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07-17-2011, 05:31 PM
I was married to Frank for twenty years, for nineteen of those tears our lives were pretty normal middle class, he was an accountant and I a paediatrician. We were members of the local country club, played bridge with our friends etc., our sex was twice a week and I would cum once a month or so and fake it the rest of the time, as I said earlier pretty average middle class.

In the final year of our marriage there was a distinct change in Frank`s view of sex, the word that comes to mind now is twisted! He started talking about the size of men`s cocks and did I think a bigger cock would make a difference to my sex life. I told him it wasn’t something I`d thought about (not strictly true, like most woman I wondered what an oversize cock would be like) and I asked why the sudden interest in men`s anatomy. He muttered something about a trainee they had in the office who one of the secretaries was talking about him being well hung and fantastic in bed, and it had made him start thinking.

Nothing more was said for a couple of months until one night as he was fucking me he blurted out he wished he could see me being fucked by a somebody with a big cock. I was so shocked I pushed him off and told him in no uncertain terms that he was sick in the head and there was no way on this earth I would let anybody fuck me just because he was fantasizing about seeing a big cock in my pussy.

It disturbed me so much I decided to look in his computer after he left for the office in the morning.

I opened his email account first and checking the senders found there were quite a lot from different weird sounding addresses. I opened the last one he`d received 2 days ago and everything about his abnormal behaviour fell into place. The email read as follows:

Further to your recent request attached herewith to this email please find details of 3 possible candidates who match the criteria required to assist you in your project. Please advise if any are favourable, or if you wish to receive other alternatives.

I looked at the top of the email and there were 3 separate PDF file attached, my legs were actually shaking, as far as Frank was concerned I`m a project, and I decided to make myself a cup of coffee before opening the attached files.

I sat down with my coffee and opened the first file, it contained details of a 25 year old white male together with two photos, one was his face and the other was a full frontal of him nude with his large thick cock hanging down. Below the photos was a sort of CV which ended by stating “Ron specializes in older middle class women, a non-smoker who will perform cunnilingus, and whatever else the woman may desire, he is not adverse to the husband watching, or making a video whist he`s working, the woman`s satisfaction is guaranteed. Ron gets numerous referrals from clients”.

I actually laughed when I read the word “working” I thought is that a polite way of saying fucking!

The other 2 were similar except one of them was a black man whose cock was so thick it didn`t seem real.

I read through numerous others from various companies and being honest there were several that turned me on, one in particular whilst looking at what was in my opinion a beautiful male body, with a stunning cock, I got wet and horny.

I sat there for what seemed like hours but was in fact only an hour, my mind churning over what I had discovered and more to the point what I was going to do about it. Frank was a perverted, twisted inadequate human being and I didn`t want to be married to him anymore. I had to be careful being an accountant Frank had all our money tied up in investments and trusts, I had to be sure I got the house and enough money to live on when we were divorced.

Slowly a suitable plan formed, one which would in the very short term see Frank get his wish but he would soon after wish he`d never started it. I would tell him I`d read his emails and although I was initially furious there was one candidate I would really like to fuck me for both my pleasure and his.

The first step was to copy all his emails to my laptop using a portable USB drive, the more I thought about it the more convinced my plan would work.
When Frank came home that evening I confronted him and as he went on the defensive I told him that I had been turned on by one of them and I`d spent the day thinking about what it would be like to feel his cock in my pussy. He was delighted and that night he had a hard on and I had to grin and bear it whilst he fucked away talking about the fantastic it was going to be when I finally got a big cock in my pussy.

The next day he said he`d made arrangements for him to come on Saturday night and was there anything I needed to get. I told I would buy some sexy underwear the next day, but didn`t need anything else.

Saturday arrived and I looked at the photo of Michael, that was the guy`s name and although I felt nervous I was also excited. Frank came in the bedroom while I was dressing saying how sexy I looked and was I excited. Then he told me he would video me being pleasured so we could watch it together in bed. I had to bite my tongue, but thought the video could be useful in my plan.

When I was ready I sat and drank a very large gin and tonic to steady my nerves, I was willingly going to open my legs and let a man I`d never met before fuck me, and he was being paid for the privilege!!

When he arrived Frank bought him and he introduced himself to both of us, looking at me he asked how we wished to proceed. I asked him to sit down and have a drink, and for half hour or so we chatted about nothing and I could see Frank was getting hyper so I got up took hold of Michael`s hand and led him upstairs to the spare room. Frank had already set his video camera up on a tri-pod at the bottom of the bed and in addition he had a small hand held one as well.

Michael was carrying a small case which he placed on the bed and removed a towel and a bath robe asking where he could shower. This surprised and pleased me because I thought if nothing else he`s clean. He returned wearing the robe and sat down on the bed and I sat next to him fully clothed. Frank started the cameras and I told Michael had never done anything like this before, it was my husband`s wish that he could watch me with another man so he would have to make the running.

He started stroking the back of my neck then his other hand gently brushed against one of my nipples, after stroking me outside my clothing for a while he unzipped my dress a slowly eased it off my shoulders, he whispered in my ear not to worry, and I stood up and stepped out of the dress. He pulled me down on the bed and started kissing my breasts through my bra, it was getting me hot and I knew my juices had started to flow. Removing my bra he licked and kissed my nipples which were stiffer than I could ever remember. He must have sensed I was getting horny because he started stroking my pussy through my wet knickers, then as he slid my knickers down I automatically raised each leg so he could remove them.

Then he was kissing round my thighs and as he parted my legs I felt his hot breath on my pussy hairs, I jumped as his tongue ran along my pussy lips, hating what my body cried out for I opened my legs so this complete stranger had full access to my most secret parts. I was aware of Frank running around with his hand held video camera but all I could think about was Michael`s tongue as it worked a magic on my pussy I had never known before, snaking into my pussy and out again to lap at my clit.

Suddenly I felt a climax building and as I started cumming Michael sensing I needed more forced his tongue in as far as it would go in and out so fast and I was cumming, bucking against his mouth like my life depended on it. I heard Frank say my god you`ve made her cum just with your mouth; Michael said nothing but stood and removed his robe, my eyes were drawn immediately to his manhood, the cock which had looked so beautiful in his photo was standing up and I thought he looks like a prize stallion just about to mount his mare.

Although I had intended not to interact in any fore play as he came to the edge of the bed my hand involuntarily reached out to touch his cock, and then marvelling at how hard and thick it was I started rub his foreskin back and forth over a huge purple bell end. He moved closer so that standing his cock was inches from my face and like in a trance I leaned toward him, opened my mouth and guided the tip of his cock to my mouth. I had only very rarely sucked Frank`s cock and had no experience of the art, but as I took him into my mouth he started rocking his cock gently in and out and I soon caught the rhythm.

Again to my dismay I found myself enjoying the sensation of feeling his cock rubbing against the sides of my mouth, and wondered what I would do if he stated cumming. He looked down at me and asked if I was ready and I nodded my head as he removed his cock.

He climbed on the bed and positioned himself above me, I could feel the tip of his cock brushing against my pussy lips, it was driving me mad, I knew I wanted that cock inside me and I wanted it then. Taking his cock in my hand I guided the head into my pussy, he at the same time pushed and I felt it enter and throb against the stretched walls of my pussy. As he gently eased more into me he asked me to stop him if it hurt me. It felt at the same time uncomfortable but that I couldn`t let it go. If that sounds strange to you the readers of my story you can imagine what was going through my mind.
I knew when he passed the deepest Frank`s cock had ever been and I put my hand down to feel how much more there was, I estimated about 2 inches to go and then suddenly he withdrew most of it and then pushed harder until I felt it come to rest on the head of my womb. He lay still leaving that throbbing cock where it had come to rest, I could feel my juices running over and around this thing inside me and after several minutes the uncomfortable feeling left me completely and I wanted desperately to feel this thing inside me move along the walls of my pussy.

I put my mouth to his ear and whispered, fuck me, his response was immediate, starting slowly moving his cock in and out in a steady rhythm, I was experiencing feelings I`d never known and within minutes I had another orgasm, I know Michael felt it but he did not alter his rhythm all the while fucking me at that steady pace. I found that by me pushing up as he pushed down I felt like I was getting a more.

I had started this determined not to let Frank think I was actually enjoying it but try as I might I couldn`t stop myself moaning and crying out as the sensations started to build again, Michael said I was ready to be fucked properly and he started to fuck me faster and faster, raising my legs his cock was like a piston pumping away and I started to scream as I felt his cock spurt inside me at the same instant I started cumming again. This time it seemed to last much longer than before, I could feel his cum was copious but I knew mine was to.

Michael stood up and said he was going to shower and on impulse I joined him, as soon as we were in the bathroom I locked the door and I called to Frank asking him to make some coffee while we showered.

We got in the shower and looking at his limp but still large cock I asked him if I could wash the thing that had given me so much pleasure, without waiting for a reply I knelt in front of his cock and started to rub shower gel around his balls and pubic hair, as it lathered I gently eased the soap suds around his cock using both hands. As I washed his cock I felt a little throb and wondered if I continued whether he would get hard again or would he stop now his job was done. I decided it would be a test, if he stopped me he was just doing his job, but if he let me get him hard he felt something for me, silly I know but as I said before I was not being my normal self.

After several minutes his cock had risen to what Frank calls a lazy hard on, thickened and swollen with blood but still not standing hard, I moved so the shower water washed the soap from his cock and then put my mouth over the bell end and as I sucked and swirled my tongue over it I bobbed my head up down, taking a little more into my mouth each time, I was so engrossed in what I was doing it took me a minute or so to realise it was hard again, as I took it out of my mouth it stayed standing straight out.

Michael looked at me saying now you`ve got me hard again what do you want me to do with it. I knew then what I wanted more than anything, taking hold of his cock I stepped out of the shower and opened the bedroom door, it was empty and I could hear Frank downstairs on the telephone. I told Michael to sit on the bed and taking the key out of the bathroom side of the door I locked it from the bedroom side, then I locked the main door into the bedroom, turned to Michael and said will you please fuck now without my husband ogling us and no video running, I think you`ll find I`m a different person.

He was laying on the bed laughing as I said it and the site of his cock standing up gave me an overwhelming desire to site on it which I duly did. I will not bore you the readers with a detailed account of what happened next, suffice it to say we both enjoyed ourselves I know it was the best session I ever had especially when Michael said he was not going to invoice Frank for the second performance!!

Before we left the bedroom I removed the cassette from the video camera on the tri-pod and hid it somewhere safe. Frank dressed and left saying Frank would receive the invoice for his services from the company.

When we were alone Frank was raving about how fantastic it had been and what a little raver I turned out to be. When he asked when we could do it again I told him there would be no next time as I was filing for divorce the next day. He looked at me in disbelief spluttering about how I`d enjoyed it as much as he did and a load of other nonsense.

I sat down saying it was my world now and he would agree my terms or suffer the consequences, the terms are I get the house and keep my car plus half your salary and half your pension, you will not under any circumstances try to contact me after the divorce, and you will move out of here tomorrow. He started to say I`d gone made when I stopped him and said the consequences are all those emails plus the video from the tri-pod camera which will clearly show you running around with your cock in one hand and camera in the other drooling over your wife getting fucked silly again all on video will arrive on your Chairman`s desk!

To finish my story he did accept my terms and we were divorced nearly a year ago, once a month or say I send a request in for Michael to come and service me, although he now stays the night I like to keep things on a business footing, I pay and I decide when, a perfect scenario for me.

Finally if there`s any woman out there in a similar situation and you read this I hope it will give you the courage to get your own back, it`s great girls, I have company and great sex when I want not when hubby wants and you can delete the great from hubby.

As far as you men who read this are concerned don`t be too angry with me, if a woman wants the same then there`s no problem everybody’s happy, I however did not want to participate and I think Frank got his just desserts.

07-17-2011, 07:44 PM
A wonderful story told from the other point of view and I for one do not blame you for your actions, as yo clearly said if it a mutual fantassy then all well and good.

01-01-2016, 06:18 PM
A Well writen story. It's a good view from one who doesn't desire it. Thank you...