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titillations have arisen. They provoke the emission
of the seminal liquid hy their sly touches which, at
first involuntary, are continued hy the force of the
pleasure that is experienced. Now they freely renew
the touchings and ticklings on their own bodies
procuring such sweet and stealthy enjoyment, and
so they become * masturbators ». Such is one of the
names among many which are given to those who
* frig > themselves, that is to say, who procure by
the aid of the fingers, or in any other manner, but
alone and without the help of another, the emission
of the precious elixir. I say :« in any other manner »,
as it may happen that a boy situated as I have
stated, tossing about in his bed, agitated by the rising
of the semen in his balls, or by reason of the dreams
that the sap also generates, may rub himself against
his mattress and by this friction sufficiently pro-
longed procure what is called a « pollution * : a
complete discharge without the aid of the hands. In
like manner, a girl moves excitedly about on her
couch, until her bolster or any other object gets
between her thighs. She may rub it against her
swollen clitoris and move up and down until she
loses consciousness in pouring forth her sweet essence.
In both such cases, they begin again and again their
pretty little games, which give a taste of the pleasures



of paradise and finish up by finding the spot which,
thus rubbed, is capable of, renewing for them the
heavenly joys of emission. The hand wanders to
standing prick or palpitating cunny and nature teaches
them to do the rest. A callow youth fashions an
imitation cunt with his fingers or anything else that
is handy. The budding lass makes her finger do the
office of a man's tool, or seizes a candle, an empty
needle-case — heaven only knows what!

Maud. — Now tell me in as few words as
possible what are the pleasures that each sex can
thus procure all alone, or at any rate give me some
slight idea of their secret manoeuvres.


Charlie. — By practice, I luckily know very
little of the pleasures of masturbation, but I have
heard its praises sung by school-fellows and will
narrate to you all that was told to me by a poor
devil who loved to frig himself so much, that he
frigged himself to death.

You know the ordinary fashion in which the
prick is clutched in the right hand, lightly clasped,
and the fingers go up and down, slowly at first,
then the movement gets quicker, as pleasure begins
to steal over the senses. The acorn is covered a^d



uncovered in turn and the foreskin drawn down
towards the root oi the yard, so as to tighten the
fibre, shaking lightly but speedily. The friction of
the sensitive ruby top, and the strain upon the
« fraenum », procure great pleasure, and when the
discharge arrives, the jet spurts forth to a great
distance giving double joy, by the titillation, which
is excessive, and also by the sight of the furious
fountain of manly essence.

To heighten the enjoyment, the left hand ought
to travel beneath the bollox, pressing them lightly,
shaking them, pulling the hairs, wandering along the
« perineum », tickling the arse-hole and even pushing
a finger therein, moistened with saliva. All these
episodes spur on to fresh lascivious feelings and
redouble the ecstasy, hastening the emission of the
milky spunk and giving the highest degree of
intensity to the final spasm of lubricity.

Sometimes our frigging friend takes his rebe-
llious prick with both hands and shakes it furiously
upwards and downwards uncovering and covering
the rubicund nut with prepuce until he discharges.

Another time he uncovers with one hand the
head of his stuck-up comrade, pulling the foreskin
towards the base- With a spittlemoistened finger
of the other hand he gently rubs the tightened



« fraenum » up and down, especially near the bead
of the prick and all around the edge of the acorn.
The supreme outburst is prompt and very agreeable
by this method*

Another way is when he takes his cock near
the top betwen his two outstretched palms, and
moves then contrariwise, rolling his prick like the
handle of a mop. The excitement produced by this
exercise soon forces him to let loose his generative

And now also, reclining on his back, he forces
his instrument back till it touches his belly and
passes his hands up and down upon the prick, a
cat's back, continuing until he spends.

Awhile he turns on his stomach, the prick
pushed up captive between the belly and the bed.
Up and down, and down and up he moves as if
fucking. To add to the realism of the illusion, he
takes his bolster, puts it beneath him as he would
place a girl and keeps up the same dance as when
his tool was 'twixt his belly and the mattress.
Quickly thus, he reaches the desired gaoL

Again, lying on the bed face downwards, passes
his cock between his thighs in the direction of his
feet and, putting his hands behind him, moistens a
finger of each hand, shoving one in his own brown



hole while with the other he rubs the glistening head
which he has uncapped. In this strange way, the prick
being twisted, t}ic visceus fluid flows slowly and
with difficulty and the pleasure of the discharge lasts

Another way ~ as the cookery books nave it —
to encompass the desired end. — The masturbator
frigs himself standing up or seated, but passes the
hand underneath his thigh to shake his weapon of
which he can only grasp the head, drawing it towards
him so that he spends behind himself.

In all cases where the operator frigs himself with
one hand, the other, should be used as much as
possible to tickle the root of the prick, the balls, the
perineum and the arse-hole, shoving in a finger if
the chosen posture will allow of it

Besides manual masturbation, know as onanism,
from the sin of Onan and of which I have fust given
you a sufficiently exhaustive idea, he who has a
taste for solitary and selfish pleasure, or who will
have naught to do with womankind, either out of
timidity, or by fears for his health or for any other
reason, can employ other artificial aids to procure
the happiness of the discharge. He can push his prick
in a hole of a mattress, or a bolster, or any other
soft stuffing; in muffs; in skins with or without fur;



in short, or backsides, or any otter orifices, nooks or
crannies of statues and dummies, etc. A lump of
meat, a hole in an orange; anything and anywhere
where his imagination leads him will serve his purpose
as long as he can spend by rubbing or pressing.
Some triggers simply pop their prick between their
thighs which they press together and shake until
they are inundated with their own seed.

I think I have told you enough to enable you
to fathom the resources of the masturbator, and to
give you a slight idea of solitary joys of the male.

We now will consider the female.


She has no need to wet her fingers, either when
rubbing her clitoris (which resembles, as I already
mentioned, the top of the male organ, but is consi-
derably more sensitive), or when pushing it into
her cunt, for these parts are naturally always
slightly damp. Indeed, the masturbating maid is
soon ready. She whips up her petticoats or simply
slips her hand through her pocket-hole, or any other
mysterious slit in her gown, for I must not forget
that the feminine dress-pocket changes its spots* like
the leopard, once in every decade, according to



fashion decrees. Her slender third finger goes to
work, lightly pressed on the magic button, and
sometimes insinuating itself more or less in the
cunny, where it is worked in and out, quickly or
slowly, following the gradiation of the pleasure she
feels until she attains the venereal spasm and the
delightful discharge, of which the proofs are rarely

Some doctors have even doubted whether the
female really ever emitted, pretending that what we
take to be a gush of sperm is only a flow of liquid
which does not emanate from the seminal canals*
but is only secreted by the prostatic glands, ressem-
bling that which appears at the top of the man's
prick when he gets an erection, serving to render
the manipulation of the foreskin more easy, or if
he has some weakness or inflammation. This
colourless liquid is not the real seed and has no
prolific virtue. Nevertheless, whether women have
real spunk or only prostatic liquor, it is certain that,
when they spend under the influence of any vene-
real act whatsoever, they have as much and more
pleasure than their lords and masters, and as they
lose less at a time, they can begin again more often
and with much less fatigue. Thus it is that women
are noted to be generally more able to resist reitc-



rated assaults extending over a snort space ol time.

Let me add that a man can only copulate when
he has an erection. Without a cockstand how can
his prick find shelter in a cunt; hut woman is
always ready to receive the peace-maker. She
requires no preparatory erection, and as soon as
she feels her stiff darling coming up the passage, his
friction and her imagination does the rest.

A woman can procure for herself the pleasure
of the discharge, just as we can, hy other means
than manual ones. She has also the resource of the
bolster and other similar objects which she can
squeeze between her thighs, and rub her greedy
furrow and her saucy clitoris against anything that
comes in her way, from a brass knob or a bed-stead
down to an odd finger of an old kid glove stuffed
with wool. Some girls like to see themselves frigging
and enjoy the solitary act seated, in front of a
looking-glass. A leather or a camels hair brush
produces enervating results and prolongs the salacious
sensations. All is fish that comes to the female
frigging net, as long as it ressembles in some slight
degree the manly organ; any round wooden case, a
carrot, a turnip, a saveloy, and Creole girls in tropi-
cal climes make a very tidy false cock out of a



But enough on this head, or rather tail; I will
lose no longer any time in discoursing upon what
you understand, I am sure, perhaps better than I do

Maud. — I think that you have draw a satisfac-
tory picture of the pleasure that each sex can enjoy
alone without the help either of the opposite species,
or of his own, and that selfishly, as you truly stated*
Now paint for me as well you can the image of the
delights experienced by two persons of the same
sexe : two males alone and then two women together


Charlie. — I can only speak from hearsay of
the joys of two or more men together, without
women as I have never given way to this diversion,
which never pleased me, although I have heard it
praised hy its votaries. Never has a masculine hand
or any other part of a man's body touched any part
of my naked frame, neither have I ever touched
with my hand, or my prick, any masculine naked
flesh. Everyone to his taste, so let me talk of those
who feel differently to what I do.

Two men can frig themselves mutually in all
sorts of waySs they can rub themselves in all kinds



of postures,one against the other, and thus obtain the
emi$aion of extract of manhood which, no matter
how it is brought about, always causes more or less
voluptuous sensations. But the most common fashion
between these buggers, sodomites, catamites, bum-
fuckers, pederasts — such are a few of the names
bestowed upon those men who worship their own
sex — is to abandon themselves to each other in
turn, or sometimes each sticking to their original
* role *, by means of the prick of one of them in
the arse-hole of the other. I say turn and turn about
for those who like to be sometimes active and
sometimes passive. The active one is he who sticks
his cock up the bottom of the other. The passive
victim receives the yard between his buttocks
without flinching. And by * original role *, I mean
those who choose to be always either active or

Such men take all those positions together, that
present the arse to the attack of the others, either
standing, seated or lying down. I shall give you a
fuller description of these positions when telling
you of dog fashion fucking between men and
women, without laying stress on this topic which
cannot interest you much, as I am certain you



nave no wish to hugger anybody, especially as you
couldn't if you tried.

In all cases a man when buggering a comrade
generally passes his hand in front of his victim,
grasps his prick, frigs it, tickles his balls and the
perineum, so that they both spend together, one of
them in the other's arse, and the other in the palm
of the perforating agent.

During all these libidinous acts the two men kiss
each other, joining their tongues, feel each other's
bodies in every part, lick each other all over, in fact
treating each other mutually as if of a different sex.
Sometimes one kisses the other's arse or, frigging
him, he will push his fingers or his tongne in the
arse-hole; they caress their balls mutually and the
adjacent parts, nibble them, or the skin of the bag,
sucking the little olives, etc. Another time they play
at heads and tails, mutually sucking each other's
cock, pressing it with their lips, and their teeth, and
tickle the uncapped ruby head with the tip of the
tongue, until a mutual explosion takes place in each
other's mouth. At the same time their hands wander
everywhere, exciting by all sorts oi caresses and
touches imaginable any part of the body within
reach, reciprocally, but for preference always retur-
ning to the bollox, the root of the prick, and the



neutral ground twixt purse and arse-hole, into which
latter sepia-tinted retreat they madly dig one or
more fingers. They fuck each other as well in the
armpits and other parts* imitating together as much
as possible all that a man and woman can do* as I
will explain in due course.

Some of these gentry find great delight in forcing
their victims to give them back in their hand, or even
in their mouth, the spunk that they have fust spurted
in their backside. Some like to piss and even shit in
the hand or even the mouth of another. They often
prefer to suck a prick when it has fust left an arse-
hole still reeking with whatever is lurking therein,
and one of the pleasures of bottom-fucking is when
the cock is found to have changed colour on leaving
the tight hole, having become brown or yellow, from
pink as it was on entering. There are many buggers
who only care to get up a man just when he feels
inclined to go to stool. They say in such a case that
their cock finds a softer nook to wallow in and
that the real pleasure of the true sodomitical arse-
hole piercer is to plunge his instrument in a hot
pudding obstructing the anus, bursting to force its
way out. So before beginning their bottom-fuck
they make sure by means of an investigating finger
that the ' egg » is there; that the rectum is full and



the bird about to lay. In a word, these depraved
fellows give themselves up together to everything
that the most filthy and crapulous imagination can
devise and the more horribly dirty it is, the more
pleasure they experience.

Some of these men, their brain weakened by such
vile debauchery, prostitute animals to their unnatural
lusts : dogs, cats, goats, cows, mares, etc. This is
denominated bestiality. The depravity of these
unsexed beings is unimaginable and you have no
idea to what fearful extents their passions lead them.
They love to foregather and excite themselves in
beastly emulation to invent fresh horrors. Three
men will set to work at once. One is chosen to
hugger a companion whom he frigs, while another
will perforate the anus gger. Then they say

that he who is in the middle has double pleasure,
because he is active and passive at the same time,
receiving in his arse-hole the sperm of his friend,
while he shoots his own roe into the bottom
third accomplice, who at the moment of &e crisis
inundates his hand simultaneously. A dozen or
more form a ring sometimes, the backside of one
turned towards the prick of another. At a given
signal, each one effects an entrance into arse-
hole in front of him, so that they all have a prick up



their arse and their own cock is
bottom. Tbus they are all playing the dual part of
master and slave. They feel and caress each other*
indulge in the most lascivious movements, join their
lips and tongues as they turn their faces to each
other, and the magic circle is only broken up when
all have exhausted the reservoirs of nature to the
last drop. This is sometimes called the holy chapelet
of Corregio, from an obscene oil-painting attributed
to this celebrated painter.

I must not leave this effeminate tribe vulgarly
know as * sods *, which is a Cockney slang abbre-
viation for sodomites, without remarking that all
those addicted to the Socratic vice are not quite so
outrageous. Naturally enough, when we hear talk
of buggers, the vision immediately arises of men
violating the puckered, brown aperture of their
fellows. But they are many pederastic amateurs who
hold the culminating bum-fuck in horror. They
love men like themselves, and give themselves up
to men's lust simply for the sake of the prick. Yes,
what they like is the standing prick; to suck it, to
play with it, to show their own, to compare cocks
and admire the tree of life in all its majestic beauty.
They are worshippers of the Phallus. They adore
the outward and visible sign of desire, and despise



the hidden sources ol love in the female, mainly
because too much is really hidden away. Many
such cock worshippers love women too. We may
call them semi-sodomites.

I just now remarked that Cockney slang
shortens sodomite into * sod », but there is another
sort of * argot * which is called rhyming slang, and
it becomes doubly difficult for the profane when
used in combination with ordinary slang. Thus a

* sod » becomes a * Tommy Dodd *• A prick is a
« H ampton Wick- a cunt, a « Berkeley Hunt ».
The venereal disease — the pox : « Jaek~in-the~
Box *; a milder affliction : the clap •— the * Horse
and Trap ». arse is the « Bottle and Glass *.
The Bollox : the « Tommy Rollocks, and so on

* ad infinitum ». Not content with rhyming slang
to slang, they shorten their jingle and the following
sentence which I rapidly improvise will form a
sufficient example for you. If you translate it pro-
perly to-morrow into the Queens English, you
shall go to the top of the class or to the bottom of
the bed, as you choose : « A Tommy took down
his 'Round the Houses (Trousers), pulled up his
'Dicky Dirt (shirt) and showed his 'Bottle and
Glass'. His pal got out his 'Hampton and shoved
it up his 'North Pole' (arse-hole) as it if were a



'Berkeley'. He catches hold his *Rollocks' and
says : ♦ You know I've got the kHorse and Trap* ».
« Have you? » says the other, * well, I've got the


Do not think that women are less extraordinary
in their pleasures among themselves without the help
of the male. Those who fear the approach of a man,
or prefer their own sex, are still more madly
depraved than unsexed men. They put into play
every resource of their frame and use foreign bodies
too, to procure for themselves the happy dispatch,
the scle desired end of male and females libertines.
No stone is left unturned to obtain the spermatic
result. They frig mutually, rubbing the clitoris with
their fingers, which they introduce into each
other's cunts, exchanging kisses, pressing bubbies,
bottoms, and every, wart of the body, not forgetting
to stick their digits up each other's little bum holes.
They force into each other s crack anything shaped
like a prick. They get on top of each other, entwine
their thighs and rub their cunts one on the other,
pressing their hairy bushes till they are entangled
together, clasped in each other's arms as if they are
both of different sexes, and move and shake as hard



as they can in convulsions of lubricity until they
obtain the supreme happiness of the discharging
crisis. Be it their liquid prolific quintessence, or
simply prostatic, as some doctors says, the result is
the same in the supreme moment of joy and they
start off again until tired nature gives out. Ofttimes
they wear a dildo, or godmiche, which is an inge-
nious little machine fashioned in the image of a
man's cock, with hair and balls all complete, more
or less artistically got-up and of different kinds of
material, but sufficiently elastic, soft and smooth,
and fastened by ribands or a strap to the lower part
of the belly, exactly where the manly organ sticks
out. The lady carrying the artificial weapon
becomes the husband of a lecherous little bride,
introducing, into her cvtnt this peculiar machine,
which is a hollow tube of wood, tin or ivory, of a
goodly size as thickness and length, and covered
in leather or velvet. At the rounded top there is a
little hole, the same as in the genuine article. The
tube is filled with warm milk or any other sirupy
liquid, and a piston, as in a syringe, serves to throw
a j'et into the vagina, at the psychological moment,
when the woman whose parts are plugged up is
about to discharge herself*

Nowadays these dildoes are made of india-



rubber, with a ball-bag of the same. As this mate-
rial is cold and Lard, it is generally left to soak
before using in some bot soapy water. And then
the balls are pressed and the instrument is filled
with liquid. It now suffices to squeeze the balls at
the proper moment to make the liquid spurt out by
the hole in the accora-top, absolutely like the true
essence of virility. W^hat gives great enjoyment to
the woman in the use of this secret toy is that she
can obtain a tremendous quickness of the movement
to and fro, impossible with a man, however young
or active he may be. But, of course, nothing equals
the real thing, if it will only remain stiff and not
collapse in the middle at the slightest pretext. A
woman can strap the dildo on her heel and turning
over on her back, dig away in her privates to her
heart's content, and there is no act of parliament to
prevent either sex being buggered with it I have
seen some very small one for little girls, or for
teasing men's bum-holes and some of remarked size
for special large Messalinas. Some are even ar-
ranged with a covering over the gland, imitating
the foreskin. These are made for rich Jewesses,
who out of curiosity want to try an uncircumcised
pego without committing adultery. There exist also
double ones, representing two pricks joined at the



root and separated by a double set of balls, so tbat
two women can each have an imitation prick in
their cunt or arse-hole, as they choose, and so
spend at the same moment as il they were herma-
phrodites, male and female in one. If each girl
presses the false testicles belonging to the india-
rubber prick, each receives at once, or separately,
the desired emission of the liquid they have put into
the hollow canal.

Imitation cunts have likewise been manufactured.
They are made of india-rubber and are painted and
bedecked with false hair exactly resembling a cunt.
They can be pushed upon the prick with the hand,
or the man can lie over them and simulate a genuine

Sodomites also use single and double dildoes in
their orgies, either to take the place of exhausted
pucks, or simply out of sheer lubricity, such as
having them shoved up their backside while they
are being sucked and frigged.

Women often suck each other simultaneously,
by lying over each other. One will be on her back,
and, kneeling over her, the other will lick her cunt
and press her own orifice down on to the lips of the
woman she is sucking. The clitoris is tickled with
the tongue, which is held out stiffly and made to



quiver quickly on the sensitive button and all round
the cunt and inside it, where they take as much of
it as they can in the mouth and draw it up with an
inward movement of aspiration, nose, the chin
goes in too. They also tickle the arse-hole, and put
in there their noses, tongues and fingers. They pinch
each other, lick each other all over, and playfully
nibble the cheeks of the arse and every other part
that tempts them. Then again one will straddle over
the other; either on her titties and ask to have her
clitoris tickled with a rosy nipple, or else will sit
or ride upon her mouth where the lips and tongue
do their office as in the case of tie « Dixty-nine »
diversion I have fust described, and during all this
their hands are not idle; they travel everywhere,
giving rise to voluptuous feelings by the sweetest
titillations, varied and reiterated. There are no
possible positions, or lascivious touches that they do
not practise, every secret nook of their bodies is
looked at, caressed, admired, kissed, pressed, pinched,
sucked and nibbled. They try to become as one being
and force their way into every opening of the body,
exhausting their imagination to invent new methods
of exhaustion of the body, by repeated discharges
evoked by the most voluptuous and salacious games.
These creatures treat each other as lover and



mistress, or as husband and wife. Some prefer to
play tbe masculine part and are always tbe « men *
in this comedy of passion: others are ready for
either sort of work, etc. They are called «tribades*
or * anandrynes », from Greek words signifying a
woman who is not lor a man or who prefers her
own sex. They are also known as Lesbians, gam a-
huching girls, and suckers, because they generally
lick the genitals, a taste formerly supposed to be
peculiar to the women of the island of Lesbos.

Some of these licking ladies do it out of sheer
vice and devilry, others with mercenary motives. A
poor Lesbian may sometimes get a rich woman into
her power and force the latter to keep her in clover,
either because the wealthy one is pleased to reward
her for the pleasure found in sucking or being
sucked, or else it is a case of blackmail. This passion
is more flourishing than one might think, but it is
very difficult to detect for obvious reasons. In all
schools, workshops, convents, etc., there is more or
less cunt-sucking going on, and governesses and
servants often enjoy licking the virgin clefts of the
girls left in their charge.

Now there are ladies who train canine pets and
other domestic animals to lick their clitoris and their
cunt until they spend. Others play with their dogs



and monkeys, by frigging thein and frigging them-
selves, or by training them to fuck their adored
mistress. Donkeys, I have been told, have even been
used* The ass is strung up by the front legs by cords
dangling from a ceiling or a beam. The lady slips
underneath the suspended hoofs, either belly to belly,
the back reclining on some convenient pile of sacks
or bundle of hay; or else she goes on her hands and
knees, her arse turned towards the donkey's gigantic
fizzle which she frigs in either case and directs the
monster prick into her greedy, gaping cunt, by the
front, or in dog-fashion, but always holding it fast
to prevent too much of it going in any farther than
she can support without the danger of being split up.
The ass then works bravely and she discharges
several times while the donkey vigorously spurts his
burning spunk, inundating her womb, bubbling up
out cunt through its abundance, and trickling

down her legs and thighs.

What more can I tell you of these strange
doings? I can find no more to teach you. It is
getting late. If you do not cafe to sleep a little
before getting up, let us dress at once, have breakfast
and go out and get a little fresh air. We can return
this afternoon about three o'clock and then continue
our studies again until we dine, between six and



Maud. — Let us rise and have something to eat.
I am quite ready and do not want to go to sleep.

(They leave the hed and, alter summary toilet
enjoy a dainty breakfast. A hired brougham being
in readiness, they go for a drive to Richmond,
snugly hidden from prying eyes. While they are
away, Charlie's discreet charwoman puts all in order
and prepares the dinner ordered the day before by
our hero.

The lovers return at three p. m., and after Maud
has taken off her dress, stays and boots and slipped
on her * peignoir », and Charlie is at his ease in
pyjamas, they recline on a comfortable sofa and
resume the dialogue interrupted at breakfast time).