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After our experiences in an xxx-rated porno movie theater, a shoe store, and at a swing club in Dallas, Paula and I greatly expanded our sexual horizons. (Interested readers may find accounts of these adventures at the following
For a time, we contented ourselves with simply exchanging partners with a few couples we knew well. Later on, we decided to place ads in some magazines that were devoted to swingers.

Generally, we placed three types of ads, all featuring sexy, but not pornographic photos of Paula. In the first, we advertised for single females or married ones without their husbands. A second ad expressed our interest in meeting other like-minded couples, and in the last, we advertised for single males. With the photos of Paula present, these ads generated numerous responses from single males, a fair number from couples, and almost none from single women. I was, needless to say, somewhat disappointed in this result as a threesome with two women is every man's fantasy. But, being a good sport about the situation, we turned our attention primarily to couples and some single men whose letters and photos stimulated my wife's interest.

Over the years, we met many couples and singles. A lot of these encounters are described in other accounts and stories that we've written. This particular story relates the events surrounding one of our more unusual and erotic experiences that occurred as a result of the ads we placed.

I. The Letter:

I arrived home from work around 5:30 PM, which was my usual time. Paula was in the kitchen preparing dinner. She wore a blouse and tight jeans. Her ass immediately attracted my attention. Perfectly framed, the tight jeans clearly exhibited her camel toe, and the blouse showed off her 36D tits. I kissed her on the back of the neck and pressed my semi-hard erection against the crease of her sexy ass.

"Unless you're interested in burnt roast for dinner, you had
better hold those thoughts, Honey. There's an interesting reply to one of our ads on the dining room table. You might want to look at it while I finish fixing the dinner."

I took the hint and backed off. The letter replying to our ad was in the center of the table. The enclosed letter read:

"Hi, We're Dick and Treva Matthews. We both really liked your ad, especially your photo, Paula. Like you, we're interested in possible erotic encounters with other couples. We should tell you up front that we're new to this sort of thing but eager to learn. Treva is 23. I'm 25 so we're eight or nine years younger than you, if that's important. Treva is 5'5", 121 lbs, a brunette with small, but very firm, 32B breasts and a very nice face and figure. I'm 6' 1", 181 lbs,athletic build, and reasonably well endowed. You can get a much better idea of our appearance from the photos we've enclosed.

Judging from your ad, I think we're within easy driving distance. So if you're interested in setting up a meeting, give us a call. Number is given below. We can either visit you or vice versa. Looking forward to your reply.

With best regards, Dick and Treva.

I read the letter with more than just a little interest. First, the letter was well written, articulate, brief but informative, and very cordial. It also had the ring of truth, which many responses to ads do not possess. In addition, Dick and Treva's interests seemed to match ours, and finally, their description of themselves sounded very good.

I searched the envelope again for the photos the letter said were enclosed but found nothing. Obviously, Dick had forgotten to include them prior to mailing the response.

Dinner was delicious, as expected. Among her many other talents, Paula is an excellent chef, and I made certain that she knew how much I appreciated her talents. It is said that the best possible wife is a nymphomaniac who owns a liquor store. May be, but a nymphomaniac who is a great chef has got to be given serious consideration.

"What did you think of the letter from Dick and Treva?" my wife finally asked when I did not comment.

"I was going to discuss it after dinner. I hate for anything to distract me from one of your 5-star meals. The only thing I would rather eat than your cooking is your pussy."

My wife beamed. "Did anyone ever tell you that you're a cunning, seductive satyr?"

"I woman I know... name's Paula, I think ... has told me that a few hundred times. I think she knows I like it."

Later, in our den, with an after dinner cordial in our hands, she again brought up the subject. "Ok. Dinner's over. At least one of your appetites is sated for the moment.. what did you think of the letter from Dick and Treva?"

"I liked it. I liked it a lot. Very clear.. very articulate, well written. Similar interests, reasonably close to us, young but not too young, and their descriptions made them sound very attractive. Only negative was Dick's oversight in forgetting to include their photos. What do you think?"

Paula's trademark devilish smile appeared. "I liked it too. Probably more than you did. And Dick didn't forget to include the photos."

"Really? They must have fallen under the table. I couldn't find them."

"That's because I took them out until you read their letter and decided if you liked them or not. I didn't want you to be unduly influenced by the photos."

After digesting that bit of information, I commented, "Well, that's very interesting. There must be something about the photos that you believe would influence my judgment. Now that can signal something very good or something very bad. Can I see them?"

Paula's devilish grin grew larger. She handed me a photo. It was a picture of Treva. The photo showed her standing beside a beach umbrella with a lake in the background. She was wearing a one piece bathing suit. Studying the photo, I decided that Dick had been very accurate in his description of his wife. She had dark hair, was about 5'5" and 120 lbs as Dick had stated. The suit showed some cleavage, and I estimated her tits to be about 32B as he had written. Overall, she was an attractive woman, not drop-dead gorgeous, but quite attractive. However, I could see no reason why Paula would want me to decide about the couple before I saw Treva's photo.

"Nice looking woman, but I don't see why you wanted me to reach a decision before I saw her photo?"

Paula shrugged and handed me the second photo, the one of Dick. He was beside the same beach umbrella. The photos were obviously taken at the same time. He appeared to be about 6'1", 180 or pounds, with an athletic build, just as he had said. He was reasonably handsome as I expected of a 25 year old with a good build. Again, I couldn't figure out why my wife had withheld the photos. I shrugged to indicate my confusion.

The devilish smile was even bigger. "Look more closely. You know how you look at a woman's photo. Look at Dick's photo as if you're a woman."

I looked again. With my wife's hint in mind, I saw it almost immediately. Dick's bathing suit was not the tight, spandex briefs I might have expected a handsome man to wear at the a beach. Instead, it was more like a pair of shorts whose legs came halfway down his upper thighs. However, it was a very tight pair of shorts that hugged his body. The large bulge extending from his groin across his left side and from there down the left leg of the suit was very obvious once you looked for it, as a woman would.

"My god!" I was male, and even I was impressed. I could hardly imagine what its effect would be on a woman. Paula filled in that information.

"Isn't it amazing! How big do you think he is?" She whispered the question, almost with reverence.

"At least 7 or 8 inches I would have to say."

"That's what he is in the photo, but he's soft." She squeezed one of her her large breasts. I knew what she was going to ask. There was no way she could keep from asking. It was all she had been thinking about since the letter came.

"How big do you think he is when it's fully hard and erect?"

"Somewhere between 9 to 11 inches. It also looks like its thick. Have you noticed how wide the bulge down his leg is?"

"Noticed? I've been staring at it all afternoon with my hand between my legs."

"You want to meet them, don't you?"

"Oh yes! Can we?"

"And you want him to meat you, don't you? That's m-e-a-t , not m-e-e-t."

"Oh goddd.." My wife pressed her thighs together.

"Let's give them a call.. right now. Ok?"

My wife's eyes widened in surprise. "You're going to call them?" When I nodded and picked up the phone to dial the number at the bottom of their letter. "Oh fuck.. I'm not so certain that I want you to call now... I just realized what a fantastic stud I have right here... right now. Take me upstairs and fuck me. Or fuck me right here.. anywhere... just fuck me!"

"You lost your chance for quick fucking fix when you turned me down before dinner. You're just going to have wait with your wet throbbing pussy until I discuss the situation with Dick and Treva. Afterwards, I may give you a second chance."

Again the devilish smile. "Bastard!"

"Slut!" Again, my wife squeezed her thighs together.

Treva answer my phone call with a cheery "Hello."

"Hi, Treva. This Gordon calling. You and Dick just answered an ad we placed in "New Lifestyles". Do I have the right number?"

"Oh yes. Yes you do. Just a moment while I get my husband on the extension."

A moment later, I heard Dick's voice on the extension. "Hello, Gordon. We weren't certain that you would call. We mailed our response over a week ago."

"These things are slow since they have to go back to the magazine editors before they're mailed to us. Paula is on the extension. We were both pleased with your letter and photos. You've already seen Paula's photo in the ad. Would you like for us to send one of me?"

Treva answered before Dick could refuse my offer. "That would be great!"

"Would you like to meet for dinner and drinks... maybe a little dancing afterwards? If we want things to go further, they can, if not, we'll just enjoy a pleasant evening together. No obligations."

This time husband and wife answered together. "We'd like that a lot. Do you want us to come there or would you prefer to come here?"

"Well, it's your first time. We've been into this for two years now. So if you drive up to our place, you could leave any time you're uncomfortable. I think you would both be more relaxed and enjoy the evening a lot more. But if you prefer, we'll come to your place."

"Just a moment."

The line went silent. It was obvious they were discussing the situation between themselves. Paula and I waited. When Dick spoke again, he said that they would drive up to our place. We agreed on the following Saturday, around 5 PM.

Before we broke the connection, Paula spoke: "Treva, are you still on the line?"


"We'll be having dinner in a club that has live music and dancing. The atmosphere and dress will be sexy, but not off the wall so. I'll be wearing either a short sheathe or short skirt and blouse with stockings and heels. I'll wear a bra but some women at the club won't have one on. I haven't decided on whether I'll wear panties or not. Just wanted to let you know so you won't feel under or over dressed. That kind of feeling can ruin an evening for a woman. See you next week."

"We'll be there. And Paula.. thanks. That's exactly what I needed to know but didn't have the nerve to ask."