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Brigit Astar
07-16-2011, 04:15 PM
Will Bates, one of ex-Governor Sharon Paley's aides, waited patiently in the antechamber. The secretary had told him that the former Governor and Presidential candidate was in conference and it would be a little while before she would finish and could see him.

Will sat and fingered the file he held and smiled. Quite all right, he thought; some things are worth waiting for.

He watched the secretary as she sat at her desk, and he felt his prick tingle and began to stiffen. She was a hot-looking little piece, and he smiled and ran a thumb along the file. If she only knew what was in this file, he thought. Well, she'll know soon enough, and so will her honor, the ex-Governor and potential President of the United States.

His cock grew and began to throb as he pictured Governor Sharon Paley: A former state governor and the leading Presidential candidate; supposedly won the governor's race in her state, and became the top Presidential candidate because of her political savvy and skills, charisma and vivaciousness, and because the people wanted a change and liked her new ideas. All bull, Will thought. She won because she was an attractive woman—a sexy fox.

He smiled at the thought of what he was going to do with that sexy fox when he showed her what he had on her in the file.

“Her honor will see you now,” the secretary announced.

You're damned right she will, he thought.

Ex-Governor Sharon Paley stood in front of her long wide desk. She gave him a faint smile and nod.

His dick jerked in his pants at the sight of her. She was a looker all right. Her deep ginger hair fell in shimmering waves past her shoulders. She had worn her hair up in a bun prior to announcing her candidacy for President, but had let it fall afterward. Her eyes were deep cinnamon; and she had a heart-shaped face. Her mouth was wide, and her lips full and pink. Her skin and complexion was peachy. She wore a tight skirt above her knees which showed off part of her full sleek legs; and a tight silk blouse which served to accentuate her big rounded breasts. She had curves that wouldn't quit.

“Ms. Governor, I have something for you,” Will said, approaching her. “Something I think you'll find of the utmost importance. It could negatively affect your Presidential candidacy.”

She gave him a quizzical little smile. “It must be important. What is it?”

“This,” he opened the file and pulled out a photo and held it up.

Her face blanched and her lower lip dropped when she saw the picture. She audibly gulped. “Where—where did you—how did you—how did you get that?”

Will gave her a little smile and looked at the photo and tapped it. “Quite a good likeness of you—and your sexy little secretary, engaged in some extracurricular activity on the couch in this office. There's no mistaking it's you and her. You've really got a look of ecstasy on your face as she gives you a lick-job. And then, there's this one.” He pulled another picture from the file and held it up. It showed the governor with her mouth buried between the secretary's spread legs.

The Governor's eyes widened and her lips quivered.

“Yes, no doubt at all, it's you and her,” Will said.

“Where—how did you get--”

“I took them a few days ago there at your door. It was quite easy. No one was around. I shot quite a few pictures. You know, you really should lock the doors around here before you engage in any, shall we say, salacious activities.”

She didn't say anything as her eyes appraised him, and Will smiled. It was as if he could read her mind. She's thinking, he thought; thinking: What options do I have? How can I get out of this? How can I get my hands on the pictures? How much will it cost me?

“Before you say anything, Ms. Governor, I think you ought to know, I made copies of all these pictures. A lot of copies.”

A sigh came from her lips and her shoulders slumped. Then she straightened up, took a deep breath, and a look of determination and calculation came into her eyes.

“Okay, Bates,” she said; “what's the price? How much do you want?”

He gave out a snort. “It's not a matter of price or how much I want. It's a matter of what I want.”

She gave him a blank stare. “I—I don't think I—understand.”

“You will,” he replied. “You know, Ms. Governor, these pictures would be the ruin of you—the total ruin. They would destroy your Presidential candidacy; you'd have to withdraw—in total disgrace, and any future political career would of course be out of the question. In short, you'd be finished—in every way.”

“So what is it you want?” she asked.

“I think you know,” he answered and rubbed his hand across his crotch. His prick stood up hard, bulging and poking at his pants.

“You can't be serious,” she said.

“I've never been more serious in my life,” he replied. He moved forward and pressed her back against the desk and pushed his crotch between her thighs.

“I've got you over the old proverbial barrel—and you know it,” he said as he raked her skirt up. “I'm going to fuck you, and there's nothing you can do to stop me. Just remember this: I've got a lot of copies of the pictures, and I won't hesitate to let them out. There's nothing you can do about it; I'm going to screw you; and you dare not stop it.”

He tore her panties down and pushed her back on the desk, clutched her rump and pushed his crotch between her legs, burrowing between her thighs. He grabbed her legs and spread them back and jerked her ass forward.

“Going to fuck you good and hard,” he said. “I've thought about it for quite awhile, about fucking your pretty ginger pussy, and now it's going to happen.”

He tore at his pants, unbuckling them and pulling out his cock. It was rock-hard and throbbing. He heaved his crotch forward and pushed his stiff dick against her pussy-slit.

She squirmed and struggled, trying to throw him off, but he was too firmly entrenched on top, his arms locked around her and his hard heavy prick pressed upon her cunt.

Although she writhed and raked at him, still struggling and trying to keep him out of her pussy, she felt that it was a lost cause. His cock was just too big and hard to dislodge it, and he weighed too much to throw him off of her. There was simply no way to fight him off.

She tried reasoning with him. “Don't,” she pleaded. “No, you mustn't do it. Please, don't.”

He paid no attention to her pleading. He pushed and heaved forward. “Oh yeah,” he huffed at the sensation as his prick slid into her cunt.

He dug his hard aching dick in her pussy, stuffing it up her channel in one continuous stroke.

“Ah—yeah, sweet fucking cunt,” he groaned.

Her pussy was tight and moist. It gripped his cock like a wet hot vise.

He drove every inch of his prick in her cunt, and then he pulled back a few inches, and thrust it forward again. Soon, he was screwing her with lusty jabs, sawing his dick back and forth.

She continued to plead with him. “Please, I'm begging you,” she groaned. “Don't do this. No, no.”

He frigged his cock in her pussy, rapping it hard and fast.

She gave up and abandoned herself to him. The feeling was just too good to resist. She slid her arms around his shoulders and wrapped her legs around his waist. She began hunching to meet his incoming thrusts.

“Fucking you, Governor,” he hissed. “Fucking your cunt.”

“Oh, ah, ooh, ah,” she panted and humped at him as he pumped his meat in her pussy. A wild thought came into her head as he frigged her. She found herself comparing his prick to her husband's. His dick was much longer, thicker and stiffer than her husband's. When he jammed his cock up her cunt, it filled her up completely and reached her core.

He pulled at her blouse, raking it up, tearing at her bra, and uncovering her breasts. He grunted with lust at the sight of her superb tits, and went down on them. He licked and sucked voraciously on her big knockers as he drilled his prick in her pussy.

She clutched at his head and thrust her breasts onto his sucking mouth.

He heaved his crotch up, mashing and grinding his bloated balls against her ass and jamming his dick as far as it would go up her cunt.
“Oh yeah,” he gasped as the sperm gushed up his shaft. “Goddamn, sweet fucking cunt!”

He pissed a stream of semen deep in her pussy.

“Hot fucking cum—deep in your cunt, Governor!”

She groaned and hunched as he pumped gob after gob of thick creamy juice in her core.

He finally slid his slick dick out of her pussy and stood up, breathing hard, but smiling.

He zipped up his pants and looked at her and nodded his head.

“You just remember this, Governor: I've got you over the barrel. I've got the goods on you.”

He turned and walked out of her office.

He waited three days before he paid the ex-Governor another visit. He figured that was just the right amount of time.

Ex-Governor Paley stood by her desk. Her shoulders were slumped but there was an expression of contemptuous defiance on her face.

Will was amused. She is the leading Presidential candidate after all, he thought.

He swiped a hand over his crotch. His dick was half-stiff.

“Okay, your honor,” he said, “let's get the ball rolling. Call your secretary in here.”

She looked blankly at him, and then she said “What?”

“You heard me,” he said and stroked his stiffening prick. “Call that sexy little piece in here.”

A look of recognition at what he meant came over her face. She slumped further down, but the contemptuous defiance remained in her eyes. She curtly punched a button on her desk and spoke into the com. “Megyn, will you come in here, please.”

The secretary entered, and Will openly rubbed his cock. This is going to be fun, he thought.

“Come on over here and join the party, Megyn,” Will said.

She saw Will stroking the big hard bulge in his pants, and her eyes opened wide and her mouth dropped.

“Do what he says, Megyn,” Governor Paley said in a clipped tone.”Come here.”

The secretary walked mincingly to the Governor. Will unzipped his fly and pulled out his dick.

“Okay, let's not waste any time,” he said. He clasped the Governor's head. “You know what I want. I want a good hot suck-job from both of you.”

He tugged down on her head and she went to her knees before him. Her secretary looked dumbfounded.

“You too,” Will said to the secretary. “Down on your knees.”

“Get down, Megyn,” the Governor said. “Come on.” She pulled at the secretary's arm and the girl slowly knelt down.

“What's going on?” she asked in bafflement.

“He's got me, Megyn,” the Governor said. “He's got me and I have no choice. He's taken pictures of you and me together in here, and he'll show the pictures if we don't do what he says.”

“You're damned right I will,” he said and clutched the back of the Governor's head and moved up to her. He slid his cock on her face and rubbed his balls on her lips. “Oh yeah,” he crooned at the sensation.

He clasped the secretary's head and went to her. He ran his dick over her lips and sighed with pleasure.

“Open your mouths,” he said. “Get those pretty lips around my prick.”

He pushed his cock on the Governor's mouth and she slowly opened it. He slipped his prick between her lips. “Lick my dick, Governor. Lick it good.”

He slid his cock forward into her warm wet mouth. “Ah yeah,” he gasped. “Lick it with your tongue, lick it up and down.”

He panted as she slid her smooth slick tongue up and down his prick. “Lick my balls, flick your tongue on them. That's it; goddamn, you're a good cocklicker.”

He moved to the secretary and forced his prick in her mouth. “Suck my dick, you hot little sucker.”

Back and forth he went, sliding his cock in the Governor's mouth and then pumping it in the secretary's. “Suck me, you hot fucking cocksuckers,” he hissed.

He slid his prick out and ordered the secretary to lie down on her back.

“Okay, Governor, do your stuff,” he said. “Lick your secretary. Lick her cunt.”

In resignation she pulled her secretary's panties off, and spread her legs and drew them back. She lowered her head and buried her face on her secretary's pussy and began licking it.

Will slid the Governor's skirt up and raked her panties down and off. His eyes blazed with lust when he saw her big soft peachy butt stuck up.

He moved up behind her, clasped her around the waist and pushed his prick between her ass mounds.

He groaned with pleasure as his dick dug into her rump.

He heaved forward, stuffing his cock up her butt. “Ah, yeah, up your ass, Governor,” he grunted, “up your sweet-fucking ass.”

He grabbed her big jugs and squeezed them good and hard as he began frigging her rump.

“Goddamn, it doesn't get any better than this!” he cried out as he screwed her tight minty ass and watched her lick the secretary's cunt.

“Ah—we're gonna lick and suck and fuck a lot, Governor,” he called out to her. “Oh yes, you and me and your secretary, we're going to fuck a lot. This is what it's all about, Governor. Ain't politics wonderful.”

Brigit Astar
07-17-2011, 06:14 AM
I initially wrote and posted this story a couple of years ago, but I have now edited and updated it. I have made the Governor a Sarah Palin clone (in case you didn't notice it). I think I have improved the story. I have no trouble visualizing Ms. Palin at all. I have to say, she turnes me on. Even though she is middle-aged and has four or five kids, I think she is sexy and radiates sensuality. I can visualize quite easily rubbing and licking with her.

07-17-2011, 09:37 AM
Another great story well told by a writer everyone should aspire to.

Brigit Astar
07-17-2011, 09:46 AM
I do try

07-20-2011, 06:07 AM
Liked it, liked it a lot... will there be more?

Brigit Astar
07-20-2011, 09:31 PM
I haven't thought about a part two for this story. I suppose I could have the ex-governor having a daughter...

01-27-2013, 06:58 AM
still waiting ...

Brigit Astar
01-27-2013, 03:05 PM
I'm taking an extending sabbitical from writing, so it may quite awhile before I get around to writing a sequel to this story.