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Joyce Feels a Need.
My wife and I have been married for 32 years, we are pretty average middle class, nice home, no mortgage members of the local country club and we play bridge. The one area we agree to disagree is black people, Joyce will not under any circumstances so******e with them which is unfortunate for me as I have a black friend John who is a doctor at the same hospital I practice at. John is divorced about my age and we get on well together, but I can`t invite him home. Once or twice a month we meet up and have a drink together in the local pub or back at his place. It`s through knowing John that I come to writing this story.
About six months ago we had agreed to go out for a drink, when I called at his home he said I`ve got some beers in, let`s stay in and watch a movie, it was raining so I was more than happy to agree. After a few drinks he asked me if I fancied watching a hot porn movie, and like most men in our age bracket I agreed.
“Tell me what you think of the woman in the last scene?”
“I watched it last night and she really reminded me of your Joyce,”
We made ourselves comfortable and he started the DVD, the title came on the screen, “Mature Women” and the first three scenes were all of middle aged woman being serviced by young studs. After John`s comments on the woman in the last scene I was looking forward to seeing her.
The last scene which started with a very tasty mature blonde on the telephone to a male escort agency arranging for someone to partner her to a dinner, and there was no doubt she looked like Joyce.
She spends some time getting ready, the doorbell rings and in walks this huge black man, surprisingly he was not young, about my age and at least six foot tall. He introduced himself and then proceeded to undress pick up the mature woman and carry into the bed room.
Watching him skilfully service that woman with his large cock was so erotic, my cock started to swell in my pants and when it finished, John asked me which scene I enjoyed the most and I replied instantly the last one. He laughed and said I know what you mean, there`s nothing more sexy than seeing a smart middle aged white woman get a good service from a black man, especially when she comes three times, the contrast in skin colours is fantastic. I was suddenly desperate to see it again so he started to replay just the last scene, as I watched I found myself fantasising that the woman was Joyce, as John said there were a lot of similarities, blonde middle aged good figure smart dresser right down to her sexy underwear.
As these thoughts ran through my mind my cock was throbbing and if I had not been with John I would have wanked myself silly. The film finished and I was conscious that John had noticed my hard on. He put the DVD back in it1s cover.
“Why don`t you take it home and watch it with Joyce”, I took it but wasn`t sure I would be watching it with Joyce.
Walking home my mind was full of Joyce laying back being pleasured by that guy`s black weapon even though I was convinced it was only a dream, she couldn`t even talk to a black face to face let alone let one fuck her. We did occasionally watch Porn movies so if she`s in the mood I could watch it again with Joyce on hand to relieve my cock afterwards.
On Friday night we went to the club for drink and when we got home I opened a bottle of wine and said one of my mate`s lent gave me a porn DVD to watch, do you fancy it. Joyce was mellow with the drinks and agreed we both knew we would end up having sex. I started the DVD and as we watched the first couple of scenes my hand was rubbing her thigh through her stockings and she seemed to be enjoying it.
“Are they all older woman she said, I thought Porno movies were all young sexy things with their pussy`s shaved”.
I laughed and said “these older woman are much more sexy and appreciate the larger penis” and as I said it my fingers brushed her pussy through her knickers.
Finally the last scene started and before the black man appeared I said “she looks a bit like you”.
She laughed it off although I could tell she was pleased, then when the man stripped and exposed his huge cock hanging between his legs Joyce said, “oh my god, it`s huge”.
As the scene unfolded she just sat there with her eyes glued to what I suspect was his cock and then her legs started moving and as she opened them I felt her the crotch of her knickers, it was soaking. I took a chance pulled her knickers off and fucked her there on the couch, we were both on fire and she had a shuddering orgasm as I pumped a large amount of my semen into her pussy.
Next morning I sat drinking coffee thinking over the events of the previous evening. There was no doubt his cock had turned her on, more so probably because the woman did look like her, she let me fuck her on the couch, something that had never happened before. Maybe my saying the woman reminded me of her turned her on, I thought of mentioning how turned on she was and then decided against it. I would wait and see if Joyce said anything when she got up.
She walked in the kitchen poured herself a coffee, then after my usual peck on the cheek she said “last night was really good we came together, why do you think we were both turned on so much?”
I said, “Probably the porn movie, they usually do.”
“Not like last night I was soaking wet and when it finished if you hadn`t jumped on me I would have jumped on you. Tell me Bob had you seen that film before?”
“No why?”
“Well you said the woman in the last scene reminded you of me so when that huge black man started making love to her I could not stop myself thinking it was me. Does that upset you darling?”
“No the whole idea of that type of film is to give you a chance to fantasise, to be honest I pictured her being you as well”.
“Did you, did you really I thought you would have been cross?”
“ No I wasn`t cross and you are probable right because of my comment she looked like you it was in both our heads, anyway it was great afterwards so perhaps we should watch some more films of black men with white mature ladies”.
She actually nodded much to my surprise and then said “do you think all black men are as big as he was?”
“No I would think most of them are average like white men”.
“Oh”, she said “I suppose they must be”.
The following day I took the DVD back and John asked did you watch it together and after I said yes I decided to tell him everything including my awakened longing to see service serviced by a big black cock. He said it`s only natural if you love her to think of her being truly serviced by someone, watch her come three or four times and see the look of total satisfaction on her face. He was exactly right I wasn`t being kinky I just wanted my Joyce to be truly fucked ay least once in her life. The problem is John although she`s obviously turned on by it, she actually she was thinking she was the woman, but you know how she feels about black people.
“Well you`ll just have play it cool and let her make all the running, mind you it wouldn`t hurt to give her a little push”.
“What do you mean? I asked.
“Hold on and I`ll show,” he went and got a magazine.
“Read that article, he said.
It was a survey that had been carried out on white middle aged women, basically there where two main questions and some others depending how you answered.
Firstly; have you ever had sex with a black man? Secondly; have you ever fantasised about having sex with a black man?
Of the 950 women polled 38% answered yes to the first one and 90% said yes to the second.
The article`s conclusion to the survey was black men make white women come virtually every time and most woman have an orgasm when the cock is first fully inserted in her pussy, they all said their ability to keep hard was incredible and the women aho fantasised said they mainly thought about having a huge cock in their pussy.
He then said “That might get her thinking, and I`ll get hold of another DVD of mature women that might help”.
“Thanks John this is great I really appreciate your help”.
He looked at me and said, “To tell you the truth Bob if it ever did become a reality I was kind of hoping you would ask me to do the honours, Joyce is stunning and I really think I could do a good job for her”.
I was a bit taken aback but then I thought it`s perfect John is educated and smooth, if she was ever going to fancy a black man it would be someone like john. I actually thanked him for offering to service my wife.
I took the article home and when I had settled I casually said “Joyce you know you asked about all black men being big, well I asked John, don`t worry I said I wanted to know out of interest. He told me to read this magazine article”.
She took the magazine and started reading the article when she finished it she said; “it doesn`t actually say their cocks are all big, it says they can make women come more than once”.
“Well I shouldn`t think they could perform so well on middle aged women who are after all experienced if they had small dicks”.
“I suppose you`re right, you do realise I`m one of the 90% who have fantasised about being fucked by a black man”?
“I know you told me, but we both know you wouldn`t actually chat a black man up let alone hold his hand climbing into bed with him”.
“No you are right even if I was desperate the thought of interacting before I got his cock is revolting”.
“But what would you say if I did”?
“Darling I love you very much and it`s because I do if it makes you happy to have that kind of experience I would be happy too. Anyway we`ve watched that woman who looks like you four times now and each time I get excited thinking it is you.”
And so it was left like that, later that week John gave me the other DVD and said there are 4 scenes all of black men with large cocks and the woman who Joyce reminds us of acts in the first one, she`s really hot.
Three weeks went by and apart from some fantastic sex when we watched John`s DVD nothing has happened. I am actually possessed with the idea, and I actually picture John fucking her when we make love.
Sitting having a drink with John on the Friday he said.
“There`s one way we could make this happen, tell me she actually said she would welcome a big black cock but didn`t fancy talking to the guy?”
“Yes that`s more or less what she said”.
“Well there is one way we could possible get all three of us what we want but it could be risky if she didn`t mean it”.
“No she`s as possessed as me about getting creamed by a black cock. What do you have in mind”?
“Try and persuade her to let me come over for a drink next Saturday, and if she agrees we can raise the subject after she`s mellowed from a few drinks, and see where it leads, if she`s as hot as you say for a black cock I`m sure I can get her in the mood.”
“The problem will be getting her to agree in the first place, you know what`s she`s like, “I replied.
“Tell her it`s my birthday and I`ll be spending it on my own and you feel sorry for me, and if she agrees suggest a Bar B Q.”
He laughed and said “You`ll see why if you can get her to agree.”
“I`ll try but don`t hold your breath”.
The next day I took Joyce to the club for a meal and a few drinks, after we had returned from the club she was a little tipsy, we had some more wine and I decided there would never be a better time to ask her about John.
“It`s my friend John`s birthday next Saturday and I feel sorry for him.”
“Why,” she asked.
“He will at home all alone.”
“Doesn`t he have any friends”?
“I`m his only friend, he`s quite reserved, you know it would really make me happy if I could invite him over for a Bar B Q and a few drinks.”
I held my breath waiting for her response.
“I suppose there`s no harm in an afternoon BAR B Q if it would make you happy darling”.
I thanked her profusely and I lay there thinking of all the possibilities the encounter might bring.
The next morning I phoned John and told him the good news.
“Great,” he said, “I`ll see you Saturday, by the way where shorts”, and then he hung up before I could ask him why.
We were sitting in the garden when John arrived Saturday afternoon and he sat down opposite Joyce as I mixed him a drink.
Joyce was a bit stiff but after a few heavy cocktails she started to relax and join in the conversation.
After an hour or so I started cooking the steaks, John excused went to the bathroom.
The Bar B Q was behind John`s chair so when he sat back down I said “How do you like your meat John?”
“Aged to perfection”, he said and I heard Joyce laugh.
I knew from the conversation that Joyce was getting tight and wondered what John`s plan would be.
After serving the food I sat back down and looking across at John I nearly choked on my drink, I could see the tip of his cock poking out the leg of his shorts! I realised that Joyce had the same view and wondered what she was thinking.
I got up to get the ice cream and noticed Joyce’s` eyes were looking down at John`s shorts as she spoke and I felt my cock begin to stir.
Suddenly John stood and said, “I think I should leave now, I`m embarrassed, looking at you Joyce has aroused my cock as you can see, I apologise but you are such a sexy woman and my cock is not easy to conceal in shorts.”
I looked at Joyce and said “You don`t have to go John, Joyce and I have been talking on the subject since we watched that video haven`t we Joyce?”
She nodded her head but said nothing.
“Have you ever seen a black cock for real Joyce?”
She shook her head.
“Would you like to see mine?”
She nodded her head but still said nothing.
John stood in front of her and slowly pulled his shorts down, as he did his huge thick cock was hanging semi hard not two foot from Joyce`s face.
Her mouth was open and I thought she was going to grab hold of it but she stood up politely thanked John for letting her see it and the said “I feel a bit dizzy, I`m going to lie down, but please don`t go on my account.”
With that she went inside and left John and I.
“I really thought she was going to grab it”.
“You could see she wanted to,” John said, “but her inhibitions are too strong.”
“Wait here, I`ll go and see how she is.”
I walked in the bedroom and Joyce was sitting on the bed. I sat next to her and said “How do you feel?”
“I`m ok,” she said, “I was just shocked when I saw that huge cock.”
I put my hand up under her dress and touched her pussy through her knickers, she was soaking wet.
“You may have been shocked Joyce but you feel like it`s really turned you on.”
“I know but I just can`t bring myself to say to him I want your cock.”
I pulled the window blinds down making the room dark and said “You really want him to fuck you don`t you?”
“Oh god yes I do and I can tell you are aroused thinking about it”.
“This is silly Joyce there`s a man who fancies you downstairs, you want to feel his cock in your pussy and I`m desperate to see you satisfied. Get undressed and into bed lay on your stomach so you don`t have to look at him and in half an hour I`ll bring him up.”
“I could make out I`m asleep and let him fuck me.”
I agreed it was a good idea, then she could feel his cock and not have to say anything.
I went back down and told John the good news. We sat and had a couple more drinks and then went upstairs.
I led him to the bedroom. She had left the side light on and was laying on her stomach, we could just see her pussy hairs and the pink of her volva he stopped and said, “I am going to give her everything her pussy desires”.
With that he stripped off and I had to stop myself from commenting when I saw his cock fully aroused, I could see the veins throbbing, if anything it was bigger than the guy in the porno, everything was perfect.
He climbed on the bed and put his mouth up close to her pussy, then he gently started to blow on her hairs, after a couple of minutes his tongue came out and gently he ran it down her pussy lips, Joyce gave a little sigh as his tongue worked it`s magic on her clitoris, I could see his tongue was barely touching her just lapping very gently. After a while he opened her pussy lips and blew in her pussy, Joyce moaned and moved slightly, John sat up and whispered.
“She`s soaking wet”.
With that he guided the huge end of his cock to her pussy lips and started gently rubbing it up and down the length of her pussy, she definitely moved a bit closer to his cock and he pushed the head of his cock down to the entrance to her pussy, most of the bell end was still showing and then he slowly pushed forward and suddenly with a plop his bell end disappeared into her.
She seemed to jump a bit but then I realised John wasn`t moving but Joyce was pushing back on his cock, two inches slid in as she pushed then she sighed and started rocking her arse up and down, John caught the rhythm and started to move with her I watched fascinated as another three inches disappeared into her pussy each time she rocked away John withdrew his cock leaving only the bell end buried inside, then when she rocked down John pushed a little more of his cock entered her.
I estimated half of it was in her and watched it covered in her juices as he withdrew.
Suddenly she groaned “That feels so good am dreaming”?
I rushed to her side and holding her hand, “It`s no dream darling you are getting what you`ve longed for, does it feel good”?
“Yes don`t let it stop please it`s wonderful”.
John had not moved since she woke up, now he put his hand round her waist and pulled her on to his cock, every part was inside her, and he stayed in that position with his cock buried in her.
She screamed “God I`m coming”, bucking madly on his cock as she said it.
John waited another minute and then started stroking his cock in and out of her pussy slow and steady, Joyce caught the rhythm and started to respond so they were moving as one, then he whispered “I`m going to fuck you all night with my big black cock is that ok”.
“Yes yes, don`t stop”. He then asked her to tell him when she felt another climax building, and she moaned.
After ten minutes of steady fucking she moaned loudly and called out “I`m going to come again”.
John started to fuck her incredibly fast his black monster going in and out like a piston, Joyce started screaming and then she sobbed,” I never believed I could feel so good, please don`t take it out”.
“No Joyce it`s yours tonight, your beautiful pussy deserves to feel so good. A mature woman like you needs the feelings a mature cock can give you, I`m so happy for you”.
“Is it John making me feel so good she asked?”
“ Yes darling he`s always fancied putting his cock in your pussy and now we are all happy, you have the big black cock you`ve been yearning for but did not know how to get, I get to see you having massive orgasm and that makes me happy and John gets to fuck what he yearns for a mature sexy white woman”.
While I was talking John started to pull his stiff prick out of her pussy.
“Don`t take it out yet please you haven`t come yet, I`ve come twice so that`s not fair”.
“I`m not finished yet, because you were so wet you took my cock quite easily. Did it hurt you at all?”
“No, I thought I was dreaming of this huge cock inside me but there was only what I would call a sweet pain, when you pushed the rest of it in me but that was quickly surpassed by the feelings of my orgasm.”
“Good, if you would like to we could try the position for full penetration, it`s ok because you would be in control and it will give you a more intense orgasm, ok?”
She sat up and he moved to the side of the bed, then he lay down with his cock sticking up.
“Sit on my cock facing away from me.”
She awkwardly squat on top of him facing me and his cock was brushing her pussy hairs.
“That`s perfect, just guide the end until it`s just inside your pussy and then sit slowly down on my cock.”
I watched fascinated as she rubbed his bell end along her swollen pussy lips until the head was in her and then she started to sit on this monster cock and it gradually disappeared, finally she was sitting on John impaled on his cock. She started to moan and rock backwards and forwards at the same time.
After five minutes or so she started to raise herself so most of his cock was visible and her speed steadily increased, and the John said.
“If you feel comfortable tell me when you are approaching an orgasm and I will fuck you back.”
She was moving up and down on him quite fast now and she gasped “Yes oh please fuck me back now.”
John smoothly picked up her pace and started to push as she sat on his cock, she started to moan continuously and suddenly John was fucking like mad from below and she screamed
“I`m coming, oh God I`m coming.”
“So am I” John said and with that he let out a great groan and held with his cock fully implanted and I could see his buttock clenching as he pumped his semen into her pussy.
They slumped on the bed both looking totally fucked, then she said,
”You were right John I felt even better doing it that way.”
They both had a shower and got cleaned up; as John was getting ready to leave no mention had been made about it happening again, I was so turned on by it I had to know if Joyce would do it again.
Joyce darling do you want to see John again or have you satisfied your desire?”
She looked at me coyly and said, “If John wants to and you don`t mind.”
“Yes I would love to fuck you again Joyce anytime you feel the need for a black cock again however there is something I have to say to both of you first, and if you still want this to continue then great.”
“I have fancied you Joyce since I moved here five years ago, during that time I`ve often masturbated thinking I was fucking you, knowing the way you felt about blacks a Bob becoming a good friend I knew nothing would ever come of it. Then about a month ago I got that mature woman video and suddenly there you were getting fucked by a smaller cock than mine, I know it wasn`t you but in my mind it was. After it finished I wondered what Bob would think of it and played it when he came round. His reaction was surprised me. When he said he was picturing you being fucked by a black cock, and then agreed he would love to watch you getting that kind of service I thought with Bob`s blessing I`m half way to your pussy Joyce. But even so the other half looked very remote. I gave Bob the video to take home with the outside hope that just possibly you might have a similar reaction.”
“I waited impatiently for Bob to come round and when he said you looked interested in what a black cock could do I gave him that magazine and knowing you both would read it. I was convinced if I could get even a small part of my cock in your oh so beautiful pussy it would be mine.”
I sat there and was just about to speak when Joyce said,
“We`ll see you next Saturday, only stay the night next time!”

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