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The saga continues (look the prologue for the initial part), please post your comments nd suggestions about how you would like to have into it.. and agan forgive my english.

Attached the images (elaborated form real pictures) of other characters that will be part of the story.

Hope you enjoy

So the day came!

The evening before was terrific: I could see and feel the extreme level of tension and stress of my wife, she, even if I was trying to get some from here, almost did not say a single word and ate almost nothing going to bed very soon.

The same happened also in the morning and at early afternoon, approaching the challenge time, she before asked to me to go down in the garden waiting for her and the she stepped in the bathroom to prepare herself.

When I stepped down in the closed and reserved garden all our neighbours were already there sitting around the grass area appointed like a sort of ring and I felt myself very embarrassed because all the eyes were on me.

Let me introduce our neighbours so you can have an idea about them… they will have important roles in our ‘saga’.

First we have a very rich couple, considering their money they are really considered in the building.

The man is called Rob, he is 60yo, about 5.6 for 179 lbs. His hair are still in place and are dyed black except on the head sides where they are white. On his face he has black moustache and he has a look vulgar and a thickset body exactly like his wife called Carla.

She has the same age of Julie (55), is tall about 5.5 for at least 172 lbs.

Her face, always with an heavy make-up, is ugly and squared and the mouth is prominent and big showing, when opened, prominent teeth. The hair are permed and curly badly dyed blonde long to the neck base. In conclusion two horrible persons with the only merit to have a lot of money.

On their left side there was a divorced woman living at the first floor with her new boyfriend. Her name is Joanna and she is 50 yo old, but she looks more than 10 years younger. She is really beautiful and, to give you an idea, she seems to me the double of he actress Senta Berger in her best shape.

She is 5.5 tall for 142 lbs and her body is still perfect and toned: well formed sides and straight legs, a perfect ass so as the tits, a flat belly and as already said a face double of Senta always perfectly maked-up.

The hair are thick and wavy combed back long to the mid back with an amazing coppered red color. Her only problem? She is unpleasant at least as she is beautiful, to give you an idea I have never heard her saying or answering a simple ‘Good day’.

Sitting at her side there was her boyfriend really worthy of her. He should be 45 yo, tall more than 6 fts for 172 lbs with a very athletic body, extremely formed muscles and a face we could define, to be a man, interesting for a woman.

His hair are black and wavy always perfect. He is worthy of Joanna, not only for the great shape, but also because like his partner I never heard him to say a word.

And with this we have completed the presentation of our neighbours, but I noticed sitting there another couple not living in our building, but that I knew to be friend of the rich couple.

The name of the woman should be Sharon and she should be a little older than her friend Carla, so let say about 58yo for 5.2 ft and 150 lbs.

Her face shows all her age with several wrinkles around the small eyes and the thin mouth, the body is also right for the age: a sort of little wardrobe without sides and muscles with an extreme prominent fat belly and falling tits.

Her hair style is ridiculous , considering her age, with a straight and swallow gray bobcut with a fringe half covering the right eye and black dyed stripes.

The make-up is an exact copy of the one of her friend with the old face heavily covered with greasepaint, dark red lipstick on the mouth and blue rimmel and black mascara around the eyes: in conclusion a real mask.

Her husband, called Anthony, should be 62yo for 5.4 ft and about 175 lbs, a sort of little barrel with a fat rounded and red face with few gray hair only on the head sides and extremely small eyes: in few words an insignificant little man.

Finally, standing behind the rich couple, there was Mary, the woman doing the cleaning of the common areas and of the garden of the building. She is 35 yo, tall 5.3 for about 142 lbs, so she is a little too robust, but her body is really toned and muscular, for sure effect oh the job she does.

Her face is nice and well proportioned in eyes, incredibly blue, nose and mouth. Her hair are blonde in a spiked boycut. She is really a nice person always available to answer our requests and to support in case of need.

To close the presentations, I introduce myself. My name is Joe, 47 yo tall 5.9 for 164 lbs.

I would say that my body is well proportioned, slim and toned even if not so muscular and I demonstrate less than my real age. My hair are black, only few of them are turning gray, and still in place even if with a little, let me say very little, receding hairline.

So now all the main characters of the saga have been discovered and we will see in the coming chapters how they will be part of the story.

Still with all the eyes of the attendees following me and feeling my embarrassment growing looking at some smirks of them, I took a chair and sat alone on the border of the grass area looking around nervously with the only good feeling that I was realizing that at least from outside the building no one could see what was going to happen here.

I was still considering that when suddenly I noticed that all the eyes were no more looking at me. I turned my eyes in the same direction and immediately I felt a sensation like as my heart was halting.

Julie was stepping out of the building and approaching us, her look was terrific and amazing at the same time. She was barefoot and wearing only black bra and panties showing a body that I could not imagine before: toned, well formed and with sculpted muscles.

The same surprise was on the faces of other attendees and looking at them Julie smiled and I could notice her satisfaction in her eyes.

My only comfort was noticing that her tits were really small and ridicolous respect the rest oh her body. Anyway the effect was incredible also because also her make-up was perfect with purple lipstick and a delicate line of rimmel around the eyes.

Her hair were heavily greased tightly pulled and combed back stuck on the head and tied on the nape in a short and slim glued pigtail.

She stepped in the grass area still smiling and after to have greeted the attendees she looked full of hate at me badly hissing out: ’Fucking man.. well? Where is the slut? Is she already escaped and hidden in the dirty hole she belongs?’

All the eyes were again on me and I can imagine that in that moment my face was turning red and purple while I was desperately trying to say something, but finally I saw my wife stepping out of the building.

I should have changed my expression because everyone turned to my wife and immediately I felt me better and, I would say, enthusiast.

My wife was really amazing and with satisfaction I noticed the surprise and the admiration of the attendees and still more I could see how changed the expression of Julie: she was no more smiling now, her face was now serious and worried and at the same time more angered.

Pat was wearing a tight and small red bikini that I have never seen before and putting in great evidence her beautiful tits and her sides, but, I have to admit, also her flabby belly.

Anyway the overall look was great and impressing and she looked calm and was smiling clearly enjoying the envy in the eyes of the women and mainly of Julie and the admiration of the attending men.

The make-up was perfect with only few bright pink lipstick and a thin line of pink rimmel around her eyes and mascara on the eyebrows, her hair were styled in a tight French braid starting from the top of the forehead and closed at the top of the neck.

As last touch she was wearing a silver bracelet, that I knew was a gift of her grandma, on the right ankle: a sort of amulet for her.

Overall the look of the two rivals was great: Julie appeared more toned and muscular, but for sure my wife was nicer and I was confident that her younger age could do the difference.

At that point my wife was stepped in the grass and the two rivals, looking each other in the eyes, started to slowly go on circle. Julie hissed out with hate and anger: ’I was waiting for this since long time.. little slut.. you will never forget this day, I’m going to ruin you and your life’.

'In your dream.. old ugly cow’ calmly replied Pat ‘shut up or you will be soon out of breath.. but you are right I will never forget the enjoy I will have today crushing you and making you my trophy’.

My God.. the fight was beginning.. Never before I had been so nervous, but at the same time excited and I could see the same excitement and level of nervousness in the eyes of other attendees.

Suddenly and without a word, confirming my feeling about the better freshness of my wife, Pat rushed to Julie and raised her right leg hardly slamming the foot in the rival’s side.

‘Oughhhhhh’ screamed a totally surprised Julie staggering and bending her body on the left with the hand on the hit side.

Her reaction was to widen the right arm to send a large slap at Pat’s face, but my wife easily avoided the hit and immediately replayed ,taking advantage of her longer legs and agility, with another kick aimed this time right in the Julie’s belly.

I enjoyed seeing the panic in the her eyes while the air was rushing out from her and she was screaming and coughing at the same time staggering more and doubling over with her both hands on the sore tummy.

Immediately my wife followed her staggering and, with Julie still doubled over, she applied an headlock on the rival walking around to force Julie to stagger in the lock.

Julie sunk her nails in my wife’s arms trying to free herself ‘Ouhhhh’ screamed my wife feeling the scratch and releasing the lock ‘fucking bitchh… you will regret this’.

She held the rival bended pushing with one hand on Julie’s back neck and slammed with all her strength the other elbow right in the rival’s mid back shouting out ‘Yeahhhhhh.. get this whore’.

‘Aghhhhhhhhh’ Julie badly screamed for the pain yanking back her head while she was collapsing on the grass flat on her belly with my wife standing and looking down at her triumphant.

‘Go .. sweetie.. go’ I enthusiastically shouted cheering at her seeing how she was dominating the old witch in the one side battle while the other attendees were still silent, but looking more and more excited what was happening.

She looked at me happily smiling probably still not believing how things were going well and so easy exceeding any expectation.

At that time a sore and frustrated Julie was pushing on her arms and shaking her dazed head trying to recover herself and stand up, but Pat was still on her and let herself felt down sitting with all her weight on Julie’s back forcing again the rival flat, face and belly in the grass.

While Julies was pathetically shaking herself under my wife trying to get free and sliding her arms on the grass, my wife laughing at the rival untied her bra and waving it over her head still laughing screamed out: ‘This is my first trophy.. damned whore.. soon I’ll have all of you’.

Then she surrounded the neck of the rival with her own bra and, pulling on it, forced up Julie’s head that was now exposed to the attendees.

‘Ghhhhh.. ghhhhhhh’ she was groaning with more panic and tears in her eyes, it was clear that she was still not fully realizing what was happening to her got in total surprise by the sudden attacks of my wife.

That made me more and more enthusiast and I cheered again: ‘You are so great .. sweetie.. you are so great.. finish her.. finish the pork’.

My wife looked at me beaming and blew a kiss before to joyfully say; ’My darling I will have soon a bigger gift for you.. May be a little broken,.. ahhh.. ahhhhhh.. but anyway a gift’.

Saying that my wife halted the pulling and threw the bra at my feet, I picked it up and blowing a kiss to Pat I said:’Mhhh.. thank you so much.. my love’.

The released Julie’s head felt again down in the grass and she was more weakly shaking herself under the ass and the weight of my wife.

‘Finish her now.. honey.. finish her’ I happily shouted proud of my wife, slowly standing up she maliciously smirked at me and hissed: ’Let me have some more fun with this dirty whore.. my dear… let me enjoy this moment’.

She bent down to grab the glued pigtail and pulled on it to force the stunned Julie up ‘Get up.. whore.. get up.. I have not yet finished with you.. you will never bother me again.. ugly witch.. fuck you.. what hell have you put on those dirty hair.. butter? It’s disgusting’ she laughed still pulling on the greased pigtail until she had the rival barely standing with her arms raised up weakly flying trying to free her scalp form the grip ‘Aghhh.. aghhhhh.. let go.. pleaseee.. let gooo’ Julie almost cried out.

With Julie standing and staggering in the Pat’s grip it was easy to see the naked chest and how poor was it with those small tits and that view still more convinced me about the fact that I was completely wrong when I was so worried about the fight result: my wife was definitively better than that old bitch.

Hearing the beg of the hated rival my wife happily smiled and by the grip on the tail turned the staggering Julie forcing the rival to face her.

Looking the fear and the surprise on Julie’s face my wife started to mock her: ’Ohhh.. poor Julie.. are you fine? Poor.. poor Julie.. I’m so.. so sorry for you.. but do not worry.. you can be sure.. together we are going to have a lot of fun’.

I laughed at that words waving the bra on my head and at that point the excitement of the attendees, and more of the men attending, was clearly higher and higher even if still no one have said one only word or cheer… but I think you have already understood form their presentations (in Chapter 2) that they are persons of few words.. lol.

My wife at that point said: ‘Uhmmm.. yeahh.. let finish this now.. I cannot really wait more to have you fully ready and available for me and my loved Joe as we want.. do you remember bitch? You asked for this.. and you are going to beg for this… ahhh… ahhhhhhhh’.

I could not believe my ears, I never could think before how mean could be my wife, but to be honest I think that was due to the deep hate she had accumulate in the previous years for the rival and finally going to be vented out: normally she is really a sweet and nice woman.

Pat grabbed the Julie’s wrists and forced the rival to step toward and suddenly slammed her raised knee right in Julie’s crotch, ‘Ouchhhh.. that hurts’ I laughed.

‘AGHHHHHHHH’ Julie opened wide her eyes and badly screamed in bad pain grabbing the hurt crotch with both her hands and immediately falling on her knees in front of my triumphant wife.

In a moment my wife was still on her and tried to grab the Julie’s hair on the head sides to take her in place on the knees, but the greasy hair were so stuck and glued on the skull that was impossible.

‘Your hair are really disgusting.. whore’ she badly hissed grabbing then the ears and shaking by them the Julie’s head side to side before to slam this time the knee right in the Julie’s forehead.

‘OUGHHHHH’ feebly screamed Julie already fully groggy and when Pat release the grab on the ears, Julie, almost passed out, felt on the grass feebly groaning and weakly shaking the head side to side, the eyes half closed and full of tears, the arms and the legs limp and spread-eagled on the grass appearing for what she really was: a poor and old piece of shit fully unworthy to be compared with my wife appearing to me in that moment like a goddess.

All the eyes of the attendees were on Julie and I could see the incredulity and the surprise for what happened and to be honest that was a surprise also for me: for sure
Julie was older and so probably not so fresh and agile like my younger wife, but with those toned muscles so better respect the muscles of my wife I was anyway expecting a more balanced fight.

Instead I had seen a real on side massacre with my wife without a single drop of sweat, her hair still in perfect style so as her make-up.

My wife looked down at the destroyed rival and standing over the limp and out cold Julie started to play with the small tits of the rival slapping side to side and squeezing them with one foot and mocking ’How can you call yourself woman.. bitchh.. with those ridiculous tits.. I will have to invent something to make them a little more interesting.. ahh.. ahhhhhh’.

I laughed with my wife:’ You are so right.. sweetie.. and we cannot also call this garbage cow with those tits.. ahh ahhhhhh’.

‘Mmhhhh.. yeahh.. my darling.. you are so right.. let call her… let see..uhmm.. doggie.. yeahh. Doggie is the right name for this thing.. I think she will be a good barking doggie. ahhh.. ahhhhh ’.

Pat stomped a last time her foot in Julie’s chest, ‘ghhhhh.. ghhh..’ only a feeble groan came out from the limp Julie, then my wife stepped to me sitting on my on my lap and gave me a long, so long deep kiss sweetly murmuring:’ mhhhhhhh.. honey.. I have done this also for you.. mhhhhhh’.

‘I know my sweet love.. mhhhhh… I’m so proud of you.. mhhhhh’.

Then I heard Carla saying: ’Well.. Mrs. Pat… what are you doing to do now?’

Still sitting on my lap my wife turned to Carla and said: ’What are you meaning Mrs. Carla? Are you asking what should I do now? That is clear.. ahhh.. ahhhhh.. that old shit is mine now and what I’m going to do to her, with all my respect for you, is not your affair’.

I was also looking at Carla and at other attendees, it was clear their excitement and no one was able to stay calm on the chair overall my impression was that specially the men were really dribbling to see what was going to happen now. Who most was surprising me was the sweet Mary still standing behind Carla and his husband: she was biting her lips and sweating like she had fought with an extreme excited expression her face.

The only attendee that seemed completely ignoring what was happened and going to happen was Joanna and, if you have red the Chapter 2, you cannot really be surprised by that.

Was now the turn of Sharon to talk: ’Ohhh.. Mrs. Pat.. honey.. for what I have understood of this deal the agreement was that the winner should have the loser begging her to be enslaved.. and, honey, excuse me, but I do not have honestly heard Miss Julie begging or crying for that’.

At that point my wife stood up and stepped to the sitting attendees standing in front of Carla and her ugly friend and putting her hands on her wrists hissed: ’Mrs. Sharon, again with all my respect, for what I know you are only a guest here. If this deal is not affair of Mrs. Carla still more is not your affair. Am I clear? And after all, are you asking me to kill that bitch?.

Sharon smirked amused to my wife a little mocking her and getting my wife nervous: ’Ohh.. Mrs. Pat why are you so rude. I did not want to say anything bad, I was only saying what I knew about the deal between you and the poor Miss Julie.. ahh.. ahhhh’.

My wife was badly replying back when she was interrupted by Carla that said; ’Well.. I am not a guest here. I was invited to attend this challenge and also to be sure that all the rules are respected. The fact is that you must have Miss Julie begging to be your slave or what you want and I have not heard her do that.’

For a moment was silence and then a more and more nervous Pat badly and coldly hissed:’ Should I obey to you? Who are you for me? NOTHING! I won and the bitch is mine.. that is all’.

Carla was standing up to reply when she was halted by Joanna that with calm, but coldly and incredibly took the word: ‘No need to have so many words. A deal is a deal.

So if you want Miss Julie for you, you MUST have her begging for that. After that is your affair if you kill or not her to obtain that, otherwise you will not put your hands on her one time more , that for sure’.

At that point the face of my wife was turned purple and facing Joanna she hissed:’ Well, and who should prevent me from doing that?’.
‘All of us.. honey’ loudly said Carla.

My wife turned her face from Joanna to Carla and then to Sharon and again to Joanna and finally said: ‘Ok.. Fine.. I got the point gentle ladies, then I will….’

(to be continued)

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