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indian aviator
08-08-2011, 05:59 AM
I had just got up, showered and dressed after sleeping for ten hours solid. The 18-hour flight to Sri Lanka had left me feeling bone-weary and disorientated, and I found it difficult even to remember which town I was in. I was attending a international conference on women's rights in the developing world, but fortunately it didn't start for a couple of days.

There was a knock at the door and a young girl entered carrying a tray - I had rung down for breakfast, not feeling up to finding the restaurant. She was small, slim and pretty, dressed in a colourful sari. I told her to put it down on the table, and asked her what the various unfamiliar dishes were. We chatted for a little - her English was slow and accurate, infinitely better than my Sinhala - and I asked about the nearby sights and what she recommended to do. I guessed she was about 20, but her lovely dark complexion and graceful movements gave no clues as to her age.

I yawned deeply, and she asked me whether I had slept well.

'Too well, I think,' I said, 'I ache all over. Travelling doesn't agree with me.'

She asked me if I would like a massage.

'Well, yes, that's a good idea. Can I get one in the hotel?'

'I will do it,' she said, seriously. 'Is it convenient now?'

I was nonplussed at first, but the idea of a relaxing massage took hold and supplanted the thought of breakfast. 'OK,' I said, smiling at her, and she smiled happily back.

She dialled a number on the internal phone and spoke briefly, her voice tinged with laughter. 'I call my sister,' she explained. 'She will assist me.'

She asked me to undress and I did so, for some reason feeling no embarrassment at taking off my dress in front of her. She reached forward and helped me to undo my bra, then eased my panties down over my hips. Her slim fingers were warm and gentle. She pulled the bedclothes off and asked me to lie down on my back. I relaxed and felt my eyes close. Her fingers glided over my face, almost sending me to sleep.

I heard the door open quietly and someone else entered the room, presumably her sister. They didn't speak. I felt warm oil being poured onto my legs and smoothed over my skin. The girl's fingers were strong and firm and I felt my muscles unknotting as she kneaded them skilfully. The oil made my skin tingle.

She worked her way up my body, oiling and kneading, carefully avoiding my pubic hair. She didn't avoid my breasts, however, and her expert touch was arousing. I tried to relax and will away the erotic sensations but it was useless and I felt my nipples swell and harden under her hands. Quite blatantly she rolled them between her fingers and chuckled.

'You like it, yes?'

'Mmm,' I said, feeling myself blush.

'Don't be shy. It happens always. Just enjoy it.'

I did, despite myself. She got my breasts quite hard and aching before moving on to finish my arms and neck.

'Turn over now, please.'

It was really very nice being oiled and manipulated by her. I drifted into an erotic fantasy and only dimly realised that another pair of hands had joined the first. One concentrated on my neck and back while the other did my legs and buttocks. My whole skin felt very sensitive. Whoever it was had no qualms about exploring my most intimate regions - my cleft of my arse was thoroughly oiled, and I hoped that she couldn't tell I was already juicy when she opened my thighs and oiled my crotch.

I couldn't help squirming sensuously under her hand.

'You are feeling very sexy, yes?'

'Wow, yes, I certainly am.'

'Well, then, turn over, please.'

I rolled over and my head fell into the lap of one of the girls who was sat cross-legged leaning back against the bedhead. It seemed natural that she should be naked also. I felt the warm skin of her legs and stomach against my head and shoulders. I reached up and stroked her shins gently.

'Just relax,' she whispered. 'I promise we will not hurt you.'

She held my breasts in her hands and squeezed them tenderly, letting the nipples pop out between her oiled fingers. I moaned involuntarily and opened my legs as if to receive a man. The other girl, also naked, I saw, almost a double of her sister, knelt by me and poured a little more oil on my pubes, then began to massage my crotch. It was heavenly, Every nerve in my body was tingling with excitement. The sight of the small brown breasts jutting proudly near my face filled me with a sudden love for her - for both of them.

The second girl reached behind her and picked up something, I couldn't see what and couldn't be bothered to raise my head. She leaned forward and pushed my thighs open wider. I felt a warm hard object pressing against my rear entrance. It seemed very big - a dildo! I wondered if it would fit and if there would be any pain, but I somehow trusted them to make sure it would be all right. I felt myself opening to receive the smooth slippery column - opening wider than I believed possible. It slid in until I seemed to be penetrated up to the waist.

The girl at my head, still massaging my nipples, whispered, 'That feels good, yes?'

I groaned my assent.

'But you still feel empty as well, is it not?'

I nodded mutely. My love tunnel was aching to be filled. I felt the hot juices flowing from its walls.

The second girl drew out a basket from behind her. Through my sexual haze I saw that it contained five or six white egg-shaped objects, together with a couple of vibrators or dildos. Oh no! This would be too much!

She picked up an egg and warmed it in her hands for a while. I wanted to cry out to her to put it in me urgently. Gently she pressed it against my slippery hole and with a sudden stretching it was in. I felt it lying heavily within me. She repeated the procedure with the other five until I was thoroughly filled with the heavy smooth ovoids. I had never thought I was so capacious!

Next she turned on the vibrator and introduced it between my juicy lips. My vaginal muscles clutched at the hard shaft with desperate eagerness. The head touched the eggs with a soft clicking and an ecstatic glow of pleasure radiated outwards from my cunt, enveloping my whole body. It was as if my whole body was buzzing.

Girl number two parted my lips and ran her fingers down on either side of my clitoris. She poured a drop more oil on my hot little nub and began to rub gently up and down, not touching the centre of my sex but making it swell and project with an aching hardness.

I had no volition, these two petite brown girls had me utterly in their power. The tension in my body mounted inexorably, seemingly without limit, until every muscle was tensed to snapping and my nipples and clitoris shrieked with excitement.

At some point I realised that I was already coming - not a sudden climactic orgasm but a slow continuous explosion like the roaring flame of a rocket. I had no sense of time - I was dimly aware of the rhythmic clenching of my cunt and anus around their twin shafts, like a heartbeat. This wasn't a multiple orgasm, it was a permanent state of orgasm. I was just a living orgasm and the two girls seemed to be able to keep me like that for ever . . .

Later, I don't know how long, I realised that my orgasm had died away to leave a wonderful relaxed glow. I felt a surge of love for my two helpers who had given me such a magical experience. Girl 2 eased the shafts out of me and I felt empty and suddenly lonely. I rolled over, my muscles drained, and looked up at the girl in whose lap I had come for so long. She bent down and kissed me with hot, feather-soft lips. I felt her trembling.

'Doesn't that make you feel randy too?' I asked.

'What is 'randy'?'

'You know, sexy. Wanting sex.'

'But of course.' she gestured downwards.

Between her slim splayed thighs her soft velvet lips gaped like a black rose with a deep pink heart. Glistening clear juice had flowed onto the sheet, creating a large wet area.

'Lie down,' I said.

I lay between her legs and kissed her puffy matt black labia. Apart from a black tuft on her mons she was completely hairless and exposed. I scooped up her juices on my tongue and savoured the rich taste. Now I could understand why men raved about the taste of a woman. I licked and probed her all over, pushing my way into her hot tunnel, teasing her anus open and feeling her hold my tongue inside with infinite gentleness. I was nearly crying with my aching desire to give her as much pleasure as I could.

Her swollen black clitoris jutted at me like a miniature penis. I sucked on it as if it were a nipple, trying not to make her come too quickly. It was difficult not to go too fast, she had such a delightfully open body and enjoyed everything I did to her.

I realised that I had my arse up in the air and was slowly grinding my hips. The eggs still inside me kept me stimulated at a level not far below full orgasm. I teased the girl's clitoris with desperate gentleness. Quite suddenly she cried out and I felt her fingers touch my hair, as if she wanted to pull my head inside her but didn't dare.

Her slim body arched and spasmed under my tongue, and I felt great waves of love for her as she poured her juices helplessly into my mouth. I realised that I was coming too in sympathy. We climaxed together for a timeless period.

Later, when I had lifted my wet face from her and let her lie exhausted, I felt a soft hand on my shoulder. The other girl was kneeling by us, watching.

'Now it is my turn, yes?'

We stayed together all day and into the night. Every few hours they would ring for food and drink, which was brought by an older woman who smiled on our tangled bodies. I gave thanks that I was not a man who had a finite limit to his orgasms. We lay together crushed in each others arms, dozing, kissing, stroking and exploring, passing the dildo and vibrators, the six ivory eggs and another dildo with an enormous bulbous head on a ridged shaft, back and forwards between us until we couldn't tell what was in where and it didn't matter because we could come anyway simply because another one of us was also coming. Our cunts were inexhaustible founts of tasty nectar - each one of us with her own distinct and precious flavour - and the bed grew wet from our sweat and our juices. We fucked each other with our tongues, fingers, hands, nipples, noses, anything, and whispered 'I love you.' We drank each other's juice and shared it in a three-way kiss. We slept with our holes full of dildos, fingers, hands, and were woken by another's cries of climax, our minds full of new ideas for showing our love. There was nothing we didn't tell each other or dare to ask for. By dawn we knew each other's bodies better than we knew our own.

I have never been so close to anyone, man or woman, before or since.