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Fine!” Tanya had compressed her lips and glared at him and then said. “As you wish. But not in my hearing. So if you use that name, my name for him when I’m not there, I won’t know about it. But since you’re so belligerent, --” and she’d started to step forward, glaring all the while at him and forcing him to step back each time, “---so rude, so selfish and so very, very unpleasant, as long as I and Davey are together you will not be invited to my home with Davey and if you call our home on Davey’s phone I shall take great delight in telling you to piss off and slam the phone down on you!”
And she stood back with her arms folded and glared at him until he looked away and muttered something about having to go.
So I knew how strongly Tanya felt about other people calling me Davey. But what I didn’t know was what she would say to Toni. She might just remind her firmly that it was a no-no, but then again she might be annoyed that Toni had broken another promise. I hoped it would be the former.
“I don’t know, little Toni-girl,” I repeated with a worried sigh. “I just don’t know.”
We lay for a while, not speaking. I lay and worried a bit about what might happen, and Toni lay half on my chest and stroked it thoughtfully. Then she turned her head to look at my face and her fingers stroked and caressed my cheek.
“I know what she’ll do,” she said gravely.
“What?” I enquired dubiously.
And Toni rolled over on top of me again and pressed her cunt onto me and wriggled her hips delightedly and a huge grin spread over her face and she cried gaily, “Nothing!”
And she wriggled her hips again and ground her crotch onto my sleeping cock.
“She’ll do nothing!” she repeated and laughed at the expression on my face. Her face sank against mine and she nuzzled my neck and face, nipping gently at me between words.
“Oh, you’re such a lovely, lovely sweet person, Davey,” she said. “I can’t tease you any more. Tanya whispered words to me that I really thought I would never, never hear.” She stopped nuzzling to raise her head and gaze at me. She caressed my cheek again and said softly, “Davey, sweet Davey, Tanya told me I could call you that. Really she did.”
And she gazed at me lovingly and added, “I couldn’t believe it at first. But she meant it. She said that I had her blessing and she knew it meant so much to me and I could call you Davey, just like she does. But she said I had to tease you about it first!”
And she dropped her head and went back to nuzzling and nipping me. “So now,” she whispered between nips, “you’re my Davey as well!”
I stared at the top of her head incredulously. Could this be true? Could she have misheard? No, not with Tanya’s mouth virtually buried in her ear, as it had been. So then, it must be right. I was flabbergasted. I had never, never thought that my Tanya would relent on that rule for anyone, ever.
“But she’s so special,” came a voice, and Tanya was standing beside the bed, watching my face and smiling at us.
And she’d done it again, the bloody little minx, the fabulous, lovable, gorgeous, wonderful, bloody little minx had not only read my thoughts yet again but she’d cooked up a plan with Toni and fooled me again. Bloody adorable little minx! Both of them!
“She’s so special to us both,” Tanya said, “that if there was anyone at all in the world who I didn’t mind calling you Davey, it’s our little Toni-girl.”
I shook my head ruefully. “I would never have believed it,” I said.
“Aren’t you pleased?” she asked softly. “Don’t you like it?”
“Yes. I do,” I answered. “I like hearing it and it’s nice for me if you’re happy about it. And Toni-girl is in seventh heaven. I’m just having trouble taking it in.”
“There won’t be anyone else,” Tanya said and I knew she was speaking to both of us. And Toni rolled over and looked up at Tanya gravely. She held out a hand and Tanya took it.
“Thank you,” Toni said. “It’s - it’s – I’m just honoured,” she finished simply. “I am.”
And Tanya smiled broadly at her and at me and she said, “Good fuck?”
And Toni threw up her arms and cried, “It was a great fuck! It was a fabulous fuck! It was hard and fast and strong and it was a fantastic fuck!”
And Tanya laughed and said, “Yes, he can do that sometimes. And now its my turn.”
I thought she meant she wanted me inside her and I was about to plead for a bit more recuperation time, but Tanya had picked up the strap-on and was fastening it in place.
“Now I want to love you, little Toni-girl.” And she unbuttoned the shirt and dropped it on the floor.

And Toni smiled warmly and Tanya smiled, and they melted together on the bed as they kissed and cuddled each other. I was content to move over and lie there, watching them loving each other. Their lips roved over their faces and necks and ears. Their tongues tasted their breasts and licked at nipples straining with hardness. Their hands caressed and stroked and aroused each other and it was soft and gentle all the time, not hurried and not urgent. And Toni’s fingers caressed Tanya’s cunt through her pants and came away from her with a little of her soft brown stickiness on them and Tanya gently sucked at them and then gave them back to Toni to suck and they smiled at each other and Toni rubbed her again there, hard, and I could see Tanya was very aroused.
Toni whispered, “You’re still very full!” and rubbed her again. “I want to, too.”

And Tanya nodded and gently pulled and manoeuvred Toni until she was crouched on the bed and Tanya put her hand between Toni’s legs and smiled at her again.
Toni paused, and then I could see her pants begin to stretch as her own brown stuff began to fill them. I could see from Toni’s eyes that she was trying to empty every last bit into her pants, and in Tanya’s eyes I saw the pleasure and delight as the warm stickiness fell gently of its own accord into her palm, cupped over Toni’s cunt. There was a huge amount and it made an enormous bulge in Toni’s crotch. Finally she shook her head and whispered, “Can’t any more.”
And Tanya eased her back onto the bed and used her cock to rub Toni’s own cunt, outside her pants and Toni’s eyes closed in bliss as she lay quietly enjoying the feel of that big latex cock rubbing against her pants and squashing her brown stuff into her and then Tanya pulled aside one leg of her pants and slid the cock inside and rubbed her a little more and as she finally entered Toni through the warm bulge of her stickiness our little elfin let out a long gasp and murmured, ‘Yes! That’s nice!’ and Tanya began to move with long, slow strokes as I had done with her, when, aeons ago? and continued that way, her long hair moving softly over Toni’s breasts as she stroked slowly in and out of Toni’s cunt and Toni was building and her breath was coming faster through her open lips and still Tanya continued in that slow, gentle way and now Toni’s hands were pulling at her ass, pulling her inside as far as she could and then caressing Tanya’s back and hips and then pulling at her again and now she was gasping a little with each breath and I knew she was getting close but Tanya kept on loving her in the same way and Toni began to make little ‘Oh! Oh! Oh!’ noises and then her hips were thrusting up at Tanya to meet her, once, twice, three times and she stayed rigid and her eyes were closed and there was a long ‘Ooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrr!’ in her throat as she climaxed.

As Toni finally let her body relax back onto the bed Tanya smiled down tenderly at her and allowed the cock to leave her. She waited, kneeling over Toni until she finally opened her eyes again. She smiled, a warm, loving, tender smile at Tanya, and Tanya returned the same smile and whispered gently, “Love you, little Toni-girl!”
And Toni’s arms went round Tanya’s neck as she pulled her down to kiss her on the lips and she whispered, “And I love you, sweet Tanya.” They gazed into each others eyes for some time, not needing to speak.
I gave a little theatrical sniff as I looked at them. “And who loves me?” I enquired plaintively.
They looked at me and Tanya looked back at Toni and gave a twitch of her head in my direction to say ‘Hark at him!’ and they both looked at me again and said, “We do!”
And Tanya rolled over to give me a hard, long kiss on the mouth and Toni’s hand went to my cock and caressed it.
Tanya smiled at me and said, “I love you, lump!”
And Toni bent to suck my cock for a moment and murmured, “And I love you too, Davey.”
“And I think it’s about time we showed him,” Tanya said. She regarded me for a moment, her eyes running the length of my body and pausing at my cock.
“Hmmm!” she commented. “Going to be busy soon, but first…….”
And she started to roll me over onto my stomach. Toni helped and I certainly didn’t prevent them. When they had me in the position Tanya wanted, on my knees with my ass presented to them in the air, she ran her hands down my back and sides.
“Now, little Toni-girl,” she asked, “Which do you prefer to do, suck him or fuck him?”
Toni giggled. “Well, as I recall, I sucked him last time while you fucked him, so maybe we can change this time?”
“Absolutely,” Tanya agreed. “Haven’t tasted my lovely Davey for a while.” And without more ado she removed the strap-on and handed it to Toni who fastened it on.

Tanya slid under me on her back and smiled her special smile at me.
“Want to suck you,” she whispered. “Want to suck you till you fill my mouth with your cum!” And so saying she gently took my cock from inside my pants and closed her lips over it. Toni was already kneeling behind me and pulling aside my pants to explore with her cock.
“He’s very empty,” she said with a pout. “We’re both full and he’s empty.”
“When you’ve finished with your cock inside me,” I said, “that may very well change!”
“Oooo, goodie!” giggled Toni, and began to push her hips forward. And so she began to fuck me, quite hard, while Tanya sucked and licked my cock, pausing occasionally to run her tongue along the back of it, round the base, the tip, and round my balls, using every way she knew to give me the utmost pleasure from her mouth.
“Ooo, my cock is in you,” Toni breathed, moving faster as she pumped at me. “It’s coming out with brown on it and it’s lovely! It’s sliding in you so nicely!” And she continued to fuck me to her heart’s content. I felt the girth of the cock in me as Toni thrust it in and out. And I was glad that she was gaining pleasure herself from it.
Tanya had made me swell to bursting point and I began to push down towards her, wanting to be deep in her mouth at that special moment. She gripped the base of my cock with her fingers when she could and used them to pull me into her mouth as I pushed myself into her. I could hear Toni’s voice behind me murmuring ‘Oh, I love fucking you Davey!’ but I knew the time was near and I glanced down at Tanya’s face below me and whispered, “Love you very much, my angel!” and as I felt my cream start its upward journey from my balls which Tanya was fondling with her other hand, I added, “I’m going to fill your mouth with my love now!”
And there it was and I spurted my cum into her mouth, and again, and again until I was spent and Tanya released me and slid upwards to me so that she could kiss me and give me some back. And I felt Toni pull back for one final time and my rosebud felt empty, but I knew that Toni’s cock in me had moved things and soon I was going to empty myself.

My eyes must have told Tanya, because she put her hands round me and stroked my back before resting them on my ass.
“Toni,” she said, and Toni, who was removing the strap-on, looked at her and smiled and dropped it on the floor beside the bed and leant forward to place her hands on my ass too. There was only a brief pause and I felt myself beginning to empty, the soft brownness quickly filling the back of my pants as the girls oohed and aahed and massaged me and squashed the material, covering my balls and the base of my cock with my own brown stickiness.
Finally I said, “That’s it, my sweet little minxes. I haven’t any more.”
And the girls rolled me onto my back and looked at me, and at each other, and Tanya said,
“Hmmm!” again. “Not an awful lot, is it?”
Toni shook her head. “Do you think we should ----”
“Yes, I definitely think we should,” Tanya interrupted her and I marvelled yet again and thought, now she’s doing it to Toni as well.
Before I could move or utter a word, Tanya had pulled the front of my pants down as far as she could and held them there. “Be my guest,” she said to Toni.
And Toni giggled and replied, “I am your guest!” and she straddled me on her knees and pulled her own pants away from her body and allowed her own rich brown softness to fall from them onto me. When she was sure she couldn’t get any more from within her or within her pants she resumed her previous place and held my pants open for Tanya.

“Still not enough,” she commented, and proceeded to do as Toni had done. There was now an enormous mound of brown stickiness on me, covering my cock and lower stomach and overflowing into my pants to cover my balls as well. The girls carefully pulled my pants up again and then first Tanya and then Toni sat on me to ensure it was squashed hard against me and down into my crotch to nestle between my balls and my ass.
It was a heavenly feeling, one that I had come to enjoy immensely since Tanya and I had first discovered this pleasure, quite by accident. Tanya did a small pee on me too, and that made everything even softer and warmer and even more enjoyable.
We lay beside each other for a short while, the girls stroking me, massaging me again and murmuring words of excitement, tenderness and love, to each
other and to me.

“Toni-girl,” I began after enjoying their ministrations for several minutes, “you have such a delightful, soft, young body that is firm in all the right places, round in all the right places, and wet in all the right places. It’s also completely tanned and you have no white marks around your delicious breasts or your beautiful, smooth soft cunt. How do you mange to do that?”
Toni wiped her palms and fingers on my thigh, leaving small brown marks.
“I have a flat,” she said. “A very small flat. Actually it’s more like a large bedsit. But it happens to be on the top floor and we have a flat roof. I have the key to the door onto it. No-one can overlook it so I go up there to sunbathe and lock the door behind me.”
“Nice,” I commented. “And a good place to have sex.”
“Only ever once,” Toni recalled. “My ex wasn’t that keen anyway, and when we got up there and undressed he kept looking at the door and saying ‘suppose somebody comes?’ even though I’d locked the door. It wasn’t successful. Didn’t enjoy it like I wanted to.”
“Like you should have done,” Tanya corrected. “You deserve better than that. Better than him by all accounts.”
“And now I have better than him, “ Toni told her, softly stroking Tanya’s cheek. “I have you, and I have Davey, and either one of you alone is worth a hundred of him.”

And Tanya kissed her and I rolled over to kiss her too and I felt the warm brownness in my pants move and squash delectably as I did.

And the hours passed by. Saturday evening became Saturday night, then became the small hours of Sunday morning. And we continued to enjoy our pleasures as we had done since Toni had arrived. We kissed, we cuddled, we stroked and caressed. We nibbled and tickled. We rubbed and wanked. We wet each other again. We sucked and licked and slurped, we fucked and we loved. We rested, and I made love to Toni. She built extremely slowly, as I intended, her body trembling as her feelings swelled inside her and when she finally came she screamed out loud in sheer rapture, her body jerking and quivering beneath mine. I’d promised her that we would make love, as opposed to fucking, which we’d done so many times already. After she climaxed and soaked me with her cum, which was sheer bliss, she held onto me and wouldn’t let me go for some time. Eventually, she dozed a little, and Tanya and I did too.
Later we ate a little, and drank some more, and then we kissed and fucked and loved some more. We took it in turns to give each other the ultimate pleasures, the deepest love, the most electrifying fucks. Our bodies were wet, sweaty, and dirty. And we each of us loved every single minute of it all.
Finally, resting, the three of us cuddled together and just gently caressing each other, our wet bodies pressed tight to each other, Tanya said,
“This time has been the most fantastic I could have imagined. It’s way, way better than I had ever hoped for. And it’s all down to you, little Toni-girl.”
“No,” Toni firmly. “It isn’t. I’ve done nothing except what you’ve shown me, taught me. It’s been heavenly, but I haven’t made the weekend what it’s been. You and Davey have done that.”

“We haven’t taught you love,” Tanya said quietly. “The love you’ve shown us is your own. Natural. Spontaneous. From your heart.”
And Toni went a bit quiet and thoughtful and didn’t say anything for quite a while.
Tanya and I spent time gently loving each other with our lips and tongues. She stroked my forehead and gazed at me and said,
“Love you, so very, very much, lump.”
And I smiled, a smile full of warmth and tenderness and love, a smile that said, ‘I don’t have to tell you. You know I love you just as much.’
“Do you know there’s one thing we haven’t done,” Tanya mused thoughtfully. “The three of us. We’ve done everything you can think of, everything, pretty well, that the human body is capable of for showing love and giving pleasure. But there is one thing we haven’t done.”
I thought about it, running my mind back over the hours, the days, of what we’d done together in this room, this hedonistic room, this den of iniquity, this heaven. And I knew.

I nodded. “If you want.”
Tanya grinned. “I want.” She looked across at Toni.
“Toni-girl, there’s something we haven’t done that we’d like to do.”
“What? Sorry, miles away,” Toni said, flustered, and turned to us and smiled. “Sorry, missed that. What did you say?”

“There’s something we’d like to do, all together, that we haven’t yet done. If you’re up for it?”
“Tanya!” Toni’s eyes were reproachful. “I’m up for anything, you know that.”
My girl smiled. “Sorry. Thought you would be but just checking.”
“Is Davey up for it?” Toni enquired.
“Game for anything,” I asserted.
“The question is,” Tanya said devilishly, “Is he up to it?”
And they chuckled and I said ‘Ha, ha, ha’, and I grinned at them both and invited, ‘Try me!’
Toni said, “Glad we’ve got that sorted. What are we going to do?”
“A triple fuck,” Tanya said.
Toni looked puzzled. “You mean, we’re all going to fuck each other at the same time? How can we do that?”
And Tanya said, “Well, actually Davey, my sweet and lovely Davey, isn’t going to get fucked this time. But we are. At the same time. Suppose it’s really a double fuck, but triple sounds better.”

Toni peered at my cock, hidden in my pants and covered as it was with our combined brown stickiness.
“Hasn’t sprouted another one by any chance, has he?”
But she knew what we meant and reached for the strap-on.
I lay back on the bed. Tanya fastened the strap-on to herself once more.
I made myself as comfortable as I possibly could on the bed. I was going to have some weight on me, I knew that. Not too much, but I’d know it was there.
Tanya knelt astride me, but facing the foot of the bed. She played with my cock, stroked it and caressed it just enough to make me hard, then lowered herself on to me. She beckoned to Toni, and our little elfin sat, facing Tanya, her legs open wide and alongside our bodies. She slid forward until Tanya’s cock could slide into her. She wriggled and adjusted herself until she was just right, then lifted herself with Tanya’s help so that she was sitting, lotus position, on Tanya. Her legs wrapped around Tanya’s back and rested on me.
“That’s nice!” she cooed. “Never tried it in this position before.”
“Neither have we,” Tanya chuckled.

And she began to move her hips backwards and forwards, sliding and rubbing herself on my cock, buried deep inside her cunt from behind. And as she moved forward, so her own cock slid into Toni’s wet and smooth cunt. And Toni responded by thrusting her own hips forward, meeting Tanya with every stroke. It took only a few moments for us to achieve a regular movement between ourselves so that each of us felt the maximum pleasure.

Toni’s arms circled Tanya and she caressed her back, neck and hips as our slow, even movements infused our bodies with delight. And Tanya reciprocated, stroking and caressing Toni, sometimes on her back, sometimes cupping her face or stroking her cheeks.
And this went on for a long, long while. The weight of the two girls on me restricted my own movements slightly, but it was pleasurable for me, (there is never a time when I am inside my beloved Tanya that is not pleasurable), and Tanya could feel me as well as if we were fucking in the normal doggy style. And Toni, our little Toni-girl, must have been feeling Tanya inside her to the hilt. On those occasions when I could see her face beyond Tanya’s back, it was in a transport of delight, her eyes closed and her tilted slightly back as she caressed my girl and felt her deep within her.

Tanya and I have long since learnt to control our pleasure so that our climaxes build slowly, so that we can enjoy and savour every moment of the pleasure growing inside our bodies. We don’t always cum together, but that doesn’t matter, because we treasure the feelings inside us as our orgasms start, build and suffuse our bodies, culminating in that explosion that is the ultimate pleasure, the ecstasy that shows our love for each other.
So Toni began to build first as we rocked and stroked and fucked, evenly and slowly. Once again she started to breathe rapidly, little gasps of pure pleasure each time Tanya’s cock slid deep into her. As her pleasure grew she became more frenetic in her treatment of my girl, throwing her head forward, nibbling Tanya’s neck and ears, kissing her with abandon and then throwing her head back again as a particularly ecstatic stroke filled her cunt. I could hear the wet noises her pussy made as Tanya’s cock slid in and out, building her orgasm slowly, deep within her.
And Tanya too was wet, as she always is. Her love juices flowed down my cock as I thrust into her as hard as I could, given the weight on me and my restricted movements.

She pressed down on me, hard onto the remains of the soft brown stuff that still enveloped my cock. Toni’s cunt was also getting its fair share of brown stickiness from what was in her own pants. Tanya’s juice flowed from the base of my cock down over my balls and on towards my rosebud. The feeling of her warm juice on me was a pure delight.
And now Tanya’s own breath was becoming faster and more excited. Her hips ground back and forth on me with more intensity. And then Toni orgasmed, gasping out words as her feelings passed the point of no return and she knew she was going to cum.
“Yes! Yes, my sweet Tanya! Fuck me! Fuck me! Yes, yes, yes, rrrrrooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrr!”

And within a few seconds, I felt a gush of warm fluid on me. Whether it was Toni’s cum, running down Tanya’s cock and then down past her cunt to end up on me, or whether it was a surge of lovejuice from Tanya herself in a sort of sympathetic climax, I didn’t know. But it was heavenly.
Toni held onto Tanya’s shoulders as Tanya now gave herself over completely to her own pleasure. Toni’s eyes, when I could see them, were shining as she looked straight into Tanya’s. I could feel my own stirrings too, and I thought Tanya and I might cum together, but she beat me to it, (we both prefer it that way if we’re not together) and suddenly arched her back and pressed down onto my cock so hard I thought she would bruise me.
“Davey, Davey! Sweet love! Yes! Deep! Deep! Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh!”

And I let my control go and came myself, my hot creamy cum gushing forth deep into Tanya’s cunt as I orgasmed.
Toni’s eyes were still shining as she slid her fingers between Tanya’s legs and collected some of my cum and Tanya’s, then sucked her fingers with great relish.
“Gorgeous!” she confirmed. “Who’d have guessed that Davey’s cum, your cum, your love juices, wet pants and dirty ones could taste so nice!”
Tanya grinned and kissed her. “Getting a taste for gourmet delights, are you?”
“Oooo, yes! I’ll say!” Toni gently slid herself backward, releasing Tanya’s cock from within her.
“Shame!” she said. “It’s so nice when your cunt is full to the brim with cock!”

“Couldn’t agree more,” Tanya said, also lifting herself free of my own cock, “except perhaps when Davey was in my cunt once and I had this one, --“ gesturing to the strap-on, “—in my ass hole. Now that was filling!” She yawned. “ I must confess I wouldn’t mind a snooze, and afterwards I’ll rustle up some ---” she glanced at the clock, “---brunch.”
“Brunch is a meal that is too late for breakfast and too early for lunch,” I explained patiently. “A meal that is too late for lunch and too early for dinner is high tea.”
“Then high tea it will be,” agreed Tanya, “but we’re fresh out of scones and cream. So it may have to be steak and mushrooms and eggs and whatever else I can find.”

“Well, if it has to be, I suppose I can put up with it,” I grumbled. “Toni? A little rest and then eats?”
“If you’re going to twist my arm,” Toni agreed.
“Then I suggest we snuggle together and have forty winks first,” Tanya said, suiting the action to the words and adopting her favourite position for sleeping. And Toni snuggled me the other side, one arm draped across me to reach Tanya so she could caress her, and the other hand under my cheek, the back resting on the pillow.
“Love you, Tanya,” she murmured. She kissed me on the lips and murmured even more sleepily, “Love you too, sweet Davey.”
“Sleep well, little Toni-girl, “ I replied. “Have a nice snooze.”
And we went quiet, and the room went quiet except for the sound of gentle breathing, and I closed my eyes, and we slept.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

I woke and opened my eyes sleepily. Everything was quiet. I looked at the clock. I hadn’t been asleep long; about three hours. It was five in the afternoon. I looked at the window. Dull, grey light filtered through it and I thought I could hear the sound of water dripping somewhere. It’s raining, I thought, or at least drizzling. Pity. I wondered what had woken me. I glanced at Tanya, still asleep in her favourite position on me. Her breathing was regular and even and her breasts rose and fell slightly against my chest as she slept peacefully. And I realised that hers was the only breathing I could hear. I turned my head to look at Toni and even as I did I felt the coldness on my left side. Her side of the bed was empty.

Gone to the bathroom, I thought. I closed my eyes, ready to sleep some more. No, she wouldn’t do that. If she needed to go there she would have woken us and it would have been a time for us to continue our exertions. Gone for a drink, then. I listened but I couldn’t hear the clink of a glass or the running of a tap. I listened hard, tuning out the dripping rain and heard….nothing. Not the tiniest sound of movement anywhere. Had Toni gone to sleep in the spare room for some reason? Still no sound, except that vaguely I heard the sound of a car outside and dismissed it, still listening for any sound that might have been Toni. It was quiet.

And suddenly my eyes were wide open and I was shaking Tanya and saying ‘let me up!’ and she was still asleep and I rested her head on the bed as I swung my legs to the floor and rushed to the bedroom door and out. I ran to the lounge. Empty. I looked into the kitchen as I raced to the bathroom. She wasn’t in either room. That left only the spare room and I turned towards it and time dropped into slow-motion and my arm and hand stretched out as I headed for the door and it was coming nearer so slowly and my fingers were ready to turn the handle but it was so far away and there was a tightening in my heart and my legs were so slow when I was in a rush and would I never get to the sodding door and with a sickening feeling I knew what I would see when I got there and now my fingers were grasping the handle and it was turning and I threw the door open with a crash.
The room was empty.
Too empty.

Toni’s few small bottles and possessions that had been on the dressing table were gone. Her little bag that had lain on the bed all weekend had gone. I heard a door slam and rushed to the window. A taxi was just pulling away from the house, its lights and blinking indicator reflecting on the dark, glistening wet tarmac of the street and I knew with absolute certainty that Toni was in it and I watched it accelerate away and disappear.
There was a pain in my heart. An ache, an emptiness which felt as if my heart was going to implode. I heard a sharp intake of breath and turned. Tanya was standing in the doorway, her hand clutched to her throat, staring with wide eyes at the bed.

“Oh, no!” she whispered. “NO!” Her eyes lifted to meet mine and I saw mirrored in them the same pain, the same ache, shock and emptiness that I felt in my own heart. “NO!” she whispered again. We looked at each other across the room, not moving. Tanya’s gaze drifted round the room as if she was desperately searching for some sign that Toni was still in the house.

“How did you know?” she whispered, her eyes clouded with pain.
“I woke up. It must have been Toni closing our front door as she left. I couldn’t hear anything. Nothing at all. Except the car. The taxi.” I gestured to the window.
Tanya sank onto the bed. “Why?” Her hands rose and fell as she strove to understand. “I thought she was happy. “Why did she go?”
And to this I had no answer. For her, or for myself.
“Call her!” I said urgently. “Quick, where are the mobile phones?”
“In my bag.” Tanya ran into the kitchen where her handbag lay on the counter. She grabbed it and opened it feverishly. Her hand went inside for her phone, and reappeared clutching sheets of paper that had been pushed just inside it. She looked at me, then unfolded them, glanced briefly at them and thrust them towards me.
I shook my head. “No,” I said softly. “You first.”

Numbly Tanya straightened the papers and started to read. It took her a few minutes and I stood very still and watched her. Tears sprang to her eyes as she continued and she used a hand to wipe them away so she could read clearly.
And finally she read the last one and the tears rolled down her cheeks and she thrust them at me again and sank into a chair with her elbows on the table and her head buried in her hands, crying her eyes out.
I went to her and put one arm round her shoulder squeezing it gently but she didn’t respond, just cried and cried into her hands, cupped over her face. I looked at the papers I was holding. Toni had folded them in half and on the outside of the top sheet was written, in small, neat handwriting:- Tanya and Davey. I unfolded them. The neat writing continued on each page and I started to read.

My dearest Tanya, my dearest Davey. Please forgive me for this. I know that you will be shocked to find me gone. I hope you will not feel too hurt because there is a reason. It is a selfish one, but for me, it is important.

You have given me something this weekend that no-one will ever be able to give me again. You have both shown me things, taught me things that till now I have only imagined. Dreamed of. But with you they became real. They were my life for these few hours. But more than this, you have embraced me into your lives, you have welcomed me, excited me, made me laugh, made me forget the bad things in this world, the worries and cares that suffocate us in our everyday lives. I have never met anyone like you both. I have never met such giving people. Because most of all, you have given me love. Real, whole, unrestricted love. Your love. And this I will treasure for the rest of my life.

I love you both so very much I can’t explain it in words. It is like something has lodged in my heart, something wonderful and beautiful and I know it will be there always. And as Sunday grew nearer and nearer, I knew I was too weak to stay until the end. I am so sorry. I wanted to be here with you both but I dreaded the moment when it would end. I dreaded it with all my heart and it hurt me so much to think of it, I decided to do this.
As I left you in bed you were curled together, sleeping peacefully, clasped in each others arms like the lovers you truly, truly are. Did you feel my kisses as I blew them to you? I hope you did.

My sweet Tanya, my lovely new friend, my confidante, my mentor, my lover. How I have adored my time with you, sharing the pleasures and experiences we have enjoyed together. I wanted them to never end. But in my heart I knew they must. And I was afraid. Your caring, your loving, your understanding, your incredible sacrifice for me by letting me use your special, loving name for Davey was a precious gift that I could never, never hope to repay. I love you my Tanya, I love you so much.

My wonderful, sexy, adorable Davey. How you have shown me pleasures and excitements and heights of ecstasy that I have never known before. And how you have loved me with your body, and your heart, filling my soul and my own heart with a contentment and a richness that will warm me and nurture me always. And yet, even as we loved together, your whole being was devoted to your Tanya, as she is devoted to you. And this was a wonderful thing for me to see, to experience, to share. To receive your love, your thoughtfulness, your care in the hours I have been with you has been the most exhilarating experience I could know. I love you, Davey, I love you so much.

And because I love you both so very, very much, and because I wanted these hours, these days, these pleasures, these warming, loving times to go on and on for ever, I knew that I could not, I could not, bear to say goodbye. I do not want to hurt you, never, never, never, but the thought of standing at your door, seeing your faces for the last time and leaving this home full of warmth and love and friendship and care, and also fun and laughter, is too much. I am weak, and I am selfish. I could not bear to leave you both that way. I am so glad, so happy, so overjoyed that I have had this time with you both. I feel so privileged that Tanya chose me for this weekend, to share these pleasures, these ecstasies, these experiences that others cannot and will not ever know. And because she chose me I have felt your love and warmth and it has grown and grown in my heart and my heart has filled with my love for you. And it is only because of you, my loving Tanya, and you, my loving Davey that these hours have been the wonderful times that they were.
And so, I cannot, cannot, cannot, bear to say goodbye to you. There is already an emptiness in my heart because I will no longer be with you both. I am writing this as I wait for the taxi. It will be here soon and our time together will have ended. I cannot tell you how sad this makes me. I will miss you both, more than I can possibly, ever say.
Thank you for your love, sweet Tanya. Thank you for your love, sweet Davey. I will treasure it always. Take care of yourselves, always. I know you will take care of each other. I love you, both of you, and I always will, from the very, very bottom of my heart.
My loving kisses for you both.
Your little Toni-girl.

I folded the letter and placed it gently on the table.

“Call her,” I said. I handed her the mobile and she dialled mechanically.
“Straight to mailbox,” she said tonelessly. “She switched it off.” She looked at me with her tear-stained face and I gently lifted her from the chair and held her close, saying nothing, just caressing her and holding her and being with her.
We stood there, two people in the middle of the room, two people loving each other with all their hearts, but feeling sad and drained and yes, suddenly lonely.
And the house, silent all around us, seemed terribly, terribly empty.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Tanya and I were taking one of our frequent evening strolls. We had just spent the afternoon in bed so we weren’t out looking for somewhere to have more sex, we were just enjoying a pleasant Autumn early evening.
Six weeks had passed since that weekend. Nothing had happened then to affect the relationship and feelings between Tanya and me. If anything it had strengthened them. We still enjoyed all the things together we had before, our company, our bodies, our foreplay and our sexual adventures together. Our orgasms were still as good, strong and exhausting as they had been. That weekend had been nice, but it had just been a delicious, short sexual adventure in our lives and we were both happy to have had it, but neither of us felt anything was lost from our own love for the lack of it. We were content together, as we had been from day one. And my beloved girl still always seemed to know what I was thinking before I said it.
Tanya had tried to call Toni day after day, into the evenings, three, four times a day but without success. She used my phone too, and tried using withheld numbers, but nothing worked. We eventually decided that Toni had got herself another phone or number, and no longer used this one. We’d left messages; they were not returned. And after a while, we stopped.

Apart from an odd comment by one of us in the days immediately after that, neither of us had spoken much about the weekend, or Toni, since then. Not because it was embarrassing, or taboo. We didn’t need to speak about it. It was nice, it was short, it had ended sadly and we wished it hadn’t, but it was over, and we had each other to ourselves again with nothing lost from our love.

I didn’t know if Tanya ever thought about Toni. She probably did. I did from time to time, a sad nostalgia in my heart as I remembered her, and my thoughts idly drifted to her now, recalling her figure and body, her sweet taste and the light in her eyes when she was especially excited or happy, our time together and how she had made us laugh, and I recalled her orgasms and how she had enjoyed herself with us. My thoughts idled away, not with regret, but with a pleasant feeling that she had brought extra pleasure to Tanya and I, and we in turn had given her pleasure she had either missed for so long or not known before. But I remembered it all with a certain sadness, too.

So it shouldn’t have been a shock, but it was, when Tanya suddenly said, “You came to love her a lot, didn’t you?”
(How does she do that?)
“Yes,” I agreed thoughtfully. “I did love her a lot.”
“I loved her too,” Tanya said. “I loved her in my way, and you did too.” She was silent for a while as we strolled along. Then she asked,
“Do you still miss her?”
“No,” I said promptly. “The memories, yes. Her no, because I have you. Even Toni could not replace you, or the way I feel about you, or what we have together. You know it and I know it. Yes, of course I remember what she did to me, and to you, and what we all shared. I remember it with great pleasure, but miss her? No, I don’t miss her.”
I wondered what all this was leading up to. Surely Tanya had no doubts about us? Did she perhaps think that I missed Toni so much that I wanted to be with her instead of my Tanya after all?
“Sweetheart, surely you can’t think that---“
“Would you like her to come again?”
“I would love her to cum again,” I assured her.
She hit me on the back. Gently.
“Lump! You know what I mean!”
I took her shoulders and turned her to face me. I regarded her seriously for a moment or two.

“How can that be?” I told her softly and gently, brushing her lovely flowing hair from her face. “Listen, you know very well that I will do anything you like to give you pleasure, both in bed and out of it. My life revolves around making you happy. I love giving your body pleasure. Of course I loved what Toni did to me and to you too. I loved our weekend together. To love you, and her, and to know her love in return was…….” I fell silent, hunting for the words, but Tanya was nodding a little and she knew. “But she is gone. So I don’t miss it and I don’t need it when I have you. Do you understand, woman?” I finished, jokingly severe.
“Yes, sir. I understand master,” she replied submissively. And then she added softly, “I thought you would feel that way. I hoped you would feel that way. But I wanted to hear it from you.”
“You had doubts!” I said in alarm.
“No, no, no, I didn’t,” she answered earnestly. “None whatsoever Davey baby. I thought I had judged right, but I wanted to hear it.”
“You always judge me right,” I sighed. “You’re very good at it.”
Tanya nodded. “Lump. You’re a book.”
“Hmmph! Don’t know if I like that.”
“A sex book. A fantastically exciting and erotic one. Positively debauched.”
“That’s alright then.”
We strolled on.
“Do you miss her?” I asked.
Tanya said slowly, “No, sweet Davey. I don’t miss her. But I remember how it was, and I remember my feelings towards her while she was with us. Nice, warm, loving feelings. I still have those feelings in my heart towards her. And so do you, lump, and I know it!” She paused and considered. “So I suppose, if I miss anything at all, it’s being able to give those feelings to her. To show her how I feel.” She paused again then looked at me earnestly. “Do you understand me, Davey baby?”

Since Tanya’s whole being is always focussed on giving to me and loving me, I understood perfectly.
“Yes,” I answered. “I do. Because that’s how I feel if for some reason I can’t show you how I feel. And I had a lot of pleasure when I saw in her eyes that she appreciated our giving, she loved us for it.”
“That’s not the only pleasure you had from her,” Tanya said darkly, nudging me in the ribs.
“Nor you!” I returned with a grin. “But I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about pleasure inside, in the soul, in the heart. I’m talking about missing loving her and showing it, giving it. And so are you,” I added, “and I know that.”
Tanya nodded. We strolled on a little more, enjoying the evening air, the sounds around us and the fragrance of early Autumn as golden leaves scrunched underfoot, and we enjoyed the simple pleasure of just being together. She squeezed my hand.
“So it doesn’t matter to you if she was to visit us again, or not?”

Again I wondered where this was going. I know my Tanya and I felt instinctively that there was a real purpose behind all this but I couldn’t for the life of me work out what it was. We had not heard from Toni or seen her since the day she left our home but Tanya’s words still seemed to hint to me that she harboured doubts in some way. I grabbed her shoulders again and faced her, looking at her lovely eyes and mouth which I just had to kiss, very gently and tenderly.

“Now listen to me,” I began. “You are the most important thing in the world to me. Yes, I know that sounds trite or corny but that doesn’t make it any less true. You and I have something that is so special, so rare, so completely whole, that I doubt if another man or woman in ten million could say the same. Have we ever argued? Have we fought? Has there even been so much as a cross word between us? No. We understand and know each other as well as we know ourselves. The way we are together, our shared thoughts, the way we complement each other’s lives and fulfil them, is something that most people will never know, and die without ever having sampled such togetherness for a minute, never mind living daily. You have my heart, absolutely, completely, fully, without any restrictions, doubts or hesitation. We are like sun and rain, you and I. Our two lives are one, and all sun is no good without rain and all rain is useless without sun, and that is what makes our two lives one whole one, and it blooms and flowers and grows and is spectacular because of that.”
Tanya had taken a step back from me so that my arms were at full length to hold her shoulders. She stared at me.

“And as long,” I went on, “as there is rain to complement the sun, and sun to complement the rain, then life will continue to thrive and grow. It doesn’t need more than that. So whether or not you add something else to it temporarily doesn’t matter. It won’t affect the long-term result. That whole life will thrive and grow. So it doesn’t matter whether Toni or any other girl is a fleeting part of our whole life. It is there anyway, thriving, growing, blossoming and giving each of us separately astounding pleasure, contentment, and happiness. And because we are human beings, love is added to that sun and that rain. It is the earth that the sun warms and the rain refreshes and all together it makes a wonderful, natural, incredibly special thing that you and I are blessed with. I have you. You have me, and together we are whole and we are more than the sum of our parts. I know this. I have understood this since I first met you, and that is why my love for you is so strong, so all-encompassing, so indestructible. If I am the rain, you are my sun. I need you to make my life whole, and you do. I do not need anything else to make it whole. Anything else added to it is a bonus, but not necessary. I love you with all my heart and nothing and no-one could ever affect that, or take it away. So the answer to your question is, it doesn’t matter to me if Toni comes to us again or not. Or anyone else, for that matter. It’s nice, it’s as if there was an extra long, bright sunny day to my rain, but I don’t need it because I have my sun in my life already, every single day and every single night, and it’s you.”
I looked at Tanya. Her chest was heaving, her shoulders rose and fell. She stared at me and made a noise.

“Uh –uh—uh,” and then she was flying at me, her hands curled into fists and she was pounding them at my chest so hard I had to take a step back. I thought for a moment that she was furiously angry and then I realised she was sobbing her heart out.
“What is it?” I asked, dumbfounded. “What did I do? What did I say?”
She sobbed and sobbed and now she was resting her fists against my chest, her head lowered and her shoulders shook and heaved. She tried to speak but struggled for breath between the sobs.
“Y-y–y you said, - you bastard!”
(I’m sure I didn’t say that?)
“Y-y you said the n- n- nicest words –uh – I h- h- have ever heard in my h- h- h- whole life, from any w- w- one ever!”
My arms went round her and I cuddled and hugged her.
“Sshh! Sshh! Don’t cry,” I murmured into her hair. “Sshh. If they were nice words, why are you crying?”
And then the words came tumbling out, punctuated by her sobs.

“Y- y- you bastard. I c- c- couldn’t believe w- w- what I was hearing and it made me so h- h- happy to hear them and I w-w- wanted to laugh and jump and t- t- t- tell you and it m- m- made me want to love you even m-m-more than I do and---“ she began to slap me across my shoulderblades every few words, “it gave me a pain in my heart because I c- c- can’t love you any more than I do and that made me s- s- sad and if ever there was any w- w- one that I wanted to hear words like that from it’s you and you said them and I was sad because I can’t love you more than I do and I want to and I wanted to tell you and my heart felt as if it was going to burst because I love you so much I was angry because I can’t love you more and because I was sad and I should’ve been happy and that made me more angry and that made me sad that I was angry and I’m crying and I love you so much you lump and you’re a bastard!”
“Yeeesss. Well, that’s all perfectly clear now,” I sighed. Her fists were again resting against my chest and I hugged her tightly, partly out of sheer love and partly to stop her slaps which were actually beginning to hurt.
She continued to sob as I stroked her hair and her cheek.
“I love you, Davey,” she whispered after a while. “I do love you so very, very much it makes my heart ache.”
I really didn’t know how to respond to this. Was this a good thing or a bad thing? I made do with cupping her small face in my hands, gazing into her eyes and murmuring,
“My heart is also full of love Tanya. For you. My special, special girl. It will always be full of love for you, no matter what.”
And then I just held her, waiting until the sobs had passed and she was quiet. I pulled my hanky from my pocket and gently wiped away the tears and the streaks on her face.
“Shall we go home?

She nodded, sniffed and took my hanky to dry her face again and blow her nose. We turned and started to retrace our steps homewards.
“And after all that,” she said, the last few, dry, sobs escaping her, “I didn’t even a –a - ask you the thing that was most im – p -- portant.”
My arm was round her shoulder and I squeezed it gently.
“What did you want to ask me, my sweet little Tanya?”
She sniffed a couple of times and used the hanky again.
“I’ve found her. I spoke to her. I w-w-wanted to ask you if you would like it if T-T-Toni came to live with us.”

* * * * * * * * * * * *
This is not a work of fiction.
It is a true story.

Only the names of the characters and the author
have been changed to protect their identities.

To those cynics and scoffers who have read this story who do not believe that the
characters could be real, who do not believe that a love such as described here can
exist, to those who do not believe that there are people in the world for whom the
driving force, their ‘raison d’etre’, is to ensure the pleasure and happiness of
their lover, or who have never experienced the feelings of a reciprocal love
so overwhelming, so complete, so ecstatic, so absolute that it almost hurts,
I have these words for you:-

If you have never seen the fiery light of a shooting star
blazing its way across the heavens, if you have never
witnessed first hand the colours of the
Aurora Borealis playing in the night sky,
that doesn’t alter the fact that
they exist.
They do.

You are unlucky. You are the ten million.

To those prudes who have read this story, in whole or in part,
who are shocked and horrified and revolted by the characters
and the way they have behaved, the things they have said
and the things they have done, to themselves and to others,
I have these words for you:-

Until you first taste an apple, you won’t know if you like it.

The situations and events described in this story will be
unacceptable to most people. But that doesn’t alter the fact that
they exist.
There are people
for whom such activities, shared with another, or with others,
heighten their pleasure, strengthen the bond of their love,
enhance their experiences, enrich their lives.
They are not decadent people.
They are not depraved people.
They are not sick people.

They are just not you.

* * * *

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Well written, enjoyed it did they all move in together?