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I lay on one side, facing Toni, gazing into her face and gently stroking her cheek or her ear, or her lovely short hair.
“You’re a very lovely girl, Toni. Beautiful. Small, sweet, a little elfin. I like you very much.”
She reached and touched my cheek and her eyes searched my face.
“And I like you too, Dave. Very much. And Tanya, of course. But I do like you. I wish I could feel you in ----” she stopped and her eyes continued to rove across my face. “Do you and Tanya often talk dirty to each other?” she asked me softly.
“Oh, always,” I assured her. “All the time.”
She nodded thoughtfully. “I never have.”
I raised an eyebrow. “Never?”
“The only time my ex used the word fuck was if he said, ‘I want to fuck you now.’ He might just as well have said ‘I want coffee, or I want food.’ It meant about the same to him, I think. He never tried to turn me on by using dirty talk and never asked me to use it on him either.”
“Oh,” I said. “Well, for us, dirty talk heightens our pleasure. A lot. There are no holds barred and we say to each other whatever we feel or want. I can’t say if it works that way for other people, but it definitely does for us.”

“Oh it works for me too,” Toni smiled. “Now that I’ve heard it. Hearing Tanya urging you and me just now and telling us what she wanted made me very wet.”
She stroked my cheek.
“I wish you could fuck me, Dave. I wish I could feel you in my cunt. My wet cunt.”
Her words, and the way she spoke them, trying them as if savouring a new taste on her tongue for the first time, made me start to get hard again.
Toni closed her eyes. “I wish I could feel your prick sliding into me, sliding into my pussy and rubbing against my clit and making me wet and filling me ---” Her eyes opened and a cloud passed behind them.
“But we both promised, didn’t we?”
“Yes we did,” I agreed with a trace of firmness in my voice. “And I won’t break a promise, especially to Tanya. Your cunt, delightful and wet and hot as it is, is strictly out of bounds to my cock, and my cock is equally off-limits to your wet pussy. It’s a shame, I agree. But there it is.”
Toni nodded again. “There’s no way I would want you to break that promise,” she said, “but, God, my cunt is aching for your prick.”
We looked at each other, both wishing for the unattainable.
“Can I ask you something?” I said, wanting to divert my thoughts away from temptation.
“Anything.” She kissed me gently. “Anything. No holds barred.”
“You seem a little, er—tender, well, er--- young, to have such sexual experience as you have. I’m surprised that you’re quite so -- um-- adept as you are, if your ex was as selfish as you say.”
“Oh, I’ve never done anything like this before,” Toni answered cheerfully. “Of course I gave him blowjobs and handjobs if he wanted, but I’ve never been licked or sucked out before. Maybe that’s why I had such huge climaxes when Tanya and you licked me out,” she added thoughtfully.
My eyebrows were rising more and more as she told me this.
“I’ve never had my um- ass licked or licked one myself, and I’ve never, ever been with another girl or a couple before.”
Now I was up, leaning one elbow as I stared at her incredulously.
“You’ve never done any of that?”
She shook her head, then giggled.
“I’m sort of making it up as I go along, and it’s lovely!” And she hugged me and kissed me again.
I was absolutely dumbfounded.
In the first place I would never have guessed from her touches and her confidence that she had no experience of some of the things we’d done. Secondly, I was amazed that she accepted all these new experiences, took these new ideas into her stride and immediately used them to give pleasure to Tanya and I without batting an eyelid. And of course I was dumbstruck at the thought that Tanya had managed to find a sweet girl like this.
“But, I don’t understand,” I floundered. “If that’s the case, how did you meet up with Tanya? Why did the idea of coming here appeal to you at all? Tanya must have explained about our own tastes and sexual fun, and what we do. If this was all unknown and new to you, how is it that you’re so ready and willing to be with us?”
“I just wanted it,” she replied simply.
This was no explanation at all and she realised it.
“I mean, although I’ve never tried the things that you and Tanya do, never been licked out, never been with a girl or any of the other things she told me about, and she told me a lot, I’ve often thought about things like that. Imagined them, I suppose you could say. I don’t know where it comes from, somewhere deep inside my psyche I suppose, but I’ve often thought to myself, what would it be like to be sucked till I came? How will it be if I tried this? What’s it like to do that? How is sex with another girl? Would I like the feel of a female tongue on me or female kisses? Would it be nice if I had a cock in me at the same time? Oh, many things that I’ve never experienced, but thought about, wanted to do. Do you understand, Dave?”
I nodded. I understood.
“And how did you meet up with Tanya?” I enquired.
Toni giggled again and glanced away sheepishly. “I was on the internet. At a sex site, looking for a boyfriend,” she giggled. “And I saw Tanya’s advert.”
(So that’s how she’d done it!)

“And I thought, wow, that’s sounds like it could be interesting. So I emailed her, and later we spoke on the phone, and then, well, here I am!” she finished with a laugh.
My elbow was aching and I lay down again.
“Well, I don’t know what to say,” I said. “Except, here you are indeed, and very glad I am that you are.”
She laughed again and traced a finger across my cheek.
“You sound like Yoda from Star Wars,” she laughed, “but you’re not as old and wizened as he is, thank God!”
I laughed too and I told her, “I’m not that old and I don’t think I’m wizened but I’m going to find out.”
And I reached for her and kissed her and we started all over again as I moved across her face with my lips and tongue, and then down over those gorgeous, tanned mounds.
“Your breasts are just beautiful,” I murmured between kisses and licks. “So soft, so smooth, but so round and firm. I love them.”
And I moved lower and lower and reached her pants and pulled them down a little and yes, there was no mistake, she was smooth, smooth, soft, silky and just as tanned there too with not a white area in sight so it was sunbathing naked then and to kiss and lick her smooth tanned love mound and her smooth cunt lips and slide inside them to lick her smooth wet cunt was ecstatic. I was now hard again and I moved back up to her face to plant wet kisses over her and give her her own juices back and I whispered, “I want to fuck you, sweet little Toni. I want to fuck your ass, as deep as I can!”
“Yes, Dave!” she whispered back, her eyes shining. “Yes! I want it! I want you to fuck me! Fuck my ass! Deep! And hard! Now! Quickly!”
And she was rolling over and tipping me off her as she knelt before me and presented her lovely round ass to me and I wanted it too and I didn’t want to wait and I pulled down the waistband of her pants and she pushed her ass out at me and my cock was out and I wanted to be in her so much and I shoved and this was like rape and I plunged into her and I pounded at her and each thrust pushed her forward and it was just so lovely to fuck that tight round ass and I thrust and thrust and thrust and she was whispering at me and saying ‘Yes! It’s so nice!’ and I kept pounding at her and my pulse was racing and my heart was pounding and I wanted to fuck her ass for ever but I felt that feeling and she was whispering ‘Fuck me! Fuck me! I love you in my ass! Fuck me harder!’ and there were the words that I wanted to hear so much and it didn’t matter that it was not her cunt but her ass because it was so nice to be in there and I fucked her as hard as I possibly could and I was sweating and my heart raced and there it was and I came and it gushed and spurted and gushed and spurted and I felt it on my cock as it seeped out of her ass along my cock and there was still cum and I shot again and again and she must be full but there was one last spurt and I was empty.
I was utterly exhausted and sated and I sank back onto the bed, catching my breath and waiting for my heart and pulse to slow. They do say that having sex is equal in effort to running a mile. I thought I must have just run ten. My girl had been right as usual. The orgasms were tremendous after that long wait. And then I felt my hand being taken and placed inside the waist of Toni’s pants and she took my fingers to her ass and collected my cum on them and brought my hand back to her mouth and licked them and sucked them as I continued to breathe heavily and only when she’d sucked every last drop she could did she give my hand little gentle, normal kisses and lay it tenderly on my chest.
She snuggled up to me and put her head on my stomach. I felt a lick as she retrieved some cum from my cock and then she slid her head up to my chest and I moved my hand to rest on her cheek as she lay there and looked at me, her eyes glowing, her short hair all tousled and her mouth wet from my cum.
“Dave!” she murmured. “Dave! That was ---I can’t tell you in words. I just love you in my ass.” She wriggled as she spoke, maybe imagining me there again or maybe remembering the feelings. “I want that again,” she said softly. “I like that so much. I wish it was my cunt but I like that and I want it again.”
I waved a hand at her weakly.
“Not now. I want it too, my sweet and lovely little Toni but I’m exhausted. I need a bit of a rest. You could say, I’m fucked.”

And she laughed out loud and I grinned at her because I didn’t have the strength to laugh and we lay like that, sated, contented and drowsy until Tanya returned.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

She brought in a huge tray of goodies, plates, cutlery, napkins, and then returned to the kitchen to fetch three more beers.
Tanya was a believer in the old adage, ‘the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’ and this time she’d excelled herself. None of this faddish vegetarian crap, thank you very much, but good wholesome food that tasted delicious, filled you up and was (mostly) good for you. Toni and I rose and padded to the table where Tanya had set things down. On the way, Toni couldn’t resist taking my hand putting it down the back of her wet pants again and licking my fingers once more even as we arrived at the food.
“Wow!” she exclaimed. “Look at all this! Tanya, why didn’t you call me to help you?”
Tanya laughed, grabbed my hand and licked my fingers herself.
(Doesn’t miss a trick.)
“Oh, no, sweet little Toni. You and Davey had much better things to do!” And she laughed again and Toni giggled and life was again, very much alright.
There were cheesy things, salady things, tomato things, mini pizzas, sausages on sticks, fruit on sticks, little bowls of hot steaming rice, there were vol-au-vents, there were biscuits and crackers and nuts and crisps and dips and breadsticks and fruit and right in the middle of the tray, a big raspberry gateaux. (Mostly good for you.) I knew we had all this stuff. We’d only bought it all that morning. (Was it really only that morning? It seemed like ages ago.) But my girl had spent a lot of effort in laying it all out.
“This should keep us going for a while,” Tanya said. “Dive in.”
And we did.
We stood or sat around munching and Tanya passed a beer to Toni and one to me. I gave her a look. She understood perfectly what it said. If I drink this I really won’t be able to wait any longer.
Through a mouthful of cheese and biscuits she mouthed ‘Wait!’ severely at me then smiled.
I put one arm round her and gave her a strong hug. I nodded at the food. “Thanks for this,” I said. “You’re wonderful and adorable and sexy and gorgeous, - and I want to fuck you!” I finished in a whisper. “But I can’t just yet,” I added.
“Oh, and why’s that then?” she asked ingenuously in a whisper. “You’re fucked are you?”
I nodded and she said “Good. Good. That’s what we like to hear.”
And Toni, who’d heard perfectly well everything we’d said, giggled and made us laugh too.
We finally filled ourselves as much as we could and sat, finishing our beers.
“Leave the food there,” Tanya suggested. “We can help ourselves whenever we want, and anyway, it might come in useful. Who knows?”
We’d tried this once or twice. We both enjoyed it, but we preferred our sex wet and dirty rather than fruity or creamy.
Toni’s eyes went a bit wide and she glanced at the gateaux which remained untouched.
“Ooooooo!” was all she said.
“Toni, my sweet little girl, ” Tanya suddenly said, “we’ll be with you in just a minute.”
And so saying she suddenly grabbed me and threw me back on the bed, beer bottle and all. She straddled me, kneeling and looking down at me, her long hair falling forwards to drape across my chest.
“Finish that,” she commanded.
I drained the last drops and she took the bottle and put it on the bedside table.
“Now,” she said, and took my hand and placed it between her open legs. I felt her cunt lips, warm and soft through the damp fabric of her pants. We stayed like that for a moment as Tanya stared down at me, then smiled and closed her eyes as the first hot drops of her pee came soaking through her pants and onto my hand.
I looked across at Toni who was watching interestedly. “Toni,” I called.
She came to the bed and I took her hand and placed it above mine so that she could feel the delicious heat and wetness of Tanya’s golden shower which ran from her pants and cascaded over our hands.

“Ooooooo!” Toni said again. “Nice!” She removed her hand and licked it, sampling the taste. “Ooo, I like that!”
Tanya rolled off me and onto her back. I knew what she wanted. I moved between her legs and licked her cunt through her pants and the shower she’d been holding back released, gushing out and soaking her pants and my face. I licked and slurped and sucked, enjoying the slightly salty taste; a taste I’d relished many times before but was quite new to Toni. She could see and hear what was happening and she moved nearer to us and said, “Can I have some?” and I obligingly moved away and let her take my place between Tanya’s legs. She buried her head as tightly into Tanya’s pants as she could and made little appreciative ‘mmmm’ noises as she licked and sucked and drank until Tanya was empty. Finally she raised her face, soaking wet and shining, licked her lips and said, “Dave?”

Tanya moved aside and Toni lay in her place, her legs open wide. Tanya began to lick and kiss her legs through the black hold-ups and Toni wriggled comfortably.
“Let me do it on you,” she begged me and I regained my position on the bed, pushing my wet face into Toni’s crotch and delighting as she hesitantly at first, then more confidently, allowed her piss to run out into her pants.
“Oooo, that’s nice!” she exclaimed as she felt the warmth of her own shower run down her cunt and round to her ass. I sucked and licked and tasted her, and she was more salty than Tanya but it was still delicious and I relished every drop.
“Stop, sweet girl,” came Tanya’s quiet voice.
Toni looked at her in some surprise and I felt the warm flow cease.
“Lump! It’s my turn,” Tanya grinned and I moved off the bed completely.
Tanya lay down and pulled Toni over to lie on top of her.
“Straddle me,” Tanya whispered, and as Toni raised her body, drew up her knees and knelt over her, Tanya wriggled down towards the foot of the bed.
“Higher,” she said, and then again, “higher.”
Toni’s wet pants and cunt were now positioned over Tanya’s breasts.
Tanya reached up and fondled Toni’s own breasts and looked into her eyes.
“Just a little,” she said and I saw the golden flow begin again as Toni relaxed her muscles and her pee ran out straight from her pants and onto Tanya’s breasts, covering them and running down each side of them, down between them and onto Tanya’s stomach.
“Enough, darling Toni,” Tanya murmured. “Move higher.”
And Toni did, so that she was now positioned directly over Tanya’s mouth.
“Sit on me, and let it all go,” Tanya instructed and Toni lowered her crotch onto Tanya’s face and a look of sheer bliss appeared on her face as she felt her warm piss run out, over her own thighs, into her pants and onto Tanya’s face. I knew Tanya would be licking her cunt as well, and that added to the look of pleasure on Toni.
Finally she must have stopped because she lifted herself from Tanya. She rolled off her and the two lay side by side.
“I’ve never done that before,” she said wondrously. “It’s, -- it’s lovely! I never thought it would be so nice.”
“You’re never to old to learn, my child,” I intoned in my best headmaster’s voice.
Toni fluttered her eyelashes at me as Tanya looked on, a huge grin on her face.
“Oh! And what else have you to teach me, kind sir?” she asked in a squeaky, little girl voice. She put one finger provocatively between her lips and pulled them open a little. “I’m sure I have much to learn and I can assure the gentleman that I am a most willing and able student!” And she opened her legs wide and fluttered her eyelashes at me again.
But neither of us could keep up the act and we all dissolved into fits of laughter.
“I think,” Tanya said, “that it’s time Davey wet us. Don’t you agree, fair maiden?”
“Mmmmm!” Toni answered, gazing at me.
“And where shall he place this wonderful nectar upon us, do you think?” Tanya mused. “Shall it be on our tits? Our stomachs? In our cunts? Our asses? You choose, little Toni. Where would you like him to do it on you?”
“I think,” Toni began thoughtfully, doing her lip pulling thing again with one finger, quite unconsciously it seemed to me, “I think I would like--” and she whispered in Tanya’s ear, so quietly that I couldn’t hear a word.

Tanya’s eyes lit up and she looked at me. “Brilliant!” she exclaimed. “Toni, you’re brilliant! We’ve never tried that! What a great idea. I hope he’s got enough for two.”
As I was so full to bursting after a quantity of wine and two beers that it was a job to hold it back and that itself was uncomfortable, I felt quite sure I had enough for two.
“Your idea. You first,” Tanya offered. “I’ll get out of the way.” And she rolled off the bed, came to me, cupped her face in my hands and said ‘Lump. I love you. The fair maiden awaits.’ And she went to nibble at the food again.
Toni actually rubbed her hands together. “Dave!” she called imperiously. “I require your services. Now.”
“Yes, ma’am,” I replied, touching my forelock and enjoying the game as I moved towards the bed.
“You’re to straddle me,” commanded the fair maiden, “but facing the foot of the bed. You’re to put your cock inside the waistband of my pants so that it lies on my mound, facing my feet. And then let go,” she added in an excited voice.
Tanya was right, bless her. We never had tried this and I thought it would be very nice.
So I dutifully positioned myself as instructed and paused.
“Yes, Dave,” whispered Toni softly. “Now. Let it go on me. Please?”
And I did. My pee gushed out from me and the relief was almost a physical sensation as my golden water shot into Toni’s pants and ran down against her cunt and clit.
“Oh, it’s hot!” Toni exclaimed. “Nice! Hot!” And she fondled and caressed the cheeks of my ass in front of her, murmuring “Nice! Nice! Nice!” all the while. Then, “Enough, sir! I declare I am washed sufficiently now. Enough, I say sir! You may resume your other duties!”

With some difficulty I held back my flow and extracted my cock from Toni’s pants.
As I moved off Toni she said, “I shall summon you again when needed. Do not stray!” and even as she spoke my lovely Tanya was taking her place and lying as she had done. She smiled a loving smile at me but said not one word as I re-positioned myself in the same way. Tanya didn’t bother with the cheeks of my ass. She waited till she felt my warm flow on her and went straight for my rosebud, pushing her finger into me and taking the fabric of my pants with it as she strove to push it all the way in. The pants prevented her and she contented herself with moving her finger in and out as I let my pee flow into her pants and down over her cunt as it had Toni’s before her. I looked up to see Toni watching, rubbing her soaking wet pants and then licking her fingers as she savoured the taste of my pee and the other mixed tastes from our previous encounters. Her eyes glowed with pleasure as she sucked and swallowed, scooped again and sucked and swallowed some more.
“Davey, baby, I love you,” came Tanya’s voice. “I like this. So warm. So wet. Love you very much my baby.”
And just for the briefest of moments, the very, very briefest of milliseconds, I saw the cloud that passed behind Toni’s eyes.
I had finished and I rolled off Tanya. Lying beside her I looked at her. “I needed that.”
“I know you did, my sweet. We all did. It was nice, and worth the wait.” She looked at Toni.
“Love you for that idea Toni. Brilliant. That’s added to our list of pleasures.”
And Toni looked at us both, and beamed, and her eyes shone even more brightly than before. She came to lie between Tanya and I.
“If I’ve done that,” she said, “if I’ve managed to do something to add to your pleasures, something new, then I’m very, very happy.” And she hugged Tanya and then me.
“You’re a sweetheart,” Tanya murmured to her, running her hand through Toni’s short hair and down her cheek. “A real sweetheart. And -” she gave me a brief glance with her eyebrow raised and I nodded, “ –we love you. Not like we love each other, but we love you too. Both of us.”
Toni looked at Tanya, her big eyes wide, and there was love in her look and she turned her face and looked at me and there was still love in her eyes and she smiled, a warm, utterly peaceful and contented smile and she said, “And I love you too. Both of you. I love you Tanya for your kindness and cleverness and thoughtfulness and because you make sure I’m having pleasure from you both, and because you’re so happy with Dave, and I love you Dave because you’re thoughtful too and because you look after Tanya so well and because you love her so much but you make sure I have pleasure too, and you’re strong and kind and everything a man should be and you’re both so happy with each other and you’ve made me so happy too now and I love you both for it.” And she hugged us again.

We lay there, together, arms round one another or draped across our bodies and we were at peace and it was so nice and nobody had to touch anybody’s sex at all because it wasn’t necessary it was just right that we lay there together.
And then Toni made to get up from the bed and said, “But now I must go to the bathroom.”
And quick as a flash Tanya’s arms went round her and her hands pinned Toni’s upper arms to the bed so she had to stay flat on her back.
“What!” Toni cried. “What are you doing? I have to go to the bathroom!”
And Tanya remained quiet and watched her and Toni began to struggle against her and cried out.
“Tanya! Let me go. I mean it! I’m not joking! Let me up!”
I had no idea what this was all about and I got off the bed and stood looking down at them. Tanya moved to straddle Toni and now she was hopelessly pinned beneath Tanya, her arms still pinned flat. She heaved up but there was no way she was going to shift Tanya like that.
Toni glared at her. “Tanya! Stop it! Now!”
She struggled harder and writhed her body under Tanya as she tried to free herself.
“Tanya! What is this?” Toni looked up at me. “Dave! Tell her!”
I began to feel uncomfortable.
“Tanya! I’m telling you I must get up and go to the bathroom!”
“You’ve already been to the bathroom,” Tanya pointed out.
“Not like that!” Toni said. “I mean I have to go to the bathroom, properly!”
Tanya nodded. “Then go,” she told her.
Toni writhed furiously. “Then let me up!” she screamed.
I really didn’t like this. This wasn’t my Tanya. What the hell was she doing? After Toni’s earlier outburst of crying when we were both concerned I felt protective of Toni and this wasn’t nice for her. I really didn’t like this at all and said so.
“Tanya. Enough,” I said firmly. “Let Toni up. If she wants to go and use the bathroom, let her.”
Now it may seem that Tanya wears the trousers in our home and that she controls things, plans things and organises her and me the way she wants and that I just keep my mouth shut and let her get on with it, like a puppy letting its master organise its food, walks and its life. She does. And I do, but because I’m happy for her to be that way. It suits both of us and we’re both quite content that it works like that. She controls, plans and organises so well because she instinctively knows what I’ll like and what I won’t. So I don’t have to object or insist on my own way because her way suits me and her both, and we’re happy like that. But you know all that already. The point is, Tanya also knows very well that she doesn’t really wear the trousers at all. I let her, but if I really, really want something apposite to her idea, or if I really, really object to something, and believe me that is a very, very rare occurrence indeed, there is a tone in my voice which tells her immediately that I am wearing the trousers and that I mean what I say and that I am being masterful as a man should. This, as I say, is a rare thing, but Tanya always knows she doesn’t really control me or organise me and if she hears that tone in my voice she at once becomes submissive and gives way to me. She heard that tone now, and ignored it.
Toni looked at me and gave a little satisfied nod, then looked at Tanya.
“See! Now let me up!”
“If you have to go to the bathroom, then go,” Tanya repeated.
Toni stared at her and her big eyes grew enormous.
“What! What’re you saying! You want me to go now? Here? In my pants?”
Tanya nodded. And Toni struggled even more furiously and heaved and twisted.
“Tanya! She needs to go. Let her up! Do as I say. Now!”
And to my utter, utter amazement and incredulity, Tanya turned to look at me with a half smile on her face, and Toni stopped her struggling, looked at me with that sweet elfin face and gave me a huge wink and said,
“All part of the plan, Stan!”
I looked at them both, speechless.
“Really Dave. It’s okay. Look.”
And Tanya was still looking at me with that half smile as she lifted her hands to free Toni and Toni stayed exactly where she was.
“See?” Toni said. “It really is okay.”
“You’ve planned this between you!” I accused them. “You bloody little minxes! I can’t believe it.”

And Toni giggled and looked at Tanya, and Tanya looked at me and realised that for once, just for once, she might have gone too far and she left Toni and came to me and threw her arms round me and hugged me but she couldn’t help but laugh at the expression on my face because she, they, had had me so completely and utterly and she said, “Oh, Davey, I’m really sorry but it was such fun to see your face. Yes, we had planned it. I admit. We thought it would be fun. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. We didn’t mean to hurt you or make you angry.” And she giggled at Toni, and Toni giggled some more.
Bloody little minxes!
I hugged my adorable little minx and said, “I’m not angry. Really I’m not. It was a clever trick and it totally fooled me. I was worried for Toni but I’m not angry. Really.”
Maybe I was. At being fooled. Just a teeny bit.
I kissed Tanya and held her face. “Bloody little minx! I’m not angry but I feel as if I ought to tan your backside!”
“Oooo, yes please!” she squealed, but we don’t do that and she knew it. I looked at Toni.
“Bloody little elfin minx,” I said.
She wiped a laughter tear from her eye. “That was good!” she admitted with a grin. “I wasn’t at all sure I could keep a straight face and get away with it, but Tanya said yes you can, and I did.” And she started giggling all over again.
“Come and join the game,” Tanya pleaded, kissing my lips and gazing into my eyes. “Please! Promise I’ll make it up to you later.”
And she did. (But that’s another story.)
Tanya led me back to the bed and brushed her hand across my hair and down my cheek. She looked searchingly at me and asked quietly, “You okay, Davey baby? You really okay now?”
I nodded. “ I may get you back for that one day, y’know” I threatened.
Tanya nodded seriously. “Perhaps I deserve it,” she said quietly. “We really didn’t think you’d be quite so -um- masterful about it. Have I spoilt things?”
“No,” I told her. “No, you haven’t. But I wonder what else you’ve got planned between you?” I arched an eyebrow theatrically and looked them both, but neither replied.
“I love you,” Tanya said then, resting her head on my chest as she does. “I love you so much. And I want you.”
I stroked her hair and back, the way she likes.
“We haven’t had a row, you know,” I said. “You just tricked me and I didn’t see it coming at all. It’s okay, my adorable little minx. It is okay, you know.”
And it was. My few moments of annoyance had gone.
“Well, anyway, I have to go to the bathroom,” Toni reminded us, and Tanya left me and leapt onto the bed and onto Toni and pinned her arms again and this time I joined in and put my head close to Toni’s and leered at her in my best evil voice, “But you’re not going to the bathroom. You’re going to stay here and do it in your pants!”
And Toni struggled again and now I could see that her arms weren’t really pinned at all and she twisted and heaved under Tanya and she cried out, softly, “No! No! You must let me up! Please! I can’t do it in my pants! They’ll be full! And dirty! I mustn’t! It’s not right! Let me up! Please!”
And Tanya grinned at me and leered at Toni herself.
“No, my sweet. My lovely little Toni. You’re not getting up yet. We’ll keep you here until you’re empty!”
And Toni squealed and struggled and pleaded and twisted.
“No, no! I can’t! I mustn’t! I can’t fill my pants! Oh! Oh! No! I must go! It’s coming! I can’t hold it in any more! Let me up before it’s too late and I let it all go!”
“Let it all go, little girl!” I leered.
“Yes, let it all come out of you and fill your lovely wet pants!” leered Tanya.
“To mix with the pee and the cum that’s already there!” I leered.
And Toni’s squeal rose higher and she struggled some more and then a look of shock dawned on her face and she cried, “No! No! I can’t hold it!” Her eyes screwed up tight together and she repeated, “ I can’t hold it! It’s coming! It’s coming!”
Tanya signalled me with her eyes and together we rolled Toni over and lifted her hips so that her tight, round little ass was in the air. Her head lay to one side and she stopped her fake struggles but kept on objecting as we positioned her.

“No! No! This is so naughty! You mustn’t make me do this! I mustn’t do it in my pants and make them full and dirty but I can’t stop it! It wants to come out! I can feel it’s coming out now and oh! No! I mustn’t let it! No! Oh! Oh! Ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”
Tanya and I had a hand each on her ass, mine down near her cunt and Tanya’s higher at the top of her crease. Toni’s last long cry was accompanied by a bulge appearing in the middle of her pants as she began to expel everything she had inside her.
It was hot and soft and sticky and brown and it continued to fill and expand her pants as Tanya and I each revelled in the sight and feel of it as we cupped the bulge in our hands and massaged it higher and lower to cover all her ass cheeks. Toni was very, very full and more and more sticky brown stuff came from inside her and continued to fill her pants. Tanya and I spread it and shaped it and pushed it inside her pants and it began to fill her crotch so that it was hot against her cunt and she moaned and whispered ‘oh I’m filling my pants and it’s so nice and hot and sticky and I can feel it on my cunt.’ We felt her push as she extruded more and more. There was a huge amount and we were careful to keep it within her pants, filling every inch of the back of them and ensuring that it also filled them lower down in her crotch where it formed a separate, hot sticky bulge which I gently squashed against her cunt and clit.
“Rrrrooooorrrrrrrr!” Toni whispered loudly as she felt it squeeze between her cunt lips, rub against her clit and into her love tunnel. “Ooooooo, that’s so nice! I want more! But I haven’t any more! That’s all I have.”

“It’s wonderful and it’s enough for now,” Tanya cooed softly. “But you shall have more, sweet little Toni. You shall have more.”
I was massaging Toni’s pants and shaping and pushing and making sure that I filled Toni’s cunt with as much of her brown stickiness as I possibly could. And each time I kneaded a little more into her she gave a little moan and pushed backwards against my hand to help.
Tanya bent to kiss Toni’s lithe back and ran her tongue from her shoulderblades slowly and delicately down Toni’s spine. Toni gave a little shiver. Tanya continued until she reached the small of her back and then she left the bed and disappeared from my view. I took over, still playing with Toni’s full pants and filling her cunt and I licked her back and her ribs as I did.
“Are you comfortable like that, Toni?” I whispered.
She nodded her head. Then, softly, excitedly, “Are you going to fuck my ass again, Dave?”
“Not now, my lovely little Toni,” I answered equally softly. “But I will. Tanya wants to fuck you.”
Because I knew where my girl had gone. She’d gone for the strap-on with the latex cock that we have.
“Tanya’s going to fuck my ass?” She was still excited at the thought.
“No. She’s going to fill your cunt with her cock and fuck you.”
“Mmmmmmm! Yes! I want it. I want to feel it!”

I moved aside and waited as Tanya came to the bed and positioned herself at the foot of it. Gently she pushed at Toni’s hips and slid her further up the bed until she could kneel on it herself. Tanya had got rid of her manhole cover and now wore only her pink see through stretch pants. I thought it would be a good time to lose my skirt as well and it joined the growing pile of clothes on the floor. Tanya had pulled down the front of her pants and the cock stuck out from them. I’d seen it, and felt it, many times before, but now it looked huge.
Tanya waited and looked at me.
“Love you,” she said and her mouth puckered up. I stepped forward to her and kissed her tenderly.
Tanya reached one hand out and stroked Toni’s back.
“Love you, Toni,” she said.
Toni wriggled a little and sighed comfortably. “Love you too, Tanya. I want to feel you fuck me now!”
By way of answer Tanya knelt up on the bed behind her, holding the cock in one hand and moved forward so that it pressed against Toni’s ass, the tip pushing gently into the fabric and squashing the brown stickiness inside. Toni let out a soft ‘Mmmm!’ and Tanya moved the tip down, down, until she could push it under Toni’s crotch, rubbing it outside her pants against her cunt lips.
“Mmmmm!” murmured Toni again. “Warm. Nice.”
And I relaxed and watched as my wonderful sweet Tanya began to give the ultimate pleasure to Toni as she rubbed and stroked and played the tip of her cock around and across and under and everywhere except inside.

I couldn’t resist and for a few minutes I gently stroked the inside of Toni’s thighs, my fingers trailing up and down and around too, across the top of the holdups and up to her groin and away again and the tip of the cock rubbed beneath her and Toni’s breath became a little faster and Tanya and I continued to arouse her and pleasure her for a while until each stroke of my fingers against her skin and each stroke or gentle probe of the cock against her made her take a short, sharp intake of breath and they began to grow a little louder and more frequent and we both knew she was ready to receive that luscious, sensual, ecstatic feeling of the cock sliding into her cunt.

And now Tanya carefully eased away the edge of one leg of Toni’s pants and allowed the tip of her cock to rub Toni’s flesh, and Toni squirmed a little and made murmuring noises. Tanya explored gently with her cock until she found Toni’s cunt lips and poised with the cock just separating them.
“Oh, I can feel you there!” Toni murmured. “It’s nice. I want you in me now!”
And Tanya obliged, thrusting forward in one long, slow movement that sent her cock between Toni’s cunt lips and past her clit, and in, further, sliding slowly in Toni’s tight young love tunnel, sliding in her hot love juices and the warm brown sticky stuff that filled Toni’s cunt and as Tanya slid her cock further and further inside Toni there always seemed to be more left and Toni began to gasp ‘Oh! Oh! Yes! That’s it! Yes! Oh, it’s filling me!’ and Tanya went on easing her hips forward and the cock forward and finally it was completely inside Toni and Tanya’s mound was pressed up against Toni’s round ass and Toni gasped again and said ‘Yeeeeesssssss!’

Tanya paused and gazed down at Toni. Then she turned her head to look at me, mouthed ‘love you!’ and beckoned me with a flick of her head.
I moved nearer to her and she kept one hand on Toni’s hip to steady her, and went for my cock with the other. And she began to fuck Toni, pulling out with a long, slow stroke almost leaving her cunt, but not quite, and then back in again with the same long slow stroke, and Toni gasped and went ‘aaaaahhhh’ and Tanya’s hand was cupping my balls and stroking my cock and I was getting hard because to see these two adorable girls enjoying their sex together and to feel my beloved Tanya’s hand wanking me gently was too much and I wanted to be part of this and moved round to stand behind Tanya and pulled down the top of her pants, down past her ass cheeks and lower until her rosebud was free and I aimed my cock there and Tanya spread her knees a little because she wanted me too and my cock found that lovely round hole and I slid inside her and then remained still and as Tanya pulled back with each stroke from Toni she slid onto my cock and as she moved forward into Toni she slid away from me and it was just electrifying to know that we were fucking each other this way.

And Tanya began to move faster, sliding in and out of Toni’s cunt with long, even, fast strokes and onto my own cock with the same long strokes and Toni’s gasps became louder as she cried ‘Yes! Fuck me! It’s nice in there! It’s nice! Faster!’ and Tanya complied and began to pound Toni’s cunt and thrust herself back onto my cock and it was heavenly and now Tanya was breathing fast and beginning to gasp too and Toni was moaning in her throat and thrusting herself back onto Tanya’s cock each time and I used one hand to rub Tanya’s cunt through her pants as she moved her own body so that I was wanking her even as I fucked her ass and she moaned too but I was standing perfectly still and the girls were doing everything themselves and I sensed Toni’s body go rigid and I knew she was there and she let out a little scream of pure ecstasy as Tanya thrust at her very hard and again and once more and each thrust produced a little scream and then Toni came and I knew she’d shot her cum all over Tanya’s cock inside her and it mixed with the brown sticky stuff that was in her too and Tanya knew it and gasped and her body quivered as she had her own small orgasm at the feel of my cock in her ass and her cock in Toni’s cunt and Toni let out a huge gasp and scream together as she reached her peak and orgasmed but Tanya kept thrusting at her and Toni gasped again with each thrust and now I knew I was close too and I matched Tanya’s backwards movements and thrust into her myself beginning to pound at her lovely, wet, tight rosebud and Toni was building again and moaning and gasping and Tanya thrust at her cunt as hard as she could and Toni came again and the sound of her gasping ‘Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!’ with each of Tanya’s thrusts made me cum too and I felt my warm spunk gush from my cock and into my lovely Tanya’s ass and she pressed against me and moaned and Toni fell forward away from Tanya’s cock in exhaustion and collapsed face down on the bed and I gave one last thrust at Tanya and felt the last of my hot cum spurt into her and then I released her and we both joined Toni on the bed and the three of us lay there all gasping and heaving together in the throes of our triple orgasms.

Within a few moments Tanya had rolled onto her back and removed the strap-on, Throwing it aside she pulled at me with her hands until I was between her legs and she pushed my head down towards her cunt. I knew she wanted to be licked and sucked and I was delighted to oblige because I can stay there and lick and suck my adorable little Tanya for hours, and have done, and now I wanted to taste her love juice and her pee and I briefly aroused her again through her pants until she was stroking my head and pulling me into her and then I eased down the top of her pants and ran my tongue over her soft skin and she lifted herself slightly off the bed so that I could pull her pants down further and I stopped in pure shock and utter rapture because my wonderful girl, this beautiful, sexy, adorable creature that I loved so much and whose body I could enjoy and pleasure for hours had shaved herself at last and she was completely smooth and soft like Toni and there wasn’t a vestige of her soft downy hair anywhere and I loved it.
I looked up to see her smiling at me, her eyes glowing with love and tenderness.
“Told you I had a surprise for you,” she whispered.

I couldn’t say anything. I just gazed at her and my heart went out to her because she does so much to please me and make me happy and her smile grew wider and she whispered,” Now suck me and lick me harder than you ever have before!”
And I did. I pressed against those incredibly smooth soft cunt lips and I licked and kissed and I sucked and slurped and her juices ran and my tongue was making her wet all around her cunt and inside it too, mixing with her juice and she began to writhe and murmur and pressed herself onto my tongue and it was absolute heaven, it was ecstasy to feel that smooth skin and flesh against my lips and tongue and I thrust my tongue into her and licked and flicked at her clit with every ounce of strength my muscles could produce and I sucked at her juice and tasted it and swallowed her warm nectar and knew I wanted to stay there for hours and hours and Toni was forgotten in the thrill of sucking my beloved Tanya and hearing and feeling her pleasure build as she moaned and writhed and thrust against my lips and there was so much juice and it flooded from her and soaked my face and it was heavenly to feel it and taste it and Tanya gasped and gasped again and arched up and cried out ‘Daaaavey! Baby! Baby! Baby! Oh Davey!’ and her hands roved around my head and my neck and I couldn’t believe it but there was even more of her cum coming from inside that deliciously wet warm smooth cunt and on me as I licked and sucked at her clit and my tongue revelled in it and I licked and sucked and drank and didn’t stop until I’d recovered every drop I could and Tanya was lying back and making little moaning noises as she enjoyed my tongue around her cunt lips and her thighs collecting her cum from them.

Whatever it is, it works.
“I don’t care --” Tanya said, gasping from her orgasm, looking straight up at the ceiling, “—how bloody good the orgasms are --- I am not waiting to feel your tongue in me like that again --- for ten fucking days, ever! I love you, Davey baby.”
We lay together, content and sated. I glanced at Toni and saw that she was dozing peacefully, her head turned to one side on the pillow, her short, boyish hair framing that delicate elfin face, her lips parted slightly and her breathing light and even.
I turned to look at Tanya and our eyes met. She glanced at Toni herself and smiled at her, a tender, caring, loving smile and then she looked back at me and we kissed each other’s lips, and again and again, and there was no sex there, it was love, pure and simple and fulfilled and absolute as we stroked each other’s faces and looked into each other’s eyes and kissed and spoke not one word.
Toni moved slightly next to me and I looked and saw she’d opened her eyes. It took a moment for her to focus, and then she shuffled herself upright onto the pillows.

“Sorry,” she said sleepily. “I didn’t want to doze off. But I’m so fucked.” She giggled at us. “I’m fucked! I’m fucked, and it’s lovely!” She rubbed her eyes.
“Best sleep in the world,” Tanya assured her. “Purest, deepest, most restful sleep there is, when you’re fucked.”
“Well, I’m awake now!” Toni said. “What have I missed?”
“Davey gave me a good licking,” Tanya said with her impish smile. “Soaked me. Feel me.” And she reached across me and took Toni’s hand and placed it between her legs.
“Ooo, lovely and wet,” Toni agreed. She glanced down at her own wet and dirty pants. “Like me. But I’m full in my pussy, as well as wet.”
“Oh, I will be too,” Tanya said airily. “The night is yet young.”
Actually, it wasn’t. It was quite late, but none of us cared.

“Then it must be time for me to do something,” Toni said, glancing at me. “Can I use the strap-on, Tanya?”
My girl rolled her eyes heavenwards, tutted, then rolled right over me to lie beside Toni. She took her face in both hands, her nose inches from Toni’s and she growled in her best parental voice,

“I told you, don’t ask! I told you, you adorable little creature, with your big eyes and your lovely body and your gorgeous wet, full pussy, I told you, don’t ask!”
She rubbed Toni’s nose with her own, kissed her lips and then continued in the same joking growl, “Take the strap-on, do what you want with it, fuck me, fuck Davey, do exactly what you want to whoever you want, but don’t ask!” And she slipped her hands round Toni’s neck and pulled her head forward, resting cheek to cheek with Toni. She kissed her tenderly on one cheek and let Toni go.

“Now be off with you my girl!” she growled, smiling. “Take your lovely breasts, your lithe body, your big round eyes, your tight round ass and your wonderful wet cunt full of your own brown stuff and your pee and your cum, and do whatever you want whenever you want and to whom, but do not ask again!”
And Toni looked at her and said submissively, “Yes mummy,” and both girls laughed and hugged each other and kissed and Tanya felt around for the strap-on and handed it to her. Toni held it for a moment, gazing at me with warmth in her eyes. She left the bed, fitted the toy on over her pants and stood looking down at me, her hands on her hips. She did that delightful lady-of the-manor thing again.
“Dave, I have need of exercise. Your services are required immediately.”
“Yes, ma’am.”

“I’m desirous of discovering for myself, purely in the interests of propriety, you understand, some details of these carnal pleasures of which the servants constantly speak and word of which has drifted up from the scullery to my chaste ears.”
Tanya was grinning and silently clapping her hands together.
“It will therefore be necessary for me to use this, um- um- “ she gestured at the latex cock –
“Cock, ma’am,” I supplied helpfully.
“Yes. This um – cock upon your person. Do you understand?”
“Certainly ma’am. Anything I can do to oblige your ladyship will be a pleasure.”
“Hmmmphh! Well, as you are of the male persuasion and therefore deficient in the area generally associated, so I am led to believe, with this um—cock, I shall have no alternative but to use the only available area in which I believe this appendage will fit.”
Tanya was rolling about, her eyes screwed up and shaking with silent laughter. “Brilliant!” she murmured “Just brilliant!”
“What is the name commonly used to describe that area?”
“The ass, ma’am.”

“And how does one describe, in the politest of company of course, the action when using the appendage?”
“In the politest of company, ma’am? Fucking.”
And Tanya burst out in gales of laughter and rolled around, the tears streaming from her eyes, hammering her fists on the bed and Toni couldn’t keep a straight face either and her lips pursed as she tried not to laugh but it was no good and she had to look away as her shoulders shook.
“Oh, I love it! I love it!” Tanya could hardly get the words out. Toni had recovered and faced me again sternly.
“Fucking. Yes. Cock, ass, fucking.”
“If I may be permitted ma’am, the correct sequence for that would be, cock fucking ass.”
“Yes. Well, thank you Dave. I shall remember that for the ladies at our next musical soiree ---”
And Tanya collapsed in hysterics and I cracked up too and that set Toni off and she lost it completely and had to sit on the bed, her shoulders heaving with laughter and her hands covering her face.
“I can’t go on!” she laughed. “I ‘ve lost it now.”
Tanya was wiping her eyes with her fingers, still laughing.
“Oh, that was good!” she said. “That was just so clever! Toni, you’re brilliant! You’re an angel.”
Toni shook her head, grinning broadly at us. “Sorry. It’s gone. I wanted to do some more but I know I’d never be able to keep a straight face now.”

“Shame,” I said. “I was enjoying that too.”
“Maybe I’ll try again later,” said Toni. “But right now I want to fuck your ass.”
And my girl got up from the bed and gave her eyes a last wipe and still grinning, said, “I’m going to fetch some more beers. Start without me.”
Toni lay beside me. “As I sat on the bed just now I felt some more of my full pants squash into my cunt again, Dave. I do wish I could feel your cock in there with it.” She held up a hand to forestall me. “I know, I know, I’m only saying.”
She planted a kiss on my lips and looked at me with the same devilish smile that I see on Tanya sometimes. “Maybe if I fuck your ass you’ll need to fill your pants, Dave.”

She paused and kissed me again. “That would be nice. I’d like to see that and feel it, the way you and Tanya felt me when I did it.”
“The world will be your oyster,” I said softly, “and your wishes will be our commands.”
“Oh, you’re so sweet!” she squealed, and kissed me hard, her tongue forcing into my mouth. Then she resumed her former position, her face close to mine, her eyes shining and she said, “Roll over, you lovely man. Give me your ass.”
And I did and she knelt behind me and pulled down the waist of my pants. “Have to keep these on for later,” she murmured, and chuckled.
I felt the tip of her cock probing between my cheeks as she sought the entrance to my man-cunt. The cock pushed against me and she spread my cheeks a little. She probed again and then she was in, sliding into me and holding my hips to balance herself.
“Ooohhh!” she murmured. “I like it! It’s like being a man, being behind you and pushing my cock into you, in and out, sliding into your hole.” She fell silent for a moment, and there was wonder in her voice as she murmured again.
“I’m fucking you Dave. I’m fucking you. My cock is in your ass hole and –”

She fell silent again and I could see down the length of the bed and my own body that Tanya had silently returned and her hand was between Toni’s legs as she massaged the brown bulge that was still there in her pants and she felt for Toni’s cunt clips and clit through the fabric and the brown sticky bulge and she found the magic place because Toni’s head went back and her eyes were closed and she stroked backwards and forwards sliding her cock in and out of me slowly and gently and she murmured dreamily, “I’m fucking your lovely ass Dave, and it’s nice to be like the man for once, fucking, and I can feel Tanya’s fingers in my cunt, wanking me and I’m a girl too so I’m both now and I wish my cock could cum in you Dave but it’s nice to fuck you and I’m going to cum myself now and do it harder Tanya, my lovely Tanya, you’re making me cum again and it’s coming now and I love you Tanya and I love you Dave and oooooooohhhhhhhh!” and she withdrew the cock from me and fell onto my back and hips as she came.

I lowered myself onto the bed and she stayed where she was, lying on my back and clinging to me round my waist. It was a strangely quiet and subdued orgasm compared to her earlier ones. She murmured dreamily again as she lay on me, the cock pressing into my back a little under her weight.
“Oh that was nice. That was such a nice climax!”
“Toni,” I ventured softly, “I love the feel of your warm body on mine and I don’t want to disturb you but your cock is still hard and its not in me, its on me and --”
And she scrambled off me, saying “Sorry, sorry, it’s so nice to lie on you Dave. I just wanted to stay there.”
Tanya deftly removed the strap-on from her and smiled.
“Then lie on him, sweet Toni. Lie on him and enjoy him.”
But I had rolled onto my back by now, and Toni snuggled her body against me and pressed it hard and rested her head on my chest and she said in that dreamy voice, “I could lie here for hours, just doing nothing. I love being next to you, Dave.”
And I looked at Tanya, wondering how she would take that and the fact that Toni was lying in her own favourite position and she was smiling at Toni and bent to kiss her body, working her way up her ribs and sides, pausing to kiss the breast that lay against me and then to her cheek and she murmured softly “And he likes being next to you, sweet little Toni-girl. He likes the feel of your warm skin on him, the feel of your head on his chest, the pressure of your breast against him and the sensation of your warm cunt on his thigh. So lie, and enjoy.”
( She’s just so amazing and I love her so much.)

“And I love the feel of you next to me, too,” whispered my girl very softly into Toni’s ear.
Toni opened an eye and gazed at her. “Do you know,” she murmured, “that climax I just had was different to all the others.”
“Not every one can be an all-time high.” Tanya spoke quietly to her, stroking her short boyish hair and her cheek. “Sometimes they’re like that, sometimes they’re simply wonderful.”

“That was a wonderful one,” Toni murmured thoughtfully. “And I know why.”
Tanya waited, still caressing Toni gently. And I waited, perfectly content to listen to these two wonderful girls, these two adorable creatures, talking together and sharing their innermost thoughts and feelings in front of me, and my heart went out to both of them and I felt honoured that they would do that.
“And why was it a wonderful one, my darling little Toni,” asked Tanya in her soft and loving whisper. “Do you want to say, or is it something to keep close to your heart, a secret for lovely little Toni-girl to treasure forever?”
“It will be my secret,” agreed Toni dreamily, “to treasure forever in my heart, but only a secret from other people, not from you two.”
She continued in that dreamy fashion. “It wasn’t electrifying, that orgasm. It wasn’t even ecstatic. It was simply wonderful because it wasn’t an orgasm of sex.”
Tanya was beginning to nod her head gently.

“It was a wonderful climax,” Toni went on, “because it was a warm climax, a contented climax, a slow, languorous, full climax, because it was a climax of love.”
Tanya was still nodding and she bent down once again and murmured oh-so-softly into Toni’s ear, “I know it was, my sweet darling, my lovely little Toni. I know exactly that it was one of love and not sex, and they can often be the best kind of orgasm you can have.”
Toni shifted her head slightly so that she could look at Tanya.
“You know what I’m saying?” she asked her.
“I know,” Tanya murmured. “I know.”

And Toni moved to look at me and then back at my girl, and she said, quietly and simply,
“I love you. I love you Tanya. I love you Dave. I’ve known you only a few hours, but I love you both from deep in my heart. Not because of the sex. Oh no. Not because of the fun and the wet and the orgasms. Oh no. Because of the people you are. Because of the feelings you’ve shown me. Because of the care, and the love you’ve shown me. And because I can look in your eyes Tanya, and in yours Dave, and I can see that your whole life is love, and that makes me love you both.” She was quiet for a few moments, then she said, “I really do love you both very much, but that is a secret that will stay locked right in the middle of my heart.”
There was a silence. I didn’t want to break it for fear of spoiling the warm, contented feeling that drifted gently around us all. I was sure Tanya felt as I did since she remained quiet and just gently stroked and caressed Toni all the while.
“I hope I haven’t upset you or made you angry,” Toni said in a small voice.
Tanya looked at me silently but her eyes signalled me to answer.
“You haven’t,” I told Toni, in a quiet and gentle voice. “Not Tanya, and not me. We’re not upset and neither are we angry. Why should we be? You’ve just said some wonderful things about us, to us. Why do you think we could be upset or angry?”
“I thought - - I thought maybe Tanya would think I was trying to muscle in on her man --”
And Tanya reached for her and heaved Toni bodily off my chest and cuddled the top half of her in her arms and rocked back and forth like you would rock a baby and stroked her head and her neck and squeezed her tight and Toni’s head was on her shoulder and without looking at me she said, “And maybe Dave would think I was trying to take him away from you- -”
“No, no, no, no, no,” Tanya crooned, rocking her. “Toni, Toni, Toni.”
And I saw a tear glistening in the corner of her eye.
I sat up on the bed and moved to face Toni as her head, resting on Tanya’s shoulder as she rocked her back and forth gently, moved closer to me and away, closer and away again. She raised her eyes and looked at me.
“You lovely adorable little girl,” I said softly. “You could not do that. We’re both delighted, we’re flattered, we’re honoured, we’re all the nice adjectives you can think of, that you’ve said those things to us but there’s no way you could do that to either
of us.”

“I know it,” Toni answered me. “I know it and I would never, never want to do that. But I was afraid you two, or one of you, might think it.”
“Never,” I replied. I cupped her face in my hands as she came near to me and Tanya had to stop rocking as I was holding Toni fast. “We---love—you,” I said, saying each word clearly and slowly and looking deep into her eyes. “We both love you.”
I liked the nickname that Tanya had called her earlier and I used it again now. “You are our little Toni-girl. You are adorable, lovely, loving, you’re a pleasure to be with. You make us laugh, and in all the world there is no better thing than shared laughter. You have shown us the same care, the same thoughtfulness, the same love, that you have had from us. You are special, you are deep in our hearts, and you will remain there.”
And Toni reached forward impulsively and Tanya let her go and Toni threw her arms round me and buried her head in my neck and she said very softly “I love you. I love you.”

* * * * * * * * * * * *