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08-08-2011, 05:21 AM
She kissed me in the cab. Just once. Warm, dry lips with enough tension for me to know how much she wanted me, and enough alcohol that the desperation was kept at bay. That was all it took to keep me spellbound. We held hands until we got to my apartment. I helped her up the steps, commenting that the cab driver was staring at her ass. She flipped her skirt at him, and giggled as she fell against me.

I struggled to unlock the door with Zoe touching me in as many places as possible, and eventually we more or less fell through the doorway, still laughing. I pointed to the bed, and ran off to the bathroom, unable to wait any longer.

When I returned, she was lying back on the bed, shoes off, legs bent. The skirt wasn't offering any protection from the view, and Zoe was making no attempt to hide. With a mischievous grin, she lifted her hips and slid the useless skirt to the floor. She sat up then and pulled her t-shirt over her head. Her small firm breasts were revealed as she threw the black bra across the room.

I was hauling my clothes off as quickly as I could when she lifted her hips to start on the tights, and I spoke. "Please Zoe, don't do that."

"No? Oh. I just assumed..."

"No, it's fine. It's fine, really. It's just... could I?"

"Oh, God. I thought you were backing out."

"No. No, I wouldn't."

"Just as well, because if you don't fuck me soon I'm going to have to take care of it myself."

I teased her with my next comment, but she knew I was just kidding. I was standing naked, and my interest was patently obvious. I didn't really listen to her response, because I was busy getting to my knees at the foot of the bed. I reached up and put my hands on Zoe's hips, wasting no more time and dragging her dark tights and the white panties down and off her legs in one go.

My hands returned to her legs, and I grabbed her behind the knees and hauled her down towards me, before looking at her sparkling eyes and lowering my mouth between her unresisting legs.

Her arousal was obvious. Zoe had pubic hair that was mousy like her head. Down here it was neatly trimmed, and as I parted her knees I could see the swollen evidence. Pink and damp, with an unmistakeable odour.

She felt wonderful. That combination of horny and tiddly, relaxed but interested. My lips kissed their way up the nether version of hers. Soft warm labia parted to let my tongue explore, and I made the most of it, pressuring her gently, teasing my way slowly to her waiting clit. \

As I touched it Zoe jumped, and instinctively tried to pull away, but I wouldn't let her. I kept my tongue just a little distance away for a while, and when I tried again she sighed and then groaned, so I kept right on going.

The rhythm was building and Zoe was moving against my tongue. I was getting into it, sliding and slipping my tongue all over, returning to her clit again and again, when she suddenly sat up, and put her hands on the sides of my face.

She spoke then, in a shaky voice. "Please Louis. Please stop."

I looked up. "Huh?"

The smile was reassuring. "I'm too tired, lover. Don't do that."

"You don't like it?"

"I like it too much."

"How does that work?"

She lifted my head and kissed me briefly. "I'll give you the simple version. If you do that just one minute longer, I'm going to wrap my legs around your head, and come. Really hard."

"Oh, well..." I lowered my face again, but she pulled it back up.

"Uh uh. Let me finish. I'm going to come. I'm really close. Really. And then I'm going to fall asleep. I want you to come inside me, and that isn't going to happen with you kneeling on the floor, so could you just get your lazy ass up here..."


"... and fuck me?"

"Your wish..."

"Just..." I stood at the foot of the bed. "Oh. God. No fucking wonder!"


"All that noise I heard."

"That wasn't me."

"No. You just caused it. So stop fucking around, and get on top."

That was the end of the conversation. I crawled up between Zoe's legs, pausing to kiss her hard nipples, and then positioned myself as best I could.

She was wonderful. I thought it might be weird, but it was stunning. With the tip of my cock between her legs I moved slightly and she jumped again, before grabbing me and making it plain where I should be. I slid slowly down inside her, hot and tight, and very, very nice.

Buried inside her, we both jiggled a little to get in the best position, and then we started to move. Somehow we both knew exactly what the other wanted.

As predicted, it didn't last very long. We were both so aroused that every movement started a shudder, and it only took a few thrusts until I knew I couldn't hold off. I tried to tell Zoe and she shook her head.

I lifted myself almost entirely out of her, and thrust myself back, knowing it would be the last time. Zoe groaned much more loudly, and her muscles clenched around my cock. That was all I could take, and I started pulsing inside her as she shuddered around me and hissed with delight. It seemed to go on and on, our bodies pulsing with orgasm together until eventually the movements calmed a little and we came to an eventual stop.

We lay there silently for a moment and then Zoe giggled beneath me. "Get off, big boy!"

"Oh, Zoe, I already did."

"Mmhmmm... Me too. And you know, I've come in time with you before, though never quite this close. But get off." I withdrew myself carefully from her. My cock was still hard, and Zoe looked at it. "Umm... you finished?"

"Yeah. Yeah, it's just... wow, you're something special, Zoe."

"Yeah, yeah. You say that to all the girls."

"Not afterwards I don't."

"You know what? You're a shameless flirt."

"I never claimed otherwise."

Zoe hauled the blankets up on the bed, and climbed under them. "Well, could you please put that away, and crawl in here behind me?"

I did exactly as she asked, and she pressed herself against me, my half-hard cock sliding between her legs. She claimed that was the best way to go to sleep, and then that's exactly what we did. Freshly fucked, very tired and a little bit drunk, we both nodded off almost instantly.


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A very interesting story, thanks for posting it.

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Thanks for the addition