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indian aviator
08-08-2011, 06:59 AM
I waited patiently and finished the last of my wine.
Eventually I heard Tanya call me. I went to the bedroom and closed the door behind me. She was sitting on our bed wearing one of my shirts again, a pale lilac one, and under that she had on one of her short manhole covers. A black one made of some slightly shiny, soft material. The same type as the one she had asked me to wear. No bra, of course, and she opened her legs a little to show me that she had on one of my favourite pairs of pants, completely see-through, pink, very thin and very stretchy so that I could manipulate them however I wanted. So apart from the shirt, we were dressed identically. She likes to see me in her manhole covers sometimes and I have no problem with it. (Why should I? It’s just as erotic for her to see me sit or bend down as it is for me to see her. It gives her pleasure so why should there be a problem?)
“Aaahhh!” said I, somewhat foolishly. “Very nice!”
“Are we ready to call Toni?” she asked.
I nodded. “I certainly am,” I agreed.
“You lecherous lump!” she chuckled. “God how I want you! How I want your tongue and your cock and to suck your balls and taste your cum and have it all over me and feel you and me wet—“
“Enough!” I held up my hand. “Are you trying to make me cum in my pants?”
She made a little moue. “You did it to me,” she pouted. Then, seriously, “No I’m not. I’m teasing you and hinting at things to come, excuse the pun. I don’t want you to lose a drop of that delicious creamy hot spunk in your pants. Well, not yet, anyway.”
She stood. “Let’s go.”
We went to the spare room and knocked.
“Come right in,” came Toni’s voice.
Tanya opened the door.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Toni was sitting on the bed, facing us.
She wore only a matching bra and pants. The bra was front fastening, I noticed, - always helpful. They were not see-through, but they were thin and showed firstly the shape and size of her breasts which were quite big but looked firm and rounded, and her aureoles, a darker brown, large and shaping the material of the bra round them, and her nipples, hard and pointing outwards inside the fabric. Her pants clearly showed the outline of her love mound and she leant back and opened her legs to give us a view of what lay below. Her cunt lips pushed out the material of the pants leaving a dark area between them which could only be the entrance to her cunt itself. She trailed one finger between her lips and as she did so I actually saw the size and shape of her clit for a brief moment, much bigger than Tanya’s.
Her hair, freshly washed, shone dark and gleamed in the light, brushed upwards like a boy’s. But the most erotic thing I noticed were the hold-up stockings.

Now I like suspenders and stockings as much as the next man, but hold-ups are my special favourite. They hide, but they reveal. They’re sexy, erotic and a turn-on. You can kiss and lick thighs and proceed towards the ultimate place without having to fumble suspender straps out of the way. They can be left in place or peeled delicately and sensually down. They suggest naughtiness, forbidden pleasures, ultimate orgasms. I love hold-ups!
Toni was wearing black ones, also my favourite colour and she brushed her fingers slowly up her thigh, across the elastic top and up to her cunt.
She looked at us both.
“Will this do?” she asked quite innocently.
I looked from one to the other. “You’ve planned this,” I said accusingly.
Tanya slipped an arm round me. “Only slightly,” she laughed.
To me, that was about the same as the expression ‘slightly pregnant’. Meaningless. The girls had obviously put a lot of thought into this and I loved it.
“Toni, you look absolutely fabulous,” I said with sincerity. “You’re beautiful, you have a superb figure, a nice personality, but above all you look incredibly sexy and desirable.”
“Why, thank you, kind sir,” she replied and fluttered her eyes at me.
“And I love the miniskirt and pants you have on,” she added, and I realised that in her position on the bed she could see up my skirt. “I do love a man wearing sexy things like that,” she added breathily, brushing her fingers once more over her cunt lips. I saw a tiny glistening drop on her pants as her finger moved on. “Tanya, you have a wonderful taste in sexy underwear for you and your man.”
She stood up and held out both hands towards us. “Shall we move to your room?”
And we did.
Tanya led the way, releasing me and leading Toni by the hand into our room. Once inside, as I closed the door, cocooning us in our own little private, hedonistic world, she turned and pulled Toni to her, fiercely kissing her as her hands caressed Toni’s breasts. I could see that both were tasting each other’s tongues and mouths. Toni’s hands went behind Tanya and she stroked and massaged Tanya’s ass, pulling her tightly to her. Their faces parted slightly and their tongues came out and licked and slurped at each other’s faces, covering cheeks, noses, eyes and throats with wet, luscious movements.
Tanya leaned down and licked at Toni’s breasts, covering them with the same wet kisses, making the fabric wet and slightly transparent. She took one nipple between her lips and sucked it gently. Toni threw back her head and let out a long drawn-out breath. Her hand went to Tanya’s breast and she caressed and fondled it through the shirt. The nipple hardened and stood out inside the fabric.
Tanya stroked one hand between her own legs. I knew she was collecting her love juices on her fingers and she held her hand up to Toni’s lips inviting her to taste. Toni obliged, running her tongue over Tanya’s fingers and the palm of her hand, greedily tasting Tanya’s juice.
Watching this made me hard, but I didn’t want to intrude on their lust and evident enjoyment of each other. I put my hand under the skirt and grasped my cock through the material of my pants. I began to stroke gently, loving the feeling of it and loving the sight of these two beautiful, adorable girls turning each other on.
They both sank onto our king-size bed and lay together, still caressing, kissing and licking at each other. Toni’s hand was between Tanya’s legs, rubbing her and collecting more of her juice which she then licked from her own fingers every now and then. With her other hand she motioned me nearer.
I stood beside the bed and Toni pushed my hand away from my cock and took it herself, not going inside my pants but rubbing, squeezing and stroking it. Tanya moved on the bed, gently rolling Toni onto her back. She moved between Toni’s legs and started to lick her thighs and legs. Toni’s eyes closed and she moved her hand to cup my balls extending one finger beyond them to stroke that area between them and my ass, one of the most erotic places I have.
Tanya’s petite ass was in the air and I stroked it and rubbed it, my finger tip following the crease between her cheeks, finding her hole and pressing the fabric gently into it. By now Tanya was at Toni’s cunt, licking her thighs and groin and occasionally flicking her tongue over her cunt lips. I could see that Toni’s pants were soaking wet. I moved my hand round Tanya’s ass to find her own wet cunt and her pants were wet too. I tasted her nectar on my fingers and then gently stroked Tanya’s masses of hair, gently easing her head away from Toni.

She paused, knowing what I wanted. My fingers traced the outline of Toni’s cunt lips, the pants wet to my touch. My fingers collected as much of Toni’s juice as I could get, briefly brushing across her clit inside the pants and making her jerk with a sudden frisson of excitement. I tasted Toni’s juices, thicker than Tanya’s, almost like a thin syrup, deliciously sweet with her own individual flavour, and tasting slightly of her shower, slightly of her piss. It was heavenly and I thought that I would love it when Toni wet herself later.
Tanya was flicking her tongue across Toni’s cunt and clit. Toni leaned over towards me and lifted the skirt. Her lovely lips opened and she began to kiss my cock through my pants, running her tongue right from the very base up to the tip, using her hand to pull my cock towards her, still inside my pants. Her lips closed over the tip and I felt her tongue explore round and round, especially at the back, making me strain towards her. I wanted to push myself deep into her mouth. She let me in a little more and I felt her sucking me.
I thought I’d better stop it there because I didn’t want to cum yet, so I pulled back from her mouth. I bent over and kissed her face, duplicating Tanya’s earlier motions as I covered her face with my tongue, finding her mouth at last and thrusting my tongue deep inside. Toni responded equally, our mouths and faces becoming completely wet as we enjoyed the taste of each other. I felt Tanya’s hand cup my balls and stroke them, moving up to my cock, stroking me and wanking me as Toni had done. Then she pulled down the waistband of my pants and released my cock to her grasp. She held it tightly, wanking me a little faster. I left Toni’s sweet, delicate, soft face and moved round behind Tanya. Pulling the top of her pants down a little I thrust my cock into them, rubbing the tip over her cheeks and then tracing the crease, down, underneath and then rubbing the tip across her soaking wet cunt. My cock was covered with her juices and I moved it back up a little to find her rosebud. I pushed gently at it, not wanting to fuck her yet, but enjoying the feeling as it opened a little each time I thrust forward. And each time I did so, Tanya’s whole body also moved forward a little which meant that each time I thrust at her ass hole her tongue flicked and licked at Toni’s clit that little bit harder.
Toni began to make a deep guttural ‘Uh!’ each time Tanya’s tongue met her clit in that way. She began to arch her back each time to meet Tanya’s tongue thrusts. I would have preferred to change my tactics because I didn’t want a drop of cum to escape me till I was ready, but I continued those short gentle thrusts since it was apparent that Toni was close to cumming.
And then there it was, Toni’s first orgasm and she let out a long, long “Oooorrrrrrrrrr” as she came. Her back stayed arched in the air with her eyes closed and Tanya continued to lick her feverishly, prolonging the climax as long as Toni could bear it. I moved away from the danger area and went back to Toni to gently kiss her face and lips as she sank back on the bed. They were delicate, gentle, loving kisses and her eyes opened and she smiled at me before closing her eyes once more.
Tanya left her position between Toni’s legs and knelt up on the bed facing me. Her face was dripping wet, some of it from her own licking and some from Toni’s love juices. Tanya licked her lips and smiled. I moved to her and licked her face, savouring the mingled tastes. I collected as much as I could on my tongue and then kissed Tanya on the mouth, pushing my tongue inside so that we could both enjoy the taste of Toni’s cum.
As we finally separated she mouthed words at me;- “Love you!”
She motioned me and lay back herself on the bed, beside Toni. I knew she wanted me to lick her out and I positioned myself between her open legs, doing what I love doing and what I know Tanya enjoys immensely.
I’ve been told, not only by Tanya, that my tongue and the way I use it, possesses a certain -- er—quality. I’ve no idea what that quality or qualities may be, it isn’t extra long or fat or thin or anything as far as I can tell, but it seems that when I use it the way I love to use it, between a girl’s thighs and legs, my tongue acquires these magical extra aspects that, well, they seem to like rather a lot. Whatever that quality may be, it works.
So my tongue began its work, kissing and licking at Tanya’s thighs, making the skin wet and glistening as I enjoyed every minute of giving pleasure to my girl.
Then I felt something behind me and realised that Toni had started to kiss and lick at my ass. I felt her tongue tracing over my cheeks, her hand under me cupping, stroking, massaging my balls then my cock. I felt her tongue find the top of my crease and felt it push in between my cheeks. I opened my own legs a little to oblige her and her tongue followed the crease down towards my own ass hole, my man-cunt, pressing the material of my pants into my crease and making it deliciously wet with
her saliva.

Then she found my hole and her tongue thrust into it, taking the fabric with her as she strove to insert her tongue deeper into me.
I was now licking at Tanya’s cunt lips and flicking my tongue over her clit. She was stroking the back of my head and suddenly she pulled me hard into her, pushing herself against me as I licked and sucked at her pants and the cunt beneath it, tasting her own wonderful juice as it soaked into them. She came then. I knew it, even without the “uh, uh, uh, uh” that she growled softly or the sudden gush of juice that spurted from inside her and into her pants and my mouth.
“Davey, Davey, Davey,” she murmured, as she sank back onto the bed.
I stayed in my position because now Toni was using her finger to insert into my ass, trapped by the fabric of my pants. I loved it and pushed backwards onto her finger. She moved it in and out and once again I thought what a shame it was that there could be no sudden gush of cum inside me. But the feeling was lovely and I let her continue as long as she liked.
Eventually she withdrew it and moved away to lie beside Tanya. She licked at her finger, the finger, as she lay down and then offered it to Tanya to suck. Tanya greedily took it in her mouth and sucked with relish, tasting everything there was to be tasted.
My knees had begun to ache a bit so I moved forward and lay face down on the bed between them. There must have been a signal between the girls, unseen by me, since I suddenly felt two warm breaths on me and two sets of hand stroking my back.
Toni was on my left and Tanya on my right, so I could tell who was doing what to me, I just couldn’t see, only feel. And enjoy.
I felt two sets of hands and fingers rubbing my back and my sides. They moved lower, circling, tracing lines with fingers, under my sides, along and across my ribs and back to my spine. They moved lower until they were at the top of my pants. The skirt was gently eased higher. I felt hands stroking the cheeks of my ass, cupping them, so many caresses criss-crossing my body that now I wasn’t sure whose hands were where. And then fingers eased down the elastic of my pants. Fingers slipped gently inside them and caressed my skin, cool fingers, Tanya’s? Toni’s? I didn’t know and I didn’t care. I just lay with my face to one side and closed my eyes, revelling in the soft, sensual touch of two beautiful girls stroking my body, content in the absolute knowledge that soon those caresses would reach my ass and then my balls. A finger traced down the crease of my ass, and back, and down again and I opened my legs a little to allow the finger more freedom.
I felt hands on the backs of my thighs roving, stroking, caressing, a finger tracing the inside of my thigh towards my cock. Hands pulled down the back of my pants a little more and then I felt both girls place their hands under my hips to lift me clear of the bed so that I was kneeling. My pants were eased down more and a hand rubbed my cheeks. I felt my ass being gently opened, a pause, and then the sheer delight of a tongue flicking down my crease, starting at the top, licking, a nibbling now and then, sucking, then the tongue again, licking and wetting. My whole body was in a heightened state, waiting for the tongue to reach my rosebud and then there it was, a delicate, butterfly touch of a tongue tip flicking at my hole while other hands caressed my back and cupped my balls and stroked and rubbed and caressed me everywhere. This continued for some minutes and then the tongue increased its pressure as the owner began to push at my hole, still licking and wetting me but insistent in its gentle way that it be allowed to enter me. I pushed outwards gently with my muscles to relax them and the tongue tip was inside, roving and feeling as it explored inside me.
I felt movement between my thighs. Someone was wriggling their way between them, approaching my cock, hard but still inside the front of my pants. A hand cupped my balls. A finger traced a line between them and my ass hole, and still the tongue insisted on exploring further into my rosebud. I felt my cock being enveloped in something, fabric and all.
I opened my eyes and craned my neck to look down the length of my body. It was my sweet Tanya who was exploring my ass, her hands gently holding my cheeks apart, her face buried between them as she licked and slurped and wetted, lost in her own enjoyment of the moment.
I moved my head and peered under myself. Toni was lying flat on her back, to one side of Tanya, her knees at the foot of the bed, her legs draped over the edge and her feet touching the floor. It was she who was taking my cock and pants into her mouth, her tongue exploring too, roving and tasting and licking. She inched her head higher and took more of me inside her mouth.