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A Woman`s Experience.
I would like to share an experience with you and in hopes that some of you will be able to shed some light on something I have never seen or heard of before. My name is Gina and I am 48 years old, my husband Julian is 52. We have been married for twenty years and are in excellent condition. We are very secure in our sex-life. Julian is nicely hung at about seven inches and I cum nearly every time we fuck. I get my fair share of lusty looks whether I'm in leotards, a bathing suit or street clothes. I have36C breasts, a slim waist and Julian says the best arse and legs in London.
We own a small construction company and that is where this whole experience started. We've never looked outside our marriage for partners before. (We were both very sexually experienced before we met.) About two months ago, we hosted an open house at our office for some old clients. As the party progressed, everyone was getting pissed and one guy named Roger made several passes at me in full view of Julian. I rebuffed him each time, but I did appreciate the attention. Later that night, Julian mentioned the incident and, out of the blue, announced that if I'd like to try Roger; it would be all right with him. I was astounded, to say the least, but when Julian explained further, I became very intrigued and excited.
Julian told me that during the party he had met Roger in the bathroom while Roger was taking a piss and, without hesitating, Roger told Julian that I was the sexiest lady around and, if he didn't mind, he would love to fuck me. Since Roger was drunk, Julian let it pass; while he was talking he finished his piss and gave his cock a couple of shakes. He told me that Roger possessed one of the longest, fattest cocks he had ever seen. Julian let the discussion sit for a few days, but the thought stayed in my mind, I kept seeing Roger holding a massive cock in his hand and by the end of the week, I found myself having some very erotic dreams and ideas about what Roger should be doing with his cock.
The next Saturday after a night of furious love making, Julian casually asked me if I had any more thoughts on Roger and his huge tool. I admitted fantasising about being fucked by Roger`s huge cock but didn`t mention it because I thought Julian would be annoyed. Julian said he had thought of nothing else but seeing me serviced by a cock the size of Rogers` and if I seriously wanted to go through with it he would be all for it.
Julian said we need a plan to make this happen without him realising it`s a setup. After several ideas had been dismissed out of hand Julian had an idea we both thought would work. The following Friday Julian would invite him to our house under the pretence of discussing a project we were about to start and then be called away on business, leaving Roger and I alone in the house. The project was genuine so I could show him the plans and talk it over with him.
Should anything develop, we would it all on videotape. We have several hidden cameras located in our bedroom so Julian could watch when he came home. I was at the same time both nervous and very excited about the whole idea.
By the time Friday arrived I was so worked up that my panties were soaked all day long and my nipples were hard and distended, I almost couldn't stand it, I was by now besotted with thoughts of his cock. Julian left to spend the night around his sister`s house about 5 pm so I decided to relax in the bath then get ready for Roger. While lying in the bath I planned what was going to wear, a set of red lacy undies with the French knickers that have the loose crotch, stockings and a smart black cocktail dress which I knew from experience rode up when I sit down. Lastly some Poison perfume which is very heavily spiced.
I had just finished and applying the perfume when the doorbell rang before I went to let Roger in I lifted my dress put the bottle of poison down my knickers and applied some to my pussy hairs, just in case!
I told Roger that Julian had to stay where he was overnight and sends his apologies, and that I would brief him on the proposed project. He was very polite and business like and before we even sat down he apologised for the way he had behaved at the party, blaming too much drink. I said it was ok providing he hadn`t had too much to drink tonight and laughed so he would realise it was a joke.
The first part of the evening as I showed him the plans, he was the perfect gentleman and I started to think nothing would happen. Half way through I suggested we stop for a drink and a sandwich, I`d picked up some fancy ones in Marks that day. I laid everything out on the coffee table in the lounge placing him opposite me; before we sat down he asked to use the bathroom and the thought of him holding that cock set my juices flowing again.
I sat making sure my dress had climbed higher enough up my legs to afford him a good view of my stocking tops and as I poured him a glass of wine I saw he was looking where I intended he should look. We talked about general things and after another drink I asked him if he had a girl friend to which he replied no. Then I asked him what type of girls he liked and he immediately blurted out older women, he was in his mid-twenties. Really I said with all these young lovely women around why prefer old. He actually started blushing and said I have my reasons but I`d rather not say.
This really intrigued me and I started to pour another drink, he said no more, unfortunately I have to drive. We agreed for you to stay in the spare room if you had a drink, there`s a toothbrush and shaving kit in the bathroom cabinet that way if you have any queries Julian can answer them in the morning when he gets back. As I said it I crossed my legs slowly making sure they were open long enough for him to see my knickers, I saw his eyes look down and then he agreed it was a good idea if he stayed providing I was happy about it. More than happy I said it means we can have another drink.
By this time I had decided on two things, no more work tonight and to find out why he didn`t like girls his own age. Then I had an idea there was a photo of my sister on the sideboard when I stood up to pour him another drink I went and got the photo, I sat down next to him on the sofa and said this is my sister 45, divorced and over sexed sounds perfect for a man who likes older women. With the extra drinks he had loosened up considerably and he leaned over to look, she`s very tasty he said just like her sister and I laughed.
I stayed sitting next to him wondering if he would make a move. He said he felt a little light headed and asked for a glass of water. When he finished it I said right I`m dying to know why you prefer older women to girls your own age are you going to tell me now. He said he was embarrassed to say but he would tell me if I promised not to laugh, to which I readily agreed.
When I got to sixteen my mates started to make out with girls but every time I tried to get somebody I liked in bed they ran a mile, and that`s the way it`s been ever since younger women will not sleep with me in fact I don`t bother to try anymore. Naturally I asked why. He looked away from me and said simply my cock is too big it frightens them off, with older women it`s the exact opposite, when I fuck one they seem to be actually grateful, it`s great to feel wanted.
While he was telling me I felt myself getting wetter and wetter and when he finished I threw caution to the winds and said as women get older Roger most of them fantasise about the huge cock they never had I`ve done it myself, wondered what it would feel like to be entered by a really large cock, my sister thinks about it too. Another drink and if he doesnít make a move I will. Sod it I leaned over to pour his drink and casually said come on then Roger show me the cock that frightens young girls off. He looked at me and I saw the penny drop he stood up over me his fly`s about level with my face, pulled down his zipper and pulled out his cock, my God it was at least ten inches long and as thick as my fist. He looked at me and said if I take my pants off you will get a better view. I nodded my eyes still glued to this thing, when he stood naked from the waist down it hung down inches from my face. I asked him if it got any bigger when he was aroused, he said if you touch it you`ll see.
I sat forward picking it up in both hands guiding the huge head towards my mouth, flicking my tongue across the shiny head, he started to moan and I felt his cock thickening the veins standing out and throbbing, I was caressing along its length feeling it rise until it was pointing directly at my face. He asked if I wanted him to fuck me with his magnificent cock and I nodded. He picked me up saying where`s the bedroom.
When we were in the bedroom he stood me by the bed and taking his shirt off stood there naked, he then reached around me and pulled the zipper to my dress all the way down, as he let do the dress fell down to my ankles, I didn`t want to move and he raised each leg so I could step out of my dress. Then he undid my bra releasing my heavy tits, starting to kiss and caress my nipples, as he did so I felt his cock brush against my thigh and I shivered thinking before long my pussy would feel it. He knelt down and placed his hands inside my knickers and started to run his thumbs up and down the lips of my pussy murmuring how wet I was and was I thinking about his cock, yes I`m thinking soon you will soon be fucking me with your beautiful cock.
He took my knickers off eased me down on the edge of the bed with legs over the edge he then put his face to my pussy and started to lick suck and blow in all the right places, I was so turned on all I could think of was his cock. Roger lapped at my pussy like a hungry puppy with a bowl of milk. He would flatten his tongue out and lick all around my mound, then suck and lick my outer lips from top to bottom. Softly, he would blow on my clit and then flick it with just the tip of his tongue. He would then thrust his tongue as deep into me as he could and worm it around inside me until I thought I might pull out his hair - and mine! He switched to sucking just my clit. I was coming and sensing it his tongue went crazy
When I regained my strength I told Roger it was his turn and rolled him over on his back. I started by sucking and licking his nipples and caressing his cock. I went straight to work licking and sucking as much of him as I could, at the same time marvelling as his cock seemed to grow and swell even more. I was beginning to have doubts that I would ever get that thing in my mouth, much less my pussy, but I decided I would cross that bridge when I came to it and went back to work.
I concentrated first on just the head, holding it inside my mouth and working my tongue all over it and into the little pee-slit at the tip. I let my saliva drip out of my mouth until his shaft was good and slick and then began to work his cock up and down with my one hand and his balls with the other.
Roger was groaning low and making screwing motions with his cock between my lips, but I was the one in control now. I started licking his cock from the base to the tip, alternating my pumping hand with hard sucks on just the head, making popping sounds every time his cockhead left the tight confines of my lips. The small veins in his cock where standing out while the large vein on the underside began to throb - it looked almost like another little prick attached to the bigger one. The heart shaped head of his cock was a reddish-purple, shiny from my saliva. I gently chewed and licked on his velvety tip, alternately slurping the pre-come drops from it with my lips and worrying his cock with my tongue. I do love to give head and Roger's moaning and groaning was really spurring me on. I wanted to taste his cream, to feel it squirt over my tongue and down my throat.
Did I get more than I bargained for! As I furiously pumped and sucked his cock, his moans changed to low grunts and he warned me that he was about to come. I lifted my lips to watch but kept my hungry, open mouth close enough to the tip so that I could catch his spunk. I kept pumping him with my hands and watched in astonishment as his cock began a gentle, steady throbbing. His dick didn't jerk as hard as I had expected; it just began a rhythmic contracting motion as rivulets of clear juice seeped from his cockhead. His come got more plentiful as it ran down his shaft and coated my hands and his balls. I quickly started to lap it up and found that it had a sweet taste I hadn't experienced before. I began to lick and suck him with a fervour, telling him that he tasted wonderful, which he did. Then his cock started to throb harder and I pulled back to see the clear fluid begin to arc out of his cock in a steady stream. I couldn't believe it. Roger's crotch, my hands and the sheet beneath his bottom were sticky-wet with this stuff - and he was still coming. Roger cried out and I felt his cock start to jerk really hard. I put my lips back near the tip as the first jolt of semen blasted out of his cock. Roger crying with the pleasure of his release and his cock was squirting thick, cream coloured come globs everywhere.
Soon my breasts and face were dripping with his load. I continued to pump and suck until Roger's slick cock softened between my lips. I counted 14 spurts of come but there may have been more. I licked him as clean as I could and moved up to cuddle in his arms for a while. As we kissed, I told him I thought he was incredible, but that I didn't think his huge member would ever fit inside my pussy.
Well he proved me wrong within the hour and I have the video to prove it. The vision of me on my back, my legs splayed wide with that monster-cock almost all the way inside me creaming my pussy, never ceases to arouse Julian and me to extreme heights of passion every time we watch it. Roger stretched my pussy wide and touched places deep inside me that no man has ever touched before. Despite his size, he is a caring, gentle lover.
Initially Roger was only able to get about four inches inside me, but with the flow of my juices and the release of one of his spectacular orgasms, he was finally able to fit more than ten inches of that lovely hardness in me. When his thrusting became lusty and deep, I could feel his fat cock kissing the entrance of my womb on each down stroke, and on the upstroke the friction made it feel as though his cock was sucking the air out of my body through my pussy. I was constantly coming as I felt the nectar from my pussy flow around his hardness. When Roger came in me, it felt like a hot douche! Believe me; I now understand the meaning of the term 'well fucked.' I know there are ladies out there who say cock size doesn't matter, but girls, I'm telling you that once you have had a cock like Roger's service you the right way, and youíll be devoted converts.
That first night, Roger screwed me three times and I sucked him off twice. His cum did get less copious each time but it was still a very impressive amount. Has anyone else ever seen a man come that much? Even in porn movies I've never seen it. Neither has Julian. After sucking Roger off, I felt as though I'd downed a milk shake. I have made love to Roger twice since our first encounter. My experience has always been that my lovers come with anywhere from four to six strong spurts, which, added to the pre-come fluids, isn't even a mouthful. Roger, however, literally fills me up every time. Neither my hungry mouth nor my hot pussy can begin to hold his come. Roger is a very healthy bloke with no problems. He says he has always come this much. I love him, but I also love Julian, so except for Roger, I will remain faithful to my husband. We just wonder if our experience is unique or if there are any more guys out there like Roger.

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