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Heather was/is one the nastiest looking working girls that I’ve ever run into (but definitely not the worst if you've mongered long enough). But hey, I had to go pee! He he. She was very fat and sloppy with saggy tits. She very, very, very nasty looking in appearance with an open cut on her lip. Thus, I very carefully avoided her mouth from making any contact with my skin.

A Quick Tour….
Well…I started the day by running a couple of quick errands…had to drop some laundry off at the cleaners, so I quickly threw on something to wear and headed to the cleaners and dropped off my laundry. I was dressed sloppy…hadn’t showered or shaved…and basically dressed like a homeless person. Ol’ Gordie definitely wasn’t in any condition to visit a strip club, spa and certainly not one of the lovely providers on *****. But…I got that feeling…you know…got horny on the road….so…

…I decided to troll for a quick nut. It's been a few months since I've trolled in this area, but noticed a couple of weeks ago, they had been doing some construction by the Big Relax on Main St as they are continuing the construction of 161….the Big Relax is being remodeled and probably signals the end of hookers working out of that motel. I circled the motel a few times and the motel next door, but not a hooker in sight. I’m sure the construction has hurt motel and working girl business, so I head up the dependable 23rd Street area to stroll….

….a couple of new girls that I wasn’t interested in picking up…but plenty of girls near the Little Relax and on the streets behind the Little Relax…I did a few “John Circles” around the area and did eventually see what appeared to be a young Asian/Puerto Rican SW with a pushup bra with her nipples showing. My hobby sense tingled with her and not sure what it was, but I didn’t turn around to pick her up…I would have lost the hunt anyway….as a few horny Johns raced past me to pick her up…oh well…

…..I spot a nasty, sloppy SW working behind the Relax. She looks fucked up, but looks familiar. On the 3rd or 4th drive by, I think that I remembered her from a couple of years ago. “Hey, Melissa?!” – I call. She confirms her name. Now, a couple of years ago, Melissa was one of the better looking SW’s in the area, but she has gone to hell with her lifestyle. It looked like she hadn’t showered in about a week (Ok - so she looked just like me! he he)…but I remembered her enjoying some kink golden shower play a couple of yearz ago…

Golden Showers and Piss Mops
….now I have this fetish and previously posted reviews on **** of finding street girls to hold my cock while I pee in a cup, or find a nice street girl that will let me pee in her mouth while she swallows my piss. I get horny for this kink once a year and I remembered Melissa being a good girl…

…she held my cock while I pissed and then let me piss in her mouth. She swallowed most of my piss, but vomited some of it in my handy John “Piss Cup”. Now, thoughts of Melissa made me horny and wanna go pee, but I couldn’t just pee yet. So, I decided to continue trolling the John trails until I worked up an ample supply of urine…

….I head south across the tracks on 23rd and hit Dalworth. Some of you Johns know that this a very dangerous area with plenty of wanna be Tony Montana types hanging on the corner. Also, many of the working girlz will trek to this area after turning tricks…so…obviously…this area is a high crime area, so I rarely have ever picked up a walker in this area. My best find was a lil young walker that was 4’11, 85 lbs and C cups working this area a couple of yearz ago. She was a lot of fun. Some of you Johns may remember her – she went by Crystal I believe. Anyway, nothing worth picking up on this corner, so I head west on Dalworth…

…pretty good stretch to troll, but LE is often back here watching this area…so I’m careful with my speed and hit the corner store at Great Southwest/Dalworth. I then spot a sloppy and fat SW hiding behind a dumpster. I park and she comes over. She asks for a ride. I see her face and she seemed to have sores on her lips and face, so I declined. She then says “Fuck you!” and angrily walks off. He he…

….so…I decide to head into the store to stock up on some liquids. I buy a couple of bottled waters so I can make some piss for Melissa and just sit and watch the area. I sit and watch…watch…observing the area…and see several walkers come and go from the motel north of Dalworth. I noticed at least 3 – 4 walkers and didn’t see any signs of LE. These were very lower tier SW’s….maybe safe enough for a hj only…or pee in cup and piss games….or safe enough to jizz in their open hands and have them eat the cum out their hands…..

…but my bladder only had eyes for Melissa and pretty soon I had to go pee. So, I rev up my engines and head towards the spot where Melissa had been working….I quickly race up as I’m about to piss in my pants! He he…but damn it! She is no where to be found! I search the back areas and troll the John Track for about 30 minutes and can’t find her! Damn it! So, no sense in letting all of this good piss go to waste….I decide to head back to Dalworth/GSW to find the nasty looking WSW…thinking that surely she would be down for some kink golden shower play…

Heather the Piss Mop!
So….Heather is back strolling after finding a John or two and I quickly find a safe place to park out of view and give her the “John Eye”. She comes over and immediately hops in. She just looked dirty and unclean…and the sores on her lips scared me and turned me off. So, I told her I changed my mind. She is angry, but gets out. She says – “Don’t you ever come back over here again! You stupid Mutha Fucka!”. She angrily wobbles off….

…but damn…I had to piss and wanted some kink…so I roll down my window and she soon comes back over…hungry for some money…hungry for her next fix. I pervertedly ask her if she will do golden showers. “Sure! I do that. I’ve done that before!” – she excitedly says. I hornily tell her “Sweetheart, get in!”. he he. So, she hops in and immediately asks – “How we gonna do this. You want me to pee on you? Huh? You like that shit. Huh?”. I tell her I like that kink, but tell her I want to pee on her face and piss in her mouth and want her to swallow it. She agrees. So we find a secluded area to park….

….I have my extra large McDonald’s Piss Cup in the cup holder and my bladder is about to explode. This nasty SW introduces herself as Heather and says she used to work in FW off of Las Vegas Trail. Hmmm. Didn’t know hookers worked that area….Heather asked for her fee first…so I handed it to her…not knowing if she would jump out and run…but she stayed pat…perhaps excited about some golden shower play…I hornily unzip and put my pee cup between my legs…

…..but couldn’t piss becuz my cock was semi erect. I told her I would jack off first and asked that she lift up her shirt. Her tits were very saggy and unsymmetrical. I managed to find a clean area of her skin to fondle her tits. They were saggy, but kinda heavy. Heather asked if I wanted a bj, but I declined for very obvious reasons! He he. I quickly got my nut and it felt like I was going to piss when I was cumming. I didn’t have any napkins, so just wiped my cum on my drawz. My cock was now limp, so I could get out some piss…

…..the hardest part is starting your piss stream while seated in the car….I was nervous but soon the sweet sound of piss hitting the bottom of the cup was heard. I told Heather to get closer, but told her NOT to put her mouth on cock and kept a close eye on her…a very close eye…I told Heather to stay still over my piss cup while I pointed and aimed my cock at her chin and face…I then hornily released my bladder…

A Sloppy Piss Facial and Piss in Mouth
….and a nice golden stream of urine splashed off her face and landed in the cup…and splashed on me. He he. Heather was very nasty looking, but was a very good girl and held still over my piss cup while I pissed on her chin and face...and carefully worked my stream to her mouth. She had her mouth only partially opened and I got some piss inside and she swallowed a bit of my piss but turned into a bad girl and refused to drink and swallow any more of my golden nectar.….

……so…I continued carefully pissing on her face but she moved out of the way to shake off her head a few times and I ended up with that dreaded piss stream on my steering wheel! DAMN IT! DAMN IT! DAMN IT! I was PISSED off! Pun intended! He he. Heather got back into position and let me pee a little more on her chin, face and on her lips…I gleefully watched…

…as a golden stream splattered and drenched her face before splattering in my piss cup and on my jeans. Pretty soon good ol’ Heather had enough piss on her face and she moved up leaving me to piss all over my pants! Damn it! Damn it! I pissed a little more in my McDonald’s X-Large cup before zipping up. Now…

…I had given Heather some napkins for clean-up, but she demanded that I wipe her face clean. I guess that was the least I could do since she let me piss all on her face and in her mouth. I gently cleaned her face and threw the napkins out of the window…

Nasty Heather gave me her # and asked that I drop her off at the store. She kept asking if I’d call her like 5 times and asked for my name about 5 times as well. I gave her a different name each time! He he. She then asks – “Do you remember my name?” he he. She asks me that question at least 3 times on our way to the store. I gave her a tip and she wobbled out but not before telling me to call her again….

…she did say she might be more fun in a room…I probably will never give Heather a call unless she has a room and I will really swallow piss as she mentioned that she would do. Bottom line, is that the open sores on her mouth were a real turn off. I think she told me that her lips where chapped, but dunno about that one! He he…

…it’s hard to find a girl that will let you piss in her mouth, much less swallow. Some trashy dancers will do it OTC, but that is rare. I get horny for this kink once a year and am alwayz looking for pee girls like on bukkakepee . Sandrine Clemintine and her twin sister are my favorite piss mops. I wish they would make a visit to DFW! Anyway…

…had to take the car to Colonial Car Wash for some detail cleaning after getting some piss on the steering wheel and seat. Also, had to spray down the seat with Lysol after Heather got out. Despite the pee games, I’m giving Heather a “No” recommend due to the condition of her lips and fact that she seemed generally dirty and unclean. Heather definitely wasn’t a quality find, but simply a cheap piss mop.

Heather said her phone was in her room, so you may have to ask for her. Not sure who she workz with or possibly for.

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