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Charlie, twenty-eight years of age, brilliantly
healthy, enjoying a moderate income, which he
derived from the honest labour of his father in
business, had as his mistress, Maud, over whose
pretty head twenty-four summers had passed, She
was the wife of a worthy fellow, whose icy tem-
perament formed too great a contrast with that of
his better half, so that it was no wonder that she
should seek elsewhere that which she had no chance
of finding in her husband's arms.

Charlie, free to do as he liked, was fond of the
ladies, but in a tranquil fashion and brooking no
delays, had met Maud at social gatherings, and she
seems fitted for his simple, albeit lecherous, tastes.
She. too, had remarked Charlie, who by his dis-
creet, polite, and ardent manner, seemed well fitted
to compensate her, without fear of scandal for the
insufficiently of her husband, resulting from
frigidity in tbe pleasures of love.




When two people are suited to each other, it
is not long before they come to an arrangement, so
a « liaison » was quickly established between the
couple. Charlie possessed a neat little room, in a
different neighbourhood from that of his residence,
where could be found a bed, cosy arm-chairs, sofa,
divan, chairs, cushions, rugs, and all furniture and
necessary linen for the pursuits for which the nook
was destined. All was arranged without useless
luxury, but with care and cleanliness, and com-
modities of all kinds. Two little keys, of which
Charlie and Maud each possessed one, allowed
them to repair thither separately at the day and
hour fixed by Maud, either by a sly « billet-doux *
communicated at parties where the overs often met,
or by a note that she carried herself to the little
room, for it was understood that Charlie should go
there every morning, between ten and eleven, except
they had met overnight.

This state of things had lasted for eighteen
months, the lovers having exhausted without lassi-
tude every resource of free and happy passion.

They agreed perfectly, in spite of time and satis-
fied enjoyment, absolutes and deserved. They had
confidence in each other. Maud found that Charlie
was not only a discreet and indefatigable lover, hut



also a man of firm mind, just and sensible, free of
all prejudices, but respecting tbem for tbe sake of
the worlds opinion.

Cbarlie recognised in Maud a good-hearted
woman not very capricious, but leaning towards
tbe pleasures of passion in consequence of ber fiery
temperament, beld in check, however, by a sensible
brain; farseeing too, but desirous of learning. Their
two souls were destined to agree.

One day, Charlie found in his boudoir a word
from Maud, telling him that the same day she would
come to pass the night, all the next and the following
night, having obtained from her husband the permis-
sion to spend two or three days with a female friend
a few miles out of London. She intented to go
there on the third day and only stop twenty-four
hours, so as to devote an entire day and two nights
to love.

The two lovers had long desired to be able to
sleep together at least one night and this had been
impossible up to the present.

Charlie was delighted; it seemed to him as if he
was now only for the first time about to really
enjoy his mistress, although he had oftentimes
passed many hours in bed in her arms, both of
them in a state of nature, in the happy little lodging.



He awaited her coming therefore with impa-*
tient felicity, almost as if it was the first « rendez-
vous * with Maud, who took care no to break her
word, as she experienced m a like manner this
tender feeling of her lover, so she arrived at seven
o'clock in the evening.

Charlie had caused a light repast to be prepared,
prettily laid out, but substantial withal. The table
was near the bed; they gaily supped and retired
between the sheets very early, so as to have more
time for the amorous struggles, to which they gave
themselves up with all the ardour of true, young,
and vigorous lovers.

After having taken a large amount of voluptuous
exercice, our two turtle-doves rested awhile and
began to chat about the -sweet pleasure they had had.
They were both full of their subject. Curious little
Maud began to speak first.





IpSpSp :S@lp©@



Maud. — You must confess, my dear boy, tbat
you are a great libertine. I don't say tbat to
reproacb you, as, frankly, I get all the benefit, and
not being a hypocrite I state the plain truth, but
you seem imbued with the science of Venus to
your fingers-ends, and I believe that there is not a
single branch unknown to you.

Charlie. — I think you are right. I cannot help
myself. From my most tender youth, it seemed to
me that there were no other real pleasures than
those given by the goddess of love, especially when
a man had enough empire over himself no to abuse
them. By this I mean that each one should know
his own strength, otherwise definitive debility steps



in, or premature old age, and impotency worse than
death. I soon lost all scruples regarding the ways
and means to arrive at enjoyment, and I tried to
inculcate my ideas to all the women who suc-
cumbed to me, gently and warily, having due respect
lor their feelings of coyness and shame. I could
never understand that one style of enjoyment should
he more to he blamed than another, therefore I lent
myself freely to all the capricious imaginations of
my sweethearts. For they had various caprices, and
all women who are loving and voluptuous and
practise loves games have them too. In the same way,
I persuaded them to give way to my salacious will,
however extravagant the realisation of my dreams
might he. Add to this that I had read everything, or
nearly everything, that had ever been written in
Latin, French, English or Italian on the art of
voluptuous passion, and you are therefore correct in
saying as you did, that there is very little, if there
is anything at all, that I do not know in theory or
in practice of this vast subject. The only thing that
I have really never yet put into active experiment
is sodomy, or any other kind of debauchery with
my fellow men. I have always felt unconquerable
repulsion for the carnal approach of a male, and that
feeling has not yet left me. I wish all these who



Lave masculine tastes plenty of fun and pleasure
and blame them not because I believe that every
desire is natural, that they become good and bad
desires in merely a relative manner, and that each
one should be free to amuse himself as he thinks
best, as long as he does so without noise, scandal,
or violence and harming no one. But for my own
self, 1 do not understand the pleasures of man with
man, while there is nothing which I am not ready
to taste with any woman who pleases me.

Maud, — After what has passed between us,
I can speak without circumlocution. You know that
all women are full of curiosity? I am no exception
to the rule. I should like — you will laugh at me
perchance, but I care not — to be treated like an
innocent girl desiring to learn all that you know so
well of love and love's diversions, as if you were
the professor of a maiden ignorant of everything,
even of the difference of sex. My husband has taught
me very little about all this scarcely a few words,
so that it has happened that when out of doors I
sometimes cannot understand certain words whis-
pered in worldly conversation. I hear the sounds,
without knowing their meaning. This vexes me. I
look foolish, and no one likes to appear en

I talk of this to my husband, either I make mistakes.



or he pretends I do, or what is more probable still,
ne knows very little more than me. Anyhow, he
puts me off and there I am with my questions and
no satisfactory answers. You are my first, my only
lover; it is your duty to enlighten me.

Charlie « laughing — I willingly believe you,
beeause you tell roc so, that I am at this present
moment your only lover, but as for being the first...
Never mind, I am not your father confessor, I
never trouble about the past life of a woman who
pleases me, especially when her reputation is a good
one. But that is not the question. You desire me to
treat you like a perfectly innocent pupil, wishing
to become learned in the science of Venus? Good,
I can refuse naught that is in my power and that
can be agreeable to you. But remember that first of
all I must use technical terms without screen or
veil, or double meanings, and I fear for your deli-
cates ears.

Maud. — I know, sir, that, in the pleasures of
science, the beginning is not all roses, but as I wish
to learn, so as to be as wise as my master. I must
perforce submit to walk at first mid thorns and
briars. Fear not to wound my ears, any more than
you have hitherto feared to wound other parts of
my body, which it suited occasionnally to handle



as you chose without thought of what I might suffer
in consequence.

Charlie * laughing still «. — As you are blessed
with such sweet resignation, fair lady, I will try
all I can to satisfy you.

Therefore I begin :


Man and woman, though meant for each other,
are constructed in a totally different manner, espe-
cially as regards the genital organs, which particu-
larly distinguish one sex from the other and which
are placed at the bottom of the belly between the
thighs. These are called the * genitals », because they
serve to engender the human race. The etymology
is a Latin one and for that reason 2 need not tell it

parts of the male are composed of a canal
covered with flesh and muscles, forming by their
mass a member which is more or less long and thick,
springing from a kind of bag of skin containing two
reservoirs shaped like beans, also more or less
voluminous. This canal is called the urethra* and
the entire organ is known as yard, prick, cock, viril
member and a thousand other suggestive titles, such



as : tiling, lance, dagger, spear, dart, perforator, pego,
tool, John Thomas, piercer, etc. It grows out of the
lower ptfrt of the belly, surmounting and between
the man's thighs at a spot called the * pubis, » which
becomes covered with hair at the age of puberty. It
terminates with the nut or gland, which is a kind of
acorn split at the exterior extremity, covered with a
moveable skin that folds back at will, and during
copulation, so as to leave this head naked and render
the tickling of the sexual parts of the woman more
enjoyable when it is introduced therein. This skin
is fixed to the lower part of the nut, by a kind of
membrane called the « fraenum * or fibre, which
gets partly ruptured at the first venereal act of the
man to permit the backward movements of this deli-
cate covering, yelept prepuce, or « foreskin ». This
fibre, which it shelters when at rest, is very tender,
and to rub it or stretch it by pulling the foreskin
strongly backwards gives the man great pleasure.
The Beat of pleasure in the male is undoubtedly the
sensitive top of his manly staff and by caressing and
tickling it, you are sure at last to bring about the
emission of his seed or spunk, by the orifice which
is at the extremity of the glard. This seed is a
whitish, viscous, salt liquid that, spirted by the
virile member into the sexual parts of the woman.



operates the miracle of generation and fecundates
the female. By this aperture of the head of the
gland the man also pisses.

The brown purse or hag is nothing more than
a prolongation of the skin of the inner parts of the
thighs, of that near the bum-hole and the cock,
which also gets hairy at the age of puberty, and
contains the reservoirs I fust told you about. They
are two glandular organs secreting the seed, spunk
or sperm, made by the kidneys. This apparatus, the
bag and its contents, in their entirety, are called the
testicles, or the bollox, and there are other figura-
tive names for it such as ball,, etc., etc. Al ways on
account of the two little round reservoirs.

Beneath this bag is the continuation of the canal
of the urethra, which extends from the neck of tte
bladder to the extremity of the penis, conti-

nuation, resembling a raised stitch, and on which
is a sort of seam, is called the « perineum ». It
divides the testicle bag into two parts and extends
from the front edge of the arse-hole to the end of
the prick. The whole length of the canal, or rather
the flesh and muscles of which it is composed, swell
up and stand out when the man has carnal desires,
or when he feels the wish to discharge the super-
fluity of seed that he possesses*That is called « getting.



the horn, » « getting stiff » having a « cock stand *, or
an « erection, » etc.


Woman's sexual parts are composed of a slit
which is called the « vulva », from a Latin word
signifying a door way, of which the two outer lips
appear to he the folding doors.

Tins opening begins at the bottom of the belly,
where there is the * os pubis *, or pubis bone, as in
the male, and terminates at the perineum, near the
hole in the bottom, or anus. This space comprises
two large lips on the exterior of which, as well as
on the pubis, is a growth of hair more or less
abundant and of different shades, following generally
the colour of the woman's tresses at the age of
puberty, as with men in the same part of their
bodies. Lifting open these large outer lips, we find
within two little tongues, called small lips or
nymphse, on the summit of which, at the point
where they meet, is a kind of little button or growth
of flesh, resembling the top of the fibre of the head
of a man's prick. It is called clitoris, button, etc., and
is the seat of enjoyment for the woman, exactly as
for the man the top of the prick and the fibre, which
it resembles.



Beneath the clitoris, and close to the nymphse, is
a round hole with elastic ridges which forms a
passage into the woman's hody. This is the entrance
of the vagina or neck of the womb, which is the
name given to the interior parts of woman, where
she conceives and where the child is nourished
during gestation or pregnancy, generally lasting nine

opening is partly stopped up when the
woman is a virgin by a membrane called the
hymen, unless they have broken it by pushing in a
finger or any other rounded object.

Above the hole, under the clitoris, is another
little aperture forming the opening of the canal
which serves to void her urine. It is called * meatus
urinarius * or female urinary organ. Between the
external orifice of the vagina and the meeting of
the large lips below, near the arse-hole, is a little
sunken space called * fossa naviculeris ». The pair
of small lips or nymphse form above a triangular
space called the vestibule. At the base of this
triangle of which the clitoris forms the opposite
angle and beneath it, the * meatus urinarius » is to
be found.

The point of junction of the big lips near the os
pubis and the mount of Venus (name given to the



little swelling formed by tbe flesb covering tbe 00
pubis) is called commissure of tbe vulva above. Tie
junction of tbese same large lips beneatb the « fossa
navicularis * is called tbe fourchette or fork, or
commissure of tbe vulva below.

Tbe slit of tbe woman and all its organs together,
as detailed above, is vulgarly called the * cunt *. It
has, like the man's member, a number of facetious
and figurative appellations such as sheath, furrow,
in opposition to the cock, know as the spear, dagger,
ploughshare. The cunt is also know as the cunny,
pussy, cockle-shell, button-hole, etc.

Sometimes the name of the mount of Venus is
also given to the same part found between the man's
prick and the bottom of K» belly.

We call seed, spunk, sperm, or seminal fluid,
the liquid that is secreted by both men and women,
which springs out of their reservoirs by the rubbing
of their sexual parts together, and this discharge
procures for both indescribable enjoyment, Some
learned men pretend that woman has no real seed
but only a moisture without prolific value.

Besides these parts which form the female sex,
women have usually on their breast two half globes
which develop themselves about the age of puberty
and become more or less large with age, filling with



milk when the woman 10 a mother. These dcmi~
globes vary in size and shape; they are sometimes
close together, sometimes wide apart. Each of them
is adorned in the middle by a pink button, whence
issues milk which is given up to the eager sucking
lips of the new-born babe. These buttons are called
nipples and the globes are known as titties, teats,
hubbies, dairies, bust, maternal hemispheres, breasts*
bosom, or « charms.* This last word applies to all
the other beauties of the female form and sometimes
to those of the male. Man is generally fascinated by
the view of the feminine breast. He can scarcely ever
view the naked titties, or even a small part of them,
and still less kiss them, without feeling at once the
desire to be carnally joined to the woman thus
exposed, and he has an erection more or less strong
according to his constitution.

carnal union takes place by the intromission
of the manly prick in the feminine cunt. Tie action
of the introduction and the movements made by
both sexes, or by only one of them, to hasten the
discharge or emisson of the seminal liquor, inevitable
result and the desired end of this action, when
continued long enough, is called fucking, poking,
connection, getting up or into a woman, rogering,
coition, copulation, having a go, etc.



The buttocks of a woman also excite tbe imagi-
nation of tbe man immensely. They are generally
worshipped and caressed just before fucking. These
parts, very handsome when the female is well-built,
with their rounded contours, their whiteness, and
softness of the skin, are effectively often very
attractive, and some men prefer them even to the
cunt as an object of adoration.

For my part, I must tell you that I think
woman is cunt all over and the contact of any part
of her body pleases me, excites me and gives me
desires, terminating by the act of enjoyment, which
I willingly effect all over a woman, that is to say
in or on any part of her person, so much do I love
all and everything that is a part of this enchanting
sex. On the other hand, my opinion is that c,
woman should have no repugnance m receiving all
over her body the homage of the man to whom she
consents to abandon herself. She should be unre-
served with him, refuse him nothing and let him
burn his incense on whichever of her altars that
most excites his desire. He too, naturally, in grateful
exchange of good will should renounce all indivi-
duality to the caprices of his mistress's imagination.
This exchange should be complete and reciprocal.

Maud. — My dear friend, these are excellent



principles and I frankly declare that they are mine,
I think I have proved to you that indeed I do believe
that there is no single part of my frame where you
have not placed your lips, or caressed with your
hands, and where you have not also, as you say,
burnt incense to the god Cupid. All of my body,
inside; and outside, where it is impossible for you
to penetrate, has received the liquid and burning
proofs of your lechery. You have not had my
maidenhead in front, the bird had flown when you
discovered the nest, but you have had the virginity
of all the other parts of my body. As for me, I have
felt you all over with my hands, caressed every bit
of you with my lips and tongue and by the contact
of my own entire self. My pussy has clung to you
and rubbed against you in every direction, and so
as my bosom and my bottom on every part of your
person. You have readily lent yourself to all my
whims and, I believe, I have satisfied all your lustful

Charlie. — Truly spoken, my angel. But I
remarked that when talking of these things you
seem to fear to use technical terms. That is ridicu-
lous weakness between us two, assured as we are of
being perfectly alone and safe from all surprise or
spies. As we have no secrets for each other, why



not call things by their proper names, which makes
them more intelligible than, by wordly round-about
phrases of pardonable use, perhaps necessary out of
respect for conventionality? In society, it is quite
essential to be more chaste in words than in action,
but such conduct is useless in a * tete-a-tlte * of
lovers such as we are, when confiding abandon and
loving frankness should reign supreme.

Say then innocently that my prick has touched
upon every part of your person in every possible
way, as your cunt, your hubbies, and your arse.
Your hands have touched every bit of my body, and
we have both emitted reciprocally in every part of
ourselves that excited our desires of our caprices.
Chastity of words is meaningless at the point we
have both reached. If such is good and fitting in
society, it is out of place and without motive during
our meetings. I warn you therefore that you will
be punished, if wishing, as you declare, to completely
master the science of Venus, you do not start at
once to speak the true language of the voluptuous
goddess. In a word, you must call by their legitimate
names the instruments used in love's temple and the
true titles oi all the rest. I shall slap your bottom as
hard as I can and condemn you to caress and name
three times, to get you used to it, any object that you



do not in future call simply by its true designation,
Maud (laughing). — That will not be a very
severe punishment, for you kiss more violently than
you beat my bottom which you so cruelly threaten,
but which you love too much to ill treat too greatly.

Nevertheless all you tell me seems right, but you
must not be surprised that the habit of using very
reserved language remains unwittingly, although it
become useless or even ridiculous between us.
Therefore, please excuse me and I will truthfully
say that your cock, your hands, and your rake'*
mouth have touched every part of my body a
thousand times; that you have inundated my cunt,
my mouth, my hubbies, my hands, my arse, my
buttocks, my thighs, my armpits, my feet, my back,
my loins with your burning spunk; that I have
received it spurting m my eyes, my hair, and my
ears; that I have even swallowed some of it in many
a moment of delicious delirium. That you yourself
nave pumped and sucked my spermatic liquor with
your mouth; that I have moistened your tongue, all
your face, your hands and even your randy feet
which have also frigged me. To sum up : that we
have reciprocally covered each other with our
mutual discharges. — And now are you happy? If
you like, I will add that I take my solemn oath to



the truth of this statement, and that I have expe-
rienced as much pleasure as you in all these wild
bypaths of voluptuous passion, even to wishing often
that you had a hundred pricks so that I might feel
them simultaneously digging into me and ramming
me all over, drowning me entirely with your seed
both inside and out!

Charlie. — And I should like, my angel, to
realise your desire, would it were possible for me
to crush my whole being into your sweet body; in
your velvet mouth; your pretty rosepink cunt; your
delicious chocolate bum-hole and to caress all your
frame with my hands and my burning tongue,
while at the same time I would squirt therein
countless jets of thick, rich seed which you would
return with usurious interest as is your divine habit.

* Here occurs a pause in the dialogue. Our
(dramatis persons) worked up to fever heat, have
« suited the action to the word and have given

* themselves unreservedly up to the most delicious
« fucking. Our lovers exhaust themselves by

* repeated discharges in arse-hole, cunt, bubbies
« and mouth. They enjoy delicious [feeling], and

* countless tickling bouts on every part of their

* bodies, finishing up by a game of [Sixty-Nine]
« (No, 3, and Section, Dialogue V, page 125),



during which Charlie's staff disappears almost
entirely in Maud's mouth, in whose throat he
sends a last lightning discharge, eagerly swallowed
to the very last drop in the excess of momentary
lust, while Charlie sucks the divine essence of
Maud till he wellnigh draws Mood, as the
lecherous lover presses almost all his face into her
cunt, carrying therein his stiffly held and lengthy
tongue. At last, these two real lovers, overwhel-
med by their delightful spendings, calm down a
little, and refresh and restore themselves with some
port wine and sandwiches; and then, languidly
stretched out in repose, without strength to
entwine their bodies, slumber peacefully, waking
but four hours later, at about five in the morning,
« After a yawn and a good stretch, the couple
exchange kisses, but do not yet feel inclined to
start on their merry games again. Besides, they
wish to husband their ressources for the next
night. Maud nestles her shapely head on Charlie's
robust shoulder and begs him to continue his
lecture. Willingly he consents, and Maud opens
the debate, reminding her professor where he left
off and telling him what impression he had made
upon his pupil so far.»




Maud, — All the details you gave me last night
on the conformation of man and woman were for
the most part quite new to me. Up to the present I
had of course noted the difference of sex in my
husband and myself without seeking to pry beneath
the surface. My lord and master is far from being of
a warm nature. He « does it * to me in a very
slovenly sort of way. All he takes the trouble to do
is to get between my thighs, put his prick, which is
rather soft and thin, into my cunt, without having
caressed it at all. He rides me and shakes himself up
and down with only a shadow of lechery, spending
with no thought of me, or wish to know whether I
have done the same, so that often he leaves me in



the lurch before I can « come *, driving me mad
with unsatisfied lust, hiring the sheets in sheer
desire, and unheeding the state I am in, and which
I try to calm hy scratching with my finger-tips my
poor little clitoris on the sly, while he snores hy my
side* He avoids carefully all talk of the pleasures of
Venus, and to cut the story short fucks me as if he
was taking a pinch of snuff, without any ardour,
just as if he wanted to piss and no more. Fancy the
difference I found when in your arms, when there
is not a nerve in my whole body but what vibrates
with pleasure. This difference has excited my
curiosity and made me ask you for all this infor-
mation. Continue to explain the theory of all these
fascinating delights, which you know so well how
to bring home to me by entrancing practice.

Charlie. — You must know, darling, that both
man and woman, built as I have described, are
born with the germ of the natural propensity to
join carnally together. This germ is nothing more
than the desire to get rid of the superabundance of
seminal liquor that their loins have elaborated, and
which develops more or less quickly when appro-
aching the adult stage, according to their physical
strength and the greater or lesser vigour of each and
everyone, together with climatical influences and



many otter things too long to enumerate. In our
temperate zone, it is generally about the age of
fourteen that the hoy or girl (a little earlier perhaps
for the latter) begins to feel a new and unknow fire
seething in their veins; the sexual parts begin to get
covered with a hairy growth and this warm feeling
means that the procreating liquid, just formed in
the kidneys, is slowly reaching the genitals. The
youth soon manifest the wish to approach the female,
while she in her turn sighs for the presence of the
male. If they have not been taught by more expe-
rienced people than themselves, they neither know
the why or wherefore of these desires, but nature is
at work and draws them together. If an opportunity
offers itself, this same nature quickly teaches them
to caress each other, at first in a perfectly innocent
manner, and, then their brain being excited by the
burning lava bursting to exude, they fuck, without
knowing what they are doing: As the old proverb
say :« Cock and cunt must come together ».

But if secret meetings are impossible, or if they
have been instructed in the difference of sex by
others, imagination goes to work, the spunk boils up
more energetically and pushed on by these sensations
without guessing the cause, their eyes and their hands
are attracted to their private parts where the novel