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My daily schedule was not rigorous. I could arrive by
10:00 and leave most days at 2:00. I lived in a modest
2-bedroom apartment five minutes' walk from campus.

My students were among the best I had ever had. They
were mostly young country women, 18- 25, who came from
the outlying farms, and thus had high motivation to get
an education that would afford them a different life
than farming. Plus, they were interested in linking up
with men from the local colleges.

In the classes I taught, I came to know several of the
young women very well. While they were shy around me
(since I was one of the few men at the college, and
since their experience with men was limited), I came to
know three women better than the others.

During class, these three would call me "Professor" and
I would call them "Miss Kang" or "Miss Kim". But after
class, they would call me by my first name and I would
call them by theirs. Pretty soon, the awkwardness of
such familiarity wore off, and we became good friends.
Sometimes the four of us would go out together; other
times just two or three of us would eat, pack a picnic
or see a movie together.

Kyong was the oldest, a very slender and tall woman 24
years old, with long black hair that turned a
glittering blue in the sun. She was kind of the dorm
mother for the other young women. She rarely wore a
bra, I came to discover through repeated observation.
Her breasts were on the small side, even for Korean

On warm days, when she wore the least amount of
clothes, I would often observe her, along with the
small impression her nipples made on the fabric of her
shirt or blouse. Once she came to class after working
out, and her tights accentuated what to me was a very
"hot" young woman.

I imagined her to be 32AAA-22-33. On more than one
occasion in our early friendship I was able (permitted?
encouraged?) to view down her loose clothes to
sometimes bare breasts. Her nipples were like doorbells
to me, waiting to be pushed to open up doors of other

There was Joung, the youngest, a medium-height girl of
18 years old. While not as slender as Kyong, she had a
very good looking figure with normal breasts for a
Korean woman, perhaps a "B". She had a ready smile and
a very friendly personality. One distinguishing feature
about Joung was her birthmark on the side of her
temple, a 1"-square patch of blue-black skin.

While it made her unpopular with the boys (Confucian
culture often demanded perfection in its women), the
birthmark had made Joung even more friendly and
sympathetic to those who may feel different or pain in
their lives. Joung wore modest clothes, mostly white
blouses, but other times breezy V- neck tops. I would
come to discover that her birthmark had a twin!

Our "gang of four" was completed by Suwon, a city girl
of 20. While Suwon was not that pretty in her face, she
was still attractive. Her body, however, was
unbelievably magnificent! She was as tall as Kyong, but
she was blessed with "D" sized breasts that she found
difficult to manage.

The Korean-made bras were not made to contain such
weight, and she was all the time adjusting, shifting
and attending to her large breasts. What I thought was
blessed real estate on her body, however, she sometimes
thought as a curse. The rest of her body was like a
gymnast's, with well- developed legs and torso.

All three of my friends worked hard at their studies,
which made teaching them a joy.

Art-Therapy Class It was around 2:00 on a glorious
autumn Monday when my life with the student population
took a more "personal" turn. I was in the teacher's
lounge, getting my things ready, when a woman professor
a bit older than I came in and made a request. Prof.
Kim taught art-therapy to the nursing students, and she
came to me with a strong request in her eyes, but
embarrassment in her voice and body language. "Prof.
M," she began. "I have a very difficult request to make
of you."

"Go on," I replied. "If I can be of help, just ask."

In her English, she said: "As you know, I teach art-
therapy. Today, we supposed to have 2 weeks drawing
human body. I had model, a young man, ready to give us
two weeks modeling in 4:00 class. But he's in the
hospital himself, cannot make it."

I saw it coming. I could hardly believe my ears. She
was going to ask me to take his place!

"Prof. M., please, could you come model us next two
weeks? It would be 90 minutes per day, and I could
reward you."

My mind raced. Prof. Kim was a looker herself. But she
was married; I wonder what she had in mind... Or was it
just the way she spoke English?

"OK," I said. "Tell me what you want me to do."

Was she relieved! She told me to report that afternoon
to the studio in casual clothes. Each day, I would be
asked by her and the class to do something different.

So at 4:00 I arrive to the studio. There were ten
students there, including Kyong and Suwon. Prof. Kim
was there, who communicated in Korean what had happened
with the other model, and how I had agreed to fill in.
I could see looks of surprise around the classroom, for
most of the students were in my other classes. I saw
Kyong and Suwon exchange looks of pleasure. They looked
at each other, and smiled for a long time.

That first day, Prof. Kim asked me to sit in various
poses, and then stand in other poses. The students
sketched. As they did, the professor explained to them
how art-therapy worked in their patients. Patients are
to be encouraged to draw, because they can often draw
what they feel more successfully than express those
feelings verbally. Their art work is therefore
therapeutic, and leads to shorter recovery periods. The
students were to use this class to understand for
themselves what a patient can express artistically, to
help them become better nurses.

The next two days, I was asked to pose more positions,
sometimes by the professor, and sometimes by the
students. The third day, near the end of class, Kyong
asked me once to think of a happy thought and have my
body language reflect that thought. I could not help
but think of Kyong herself, and how happy I would be to
be alone with her, exploring erotic fantasies. As a
result, my penis began to grow! It was making an
obvious bulge in my khaki pants. What to do? I couldn't
stop the pose! So I just stayed like I was, hard-on and

A strange quiet grew in the room. Prof. Kim, who was no
dummy, being a nurse herself, saw what was happening,
and broke the silence. "Class, Prof. M. is having a
very normal response to something he's thinking about.
We as nurses are to take that in stride, and work with
that." And then the bell rang. I didn't know whether to
be thankful, or not, because I was beginning to enjoy
the situation. To the controlled atmosphere of the
classroom was added a measure of risk. I enjoyed the
risk I took.

Before dismissing the class, Prof. Kim said to all:
"What happens here in this class stays in this class.
No one is to share what just happened, or whatever else
happens in here? Is that clear?" She called every
student's name and asked her directly if what she said
was clear. Everyone nodded in agreement.

On my way home, Kyong and Suwon caught up with me. The
late evening sun had made a rainbow in Kyong's hair,
and Suwon's body was on fire in the reddish light. We
just walked toward my apartment in silence.
Occasionally we looked at each other, but we could not
hold each other's gaze for very long. When we got to my
apartment, I put away my briefcase and things, and
suggested we go out to eat. At the restaurant, in a
private room, Suwon broke the silence.

"M, I want to apologize for any embarrassment you may
have felt in class today. I feel somehow responsible."

Kyong added: "I don't know what to say, but I hope we
can remain good friends."

I said, "What happened in the art class is normal. I
don't want to hide anything from my friends. I cannot
be your friend if I hide behind my embarrassment or
pretend something didn't happen that did."

The spell was broken by our words, and we enjoyed the
rest of the meal together. I walked each of them back
to their rooms. We said goodnight to Suwon at her door,
and then I walked Kyong to her dorm. On the way, she
asked, "M, what were you thinking about in art class
today that made you happy?"

I went for broke: "Kyong, I was thinking erotic
thoughts about you. You have been my friend, and we
have shared some good times together. You are a
beautiful young woman, and I am a man, and sometimes I
think private thoughts that I have not shared with

Kyong said, "Well, what you said at the restaurant,
about not hiding behind some embarrassment or
pretending something didn't happen ... are you hiding
private thoughts now? Are you pretending with me?"

I said, "OK, you get the full story." And I proceeded
to tell her about the times I have fantasized about
her, and about the now-numerous times I have seen her
small breasts when her shirt was loose, and how I
thought she was absolutely beautiful. "I have a great
appreciation for small breasts; they really turn me

I am very attracted to you physically, and because we
have a strong friendship, I think I can say these
things without hurting us. Especially, since we want to
be honest around each other."

We said Goodnight to each other, but I am sure she,
like I, had much to think about. When I got home, there
was a message on my phone machine from Kyong. In a
shaky voice, she thanked me for being honest. I pulled
out my penis, and stroked myself to a shattering
orgasm. I had to do something about Kyong. She was
working on my mind.


The next day at the art-therapy class, other students
asked me to pose in different ways. Finally, one of the
students asked me to take off my shirt and pose. It was
great to do so, and I think everyone heaved a sigh of
relief when I consented. The comfort level in the room
had grown a lot. And after that, more and more students
in the coming days asked me to take off more and more
of my clothes. All the while, Prof. Kim sat, nodding
her approval as her students sketched.

On Friday of that first week, I wake up without a
voice. I cannot teach my classes that day, so I fax
over a letter of absence to the school, and settle down
in bed to catch up on some reading all day. (I figure I
can still make it to the 4:00 art-therapy class, since
I won't have to talk!)

Just after lunch, my doorbell rings. I am very glad to
see it is Kyong, paying a sick-call visit. She looks
wonderful: blue and green checked shirt, cycling
tights, and her hair in one long ponytail that trails
below her buns. She is positively beautiful.

"Hi, M, I came to see how you were. Since you were not
in class, I was worried."

"Oh, it's nothing," I whispered. "Just a touch of

"Oh, then let me make you some honey tea."

While she padded about the kitchen getting things for
tea together, I wander in. She looks at me, and seems
to blush.

"What's up?" I whisper hoarsely. "Seems to be something
on your mind." Of course, I knew exactly what was on
her mind. We had talked about intimate things the other
night, and I was wondering if she wanted to take things
a step further, and how she would do that.

"Yes," she said after a long silence. "I have been
thinking about what you told me the other night just
before you said goodnight at my dorm room. I would like
to know more about what you are thinking."

"OK, that's fair," I said. "One condition, however: you
have to share with me what you're thinking also."

"Fair is fair," she said, with a smile in her voice
that radiated to her entire body.

Kyong sat down in front of me at the kitchen table, and
I told her about my fantasies. "We're in a private
place, like outside in the forest, or in one of our
apartments, and we find ourselves with several hours to
kill. We talk like the old friends that we are, and the
topic turns to sexual matters. We talk about our past
experiences, what it's like to be single and hunting
for someone special. Finally we talk about our most
exciting sexual experiences. Before our time is over,
we take each other's clothes off, and explore what
makes each other feel wonderful. I find especially
satisfying being able to rub your breasts."

"But they're so small," she replied. "What do you see
in them?"

"I see beauty and sexuality, and they are part of you,
my good friend."

"Your turn," I whisper. "I can't talk very much." Kyong
looked at me intensely for the longest time, and
finally admitted that her most exciting sexual
experience was the other night when I shared my erotic
thoughts with her.

After I left her, she said, "I became dizzy beyond my
wildest imaginings. I imagined you came to me in the
middle of the night, and just took me, ravished me. And
we were both overwhelmed by what was happening that we
just could not speak for hours to each other. We would
look at each other, and fall on each other and..." She
was breathless. She was about to lose control. The
intensity of her emotions was taking over.

By this time, the tea was ready, and she served me.
"Drink this, it'll make you better."

We went out to my living room, where I turned on some
romantic piano music, and we sat down on the couch
together. I ask her:

"Who starts your fantasy, you or me?"

She replied, "You do, but I am so ready, that I don't
care. M, do it. Now."

I move in closer and we hugged. It went on for the
longest time, and then we kissed. A long soul- deep
kiss that kept on going, even after we broke apart for
air. By this time, I was rock hard.

"I have something to show you," Kyong said. She had
brought her portfolio of art from the art- therapy
class. "I want to show you what I have done so far."
She showed me 5 or 6 drawings in charcoal, or in pen-
and-ink, of me in the studio. I focused especially on
the picture she had with me thinking about her, and
with what was an obvious bulge in my pants.

"You did a good job, especially on the last one," I
said. "I think you have a good talent." She smiled,

After this last drawing, there was a sealed large
envelope, which she opened and gave to me. "Here are 6
drawings I have done in my room, and I want you to look
at them." She looked down at her feet while I looked at
the first drawing. It was me, totally nude, a frontal
view. My penis was half-erect, and there seem to be a
kind of tension emanating from my body. She had guessed
rather well the size of my penis.

The second one was of me, with my penis now fully
erect. My fists were clenched. In the background,
almost as a transparent image, was the face of a
slightly-smiling Kyong. The third picture showed me
from the side, penis fully erect, facing Kyong who was
also naked. Her body was deliciously beautiful, long
and lithe, with her hair hanging down in a pony tail
like she was wearing today. The fourth picture was
unbelievably arousing.

It showed me with my fingers touching only her nipples,
and Kyong's knees slightly bent, almost as if she were
collapsing. The fifth picture showed me with my hands
on her breasts, and her hands on my penis. It was
obvious the pleasure that we were both receiving, and
giving. This picture made my penis rock-hard. The last
picture astounded me. It showed me on my back, with
Kyong mounted on top of me, riding my cock. The look on
her face was of total abandonment to pleasure.

Kyong interrupted my viewing, and said: "I want to make
each of these pictures come true in reality. And more."



I stand up, and I took off my clothes piece by piece,
slowly and deliberately, with Kyong sitting three feet
in front of me. When I got to my briefs, the last thing
I had on, I locked my gaze upon her eyes and slowly
took them down. Releasing her from my stare, she looked
at my penis, and drew in her breath: "Ai-go" which
loosely translated means, "Oh my."

I then kneeled down and started unbuttoning Kyong's
shirt. Only after getting all the buttons undone did I
then open her shirt to behold her small breasts. I
could see the swell of her chest with her rapid
breathing, and I could see her athletic heart pounding
through her skin and muscle just above her left breast.
I then touched her nipples, which left us both gasping,
partly from the build-up to this moment, and partly
from the feeling the touch gave her and me.

She pressed her entire body into my finger tips, and
then I massaged her breasts with my finger tips and
palms. While her breasts were triple A size, they were
extremely sensitive in that moment of passion. "This is
a dream come true," I tell her.

Asking her to stand up, I inserted my hands inside her
shorts and lowered them down. Unencumbered by
underwear, the view of her female sex was immediate.
She was in such great shape that there was a space
between her legs where her vagina was, and I took
advantage of that by touching the entire area very

"Ai-go! Ai-go chu-kket ta!" she whimpered. "I'm dying.
I am on fire. I cannot extinguish myself," she said in
English. She took hold of my penis and slid her small
hand up and down the shaft, and I gently squeezed her
breasts, and we stayed that way for five minutes,
slowing building up the pressure and intensity of the
moment. Sometimes light, as if our fingertips were
feathers, sometimes harder, with insistence and a view
to consummate this moment. It was pure pleasure that we
were giving and receiving.

Lowering my hand, I then rubbed her clitoris and
surrounding labial lips in a lazy fashion. Her
breathing came hard; her teeth clenched. She managed to
get out: "M, you're driving me crazy. Make me come."

"Not yet," I whispered in a ragged voice. "We're going
to remember this the rest of our lives. Let's not rush
this moment." She looked at me, and held my gaze for an
eternity, and nodded yes.

I continued to stimulate her entire body; it was all
erogenous skin. Neck, nape, nipples -- I nuzzled,
nipped and came to know every part of her gorgeous

Finally, after about 15 minutes of this deliberate
stimulation, we both looked at each other and said
together: "It's time." She increased her rubbing of my
cock; and I increased the frequency of my attention to
her body. From deep within each of us a growling,
shaking, and uncontrollable force began to erupt. Her
inner legs locked on my hand and held it there as she
came all over it, at the same time my cock erupted its
pent-up passion into her hands and all over her lower
body. We collapsed onto each other on the floor.

We didn't, couldn't speak for a few minutes. The impact
of what we had done slowly sank in on us both. Soon I
began to stroke her again, mostly as an afterglow
activity, but which this time had other consequences.
Her nipples trigger another reality, it seemed. There
was more lava inside this woman, and by evidence of my
rising cock, more in me as well.

We moved to my bed, a "yo" on the heated floor of my
bedroom, and proceeded to make passionate love. More
than once, her final picture of me was re-enacted:
Kyong on top of me, riding me, her eyes closed in
abandon to the moment. When I entered her for the first
time, I was surprised to discover that she was a
virgin. She seemed so worldly, and yet so innocent as
well. The look in her eyes when she gave up her
virginity remains with me till this day: one eye cocked
up as if to question; the other eye dreamily accepting
this rite of maturity.

By the time we came to our senses, we looked at the
clock. It read 3:30. It was almost time for art-therapy
class. She went on ahead of me, so it would not look
awkward walking to school together.

At the art-therapy class, I was asked to remove some
clothing, and because it reminded me of the last time I
removed my clothes, it gave me a hard-on. "So what?" I
thought. "We'll just have to accept what comes." The
students drew what they saw.

After class, Prof. Kim asked that I stop by her office,
and I quietly motioned for Kyong to go ahead and meet
me at my apartment.

"I am so glad to see you today," she said when she had
closed her door. "I was worried that you were sick when
I saw a copy of your fax."

"No," I whispered. "It's just a touch of laryngitis."

She said, "I hope you get over soon. Maybe I'll have
one of student nurses come and take care of you. It's
least I do, for all that you do for me."

"Maybe Kyong would be nice," I replied without

"Yes," said Prof. Kim. "Kyong is mature and knows what
she's doing. She has a good head on her shoulders. I'll
give her a call tonight."

"Anything else?" I ask.

There was a long pause. She seemed to be thinking about
something. Finally she looked at me and said that she
was so appreciative of what I was doing. And she hoped
that I was not being ... uh ... embarrassed by the
events in the classroom.

"No. It's fun," I said. "I am discovering more of who I
am in the process. I think the students are learning
more about themselves as well. All of them will be in
situations where they'll be among men patients who will
have ... 'obvious' features."

We both laughed. "Prof. Kim," I asked. "What did you
think when I had my 'obvious' feature in your class?"
That put her on the spot.

"Well," she said. "I think I enjoy. It remind me of
earlier days, before marry."

"And now," I asked. "What about 'after marry'? How are

She turned red, and looked down, but she answered this
way: "Sometimes, Prof. M, you cannot expect everything
in life. Life is about adjusting to smaller and smaller

"Sounds like you and your husband could use some help,"
I offered.

At this point, she started weeping. She grabbed me
tightly around my chest. I wouldn't call it a "hug" so
much as a desperate embrace. I could feel her breasts
dig into my stomach. And, I am sure, she could feel my
hard penis make its presence felt on her waist. She
looked up at me, and in a knowing voice said: "M, thank
you for what you are doing to my class, and to me. I
cannot pay you back yet, but I want you to know you are
greatly appreciated.

I returned to my apartment, and related to Kyong about
all that Prof. Kim said. She said that Prof. Kim's
husband was reputed to be a poor husband and father. He
would leave her and his 18-year old daughter and 19-
year old son for months at a time, and then reappear
out of the blue. Kyong encouraged me to do what I could
for Prof. Kim; she was a popular teacher and she could
use the breaks.

"Meanwhile," she said with an impish grin, "Let's see
if your penis is up for some more excitement." She
found my half-hard penis through my pants and proceeded
to bring it to its now- accustomed full length. She
stripped me, and then did something entirely new: she
wrapped her mouth around my penis and made me come with
just her tongue and mouth.

"One good come deserves another," I replied, and then
stripped her and lashed her wonderful breasts, then her
clitoris and surrounding areas with my tongue. Again,
when she came, she held my head between her legs,
squeezing for dear life, as I drowned happily in her

"I am so happy to find you," I said, as we drifted off
to sleep.

During art class on Wednesday of the second week, Suwon
asked if I would take off all my clothes. And I did.
The smiles on the students' face were as broad and as
happy as my own. For I had worked through some things
of my own while posing. And I felt stronger, more
confident. As I passed these ten students in the hall,
or had them in my other classes, I felt a strengthening
bond between us.

And so I cast off my last piece of clothing, my briefs.
My penis was not erect, for I did not feel anything
erotic in this comfortable situation. But the gasps
that went through the class were electric. Some of the
students clasped their breasts in amazement, and others
squirmed in their seats. My friends Kyong and Suwon
seemed pleased.

For the next two days, I posed nude in the art studio
for those ten students. After the last class on Friday,
and after I had put on my clothes, I made arrangements
with Kyong, Suwon and Joung to meet for dinner and a
movie. As the students filed from the studio, each
stopped to shake my hand and thank me. Prof. Kim asked
me to stay a little while.

"It was very very nice what you did for my students.
They come from very traditional background, where first
time they see live penis it is on wedding night, or
they are being raped. This was healthful for them. And
I appreciate it. I want to thank you, but I don't know

I spoke her words for her: "You're married and want
some things you don't feel right doing, right?"

She nodded yes.

"OK, there's a time and place for everything. We'll
find a way to ease your mind. Just know that I really
appreciate being able to pose for the students. I would
like to do it again next semester, if you're willing."

At the restaurant Kyong and Suwon told Joung with the
events of the past two weeks in the art- therapy class.
I was able to share with them how I felt about what
happened, as well as some of my most inner thoughts. I
spoke of the day I had gotten the hard-on in class and
then I spoke, getting Kyong's permission along the way
through "nun-chi" or eye contact, about how I had
fantasized about Kyong. So now they knew that Kyong and
I had become lovers.

Kyong and Suwon had their portfolios from the class,
and showed Joung their pictures of me, with clothes on
and without. While they showed Joung the pictures, I
got another hard-on, because they had done a very good

At the back of Kyong's portfolio, there was that secret
envelope of drawings, and I asked her to show these as
well. She seemed reluctant, but in light of all that
had gone on in the past two weeks, she pulled out the
pictures, which were now up to 10 in number.

They each had me in them, but they also had Kyong as
well. We were both naked. In one, I was hugging her,
with my penis hard against her thigh. In another one,
that made Joung almost lose it, I was standing before
her, both of us naked. Her hair was long and straight
against her back, down to her buttocks. I had both my
hands outstretched, touching each of her nipples, my
penis at full attention.

We all looked at the pictures, and I pretended that
they were the first time I had seen them. I was most
interested in Suwon's and Joung's reactions to them.
They were obviously greatly impressed with Kyong's
ability to communicate her inner feelings on canvas.

The bill arrived, breaking our concentration and mood.
Joung said, "Kyong and Suwon have seen you naked, M,
but I have not. Fair is fair. Could you do that, get
naked? Now?" So I offered to do a mini art-therapy
course for her at my apartment after dinner, with the
other two invited as well.

At my apartment, I started taking off my clothes, with
the other three watching. By now, my hard-on was gone,
but in its place was an aching penis. That happens to
me: if I don't have an orgasm after a strong hard-on,
my entire penis aches. But I was able to ask Joung what
she thought. She was speechless, for she had never seen
a man naked.

She came up to me very close, and asked about the
various parts of my circumcised penis. And as she did,
she touched those parts, part in clinical curiosity,
part in wonder, part in sexual curiosity. And as she
touched those parts, my penis responded. I quickly got
hard. I explained to her that the most sensitive part
was the underside of my now-fully erect penis, and that
light touches there felt especially wonderful. Joung
did that, and I nearly fainted from the pleasure.

"You know," I said, "Now that you three friends have
seen me naked, is it fair that you three just sit there
with your clothes on?" And so, after consulting with
each other in Korean, they approached me and asked if I
would unclothe each of them, in increasing order of
their ages. Joung was first, and she came up to me and
presented herself before me.

"M, show me a good time," she said. I started taking
off her socks, then her jeans, then her blouse. As each
piece was peeled away, I would kiss the underlying skin
lightly. Joung started to whimper. I asked her if she
was OK, but she looked around, and said that she was
among her best friends, and that everything was fine.

As I uncovered her breasts, I gasped at what I saw. The
birthmark on her temple had a twin on her right breast,
just beside the nipple! Leaning over, I licked the
birthmark, and kissed her nipple lightly, and then with
moderate vigor. Reaching down to her underpants, I
rubbed her sex and she orgasmed. Right there. I reached
down and completed her disrobement. Her clitoris was
puffed out and quite red. I continued rubbing it until
she exploded again, one hand holding her breast, the
other holding on to my penis.

"God, I didn't know I could feel that good!" she

"Thank you."

More to come, if you want. She smiled "Yes".

My hands were unsteady as I turned toward Suwon, and my
dick was hurting from so much stimulation, but no
ultimate satisfaction given to it. As with Joung, I
started with Suwon's stockings, and then her pants,
then her top. All the while, I was rubbing her
wonderful body around and around, including her size
'D' breasts through the thick, and rather unflattering
fabric of her bra. "I need you to turn around," I said.
It took a moment to unhook her, and then I liberated
her of her bra. "Turn back around, please." What a
rewarding sight greeted my eyes! I looked over at
Kyong, who just winked at me, as if to say, "Enjoy

Her breasts were quite large. On her smallish frame,
they were even more erotic. I lifted each and found
each to be quite firm, though extremely soft to my
touch. As I touched Suwon, she started sighing and
breathing hard. I ran my hands all over her breasts,
lingering on her large nipples.

Then I lay her down on the carpet, on top of a blanket.
For thirty minutes, I rubbed, kneaded, licked, kissed
and loved her breasts. Joung and Kyong joined in as
well. They would take turns with one nipple, while I
had the other. Her nipples grew from a flat silver-
dollar size to a full inch of nipple. I was wild with
desire and licked them hungrily. This drove Suwon
crazy. She cried out in pleasure, until finally she
couldn't take it anymore. "Take off my underwear and do
what you did to Joung!" she commanded.

And so I did. With Kyong and Joung glued to each of her
nipples, I slipped my hand into her wonderful southern
region. She was very wet from all the time we had spent
on her breasts. When I first touched her clitoris, she
literally bounced off the floor from the shock of my
touch. "Oh God!" she said in Korean. "Do that again." I
did. Within few seconds, she was in the middle of a
long orgasm that lasted for two minutes. We didn't
think she would ever stop!

And then it was Kyong's turn. Suwon was quick to ask:
"Will you do what you showed us in your pictures?

"Yes," I said. "And more," added Kyong. Kyong then
reached for my aching cock, and loved me tenderly while
I slipped her out of her two pieces of clothing. We
rubbed each other all over, as we had practiced before,
and we brought each other to the edge of a wonderful
release. I enjoyed again her delicious breasts,
especially the contrast with Suwon's breasts. I then
rubbed her nipples with my penis head. Kyong responded
by taking my penis and twisting and turning her small
hands on my shaft. She was hot, and I was getting just
as hot.

Calling Suwon and Joung over to the blanket, I lay down
on my buns and asked them all to rub my dick until I
came. I explained that my cock was hurting big-time
now, and I physically needed an orgasm. Joung reached
over to my penis, and started to pull lightly on it. I
took this moment to guide her again to the sensitive
parts, and soon I was humming again.

Suwon took over after a few minutes. She leaned over
her massive breasts and engulfed my cock in their
cleavage, and proceeded to drive them up and down my
penis, with her nipples raking my flesh like soft
fingernails. Joung reached around and played with my
balls. Kyong then leaned her wonderful face over and
slid her mouth over the tip of my penis each time Suwon
moved her breasts far enough down for her to get in a

Just before I came, I remember thinking, "take a mental
picture of this: Friendship doesn't get much better
than this!" And I came all over Kyong's mouth and
Suwon's breasts. Even Joung got her hand in the picture
and rubbed my spasming cock, a look of wonderment on
her face.

Recovering our composure after a few minutes, we
realized what we had done. We could not go back to just
thinking about what we might do. We were now "doing"

The relationship we had after that changed, if it
could, for the better. We still went out to eat
together, went on picnics, and attended cultural
events. We shared each other's brains as we studied and
prepared for school, even as we shared each other's
bodies on occasion. I don't want to give the impression
we were always naked with each other. But we four did
grow in our common intimacy with weekly sessions, while
Kyong and I started to spend more and more nights
together at my apartment. It was a lovely time.

One time, Joung came to me and said that she wanted to
have full contact sex with me. Would I do the honor of
being her first lay? "Well," I said, "Let's ask the
others. It's really a group decision."

The following Friday evening as we met in my apartment
after the movie, Joung and I shared our earlier
conversation, and asked what each thought about it.
Suwon said that Joung should be careful, since if she
wanted to get married, she might have a hard time if
she were not a virgin. Kyong agreed, but said it was up
to Joung.

Joung said: "I know you are all older than I am and
therefore wiser, but I really want this to happen, with
M. especially, and with all you beside me at the time.
If I wait to get married to a man who only wants a
virgin, I won't be happy in that marriage. If a man
cannot accept me for who I am and what I've done, then
what business do I have being his wife?"

We all had to agree to the soundness of her logic.

"In that case," said Kyong, "Let's get started." And
she opened up my bedroom door to reveal a room full of
flowers and lighted candles. A sheepish grin on her
face told us everything. "I knew what Joung would want
to do."

Once in my bedroom, the four of us embraced and kissed
each other. Then Kyong started to undress me, while
Suwon started to undress Joung. They each stopped when
they got to our underclothes. "The last part is for you
to do yourselves. Unwrap each other as you would a
present, and enjoy each other as a gift." Then Kyong
and Suwon backed away to the corner of the room to

Facing each other, Joung and I timidly approached each
other. We had seen each other naked many times, and
given each other orgasms on several occasions. But this
seemed different. I reached around her and loosened her
bra, and started rubbing her birth mark. She sighed and
began to reach inside my underwear to feel my cock. It
was heaven! She was about 100 pounds and her body was
absolutely beautiful. No single feature of her called
attention to itself (like Suwon's large or Kyong's
small breasts); she was all perfection. Touch her one
place, and her entire body came alive.

I started, of course, with her perfect breasts. I sat
behind her and reached around to take both breasts in
my two hands, kissing her mouth and neck.

Reaching down, she slid my underwear off and took her
time with my penis. Joung gently stroked my penis the
way I had taught her, and in the ways that she had
looked at Kyong stroke me. I was having so much fun
with this honor she was asking me to perform! Then
changed position to nuzzle her loins with my mouth,
probing her vagina with my tongue. Locking onto her
clit, I gave her the ride of her life. Four orgasms
later, she said, "OK, let's do it."

She lay down on her back and opened her legs to me. I
walked over on my knees to her sweet spot and rubbed my
cock against the opening of her vagina. There was no
resistance; our juices mingled and lubricated the
entire area.

"Chun-Chun Hee" she said. "Slow."

I nodded OK, and slowly dipped into her vagina, and
then out, in a bit and out, getting her used to the
feeling. Every fifth thrust, however, I would inch in
another half-centimeter of cock. This was most
stimulating for her. Joung's breath came in ragged

Sometimes, it seemed like she was not breathing, or
forgot to breathe. The experience for her was certainly
intense. In this way, she must have come 5 or more
times. Soon, I came across her maidenhead. For about 5
minutes, I just went in and out of her, each time
stopping at this gate. Finally I asked, "Ready?" She
nodded yes.

The final push was effortless. She didn't wince or show
any pain. Only pleasure gripped her young body. And at
that moment she orgasmed. I kept up my movement. And
she came again, and then again. She would have kept it
up all evening, I believe, had not my own approaching
orgasm sent out its announcement.

"It's almost time for me to come, too!" I said.
Immediately, Kyong and Suwon, who by this time were
naked themselves, sprang over and kneeled down on
either side of Joung I withdrew from Joung and let them
take over. Suwon grabbed my cock head and the sensitive
glans underneath, and churned them in her hand at just
the right pressure. Kyong massaged my balls without
mercy. The first jet hit Joung on her breast's birth
mark, making a great contrast in color. The second
landed on Suwon's massive breasts. Kyong swung around
from the rear to catch the rest on her face.

Together, we embraced Joung, celebrating her new stage
of womanhood. The embraces lasted a long time, and
pretty soon we started cooking again. This time, Joung
took the lead and brought the three of us along,
orgasms all along the way, as she rubbed, sucked, and
sought us all out. She was going to become a demanding

The Physiology Class It was spring semester. The long
bitter winter had passed, but I remember it as one of
my warmest, surrounded by my friends. Kyong, Suwon,
Joung and I met often, and discretely, for we didn't
want to have to explain anything.

I was teaching Human Physiology. It was all interesting
to the young students, but I anticipated most of all
the part about sex physiology. I was one of those
teachers who wanted to demonstrate as much as possible
in class. Some things, of course, you could not
demonstrate, but I tried.

The curriculum called for the nurses to watch a video
on some of the human sexual physiology. This was fine
with me. I don't think I could perform in class! But I
did think about it! The risks, however, were too high.

The day before I was to teach the students about men's
sexual physiology (hard-ons, ejaculations and orgasms),
the VCR broke! What to do? The tape scheduled for
tomorrow was to show the students how to take a sperm
sample. I was in a slight panic. Sitting in the
afternoon sun in the teacher's lounge, I contemplated
what my options were. While I was thinking, Prof. Kim
walked in. "She owes me a favor," I thought,
remembering back to the days when she got me to model
in her art-therapy class.

I told her the situation, and asked for her help. "What
I do?" she responded.

"I would like for you to take a sperm sample from me in
class. Since the VCR is broken, we can't watch that
part on video. But we can demonstrate it, you and me.
The students would be grateful, and I'm sure they'd
remember this lesson for a long time."

She sat down, red from embarrassment. I took the
initiative. "I think you owe me a favor. Besides, think
of this as a professional duty. We have students to
inform. We don't want them to botch their own nursing
practices because they haven't been properly trained."

"OK," she said. "I'll show your class tomorrow, and
we'll give students real demonstration!" She left the
room and I went on with my work.

About an hour later, as I was leaving school, I
remembered that I had left my papers in one of the
classrooms, and so went to retrieve it. From the window
in the classroom door, however, I noticed that Prof.
Kim was in there, and she was doing something. From my
angle, it looked as if she had a banana in her hand,
and she was stroking it.

She was practicing for the class tomorrow!

Pretending not to see her, I walked on in, and
surprised her with her hand around the banana. She
looked at me, and then looked at the banana in her
hand, and turned the darkest color red. She was able to
stammer out: "I no husband these days. Practice for
tomorrow best way I can."

"My dear Prof. Kim," I said. "Why don't we practice
together. If you are feeling nervous about class
tomorrow, let's practice so you'll be confident before
all the students?"

"Here? Now?" she asked.

"No, how about 8:00 tonight."

"Your place or mine?" she asked.

"Mine is in need of serious cleaning. Can we make it
your place?" I asked.

At 8:00 that evening, I showed up at Prof. Kim's house.
Her son was away at college, so it was just her and her
daughter, Hwa. Hwa opened the door and I was taken
immediately by this younger version of Prof. Kim. She
was dressed in her pajamas already, actually a long
sleep shirt. We began talking while her mom came out.
She said that she was studying in her room. I asked her
innocently if she knew why I was here. She said her mom
said something about a demonstration that her mom was
going to help with tomorrow.

"What kind of demonstration?" she inquired.

With a wink of my eye, I said, "Can't say. You'll have
to ask your mom."

Just then Prof. Kim came into the room. She had
obviously just finished showering.

"OK Hwa," she announced. "Back to study."

"What are you going to do with Prof. M. tomorrow?" she
asked outright.

"That's none your business now. Go study. Now."

Hwa slowly left the room, and Prof. Kim and I were
alone. She suggested we go down to the basement. On the
way, she talked about her Hwa. "She so curious about
everything; I cannot control her these days. She's so
smart and sweet, so it's hard to be controlling parent
to her, especially with what father does to us."

Once in the basement, we made ourselves comfortable. I
told Prof. Kim about my objectives for the lesson
tomorrow. "I would like to give every student a chance
to get up close and see for themselves what happens to
a man. Think you can help me?"

"Yes, I hope so."

"Good. Let's begin." I took off my clothes and put on a
light cloth johnny I had brought. "I want to make this
as realistic as possible. At the right time tomorrow, I
will lift up the johnny and ask you to massage me until
I have an ejaculation."

Prof. Kim gulped and nodded OK.

I lifted up the johnny, and there she saw my penis in
its flaccid state. She gulped, and her hands started to
shake. Trying to ease her mind, I tried distracting
her: "I will tell the class that this is what a normal
penis looks like, but that when stimulated, an entirely
new physiology takes over. You will help me demonstrate
that in real life. I'm depending upon you."

"OK, now take my penis and start massaging it. It won't
take long to get hard." With some hesitation Prof.
Kim's stretched forth her hands and touched me. "It's
been such long time for me. Please to understand." Her
small hands felt wonderful on my dick. I could not tell
she was out of practice. I began to grow. "Tomorrow, I
will walk around the room with you and show each girl
exactly what you are doing. You will point out the very
sensitive glans part under the head. And I may even ask
each student to place their hand on my penis as well."

Prof. Kim's massaged my penis for about 10 wonder-
filled minutes. During that time I noticed that she was
wearing just her bathrobe and a light cover on top of
that. Occasionally, as she addressed my penis, I could
see down her cleavage into a wonderful sprouting of
breast flesh. She was not huge, but she was rather
large for her diminutive size. I wondered if Hwa was
going to be the same way.

As I wondered, who should come into my view (but not
Prof. Kim's) but Hwa herself!! She had crept secretly
down the steps of the basement, and sat on the fifth
stair from the bottom. She could see everything that
her mother was doing, as well as her effect upon me!
Her mother's back was partially turned to her.

I just winked at Hwa and blew her a kiss, something her
mother missed in her concentration. I spoke to her mom
now. "Any moment now. When I say 'yes,' please grab the
head of my penis and the glans with your palm, and
twist it all in your hand round and round, back and

Just in time, for I was about to blow. I looked up at
Hwa on the stairs and caught her eye as I said "Yes."
Hwa had one hand on her bosom, one hand hidden down
south somewhere on her body. I came all over Prof. Kim,
who seemed really to enjoy this "practice". When I
looked up again, Hwa was just disappearing up the

"Wow!" she exclaimed. I haven't done that in quite
awhile. Her face was flushed.

"Was it enjoyable?" I asked.

"Very much so."

"Well," I began, "Perhaps there's something I can do
for you in return?"

"OK, but quickly. I don't want my daughter catching

So she kept robe on, while I helped her remember what a
man's hands felt like on her breasts and inner thighs.
Soon she was wildly thrashing on my hands. I could
hardly keep them on her more erogenous places.

As I left, Hwa came out to the front door to see me
off. She slyly slipped a note into my hand as we shook
hands goodnight. "Oh my God," I thought.

Once outside, I unfolded the note. It was on pink
paper, and lightly perfumed. The note read: "Prof. M. I
want to be your student. Please teach me what you and
my mom were practicing. I'll come by tomorrow night.
I'll be your good student. You'll see. Your Hwa."


The next day was D-day in my physiology class. It was a
day everyone was looking forward to. I was taking a big
risk doing things the way I was doing them. But I felt
that my students would be shortchanged unless I
followed through with my plan.

I began class by announcing that the VCR was broken.
Since this tape was legendary, the students groaned at
the news. They had been looking forward all semester to
see this particular video. After the groans ended, I
explained that I had a special treat, however, to take
the place of the tape. "I want everyone to know what
will happen before hand, so that you may leave if you
are uncomfortable. Also, I want you to know that you
cannot speak about what happens here to anyone, on pain
of failing this class. Sorry, but that's the way it has
to be.

I asked Prof. Kim to repeat what I had said in Korean.
She did an great job intimidating the students about
the consequences.

"In a few minutes, Prof. Kim will take a semen sample
from me." I stopped for a few moments and let that sink
in. The students, among whom included Joung and Suwon,
started talking excitedly one to the other. They spoke
in the very Korean way of speaking behind their hands,
and occasionally sniggering.

"Class," I commanded. "We are to be professionals about
this, for your help will be required. We need a
professional attitude to prevail in the class. Prof.
Kim and I will be coming around during the
demonstration to make sure you understand exactly how
to take a sperm sample. Each of you will have a couple
of minutes to practice and ask questions. Any questions
now? Anyone want to leave? If not, try to enjoy what
happens today. I think I will." Everyone giggled.

That gave me confidence that I was doing something
right. Then a first-year student raised her hand and
asked, "Can I collect the sperm when you're ready?" I
had not thought about that, but I said, sure. The
student was named Yung. She was a stunning beauty, and
I was starting to lose my professional composure as I
fantasized about her handling me during my orgasm.

"Class," I began again, "I'll be disrobing in a few
minutes and putting on a johnny, just like in a medical
examination office. And then I'll have Prof. Kim
supervise the procedure. She will lift the johnny and
show you my penis at rest, and then show you what
happens physiologically when that penis is stimulated.

I stepped behind a screen and changed my clothes and
into the johnny. Coming out, I approached Prof. Kim,
and whispered: "Are you OK?" She smiled back. "Let's

She lifted the johnny to reveal my flaccid penis. A
collective breath was drawn by ten young nursing
students. "Notice," Prof. Kim said, "how small and
wrinkled it is. I now take penis into hand, and hold it
gently, lightly touching it all around. Notice how it
responds to touch. See. It is growing rather quickly.
Not all men do it this fast. Some you'll have to take
extra time with. If your patient has trouble growing,
find spot just under penis head, on the underside,
called glans. You'll see a picture of this in your
textbook on page 284. Rub the glans, because that's
where men feel it most on penis. Or ask him what he
likes. "

Prof. Kim then took me around to each student in the
classroom. She showed each one where to hold my penis,
and how to rub it to maximum effect. Each student had
more than enough to hold and massage my penis. Some
were shy and just barely touched me; others tried to
take longer than the allotted time. Joung and Suwon,
sitting together, did their duty as I passed them by,
as they knew this routine by now. Joung remembered my
favorites spots and smiled shyly up at me as she rubbed

One girl wanted to finger the slit at the top of my
penis, but Prof. Kim slapped her hand away. Another
tried to hold my balls, but Prof. Kim discouraged her.
I told Prof. Kim that it was OK, holding my balls like
she did felt wonderful, and might help some men come
more easily. Finally, after all the young women had
touched, rubbed and handled my penis, I was about ready
to come. They had seemed to enjoy themselves too. Faces
were flushed, breathing was irregular, and there was
squirming in the seats. Suwon's nipples were sticking
out noticeably.

"Note patient's breathing rate," said Prof. Kim. "His
penis really excited. If we stimulate it much more, he
will ejaculate for us." She was right. I was ready. I
motioned for Yung to approach. Approaching me, Yung
looked at me and held my gaze and commanded me
wordlessly not to look anywhere else until she was
finished. She seemed to communicate that she would
enjoy this as much as I would. But she said, "Prof. M.
Are you ready?" I nodded, licking my dry lips.

Yung's technique was unique and wonderful. Her touch
was light, but firm. Instead of lightly wringing the
head of my penis like I had instructed Prof. Kim, she
instead pulled lightly from the mid-point of my penis
to the tip with her fingers. She grasped my penis with
the head in her palm, and the fingers splayed out
lengthwise over my penis, drawing her fingers up toward
the head.

I was totally unprepared for the sensation, and my
orgasm arrived sooner than I had thought. Luckily, Yung
had the specimen collecting jar ready, and didn't miss
a drop. All the while she stroked and collected, she
held my gaze with her eyes and wouldn't let it go, any
more than she didn't let my penis go until she had
milked the last of the sperm from it.

With a shudder, I came back to reality. Yung had taken
me somewhere I had never been before, but now I was
back, and virtually naked to my class. The students had
watched their professor have an orgasm in front of
them. In the name of teaching. The class erupted into
applause, and some were clapping Yung on the back. I
reminded myself to give Yung an A.

Yung was the last to leave as I was putting on my
clothes. She came up and surprised me. "I liked that,"
she said.

"I did, too. You have a great technique for rubbing a

Without blushing, she said, "Thank you. See you later."
I remember thinking, "I'm pretty sure I will."

That evening, Hwa came by as promised. I welcomed her
in with a handshake, in which I slipped her a note. It
read: "Dear Hwa: I am honored to be your teacher. I
will try to be a good teacher to you, but you must tell
me what you want to know. Good teaching depends on good
communication! -Prof. M."

She read the note and smiled. Her smile seemed to light
up her features. She had dark brown hair that she let
fall every which way. But it was shiny and smelled
nice. She had on an off-white t- shirt and short pants.
I invited her into the kitchen to have some tea. While
the tea was brewing, I asked her about her life and
made small conversation. She was in the 11th grade,
made all A's, and wanted to major in piano at a
conservatory in either Seoul or New York.

"So why are you here?" I asked.

She blushed. "You know why I'm here. I want to learn
about what men and women do together."

"But you're not a woman yet," I teased. I wanted to see
how serious she was.

"Oh yes I am! I've got breasts (patting her breasts)
and I've got hair down here (pointing to her lower
regions), and I feel strange things when I saw you and
my mom last night. I want you to teach me."

"Why me?" I persisted.

"Because I don't have anyone. My father and mother
don't get along. She thinks I am a kid. I have no
boyfriend because I study too much. I have see you
naked. So I want you to teach me. If you can..."

Now she was playing with me. "I think we can learn from
each other," I said. "Now, tell me what you know."

She told me, "All I know is that men and women have
different parts, and somehow they use them together,
and it's fun. I saw you last night with your part grown
all big, and my mother holding and rubbing it. Why does
it grow big?"

I explained: "My 'part', called the penis, or 'chaji'
in Korean, grows big whenever a beautiful woman excites
a man."

"How does she excite the man?"

"It happens many ways. It could be a glance, a wink, a
show of her flesh. Almost anything. You see, the man's
biggest sex organ is his brain, his imagination. If he
thinks he's going to have a woman come near him, he
thinks all kinds of thoughts, and he grows big."

"Then what happens."

"Well," I said. "If a woman rubs the penis enough, or
if he is stimulated enough by inserting his penis into
the woman's vagina, he has an orgasm. You saw me have
one last night with your mom."

"Do you like orgasm?" she asked.

"Yes, of course. An orgasm is the best physical thing
you can ever feel, no matter if you are a man or a

"Do I make you big?"

Whew! She was fast! "I think you can, and I think you
will before you leave tonight. Now, are you excited by

"What do you mean?"

"Do you feel excited, nervous, dry in the mouth, or wet
in your vagina area?"

Hwa blushed when I said this, but she nodded yes.
"What? Where?" I asked.

"I feel wet down here, and I feel an aching in my
breasts. It's almost like they all need to be touched.
If they don't, I feel like I'll burn up. I think I need
orgasm, no?"

"We'll do that, soon enough. Let's go into my bedroom
where we'll be comfortable. On the way I switched on
some Schubert piano music that set the mood. When we
got to my room, we sat down on my bed.

"Hwa, are you ready to begin?" She nodded her approval.
"What do you feel like doing most right now," I asked.

"I want to see your penis. I want to see if I can make
it excited."

"OK, then starting looking for it." And she did. She
asked me to stand up and then she took off my pants,
and hiked down my underwear. My penis was flaccid at
the moment. I had willed it not to move while she was
talking about her wanting to discover what sex was
about. She took the small penis, and asked what to do
with it.

"Remember what your mother was doing last night? And so
she did. She wrapped it around her small hand, until
soon it was larger around than her hand could reach. I
could tell she was really enjoying herself. She would
occasionally shift in her seat as her own excitement
overtook her body. An occasional hand would stray to
her breast as she pulled and tugged and rubbed my

"How am I doing, teacher?" she asked.

"Very well," I commented. "You learn quickly. What do
you feel like doing now?"

"I need something to happen to my breasts and my
vagina, but I don't know what. Will you help me out?"
she asked. So I got her to stand up and I pulled off
her pants, her underwear, her shirt and her bra. She
was very shy to do so, however. I asked her why she was
shy, for it seemed like I would not get to see her
body. She replied, "I am ashamed of my body ... not

"My dear Hwa," I replied. "You are a beautiful woman.
Would you like to see how really excited I can get?"

She looked up at me and nodded yes.

"OK, then, please let me take off your clothes. You
promised me you would be a good student."

After that, she seemed very willing to give in to the
moment. She asked me to take off her shirt and bra
first, and then her pants and underwear. As I did, I
worshiped each part of her body with my hands and
tongue. She obviously liked all this attention, and her
eyes shone with desire.

"Dear God, what a body!" I whistled under my breath.
Her legs were long and thin. Her thighs were solid. The
sculpture of her stomach contrasted with the stunning
architecture of her breasts rising out of the plain of
her chest. Flowing over everything was her ample hair.
Occasionally a nipple would poke through her hair, or a
thigh, or the wafting smell from her excited vagina.

Her breasts were size "A", I figured, but their beauty
made me weak from pleasure. Topping these mounds were
light pink nipples which were the first things I
touched. As I did she immediately changed her
expression and loosened her hold on my penis as I
shifted the focus of attention from me to her.

"OH, I feel like I am on fire! How do I put out my
fire?" she exclaimed.

"Guide my hand," I said. She took it and rubbed her
breasts with my hands for a good five minutes. Then she
took them and had me touch her clitoris. Just a few
seconds of that was enough to send her over into
orgasmland. A few minutes later, she released my soaked
hand. A few minutes after that she was able to talk.

"Oh, that was unbelievable. Now I understand my mother
better. I even think I understand my father better,
because I hear he has lots of women around Korea." And
on she went, talking about this and about that ...
until she finally realized she had a naked man in front
of her.

"Oh my God, look at me. Here I've been concentrating on
me, and forgetting you." And so she began tugging and
fondling me again. I rubbed her wondrous breasts some
more (to which she purred her appreciation). After a
few minutes, I told her that I was about to come. She
said she was ready, and lay down beneath me, never
letting go of my penis. Somehow, I completely lost
track of where I was and who I was, only that some
power had me by the penis and I had to give it my full
attention. When I finally came to my senses, she was
covered in my semen. Even her wonderful hair had some
in it.

"Well, professor, what's my grade so far?"

I managed to say, "A+". Are you ready for the next

Sure, but I've got to get home now. Can we save it for
next week?


The next day at school Yung was the center of
attention. Many students had heard something about her
experience yesterday in the physiology class. But I
heard that she was not talking. Neither were the rest
of the students. All the inquisitive students could
find out that something happened; no details.

Late in the afternoon, Yung came to see me. She was
dressed in a conservative black suit that hinted of
casual, but also of sophistication. My face lighted up
when she walked in my office. She greeted my smile with
her own broad grin.

"I guess we were a hit yesterday," she began.

I decided to play it cool at first. "Well, it was
either a demonstration, or just read about sperm
collecting from a dull textbook, with 1 picture."

"Prof. M., what happened yesterday was really
wonderful. I want to thank you for it. But it has also
raised some problems. You see, I got all excited
yesterday by you, and I just can't get you ... I mean
... the experience yesterday out of my mind."

"I see," I said, noncommital.

"And what I was wondering," she continued, "Well, I was
wondering if we could do it again?" Immediately she
blushed. "What I meant to say is, you got your
excitement, but I didn't get my excitement."

"Ms. Yung," I said. "You have an excellent point. So we
went out to dinner, and then agreed to end up at my

Over dinner we talked about our lives. She had grown up
in Seoul, but moved to this small city when her parents
divorced, and her father returned to his hometown.
(Kids of divorced parents were often taken as a trophy
by the father, who then had his parents raise them.)
This was what happened to Yung. She was being raised by
her grandmother in an outlying district. She went home
from the dorm on weekends.

I asked about boyfriends, and the usual. She said that
she had had boyfriends before, but they were really
immature for her. Plus, she wouldn't even look at a man
now unless he had completed his compulsory three years
of military service. "I'm not waiting around for
anyone," she said rather strongly.

"What is your sexual experience?" I asked. "Yesterday
it seemed like you knew your way around a penis!"

She blushed, but kept my eye. "You're right. I've known
a couple of men. But the bodies which those penises
were connected to were boys. Especially in the brain
department. I have watched you over the year, M, and I
think you're different."

"How so?"

"I think you will respect me, no matter what we do. I
watched you yesterday. You would not break my gaze when
I was ... holding you. That tells me that I can work,
or play, with you."

"Shall we leave, then?" I asked. "It sounds like we've
some things to do!"

On the way home, we stopped several times on the street
to kiss. Each time she came close and pressed up
against me. Our carnal knowledge of each other had
begun. It was not long before she had my penis hard-
pressed against her thigh. This, coupled with her
breasts so consciously poked into my stomach, I was
rapidly wishing we were back at my apartment!

When we arrived, Yung asked to disrobe me first. She
took her time, which drove me wild with desire.
Whenever she took off a piece of my clothing, she took
at least five minutes rubbing or sucking whatever came
into view. It took 20 minutes before she got to my
penis. By then, it was weeping like crazy with pre-cum.
She started her famous pulling technique, and then
stopped. "My turn," she announced.

Her black suit seemed to have no buttons or zippers. It
stayed on her through an excellent tailoring job, and
elastic in the right places. I began with her top.
Underneath that was a tank top t-shirt, under which was
only her skin. Turning her around, I decided to undress
her fully before taking in her entire body. All I
really saw before turning her around was her exquisite

When she did turn around, I was in shock! Her nipples
were puffy, the first time I had ever seen them "in the
flesh." They capped medium sized breasts with a
beautiful pear shape. She saw my reaction to her
breasts and nipples, and said, "M, these fruits are
yours for the picking. Enjoy yourself." I reached out
and touched the tender puffy nipple of her left breast.
The reaction on Yung was as immediate as it was
evident. She came! Just one touch of her breast, and
she was in orgasmville! I tried the other breast
nipple, and she came quickly again.

I wondered aloud what was going on. "I'm really turned
on," she said. "Almost anything will set me off." And
she moved in closer, doing a full body press on my
body. My cock was caught up in her belly button area,
but I managed to shift it down so that the top of it
rubbed its way along her entire vagina area. She
obviously liked that, and came several more times in
this fashion. By this time, I was ready to explode. We
went over to my bed, and she climbed on top of my
penis, impaling herself. I reached out with my hands to
torment her puffy nipples, and she came several more
times in the process. Her up and down movement on my
penis made her beautiful breasts jump and move in
magical ways. It was almost as if she were treating my
penis like a baton, and her entire body was responding
to its leading.

Would her orgasms ever stop? I asked her that question.
She said it rarely happens that she gets all fucked
out, but if we really try, she might last only an hour
more. "An hour more?!" I thought. "I'll be killed by
this woman before I can satisfy her." But I tried
nevertheless. I thought about anything and everything
in order to keep from coming.

I massaged her clit with my fingertips, my tongue. I
went after those luscious nipple candies again. Finally
in one furious five minute burst, I attacked her vagina
with my penis, her nipples with my mouth and fingers,
and her clit with my free hand. After one continuous
orgasm of several minutes, during which I blasted my
load inside her, she finally settled back down to
earth. What a woman! After we took a shower together,
all that rubbing in the shower set her going again. It
was all I could do to bring her to 15 orgasms, which
her superior nipples aided, before I had to call it a


The following weekend, I am home alone on Saturday
night, and the doorbell rings. I had forgotten! It was
Hwa's time to come over for her next lesson. I let her
in and we hugged before she could take off her shoes.
"I am so glad to see you, M," she said.

"Why is that?" I asked.

"Because I have looked forward to tonight all week

"What do you want to learn tonight?" I asked.

"Oral sex."

I asked her to take off my clothes and then I would
take off hers. Like last time, she got very interested
in my penis, and almost forgot what she was doing.

Knowing the beauty that lay underneath her clothes,
with trembling hands, I took them off her incredibly
sexy body. She seemed to enjoy all the attention I was
paying her breasts and vagina. By the time we were both
undressed, she had already had two orgasms.

"Oral sex," I began, "is when you take your partner's
sex organs into your mouth or lick them with your
tongue." Allow me to demonstrate two ways. I leaned
down to her vagina, and started licking her entire
vulva area, closing in slowly but surely on her target
of love, the clitoris. By the time I reached her
clitoris, she was convulsing heavily with breathing.
The first touch of my tongue to her clit sent her off.
When she came down, she said that was wonderful. "I
want to do the same thing for you," she said in her
eager voice. Let me lick you.

So I showed her how. "Give me your finger." I took her
finger into my mouth and sucked on it, licked it and
gave it all the attention it needed. She looked at this
demonstrating in complete wonderment.

"That feels wonderful, too." I guess everything to a
neophyte in sex felt fresh and new. Hwa was so much

"Remember, when you suck, treat my penis as a lollipop,
and remember not to use your teeth.""

I lay down on my bed, and let Hwa take over. Licking my
penis' underside, Hwa transported me to another place
and time. She was very good, and gentle. Then came the
time when she started taking me into her mouth,
remembering not to use her teeth. At first, she was
awkward (but even that felt wonderful!), and then she
got into a rhythm, taking more and more into her mouth,
until she was able to swallow my entire penis.

"Oh my God," I thought. This daughter of my fellow
professor has me under her complete control. I reached
over and rubbed her breasts and nipples, which
responded to my touch. Hwa stopped her attention to my
penis long enough to have an orgasm of her own. This
girl was amazing.

Finally, Hwa put her mouth into high gear, and before
long I was about to shoot. But I had forgotten to
explain what she should do with my semen. What would
she do? I told her that my orgasm was just about to
come blasting into her mouth, and that she could either
swallow it or not. It was up to her.

My nuts were tight. She grabbed them and gave a yank
and I was over the edge, coming first in her mouth, and
then all over myself. She had some effect upon my sperm

Hwa was happy with all that she had learned that
evening. After resting a bit and talking, she started
pulling on my penis again. What did she want now? "I've
just got to have it again before I have to go!" Her
mouth clamped down on my penis, and didn't let go until
she had milked me dry. I returned the favor to her, and
then it was time for her to go.

I walked her most of the way home. In our conversation,
I told her how grateful I was at being able to teach
her. She said the same thing about my teaching her. We
parted with a long, soulful kiss in which she rubbed my
penis to its maximum hardness. "Something to remember
me by, until next week," were her parting words.

The next week at school, I avoided Prof. Kim, fearing
that she might suspect what her daughter was doing with
me. But my fears were groundless. In fact, she seemed
to trust me in some sort of way, and relied upon me in
the kind of way she might rely upon a husband. On
Wednesday afternoon, she found me in the cafeteria, and
asked to talk to me.

"Sure," I said. "What's going on?"

"I really appreciate all your help to me this year. You
have helped me in ways I cannot speak about. But now I
need a big 'pu-tak' (favor) from you."

"Whatever you need, I'll try to help out. You saved my
physiology class and I am thankful to you as well."

"This weekend," she said, "I need to go Seoul for
medical conference. I was going to have my son come
home from college to take care of Hwa. But he has final
exams and cannot carry out his promise to me. I don't
have anyone to ask but you. Will you stay with Hwa this
weekend at my home? It'll be for two nights."

As nonchalantly as I could I managed to get out,

Relief flooded Prof. Kim's face. She forgot her normal
demeanor and hugged me. "This is important conference,
and I must attend. I know Hwa will have good time with

"Right," I thought.

On Friday afternoon, I went over to Prof. Kim's home
with my things for the weekend. Prof. Kim had to catch
the train, so she quickly kissed Hwa and shook my hand,
and she was off. Hwa and I just smiled as she left. It
was a strange sensation to have such an opportunity
handed to you.

"Come and let me show you my home," Hwa said. "I don't
think you've seen anything except the basement." She
led me on a tour of the house. It was modest in size, a
first level and a basement; however, out in the fenced
back yard was a small pool. Pool furniture lined the
apron surrounding the pool. Off in one corner was a
box, which Hwa proceeded to drag out towards the pool.
She opened it up and started taking out party
materials: paper plates, cups, chopsticks, drinks and

"What's going on?" I asked, though I suspected.

"I'm throwing a party for you and some of my friends
tonight. It starts in a couple of hours."

I helped her get things together around the pool, and
then she said, "Come on inside. I want to show you my
new swim suit."

I didn't have to be asked twice for that! She led me to
her room, where she casually stripped in front of me
and then stepped into her new, white bikini. She was
exquisite in her new suit. And I told her so.

"Thank you for the compliment. What do you think is the
best: the top or the bottom?" she asked playfully.

Responding in kind, I said, "Well, I'd have to make a
careful inspection, to see which part felt best to me."

"Go right ahead." We have an hour before the first
guests arrive.

Like a boy at a candy store for the first time, I
didn't know whether to go upstairs or downstairs. This
was the kind of hard decision I liked! For a change, I
started with her bottom. Stepping up to her face to
face, I looked into her eyes as I placed my hands
around her on her butt. I just rubbed her through the
bikini's fabric for a few minutes.

Eventually she responded by grinding her pelvis into my
left leg. Of course, this friction made my hard as
well. Lowering her bikini bottom to the floor, she
stepped away and then resumed her original position
against my leg. Her breathing became irregular and
faster as she abandoned herself to the feeling, my
hands massaging her buns, and her pelvic region
stimulated by my left leg.

Then, I reached up and removed Hwa's bikini top. Her
extended nipples invited my touch. We lay down on my
bed, so my hands could get busy with these very
sensitive tips to her beautiful, pear- shaped breasts.
Laying down behind her, I reached around and took each
breast in one hand, and did not let go for several

The effect was as immediate upon her as it was
effective. Almost no time elapsed before she came, with
just my stimulation of these nipples. After a few
minutes, she turned around, and said, "Let's not
concentrate on me so much. I feel bad for doing that
the last two times with you. I'm going to take off your
clothes, and make you a happy man."

With me lying now naked on my back, Hwa brought her
body to bear against my hard penis in a most
imaginative way. Starting with her feet, she used all
the body parts she could to stimulate my penis. Her
massage with her feet left me surprised and gasping.
Her small feet kneaded my penis flesh in very erotic

The sight of those feet on my penis was really turning
me on. Her small toe traced small figures into my penis
flesh. Then she started mouthing my penis. A light,
teasing tickling with her tongue kept me hard, but on
this side of an orgasm. Then she used her breasts.
While they were not large enough to have the kind of
cleavage to wrap around my penis, she used her nipples
to stimulate the glans area. This was the most erotic
thing she did. Kneeling at my side, perpendicular to me
at my penis, she dragged her body sideways, so that
first her right and then her left nipple dragged across
that extra-sensitive penis part. This erotic scene was
heightened because it started in her a string of
nipple-oriented orgasms.

"Oh my God. Ai-go. Too much!" she panted. After about
ten minutes of this, she then lay down beside me, but
with both of us on our sides, with me behind her in a
"spoon" position. She reached around and grabbed my
rock-hard penis and guided me to her pussy area.

"But you're a virgin," I exclaimed. "Do you want me to
enter you from the rear?"

"No, a virgin I'll remain. I just want you to take your
penis and rub across the outside of my pussy."

What a nice position. With her squeezing her legs
together, and with me inserting my penis into the small
area formed by her legs just outside her pussy area, it
was almost like entering a real pussy. With each
thrust, her juices coated my penis, making the
experience more and more enjoyable. For her too.

Each time I thrust forward, I tickled her clitoris with
the head of my penis. After a few minutes of this, she
was gasping again from the far side of her multiple
orgasms. I reached around with my free hand and
stimulated her clitoris directly. The effect upon her
was immediate. She stiffened her entire body, grabbed
her nipples and came for all she was worth! That was
all I could take as well, and I withdrew my penis and
came upon her back.

What this young girl could do! And to me!

A few minutes later, her guests arrived. It was to be a
small party of five people. In addition to Hwa and me,
she invited two of her girl friends from high school,
Mina and Ahn. Ahn's boyfriend also arrived with the two
girls. His name was Byong.

Byong was a small, wiry, but muscular young man of 18.
He was on the wrestling team at school. His face was
very ready to smile at just about anything, plus he was
a bit nervous, which made him smile even more. His
girlfriend Ahn was also small, perhaps one of the
smallest young budding women I had seen. Perhaps 4' 6"
tall and 80 pounds, she was nevertheless a mature 18-
year old package of womanhood.

I estimated her breast size to be a 29A. Her English
was not that great, so she and I were to converse what
we could in Korean language. She had on a loose shirt
and jeans. Her glasses made her look like an
intellectual. Ahn's face was lovely, a classic- styled
Korean beauty she was to become!

Mina introduced herself to me. She was also 18, just
last week, but also well on her way to becoming a
lovely woman. Her tight orange top covered what
appeared to be a 31A or small 'B' breast size. Her
jeans flared out to show a nice set of buns. But it was
her eyes that I noticed most of all. They were
hypnotic. They seemed alive with their own life and
energy. When she looked at me, I could not break her
gaze until she released me. She reminded me of someone,
but I couldn't place her right away, until she told me,
"Yung is my twin sister. We are fraternal twins."

My mouth dropped, speechless. Yung was an incredibly
sexy young woman, and it looked like her sister was
too. Mina came over to me and kissed me on the cheek,
and whispered, in Korean: "I know everything." Then she
backed away and locked my eyes again in her gaze. It
was going to be an interesting party!

We ate first. Hwa had ordered Chinese take-out (in
Korea, Chinese food is the best!), and we took it out
beside the pool and ate. Hwa produced some beer, which
everyone enjoyed. After half an hour, with the sun
going down, we were mellow in each other's company.
During dinner our conversation turned to school, to
life in America, and to the typical things that
teenagers talk about.

After we cleared away the food, Hwa instructed us to
gather near the pool on a blanket. She had a deck of
cards in her hand. "Now, we're going to play strip
poker," she announced in a slightly tipsy voice. "Here
are the rules. Each person takes one card. The ace is
high, the two is low. Whoever has the low card, loses.
He or she will have to sacrifice one piece of their
clothing. Socks count as one piece. The person with the
highest card will be the one who gets to remove that
piece of clothing. But that's not all.

The person who wins draws another card, and the value
of the card is the amount of time they have to remove
that piece of clothing. They can only touch that part
of their body where the clothing covers. If there's a
tie for winning or losing, the persons with the tie
have to share the same fate, whether it is removing a
piece of their clothes, or removing a piece of someone
else's clothes. Finally, if two people of the same sex
are winners and losers, only the loser has to remove
his or her clothes, by themselves. That is, unless they
want to remove each other's clothes. Everyone ready?

We all looked around. Mina, sitting across from me,
gave me a knowing look. And we all gave Hwa our signal
we were ready.

The first round, Byong lost to Mina. Mina drew a 4
after that, so she took 4 minutes to remove Byong's
white socks. But the way she did it was a sight to
behold. She fondled his toes as if they were individual
penises. The game was off to a hot start!

The second round I lost to Ahn. Since I had not put on
my socks after Hwa and I had our pre- party romp, Ahn
removed my shirt after drawing a 9. Asking me to stand
up, she started to take off my t-shirt. But that proved
difficult. She was so small, and I was so tall, that
either she had to stand on a chair, or I had to kneel
in front of her. For safety, I kneeled.

As she peeled off my shirt, she came close in so that
more than just her hands handled my body. Her breasts,
hidden within their own fabric, rubbed intentionally,
brazenly, against my stomach and chest. And this had an
effect upon my penis. My short pants tented with my
penis straining to get free. Ahn ended her 9 minutes
with her covered breasts rubbing my uncovered nipples.
After this demonstration, the party entered a new gear.
We realized this was going to be serious fun!

The third round Hwa won, and Mina was her target. She
drew a Queen, and so had 10 minutes to remove Mina's
clothing. Mina elected to have Hwa do the honors, but
she started with Mina's pants! Within minutes, Mina was
in her underwear. She looked surprised at how fast
things had gone, but she gave me another look, and
opened her legs slightly so I could see her dressed
that way.

In the next round, Byong and I drew 9s, and Ahn drew a
three. We then drew a 7 for our time to remove a piece
of her clothing. Taking a cue from the previous round,
Byong and I consulted with each other and removed her
top. She stood up and held her arms up, and Byong in
front and I in the back lifted up the shirt of this
lithe, tiny beauty.

No bra! I quickly discovered. She hardly needed one,
however. Her breasts were absolutely firmly anchored to
her petite body frame, but soft to the touch. Byong
took one, and I the other, and for the rest of our time
we admired her tits with our hands and tongues. She
shivered in delight as we all sat down, and sat up
proudly with her breasts in full view. Byong's and my
penises were just as obvious, though hidden.

I won the next round, and Mina lost. Since she already
had her pants off, I looked her in the eyes and
communicated that it was shirt-time. I had 3 minutes.
Standing up together, we approached each other and I
quickly lifted her orange top. Her bra was a sheer one
that showed that she had exactly the same nipples as
her sister Yung. They were puffed out! Her bra left
nothing to the imagination, and so for 3 minutes I let
my fingers to the walking around her upper body,
including over her bra. She purred her pleasure.

The next round went to Hwa, who beat Byong. He had only
lost his socks, and this time he lost his shirt. For 10
minutes, Hwa played with his upper body and nipples,
and occasionally brushed her body up against his hard-

He lost the next round to his girlfriend, who drew a 5.
His pants left the scene quickly, and Ahn mercilessly
rubbed the front of his underwear until wet, pre-cum
stains appeared. It was obvious they had done things
like this before, but both were out of breath when time
was called.

Hwa lost the next round to me. Since she had not yet
lost, I knew she had on her underwear, a shirt and her
short pants. I went for the shirt in the 8 minutes I
had. Her breasts drews gasps of delight from the small
crowd, and soon Hwa was doing her own gasping, as I let
her have 8 minutes of nipple-focused heaven. Her orgasm
in minute #2 was the first of the evening. Her orgasm
at the end of minute #8 was the tenth. We were all very
turned on by this. Our hands started rubbing our own
bodies in response.

Ahn lost to me in the next round, and I completed her
disrobing with the removal of her underwear. In the
four minutes allotted to me, I caressed her vulva area
with my hands, and then my tongue. She came at the end
of our time together, her small body tensing and then
releasing in pleasure.

Mina and Hwa both drew cards with 5 on them. Ahn and I
drew 6s. Together we would disrobe each girl. Hwa would
lose her short pants to Ahn, and Mina would give up her
bra to me. I drew the card that would give us the time.
It was an ace! YES! Ten minutes!

And what a 10 minutes they were! Ahn quickly liberated
Hwa's pants and started to rub her southern regions,
back and front, where they had covered her skin. Her
hands even reached to her pussy area, and Hwa resounded
with more orgasms. With that sound in the background, I
worked on Mina's bra. Reaching around, eyes again
locked on each other, I dropped her bra to the ground
and then lightly touched her breasts with their puffy

She collapsed into me, staggered by the feeling. As she
collapsed, she ground herself into my penis. What an
exquisite, wonderful feeling, to have this girl melt
into a shape that conformed to my own body! By the time
our ten minutes were up, she had come several times.
Also at the end of our time, no one seemed to be able
to stop, and Byong joined in, first removing his own
underwear to reveal a sizeable penis, and then removing
Hwa's underwear (leaving her naked). Mina stopped long
enough to announce: "M here has his clothes on. He
wins. What's his prize?"

Everyone stopped to think, but very reluctantly,
because each was involved in their own world. After a
little thought, my prize was to be whoever I wanted, if
she wanted to be my prize. I looked around. Ahn was
certainly alluring with her diminutive, fully developed
body, but I didn't know Byong well enough to assume Ahn
and I could take our liberties together. Hwa and her
super-sensitive body was also demanding my attention,
but I had already tasted of her that evening. So, my
choice was easy. I looked at Mina and said, "I would
like to be yours tonight. Will you have me?" She only
responded with her eyes.

A space was cleared on the blanket while Mina removed
the rest of my clothes. Ahn came over to help her, with
her breasts rubbing my legs as she struggled with my
jeans. Together, they revealed my penis. After Ahn took
one long feel of my penis with her extra-small hand,
she went over to Byong and sat down with the rest. It
was show time with Mina and me in the center of the

She began with her look at me. I think she was hypnotic
with the way she looked at me. Something pre-verbal and
primal came through in her look. I was certainly
entranced by her. After we broke our eye-hold on each
other, I rubbed her breasts with one hand, and her
pussy with another. Her puffy nipples quivered with
each orgasm, as if they had tiny muscles underneath

Tasting her nipples during her orgasms, they felt as if
tiny popcorn kernels were going off under her nipples.
She then changed position to lick my penis. All the
while she licked, she locked my eyes with her almond-
shaped eyes. I could see my reflection in them. "Come,"
her eyes urged. "Come!" And so I did. I splashed her
mouth, her breasts, and even got one shot that landed
on Ahn's foot.

"Great show!" everyone clapped. I was spent, and so I
rested and watched as the rest of the teenagers poked
and explored their bodies. Byong was lying on his back,
with Ahn impaled upon his penis. She was bouncing up
and down, with her perfect breasts keeping time. Hwa
sat on his face, as she came time and again with his
attention to her clitoris. Her hands kept her nipples
in a state of constant frustration.

After a few moments, Byong let his sperm spew on the
back of Hwa, still on his face. Ahn reached down to
assist him manually through his orgasmic throes. It was
an amazing sight. Ahn then came over to Mina and to me,
and asked if she could join me in some love-making.
That was cool with Mina, and so Ahn leaned over and
sucked new life into my limp penis.

Her mouth was small, so she could not get much in, but
what she lacked in equipment, she made up for in
technique. She knew exactly where my sensitive spots
were (had she consulted with anyone?), and in just two
minutes I was hard. During that time, I was mesmerized
by the feel of her breasts in my hand. Lying down, she
invited me to enter her vagina. Knowing that she was
not a virgin, I did not hesitate.

My penis was large for her. It took several minutes of
slow in-and-out movement to prepare the way for my
entry. During that time, she came and came and came,
cooing like a song bird, and I was not even inside her
yet! All that coming action must have prepared her
well, for all at once, I glided in and bottomed out in
her, just as I was fully inside her. The velvety
tightness of Ahn was certainly overwhelming.

Her coos of pleasure attracted everyone's attention,
and it was not long before we were the main event. The
sight of my large penis and body inside and next to her
pint-sized body was arousing, and everyone had their
hand on either their own sex organs, or were massaging
someone else's.

Finally, during one of her earthiest orgasms, I had
mine. What sweet pleasure it was! And everyone else
soon came again, either with their own hands or someone
else's hands upon their body.

I had had three orgasms that night, and so I was spent.
I spent the rest of the time watching the three girls
and one young man enjoy themselves, but I could tell
that their energy was waning. Mina was the first to
uncouple herself from the crowd, and came over to where
I was. She was positively flushed from her sex play,
and sweaty too. I suggested either a short swim, or a

"How about both?" Naked, we jumped into the pool and
swam some laps together. Her eyes kept on searching
mine out, and I found myself again strangely taken by
her. Jumping out of the pool, we found the shower. I
lathered up my hands and rubbed her clean, inside and
out. She grunted a few times in orgasmic satisfaction
to that, and then returned the favor. The feel of her
small hand and the lubricating soap was the right
effect, and I had my fourth release of the evening. I
was having an unbelievable time! When we got out to the
pool, everyone else was in as well, and so Mina and I
joined them.

"Are we spending the night here?" someone asked. Hwa
said it was OK, however Byong had a wresting team
curfew to keep, and Mina had her own parents' curfew to
keep. So within a few minutes, they had to leave. I
walked them both to the door. Byong said he was glad to
meet me, and hoped that I would enjoy my evening,
whatever happened. Mina melted against me again as her
way of saying Goodbye. Her kiss aroused me once again,
because when she left, I was left with a boner.

I walked into the living room where Hwa and Ahn were,
sporting my erection. "My God," said Ahn in Korean.
"What shall we do with M?" And it wasn't long before
each was handling my penis in her own way. Asking me to
spread my legs out, Hwa started working on my balls
with her hand, and then her mouth. Ahn got some suntan
oil and applied it to my dick with her small hands.

Using both, she was able to complete the circumference
of my penis. Up and down her hands went, with her two
thumbs paying special attention to my sensitive glans.
This went on for quite awhile, for I didn't think I
could come again. Finally, however, when I placed each
of my hands on each girl's chest, that was enough. I
erupted, and then collapsed.

I think I fell asleep right there, for when I woke up
it was dark and I was covered up on the carpet where I
had collapsed. I looked at my watch and discovered it
was 4:00 in the morning. And I needed to pee badly!
When I have to pee badly in the night, I wake up with a
raging hard-on. So I went to the bathroom, only to find
out that I was not alone. A naked Ahn was just
finishing up. I greeted her with a kiss and a hug.

"Good morning," she said in Korean, "Did you sleep

"Like a baby," I said, and she grinned. Our hug kept on
going, and my penis, still hard, nestled between the
breasts of this young, small beauty. She rubbed me back
and forth between her ample chest, rubbing my penis on
her chest from nipple to nipple. As my penis came into
contact with her nipple, she breathed in sharply.

Then I picked up this 80 pound young woman with my
arms, and she wrapped her legs around my waist. We
locked our lips and tongues together as she lowered her
now gaping pussy onto my iron hard penis. It was not
long before she bottomed out on me this way. Gasping
through her mouth, and snorting through her nose, she
started her cooing again, but quietly so as not to
disturb Hwa's sleep.

Her orgasms were intense and long, and pretty soon I
had mine as well. Disengaging ourselves, we stepped
into the shower and proceeded to clean each other as
Mina and I had done the night before. We each left the
shower having peaked again. I was never tired of this
small-package woman and her charms.

Later in that day, Ahn and Hwa and I went out to the
pool to enjoy the sun. Hwa had her new bikini on, Hwa
had found on old one of Hwa's and I was in my shorts.
Korean's usually don't sunbathe, because they think
tanned skin reminds them of blue collar workers who
have to work outside, so the sun oil was SPF 60. They
would not cook at all if they had the sun oil on them.

Naturally, we asked each other to do the honors. Hwa
was first, and asked me to oil her up. First on her
stomach, I rubbed the oil into her legs, then into her
butt, taking special care to linger there (she loved
that!), and then her back. Turning her over, I repeated
the exercise, lingering under her bikini bottoms, but
removing her top before dribbling the oil on her
nipples and breasts.

"OH GOD!" she cried. That feels so good. A few seconds
was all it took for her to come.

Ahn was next. She asked me to take off her swim suit
first. It didn't really fit, so why bother? Stretching
her magnificently small body on the blanket, I rubbed
the oil first into her back and legs. Turning her over,
I rubbed her breasts and nipples with my oil-lubricated
fingers. She could not get enough, and came hard when I
reached down to her clitoris.

My turn. My shorts were tented already, so I asked Hwa
to release them from me. Standing, with Ahn in front,
Hwa in back, they rubbed me down with the oil. Ahn was
especially delicate with her small hands on my penis.
She twisted her small hand back and forth on my penis
head with one hand, and then rubbed my glans with the

I had to lie down when she did that, and I took the
rest of their application lying down. Hwa joined in the
lubrication of my penis, one hand on the lower part and
the other coating my balls with oil. Together they
started a four-part rhythm with their four hands on my
dick, and I responded with a massive orgasm that Ahn
took on her face.

We could now stay out in the sun with some peace!

That evening, after Ahn had to leave, Hwa and I
continued our private lessons, but I don't think she
needed them anymore. The next morning, I graduated her
with a multi-orgasm session, and then we cleaned up the
house before her mom returned.


A few weeks later, Yung came by my office. Dressed in a
pair of shorts and halter top, she quickly got my
attention. Again, her eyes were mesmerizing. I could
not tell if she really had some power over me or not.
All I knew was that when she looked at me, I could not
refuse anything se asked. She closed the office door
behind her and came over to my desk. Laying her books
on the chair, she said that she and her sister were
inviting me over to their home the next Friday evening.
Their parents were gone for the evening and the next
day until the afternoon, so it would be just us.

Before she left my office, she leaned over and kissed
me great passion. "I think you'll find Friday night
very interesting," she said.

I asked, "Who will be there?"

"Just Mina and me." I was instantly hard, which Yung
noticed, and which she teased through my pants.

Friday finally arrived, finally. I wonder what the
girls had in mind. I knocked on the door, and both
girls opened the door. It was something to behold both
of them at the same time. Each girl tried to get my
attention with her eyes, and each was hard to resist.
Now, with them together, I could see them both.

Both girls were both the same height; the older one was
perhaps 7 pounds heavier. Yung was a 32B, while Mina
was a 31A, or perhaps a B. Mina's breasts were just a
bit smaller than her sister's. I could tell this even
though neither had her clothes off. Both girls had on
very tight silk tops with black leotards. Mina's top
was light pink; Yung's was bright red. I could also
tell that each girl had puffy nipples unhindered by any

"Come in," said Yung, acting the host. Mina took my
offering of wine, and took it into the kitchen to open
it. She returned a few minutes later with three glasses
and the bottle. While she was gone, Yung and I got
caught up with her classes. When Mina returned, she and
I spent some time talking about her high school. She
did not want to do nursing when she graduated, but
rather art work. I mentioned that I had posed before,
if she ever needed a model.

The wine started to work, since it was nearly a meal
time, and our stomachs were empty. The effect of the
wine upon both young women was obvious. Their faces
were flushed pinkish red, a color somewhere between the
two colors of their tops. I wondered if their flushed
state extended to other parts of their bodies. The
stares of the sisters into my eyes grew more obvious
and intense. Finally, the Yung said, "M, thanks for
coming over tonight. Both I and my sister have had the
pleasure of making love to you separately. Tonight,
we'd like to have the unique pleasure of making love
with you together. I hope that meets with your
approval." Her stare was hypnotic.

I nodded yes, and asked, "May we begin?"

Mina said, "Now is good. My sister and I would like to
have a little competition to start things off. As you
know, both of us come quickly when you stimulate us, so
we'd like to propose that you begin with a contest:
which of the two of us will take the longest to have
her first orgasm?" The sister who won this contest
would get to bring me to my first orgasm.

This was going to be fun. I loved long foreplay
sessions. Using the "scissors-rock-paper" game, Mina
was selected to go first. That probably put her sister
at a disadvantage if she were to watch the two of us
engage in erotic play first, and then her turn would
come. I expected Yung would cream in my hands in
seconds. But we would see.

I approached Mina on a couch and we started kissing,
while her sister started timing. I started a very light
kissing routine on her face and then her upper body,
not spending any extra time on her breasts, which were
still wrapped in pink. By the time I started to remove
her top, she was starting to breathe heavily. Her puffy
nipples seemed larger than before. I remembered the
little sensations that her nipples had when you sucked
them while she was having an orgasm.

Using the absolute lightest of touches, I brushed her
nipples with my finger, causing her to moan and squeeze
her legs together in agonizing sweetness. Then I traced
the outline of her beautiful breasts with my own palm,
encasing each breast with my hand in ever-so-light
embrace. It would not be long, I was sure, before her
first orgasm. But I wanted to give each girl an equal
chance, so I did not rush this most wonderful of

Meanwhile, my own penis is just screaming to be
released. These two sisters' bodies are the hottest I
have known in Korea, and the chance to be with just one
of them alone was privilege enough. While I
concentrated upon Mina's breasts, Yung came over and
sat on the other side of me, and started to rub my

She was able to remove my shirt, and then my short
pants, and finally I lifted my body so that she could
get to my penis unhindered. Her memorable hold on my
penis began. Slipping her entire hand over the head of
my penis, she brought her fingers into contact with my
penis, drawing her hand away from me, and ending with a
wonderful tug around the rim of my penis head.

"Oh my God," I thought. "I might be the first to come
if she does that!" Her sister did not touch my penis,
so that she would not be overly stimulated and lose the
bet. Fortunately, Yung did not play with me so
intensely. Most of her touching were light stimulations
designed to get me rock hard, but no more.

As I continued to stroke Mina's breasts, she started
slipping away to orgasmville. "Ohhhh, I'm comingggg,"
she said in Korean. Since her time had come, I grabbed
one puffed out nipple with my mouth and intensified her
pleasure. Her nipple was alive! Muscles beneath it were
going off right and left, so that her nipple literally
vibrated as she came. She was pinching her other nipple
with the fingers of one hand, and grabbing her crotch
with the other. Her first orgasm came at minute 9 and
35 seconds.

Yung had her work cut out for her. She had rubbed my
own cock into a frenzy, and had witnessed her sister's
orgasm. How long would she last before her first one? I
remember the first time I kissed each of her puffy
nipples, she came each time. To prolong her staying
power, I asked her to remove her own red top. Her skin
beneath matched the color, because the wine made her
skin turn pinkish-red. With the appearance of her
nipples and pear-shaped breasts, she stared at me her
old stare. Her gaze seemed to scream out to me: "Do
whatever you have to, I want to win this one. You won't
be sorry."

So slow and gentle I took her. Mina started playing
with my boy toy while I carefully touched Yung so as
not to cause her to come. I didn't see how she could
last. Already, with just a few fleeting touches of her
breasts and nipples, her panting was loud, her mouth
open and dry, her eyes closed. The competition ended
after only 3 minutes with Yung. She "lost" the
competition with a very strong eruption accompanied by
a throaty growl and snorting. She did not seem sad to
have lost to her sister.

Mina therefore won the orgasm competition. That meant
she was to give me my first orgasm. She asked me how I
wanted it: by hand, by mouth, or by pussy. I wanted her
hands on me and her mouth. So I asked her to start off
by hand, and then change to mouth for the finale. Yung
settled in to watch, her arms folded just under her
wonderful, extra-sensitive chest.

I lay down on the carpet, closed my eyes, and gave in
to the exquisite feelings coming from Mina's
manipulation of my penis. Starting at the tip, she
would force my cock through a small hold she made with
each of her hands, then when she had made it over the
head of my penis, twist her hands back and forth across
the most sensitive parts of my penis. From there, she
worked her way down to the balls. Each time she did
this, I arrived closer and closer to the doorstep of my
orgasm. Her slow, deliberate and measured pace ensured
that I would not come too soon.

Yung got impatient with her sister's patience, and came
over and offered her nipples by turn to my mouth. She
was well into her double-digited orgasms by the time I
was ready to blow my load. Mina switched from her hand
pleasuring to her mouth. The tightness of her lips and
mouth was as good as it gets, and I was quickly
rendered helpless. Knowing my release was imminent, she
stepped up the pace until I growled and heaved, bucked
and spewed.

Both girls still had on their pants, and so I removed
each pair, starting with Yung's. After I had completely
unclothed each sister, I began to lick each one's
pussy. Their renewed groans were my reward. It took
almost no stimulation to make each girl come hard.
After awhile, Mina grabbed my dick and started
massaging it until I was hard again.

I wasted no time in using my tool on Mina as her
reward. Soon we were into some serious fucking. She had
come several times before I then turned my compass
pointer to Yung's magnetic pussy. Like her sister, she
heaved and howled several times in the space of a few
minutes. For nearly an hour we went like that, first
one sister, then another. Some breast work, then cock
to pussy contact. And all over again.

During one of these rounds, while deep into the pussy
of Yung, I reached the point of no return, and came and
came and came. Their multiple orgasms must have been
infectious, for I seemed to be having a series of my
own, or else a very long orgasm.

Afterwards, I was exhausted by these two inexhaustible
sisters, and I fell asleep on Yung's breasts, very