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V. A Phone Call from Treva

That evening, I found another pair of her panties smelling of her cunt and stiff with her lover's dried cum. Obviously, my wife had put her panties back on after Dick left. With all the cum he had pumped into her, I was surprised they weren't still soaking wet with it.

Thursday. I called home twice during the day. No answer. I called her cell phone. She said she was at the mall, but I could hear no mall noises. Naturally, that evening there was another pair of her cum-coated panties in the hamper that reeked of Paula's excited juicy cunt. I wondered where Dick had taken her. Maybe, he was so anxious, he had fucked her bent over his motor bike in a park somewhere. I had to smile at the thought of my wife bent over a motor bike like a teenager.

Friday at work, I received a call from Treva Matthews. "Hi, Gordon. This is Treva. I'm sorry to call you at work, but I didn't know how else to reach you."

"Not a problem. It's good to hear your voice. I've been counting the days until this Saturday. I hope you're not calling to cancel. If you are, I'm going to be crushed."

"Cancel? Hell no, I'm not going to cancel. In fact, if you don't drive down to our home, I'm coming to yours whether Dick wants me to or not."

"You're really stroking my ego. I love it. I just hope I can live up to your expectations. What time should we get there?"

There was silence on the line..."Treva? Are you still there?"

"Yes. I was just thinking about when I wanted you to arrive. How about driving down right after work and spending the entire night with me, in me? I'm so hot, my cunt is dripping."

"Now you really have me hard, and I mean hard! But Dick and Paula probably would think that was sneaky and we'd ruin a good thing for the future."

"Well, neither of them is worrying about that. Why should we?"

"What do you mean?"

There was another pause.. this one as long as the first one. I waited patiently. "You really don't know do you?"

"Know what?" Men know how to lie too.

"Shit! I shouldn't have called. I'm really sorry."

"Come on. Know what?"

"All right. You'll figure it out anyway now. Dick has been driving down to your place every single day since that Saturday we spent at the Holiday Inn. He's been fucking Paula once or twice a day for the last two weeks. She keeps him so drained, he has a hard time getting it up for me at night."

"You know this for certain? How?"

"Women know, Gordon. Trust me. Women always know. First, there's the fact that I can never find Dick during the day. Second, is the fact that he has problems getting erections at night when I'm so wild for sex I can hardly stand it. By the way, that's your fault. I think about you all day and when Dick is fucking me, I imagine it's you. Third, he hasn't mentioned Paula since the Sunday after our Saturday together. On Sunday, he talked about nothing else other than her huge sexy tits and that big hot ass and her wet cunt. After that..nothing. Fourth, I checked the odometer on his bike. He doesn't drive 90 miles a day, but he has every day for the last two weeks."

"But what about his job? Doesn't he have to go to work during the day?"

"Dick is a free-lance computer programmer. He works during the evenings. Believe me, Gordon, they're fucking.. they're fucking every day. Haven't you noticed anything at all?"

I gave up and told her about all the cum-filled pairs of Paula's panties I had been finding. I didn't tell her about watching them fuck in our bedroom. After I finished, she said, "Are you mad at Dick? At Paula?"

"No. Not at all. I'm disappointed that Paula didn't tell me. But I'm not angry. To be truthful, I'm hard. Really hard!"

"And to be truthful, I'm not mad either, just jealous that Dick has been getting Paula but I haven't been getting your hot cock. I'm wet. Really wet. My cunt hasn't been fucked properly for a week. Come over tonight. Fuck me."

"Is Dick there now? Can I speak with him."

"Sure you can speak with him. Just call your wife. He's fucking her right now probably."

"Ok. I will call them. I'll be at your place this evening around 7 PM. Be ready!"

"Oh fuck! I'm already ready."


I dialed our home phone number not really expecting an answer. I didn't get one. Next, I called my wife's cell phone. It rang, once, twice, three times... I let it ring. Finally, Paula answered.

"Hi, Gordon. Sorry I took so long to answer. I couldn't find my phone inside my bag."

"I understand. I just called to tell you that Treva called and we're on for tomorrow night at their place."

"Mmmm...sounds like fun. What time are we leaving?"

"Whenever you and Dick want to hop on his bike and come on up."

After a pause. "What?"

"I said you and Dick can hop on his bike and come on up anytime tomorrow you like. He is there with you right now isn't he? Wasn't he fucking you when I called? Judging from the length of time I took you to answer, I don't think you wanted to stop."

"I'm sorry. Are you furious?"

"No. I'm hard.. you're getting fucked and I'm not. Sort of jealous. Where are you right now? I know you're not at home."

"We're in a small motel room by the lake. Sort of run down, but any bed will do when I have a wet cunt and Dick has a big hard cock.... OOohhhhh goddd......uunnnnnnnnn..."

"He's fucking you again, isn't he. Doggie?"

"Ohhh shit...yesss...Dick has his big dick in your wife's hot cunt... aaaahhhhhhhhhh.... damn... he's really giving it to meeeeeeee..."

"Well take your time... take Dick home, enjoy him. I'm driving on up after work to spend the evening in Treva's hot cunt. You can tell your lover that for me."

"I ... uugghhh... aaahhh...ooohhhh.... fuckkkkkkk... will.. ungh ugh... tell...aaahhhh... oohh... gonna cummm...... tell him.. oohhh fuckk...he's fucking me... making me cummmmmmmmmm..."

I hung up listening to my wife hissing and moaning."


"Is he mad? furious?" Dick asked as he slowly stroked in and out and watched as his thick cock stretched her and sank out of sight.


"Are we still on for tomorrow? What did he say?"

"Later... damn it... LATER... fuck me.. HARD! FINISH MEEEEEEE."


VI. Treva's Gets Hers

As Dick and I were having dinner that evening at the Olive Garden, he looked worried, so much so that he was hardy eating anything.

"I think we should head up to our place as soon as we finish dinner", he said firmly.



"Well, you can head up there if you like. I'm not going and I think that's the dumbest thing you could possibly do at this point."


"Listen, you sneaked around behind your wife's back to fuck me every day for almost two weeks now, and she knows it. Right now or very soon, she will be having a wonderful time with Gordon. My husband has great staying power, a really big cock, and he knows exactly how to use it to please a woman."

Dick groaned. He was fine when he was fucking me everyday for two weeks, but the thought of a real stud giving it to his wife was worrying him.

"If you go up there, barge in, and ruin the evening and tomorrow for your wife, she's going to throw you out of the house and probably divorce you. Be a man! Let her enjoy herself as much as you have, and then tomorrow, apologize for being unable to wait and tell her you're delighted that she enjoyed herself with Gordon. If you're lucky, and if you don't get jealous, you may come out of this ok."

"What about you? Aren't you in trouble too?"

"Sure. A lot. I'm going to have to be very creative to find a way to make this up to my husband. I'm going to start by hoping he has a great time fucking your wife. Now why don't we head back to our house so I can spend the night enjoying that monster cock of yours."


"AAahhhh... Treva sighed softly as her body trembled. The folds of her pussy were stretching about the cockhead at her opening. The steel hard shaft behind was slowly, but with unrelenting male determination, forcing it in deeper. Gordon felt her vagina contracting around him. It was a tight fit, and he had to hold her hips steady to give him enough leverage to push in another inch. "uuuuunnnnnnnnn.." came the woman's soft cry.


At that moment, forty-five miles away, Paula's cunt was being pleasured by a large cock.

"AAAGGGGHHHHHHHHHhhhh....". Lifting her legs, Paula felt it inside her, jerking with excitement. "Ohhhh... I'm being fucked... aaahh... a married woman shouldn't feel like this when a strange cock is going in. "Oooohhhhh", she gasped as another inch slid into her hot, wet tunnel. "I can't help it", she thought. "I'm just a dirty whore."

Dick grunted with satisfaction as he felt her cunt throbbing uncontrollably around his weapon.


Her lover was on top of her body... his chest pressed against her tits and her throbbing, hard nipples. Treva felt Gordon's stiff, thick cock slip even deeper into her channel. His hands slid beneath her writhing buttocks, each capturing a large, sexy cheek.

"UUnngghhhh" The groan burst from her lungs spontaneously as the cock began to thrust and pump her. Even though only half of its length was inside, the feeling was sensuous and delicious. She found herself rocking her hips as Gordon's tongue flicked into her ear and his hand caressed and pulled her sensitive nipple sending shivers of delight through her panting body.

She couldn't suppress the moaning cry: "Ooohhh sooo good. Fuck me. Please fuck me."


Dick's hands were all over me now.. touching my face and ears, squeezing my tits, pinching the nipples as I begged him to not to hurt me. I felt more cock being pushed inside my throbbing hole.. fucking me.. using me. I wasn't spread wide enough. Abruptly, he levered my legs up and opened me up. Two more inches of cock drilled into my stretched hole. The hissing noise sounded like a viper, but it was me being fucked by a powerful snake. I could feel my orgasm building within me. I hugged his body tightly against mine and began thrusting back at him... screaming for him to give it to me.

I felt the stud's body stiffen on top of me. With a roar, Dick rammed his cock into me one last time, deep, and then ground himself against me, grunting like a wild boar as he emptied himself into my cunt. Wrapping my arms and legs about his shuddering body, I held him to me like a slutty whore, his thick cock still embedded deep inside my pulsing vagina. I needed him hard again. I was so close.


Gordon's cock repeatedly pounded into the bottom of my spasming vagina only to withdraw again, pulling my membranes along with it. As they stretched trying to hold the cock within my cunt, ripples of intense pleasure surged through me. The friction of his cock against the lower side of my clitoris and the scraping motion of his pubic bone against its tip forced a silent scream from my lips. Involuntarily, my mouth gaped wide open; my tongue thrust in and out making rotating motions in the air as my eyes clenched shut. I was powerless to stop my hips from hammering up and down in wild fuck motions, each thrust slamming the cock in and out of my wet hole. My cunt was drenched, a swamp. The fucking motions of the cock produced hot squishing noises with its every entry.

Gordon growled each time he buried his prick into the woman. Treva's eyes opened wide, as she cried out at the intensity of being filled with his huge meat. Again and again, her hips jerked upward against his as she wrapped her legs around him, locking her heels across his buttocks. Her male conqueror grunted with intense satisfaction as he slammed his swollen length into her hole. Gordon held on as her orgasm erupted.

"Ohhh fuck me, Lover.. fuck me... OOohhhhhh... cummmingggggggg..."

Treva hissed with intense female pleasure. At the same time, her hole convulsed and a thick stream squirted from it drenching Gordon's belly, cock, and balls. Her hole spasmed again causing another jet to squirt out around the coupled organs.


The cock got hard again inside my cunt within five minutes. "Shit, this stud had incredible recovery powers", I thought. I loved it. Dick wasted no time. I was pulled on top of his body with my back against his chest. His hand circled my hips and captured my engorged clitoris. The sensation was so intense I howled, "AAAAEEEEEEIIIII.. uuunnnggghhh... uuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnn>"

"Fuck my cock, you hot Bitch"

I didn't hesitate a second. Ramming my cunt up and down his rigid shaft, I was taking all of it into my widely stretched hole. His fingers strummed my clitoris as I fucked him, hard, my hips thudding against his on every journey my pussy made up and down the length of his shaft.

I plunged downward on him again. This time, when his cockhead thudded into my womb, my entire body contracted in a hard spasm as the orgasm exploded inside my cunt. The contractions of my vagina were too much for him to take. I felt his prick jerk, expand, and contract as it pumped more cum into my belly.

Dick's body collapsed under me, totally exhausted, as I fell to the side, my big tits heaving as I tried to suck air into my tortured lungs.


Treva was softly moaning.. continuously.. as her pussy continued to erupt in one orgasm after another. Each climax caused her vagina and her tubes to contract sending more gushing fluids over Gordon's 8-inch cock that was giving her the most intense sex she had ever had.

He had been fucking her for over an hour, driving her to climax after climax. The bed sheets were totally soaked. They both looked as if they had just come out of the shower from the mixture of her cunt juices and their sexual sweat. Each thrust of his cock into her pussy, caused their bodies to slide sensuously together, as the hot squishing sounds of cock in cunt echoed through the room exciting them both.

Treva gasped, hardly able to breathe. "You're going to kill me, Lover. I can't stop cumming. My muscles are going into spasms. OOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.... CUMMINGGGGGGGGG AGAIN......"

She no longer had enough fluid to squirt. Instead, her ejaculation slowly bubbled out of her tube.

"I can't hold it any longer, Treva. You're cunt's too hot...too tight. I need to cum. Do I need to pull out?"

"If you pull it out, I'll scratch your eyes out. CUM YOU HOT STUD. FILL MY PUSSY WITH IT. SHOOT IT INNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN..."

That's all it took. Gordon's prick jerked and began to empty its huge, pent up load into Treva's cunt. After four huge spurts, it was full, the next three jets having no place to go, spurted between his throbbing cock shaft and her widely-stretched labia.


At 5 PM, Saturday, Paula came downstairs carrying an overnight bag ready for the trip to Dick and Treva's home.

"Ok, Lover. I'm ready, but I'm a little nervous. I've never ridden on a bike for a long distance before."

"You're be fine. Just keep the helmet on, straddle the bike and hold on to my waist."

I've brought a small bag containing my evening clothes if we go out. Is there room?"

"For that little bag. Sure. No problem."

"Are these jeans ok for the trip?"

"What do you have underneath? Any panties?"

"Yes, but does that matter?"

"Well, you're going to straddling a big powerful bike. The vibrations of the engine aren't small and your pussy is going to be pressed against the bike. Some women cum. So if you don't have on any panties, you may soak through."

"Bull... I think you're just trying to turn me on."

"Ok... let's go."

The trip took 50 minutes. Paula came after 30 minutes on the bike.


Gordon was relaxing in the Matthews' den with a beer when Dick and his wife came in the front door around 6 PM.

"Hi. Glad to see you made it. Treva is upstairs getting ready to go out for dinner and dancing. We have reservations at the Wine Shack for dinner and plan on going to The Blades afterwards. You still have a little more than an hour to get ready Paula. Our reservations are for 7:30 PM. Treva said to use the guest bedroom, end of the hall. That's where you and Dick will be staying tonight."

Paula looked at me.. thought about saying something, but then thought better of it and hurried upstairs. Dick sat down across from me.

"Are you going to change? I've already showered, shaved, and changed. Takes your wife a lot longer."

"Listen", Dick began, "about the last two weeks. I.. well.. "

"No need to explain. I understand completely. Paula has a very hot body and she's a ball of fire in bed, as you've found out. Don't worry about it. However, that's my viewpoint. I have to warn you, your wife has a very different view of things. She's really pissed. So, my advice for what it's worth is be cool. If she starts ripping you up for going behind her back to get into my wife, just remain silent, take your verbal whipping and then apologize. Don't make excuses or try to explain, and do not... I repeat do not say anything even remotely critical of her."

Dick nodded. Sat there for awhile and then said, "Ok. I do need to get ready. Look, I have to ask. Am I going to be sleeping with Paula tonight? Is that going to be a disaster? Should I call things off?"

"Only if you want your wife to divorce you."

Dick couldn't think of anything to say in response to that, so he didn't try. Instead, he started upstairs to his room.

"By the way, Treva has put your clothes for the evening in the guest bedroom with Paula. Change there, not in the master bedroom. That belongs to Treva and me for the weekend."


A little after 7 PM, Dick, Paula, and I were sipping some wine in the den. As usual, Paula looked sexy and hot in her short skirt, tight blouse, hose and heels. We all looked up when Treva came out of her master bedroom. She glanced at Dick and then ignored him as she moved beside me and kissed me passionately on the mouth while pressing her tits against my chest in the process.

"You ready to take me out, Lover? I'm more than ready."

Dick was speechless. First, because his wife had ignored him and second because of her new outfit I had selected and bought for her that afternoon at Victoria's. I couldn't really blame him for staring. His wife looked like pure distilled essence of sex.

"My god!", he finally blurted ignoring my good advice of an hour earlier. "Are you going to wear that to dinner?"

I could see his point, but it was a colossal mistake on his part. Treva's form fitting black sheathe almost failed to cover her ass. There was no possible way she could be wearing hose or even pantyhose. However, her legs were so evenly and well tanned, they weren't necessary. The white, open-toed sandals she wore were a sexy contrast to the black sheathe. With four-inch heels, her legs looked sensational.

The sheathe only buttoned up to the bottom of her tits so that the top gaped open exposing over half of her breasts. She was braless and her nipples were within an inch or less of being exposed. The effect was so erotic and slutty that her tits seemed much larger than the 32B that they were. Only the two straps around her neck held the dress up. The overall effect was the pure distilled sex of a $3,000 a night high-class call girl.

Treva shot a withering look toward her husband. "Do you have some type of problem with me looking hot and sexy? I hope not because that's the way I feel tonight, and you can't handle it, then you and Paula can stay home and watch TV or whatever. Is there any part of that you don't understand?"

I prayed Dick would come to his senses and tell Treva how incredible she looked, but he was determined to dig himself into an even deeper hole.

"Do you have anything on, ANYTHING, under that dress?"

If his first statement was a colossal blunder, this one was the equivalent of impaling yourself on your own sword. Actually, I knew she was wearing a thong so that her pussy wouldn't be totally exposed when the sheathe pulled higher, as it was certain to do. But there was no way she was going to give her cheating husband that information, nor was I.

"Of course I have something under this dress. I have perfume around my tits, some on my inner thighs, and some on my pussy. I also have a very sexy, neatly trimmed triangle of bush right above my very wet and hot clit."

Dick frantically dug his hole deeper still.

"I don't believe you. You would never go out dancing in a dress like that."

Treva's response was to turn her ass toward her doubting husband and pull her skirt up above her ass. Her full, sexy, naked ass was all he saw under the sheathe. She didn't pull it high enough for him to see the waistband of the thong nor could he see it between her thighs since it was almost entirely buried between her ass cheeks and in her cunt.

Treva pulled the dress down to almost cover her ass and said, "Gordon, are you ready to take this hot slut out on the town? I can't wait." Turning to Paula, "Come on. Let's go. Bring him along too. He's got a big cock."