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indian aviator
08-08-2011, 11:17 AM
II. First Meeting

Dick and Treva showed up at our front door at almost exactly 5 PM. Their photos didn't do them justice. Treva looked delicious in here short, form-fitting sheathe and 3-inch heels. I wondered if she wore pantyhose or thigh-high stockings. She looked like she might have been poured into her dress. There was obviously no bra underneath. My cock twitched when I considered whether or not she wore panties.

We had sent them a photo of me in a bathing suit, and Treva didn't seem disappointed, which was a great relief for me. Dick was Paula's wet dream. Handsome, with dark hair and complexion, brown eyes, and an excellent athletic body that his tight shirt emphasized. I looked at my wife's eyes, and, as expected, she was staring at his crotch and the obvious large bulge therein.

I don't think Dick noticed, however. He was too busy checking out my wife's big 36D tits that looked like they were going to rip open her blouse at any moment. Her legs also looked great in her 4-inch heels and what I knew were thigh-high hose. I was certain that, like me, Dick was wondering if my wife was wearing panties or not. I knew she wasn't, but he had yet to discover that delightful fact.

I suggested that Dick and I would fix the drinks for everyone while Paula showed Treva our home. The real purpose, of course, was to give both the women and the men a chance to talk privately. I fixed the drinks while Dick was getting out the glasses and the ice.

"Listen, Dick. I want you and Treva to be completely at ease. The two of you are in charge of what does or does not happen tonight as well as when the night ends and whether there is a repeat performance. I also want you to know that I am not the jealous type. I know you really like the way my wife looks, and I also know that you were trying to hide that fact.

"Look. I'm really sorry about that", he began, "I just couldn't help it."

"That's just the point I'm making. There's no need for you to help it. Just the opposite. Paula dressed for you tonight. She's hoping you're turned on by her appearance. If you like the way she looks, feel free to stare at her... or tell her... or ask to see more. That's one of the great pleasures of this type of evening."

I later learned that Paula and Treva had much the same conversation. She told me that Treva had said, "I guess you can tell how excited I am. Gordon looks so different from Dick. Not just in appearance, but in demeanor.. and his eyes.. his stare. He looks devilish.. like he's already undressed me and has me naked. My pussy is wet from his looking at me. I can't believe I'm saying this to his wife."

My wife replied, "Don't worry at all about that. I'm mentally raping Dick so its fair. And by the way, Gordon is undressing you with his eyes and I can tell you that he's a satyr who's planning five ways to ravish you."


Dinner was delicious, the company exotic, the dancing close and erotic. Dick and I were hard when we were on the dance floor. The women knew it and loved it. Although we suspected that they both had wet pussies, we couldn't be as certain about the condition of their cunts as they could be about our cocks.

At 10 PM, we were all around the table drinking cokes and munching on peanuts as no one wanted to get drunk. After a moment of silence, which Paula and I knew was the lead in to their decision about the rest of the evening, Dick said, "Listen, can we be totally honest?"

"Of course. Anything less will spoil the evening."

"Ok. Treva thinks she wants to have sex with Gordon, and I know I want to have sex with Paula. But, we're nervous. Treva is afraid she will freeze up on Gordon, and Paula is so sexy and hot that I'm afraid that I'll be unable to get an erection at the critical moment. There's a lot of stress."

Paula put her hand on Dick's. "There is. We felt it at first too."

"So would you mind if we get a motel room with two double beds. Treva and I will have sex in one bed; you two in the other bed. We'll watch the two of you... you watch us. Even verbally participate... whatever seems exciting. I'd love to see the women masturbate while we watch. We think that would get rid of our nervousness.. next week, if you are still interested, we think we'll be ready and can switch partners. That's probably so stupid you think we're children."

"Not at all." I said. "In fact, it's brilliant. If we had thought of it, that's the way we would have done it at first. Our first time was much wilder, and we were lucky to get through it in good shape."


The lights were dimmed but it was still easy to see inside our motel room at the Holiday Inn.

"Dick, I'm going to get undressed and get our bed ready. Why don't you get Paula ready for me by stripping her down to her heels and hose. Don't take those off; I enjoy fucking my wife while she's wearing them. She looks so slutty.. like a $1000 a night call girl. Treva, do you mind if Dick helps me out?"

"Not at all, Gordon... if you help my husband out the same way. He needs some instruction in how to strip his wife properly."

I took my time taking off my own clothes to give Dick as much time with my wife as he wanted. I could tell he wasn't at all nervous. He started by standing behind her and slowly opening all the buttons of her blouse. While he did it, she was leaning back against him pressing her ass into what I was certain was now a brick hard erection.

When I was folding my pants and placing them over the back of a chair, Dick was opening the catch on Paula's bra. As soon as it was opened, her huge tits sprung out into the open, her nipples at rigid attention. He hefted and caressed her globes, squeezing the nipples until she was moaning and both nipples were red and swollen.

I was now naked except for my jockey briefs. I looked at Treva and raised my eyebrows in a silent question. She nodded and stood up. A moment later I was busy stripping Dick's wife while he worked on mine. There was a big difference though. Dick was still fully dressed and the only thing I had on was my briefs.

One pull and Treva's sheathe was unzipped. I felt her body tremble as my hands moved inside the top of her dress. I had been correct. She was braless and when my fingers took possession of her firm tits, her trembling turned to hard shudders. I gently pulled both nipples. She groaned. Her tits filled my hands nicely. I squeezed them bringing a soft "aaahhhhhhhhhhhh" from her lips. Back to her nipples and more shudders rippled through her body.

Across the room, Paula's blouse and bra were on the floor, and her skirt was unzipped. I watched his face as his hands moved inside my wife's skirt. All he felt was naked pussy flesh.. no panties. Paula told me later that when he felt her naked cunt, his cock lurched and throbbed in his pants against her ass. I knew when his fingers penetrated my wife's cunt from her deep moan of pleasure and the way her hips began to thrust.

I had Treva's dress down to her hips and saw that she wore only a thong underneath. The dress was tight and I had to work to pull it over her wide hips. But as soon as it cleared them, it fell to the floor and she gracefully stepped out of the sheathe and kicked it away. Like Paula, she wore thigh-highs, so the only thing left to remove was her thong. Her hips were hunching in fuck motions that matched the motions of my wife's hips.

I paused to strip off my briefs so that my 8-inch cock surged out, rigid with lust and dripping with precum from its tip. I pressed it against Treva's ass. She responded by ramming her ass hard against it and groaning, "Ooohhhhhhhhhh godddd.... aaahhhhhhh..."

His wife's moans were not lost on Dick who quickly removed my wife's skirt leaving her naked except for heels and hose, just as I had requested. His job was finished but he showed no signs of being ready to abandon his post against my wife's thrusting ass.

They both turned to look at Treva as her thong was pulled down. She had a neat dark triangle of bush right above her clit, a wonderful contrast to Paula's totally bare pussy. When my fingers found her clitoris, she became very vocal.

"Ooohhh god... Dick.. he's on my clit... aaahh...he's fingering my clit... I'm so hot.. I'm gonna cummmm... I just can't help it... I know we agreed, but I'm gonna cummmmmmmmmm..."

"What me to stop?" I whispered in her ear. She turned, yanked my head down to hers, "Don't you dare stop. Do it to me."

"I'll put her in bed for you, Dick. Stroke her clit a little to keep her hot for you. When you have Paula ready, let me know and we'll switch."

Without waiting, I scooped Treva up in my arms and placed her on her back in the center of the bed. She looked up at me, lust filling her eyes. "Spread your legs", I whispered in her ear. They flew apart.

As my fingers slipped between the soaked lips of her cunt to her clitoris, I saw Dick putting my wife on our bed on her back. She immediately jacked her legs up in the air, pulled them back, to expose her cunt and ass completely to Dick's view. Absolutely wild with lust now, he literally tore his clothes off.

I knew exactly when he yanked his shorts off by my wife's startled gasp: "OH MY GOD.. OOHHHH FUCKKKKKKKK.... LOOK AT HIS COCK! OOOHHHHHHH... IT'S GORGEOUS.."

Treva knew exactly what to say. In my ear, she whispered, "He is big... but you're a much more talented lover.. please don't stop.. I'm so close.. I've never ever cum this fast before... please don't stop."

I crawled onto the bed with her and pressed my lips to her cunt. As soon as my tongue speared inward and found her erect clitoris, Treva came, her juices spurting all over my face. "OOOhhhhhhhh... cumminggggggg... cummingggggg... I'm cummminggg", she moaned softly so that only I could hear. Her hips pounded up and down like a wild mare refusing to be ridden. I didn't relent. Hanging in her saddle like a bronco rider, I rode the hot throbbing filly. Her clitoris was stroked, sucked, lapped, licked.. over and over.. it jerked, spasmed, throbbed. Her cunt erupted again.. and then again even harder.. drenching me with her repeated ejaculations. Finally, the wild mare slowed, panting with exhaustion. Now broken, her hips slowed and settled to the bed, her loins quivering in surrender.

On the other bed, my wife was much louder than Treva. She couldn't stop gushing about the huge cock that throbbed in her hands. "Ohhhh my gawddd... how big is it...?

"A little over 10 inches. I think you like it.."

"Like it? I'm about to cum just holding it and feeling it throb. OOohhhhh god.. it feels like a huge powerful snake about to devour me. I can't .. I can't... can't even get my hand around it."

"Gordon ate Treva pussy and made her cum. Can I eat yours?"

"Oohhhhh yessss...just turn around so I can suck this beautiful fuck stick while you suck my hot cunt, Lover."

A moment later, Treva and I smiled at one another when we heard Paula's tortured screams as Dick's tongue worked her clit just before pushed the huge pulsing fuck stick into her mouth. "Your wife's a real screamer", Treva giggled.

"She's just blown away by your husband's monster cock. She's loud but she never cums like you do. I've never seen anything like it. You're just amazing. The way your pussy spews juices every time you cum. It's wonderful! God.. I hope we can get together again... I'm dying to fuck you."

"I'm sure we'll be back. And I'm just as anxious to have your cock in me as you are. I'll tell you something if you promise never to tell Dick or Paula..she might tell Dick when he's fucking the shit out of her with that big whang of his."

"I promise.. and it's not just a sex promise.. I never break my word... never. What is it?"

"I've never cum like that with any other man I've ever been with. If I'm really hot, I will sometimes squirt like that once, but I've never done it twice...not with Dick...not with any other man. Just you. And you made me explode like that over and over and over... I was afraid you would never stop .. and I was terrified that you would. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!!"

"Treva, you certainly know how to make a man feel like a king. Thank you."

"I hate leaving you with a monster hard on like you have now. It's shameful for a woman to do that." Treva leaned forward and whispered in my ear. "They're too busy to notice. Go ahead. I'm spread, I'm wet, and I'm ready... stick it in me. Pump me full of your hot load."

"No..not at all. We agreed. No sex this time. I probably shouldn't have gone down on you, but I couldn't resist. And apparently neither can Dick."


As soon as my wife's orgasm ebbed, I was on the bed with her. "Treva needs a cock, Dick. And so does Paula. Let's switch and fuck the shit of them."

We stayed in the hotel for three hours fucking our wives and watching the each other fuck. When Paula saw Dick's huge cock splitting Treva's pussy wide open, her cunt throbbed in hard spasms and she moaned continuously. I usually had my cock in her as we lay in spoon position watching Dick fucking his wife. Her hips rammed back against me in wild thrusts.

"You're imagining that it's Dick's cock in you, aren't you?" I whispered in her ear.

"Oooohhhh yess... I'm sorry.. I'm so sorry.. I just can't help it."

"It's ok. You'll be getting it in your hot hole in another week or two."

"I'm not sure I can wait that long.... OOOHHH fuck me harder."