View Full Version : Super Bowl party ends with hostess taking party into overtime!!!!

07-25-2011, 07:08 AM
My wife and I have shared a fantasy for a couple years now. A gang bang !!!
She has always dreamed about having more men than one girl can handle and I've always wanted to participate and watch her get filled with more dicks than she can count.

Last year we decided to host a Super Bowl party for a bunch of our friends and some of the guys that I work with. The party ended up being a huge success we ended up having 14 friends and coworkers show up and 2 of the coworkers brought their 17 year old teen age sons with them so we had a total of 16 guys plus me, my wife and her best friend Teresa. We started partying at noon on Super Bowl Sunday and by the time half time came we all had been drinking for atleast 7 hours and the wasn't a sober person left. Just like a bunch of drunk people everyone started making stupid bets and wagers. The game was a little one sided at the half and my wife and Teresa said the game was over the was know way the team that was down at half time could come back. They were so confident that a comeback couldn't happen they ran their mouths without thinking. They said if a comeback happened they would give blowjobs to every guy there. We even made them put it in writing.
Guess what there are 17 drunk and Horny guys celebrating an incredible comeback. My wife Tina and her friend Teresa are stunned at what just happened. As soon as the game was over I looked at them and asked them where they wanted to pay the debt off at. They choose the family room. They excused themselves to go upstairs and get undressed because they are fixing to get messy. About 15 minutes went by before Tina and Teresa made their entrance wearing only skimpy bras and panties. They both grabbed big floor pillows and placed them side by side in the middle of the family room and dropped to their knees to settle the bet they lost. Teresa said they weren't gonna begin until all 17 of us were naked in front of them, that's when I spoke up telling them if were all gonna be naked the Tina and Teresa need to lose the bras and panties. Now everyone is naked and it's time to let the fun begin. We all sat in our seats and Tina and Teresa made their way around the room taking one load of cum at a time. Teresa came to her next dick and she stopped dead in her track. She found herself in front of the biggest cock she has seen it was atleast 16 inches and as big around as a come can and it belonged to one of our friends 17 yr old son. Teresa did the best she could trying to suck it but it was almost impossible that's when she made a surprise descision she bent over and told the boy to fuck her doggie now. That started it all next thing we knew Tina had three cocks in her as did Teresa. By the time the night was over Tina and Teresa had taken over 60 loads of cum from the 17 of us. We are planning our next party soon hopefully we have a replay of the Super Bowl party. We'll let you know

07-27-2011, 03:36 AM
Thanks for the addition