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III. Visitations

After three hours of screwing our own wives, we were all exhausted and decided to call it a night. Dick and Treva thanked us profusely for agreeing to their plan of not exchanging partners.
We made tentative plans to get together two weeks later, this time at their home.

Things returned pretty much to normal after our erotic Saturday night with the Matthews. Paula still talked in awed tones about the size of Dick's cock. I knew she was trying not to say anything about it for fear of making me feel inadequate. I didn't tell her that she needn't worry about that. Treva's passionately whispered comments about my abilities as a lover insulated me perfectly against feelings of inadequacy.

On Tuesday evening when I had my cock buried in her pussy giving her a very hard, thorough fucking, she slipped and I knew she was again imagining that it was Dick's monster up her cunt. Just when I was pounding her the hardest, cock-screwing my prick in and out, around and around, grinding against her throbbing clit, she moaned.."Ooohhh its sooo fucking bigggggggggg.... making me cummmmmm." She was having an orgasm and didn't realize what she had said and I didn't bring it up later. It really didn't matter to me, and, in any case, after Tuesday, it didn't happen again.

On Thursday, I thought it would be nice to go out for dinner and dancing. During a lull in the early afternoon, I called home to ask Paula and to let her know not to cook dinner. There was no answer at home, so I called her cell phone.

After several rings, Paula answered. "Hi. It's me. I just thought it would be nice to go out to dinner tonight.. just the two of us.. and afterwards, dancing or a movie if you like. Interested?"

"Sure. That's sounds like great idea. What time?"

"Well, I'll be home around 5:30 PM, shower, shave, change.. maybe we could go for cocktails around 6:30 PM. Dinner later then dancing. Ok?"

There was no answer and I thought we had lost the connection, but then Paula spoke. "Sorry. I'm at the mall and thought I saw Joanne. False alarm. See you at 5:30... bye."

That night at dinner, I asked Paula what she had found to buy at the mall. "Not a thing. Couldn't find anything that I liked."

"Wow! That has to be a first!" I actually couldn't remember a single time my wife had ever gone shopping at a mall and come home empty handed.


Fridays are often unusual at work. Sometimes the engineering job requires that I work late since none of the engineering personnel work on the weekends. On other occasions, the work load is light and we all leave early. This compensates for the Fridays we have to work late. This particular Friday was a light day, so I was able to leave for home around 3 PM instead of 5 PM.

I entertained some sexy thoughts about some afternoon delight with my wife as I drove home, but, unfortunately, the house was empty and I had to settle for a couple of beers and baseball game on the TV.

When the game ended, I showered and changed clothes for the evening. After I dressed, I scooped up my old shirt, shorts, and socks and carried them to dirty clothes hamper in the bathroom. As soon as I opened it, I detected Paula's aroma. It didn't give me an erection, but it did please me. There may be something in the world that smells better than a woman's sexual scent, but if so, I have no idea what it would be.

On Saturday, I played golf with my usual group. The course was crowded as expected and after the obligatory beer at the 19th hole, it was a good five hours before I got back to the house. There was a note on the fridge from Paula informing me that she had gone to grocery store and that the Bentleys had invited us over for cocktails and snacks after dinner.

Again, I showered, shaved, and changed clothes for the evening out. When I lifted the lid of the clothes hamper, Paula's aroma was heavier and thicker than it had been on Friday. This was not just her sexual scent; it was her cunt aroma.

Now more than just a little curious, I emptied the hamper to find the responsible clothing. It didn't take long. Paula normally does the laundry on Sundays so I expected to find seven or so pairs of her panties. There were 12 pairs. Of these, 7 had her faint sexual scent or nothing. The other five were stronger and two were distinctly cunt aroma. I inspected all five pair. The crotch of each pair was encrusted with dried male semen.

After this finding, I went back and checked the 7 pair with only her sexual scent. Of the seven, two had soaked up male semen before she had taken them off.

Being a highly educated engineer with over a decade of experience, I reached what I felt was a scientifically sound conclusion that my wife was being fucked daily but not be me since we had only fucked in bed at night during the past week.

The fact that she was being fucked didn't surprise me. The fact that she was concealing it from me was a shock. What was the point? And who the hell was banging my wife's cunt.

I began to inspect the hamper daily. On Sunday, there were no semen filled panties present. On Monday after work, I found a pair buried at the bottom of the hamper with the crotch still wet from his cum load. Paula had been fucked that afternoon and probably had just barely beaten me home in time to change.

Tuesday evening brought another pair of cum-filled panties in the hamper. I began to grudgingly admire this guy. Whoever he was, he was banging my wife more than I was. I began to watch all my friends closely, but either they were superb actors or they weren't getting into Paula every day.

While Paula and I were watching the evening news on TV, I casually remarked that I had to go out of town the next day. "There's a short engineering conference involving the engineering personnel at three of the firm's plants. It's being held in Dallas so I'll have to leave early in the morning.. maybe around 7 AM to make the start of the conference at 11. We won't finish until 5 or 6 PM. There will be a dinner so I won't be able to get back until around 11 or 12 PM. Don't wait dinner on me. Ok."

"Sure. I'll probably go out for dinner. Drive carefully. Don't rush to get home. Be safe. Ok?"

I assured my wife that I would drive very carefully. The next morning, I was up at 6 AM was leaving the house by 7. Kissing her on the cheek as she lay in the bed, I said, "I'm leaving, Honey. See you around 11 PM tonight."

IV. Investigations:

The previous day I had told the rest of the engineering staff at the office that I would be out of town on Wednesday as I had pressing personal business in Dallas. Everyone just nodded and, like my wife, urged me to be careful on the highways. They needed be back in one piece. Several of my colleagues and friends made the same comment. It gave me a very nice warm feeling to realize that my colleagues really did care about my welfare. This was one of the reasons for the success of our firm. People came first, not money.

Of course, I never left the city limits that day. To pass the time and relax, I got a room at the Marriott and spent the morning watching some first-run movies on the pay-per-view TV set in my room. Although the films were very good, my mind was elsewhere, specifically on our bedroom, my wife's pussy, and the guy who was fucking her.

Since I would be out of town all day and most of the night, I was certain that they wouldn't bother going to a hotel, but would use our house, specifically our bed. Most men get off at the thought of screwing another man's wife in her own bed. I'm sure the stud banging Paula liked that idea as well.

Around noon, I drove back to our neighborhood, left my car in the parking area of a park half a mile away, and made my way back to our house, walking the last half mile through the woods at the back of our home. I smiled when I crossed the small brook remembering vividly how I had watched my wife being screwed by a large black stud in a clearing not far from where I was.

At the edge of the woods, I had a clear view of our driveway and house. There was no car in front or in our driveway. I needed to check the garage to see if he had already arrived and parked there to avoid having the neighbors see his car. A quick glance through the side window of the garage revealed no car. I was about to head back to my observation post at the edge of the woods when a flash of light off a mirror caught my eye. Cupping my hands on either side of my eyes so I could better see into the dimly lit interior, I saw the outline of a large motor bike that certainly wasn't mine.

Opening the side door, I slipped into the garage to check it out. It was 1200 cc Harley, one powerful motorcycle. The immediate thought that popped into my head was "My wife has become a real life biker chick." Now that I knew her lover had wasted no time when she called and told him I would be out of town, it was time to investigate.

Years before, Paula and I had built a deck outside the guest bedroom upstairs. This provided a nice place to sit, chat, and have a drink during nice weather, and a fire escape for anyone upstairs in case of emergency. Right now, it provided a very convenient entrance to our home.

The master bedroom was on the ground floor, and I was certain that's where the guy would be fucking my wife. I was almost down the stairs when I saw the first of the evidence. A man's shirt was lying on the floor in front hallway. His pants were also lying on the floor a few feet in front of his shirt.

When I reached the couch, I saw my wife's dress on the seat of the couch along with the guy's undershirt and shorts. It was obvious they had stopped at the couch where my wife got his cock out and probably sucked him. I looked at the floor on the end of the couch and found my wife's bra. He had wanted to play with Paula's tits while she sucked him. I really couldn't blame him.

A pair of man's shoes and his socks were on the floor just inside the hallway leading to our master bedroom. My wife's panties lay beside his shoes. Paula's shoes were no where in sight. That didn't surprise me either. I love fucking her in her sexy fuck-me heels. Obviously, so did he.

I halfway expected to find them fucking on the floor at the end of the hallway, but apparently he had had enough control to wait until he got my wife in the bed. I took one step into the hallway and heard them. More accurately, I heard my wife's deep guttural moans that she always makes when she's taking cock. It wasn't hard to hear them since they hadn't bothered to close the door. There was no reason to since I was out of town.

Another step closer to the open doorway, and I heard the guy grunting as he plowed my wife's furrow. One more step, and I realized that Paula's guttural moans were mixed with wild shrill squeals, a sound that I couldn't remember hearing her make before. Her squeals alternated with her moans and his grunts. When I was just outside the door, my wife started to beg:

"OHHH SHIT.. can't believe that cock... uuuunnnnnnnn... eeeiiiaaaaa... oooh god damn... fuck me! fuck me with that monster... uunngghhh... aaahhhh.."


"OOOHH YESS... cunt fuck me.... stretch me wide open with that thing.... ahhhhhhhhhhh..."

Peeking around the edge of the doorway, I saw that the guy had my wife on her back in the center of the bed. The bed covers had literally been ripped off and lay scattered across the floor. The man on my wife was facing away from me, and he had Paula's legs up and back, elevating her cunt into fucking position. All she could see was the stud over her and the ceiling. So I relaxed and watched him fucking my wife.

Each deep stroke sank his rod all the way into my wife's cunt. I could even hear his balls slapping against her upturned ass on every stroke, but most of all, I heard Paula gasping each time her vagina was stretched open to take the thick shaft.

"Ohhh fuckkkkkkkkk.... give it to meeeeeeeee... hard... hard.
harder... oohhh fuck me harder with that monster... ugh ugh ugh..
you're gonna make me cum again .... stick it to meeeeeeeeeee.."

I had recognized Dick as soon as I saw his thick shaft pulling out of my wife's pussy. I had seen it 10 days before as Paula tried unsuccessfully to get all of it into her mouth. Obviously, she had him so turned on and hot, he couldn't wait two weeks to get into her.

I heard Dick give a snort of lust as he pushed his steel-hard fuck stick deep into my wife's hole, filling her cunt full. Paula arched her body to take it. I saw her juices squishing out of her hole, soaking the thick cock to lubricate it for the next plunge into her depths. When it came, she howled.


Dick sawed his log in and out of her throbbing, juicing box. My wife squeezed her eyes shut and moaned in hot female rapture. Slowly, Dick picked up the pace, fucking her faster. She matched his pace with her eagerly jerking hips, slamming her pussy up to meet his cock.

"Oooh fuckkk... I'm cummmingggggggggg.... RAM MEEEEEEEEEE!"

She struggled to rub her engorged clit against his sawing shaft as her orgasm surged through her vagina and clitoris. Her mouth stretched wide but no sound emerged.. her tongue came out and lolled in circles as she took the hard fucking.

She began to babble as her stud continued to ram her wide open hole. It seemed to me that she didn't even know what she was saying; her entire attention was on her wildly contracting, throbbing cunt.

"Ooohhh God... Honey... you're doing it to meeeeee... you're fucking meeeeeeeee..." she howled. "Your big cock is buried in my hot cunt... using it... fucking it... aahhhhhhhhhhhhh.. oohhhh...
I'm going off again.................uuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn..."

"AAwwwwwwwwwwwww....TAKE IT SLUT...aaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwww", he roared as he shot his load into her sucking, climaxing box. My wife sobbed with ecstasy, her body wracked by a long delicious orgasm. She writhed and thrashed on the bed for a full minute, then lay shivering and sighing, totally exhausted by her stud fucker. I wondered how many times he had already made her cum.

When they finished, I stepped back out of sight in case one them looked at the doorway. For ten or 15 minutes, they talked about whether they should tell Treva and me that they had been fucking almost everyday since the Saturday we were together.

"I don't think Gordon would mind. He would be hurt that I haven't told him. I shouldn't have made you that promise, but I did and I've kept my word. I haven't said a word. But I have to warn you, he's a very perceptive, brilliant man. My guess is that he probably knows I'm being fucked by someone and doesn't understand why I haven't told him."

"Well, my problem is that I don't know how Treva would take it. I should have told her, but I was sure she would tell me to wait until this Saturday, and you're so damn hot, sexy, and beautiful, I just couldn't stand to wait."

"Thank you. I do love turning men on. Let's just play it by ear. If an opportunity to tell them arises, we will. If not, we can suggest visitation rights for all in the future and not mention that we've jumped the gun, so to speak."

"Sounds like a good plan to me."

"God! You're hard again... you randy cunt fucker!"

"How can I help it when you keep jacking me off while we talk?"

"Speaking of jumping the gun, you big cocked stud, right now, I'm going to jump your sex gun."

I heard them moving around on the bed. When I peeked around the edge of the door again, Paula was straddling his hips with her hand around his spear. As I watched, she aligned it with the opening to her cunt and began to settle down on it. The head sank out of sight into her hot hole...

"Oooohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk.... it's going innnnnnnnnnnn...

Dick's hips thrust upward and two more inches of cock meat drilled into my wife's fuck hole.

"AAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhh....easy...easy... let me get used to it again... now...push in more.."

Dick thrust again as Paula pushed her hips downward... another inch of cock vanished into her cunt. "OOOOhhhhhhhhh... damn... damn... damn... so bigggggggggg..."

She forced her hips down further and took two more inches.. Dick grabbed my wife's hips, slammed them down as he rammed his cock upward. His cock was buried and my wife was howling. He ignored the groaning female and began to fuck the hot throbbing hole that surrounded his pulsing cock. In and out... faster and faster.. Paula screamed... begged him to go easier...

Too bad for her.. He was having none of her pleas. I could see his entire shaft surging in and out of my wife. After a minute or so, she began to purr and sign.. then she began to moan... finally...she began to curse him.

"You big cocked selfish bastard... fuck me... ram it in... use me... hard... you wanted to fuck me hard and deep...THEN DO IT. CRAM THAT BIG FUCK STICK ALL THE WAY INTO ME.... FUCK..OOOHH FUCK.. HARD .. HARD... HARDER... FUCK ME FASTER... UGH UGH UGH UGH UGGHH..

A minute later Dick's load blasted into her and she screamed in the throes of her intense climax. After that, they collapsed on the bed, their chests heaving in an effort to drag much needed air into their tortured lungs.

I had seen enough. I left the same way I came in without saying a word.