir at the thought of it but all I said was, “I`ve told you all I want to see is you happy and content and not playing with yourself in your sleep and I thought if you were completely satisfied once a week or even once a month I would be happy.”

Her face softened and she took my hand, “ I know this has been as upsetting for you as it has for me and yes I do get frustrated when your cock goes soft inside me but it does not mean I want to open my legs and let some stranger put his cock in me.”
I looked at her and said, “can you honestly say no other man has interested you in that way since I`ve been unable to satisfy you?”

“Yes I see men I could fancy the same as any other woman happily married or not, but that does not mean I want to fuck them, I think we should close this subject and not talk about it ever again no matter how frustrated you think I am, do you agree?”

I nodded and poured us both another drink and that was the end of it, or so I thought at the time. But from then on try as I might I could not get the thought of my wife with her legs open getting well and truly serviced by a big cock from my mind, so much so that when Rita went to bed I stayed up for a while and had a wank thinking about it. I did it because I knew if she saw I was horny in bed she would think it was because of what we discussed.

In the summer we often go away for a long weekend to this country manor house in the Cotswolds which has a pool and a 9 hole golf course, it`s expensive but it`s worth it there are only 12 suites individually furnished to a high class and the food and service is great.

We stayed there last weekend arriving on the Friday. We unpacked and I noticed Rita had brought her vibrator and her “come to bed” sexy short nighty so she was expecting us to have sex at least once. By the time we finished it was about 6.30 so we decided to get ready and have a drink in the bar before dinner. When I was ready I sat on the bed with a drink from the mini bar and watched Rita getting dressed, she put on some lacy French knickers which I love, the crotch is very loose and baggy so her pussy hair sticks out each side, a matching soft bra she then slipped into a short summer dress which came down to her knees. After checking her makeup she announced she was ready and as we walked to the lift I whispered she looked stunning.

There was only one other man in the bar, he was smart and well-built with a healthy tan and looked about 50. He nodded to us and remarked on the lovely weather and how nice the hotel was, Rita taking the stool next to him she agreed and asked if he had stayed there before. He shook his head and said, " I`m here with my daughter and her fiancée, their thinking of getting married here so as I will be paying I`ve come along to check the place out, also he gives me the opportunity to spend some time with her as her mother and I are divorced and I don`t see her as much as I`d like to".

I looked across and could see his smile was for Rita and then I noticed that in getting on the bar stool her dress had pulled up across her thighs and she looked really sexy.

He looked very interested in her so I decided to leave them alone for a while saying I`m going to get a sweater from the room as we are eating out on the terrace. As I looked back Rita had twisted her stool so she was facing him which meant he was getting a good look at her legs and the bit of cleavage she was showing. I sat in the room for 5 minutes wondering if anything would happen and how I would really feel about her pussy being invaded.

When I got back she introduced him as David and we had a couple of drinks and they carried on chatting whilst I pretended to be going through the wine list and dinner menu. His daughter and her fiancée arrived and after introducing them he turned away to talk to them. We had dinner with a nice bottle of wine and then went back to the room. Rita got undressed and ready for bed in the bathroom and slipping her nighty climbed into bed.

I went in the bathroom and while I was cleaning my teeth I noticed her underwear on the floor. I picked her knickers and bra up to put them in the dirty washing bag we always take and as I did so I realised her knickers felt wet, when I looked the crotch was soaking wet and there were lots of white smears where her pussy had leaked. She must have got wet talking to David I thought, to get that turned on she must really fancy him, he`s divorced and definitely eligible, she`s desperate to be serviced properly and I started to get excited at the thought and then stopped realising that even if she did nothing would happen, that episode of our life was closed as far as she was concerned.

When I got into bed she kissed me and said she felt horny which meant me and the vibrator had work to do, I ran my hand over the silk of her nighty till it stopped and I was stroking her pussy hairs, she started moaning and I dropped my hand on to her pussy it felt very hot and as I opened her pussy lips to stroke it she was soaking wet, her juices had run so much I could feel it under her arse on the sheet. There could only be one reason for this David, and it made my cock throb. As I went to get inside her she stopped me and said " darling would you mind too much if we used the vibrator, then if you want to you can fuck me when we`re finished with it".

I was upset but agreed.

I usually start off lightly with the vibrator round the tops of her legs and then lightly touch her pussy as if it was accidental then move over her stomach, finally I put the tip in an very gradually ease more in as she pushes, as I started my usual routine she moaned again and when the tip touched her pussy for the first time she grabbed my hand and stopped me pulling it away. Instead she guided it inside her pussy and then she pulled my hand towards so the whole thing slid easily up inside until the only part left was the bit I was holding. She started moving on it like a woman possessed grunting as I partly withdrew it then plunged it back up as far as it would in what seemed a very short time she had a massive climax, I withdrew the vibrator leaned over and kissed her goodnight, as I did so she said thank you darling, what for I said, for being so understanding she replied.

As I lay there my mind was in turmoil, it was obvious David fancied her and she had shown more than a passing interest in him but I couldn`t think of any way to break the ice with her, if I raised it again she would go mad, I could come straight out and say do you fancy David because it`s obvious he really fancies you. No again she would get upset.

The next morning I was up early and told Rita I was going for a swim before breakfast, she said I`ll have a lay in see you when you get back.

As I went in the pool area David called me going for a swim he said so am I. We got in the changing room and decided on a shower before we went in, he took of his robe and I nearly gasped when I saw the size of his cock, it was hanging down and looked to be at least 6 inches and thick with it even though it was soft. I quickly looked away but I`m sure he saw me looking. After the swim he suggested we had a coffee in the lounge.

While we were waiting for the coffee I kept thinking about his cock and how perfect it would be to solve Rita`s problem especially as she fancied him. I finally decided that if I couldn`t speak to Rita there was nothing stopping me talking to David, if he knew I would welcome his fucking my wife he might try harder to seduce her.

I said " David would you mind if I told you a something personal about Rita and I", he nodded looking interested and I quickly told him everything even including her soaking wet knickers the night before.

When I finished he said He fancied her like made and that with work and other commitments it had been over a month since he`d given a woman a good seeing to, and after what I just told him, particularly the knickers part his cock is throbbing like mad, but from what I`d said it`s very unlikely to happen.

I said " look she wants you to fuck her but can`t come out and say it because she feels she`s being disloyal to me, even though she knows I don`t mind, in fact I suggested it in the first place, I am convinced that if you was able to get your cock in touching distance of her pussy she would go for it all the way".

"There is one possible way to make this happen, it`s risky as to what she might think of me if she didn`t go for it but you could blame me".

I the launched into my plan of action. "When Rita`s had a good drink she sleeps like a log and the only thing that wakes her up is me sticking my cock in her pussy, I suggest we dine together tonight, give her plenty to drink and you make it obvious you fancy her, it`s Saturday and they have a small jazz group in. Ask her to dance and try to make sure your cock comes into contact with any part of her body while your dancing, from what you`ve said you will have a hard on and she`ll know she`s the cause".

"She was hot and gagging for it last night after some conversation so she should go to bed on fire tonight. Come back with me tonight, she sleeps on her tummy with her pussy exposed, it`s got me going many a time. It`s hot and there`s only a sheet on the bed just pull that down and get on with it, I`ll stay until she responds to your cock just in case she says no then I can say it`s my idea and I told you she wanted you to fuck her but was too shy to ask".

I held my breath as he thought about it and then he said "ok provided you take the flack if it goes wrong".

"Right I`ll make a dinner reservation for the three of us".

When I got backed to the room she asked what took me so long, I told her I saw David in the pool and we had a coffee after and that we were have dinner together tonight providing it was ok with her. Of course it is darling she replied, which meant phase one accomplished.

That evening Rita took particular care getting ready, sexy black French knickers and bra but this time she had on a garter belt to match and black stockings, a black cocktail dress and nice high heels, to top it off she was wearing Opium perfume which is very musky and I wondered if she had put some on her pussy mound as she usually does, whilst getting ready we both had 2 vodka and tonics, hers were doubles to loosen her up but she didn`t know.

David was already at the table and he stood and held a chair out for Rita, then he poured each of us a glass of wine, everything seemed on track and by the time the waiter brought the coffee she had drunk four glasses of wine. The group started playing and several couples got up to dance, then they started playing a slow jazz version of My Funny Valentine and David asked her to dance, she looked at me and I said " of course enjoy yourselves, I`m not much of a dancer".

I watched while they were dancing and was pleased to see that he was holding her close, and with a cock like he has she must be feeling it, I hoped he got the chance to brush it across her pussy mound which is quite pronounced. When they got back to the table she was flushed and asked for another drink. Another slow number came on and I asked her to dance saying I could manage this one, I winked at David who was looking a little disappointed. As we danced she was pushing herself against my cock which was hard and I said you look very sexy tonight darling and she replied without thinking I feel sexy. Phase two almost complete.

We got back to the table and David had ordered three brandy`s let`s have a night cap before we turn in, Rita went to the powder room and David said " the dance went well at one point my cock made contact with her pussy mound and I pushed very gently and I`m sure she pushed back".

"That`s perfect I`ll take her back to the room, when I`m sure she`s well and truly asleep I`ll come and get you".

Back in our room Rita started twirling round as she took her dress off, her bra was next and then she said she felt light headed fell face down on the bed and passed out, I pulled her up so her head was on the pillow arranged her legs so they were wide enough apart and then thought, no it will be better if I take her knickers off now, as I said before that type are very loose fitting and I had no problem slipping them down her legs. Feeling the crotch they were if anything even wetter than yesterday.

I then spent some time arranging one leg bent up enough to show and allow easy access, she was soaking and I could see her pussy juices glistening on her hairs. I stood back and if Rita`s was saying anything the way she looked it was Fuck Me Please.

I left the light on and went to get David. When he saw her his mouth fell open and he whispered "oh my god", he got undressed and I looked at his rampant cock it was stunning not more than an inch longer than it was soft but so think with veins throbbing. I put off the main light and left the bedside lamp on so he could see what he was doing. I moved to the back of the room hoping everything would work out.

David climbed on the bottom of the bed and started stroking her stocking clad legs, gradually moving up, there had been no response from Rita and he very slowly started moving her straight leg across until her pussy was fully open then his face now level with her pussy he leaned towards it and flicked his tongue backwards and forwards over her pussy hair without making contact with her pussy. After about 5 minutes his tongue found its way on to her clitoris as he licked gently Rita let out a little moan, he put the thumb of one hand on her clitoris and started moving it in a circle this bought another moan and then he put his tongue right in and I could seeing moving up and down right on her pussy. More moans but no movement yet.

After a while of that he took his face away and moved up the bed until that cock was inches away, then he started brushing his swollen head against her hairs, he pushed the head down slightly until it was resting just under the outer lips, ever so gently he pushed and this time Rita moaned and it looked like she actually pushed back on his cock because it didn`t move but a small part of his bell end seemed to disappear. Then Rita definitely started to push back as if she was willing his cock to enter, the moaning was now constant and she raised her bottom and suddenly David pushed and his bell end was fully in her. He started to gently fuck her letting small amounts more go in each time he pushed somehow although I was convinced she was still asleep her body picked up the rhythm and she was moving in tandem with him. David was hardly moving now but at least 4 inches of that monster was in her and I could see David straining not to bury his cock inside her up to his balls.

Suddenly Rita`s arms came up and as she pulled him towards her said "will you please do what you and my husband planned and fuck me before I go completely mad".

With that she knelt up with her knees wide apart giving David`s cock full and unrestricted access to her beautiful pussy, having got over the initial surprise at her outburst he pushed his cock all the way in and started stroking in earnest, and I noticed Rita soon caught the rhythm and was pushing back like made. I was fascinated by the site of David`s massive weapon pumping in and out covered in her love juices.

Now she was officially awake Rita was screaming " God I needed this, make me come David please make me come now", David responded by fucking her harder and faster as if his life depended on it, a little later he said "I`m going to come".

Rita shouted "now, come inside me now" and started shaking obviously in the throes of a massive orgasm. He grabbed arse pulling right to cock and I saw his arse clenching while groaned as he pumped her full of his seed.

They slumped on the bed both of them shattered by the intensity of what had taken place, Rita asked me to get her a bottle of water out of the fridge and when she had finished it she pulled the sheet up over them both. She looked at both of us and said. n

"I can`t believe the way you went about this, first the two of you spent at least an hour this discussing our sex life or more aptly the lack of it, then you come up with what can only be described as a school boy plan. When we changed for dinner I knew as soon as I tasted it how strong you had mixed it, I did not know why then but played along, both drinks ended up down the toilet and I started playing the part, although I still had no idea why you were trying to get me tipsy. Then you both kept filling my wine glass, what you didn`t see was 3 of those glasses being poured in the ice bucket. When you and I were dancing you were rubbing your cock across my pussy with no finesse, nobody does that on a first dance with their husband sitting no more than six feet away, although I must admit I enjoyed it, and found it really difficult not to respond. Then we sat down and it was obvious you two had something to say to each other so I went to the ladies room and suddenly it was obvious the two of you were trying to get me tipsy, David made it crystal clear he was well hung, your declaration last month that I should get someone to fuck me, everything fell into place".

"I was both angry and sexually aroused and decided when we got back to the room the sooner I passed out the sooner I`d find out how you planned to do. Then you started arranging how I should lie on the taking particular care that my pussy was exposed and testing how wet I was. Well lying there waiting for you to return with David I was trying to decide whether I let you fuck me or I told you to fuck off, my need for a firm cock won so I went along with your little scheme".

"You made me so hot brushing over my pussy hairs and then using your tongue, then when I felt the head of your cock resting on my pussy I thought I`d go mad, I even helped you get started by pushing up, but the way I was laying I could only push so far and still be asleep, so there I was laying there horny as hell without a decent fuck in six months and stopped pushing, that`s when I couldn`t stand it no more and woke up!"

" David I want you to go back to your room, leave the door on the latch and I`ll join you later. When you come inside me it was obvious you`ve been a while without sex the way you kept pumping your semen into my pussy so I want to see how long you can fuck me with your beautiful cock now you`ve emptied your balls".

David got up and dressed without a word and I noticed his cock was really hard again.

When he shut the door Rita turned to me and said " are you happy now you`ve seen another man`s cock fucking me? I told you I didn`t want to do this because I was frightened I might like it too much, I thought what if whoever fucked me was better than you, what if I got to love his cock".

"Well as I`m sure you are aware I loved every minute of David`s cock in me even though he only fucked me for 5 minutes or so I come twice and now all I can think about is getting that cock in me again. You must live with the consequences of your actions and from now on you don`t even try to fuck me but I will allow you to suck my pussy when I`m in the mood and you can begin now, clean it out good before I go to David".

I hesitated but as she lay back with her legs open I could not stop myself crawling on the bed and putting my face on her pussy and start lapping David`s spunk out.

From then on I knew I had made her a slave to David`s cock and all I can do is live with it. A word of warning to whoever reads this be careful you might get what you wish for.

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Thanks for another new additiion

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Nice story. I'm not into the cuckled husband so I would have enjoyed it a lot more if the ending would have been "happier" for him (me?). Very good however.