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Before I start you have to understand that neither my husband nor I had any intention or even conversation about swinging before this vacation. We've been married now for 10 years and have two kids. Like most couples with kids and one working parent, after a family vacation there wasn't much time or money left over for the two of us, so we hadn't planned on any good one-on-one time alone. Our neighbors of five years, Peter and Tina, were in the same situation as we were, with two kids and a somewhat limited budget.

Peter, Tina, Manny, and I had gotten pretty close over the years. With kids the same age, and living next door, we had enjoyed each other's company for barbeques, dinners out, movies, etc. They are a great couple and have similar tastes to ours. They were, however, always a little bit more adventurous then we were. Tina had told me a couple of stories of visits to nude beaches before they had kids. But nothing sexual had ever happened between us other then a little kidding around on occasion.

Then one day last month I got a call from Tina telling me that Peter had been offered the use of a beach house in Virginia over the Labor Day weekend. It belonged to a guy who was a client of the company where Peter worked, and this guy apparently had a few bucks. Tina asked if we would like to join them, as the trip would cost very little and they knew that we were dying to get away without the kids this summer. I felt kind of awkward, but she kept insisting, saying that we would split the car expenses and buy groceries and take turns cooking so we wouldn't have to eat out every night. I said I would ask Manny and let her know.

Manny's reaction was, "Hell yes, why not!"

The more I thought about it, the more I also came to the conclusion that it was a no brainier. I called Tina and told her we would love to. I had a few second thoughts the next day thinking about Peter and Tina being a bit wilder then we were, both with drinking and being adventurous, but I reasoned that it had never been a problem before.

Manny and Peter both managed to get Friday off before the weekend, and Peter talked the guy into letting us arrive Thursday night. So Tina and I got the kids farmed out Thursday afternoon and we drove off as soon as the guys got home from work. Since we live in Raleigh it was a good four hour drive, and we arrived well after dark to find what seemed like a very nice little house. We had stopped to eat at a fast food place on the way, so once the guys had lugged all our stuff in and Tina and I got sheets on beds we all hit the sack, saying we would explore in the morning.

We woke to find Peter had been up for a while making coffee and exploring the surroundings. He told us the place had a neat patio with barbeque, Jacuzzi, outdoor shower and lots of chairs to lie in. But he was especially enthusiastic about the great beach and view and the privacy. He ended by telling Tina that this was a perfect place for nude sunbathing, something they hadn't done in years.

Well, I didn't say anything, and the truth is I wasn't completely opposed to the idea myself, either. My body is still petite and in good shape, and I kind of wondered what it would be like to go nude. And looking at Peter, I was sure he wouldn't be bad for the eyes, as he was a rougher version of my husband, sharing similar physical traits.

After we finished having coffee and a little breakfast, Peter said he was going out to the beach. He went into their room and came out wrapped in a towel. It suddenly hit me that he must be nude under that towel. That gave me a sort of a funny feeling that was hard to pin down, but was almost like a little buzz.

He walked out to the beach, and Tina walked over to me and said if the nude thing bothered me she would wear a swimsuit. I didn't want to seem like a prude, and I kind of wanted to do it, so I said, "Don't be silly, it will be fun." Manny looked at me with a pretty shocked look, but he didn't complain.

So Manny and I went to our bedroom where we both stripped and wrapped towels around ourselves. Then we walked out to the beach and joined them. I remember the rush I got from seeing Peter nude on his back while I slipped off my towel exposing myself. Well, the next few hours were interesting. On the one hand, we lay sunning ourselves, chatting, and reading, no differently then if we had bathing suits on; but on the other hand it wasn't the same at all, and I for one felt very sexy and turned on. As the day went on we stayed nude even when we went back and forth to the house to get drinks and snacks. We made some lunch and continued nude as we read or lay on the lounge chairs, as if we had been nudists all our lives.

While we were all hanging out on the patio we decided that we would have dinner out, and Peter said he would shower first. He left for a while but then to my surprise came back out with a towel and soap and stuff. I suddenly realized he was going to use the outdoor shower. Now that was hot; I tried not to look, but I couldn't resist glancing at his wet body all soaped up. When he soaped and washed his semi erect cock I couldn't even pretend not to watch. When he was done, Tina did the same, and my husband couldn't keep his eyes off her. I felt a bit awkward showering in front of them, so when Tina went in the house to get dressed, and Peter hadn't come back out, I quickly showered before they got back

Then we all got dressed and went out for dinner and drinks. By the time we came back it was late, and both couples were horny, so we retired to our rooms.

Manny and I were both dying to have sex! He entered me almost immediately and didn't last very long, but to my surprise neither did I. We both came and then lay there talking about the events of the day. As we did he got hard again and we started to do it a second time. This time he was in control and we fucked like when we were newliweds. We kept going for what seemed like hours and countless orgasms for me, finally collapsing when he exploded inside me. I think we must have fallen asleep almost immediately.

In the morning, Peter came in to our room to wake us up. I was more than a bit embarrassed. I mean, he had seen me naked all day, but at this point I didn't have my face on, and I had that 'been fucked all night' look!

Anyway we had breakfast and hit the beach once again naked. Something different happened this time, however, that would change the course of the day. Manny stayed behind to go to the bathroom and Tina and I lay on our stomachs. She asked Peter to do her back with sun block, and he did her back, her sides, then slowly her ass.

When he was done, Manny still had not come out yet, and Peter said lucky me and started to do my back. As he did to Tina, he did my back, but seemed to do the sides of my breasts quite a bit, and then started my ass. Again he did my ass quite slowly, enjoying my cheeks.

Just then Manny came out, saying "Hey, what's going on here?" He added, laughing, "I'm going to have to get even for this."

I was kind of surprised that he took it in such good spirits.

Peter then said, "Don't worry, I'll let you do Tina's back in the outdoor shower later."

The guys both laughed, and Tina said to me, "Don't you just love the way men treat us like property!"

I thought she was a little annoyed at the comment but I wasn't sure.

The rest of the morning went as the day before. We stayed nude, sunned ourselves, read, chatted, took swims, had a few drinks, etc. Then at about 2 in the afternoon we decided to hang in the patio and make hot dogs. As before, we stayed totally nude. Tina and I jumped in the Jacuzzi while the guys cooked. We ate lunch and continued to drink.

Then Tina said she was going to take a little nap, but first she needed to shower off, as her skin felt awful from the sand and the salt water. I didn't think much of it as she left and came back out the same way Peter had yesterday with her things to shower.

She got the water temperature adjusted and then looked over to Manny sitting in a chair and said, "Well, come on, it's your payback time."

Manny got up, but very timidly. Peter just grinned, and I didn't mind, thinking that she was going to let him do her back. Besides, I was turned on, not to mention having consumed enough alcohol to dull any possessiveness.

Manny walked over to the shower, but was still unsure of himself.

Tina must have sensed this, and took matters into her own hands, saying, "you first," as she pushed him under the shower to wet him.

She then pulled him out a little and with both hands (one with the bar of soap in it) washed his back and shoulders.

But she didn't stop there. She slowly did his arms, then, to my surprise, continued with his chest, openly playing with his nipples. My eyes were glued to what she was doing as she then bent down and washed his legs. I went into shock when she stood back up, lathered up both hands, and gave his cock a quick but playful wash. There was plenty of it to wash, because by now it was completely at attention.

She then said, "Okay, my turn," picked up the soap, and handed it to him.

At this point he wasn't shy any more. He proceeded to wash her as she had him, starting with her back, her shoulders and then her arms. Although he washed her breasts, he still didn't look comfortable and washed them quickly. Neither Peter nor I said a word as he did this. He worked his way down her stomach, then her ass, and bent down to do her legs. After finishing her legs, he stood like he was wondering if he should go further. Finally, as she had before, he lathered his hands up and put the palm of his hand right on her pubic area. He quickly rubbed soap on her, taking four or five passes and stopping.

Tina then stepped into the spray to get the soap off.

At that point Peter made a crack about he and I getting even, as they had gone too far. I laughed and stayed in my chair.

Tina, now clean, came and sat next to me. We chatted a while by ourselves. She started to say she was sorry if she had gone too far with the tease, but she assured me that she wasn't into any swapping or cheating, and didn't think a little touching like that was so bad. She also commented on how great her sex with Peter had been the night before because of the nudity, and hoped the shower would do the same.

I told her I was cool with it also, so long as nothing got out of hand.

Well, it was then that Peter came over and said, "Come on, let's show them how to shower."

I got up, smiled at Manny, and went under the water.

I started washing him first, as I truly couldn't wait to touch his cock, which was quite hard already. Despite being built much like my husband, his cock seemed a couple of inches longer and also thicker. This coupled with his more rugged look was quite a turn on for me. I washed him all over just as Tina had done to Manny, starting with his back and shoulders and working my way slowly down to his chest, where I stayed for a few seconds on his nipples. I then bent down to do his legs slowly enjoying the view of his body. Finally I stood and lathered up my hands and gave his cock a soft but quick wash with both hands. I was afraid to do it any longer than Tina had, and she had been quite quick with Manny, giving it just a few strokes, so I did the same. But no way can I explain how erotic it was to touch another man's cock.

It was Peter's turn to do me and he started with my back. He did one thing differently, and I would later realize why. Previously the person washing had kind of walked around the other person who was facing the patio. So we couldn't see washing of the backside but saw everything in front. Peter started partially turning me as he washed. He did my back and ass in full view of my husband. As he slowly soaped up my ass, unlike Manny's shy washing of Tina, Peter soaped my whole ass, sliding his hand in my crack down almost to the other side. Then he turned me a bit and did my breasts and one leg with hubby having a kind of side view.

Again, unlike my husband when doing Tina's breasts, Peter enjoyed them, spending quite a bit of time openly teasing my nipples. When he finished he turned me a bit again, so now I had my back to my husband.

I don't have words to describe how hot I was when, after doing my leg, he stood and lathered up his one hand and started to wash my pubic area. Again, where Manny did this to Tina with quick strokes, Peter took very slow passes. The first was slow with his open palm and sent electricity through me. On the second one he surprised me by slightly raising his middle finger up my slit and over my clit. It was then I realized why I had been positioned that way.

His third pass with his hand again had his finger raised but this time his soapy fingertip entered me a bit. I guess he sensed that along with my arousal I was getting nervous, because he ended after that, but not before one more pass which included a quick stop right on my clit. It was a good thing he stopped after that because I had all I could do not to moan.

It was obvious that we were all turned on, so we all said naptime and retired to our bedrooms where I fucked my husband like an animal. I got on top of him and rode him to two incredible orgasms while he also came. But that wasn't enough, and I couldn't wait for his recovery, so I shifted from his cock to his face; mounting it with my wet cum filled vagina and telling him to eat me. Again I came; it was wonderful. I got off him and gave him a big kiss as he lay there with his face covered with both our juices. We both drifted off to sleep clinging to each other.

After a while we all woke up, got dressed for once, and started to make a little dinner. As we did, our conversation shifted to what had happened. I think we all felt a little awkward despite how much we enjoyed it. Tina and Peter both said they thought it was great fun and they had fantastic sex afterwards. We all admitted to that fact, and agreed that no one had intercourse or oral sex or even an orgasm with anyone other then their own spouse, so it was just high school stuff really.

We had a great dinner with lots of wine, and started to think of other sexy things that could have happened. We also somehow got on the subject of movie love scenes, and how they seem so real, and if the actors' husbands and wives get jealous. Somehow, I can't even say exactly how it evolved, we decided to videotape a love scene contest. We would change partners and direct a short love scene that would only have touching, but with camera angles that would make it appear like we were having real sex. This all sounds pretty wacky, but at the time it seemed like it would be great fun. It's amazing what being horny and a little drunk can do for you.

Peter wanted to direct first, so Manny and Tina would kick off the movie. We went in the bedroom and both Tina and Manny got naked.

The first pose had them lying close together kissing and touching each other. Like in the movies, Peter didn't do close-ups of Tina's pubic area, and didn't film Manny's erect penis. He then instructed Manny to slowly work his way down to suck her breasts and then her stomach and then her thighs. He had Manny simulate giving her oral sex with his face right there. He also told Tina to moan and move her body like it was really happening. Then he changed them around with Manny on his back and Tina working her way down slowly.

Peter then, with the right angle and Tina's long hair, films them as if Tina was giving him a blowjob. This was all pretty hot. Then he placed Tina on top as if she was riding him. Tina was moaning, probably not totally acting, as her clit had to be at least rubbing his penis in that position. Then the grand finale as Tina lay down, legs open, with Manny on top. With a sheet covering them from their waist down, Manny simulated intercourse, and they both faked orgasms. Manny would later admit that if that part had gone on much longer he might have cum all over her from the rubbing of his penis on the top of her pubic hair.

Then we all went out to the living room and viewed it. I was pretty impressed actually; Peter had done a great job. It looked really good for a home movie.

Now it was our turn. Part of me couldn't wait, while part of me was concerned with Peter's aggressiveness, as demonstrated in the shower earlier

Manny told us to strip and get ready, and we did. He first wanted us to kiss and touch lightly while lying side by side. We did this and I enjoyed my first kiss with Peter. Manny asked us to show lots of tongue for the camera and we did. Our kisses were very wet and sloppy. Then he had Peter slide his hand to my breasts and play with my nipples. After that he told him to slide his hand down and palm my vagina. Peter did this and kept his hand right there, but as Manny shifted the camera to the other side to get a different angle of our bodies, Peter took his finger and started rubbing my clit softly. This was what I was afraid of, but by then I didn't feel like complaining.

Next he had us do what he and Tina had done, working their way down each other's bodies. Peter worked his way down, driving my nipples crazy, and then my belly button. He got down to my pubic area and kissed and nibbled all around my thighs. Again he waited for the chance, and gave me a quick lick when Manny was stopping the camera for the next part. I was on fire now. It was my turn to work my way down Peter, and I didn't need a lot of instruction.

I enjoyed every inch of his chest and waist, and then settled down to simulate oral sex. My naughty side got the best of me, and with my back to Manny and Tina, and pretending to go up and down on Peter's cock, I returned the favor and gave his head a quick lick. Then Manny had me get on top and simulate intercourse. Again I needed no instruction. I got on top of him, rocking myself in such a way that my clit ground against his shaft, driving me almost to a climax.

Now it was time for the grand finale. As Peter had done, Manny positioned me with legs open and Peter in between them on top of me. With the sheet covering us from our waists down, Peter started to simulate intercourse, but he did it by rubbing himself on my clit. I couldn't help myself, I was jerking and panting and moaning, no acting needed.

Then Peter looked in my eyes, as if I had ESP. I knew what he was asking, his eyes were saying 'I want to feel what you're like, even for a second.' My eyes must have told him I was wondering the same thing. He slid his long cock inside me and gave me exactly 3 strokes before pulling it out and continuing to simulate intercourse for a few more seconds until Manny stopped the movie. We got up to watch it and Peter gave me a naughty smile that I returned.

We watched the movie, and by the time it finished Manny was rubbing his shaft on my leg. We looked over and Tina had her face in Peter's lap and his cock in her mouth. Well, for the next two hours we fucked in front of each other and watched and heard each other cum. It was a perfect cap to a very erotic day. It was after midnight by the time we all went to bed.

I woke the next morning with Manny's giant cock rubbing against my clit. Actually, I wasn't really awake. I had been dreaming of Peter's cock rubbing against me, and I sort of continued that dream. Manny was on top of me and I was on fire, bucking up against him. Or more accurately, I was dreaming that I was bucking up against Peter. I came immediately as soon as he entered me. In my dream his cock was twelve inches long and so big I couldn't reach around it with my hand. He started pumping wildly, and I came again when he spurted his cum into me. Then I opened my eyes and saw that it was really Manny. I felt embarrassed, but sooo satisfied. It had been a great fuck no matter who it was.

After we calmed down a bit, he said, "I hope you didn't mind being wakened that way. I woke up from a dream, and just had to fuck right now."

I giggled nervously, "Actually, I was in the middle of a dream when you woke me, and you finished it beautifully."

"What were you dreaming about?" he asked.

"Well, it was a sort of mixed up dream," I lied, "but it definitely was sexy, and I sure was glad you were there for the climax."

He seemed to hesitate, but then blurted out, "Would you hate me if I told you I was dreaming about Tina? I guess it was because of that movie we filmed last night. But I was glad it was you beside me when I woke, and it was definitely you I was fucking," he added quickly.

Then I felt I had to come clean with him. I told him I wasn't fully awake when he did me, and that the whole thing was sort of part of my dream and I really didn't know who I was fucking until it was over and I opened my eyes.

"So you mean if it had been Peter you would have let him?"

"No, Manny, I don't think I mean that, not if I was fully awake and knew what was happening. Though if you and Tina had left us alone at the end of that love scene last night, I don't think I could have resisted."

"Yeah, I know what you mean. I nearly came all over Tina's belly at the end of our scene."

And that was all we said right then, because my clit was pulsing its demand for more attention, and Manny's cock was jumping up and down. This time he came almost as soon as he entered me, and I came right along with him.

Afterward I asked him if it was wrong to think about being with another guy so long as I was faithful to him.

He said, "I sure as hell hope not, because just now I was thinking about Tina."

"And I was thinking about Peter," I admitted.

"So you really would like to fuck him, wouldn't you?"

In a whisper I admitted I would.

"And I would like to fuck Tina. No, I mean I would love to fuck Tina!"

"Oh God, Manny!" At that point we tried to go a third round, but he couldn't get it up, so we settled for some 69 stimulation.

When we finally got out to the kitchen Peter and Tina had already rustled up some breakfast, and we realized we were famished. Somehow there hadn't seemed to be any point in putting clothes on, and they had obviously felt the same way. They were both leering at us as we approached the table. They were sitting across from each other, so I sat down next to Peter, and Manny next to Tina. But before Manny sat down I noticed that his poor overworked dick was once more getting ready for action. And when I sat down and looked at Peter's lap I saw immediately that he was totally ready for action. I was too, despite my hunger. Manny and I dug into our bacon and eggs, but the two sexy people next to us had already eaten, and they started working on us. By the time our plates were clean they were both on the floor under the table, and we both had our legs as far apart as possible to give their mouths and hands free rein.

I finally pushed back from the table, got up shakily, and said "We need to talk."

Tina agreed, and then we all admitted we had been obscessing on the same thing. We repeated as we'd said before that we had all been faithful to our spouses. Then we started rationalizing.

Maybe it wasn't cheating if your spouse knew what was happening and didn't object.
Maybe it was OK if you were all very close friends.
Maybe if you and your spouse were both doing it at the same time it wasn't really being unfaithful.
Maybe it was just the taboo that was making us feel so hot for each other, and if we actually did it we would discover that it really wasn't what we wanted anyway.
Maybe we should just try it once, and see how it felt, and decide what we wanted to do after that.
Maybe we should do it right now.
Maybe we've talked long enough.
Maybe if we don't do something soon the guys are going to be squirting all over the floor.
Maybe the gals should take the guys to their bedrooms now!

Tina grabbed Manny, and I grabbed Peter, and we suited action to words. Peter and I only just got through the door, not even over to the bed, before he tackled me and rammed his cock into my wide open cunt. I have no idea how long we rolled around on the floor, and no idea of how many times we both came, but for me, at least, it was lots.

Finally we calmed down enough to realize we would be more comfortable on the bed. Once there the animals in us took over again, and again we both lost count of cums. In fact it was the middle of the afternoon by the time we staggered out to get some food and take a shower together. We fucked again in the shower, and then headed straight back to the bed for more. As we went by the other bedroom we heard Manny grunting and Tina screaming, but our own still urgent needs were all we could focus on.

Finally total exhaustion took over and we fell asleep in each others arms. Some time during the night I woke up and started pumping Peter's semirigid rod. He woke quickly and so did his penis. Once again we started fucking and I was cuming over and over. It was starting to get light and we were still going at it. We finally realized we couldn't keep it up without some food, so we staggered out to the kitchen again.

There we discovered that our spouses had gotten there first, and apparently eaten, but then found they couldn't wait long enough to get back to the bedroom. Manny was on his back on the floor, and Tina was riding him faster and faster. I don't think they even knew we were there.

Seeing that was too much for me, I shoved Peter down to the floor and mounted him. It took us a long time due to famine and exhaustion, but after we heard Tina come a couple of times and finally heard Manny and Tina cum together, we did too.

After we all calmed down they saw us there, and everyone said good morning. It slowly dawned on us all that we had been fucking for nearly 24 hours. And then we realized this was the morning we had to go home.

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