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She began to suck and used one hand to grasp the base of my cock, her long slender fingers curling round it just as I had imagined it in that brief moment when I saw her first but now it was for real and it made my cock harden in her mouth.
Her other hand reached down round Tanya’s stomach and curled between her legs and I saw the movement of her fingers as she sought Tanya’s clit through the fabric of her pants and she found the spot and began to rub Tanya, wanking her even as she sucked at my cock.
She saw me looking at her and her eyes smiled at me. She opened her mouth wider and sucked me inside. She couldn’t take all of me like Tanya can but it was more than enough and her fingers began to stroke me back and forth to match the movement of her mouth as she sucked me off.
The feeling of two separate arousals of two of my erogenous zones made me make contented noises in my throat and I let out a long ‘mmmmmm!’ as I let myself be totally enveloped in this sheer sexual delight. I felt that movement deep in my balls that signalled the onrush of my cum. Toni felt it too because she suddenly released my cock from her mouth, pulled away my pants and took my cock back inside her mouth, bareback. Tanya must have known my moment was near, or maybe she just knew what Toni had done, or maybe she was close to cumming herself because she suddenly started to thrust her tongue in and out of my rosebud, fucking me with her tongue. Toni slid my cock as far as she could inside her mouth and as she sucked at me and Tanya fucked at me I knew that was it and I let out a huge groan as my cum shot up from my balls and through my prick and out into that lovely soft delicate mouth that was Toni’s and my cock spasmed and shot again and I groaned with ecstasy and I heard Tanya let out a cry as if far away and my heart was glad she had cum too and I could still feel my cum travelling within me and there was more and I shot again and again and again filling Toni’s mouth with my hot cream and I had to groan each time because it was just so ecstatic and after so long there was so much and it squirted again and I could feel it on the outside of my cock because Toni’s mouth was full of it and it was escaping from her lips as they slid up and down the length of my cock and covering it and making it wet and there was one last spasm and finally I had no more.
Toni quickly slid from between my legs, pulling the front of my pants up over my cock again. I felt Tanya leave my ass and gratefully I let my body sink onto the bed. I felt hands roll me over onto my back. Tanya had done it and she was kneeling beside me now on the bed. Toni came to sit beside her and the two girls moved together and kissed, their mouths opening and tongues meeting as Toni gave my cum into Tanya’s mouth and they shared it together, their faces moving and their tongues roving, making their faces wet with my cum as they passed it back and forth. Then they separated and Tanya leant over me, her lips closed and her eyes smiling and she pressed her lips on mine and her tongue forced them open and she emptied her mouth into mine and I tasted the thick texture of my own cream and then she was gone and Toni was there and she kissed me too and emptied her own mouthful of cum into me and I swallowed it and gasped for air and the girls were watching me and smiling and I saw love in Tanya’s eyes and yes, something in Toni’s too.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

We lay, contented, together. My little Tanya was in her favourite position with her head on my chest and Toni lay curled, further down my body with her head lying just above my cock.
“Do you realise,” Tanya murmured softly, that we have all had an orgasm, we have all cum, and not one of us has even removed our undies yet?”
“Plenty of time for that,” Toni answered. She idly traced my cock with one finger. “Thank you both.”
Tanya turned her head slightly to look at her. “Sweet Toni, you don’t have to thank us. We’re both glad you’re here. We’ve both enjoyed pleasuring you and we’ve both delighted in the pleasure you’ve given us. We’ve done nothing that you need to thank us for.”
“You’re very sweet Tanya. Both of you are sweet. But I have to thank you for the chance to do all the things we’ve done now and, I hope, all the things we still will do together this weekend because it’s been a long time since I had pleasure like that from anybody and I think,---” she paused and I had the distinct feeling she was choosing her words carefully, “-- what we still may do will give me even more pleasure. So I have to thank you.”
Tanya reached out an arm and caressed Toni softly. “Sssh,” she said. “ Sssh. You are giving me and Davey every bit as much pleasure.”

“You said, a long time,” I ventured. “Do you not have a boyfriend? Or girlfriend?” I added hastily, thinking that perhaps Toni’s natural inclinations went that way.
“Not for five months now,” Toni said. “There were too many arguments. Love died. Mine first, then his too, I think. It became awful. We had to tolerate each other but it was no life. We parted and since then I haven’t been kissed let alone had intercourse or even been masturbated. Except by myself.”
Tanya was still caressing Toni but now her head turned to look at me.
I knew what she was thinking. She and I were fortunate. More than that. Blessed.
“I’m sorry,” I said quietly.
“Oh, I’m over it now,” Toni said cheerfully. “It was that bad it didn’t take me long. But I missed the sex. I tried to meet someone new but no-one appealed to me. And anyway –“ she broke off and looked up at me, then Tanya, then looked away again, “the sexual things I like are….well, lots of people would be horrified. You both are not and to you they’re normal. Another thing I should be thankful for.”
“Did your ex not, -- er-- indulge…?” I probed delicately.
Toni shook her head. “Nope. Wham, bam, thank you mam, really. Maybe not quite that bad,” she added. “He did give me pleasure and plenty of climaxes, but no imagination. I got him to try one or two things that I liked once or twice but he wasn’t interested and didn’t care whether I wanted something….particular or special, or not. And then he started --” she looked at me then Tanya and lowered her eyes “—fucking me without even trying to give me an orgasm or anything. That meant I wasn’t wet and so it began to hurt a bit and that made me not want him. Love died.”
“Toni,” Tanya said in a firm voice, “if you want me, or Davey, to do something particular or special this weekend, if we haven’t done it spontaneously, you just tell us. You hear me? Whatever it is, if you want us to do something to heighten your pleasure, you just tell us.”
Toni looked up at her, then me, and back to Tanya. She smiled. There was something in her eyes, a light, no, more of a glow. I couldn’t say what it was. I don’t think it was love but it reminded me of a child being given a special surprise. There was warmth, and gratitude, and acceptance, and surprise, and pleasure, and, well, yes, maybe a little love too.
She suddenly wriggled up my body and threw one arm round Tanya and the other round me, lying her head on my chest too, facing Tanya.
“You’re both so very, very sweet,” she said. “I’m so glad I’m here with you both.” And she snuggled against me and against Tanya and life was really very alright.
We lay a little, then Tanya suggested a drink and was anyone hungry?
No-one was hungry and Toni said, “I’ll get the drinks.”
“Beer for me and for Davey,” Tanya told her, “and whatever you would like.”
Toni rose and stood beside the bed looking at us. “Yes,” she said. “A beer would be nice.” She padded towards the door and opened it, then paused to look back at us again.
“You two have something very special, don’t you? I can tell. The way you look at each other, talk to each other, the way you seem to know each other’s minds and hearts. You instinctively know what to do to each other to give the best sexual pleasure. Very special. Wish I had someone like that,” she added wistfully, then she disappeared.
Tanya looked at me. I knew why she’d told Toni beers. “Love you.”
“Love you too,” I said, planting a kiss on her nose. I nodded towards the kitchen. “She’s sweet. How old is she?”
Tanya smiled. “Guess.”
“I would say, quite young, but not as young as she looks, not as old as you, maybe…….twenty three, twenty four?”
Tanya chuckled. “Miles out,” she reported. “Miles. She’s as young as she looks. Twenty.”
I pulled a surprised face. “Nice,” I said.
“And only just,” Tanya added impishly.
I let my mind wander over the vision of Toni’s twenty-year-old young pussy.
“You’re not having it!”
(There she goes again!)
“My tongue can.”
“Oh, yes,” Tanya agreed, “after the beer. I’m going to watch that. From all angles.”
She suddenly moved and freed my cock, dozing at the time, from my pants.

“I want to suck your cock to see what it tastes like after Toni’s sucked it,” she said. She quickly slid me in her mouth and her tongue roved around, tasting and sucking.
We heard faint rummaging sounds from the kitchen. Tanya released me and put my cock back to bed. “Left hand drawer!” Tanya called. “Nice!” she said to me. “She missed a drop of cum.”
“Now you wouldn’t do that,” I told her with feeling.
“No fear!” she answered with a grin. “Mustn’t waste it!”
Toni returned with three beers and handed them round.
“How did you know I couldn’t find the opener?” she enquired of Tanya.
I shifted my position slightly.
“Be warned Toni! Tanya has an uncanny knack for that. It can be quite spooky until you get used to it. Even now I don’t know how she does it. But you’ll have a hell of a job keeping a secret from her.”
Toni gazed at us warmly. “I can’t think that I would want to keep any secrets from either of you,” she said, that glow in her eyes again.
I smiled at her, thinking that I would enjoy lying beside, or on top, or underneath Toni, listening to her softly telling me her secrets, her innermost desires, her feelings ---
“Your beer’s getting warm, Davey.”
“So it is.”
“Can I ask you…..about yourselves?” Toni asked, lying back down on the bed. The girls rested their beers on the bedside table each side and I nursed mine on my chest.
So we told her how we had first met, six months before, in the middle of a field and how –

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“In the middle of a field? An empty field?” Toni exclaimed. “What on earth were you both doing, separately, in the middle of a field?”
Tanya swigged some beer.
“I was going for a stroll,” she explained. “And so was he.” She prodded me.
“Sorry. Anyway, we both happened to go for a walk in the same place, an empty field where we could be alone with our thoughts and we were walking towards each other.”
She stopped to let me continue.
“And we both sort of headed straight towards each other but we couldn’t really see who the other person was until we got closer.”
“And I was just about to veer off in case he was an axe murderer or a sex fiend, which he is,--” another prod.
“Ouch again!”
“ --- Sorry again, but I didn’t know that then, of course, when I saw his face.”
“And I saw hers.” I looked across at my sweet Tanya. “And there was a sort of lurch in my heart and it felt everso full and I said ‘hello!’”.
“And my heart lurched too and I looked into his eyes and there was a sort of flash, a spark of something between us, between our eyes, and I said hello back and we sort of stared at each other –”
“And she said, you want to ask me for my phone number but you think I’ll scream or run away –”
“And I said, I won’t and you can have it and I’ll be home in ten minutes and call me.”
“And I did.”
“And here we are,” Tanya finished her beer.
Toni’s head had been swivelling back and forth as if she were watching a tennis match.
“Incredible!” she murmured. “It was fate.”
“It was something, “ Tanya agreed. “Don’t know what you’d call it. But we both knew instantly that we had to see each other, be with each other, know each other.”
Toni shook her head slowly. “That is just amazing,” she said. “It’s, it’s, well, it’s sort of unreal. If either of you had been a minute later or earlier….” She trailed off, her big eyes wide and looking from me to Tanya and back. “You are just so lucky!”
Tanya and I looked at each other. Blessed. I handed my empty bottle to her to put away, then nodded. “Yes. And we’ve been together ever since.”
“That night.”
Toni stared at Tanya. “You slept together that same night? The first day?”

It was Tanya’s turn to nod. “As soon as I saw him I thought, fuck, I want this man. Not just lust. I wanted him as a person. I knew I’d just met someone that I shouldn’t let go. I knew it was special. That’s why I told him to call me in ten minutes.”
Toni drank her beer slowly, emptying the bottle and gazing at us as we continued the explanation.
“So I called and we spoke for two hours. And in that time we knew as much about each other and understood each other as well as if we’d known each other for months. And I wanted desperately to see her again, very soon, and then she said to me, this phone call is a waste of time and unnecessary. Come to me and bring your toothbrush.”
“It took twenty minutes of that phone call for us to learn about each other’s everyday lives, what we did, likes, dislikes, music, food, clothes and so on, and the rest was about our sexual tastes,” Tanya supplied. “And by about twenty three minutes I was dripping wet and stayed that way.”
There was a silence.
“Wow! It’s like a book, or a film. It’s the stuff dreams are made of.”
“Couldn’t have put it better myself,” I agreed. “But we’re lucky. It’s not a dream. It’s real.”
“And neither of us has had a single moment of doubt or regret ever since,” Tanya said.
Toni just shook her head slowly. “I’m speechless.”
“In that case,” I suggested, reaching for her slender hand and pulling her towards me, “I think I should find you something to do with your lips.”
And I started to kiss her, two gentle ones on the lips and then I moved to her cheek, her neck, the back of her neck, her ears, her throat, her eyes, nose, and back to her lips. She tasted delicious, soft, warm skin, smelling slightly of her shower, but also a particular ‘Toni’ taste that was hers alone, sweet, delicate and fragrant. She closed her eyes and let me continue, my tongue now just parting her lips but no more, and then tracing lines over her skin, leaving tiny wet trails as I covered every inch of her face and neck and ears with my tongue and my kisses. As I probed softly at her ear she moaned quietly and her shoulders moved. Her short hair smelt fresh and clean and I gently brushed at it, the feeling of its softness and shortness delightful to my fingertips.
I kissed her lips again and now my tongue was more insistent, probing between her lips and across her teeth, even and white, and between them and into the warmth of her mouth and she tasted wonderful and I was content to let my tongue rove round inside her mouth as I relished her taste.
I felt Tanya between my legs, reaching for my cock and taking it fully into her mouth as she sucked at me greedily. I reluctantly left Toni’s mouth but I knew other things awaited. Gently I kissed her throat again, moving down to kiss and lick the mounds of her breasts, feeling the hardness of her nipples through her bra. She moaned again. I kissed one nipple, taking it and the fabric between my teeth and nibbling oh so gently at it while my hand softly rubbed and teased the other nipple.
Tanya’s tongue was now running up the back of my cock, from the base to the tip, a feeling that I adore and which always makes me harder. She alternated between this and taking me in her mouth as I felt for that front fastening on Toni’s bra and it was undone and the cups separated a little and I kissed her bare flesh between them and she breathed very fast and whispered “Yes!” and I used my tongue to separate the cups even more and they fell away and Toni’s breasts were revealed to me in all their beauty. They were tanned all over with not a trace of a white line anywhere. I gave a silent whistle of surprise and delight at this revelation. Toni evidently suntanned herself topless.
I teased at her nipples with fingers and tongue and teeth. I brushed her aureoles with my lips and she moved her legs and opened them and I realised that Tanya was using her hand and fingers to discover her love button while her mouth was full of my cock and she was still sucking at me. Toni began to breathe harder and faster and I knew that my lovely Tanya had found her special spot and was wanking Toni even as I was arousing her nipples even more and covering her chest and breasts with wet kisses and Toni began to make little grunting noises and suddenly she grabbed my head with both hands and pulled me up to her face and her tongue was in my mouth and it thrashed around and she pressed her face against mine very hard and we were both wet from these kisses and her back arched and she moaned loudly and I knew she was close and she tried to push her tongue even deeper into my mouth and her back arched again high off the bed and she pulled away from my face and cried out ‘Uuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh!’ as she climaxed and her arched body was absolutely rigid and I watched and teased her nipples again and Tanya was still rubbing her clit and inserting one finger into her cunt and she massaged a little more and Toni began to make ‘Uh! Uh! Uh!’ sounds again and then another long ‘Uuuuhhhh!’ and I thought yes! my beautiful Tanya had made her cum twice in succession.

Toni flopped back onto the bed. She was gasping for breath as if she had run a marathon.
“Oh, God!” she breathed. “Oh, God! Yes! Wow! Yes!” and she continued to lie and gasp until her breathing slowed and her body relaxed.
Tanya came to stand beside the bed and took one of my hands in hers. She raised it to her lips and looked down at me sitting on the edge of the bed, her eyes sparkling but with immense tenderness in them too. She kissed my hand, not a sexual kiss in the slightest but a kiss of love, a kiss of shared pleasure and mutual contentment.
Toni had opened her eyes and was gazing up at us both.
“Is your sex always as good as this?” she asked breathlessly. “Do you always give each other such massive climaxes?”
“Usually,” Tanya answered her. “We enjoy each other so much our climaxes are usually huge. Maybe not if one of us is a bit tired, but always, always wonderful.”
“I don’t think I’ve ever had two like that so close before,” Toni reflected. “What have I been missing?” She paused and looked away from us. “Wish I’d met you a long time ago.”
Tanya moved away from me, releasing my hand which she had been rubbing her own cheek with softly. She bent over Toni and kissed her tenderly on her lips.
“Well, you’ve met us now,” she murmured, “and I hope you’ll have plenty more like that before the weekend is over.”
Toni responded to her kiss and the two girls lay beside each other, gently kissing, nibbling and licking at each other’s faces, necks and ears.
Then Toni rolled over on to her knees and moved lower down Tanya’s body, kissing her throat again, and lower still, to her breasts, hidden beneath my shirt. She kissed them and cupped them and stroked them and Tanya’s nipples stood out hard under the material. Toni gently undid a button, caressed the top of one breast, then undid a second button and eased the shirt away. Tanya’s breasts were finally free of the shirt and Toni gazed at them.
“They’re beautiful!” she whispered, and proceeded to lick and suck and caress and tease them with her mouth and hands. I could see the tiny wet trails she left on Tanya as she moved around, enjoying the feel of Tanya’s soft skin under her fingers and between her lips.
I was content to sit and watch.
The two girls were obviously enjoying every moment of their shared pleasure and my heart went out to my adorable little Tanya as I looked at her face. I thought again of how much I loved her, as I did about twenty times a day. And I looked at Toni, her lovely lithe body lying half across Tanya’s as she licked and kissed and caressed and nuzzled at my girl. I gazed at her small elfin face and her short boy’s hair, her slender fingers and the long expanse of her back and her lovely tanned breasts. I saw the pleasure in her own eyes as she relished Tanya’s body, and I felt something in my heart for her too. A love, but different to the love Tanya and I shared. There was no way I could love Toni like that, and I knew it, and was happy that it was so, and Tanya knew it too, but nevertheless there was a feeling deep inside me that made me feel a great warmth towards Toni. I wanted to protect her, and see her eyes light up with pleasure again, like a child’s, and most of all I wanted to thrust my hard cock into her and fuck her cunt until she screamed with ecstasy.
Tanya’s eyes opened and she looked at me and smiled.
My lovable, adorable, sexy, wonderful girl knew exactly what was going through my mind.
Toni had undone the shirt completely now and it had fallen aside to show Tanya’s chest and stomach. Toni’s kisses and licks moved downwards, across the flatness of her stomach, paused at the waist of Tanya’s pants, and then continued lower, following the contour of her love mound. Her arms slid down Tanya’s sides, her fingers always caressing as she moved across one leg to lie between them and her mouth sucked and tasted the cum and lovejuices on Tanya’s pants as she moved ever lower and downwards between Tanya’s legs licking round her love mound until she was there, guzzling and sucking and licking and tasting at Tanya’s cunt beneath her wet pants.
Tanya’s breath was coming in small, short gasps. Again she opened her eyes to look at me watching them both. She motioned with one hand, signing in the air across her own body and I knew she wanted me to kneel across her so that she could suck my cock while Toni licked at her cunt.
I moved to comply and this time it was I who mouthed ‘love you’ at her as I positioned myself above her. She didn’t say anything but her eyes replied for her. She grasped my cock and rubbed me once or twice and then pulled down the top of my own pants. She leaned her head forward, propped up as it was on the pillows and greedily took my cock into her mouth.

A warm light of love and contentment shone in her eyes before they closed and she sucked and slurped at me, making me astonishingly wet as my cock grew harder and harder inside the soft warmth of her lovely wet mouth.
And then she released me and used both hands to push me downwards, manipulating me so that my rampant cock now lay between her beautiful breasts. Briefly I felt the exquisite touch of Toni’s tongue flicking at my crease and asshole as she paused to pleasure me, then she returned to Tanya’s cunt and clit. Tanya held her breasts together, tightly enfolding my cock and waited as I began to fuck her breasts. My cock was so wet from the sucking I’d received in her mouth that it slid easily between her lovely mounds and I enjoyed the sensation as I fucked them, slowly at first and then faster, Tanya squeezing and kneading and pushing at her own breasts to ensure she received the maximum pleasure from my movements. I felt her body heaving a little beneath me, a signal that Toni’s tongue was working magic on her and the heaves became more, and longer, and she began to breathe out loud and she gasped out words as her orgasm began to build deep within her and she said ‘I love your cock in my breasts! I love you fucking them! Toni, fuck me with your tongue!... Yes! …..Lick my clit! Harder!..... Davey! Davey!.... Shoot your cum on me!..... Toni, drink me!’ and then she gave a mighty heave beneath me and stayed arched as much as she could under me and she screamed out loud ‘Yes! I’m cumming I’m cumming NOW!’ and she groaned and gasped and her body shook beneath me and she let out a long guttural ‘Yeeeeeessssssss!’ in her throat and at that moment my own cum shot from my cock and spurted into her breasts and again and she squeezed them tighter against me and that made me cum again into them and it was wonderful and exquisite and wet and beautiful and she sank back onto the bed and I sank down a little onto her as I finished.
She let her breasts relax away from my cock and used the fingers of both hands to wipe and smear my cum all over her breasts and her stomach, covering her nipples and her chest and her stomach as much as she could, and then grasping my cock and wiping some back onto it and Toni was beside us now and Tanya offered her fingers to Toni and she sucked at them and wiped some cum from Tanya with her own fingers and offered it back to Tanya’s mouth and the girls were sucking at each other’s fingers covered with my cum and wiping it across their cheeks and then Toni pressed her wet sticky fingers against my lips and I opened them and sucked at those long slender digits as she gave me back my own cum.

I rolled away from Tanya to allow her to recover. Her body was still heaving slightly as she regained her breath. Toni looked at me as she sucked the last remaining cum from her fingers.
“You taste lovely!” she whispered. “Taste ME !” and she lay back on the bed beside Tanya who obligingly shifted to one side.
This was an invitation I was not going to miss (would you?) and I moved to lie half across her so that I could start by kissing and nuzzling those lovely breasts. I followed Toni’s own earlier movements down Tanya’s body as I kissed and sucked and licked and nuzzled and nibbled my way down the length of Toni’s body, savouring the taste of her soft skin, the mingled tastes of her juices and Tanya’s and my cum all together as I neared the waistband of her pants. I paused to suck the fabric, the mingled tastes stronger on her pants and the better for that. She opened her legs and I moved between them, running my tongue across the flat of her belly through her pants, then lower down the crease of her groin, first one side and then the other. She caressed my head and as I let my tongue flick across her cunt lips she tried to pull my head in there but I wasn’t having that yet and I made her wait, licking her thighs, enjoying the thrill as my tongue touched the elastic of those black hold-ups and then back onto the heat of her thighs and I did it again because it’s just so erotic and so naughty and it’s like sex with a girl for the first time and it’s heavenly and you want it to go on and on but Toni was pulling at my head and I moved up again to her groin and her belly and then I let my tongue nuzzle briefly into her cunt lips and she gasped and jerked and pushed against me and now I eased away the leg of her pants from her skin and my tongue went inside them and now I could taste her hot flesh and suck those beautiful cunt lips for real and I paused in shock because they were so beautifully smooth and to my utter delight Toni was completely shaved.
I sensed that Tanya had been kissing Toni’s stomach above my head at some point and I sensed her moving round the bed too as she watched me sucking Toni out.
But Toni was pulling insistently at me and I continued licking her cunt lips and between them.

She was incredibly wet and she tasted of sweetness and of cum and a little of pee and her juices were hot and they flowed from her and onto my tongue as I eased it between her lips and into her cunt and it was so hot and wet and then my tongue found her clit and I began to lick it very, very hard and because it was quite large it was easy to trace my tongue round it and over it and across it and I licked and flicked at it even harder and she gasped again and jerked and thrust herself against me so hard my lips ached and there was so much juice coming from her and I drank the nectar with delight and relish and licked and licked and used one finger to explore inside her pants at her ass and in the crease and I found her rosebud and gently inserted my finger there and she opened to receive it and began those arching movements and I felt contentment that I was giving her pleasure and she began to gasp out loud ‘oh! oh! oh! Dave! Dave! What’re you doing to me?’ and the words died away to a groaning and moaning in her throat and I let my finger go right inside her rosebud and then she was there as I licked so very hard at her clit and she arched up and let out her breath in a long ‘aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!’ as she came and I felt the spurts of her own cum soaking my already wet mouth and face and it was delightful and gorgeous and she sank back as I removed my finger. But I followed her body with my tongue and licked at her delightful clit and cunt, soaking wet, as she relaxed. Her hands gently grasped my head and she held me away from her, gasping ‘Can’t! Can’t!’ and I reluctantly stopped and allowed the edge of her pants to fall back into place.
I sat on the edge of the bed and watched her tenderly as she recovered. I really did like her very much. Tanya was standing on the other side of the bed and she gave me a huge grin. All angles.
She moved to the foot of the bed and bent over Toni, opening her legs. Toni looked at her in surprise. Tanya quickly went down on her and started to lick and suck at her cunt through her pants. Toni tried to wriggle up the bed away from her saying ‘No! Please! I can’t now. Wait a bit!’
I knew Tanya wanted to taste her cum and her juice as much as I did and she continued to lick at Toni’s wet pants as she wriggled away from her making pushing motions at her head until there was no more bed left and she had to stop.
Toni made little whimpering noises. “Please! Stop! ”
But Tanya’s tongue works wonders (I should know) and as Toni tried to push Tanya away she let out small, child-like cries.
“I can’t! I really can’t!..... No, please! No! Oh! Oh! I’m cumming again!” and she went rigid for a moment as she had another small climax from Tanya’s tongue.
Tanya came to sit beside me on the bed. Toni was lying back with her eyes closed, her whole body trembling. Tanya smiled at me and kissed me, our tongues meeting as we exchanged the flavour and taste of Toni’s cum. And then we both sat and watched her, our hands joining and our fingers intertwining like young lovers on their first date. But then, that’s how it is with us, all the time.
Toni continued to tremble, her eyes screwed tightly shut. And then to my dismay and horror I saw a tear escape from one eye, then another, and then her body shook and she sobbed.
I looked at Tanya and for a brief millisecond all sorts of thoughts ran through my head. Had she overdone it? Was Toni frightened we were monsters who were going to abuse her body all weekend? Had Tanya hurt her because she was so sensitive after her orgasm with my tongue? I was really concerned and when I looked at Tanya I saw the same concern mirrored in her eyes.
“Toni!” Tanya’s voice bore the same worry. “Whatever is it, my sweet? Have we hurt you? What’s wrong?”
But Toni just shook her head and kept her eyes closed. She reached out both hands and we each took one, not sure what to do or say. Toni lay and sobbed, tears running from her eyes and she made no attempt to wipe them away or look at us. Something was obviously terribly wrong and Tanya and I looked at each other hopelessly.
“Toni!” she said again, her voice as soft and tender as I’ve ever heard it. “Tell us. What’s wrong? Why are you crying?”
Toni shook her head again and pressed her lips together. “You-” was all she managed to blurt out. And then again, “You –”
And then her eyes opened and she stared straight up at the ceiling and the tears ran down her face and she almost shouted as us as she struggled between her sobs and she began to roll her head from side to side but didn’t look at us and gripped our hands very, very tightly and she cried,
“It’s you! Both of you! You make me feel….you’re so nice! You’re so warm! To each other and to me…you make me feel wanted….you make me feel loved and it’s such a nice feeling….and I’ve never felt that way so much before…and you give me so much pleasure…..and why couldn’t I have met you before…..and where have you both been all my life!”

And she finished with a huge sob as she finally turned her head to look straight at us as she gripped our hands and her eyes were imploring us for an answer as they poured out her tears and she looked from Tanya to me and that imploring look was still there and she was waiting for us to answer her heartfelt cries.
“Oh, Toni!”
My adorable girl melted at Toni’s look and she went to lie beside her, nuzzling her and stroking her and soothing her as if she were a small child, and really that’s how she looked, lying on the bed, small, innocent and child-like, waiting for someone to make her pain better. And I saw with a sudden surge of love that Tanya had tears in her eyes too as she comforted Toni and made soothing noises and cooed at her and caressed her tenderly but with no sexual undertones and I relaxed a bit myself because that had all been a bit of a shock.
Tanya used her shirt to gently wipe Toni’s face and eyes, watching her with great tenderness. Toni’s sobs quietened apart from an occasional sniff and she looked at us and gave us a sad little smile.
“I’m so sorry,” she said. “I’m sorry I cried. I hope I haven’t spoilt things and I’m very sorry for what I just said. I had no right to say those things to you, but you both make me feel so warm and nice inside and I just couldn’t keep it in. I really am sorry.”
We both said “Don’t be silly!” at the same time.
“You certainly haven’t spoilt things,” I told her, “and you can say whatever you like to us while you’re here. Whatever you like,” I repeated, thinking that it would be nice to hear her say to me ‘Fuck me!’
“And there’s nothing to be sorry about,” Tanya cooed at her. “We were just worried we’d hurt you or frightened you.”
Toni shook her head again. “No, no,” she said quietly. “Far from it. Somehow you manage to give me such huge orgasms, both of you, bigger than I’ve had before. And I’ve lost count how many. Oh no, you haven’t hurt me at all. Don’t think that, please. You’ve made me –you’re making me, very happy.”
And we all paused and looked at one another and knew that each of us was happy and contented and I believe each of us thought ahead to what still was to come, and we smiled and grinned at each other and I knew I was right.
“I think,” Tanya said, rising from the bed and shucking off the shirt, “that we could have a little break. I’ll make us some snacks and some more drinks.”
She looked at Toni and smiled, bent down and picked up Toni’s bra which had come off during our exploits and dropped it on the floor with the shirt.
“It will give you two a chance to get to know each other better.” She grinned at us both, and gave me a wink as she passed by me and out of the room.

* * * * * * * * * * * *