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VII. Dinner and Dancing

When we arrived at The Wine Shack, a four-star, outstanding restaurant, the valet was waiting at the front of the restaurant to park our car for us. I was driving so Treva was in the front passenger seat. When he opened the door for her, she smiled broadly and moved her right leg out of the car and planted her heel on the pavement. The position totally exposed her crotch with only the small triangle of the thong concealing her cunt. It wasn't large enough to cover the sexy bush which was almost fully exposed. The Valet couldn't take his eyes off her pussy.

Treva looked directly into his eyes, spread wider, and licked her lips. Reaching up, she flipped one of the buttons open, pulled the top of her dress aside, and exposed one of her tits. She held the pose for ten seconds or so giving the young man plenty of opportunity to enjoy her charms. When she got out of the car, she moved close and whispered, "Thank you for parking our car for us. I hope you're here when we leave." As we walked away, I noticed the guy had a hard on.

Dick had seen his wife spreading her legs and exposing her breast for the Valet. However, he wasn't in position to see between her thighs so he assumed she was exposing her naked cunt for him. He opened his mouth to say something. I intervened just in time.

"Don't say anything. Concentrate on Paula and her very wet pussy that you'll be fucking tonight. Every time you open your mouth, it's going to get worse. Just be quiet and enjoy the evening."

Every male in the restaurant stopped eating to look at the two women we had with us. Paula's large tits and sexy full ass always attracted male attention, but for the first time that I could remember, she was being upstaged by the smoking hot brunette with me. Some of the men must have known Dick because they were obviously surprised to see his wife clinging tightly to my arm and pressing her thighs and tits against me as we moved between the tables to ours.

"I leaned closer and whispered to Treva, "You're getting every cock in the restaurant hard and all you're doing is walking across the room. When we get to The Blades, they're gonna be cumming in their pants."

I felt her entire body shudder as she whispered back: "OH god.. you get me hot.. I'm just boiling. Can you tell how hot and excited I am?"

Pressing my lips to her ear, I licked it and said, "I can smell your cunt!" After that, she was trembling so hard, I had to support her until we were seated at our table. Before sitting down, I heard her softly moan, "If you touch my cunt...just touch it... I'll cum. Do it. Touch my cunt. Make me cum."

I pulled the chair for her. Her eyes found mine.. pleading. Once she was seated, I leaned over, smiled and spoke softly in her ear as my hand moved beneath the tablecloth, "Cum now! You hot, sexy Witch!" My hand moved between her open thighs and found her cunt. The thong was soaked, her cunt lips gaping open beneath it. She was so excited, her clit protruded from its protective sheath and made a prominent, easily located bulge at the top of her slit. My fingers moved over it...pressing it...squeezing it... two.. three times.. her body trembled and shuddered. Dick and Paula knew she was cumming.. some of the other men near us also knew.

Not to be outdone, my wife pulled her skirt up her thighs and opened her knees. Treva stayed spread wide throughout the entire meal. Her deep, excited breathing caused the top of her dress to gape even wider. The waiter couldn't keep his eyes off her tits. Standing over her, he could see both nipples and almost all of her mounds.

When the meal was over, the women retired to the ladies room to make "repairs" while I paid the bill. Dick wanted to split it, but I told him it was my treat and that he could pick up the checks the next time they visited our home. He was too shook up to argue.

By the time the waiter returned with the credit slip for me to sign, the women were waiting for us in the parking lot. The same Valet had brought the car while we were paying the bill. Naturally, he had opened the door for Treva, praying that he would get another glimpse of her hot thighs and panties when she took her seat.

When I opened the driver's side door to get in, I saw she was sitting facing the Valet with her legs wide open and her sheathe even further up her hips than before and the top of the dress was open exposing both tits this time. She didn't close her legs an inch when her husband came around to get into the back seat. He stood rooted to the spot until Paula pulled him into the car. Treva kept her legs open and her tits out for the Valet the entire time.

When I shut my door, everyone was in the car except for Treva. She still had one foot on the pavement, the other on the edge of the floorboard. I heard her say in a clear voice, "Thank you for taking such good care of us and our car. Here take this. She handed him a folded bill, moved her legs inside the car and we were off to the Blades.


As I drove, I turned toward Treva, winked, and gave her a big smile. She smiled back and laid something on my leg. The back of the seat shielded us from Dick's view. I looked down and realized that Treva had laid her thong on my leg. She must have taken it off while in the ladies room. So the Valet really had been staring at her naked cunt this time.

"How big a tip did you give him?" I asked.

"Not much."

"How much."

"Just a dollar."

"Really? I thought you would have given him more."

"I'm sure he was satisfied."

"With a dollar?" I smiled. Women aren't very good tippers.

"A dollar plus my address and phone number on the slip of paper inside the folded dollar bill."

Lowering my voice. "You sexy Slut. You know he's going to fuck you."

"I hope so."


Once we were at the Blades, Treva became even more slutty. She had put her thong back on, but that was the only thing that kept every man in the place from seeing her cunt. She sat at the table with her legs open. One guy even stopped and told her that she had dynamite legs and he wished she would take off the panties. She smiled,
got up and walked to the ladies room, her ass swinging in invitation as she walked. The man followed her like a puppy dog on a leash. She didn't return for 15 minutes.

While she was gone, I got Paula aside and suggested she and Dick take the car and head back to their house. I would get Treva rounded up as soon as I could, get a taxi, and join them. "You need to get him out of here before he has a heart attack."

"No. He'll be all right. He's just not very good with women."

I smiled. "He handled you pretty good for the last two weeks."

"I know. I just got addicted to that big cock of his. But a big cock gets old after a very short while when there's nothing else. The truth is that I'm really sorry for being such a slut."

"I'm not! I love having a beautiful, sexy, intelligent, hot slut for my wife. Would you like to call the evening off and head home as soon as we can get Treva and Dick back to their place?"

"I would love that, but we are absolutely not ... and I mean NOT.. going to leave. I want to lie in bed with Mr. big dick and listen to Treva moaning as she gets fucked by a real stud... the guy who is the best lover I've ever had and ever hope to have."

"That's not going to be very enjoyable for you."

"You don't think so? You're wrong. I love watching you drive other women crazy with that magic wand of yours."

"Ok. Where the hell is Treva? She's been gone to the ladies room for a long time. Maybe you should go check on her?"


"She may be in there crying or something."

Paula smiled..then started laughing. "Honey.. she's in the ladies room being fucked. Don't worry about her. She'll be back when that stud she showed her cunt to has finished fucking her."

As usual, my wife was right. When Treva returned, she smiled, sat down and opened her thighs again. "You're panties seem to be drenched."

"Yeah. The bastard pumped a monster load into me. Doesn't matter. Let's dance."

Before we finished dancing, I became convinced that the management would soon ask us to leave the club. We hadn't been dancing more than a few steps when Treva said, "Pull my dress up over my ass so everyone can see it."

I pulled it up so that the bottom of her naked ass was showing.
"Pull it higher and shove my panties down. Show me off, Lover. Let the other men see Treva's hot ass." I pulled it up to her waist and lowered her panties to midthigh.

As we danced, I twirled her around in loops fully aware that as she turned, her pussy was on display. She didn't mind at all. In fact, after one loop, she stopped with back to me and leaned against me, her hips undulating in time to the music, her legs parted, her cunt thrusting back and forth as the men all watched.

"My tits, Honey. They want to see my tits. Take out my tits, Gordon. Show me off.."

"We may be arrested."

"Hell.. no one's going to want me arrested... they want me naked. Show them my tits."

I pulled the top of her sheathe open and extracted both tits. The nipples were rock hard. I pinched them as she humped her pussy at the all the onlookers. "Take my dress off... I want to be naked."

I moved away from her and pulled it down over her hips. We continued to dance with Treva wearing nothing but her white sandals.
Eventually, I got her turned toward me and she immediately began to grind her naked cunt against my bulge. I got hard as stone immediately.

"Take your cock out. Fuck me right here on the dance floor."
She didn't wait for my decision. I felt her fingers at my zipper and a moment later her hand was inside trying to get my 8-inch prick out of my pants. I was so hard, she was having a tough time getting it out.

Before she could get it out, a man approached, and said, "I'm Howard Blade. I own this place, and I love the show the two have put on here tonight. It's incredibly hot and great for business, but I can't let you fuck her right here in the open. Nudity is ok, but public fucking isn't. The heat might close me down. If she can't wait, take her into my private office and bang her there."

"We'll wait... get our car and go home. Thanks for everything."

"NO! NO! I can't wait that long. Take me to the office and fuck me... hurry... I'm about to cum." She turned to Howard. "Want to join us?" He didn't have to be asked twice.


Once in the office, I got Treva on Howard's desk. While the two of us stripped, she posed on the desk top with her ass resting on her heels, both knees up, steepled and wide open, leaning backwards and thrusting her cunt forward. She looked like pure distilled whore. The lips of her cunt were red and open from the recent fucking she had received in the ladies room. "Come on, Boys. My cunt's waiting and its hot."

Howard didn't need another invitation. He was on her in a flash, shoving her onto her back on the desk top and yanking her legs wide apart. He dived between her gaping thighs and buried his mouth into her folds. As soon as his tongue dragged across her engorged, throbbing clitoris, Treva wailed and screamed, probably loud enough for her husband to hear her out in the club area.

She pulled his head tightly against her throbbing pussy, and moaned. "oohhh fuckkkkkkk ... yes.. eat me, Baby.. eat my hot, cum-filled fuck hole, Stud."

He kept it up for several minutes until she was hissing with intense female pleasure. "OOoohhh please... Don't stop... DON'T STOP... GONNA CUMMMMM... I'M FUCKING GONNA CUMMMMMMMMMM.." A moment later she did, her entire vagina and ass tubes contracting in intense, uncontrollable spasms.

Howard rose to his feet, pulled her legs up into the air and pressed them back, exposing her still throbbing cunt hole. A moment later that same hole was filled with his rigid prick. It sank into her to the balls on his first thrust causing her to grunt like a stuck sow. Then, the fucking started... hard, deep, powerful thrusts into the bottom of her vagina. She wailed every time it thudded into the bottom of her hole. He fucked her steadily, powerfully through another orgasm. When he felt her cunt convulsing around his embedded rod, he announced, "Here it cums, Slut. Take it all." When he finally withdrew, thick, white streams of semen gushed out of Treva's stretched cunt.

Desk fucking is sexy but somewhat uncomfortable. I wanted her on the couch. Scooping her up in my arms, I carried her to the sofa and dropped her unceremoniously onto her back. She pulled her legs up and back immediately. Her hips were already thrusting in invitation as I moved between her legs into her sex saddle. She wrapped her hand around my rod and put the head into her hole. It sank in easily. One thrust buried all 8-inches of cock up her fuck hole. She howled with pleasure when it stretched her.

The fact that Treva had cum but had not squirted when Howard fucked her was not lost on me. She had told me that she usually didn't ejaculate except when I fucked her. I was determined that she was going to squirt several times before I let her up off the couch.

Rising over her so that my cock was fucking straight down into her upturned cunt, I pulled out until only the head was still inside her. "Treva."

Her eyes opened wide and she looked up at me, her pussy throbbing around the head of the embedded dick. "I'm going to fuck you like a hot whore until your cunt explodes. Don't bother to beg me to stop... the dick pumps you until your hole gushes... understand?"

Her mouth opened but no sound came out. Her body answered for her, shuddering and shaking violently. My hips jerked forward sending the rigid 8-inch shaft down.. down.. down into her depths until it hit her womb, shoved it back and continued inward another inch. She felt the cum-filled balls smacking against her ass.


Pulling out, I drove the cock into her hard again... once more forcing her womb up and back..


Holding her big, delicious ass in place, I hammered stroke after stroke into her boiling vagina. Howard was already hard again from watching Treva's ass hole opening and closing in response to the fierce fucking she was receiving. I slammed another stroke into her defenseless, gaping cunt.


A moment later, her fuck hole exploded as she climaxed and ejaculated a heavy stream all over my belly and cock drenching both of us. A minute later, she came again, once more squirting repeatedly. In the middle of her orgasm, I poured my load into the convulsing cunt.

As soon as I pulled out, Howard flipped her over, boosted her ass high and drilled it with one smooth powerful stroke.


Howard granted her wish and fucked her thrashing body until she climaxed. To his credit, the throbbing pussy spurted when the orgasm surged through it.

After that, she knelt in front of the two of us and sucked our cocks one after the other until she had them both hard and ready again. When we were fully erect and raging to fuck her again, she moaned: "Oohhhh two big hard studs... love it! I want them both in me. Howard.. you in my ass... Gordon in my cunt... both in me... fucking me... Lie on the couch, Gordon."

I stretched out, my cock rigid and sticking almost vertically. Treva mounted me, thighs outside my hips. She grasped my weapon and aligned it with her cunt... as soon as the head was in, she sank all the way down taking all 8 inches of meat into her hungry cunt hole.

Howard was ready. I pulled her body down against my chest. The feel of her hard nipples against me made my cock jerk and pulse inside her cunt. Treva squealed.

"aaaeeeeeeeeeeee... uuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn"

Howard wasted no time, He got over her supporting his weight with his legs, pressed his cock downward to align it with her ass hole. We both grunted when he thrust forward, causing Treva's body to crush mine into the couch.

"OOOhhhhhhhhhh god... Gordon... he's fucking me in the assssssss.... uuuughhh...ugh ugh ugh...hurts... hurts... don't stop.. ram me... ass fuck me... cunt fuck me.... aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

We got a good rhythm going. I rammed into her... Howard pulled out... I pulled out.. he slammed his dong into her stretched ass hole. Back and forth. It didn't take long for Treva to begin to cum. Her juices spurted over my cock. Howard could feel the contractions of her ass hole when she came. We fucked her harder. She came again..

Soon, she was having near continuous orgasms. "I can't hold it much longer. Her ass is too tight. You ready to cum in her, Gordon?"

"Oh fuck yes! Her pussy is squeezing me like a vise."

"On three... we shoot the hot Bitch full of cum. Ok?"

"Yeah.. I'm fucking her. Say when."

"One... we rammed her hard... two... we rammed her even harder making her scream... THREE.. both cocks fired off in her contracting holes."


It took us almost a half hour to get dressed and head back to the club area to find my wife and Dick. The bartender told us that they had already left. "She said for the two of you to get a taxi home. Shall I call one?"

I finally got Treva home around midnight after waiting for the Taxi. As soon as we walked to the master bedroom, I could hear my hot wife moaning in the guest bedroom... once more urging Dick to fuck her harder with that big cock. She was sorry for being such a slut, but she still loved the way the monster dick could make her cum... "Dick is dicking my wife with a big dick", I thought smiling.

"Let's take a look, shall we?" I asked Treva.

"Let's", she grinned devilishly, looking a lot like my wife when she grins like that.

We were going to peek in at them, but our plans went awry as soon as we opened the bedroom door. Dick was lying on his back with my wife riding him with her feet on his thighs, her back against his chest. His huge dick was slamming in and out of Paula's cunt causing hot female grunts every time she rammed herself down on it.

In this position, she was looking right at the door and saw us immediately. "OOhhhh fuckkkk... look at his huge dick in me, Gordon... aaaahhhhhhhhh...shittttt.... he's killing me with it... aaahhhhhhhhhhhhh.... ugh ugh ugh ugh... ooouuuu ouuu oouu... uuuunnnnnnn.."

It was amazing. 10.. maybe 11 inches of thick, iron hard man meat was fucking my wife's cunt. She was taking all of it on every thrust. I guessed it wasn't that surprising since he had been working several hours a day for two weeks to get her hole stretched enough to take it.


We watched Dick fuck my wife until she had cum twice. Just as we were leaving, Dick rolled her over onto her stomach, boosted her ass up and thrust into her. We heard her deep, repeated, guttural wails of passion all the way down the hallway to the master bedroom.

Treva was insatiable. I fucked her again and again until I just couldn't get it up any more. She exploded in orgasm after orgasm until she couldn't spurt any more, but her cunt and ass never stopped throbbing and contracting in one spasm after another. I collapsed in exhaustion around 3 AM.

I was nearly 10 AM before I awoke Sunday morning. I would have slept longer but Treva was sucking my cock. When she had me hard again, she mounted me and began to ram her pussy up and down my shaft. While she was mounted on me, Dick and Paula came in and watched her bouncing on my cock.

The sight soon had Paula hot and she got Dick's cock out and began sucking him. He was already hard watching me fuck his wife and after few minutes of Paula's mouth pumping up and down his rigid dick, he was ready to fuck her.

We ended up in the same bed, Treva riding my cock, Paula mounted on Dick's. After both women had cum, we flipped them both over onto their backs and fucked them with their legs up and back while we stood beside the bed and hammered our hard shafts in and out of their upturned vaginas.

Just before I came, I asked Dick. "Wanna switch and sink it into your hot wife?"

I didn't have to ask twice. We switched almost without missing a stroke. The women weren't even aware of their new fucker until we had rammed them a few times. Treva moaned when she realized her husband's cock was in her.

Paula held me tightly with her legs locked around my hips. "Give it to me hard. I need you to cum in me .. make me cum." I pounded her like a man possessed. She howled as she came, her cunt throbbing around my cock. I pumped my load into her waiting hole a moment later.

As my cock slowly softened within her hot, wet, cum-filled vagina, she pulled me close and whispered,

"Welcome home, Stud."

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Excellent story, I had to read them all in one setting, they were too good to stop in the middle. Thanks for sharing them, I will look forward to finding another from you.