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To say I was mad was an understatement. My wife was putting it about and I wanted to get my revenge.

It all began about a month ago when I met up with some mates for a game of golf. Mike asked why I wasn’t driving the Jag. I asked him what he meant and he said that he’d seen my Jag in the driveway a couple of times when he’d gone past my house. Then Geoff said that it was probably Suzi’s car and I wasn’t allowed to drive it. There is a standing joke amongst my mates as they know Suzi, my wife, has expensive tastes and are always taking the piss because I work so much overtime to keep her happy.

I said that I hadn’t bought her a new car; it must have been one of her girl friends over for the evening. However alarm bells had suddenly started ringing. Suzi had been on at me for the last few weeks because Clive, one of the managers at the cosmetics company where she works, had just bought a new Jag and why couldn’t we have a car like that?

Over the next couple of weeks I dropped a couple of overtime shifts and, having told Suzi I would be working late, came home early and parked the car the woods that border the old farm where we live. I then crept round to the outbuildings and made myself comfortable. From here I kept watch on the house.

I spent a couple of fruitless nights doing this, being careful to ‘arrive home’ at my usual time. I began to feel I was wasting my time but was determined to keep at it. Sure enough on the third night I saw Clive turn up. Suzi met him, dressed in not a lot, and after a passionate kiss they headed into the house. I had brought my camera as I wanted proof to confront her with. I snapped a few photos of their meeting and then waited for them to go into the house. Once they were inside I quickly moved round to the old barn at the back of the house and hid upstairs in the hay loft. From here I had a good view of our bedroom window.

Before long there they were in the bedroom, already half naked and groping each other. Over the next hour I got a lot of pictures of Clive shagging my wife.

I felt like charging in and kicking shit out of Clive, but held my ground. I had worked out a plan and would teach her a lesson, but it would take a little time and preparation.

I talked over my plans with Mike, Geoff and a couple of other mates, Dave and Paul. They said they’d do anything they could to help. Geoff is in to bondage and so I asked if I could borrow a few bits of his equipment. He readily agreed. We set it all up for the next Saturday night

All this time I acted as if I knew nothing about what Suzi had been up to. On the Saturday night I set-to getting Suzi somewhat drunk. This is not a difficult task as she will sometimes get drunk at the slightest excuse. Once I had got her well on the way I started fooling around, kissing her and groping her. She always gets randy when she drinks and I soon had her out in the old barn, naked and horny. I had suspended the sling I had borrowed from Geoff in the middle of the barn. She saw it and seemed to get really turned on. She told me that this looked kinky but headed towards the sling. I handed her the large, very strong gin I was carrying and she drank it while examining the sling. In one gulp she finished the drink and said I’d better help her get in to it. This was not co easy as her coordination was going fast. But after a bit of a struggle I had got her in to it. I then took the other Velcro bands I had borrowed and made sure that her wrists, arms and ankles were well secured to the harness as I wanted to ensure she couldn’t escape. She was getting really hot and horny now. She said that she had never realised that I was into this sort of kinky sex. I just smiled and told her she was going to get a fuck she would always remember.

To finish things off I put a spiked dog collar round her throat and took out a lipstick I had brought with me from her dressing table. With it I started to write on her naked body. She couldn’t see most of what I was writing but was shrieking and squirming because I was tickling her. With difficulty I wrote “FREE SEX” down the inside of each thigh and then wrote “FUCK SLUT” across her stomach and targets round her engorged nipples. She seemed to find this funny. I got out my phone and took several pictures of her, telling her to open her legs wide. She did so and, giggling drunkenly, said that I should have brought a proper camera if I wanted to take kinky pictures. I quickly sent the pictures on. I stripped off and, to kill some time, started to ream her sopping wet cunt out with my fingers

The lads had been pre-warned. They were to wait for my call and then come round. Within ten minutes they were there in the barn. Suzi suddenly realised we were no longer alone. She saw the others there and tried to cover herself up but couldn’t. The best she could manage was to try to curl up into a ball.

I told the guys to strip off; in fact two of them were already half way there. I then told Suzi that I had seen her and Clive shagging, she tried to deny it. I showed her the pictures and she went pale. I told her that, if she was going to put out for her ‘friend’, she would now put out for mine. She opened her mouth to say something and I slipped in a ball gag and fastened it behind her head

As the guys closed in she tried to resist. I grabbed one leg and told Mike to grab the other. We pulled them, as far apart as we could get them, she struggled but in vain. Dave got between her legs and, grabbing her hips plunged his length in to her. She made muffled cries and tried to struggle more but we ignored her. Dave started to hammer away. Paul and Geoff grabbed a tit each and started to feast on them.

Before long Suzi started to respond. For a while she had tried to fight it but eventually she stopped struggling and started moaning. By now her tits were a mass of bite marks and smudged lipstick. They rocked crazily as Dave fucked her. Dave shot his load and his place was taken by Paul. Mike and I let go of her legs she didn’t try to close them. In fact she started to wrap them round Paul’s back. Mike and I went to work on her tits and add more marks to them.

Once Paul finished Geoff took over then I took a turn and, while Mike had his turn, I went into the house and grabbed a hand full of cold beers from the fridge. We drank them while Suzi lay there in the sling, cum running from her cunt. I got one of the empty bottles and rammed it up her cunt. She squirmed and moaned through her gag. Then we all fucked her again, Geoff finished this round by raising her legs high and fucking her in the ass. When he had finished we all stood back. Suzi just hung there, limp, in the sling

I clipped a leash to her collar and got Mike to release the straps from her wrists arms and ankles. Paul and Dave helped her out of the sling, held her upright and took off the gag. She took a deep shuddering breath and her tits heaved but she just stood there, head bowed, swaying. Pulling on her leash I led her over to Mike I told her to get on all fours and to suck his cock. She crawled the final few feet across the floor to Mike, her cunt and ass still oozing cum and started to feast on his cock. Mike grabbed hold of two handfuls of her long black hair and fucked her mouth hard. Then she did the same for Paul, Geoff, Dave and finally me. When we were all empty she just knelt there placidly, her makeup totally smeared, cum plastering her hair, face tits and the insides of her thighs.

Still holding the leash I told her that things would change from now on. She would provide sex for my friends whenever I said. If she refused I would send the pictures of her and Clive to her boss, who also happened to be Clive’s father-in-law. It would be interesting to see how long their cushy jobs, with all their perks, conferences and sales trips, would last then.

Suzi is no longer fucking Clive, but about once a month my mates and I get together for a game of golf but the nineteenth hole is no longer the bar, its Suzi’s cunt. She is always ready to greet us, wearing whatever I had left out for her to wear. This is usually skimpy, very sluttish and always includes the dog collar. She has come to accept her punishment and now even seems to look forward to it.

Next month, seven of us from the club have hired a lodge up in Scotland for a week’s golf and Suzi will be cuming with us.

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