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I looked at her, and my eyes drank in her lovely soft body, her firm round breasts, her exquisite elfin face, her soft mouth and her tousled boy’s haircut and I said, “Yes, Toni-girl. I still want you, very much. And Tanya was right about something else too. I don’t want to fuck you. I want to love you.”
And Toni took one of my hands in her own slender, elfin hands and she squeezed it gently and she said, “And I want to love you too, Dave. Very much.” She leaned over and gave me a tender, loving kiss.

And it might have happened then, who knows, but at that moment Tanya called, ‘Breakfast!’
Toni whispered urgently to me. “I wanted to ask, what’s the form?” She glanced down at her dirty pants and then at mine, covered as they were with the fruits of our earlier sex fun and the fruits of the raspberry gateau. “Should I shower or change before we eat?”
“If you want to,” I told her. “We won’t. We usually stay like this until, well, until we don’t.”
“Okay,”she responded. “Then I won’t change either. I was just thinking about sitting on your chairs….”
“Tanya will have covered them with an old towel or something. We’re used to it but if you’d rather shower or put something else on…..”
“Oh, no!” she grinned. “I like being dirty! It’s fun! I don’t want to change. I want more!”
“Come on then,” I said to her, pulling her up. “Let’s eat. Lots to do after!” And Toni giggled as we went to the kitchen.
As I opened the door we were greeted by the smell of frying bacon and grilling sausages, and the aroma of freshly percolating coffee. There were cereals on the table, toast slices in racks, jam, honey, preserves, and Tanya was busy at the cooker doing things with the bacon and sausages and eggs. She looked at us and smiled. “All okay now?”

And Toni nodded and I nodded and we sat.
“Beans and tomatoes and hash browns keeping warm in the oven,” said Tanya. “Let’s tuck in.”
And we did.
As Toni and I finished cereals, Tanya dished up huge platefuls of hot food, piling the plates with everything she had prepared.
“God, I can’t eat all this!” Toni objected, looking at the mountain of food in front of her.
Tanya grinned. “Do your best. Got to keep your strength up. Might need it later!”
And Toni giggled and tucked in.

Although it seemed that the air had cleared I still could feel a very slight reservation, a slight distance, around us which hadn’t been there before. I thought it was coming from Toni, who probably still felt guilty and in all likelihood still didn’t believe that Tanya had could so readily forgive. I knew she could, although she’d surprised even me this time by her apology for a mistake. As her explanation had unfolded I had thought she was going to say that Toni herself had been the mistake, and that Tanya would try to throw her out of the house. And I’d been worried and yes, frightened that if she’d tried to do that, we would have had our first real row. Because I didn’t want Toni to leave, certainly not to be evicted in such a fashion. Not because of the sex. I just didn’t feel that she deserved that. As I enjoyed the food, (I was ravenous, I discovered, once I’d smelled the delicious aromas in the kitchen) I pondered how best to bring the ******ce around us back to the light, care-free, uninhibited condition it had been before. Was that even possible, I wondered?

“I have a suggestion,” I proposed, buttering my third slice of toast.
“Nothing wrong with your appetite this morning, I see,” Tanya grinned.
“Morning? It’s three o’clock woman! Fine time to be having breakfast! Anyway, what about going for a little walk after breakfast, or whatever it is at three in the afternoon. I thought perhaps we could take some bread, walk across the fields to the lake and feed the ducks.”
This is something Tanya and I do quite often.
“You have a lake nearby?” Toni enquired in some wonder.
Tanya nodded. “About twenty minutes walk. It’s a bird sanctuary.”
“Ooo, that sounds nice,” Toni agreed.
“How’s the weather Davey?” Tanya asked.
I got up and went to the window, opened it and stuck my head out. It was a gloriously sunny day, but as it was late summer there was the possibility of a chill in the air. Not today though.
“Glorious,” I told them. “Lovely and warm and sunny.”
“Good,” Tanya said. “That means we don’t have to get dressed.”

Toni paused with her coffee cup halfway to her mouth, looked at Tanya, dressed only in her see-through pants, at me, dressed similarly, and then at her own dirty and full pants.
“We’re going dressed like this?”
Tanya laughed. “Well, yes and no.”
She wiped her mouth with her napkin and stood up.
“I’m going to brush my teeth,” she said. “Back in a mo.”
Toni watched her leave and then whispered to me. She still wore an incredulous look.
“Are you really going dressed in your pants?”
I chuckled and said, “Even I wouldn’t go out in quite this state. What I mean is, we don’t get showered or changed. Not usually. We just throw something over these and go. But,” and my voice took on a serious note, “sweet little Toni, if you prefer to change, it’s fine. Really. We won’t, but if you feel more comfortable then go right ahead.”

But Toni was shaking her head. “No, I’m happy to do as you do,” she said. “It sounds exciting. Sort of naughty. But I only brought underwear, I didn’t bring any other outer clothes ‘cos I thought we wouldn’t need them.”
I immediately knew what she meant. It was something Tanya and I had established a pattern for a long time ago, but Toni was in a slightly different position. To put on her clothes as she was over her body and pants meant that she would then have to travel home in them afterwards.

“That’s no problem,” I said briskly. “Don’t worry. Tanya’ll give you something to put on.”
And I smiled, and Toni smiled, and I thought the air had cleared even more.
I leant over and kissed her cheek. “Are you feeling okay, now,” I asked her softly. “I mean, really okay? With me and with Tanya?”
She nodded and caressed my own face. “Yes,” she whispered. “I am. Really I am. I want to enjoy a walk, a bit of fresh air, and then come back and go back to the bedroom and spend all day and night having fun. And lots of orgasms. With you both.” And she kissed my nose. And the air was clear.
We’d finished the mammoth repast that Tanya had made for us. Even Toni. She regarded her empty plate with some dismay.
“I’m a pig,” she wailed. She rubbed her full stomach. “I can’t believe I ate all that. I must have been hungrier than I thought.”

“It’s the exercise,” I told her airily, looking at the ceiling. “Gives you an appetite.”
She placed a hand on my cock. “Gives you an appetite for more, you mean,” she said mischievously.
“That too,” I agreed.

Tanya returned and asked, “Anyone else want to go to the bathroom before we go?”
Toni nodded. “Yes, I want to clean my teeth and freshen up too.”
She rose from the table and Tanya reached for her hand and stopped her.
“Toni,” she said, “you’ll only brush your teeth, won’t you?” Toni looked at her. “I mean,” Tanya asked her seriously, “you won’t do anything else in the bathroom, will you?”

And Toni looked at her, and put her hands on her hips, winked, and spoke in a voice like an argumentative teenager, “Well, really! What else would I do?” And she moved to the door, looked at Tanya again, tossed her head and pouted, “Really! Anyone would think I was going to pee or something! Huh!” And she flounced out of the room.

Tanya looked at me. “She’s okay?”
“She’s very okay,” I told her. “Looking forward to the walk and then back in the bedroom for the rest of the day and night. Her words, not mine.”
Tanya nodded. “Good. Good. I was worried there for a while. Thought I’d really fucked everything up.”
I went to her and hugged her gently and stroked her long hair and her back.
“Tanya,” I said quietly. “My lovely, adorable, sexy, beautiful girl, you couldn’t fuck anything up if your life depended on it. It’s fine. She’s fine. I’m fine. And I want you.”

And she snuggled against me and said. “Yes. I do too. But later. Or do you want to go to bed first?”
“Well, if you really insist,” I grumbled theatrically, “I suppose I can wait. But not too long, mind!”
And we chuckled and hugged.
Toni returned and regarded us impishly. “Starting without me again?” she enquired archly.
And Tanya held out one hand and Toni came to us and we all three hugged each other and kissed.
“Come on then,” Tanya said eventually. “Let’s find something to put on.” And she dragged Toni away from me. “Lump, stay there!”

The girls disappeared and a few minutes later there were squeals of laughter from Toni. I drank another cup of coffee and put the dirty dishes in the sink full of hot water. They could soak while we were out. I had just finished wiping the table when the girls burst into the kitchen and stood side by side looking at me.
“We’re ready!” they announced in unison. I looked at them.

They’d combed their hair and cleaned their faces. Tanya was wearing one of my shirts again, a pale yellow one, and she’d given one to Toni, too. A pale green one. Toni had removed her hold-ups and their legs appeared from beneath the shirts, their breasts moulded and rounded by the fabric and I could see their nipples beneath the material. For the first time I could see Toni’s legs and they were slender and smooth just like her hands and fingers. They both looked stunning. They stood together, smiling at me.

“Can’t we just go straight to bed instead,” I implored.
“No,” they said in unison again.
I shook my head. “Minxes,” I said. “You look gorgeous, both of you. And now you’re going to make me wait.”
They nodded. “If it’s worth having, it’s worth waiting for!” Tanya wagged a finger at me. “What are you going to wear?”
“One of Tanya’s manhole covers!” suggested Toni, giggling.
“No!” I said. “In the house yes, but not outside. Well, only if it’s dark,” I admitted. “No I’ll throw some shorts on.”
“And I’ll get the bread,” Tanya said and busied herself collecting things from around the kitchen. She paused at one point and stared into space for a moment, then nodded to herself and added two towels to a big plastic carrier bag.
She grinned at me. “Might need these,”she said.

Toni looked perplexed but said nothing.
And so we set off. I collected my shorts on the way out and put them on.
It was indeed glorious outside. We strolled along the street and turned onto the path across the fields. Toni giggled.
“Those people! Did you see their faces! Couldn’t believe we’re dressed the way we are!”
“Imagine if they knew what you had underneath the shirt.”

“You mean all that nice brown stuff that’s still in me?” Toni giggled.
“That, and the pee, and the cum, and the raspberry gateau,” said Tanya. And they both giggled and linked arms and skipped off in front of me like two little schoolgirls. And as they did so the shirts flapped and swirled and gave me glimpses of their thighs and pants and I really wanted to turn round and go home and take them to bed.

A gentle stroll brought us to the lake. Toni marvelled at the quantity of birds. There were geese and ducks and swans and curlews and gulls and moorhens and a whole host of other feathered creatures about whose names I hadn’t the foggiest idea.
“Incredible!” Toni breathed.

The swans and ducks and geese were so used to humans around them that they approached quite close. Other birds kept their distance but hovered expectantly, knowing that food would probably soon appear. Tanya dished out small bags of bread from her plastic bag and we strolled along the lake edge, throwing morsels of bread into the water. The birds followed, either swimming a few feet from the edge or waddling along behind us, quacking and squawking noisily.

There were a few other people about, obviously taking advantage of the late summer afternoon, as we were. Most of them pointedly ignored us, a few smiled at the girls, then smiled at me in a knowing sort of way. One young couple, strolling hand in hand actually stopped and stared at us as we passed them. When I looked over my shoulder they were locked in an embrace and his hand was between them, feeling between her legs, and her hands were clamped round his ass and pulling him in to her. Nice, I thought. Dressed as we are, we may have done some good there.

But there were other people who made it quite plain they thought we were rude, or disgusting, and shouldn’t be walking around as we were. One middle-aged couple actually tutted as they went by, the man looking at me down his nose and the woman pursing her lips and snorting at the girls as we walked past, the girls giggling and chuckling. Tanya glanced back at them.
“Stupid people,” she said contemptuously. She turned and watched the couple walk on, their heads together as they discussed this affront to their sense of propriety and glancing back at us briefly.

“Stupid,” she repeated. “I bet when they have sex, if they still do, he’s on top of her. I bet he’s always been on top of her since the day they were married. I bet he’s never licked her cunt, nor she his cock.” She shook her head. “Stupid,” she said again. Tanya has no time for prudes.
“You’ll get no bet from me,” I answered her. “But, to each his own, my sweet, to each his own.”
We continued our stroll. Toni was captivated by the birds and after a while waved her bag.
“I’ve run out of bread!” she wailed. So I gave her mine and she happily threw it to the birds until that was all gone too.

We were heading for some thick bushes and trees that grew to the lake edge. The path wandered away from the water and continued round the outside of the thicket, but countless feet over countless years had worn a path through the undergrowth, following the lake edge. Tanya took my hand as Toni skipped ahead, scattering the last few crumbs of bread from the bag.
“Think you may need the towels,” she whispered. “In fact I’m sure you will.” She glanced at Toni. “She’s sweet. I hope she’s going to enjoy this as much as we do.”
“After the second or third ‘Ooooo!’,” I whispered back, “I’m sure she will.”
And Tanya laughed.
“What are you laughing about?” Toni pouted, running up to us. “Secrets?”
“Not at all, little Toni-girl,” Tanya smiled. “We think it’s time we had some fun.”
“Ooooo, yes!” Toni agreed, her eyes shining.
“One,” I said.
“What are we going to do?” She was like an excited little tomboy. “Something naughty? Something sexy? Something we shouldn’t do out here?”
“Yes, yes, and yes,” Tanya laughed.
“Ooooo! Tell me!”
“Two,” I murmured.

“Wait a sec.” Tanya took her hand and led her to a small clearing amongst the trees and bushes. It was shielded on all sides except for the footpath that ran along one edge. And anybody coming would be heard long before they could see the clearing, or us. Tanya and I had been here before.
I fell back slightly. Tanya had taken Toni’s hand and I was quite content about that.
Tanya went to the side of the clearing and crouched down, putting the bag on the ground beside her. She still held hands with Toni, and now she placed the slender fingers between her legs. Toni had to crouch too to do it. Tanya glanced at me and I nodded slightly. There was no sound of anyone else following our path through the thicket, nor indeed, coming the opposite way. There was a slight pause.
And three, I said to myself.

“Nice! Very nice! More!”

And I heard the sound of water running and dripping as Tanya released her golden shower into Toni’s hand.
“Rub me,” whispered Tanya, and Toni began to rub her, massaging Tanya’s cunt lips through the soaking wet pants as my girl poured her golden pee into them.
“I do like that!” whispered Toni. “I love it! More!”
“And I like you rubbing me,” said Tanya, whispering back to her. But her voice was becoming more excited. “Do it faster! Rub my clit! Yes, yes! Harder!”
And I watched them both as Toni continued to rub at my girl’s cunt as fast as she could.
“Wait! Stop!” Tanya suddenly said. She pulled Toni’s hand further round behind her to cup her ass cheeks.
Toni looked at her enquiringly, and then in a flash realisation had dawned.

“Oh, YES!” she breathed in excitement. “YES! You’re going to ----ooooooooo!” and the girls stared at each other face to face and then Toni’s hand moved and I knew she was feeling and massaging and squashing the bulge, the brown, sticky, gooey stuff that Tanya had let go into her pants.
“Yes!.... Yes!..... Lovely!” Toni breathed. “Oh, it’s so nice! It’s so naughty of you to fill your pants out in the open! It’s so sexy. Tanya, do more! More! I love the feel of it in your pants, in my hand!” And she cupped her free hand round Tanya’s neck and they moved together and kissed passionately, Toni still rubbing and feeling with her other hand.

Finally they parted lips and mouths. “Bring your hand forward slowly and wipe it on my cunt,” whispered Tanya, her eyes glowing. “Yes! Like that! Ohhhh!” and her eyes closed in rapture as Toni drew her hand slowly forward, hard against Tanya’s crotch and her finger trailing, pressing into her cunt.
“Ohhhh! That was nice!” Tanya murmured. She looked at Toni. “You enjoyed that, too.”
Toni nodded, her eyes alight with her excitement. “It was sooooo good,” she said. “To feel you filling your pants was so erotic! Now I know how you felt when I did it.” She looked at me. “But you didn’t get any this time, Dave,” she said, a trace of sadness in her voice. “Sorry. I hogged it all.”
I smiled. “Plenty of time,” I said. “Plenty more where that came from. There’s three of us.” And Toni giggled and that made Tanya giggle and she pulled a towel from her bag and handed it to Toni, who cleaned her hand quickly. Tanya stood and a beatific smile came over her. I knew she was using her own buttock muscles to feel and enjoy the softness of the brown stickiness.

“What about you?” she asked Toni. “Are you ready to do some more yet?”
Toni frowned. “Don’t think so,” she replied dubiously. “Soon, perhaps, but not right now.”
“Shame.” Tanya pulled down the tail of the shirt over her bulging pants. “Never mind.”
“Poor Dave,” Toni said. “All he got to do was watch. Didn’t feel you, didn’t feel me, didn’t do anything.”
Tanya used one shoulder to nudge her twice in a time-honoured vaudevillian way, gave her a theatrical wink and said,
“Something you want to do to him, is there?”
And Toni looked at me and smiled. “Yes, I want to suck him off!”
And she came to me and put her hand up the leg of my shorts. “I want that in my mouth,” she said excitedly. “Here, now, in the open! I want to feel your cock in my mouth and feel you get harder and cum!”

Her cool fingers closing round me outside my own pants was enough to wake my cock from its slumbers and Toni dropped to a crouch, unzipped me and pulled out my cock. Slowly she took me into her mouth, holding the base with her hand and sucking and wanking me at the same time. Her eyes closed as she enjoyed the sensations and she continued in this way for several minutes. Then she paused with me outside her mouth, looked up at me and said, “Don’t cum in my mouth. I want you to shoot it all over my face!” and she took me into her again and sucked and stroked me harder and faster. I was thrusting at her mouth even as she sucked me and having had quite a rest by now, I was more than ready to cum wherever she wanted it. I made no attempt to control things. I wanted to shoot my cum as soon as I could and I let things take their natural and fastest course. She felt the tremor in me that preceded my climax and immediately pulled me from her mouth and aimed my cock at her cheeks. My cream exploded onto her cheek and she immediately moved me so that the next lot landed on her closed lips. Then her neck. Then her cheek and nose, and finally she opened her lips and took the tip of my cock between them as the last of my cum shot from my cock.
She stood and her fingers wiped my hot cum over her face and tasted it on her lips.
“Mmmmm!” she murmured.

Tanya had come to us and now she stuck her tongue out and licked at Toni’s face, collecting my cream, tasting it and swallowing it.
“Can’t let you hog all that as well, little Toni-girl,” she grinned. Toni looked at her.
“D’you think Dave might like some?” she asked roguishly.
“I think he might,” Tanya grinned.
“Should we give him some?”
“I don’t know. What do you think. Does he deserve some?”
“Poor little mite. Look at him. Think we ought to give him some.”
“Just a little then.”
“Agreed.” And so saying Toni collected some more on her fingers, wiped it on my face and stepped back to admire her handiwork. And Tanya scooped some cum from Toni’s neck and did the same.
“That’s better.” Toni grinned.
“You missed a bit.” Tanya smeared my face with a soft and gentle finger. “Can’t have him going home looking like an urchin. There. Now he’s covered.”
“Have you quite finished?” I asked peevishly.
And the girls laughed and I grinned. Tanya collected the carrier bag and stuffed the towel inside it which Toni had used.

“There’s no more bread left,” she complained.
“And there’s no more cum left,” Toni complained, still smearing mine over herself and eyeing my shorts where I had put my cock back to bed.
“Yes. Pity.”
“Nothing for it then.”
“We’ll have to go home and have sex.”
And they linked arms and flounced off along the path, Tanya throwing me the carrier bag as she passed.
When we reached the fields Toni looked round. “Do you know what I’d like to do? Right now?”
“Grrrrrrrr!” growled Tanya.
“Oops! Sorry!”
And Toni looked round again. Then she pulled Tanya to her, kissed her hard on the lips and slid her hand under the shirt tail to massage the brown bulge in Tanya’s pants. Tanya pushed back against her hand, enjoying the feelings as much as Toni was enjoying squashing it on to her. After a few minutes they separated. Tanya pulled the bottom of the shirt down again to cover her pants.
“Nice,” she said.
“Nice,” Toni agreed, her eyes shining.

We walked on and came to the street that led to home.
Toni looked round again, carefully. I thought she was going to do the same thing again, but she didn’t. No-one was near, only two men walking away from us a little further up the street. Toni came to me, pulled me close to her and kissed me hard, pulling my hands round behind her, under the shirt tail and onto her pants.
“Rub my ass, Dave!” she implored. “Now! In the street!”
And I was happy to oblige. As we kissed and I rubbed her firm round cheeks and pulled her close to me she made little noises of pleasure. And Tanya came and stood beside me and rubbed my ass with one hand. Finally Toni stepped back, a bit breathless.
“Lovely!” she cooed. “Just lovely!”
She didn’t pull the shirt down, she left it where it was, slightly rucked up against her waist, and turned to continue homewards. Gradually, the shirt fell into place itself.

I looked beyond Toni. The two men had stopped. One of them appeared to be writing something. He picked up something from the ground, put it on the top of a low wall and the two of them carried on. When we reached the wall we realised the man had written on a scrap of paper and used a stone to secure it in place.
I looked at it as we passed, and the girls craned their necks to see too.
On the paper the man had written ‘Lucky Bastard!’

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Once indoors Tanya brought out tea things and the last of the raspberry gateau from the bedroom.
“This either needs eating or squashing inside someone,” she told us. “What’ll it be?”
“Not more food!” exclaimed Toni, but nevertheless she accepted a small slice and ate it with relish.
Tanya and I finished the rest.

“Pity,” Tanya sighed. “I rather fancied some of that in my pussy. Never mind. Now I’ve sat down I’ve got something else in there and that’s just as nice!”
We laughed and I poured the last of the tea into everyone’s cups.
“I’m going to brush my teeth,” I said. I rubbed my chin and face. “And I’ll have a quick shave again, too.”
“Everywhere,” Tanya murmured and winked at Toni.
When I returned Tanya had left her chair and had gone to Toni and was kissing her gently. Now she left her and came to me, kissed me tenderly and said simply, “Love you, lump.”

Toni had glanced at me once or twice but hadn’t spoken much during tea.
Now she looked at Tanya and asked, “Are we going to the bedroom again?”
“We certainly are!” Tanya replied briskly. “You and Davey can go now and I’ll wash up.”

But I objected and so did Toni who said ‘that’s not fair, Dave should help too’, and that made us all laugh again.
“Go, my children,” Tanya said waving a hand at the door. “Go forth and multiply, in the nicest possible way.”
And the girls grinned at each other and at me, and Toni and I left the table and headed for the door and Tanya called Toni back and whispered something to her that I couldn’t hear. Toni turned her head sharply to look at her, her face registering shock.

And Tanya whispered again, quite a long time, and Toni tried to say, ‘but-- but—’ several times but Tanya kept on whispering and glancing at me and her eyes were smiling so I knew it was nothing bad and I thought ‘bloody little minxes are up to something again’.
And eventually Tanya stopped whispering and looked at Toni and Toni looked at her and said,
“Are you sure?” and Tanya nodded, smiling, and pushed Toni gently towards me.
“I suppose there’s no chance of me knowing what that was all about?” I asked resignedly.
“Oh, you’ll find out,” Tanya crowed.
“I’m sure I will,” I said darkly. “Bloody little minxes!”
And they laughed and Toni took my hand and we went to the bedroom.

And when we were in there Toni threw me back onto the bed, grabbed at my shorts, unzipped them and pulled them off. She leapt on top of me, straddling me and sat upright. I could feel her soft cunt pressing down through my pants and onto my cock, which of course woke up and wanted to know what was happening. Toni frantically undid the buttons on the shirt, pulled it off and dropped it on the floor beside my shorts. Then she leaned forward, her head poised over mine and she looked down at me, her eyes sparkling. Her breasts were above me, taut, round, tanned, and with her nipples hardening even as I looked.

“I want you,” she said. “I want you to fuck me. This time. I want you, Davey, to fuck me very, very hard! In my cunt. My pussy. I want your lovely cock right in me as far as you can push it and I want to feel you fucking me HARD!” And she rubbed herself against me and her juices were flowing into her own pants and then she was tearing at the leg of my pants and pulling it aside and lifting herself slightly and pulling her own wet and brown pants aside and then down onto my cock and I’d wanted this ever since she’d set foot in the door and now her wet, bareback cunt was engulfing the tip and this time there was no hesitation and no guilt and no taboo and I loved it and I thrust my hips up and my cock shot like a rocket right inside her delicious, hot, soaking wet cunt which gripped me fiercely and I lifted her almost off the bed and she breathed ‘Yes, Davey, yes!’ and I thought she’s so beautifully young and tight and so wet and that made me harder and each time I thrust upwards she lifted off the bed and cried out ‘Ah! Ah!’ and I fucked her and fucked her as hard as I could and I’d wanted this so much that I knew I couldn’t wait long but that was alright because she was almost there too and again this was almost like rape because I was pounding into her cunt and I felt her juices on me and that made it so easy to pound her again and I did so hard and now so fast and she was loving it and crying ‘Yes! Yes!’ each time and then she threw her head back and went rigid on me and screamed so loudly ‘Oh, Davey you’re fucking me! You’re fucking me NOW!’ as she came and there was a huge gush from her as her cum shot from her over my cock and down its length and that was it and I came too and I shot and I shot and I shot and her cunt filled with my cum and her cum and it was just so electrifying and it was all I’d thought it would be and more much more, it was unbelievable, this girl, this tender, inexperienced, lovely soft creature with her firm breasts and firm ass and all that cum gushing from her and I sank back onto the bed and she flopped onto me and we lay, gasping for breath and holding each other and I felt our mixed cum run over my cock and it twitched one more time and she wriggled and moaned and gasped ‘Davey, Davey, Davey’ and I thought ‘Dear God, if Tanya’s heard her calling me that as she came, and she must have, Dear God there’ll be trouble’.

Toni lay and held me tightly. I tried to move to a more comfortable position but she gripped me and murmured ‘no’ and wouldn’t let me move. I stroked her short dark hair and her back and she wriggled against me and gripped me even harder. I felt her nipples against my chest, still hard but gradually, slowly, softening to their normal state. I felt her thigh on mine, warm, soft, erotic, and I felt her wet cunt against me, still releasing her love juices and our mixed cum and I felt it on my own thigh and I thought, yes, Tanya was right when she said I wanted to feel these things.
And that reminded me.

“Toni,” I whispered.
She snuggled against me and murmured a questioning “Mmmm?”
“Toni,” I said. “You called me Davey.”
“Mmmm,” she agreed.
I was flummoxed. I didn’t want to say the wrong thing because she thought she’d been in trouble before with Tanya and there was no way I wanted her to feel now like she had then. But I wanted to tell her that this was another taboo and she’d broken it. But how the hell to say it without upsetting her I didn’t know.
She raised her head from my chest and traced a finger from my eyes down the side of my nose to my lips. She pulled them open a tiny bit and her eyes regarded me solemnly.
“I know I did,” she murmured. “Davey, Davey, Davey.”
“Ssshhh!” I warned.
“But it’s a nice name!” she said. “It’s cuddly and loving and sexy and strong and it’s your name and I love the sound of it and I love saying it. Davey, Davey, Davey.”
“But you mustn’t!” I told her in a frantic whisper. “You mustn’t!”
And her eyes regarded me for a moment and then she scrambled on top of me like she had just now and looked down at me, bent and kissed me hard all over my face and then looked down at me again.
“I must!” she pouted.
I shook my head in despair.
“Toni,” I implored. “Please don’t. I like to hear you say it too but you know that’s Tanya’s name for me and she’ll go mad if she hears you using it. She must have done already,” I finished morosely, wondering what would happen when I next faced my girl. And what would happen when she next saw Toni.
“If she’s heard it then it doesn’t matter, does it,” Toni pouted again. “Davey, Davey, Davey. Lovely Davey. Beautiful, sexy Davey.”
I gave up. I’d tried.
And Toni’s eyes took on a glint and she smiled down at me and said, “It’s such fun teasing you!”
“It may be fun,”I said, “but, my sweet and lovely Toni-girl, my adorable little elfin, I don’t want to upset Tanya and I don’t want you upset and I really wish you would stop calling me that.”
Her eyes clouded over and she gazed at me.
“You really don’t want me to call you that? Not at all?”
“No,” I told her firmly.
“Oh,” she said wistfully. “That’s sad.”
And my heart went out to her because I really did love this little elfin and I felt sorry but this was something that she just had to understand.
She rolled off me and lay beside me, cuddling me and stroking me. Then she used her finger to do her lip thing on me again, gently pulling at them just enough to open them a fraction and then letting them go.
“What do you think Tanya will do if she heard me,” she asked thoughtfully.
“I don’t know,” I answered her truthfully. “I really don’t know.”
“Will she be cross? Will she throw me out, d’you think?”
Actually I didn’t think she would because of what had happened earlier. I didn’t think Tanya would want to risk upsetting the weekend again, not after it had gone so right after breakfast. But I also knew that no-one, no-one at all was allowed to call me Davey. There was once a friend of mine, who, when he first met Tanya and heard her calling me Davey, had started to use the name too. And I remembered what had happened then.
Tanya had said, “Do you mind not calling him that. It’s my special name for him. He’s Dave to everyone else.”
“Davey’s a good name,” my friend had said. “He looks like a Davey, more than a Dave, in fact.” And he had stared at Tanya belligerently. “And I’ve known him longer that you have,” he pointed out, “so I’ll call him what I like.”
“Please,” Tanya had said, very quietly and very politely, “ I would prefer that you didn’t. I would prefer that you called him any other name you like, but not Davey.”
And my friend had looked at me and said, “What’s with her? Davey!” And he turned back to Tanya and added, “You call him what you want and I’ll call him what I want. And if I want to say Davey, then I will.”