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Maud. — The different and vivid pictures that
you so graphically described this morning have
enlightened me on many subjects completely new
to me, as I am quite a novice with regard to all
voluptuous pleasures except those that a lover can
enjoy with a mistress who reciprocates his tender
feelings. Those joys are the only ones that appeal
strongly to me, so I must ask you to describe them
fully and without restraint as they interest me more
than anything else. You must, my dear boy, tell me



all you know and explain every possible way that
exists under the sun lor an ardent woman and a
vigorous lover to enjoy earn other fully, even if you
have to recapitulate the different tricks that we have
tried together. You understand, I want a complete
lecture on this, to me, most important topic.

Charlie. — It will take me some little time, my
pet. Up to the present, in all the hooks I have read.
I have never heard spoken of more than forty diffe-
rent ways. That is no niggardly figure, you must
admit, hut there are a lot more, although the
conclusion is naturally always alike, while many
resemble each other very much, at least to all
appearances, but there are important differences
when once put in action. Anyhow, I have promised
to satisfy as fully as I can your curiosity and your
wish for instruction. I shall therefore give you all
details, sketching each method separately under a
different and special name to help your memory
and distinguish one from another. I confess that I
speak from experience, as I have practised nearly
all these delightful dodges myself, either because they
pleased me, or in order, to satisfy the tastes of the
various ladies with whom I have had loving con-
nection. Between you and me, some of these sweet
charmers were uncommonly lewd and naughty,



and the frenzy of their lascivious brain was far from
displeasing. So I begin without further preamble.

I shall divide this important subject into three

The first will treat of the different postures that
two lovers, mutually helping each other, can put in
action to procure complete reciprocal enjoyment.
This chapter will be divided into two sections, of
which the first is again subdivided into two para-

The second chapter will explain the various
attitudes by which a man obtains the pleasurable
discharge alone, by the caresses of a woman.

The third chapter will instruct you concerning
everything relating to the diversity of means that
allow a woman to obtain entire spending satisfaction
by herself, but with the aid of the caresses of a man.

A general rule applies to these three important
chapters, which is, that to fully appreciate the joys
clung, the actors must be quiet and undisturbed,
in a cosy, secret nook where there is no fear of
surprise or prying eyes, and where they can find
besides every possible commodity; a soft carpet; a
good spring-bed, not too soft; divans, sofa, armchairs;
ordinary chairs; footstools; cushions, and pillows.
Plenty of water; two bidets; some perfumes;



sponges; towels, and something nice and substantial
to eat; wines, spirits and liqueurs.

Lastly, the principal thing to be done by the
actors is to strip absolutely naked, both in a state oi
pure nature. Such is the only costume that is sui-
table lor all true priests and priestesses oi Venus.


9& S>^|S>^JS>MS>^|S>^






I The Ordinary

woman lies on her hack, on a bed or
anywhere else. She opens her outstretched legs and
thighs, and receives between them her lover who at
first kneels near the knees of his mistress, then he
leans over, his legs and thighs united, upon her,
supporting himself by one hand near the woman's
shoulder. They are thus belly to belly, their faces
close together. MVith the other hand the man gently



opens the outer large lips of the cunt and direets
between them his stiffly-standing prick introducing
it just far enough to prevent it sliping out. He then
withdraws the guiding hand, lets the upper part of
his body fall on his mistress's breast, and hand lips
glued to hers, supporting himself on one elbow, so as
no to crush her by the weight of his body, his hands
should wander all over her frame caressing every
charm he can reach to, his tongue all the time
working in and out of her mouth, meeting her velvet
rosy tip as well. The active fucker now pushes up
and down as sturdily as he can until the complete
spending discharge of both the players, together if
possible, but if not the woman first, and last of all
the lord of the creation.

2 The Inseparables

This posture is almost the same as the preceding
one, in theory, but when the woman is duly plugged
she embraces the man by putting both arms round
his neck (they were immobile and lying by her side in
the foregoing) and crossing her legs and thighs over
his loins, which was also omitted. This makes an
immense difference in practice, especially for the
degree of pleasure experienced, as the prick goes in



much better in this second posture. The first one is
generally used by cold couples and frigid fuckers,
who do not like a woman to move during copula-
tion, while the second is suitable for ardent com-
batants who. on the contrary, are only satisfied
when the woman they are stroking answers every
thrust with an upheaval of her arse and returns a
hug for a squeeze, navel bumping against navel,
until a mutual discharge ends the round.

3 The Ordinary with Legs Up

If the woman, instead of throwing her legs over
the mans loins (as in the preceding attitude), will
stick them straight up against his ribs, the feet
pointing to the ceiling, forming thus by her legs and
thighs two complete right angles with her body and
that of her fucker placed one upon the other — as
shown by a perpendicular line upon a horizontal
one — the couple will demonstrate the « Ordinary,
with Legs Up ». The rest as before, terminating with
a double libation to the goddess of love.

4 The Baker

The woman lies across the bed, her bottom on
the edge, with outstretched legs, one hanging outside



and the other supported at the calf by one of tbe
Lands of the man, wLo stands upright between ber
thighs. Witb tbe otber Land be directs Lis magic
wand into tbe centre of delight, and then caresses
the bubbies, the belly, the « mons veneris », and the
clitoris of his lady fair, and any other beauties he
may manage to reach, vigorously pushing his prick
all the time in the little oven, until the loaves are
baked and he has spent freely, while his partner
shows her gratitude by spending with him,

5 The Saint-George

The man lies on his back on the bed and the
woman straddles across him, on her knees. She
covers with her cunt the uncapped prick of tbe male
in erection, and gradually lowers herself upon it till
their hairs mingle. Then she moves up and down, as
if she was Saint-George himself on horseback gal-
loping away to fight the dragon, Tbe man seconds
her in the furions dance by jerking his loins back-
wards and forwards, not forgetting to stroke with
rakish hands every bit of her body. He feels her
thighs, hips, her buttocks, and the lower part of tbe
belly. He pats and presses every charm, until his
caresses and their combined movements cause them
to let fly a mutual gush of lovers balsam.



6 The Ordinary Reversed

The couple first place themselves as for * The
Saint-George », and when the woman is fixed on
the cock, she bends forward and stretches her legs
out on those of the man, knee to knee. Her breasts
press on the manly chest beneath her, and she
encircles his neck or shoulders with her arms,
according to her size. His arms in return are crossed
over her back and he caresses as he chooses her loins
and her buttocks. His fingers play about the crack of
her arse and the little hole itself, which he should
gently excite with a moistened digit. The result is
inevitable, and the lovers die in each others arms, m
the midst of a burning double inundation of fiery
sperm. This is truly called the « Ordinary Rever-
sed *, as it is nothing more than the first position in
contrary order : the woman above and the man

7 The Back-View

The man is on his back, the woman turns her
back and rides over him, on her knees, near his. She
settles down on his tool and mutually they dance
up and down. Taking advantage of her position the



woman plays with the man's halls, and he having
both hands free can feel her back, loins and buttocks,
of which latter charms he has a superb view, as the
title of this pretty posture denotes. The lovers thus
pleasantly occupied, and pushing properly, soon
each of them furnishes an ample discharge, the
proof of the pleasure they both experience.

8 The Stork

The woman stands upright, her bottom leaning
against the edge of the bed. With her arms she
embraces the man also standing in front of her, his
lips on hers, breast to breast, and belly to belly. The
man tucks one of her legs under his arm, presenting
to her cunt his standing prick and guiding it with
the hand that is free. Once inside that hand serves
to clutch the woman's loins or her arse to support
her and clasp her to him. Both now move in measure;
their tongues meet and all terminates by a volup-
tuous spermatic outbreak on both sides.

9 The View of the Low-Countries

This resembles « The Back-View \ (bio. 7),
Here the woman is riding the man in the same



way, but instead of remaining straight up on her
knees, she leans forward her face towards the man's
feet, her hosom touching his knees and he therefore
can see the entire arse stretched open, the hole of
mystery, and the distended cunt, with his own prick
moving in and out. He is quite at his ease to feel
all these charms and tickle all round the genital
laboratory, sharpening the work by prodding a finger
in the anus that seems to him to be the eye of a
Cyclops staring him out of countenance. To reward
him for his caresses the lady tickles his bare feet
with her velvet tongue. Now you know what is
meant by * The View of the Low-Countries », and
this enchanting prospect, combined with the couple's
cunning caresses, leads the fuckers on to furious
movements, of which a copious and mutual discharge
promptly becomes a natural consequence.

10 Speared Sideways

The man is seated on the edge of a chair, his
legs slightly open : prick stiff and ready. The woman
stands sideways, her right leg between those of the
man and the other crossed over his left thigh. She
holds her left arm round his neck from behind
and the man takes her hand with his left also. With



the right, she guides into her nest the atari, which
has presented itself between the top of her thighs
from behind. She stoops a little when the junction
is complete and can then frig herself with the right
hand, or caress the face of her lover, who with * his *
right can play with her loins and her arse, as she is
partly seated on her lover's right thigh. This play
and the reciprocal movement soon bring about the
mutual sweet emission of the amorous liquor.

11 A Woman's Prayer

The woman kneels on the edge of a low bed or
sofa, the thighs well apart. The man stands in front
of her, holding his stiff prick which he directs into
the happy opening. With the other hand he holds
her round the back, above or below the shoulders
according to his height, and bringing it round to her
breast, he plays with the nipple if he can, while the
woman also embraces him with one arm or both.
They are thus face to face, their tongues entwined,
and the man can caress his sweetheart as he likes,
back and front, with the hand that served to guide
his priapus. During this time their arse and loin
movements prove that they are far from idle, and a
prompt, mutual and, delicious ejaculation gives irre-



futable proof that the prayer of the woman has
been heard.

12 A Man's Prayer

The man takes the place of the woman in the
preceding posture : on his knees, leaning slightly
backwards, his buttocks touching his heels on the
bed or sofa, where the woman mounts facing him.
She opens her thighs, approaches her belly close to
the chest of her valiant fucker, encircling his neck
with her arms, and he puts his bands under the
cheeks of her arse, supporting her. He opens the lips
of the cunt from underneath, into which he directs
his erect instrument. Then the woman bends forward
to aid the complete introduction and the man thus
has before his mouth his mistress's heaving globes,
against which he can press his face. He lifts up with
his hands and lets fall again her arse, which he is
holding, so as to let his prick go in and out of its
agreeable sheath, but never slipping out entirely.
The lovers at last combine their movements and in
a few minutes they feel their veins let loose floods
of that liquid, which causes such pleasure when it
escapes and which was what the man was praying
for in his turn.



13 A Woman's Resignation

The woman lies on her back, her arms crossed
below the breasts, the loins on the edge of the bed,
the legs and the bottom free. The man stands up
between the woman's legs, tucking one under each
arm. He opens the cunt-lips, plants his prick therein
and pushes forward without the woman making the
least movement When he is well in the citadel, his
hands and fore-arms are at liberty to excite by all
kinds of 8ly touches the arse and the rest of the
beautiful, indolent resigned charmer. She cannot
resist this play very long and soon her discharge
mingles with, that which her lover bedews her secret
charm's, rendered full of lewd feelings by this sweet

14 The Elastic Cunt

The woman sits on the edge of the bed. leaning
backwards a little, resting on her hands. The man
stands between her thighs, lifts her legs off the
ground, takes one of her feet in each hand and holds
them straight so that her heels touch her own but-
tocks. In this position he puts his prick in her cunt
and while he shoves backwards and forwards, he



litis up, kisses, holds, aparts and brings together
alternately the feet he holds, one after the other, or
with a contrary movement, or both together. This
creates delicious movement inside the cunt, render-
ing also the friction of the tool much more delightful,
making up for the deprivation of all the other
habitual caresses from which the lovers are momen-
tarily debarred, their hands being occupied and
their faces far from each other. But the exciting
filiations are doubly exquisite inside the temple of
love, on the altar where the sacrifice is made, and
the libation soon flows from the spermatic canals
of the two worshippers.

15 Winnowing on the Belly

The woman lies on her belly, crossways on the
bed, legs and thighs outside and well apart The
man stands up between her legs, which he clasps
and lifts to his hips. He holds them with both hands
near the knees; they stick out horizontally behind
him. From underneath, he directs his cock in the
beauty's bulls-eye, and pushes up and down as if
he was winnowing. He can see his charmer's back,
and she can turn her face towards him; his eyes feast
on her delicious arse which, at each sturdy stroke



of his loins, jumps up like a winnowing fan or basket
and witb wriggling movements, tbe sight of which
would make an eunuch spend. So the work goes on,
winnower makiug such lusty efforts that he
soon terminates his task, and instead of the dust
that winnowing usually produces, he squirts into
the entrails of the woman the divine dew of love
and she pays him back with interest.

16 Winnowing on the Back

This is the same posture as the foregoing, but
reversed. The woman lies on her back instead of
being on her belly and the man does the same as
before. He holds her legs by the calves and is face
to face with her. Instead of having the view of her
back, loins and arse, he can gloat over her breasts,
her belly and her mount of Venus. In this encounter
the woman herself guides the prick within her secret
retreat which is always very acceptable to a lover.
The rest as before, arriving quickly at a simular
result — a reciprocal and voluptuous discharge.

17 The Wheelbarrow

The woman lying down, throws her hands for-
ward, either resting them on a footstool mounted



on castors, or better still on the middle of a snort
stick hearing a wheel to left and right The man
stands behind her, fucking her dog-fashion, that is
to say: opening the cheeks of her arse he gets into
her cunt from underneath the arsis hole. (See further
on : « Simple Dog-Fashion »). Then he clasps her
legs and tucks them under his arms,, leaning on his
hips. He pushes in front of him, forcing his prick
into the woman s cunt and she, supported only by
the stool on castors, or the stick and the wheels,
rolls forward exactly lŁe a wheelbarrow. The man
can conduct her where he likes, fucking her as he
goes, enjoying the perspective of her back, loins arse
and the seat of their mutual passion, lithe woman
is strong enough to support herself, with one hand
only, she can either frig herself with the other or
gently agitate from underneath her lover's balls, to
bring on his discharge quickly, as the position for
her is rather fatiguing and she evidently desires to
reach the end of her tether as soon as possible and
wind up by a welcome inundation.

18 The Wheelbarrow Reversed

This posture, although a little less fatiguine for
the female, is hardly ever put in practice. This



remark applies to a few otters, although I shall
describe them all. The reason is because the prick
does not get far enough in the cunt being only sui-
table when tbe man's cock being too long, the woman
tries to engulph but a small portion by positions that
keeps the man a little way off. But alas! say tbe
ladies, this too great length of the member is so very
rare, that we can only speak of it from hearsay.
Anyhow, this is how this position is arranged : the
woman lies on her back on the carpet, resting her
head and shoulders on the stool with castors. Sbe
passes her hands behind her head and seizes the
outer edge of the stool. The man stands between her
open thighs, his face towards her. He lifts her up
by the calves and with his arms clasps her legs
against his hips, directing his prick in the cunt that
the woman presents to him in good order, as she
offers her arse and stiffens her loins. The rest of the
pleasure is the same as for the simple « Wheel-
barrow * posture I have just noted. This one is called
the * Wheelbarrow Reversed » to distinguish from
the original.

19 The Trot

This posture resembles « The Saint-George *<,
(No. 5). The man, instead of lying down, is seated



on the edge oi a sola, leaning backwards, bis bead
and shoulders supported hy cushions. The woman
is not on her knees. She mounts upon the sola, her
lace to his. squatting down over her partner, whose
shoulders she holds. He passes his hands under the
lady's arse, very much as in the posture: « A Man's
Prayer *. (Noc 12), and supporting her thus, he
directs at the same time his prick in the warm shelter.
She moves up and down with a lilting and dropping
movement of the body, but careful not to let Her
prisoner escape, imitating the movement oi a man
on horseback gaily trotting, which gives the title to
his very amusing posture and does pot iail to produce
a superb mutual ejaculation of burning sperm, which
wets the root of the prick and the halls as it runs
down, because the cunt is too much open hy this
position. So the greedy eavity regretfully lets all

20 Empalement Backwards

This is the foregoing posture reversed. It
resembles a * Back View », (No. 7), without being
exactly the same. In No. 7, the woman is on her
knees. Here she is on her feet, crouching over the
man's prick, her back towards him, so that the cunt



is forced out in a muck more satisfactory manner.
Her legs and thighs are forced up left and right of
her belly instead of dropping down as when she was
on her knees on the bed. The lovers gain at least an
inch of prick The man need not fear that his fuck-
stress will fall backwards, and if she did, she would
fall upon him and not hurt herself. He supports her
with one hand and the other serves to press and feel
all her charms within his reach, in front or behind.
She can enjoy the backward and foreward move-
ment of the prick and can frig herself and even play
with the root of the cock, and the balls of her lover.
This posture is a delicious example and procures
extraordinary delights for the actors by the reci-
procal discharges it cannot fail to bring about.

21 Empalement in front

This posture is very much like * The Trot »,
(No. 19). Here the man, instead of being seated,
is lying down and the woman rides across him
crouching down, her feet on the bed, her face turned
towards that of the man. Instead of holding on to
his shoulders, she clasps one of his hands. Thus they
have each one hand free, and they can indulge in
mutual caresses. She, turning a little to one side, can



seize the root of the man's prick and bis balls by
passing her hand underneath her thighs. He can
enjoy all the charms ol the front oi her body : her
breasts, thighs, belly, and her mossy cleft, without
hindering their natural fucking movements. On the
contrary, they quickly lose their strength and their
essence at this sweet game, in the midst of the most
intense and delightful sensations.

22 The Roman Chair

The man is seated on a low chair. He leans
backwards, each hand supported by another chair
behind him: the legs are ourstretched and he has a
stool at the side of his feet joined together. The
woman straddles across his thighs, her face turned
towards his. She guides his weapon into her cunt
and when he is well in, she also leans backwards,
stretching out her legs and resting her feet on the rail
of the chairs that serve to support her lover s hands,
while she places her hands behind her on the chairs
that stand on either side of his feet. Their two bodies
are crossed, leaning backwards, the legs stretched out
contrariwise, but the lovers are joined by the prick
and form a figure resembling a Roman Chair in the
form of the letter X, giving the name to his



eccentric posture which, like the others, quickly
forces the reciprocal ejaculation and its accom-
panying transports.

23 The Herculean Feat

The man stands up, his cock ready, so stiff that
it looks if it was trying to fuck the navel above it.
The woman, undismayed, is in front of her lover,
impatient with desire. She throws her arms round
his neck, bends down and then springs up, legs and
thighs wide open, throwing them round his body
near the hips, joining them behind his loins, her
heels on his arse with one hand, guiding his tool
with the other and plunging it within her, till their
hairs are mingled together. He then presses her
towards him by the cheeks of her arse, and supports
her loins to keep her fixed to his clutch. Thus
upstanding, he swives her manfully and she returns
each shove of his arse till the abundant double
libation is poured out, proving the battle to be a
drawn one. It can be well understood why this
posture is called « The Herculean Feat *, as there
are few men sufficiently adroit and athletic to put
it in action with a stoutly built female.



24 The Crossed Scissors

The woman lies on her side, half across the bed,
her elbows leaning thereon on the same side, crossing
her fore-arms on the pillows. The man, standing
near her feet, takes her right leg in his left hand,
lifting it off the bed and passing between the bed
and this same right thigh of hers, which comes thus
against his belly. His right hand is directed beneath
her loitia% between her and the bed, lifting her a little
and causing her right thigh to fall outside the bed.
and it is drawn away from the other which he
supports. The right leg naturally passes between his
calves. Then, with the left hand, which just now
supported her left thigh, he directs the arrow to the
target, and hy force of the position he fucks her
sideways in dog-fashion. Once therein he treats her
like a hungry lover. The lady turns a laughing,
provoking visage towards him. She is hugely excited
by this position which leaves her well-nigh
powerless to assist him, but nevertheless the merit
of the conclusion is proved to them by a copious
emission. The title of this posture comes from the
crossing of the lovers' legs, resembling two pairs of
Scissors, the blades opened and crossed.



25 The Sharpshooter

When executed this posture is akin to the pre-
ceding one if reversed a little on the man from left
to right,

The man lies outstretched upon the bed, the right
knee uplifted. The woman mounts over him,
crossways. She puts her right knee on the bed,
passing her folded leg underneath his lifted knee,
her foot towards the other edge of the bed. By this
manoeuvre her cunt is just above the prick half dog-
fashion. He passes his left hand under her thighs,
guides his member into the proper place, lifts up
her loins to forec his way, and pushes up and
down, feeling her beautiful arse with the right,
tickling the arse-hole a little, while his left can be
busy with her hubbies and the disengaged parts of
her cunt, She supports herself with the right hand
behind the uplifted knee of her lover, stroking his
face with her left. All soon terminates as usual,
with a double volley. It is the position of the knee
of the woman on the bed that causes the appellation :
« The Sharpshooter recalling the command :
« Front row. Kneeling! *> Recommended to mili-
tary men.



26 Lazv Style

The woman lies up on the bed, her arms crossed
over her head on the top of the pillow, her arse
and loins are turned away from the side where her
lover reclines, crossways, but his face towards his
mistress. He gets between her thighs, lifting one up
and passing it over his hip. He brings his prick to
the mark, by passing his body above the thigh of the
woman. So lazy that she does not move. He tben
places one arm on her shoulders and with the other
strokes her bosom, neck and face, and gives her a
fair rousting, which obliges her to finish by dis-
charging, as she feels her lover inundate her with
burning essence of manhood, an excellent medecine
to cure laziness in the female.

27 Lazy Style Reversed or in Dog-Fashion

This is the exact opposite of the foregoing, i. e.
it is now done dog-fashion.

The woman lies half across the bed, turning her
back, head and shoulders on the pillow which is
placed rather high up. The man appears at her feet,
drops on the ground her leg which is nearest to
the edge of the bed, seizing to the other at the



knee and, passing behind* places it on his hip, the
point of the loot resting on a convenient stpoL He
passes one arm under her shoulders, and she has her
arms nonchalantly thrown to the right and to the
left. Passing his other hand in front he guides the
peacemaker under shelter, introducing it from back
to front, and afterwards this same hand caresses her
bubbies or the environs of the grotto and the clitoris.
He kisses her mouth, her half-shut eyes, and all her
face* She lets him work his sweet will without
making the least movement but in epite of this
immobility all ends by her discharge, showing her
pleasure by the thrill of her arse and the nipping of
her cunt sucking up the spunk which bursts from
her fucker's ruby nozzle

28 Double Lazy Style

The woman lies on her side, passing her arms
round the neck of the man who lies on his side too*
facing her. He passes his legs and thighs between
those of his companion, clasping her round the body
under the arms, after having., of course, introduced
his stiff visitor into the nook of joy, which opens all
alone by the way the male has installed, himself
between her ivory columns. The actors go to work



mutually but without undue bustle or hurry, joining
their mouths greedily, but soon are warmed up by
the soft reciprocal heat of the magnetic attraction
that draws the sexes together. After having tasted a
few moments the happiness of feeling their frames
thus joined together without any painful effort, their
novements quicken in spite of themselves and the
torrent that rushes from both sources obliges them
to embrace with a fury which is quite a contrast
of the indolent commencement of the struggle.

29 Double Lazy Style Reversed

This is the same system as in the preceding direc-
tions, but the woman, lying on her side, turns her
back to her lover who, also on his side and with his
belly to her arse, lifts up her thigh — the one that
does not rest on the bed — and places himself
between the sturdy pillars thus separated, advancing
his legs and knees forward beyond the woman's
body in front of her. Her uplifted thigh now rests
upon her lover's hip; her bottom is in front of hie
prick, which he directs dog-fashion from behind
into her cunt, plunging it to the hilt and now fucks
grandly in this commodious and far trom tiring
position. His hands are at liberty to press and pat



ail the surrounding beauties, especially tbe redun-
dant cheeks of her arse which rub against his pubis
and which he can caress and slap at will. His partner
soon feels the effect produced and experiences herself
the discharging delights, when the neck of her womb
palpitates and is sprinkled by her lover's elixir.

30 The Game of Touch

The man sits on the bed or on the ground, his
back and loins supported by pillows or cushions, his
legs apart, and his dagger, like a Freemason's, threat-
ening the sky. Tbe woman squats between his
thighs, stradling her white pillars over the brawny
limbs of the man. She crams hifi tit-bit into her
orifice, leaning against him. The two lovers entwine
their arms and advance their lips to fence with their
tongues; the woman leaning her arms on her cham-
pions's shoulders. With the aid of her frisky back-
side, she makes the backward and forward move-
ments in the style of those made by children as a
preliminary to their games of * hide and seek * or
touch *, when it is necessary to find out who is to
go and hide or to run and try and place a hand on
one of the other players. Tbe man is not ungrateful
and returns blow for blow, so tbat this simultaneous



action soon starts the couple's pumps to put out the
(ire that devours them, making it impossible for
them to decide who * touched last *.

31 Contemplation

A variation of the last posture. The woman,
seated as bf core said upon the man, throws herself
backwards and leans her head and her shoulders,
which are lifted a little, upon a cushion placed
between her lover's feet. He also leans back, but
only a trifle. The woman stretches her legs entirely
out in front of her on her lover's body, placing her
heels upon his shoulders. He clasps her legs and
opens or shuts them fust as he feels inclined, either
to inspect the work going on, or to close his prick
in her vice-like pussy. Hence the title :44 Contem-
plation ». Leaning on their elbows, they botb shove
their bottoms forward and backward, enjoying the
sight of the junction, but soon their eyesight becomes
dimmed, they can hardly see; their pupils turn up
towards heaven, their bodies stiffen, and our lovers
remain motionless, after having let fly a flood of
amorous liquor, in the midst of the wildest,
sweetest joy.



32 Dog-Fashion Sideways

The woman lies full length ou her side, on the
edge of the he<L horizontally, her hottom outside,
thel eg* and thighs folded half perpendicularly to
the couch, so as to give full prominence to the arse.
The man stands upright behind the tempting buttocks,
lifting the uppermost thigh, by seizing her foot by
the heel and dragging it backwards. The other hand
is passed in front to direct his prick from behind into
the cunt, and when placed therein, he is at liberty
to pinch and stroke all the rosy flesh within his
reach. He frigs the reclining beauty and she holds
his head with one hand, her other arm being on the
pillow. He feels her belly, her hubbies, her backside,
her loins, etc., at the same time driving home his
piston. Its vigorous in and out action produces the
usual effect, bringing into play the double fountains
of burning spunk, with their attendant ecstacies.

33 Dog-Fashion Kneeling

The woman is 4 all fours *, upon her knees and
elbows, on the bed or on the floor. The man kneels
behind, adjusting his prick between the lips of his
charmer's cunt, which he opens. He can see toe rosy



retreat well, because her head is lower than her
arse. When installed, he can, by putting a hand in
front, frig the button of the cunt while he fucks, and
tickle her hairy mount, while with the other hand,
hy leaning forward a little over her back, he is able
to take hold of her globes, and tickle the strawberry
nipples, kissing and licking her shoulders and spine.
The woman, not to be behindhand, can support
herself on one elbow only, and pass the free hand
between her thighs to gently daddle the balls belong-
ing to the prick within her. She must lean forward
also just a little more, as the more the woman is
bent double, the more the entrance of her cunt is
facilitated, enabling the lovers to gain one or two
inches more of length of prick, especially if her fair
forehead entirely touches the floor or mattress. By
this position it must not be forgotten that not one
drop of the divine elixir of their reciprocal gush is
lost; all remains in the thirsty cunt, to their great
and mutual delight.

34 Ordinary Dog-Fashion on the Bed or Standing

This is a variation of the preceding way Tke
woman, instead of being on her knees, is flat on
her belly on the edge of the bed, legs, thighs and



arse outside; her feet resting on two small atools
or hassocks, forming ♦ Ordinary Dog-Fashion on
the Beci ». Or she may be standing, leaning forward,
her hands resting on some handy object that forces
her head to be lower than her bottom; thus showing
us « Ordinary Dog-Fashion Standing »•

In both these cases, the man is always behind the
woman's arse, ready to introduce his prick from
below the brown hoje into the cunt, of which he
tenderly operates afterwards as I stated in the last

35 Dog-Fashion Straight

Now the man kneels and the woman approaches
him backwards, presenting her backside to his face.
She opens her legs and thighs, passing her hand
between them to seize his swollen prick, which she
directs herself, introducing it into her cunt from
back to front Then the man clutches her hips and
helps to claw her on to his cock She pushes quickly
forward and backward, up and down, and leaning
in front passes her hand between her thighs to play
with the stones and the lower end of the reeking
dagger. Soon both overflow voluptuously. This
posture is so called, because the woman is nearly



36 The Spikey Chair

The man sits on a chair, almost on the edge. The
woman turns her hack to him and comes and sits
down on his lap, but she bends forward a little at
first, to allow her workman to adjust his tool in her
cunt from behind her arse to the front When it IS
quite sucked in, the woman lets herself fall back
seated on his thighs, turning her face towards him
so as to suck his lips and tongue. You now see why
posture is dubbed : « The Spikey Chair *. The
man's hands at liberty serve to feel all the lady's
charms. He can press her breasts, tickle her nipples,
caress her wh the body and exciting her and himself
by these lewd touches, added to the joint action of
their loins, they are soon forced to open their sluices
together with voluptuous abundance.

37 Dog-Fashion Flying

The same as in ths preceding description, with the
exception that the woman, instead of remaining with
her thighs upon those of the man, opens them as
wide as she can and throws her legs behind her
right and left of the chair upon which he is seated.
Tie man passes one arm round her body to prevent



her from falling forward, as the posture forces her
to do. The remainder as before, hut the prick enters
better and both the lovers profit thereby*. As the
woman leans the upperpart of her frame forward
and her legs are stretched behind her feet off the
ground, only supported by the man's arm that clasps
her to his middle, she may be said to be almost flying;

38 Dog-Fashion Upright

posture is the same as » Ordinary Dog*
Fashion Standing *, (No. 34), but here the woman4,
instead of leaning forward, draws herself up as soon
as she feels her cunt properly plugged and turns her
face towards the man, giving him her tongue, while
the hands at liberty careps all they can but above all
the breasts. To fully succed this position the male
should be blessed with a very long perforator,
otherwise he will find himself outside at the least
movement; the actors being both on their feet. The
prick, to rest properly in the cunt, must be bent, and
the warm nook is a good distance away from the
male, through the female's arse pressing against his
belly and pubis. Such is a fine style of coition for
those rare individuals who possess too long a penis,
and obviates the use of the soft rings they are forced



in ordinary copulation to put round the lower part,
to prevent too much going in and bursting the
womb. But with the usual size cock, any woman
who may feel during the posture of upright dog-
fashion or standing, that the peace-maker is escaping,
must hasten to lean forward to put him back in
prison, forming thus once more the * Ordinary
Fashion Standing *, (No. 34).

39 The Cock-Horse

The man sits on the edge of a chair, the shoul-
ders leaning on the back of it, the knees well
forward. The woman straddles across him, her face
to his, and lowers her cunt on his stiff rod until it
disappears within. Her legs are passed behind the
chair and she throws her arms round his neck, so
that her heaving semi-globes are close to his face.
His hands, after they have helped to introduce the
prick to its natural shelter, eagerly pet, slap, stroke
and pinch all the beauties of his rider that he can
get at, and he must not forget to introduce a frolic-
some digit into her palpitating bum-hole. To reward
him, the woman, by lowering her head, can plunge
her warm tongue between his teeth. Now the pace
gets furious, she * rides her cock-horse to Banbury



Cross >\ and so gives the name to this fascinating
combination, and they soon reach their destination,
each marking the end of the journey hy a discharge
from the venereal reservoirs.

40 Nailed Woman

The lovers take up the same positions as in the
preceding encounter, W'hen all is ready and John
Thomas it at home, ike man lifts up the woman's
thighs, an arm under each knee, supporting her hy
the hands, grasping the rotundities of her posteriors
and pushing them up and down. She, clasping his
neck., kisses him, tips him the velvet, and sucks his
lips until the spunk flows from both and gives them
complete voluptuous satisfaction. The title of this
posture comes from the fact that the woman seems
as if sha was immovably fixed to her lover, or
« nailed » to him.

41 The Bastard Cock-Horse

Is so called because this posture is made up of
the elements of several others without completely
resembling anyone exactly. The man sits in the
same way as for. • The Cock-Horse ». (No. 39).



tut on the middle of a low sola, leaning hack a
little on some cushions. The woman gets across him,
kneeling as in € The Saint-George *, (No. 5), hut
not straddling down over him, lor that would be
* The Trot ». (No. 19). But remark that here the
man is seated and not lying down, as in No. 5. Their
bodies iorm a right angle ol 45 degrees separating
their two laces. The present posture resembles more
that ol. « The Ordinary Reversed », (No. 6), the
only difference being that in the latter the legs ol the
lady are stretched out and the lovers are lying at
full length, while here the man is seated and the
woman's knees are bent.

42 The Cock-Horse Crossed Straight

Can only be performed with a form or narrow
kench, up on which the man lies on his back, at full
length. The woman rides across his middle, her legs
dangling on either side and her face turned towards
that of her lover. His hands, unoccupied rummage
all the treasures in view, but principally the secret
one where the woman has popped in his cock herself,
being commodiously placed to do so without his
help. He then throws up his belly, like a fish out
of water, up and down, and she gently wriggles her



backside backwards, and sideways, and round and
round. These movements, if well-timed and in
measure, are delicious, and procure such extraordi-
nary sensations that the couple quickly give each
other reciprocal liquid proofs of melting delight

43 The Cock-Horse Crossed Reversed

Absolutely the same as in the preceding sketch,
only the woman's face is turned towards her lover's
feet This variation enables her to put her hand
between her thighs and take hold of his balls and
root of the prick, with one hand, or with the two.
The man, deprived of a wiew of the baby manu-
factory, and the breasts, can feast his eyes on her
back, loins, and buttocks. They both move as in
the foregoing attitude and obtain the same result :
a mutual delirious discharge, and just as agreeable.

44 <T >• Upside Down

The man siU on the bed, his legs stretched out
straight The woman rides upon him, her breast to
his, mouth to mouth. She passes one leg to the right
and one to the left of the man's, straight out behind
him. Their two bodiss cemented together, their leg's



pushed forward as far as they can go, the woman's
behind the man, the man's behind the woman, gives
to the view of the couple in profile the form of a
capital T upside down (X) thus baptising this
posture. Their hands are free to place the cock
where it should be and the picture once realised,
they can mutually caress, and suck each other's
breath, work their loins and bottoms and meet
inevitably at the desired goal with a charming
spermatic give-and-take.

45 Sideways

The man is placed on the edge of an arm-chair
across it; his back reclining against one of the arms.
The woman sits also erossways, one arse-cheek on
the man's knee, holding on to his shoulder. Her
other posterior with uplifted thigh reposes on his
belly, her foot on the arm of the chair to enable him
to introduce his prick in her cunt from underneath.
She leans her other hand on the back of a chair
behind her, on the bottom rail of which her lover
places his feet to support her. With one hand he
clutches her by the lower part of her back and with
the other strokes, feels and pats her breasts, belly
and even round her hairy gap, although his prick is



fast held within it. The lovers are hard at work
and, as ever, with gasps and sighs of rapture, finish
hy discharging admirably.

46 The Good Wife and Mother

posture is almost a copy of the preceding
one. The woman is half-lying across the bed, lean-
ing on one elbow; the child she is suckling is fixed
to the opposite breast with greedy lips; pillows
support her head and shoulders; her legs and thighs
are outside the bed. Her husband comes to her side,
lifting up one of her legs which he places on his
shoulder and the other rests on his knee. By this
tactic he fucks her dog-fashion, sideways. His legi-
timate or illegitimate spouse gives way to him with
pleased obedience, still suckling the infant, who is
agreeably rocked in his mother's arms by the thrusts
of the man and the regular upheaval of the maternal
arse. The woman gives down her sperm at the same
time as her milk, softly begging the father of the
babe whose prick is throbbing, ready to let loose,
not to discharge in her vibrating cunt, hut to empty
the barrel of his gun outside, so as not to break the
child's feeding-bottle, by getting her again in the
family way too soon, impoverishing her milk.



47 Pedestal Fucking

On a pedestal, or a fragment of a column, a
cushion is placed; the corner of a table will do as
well, or any other piece of furniture about two feet
and a half high. The woman sits on the cushion;
the man is before her, between her thighs which she
lifts, so that her knees come up to his armpits. She
holds him round the neck, crossing her legs behind
his back and he, standing up, directs his prick in the
willing cunt, which, distended to the utmost, awaits
it impatiently. He then clasps her to him with both
hands by her backside and loins. The woman is
supported by the « os coccyx » barely touching- the
cushion, and this position resembles « The Herculean
Feat K (Nf*. 23), but is much less tiring. A very
supple-bodied female will not need to put her legs
round the man's body, crossing them behind his
back, but will lift them up on to his shoulders. Tbe
prick enters well within when her knees are under
his armpits, but bores still further into her vagina
in the last manner I have just described, but which
is more fatiguing and can only be realised with
a young and flexible — jointed female — a ballet
girl for instance.



48 Waste Not, Want Not

The woman lies on her hack on die bed, her
thighs as open as possible so that the knees are
drawn up almost touching her nipples. The man
mounts upon her, placing her calves on his shoulders,
to keep her legs and thighs Uplifted. He pushes his
piercer into the cunt which is well exposed readv
for his thrusts and is gaping open. As he drives
backwards and forwards to satisfy her lubricity, he
leans the weight of his shoulders on her calves each
time he shoves his drill into the hairy chasm. Each
shove of his arse drives his manly staff yet a little
more in. Meanwhile he caresses all her charms,
and his happy victim feels the darling prick touching
her very soul, and, when about to discharge, the
man should, make no backward movement, but
remain buried to the root and thus his throbbing
cock plugs completely up the entrance and prevents
the spunk that spurts into her vitals flowing out
again. His partner should press forward, opening
herself as much as she can to receive his burning
offering and spend herself at the same time. Not a
single drop is lost hy this method.



49 The Grand Entrance

The woman is seated in the edge of a sofa, her
thighs open, tne knees well back and uplifted, her
legs bent under ber so that her heels touch her
buttocks, and her toes are supported by cushions
piled up until on a level with the sofa. A pillow is
behind her for her back to lean upon. The man goes
down on his knees between the cushions on which
her feet rest He approaches the place of worship
where his advent is impatiently expected and plunges
in until their two bushes become as one, putting his
hands underneath the lady's arse, to draw her
towards him, while at the same time he lunges and
retreats with all the strength of his loins. Their
faces meet: and so do their quivering tongues, while
both her marble bum and his brawny arse join in
the dance. Soon the fire of pleasure burns with
intensity and their mutual and copious gushes of
lustful quintessence prove, by the excess of salacious
joy experienced, the merit of this fascinating posture,
called with truth * The Grand Entrance *, as the
two folding doors of the femine laboratory as natu-
rally completely open.

(Here the dialogue, which has been more or less
a monologue, was interrupted by the entrance of



the punctual charwoman, heralded hy a timid
honeymoon knock at the door. It was six o'clock
and she brought the dinner, and laid the cloth.
During the repast, the conversation became unin-
teresting on account of the presence oi the faithful
« slavey *. whom it was unnecessary to scandalise,
although she knew perfectly well the extent of the
understanding that reigned between Charlie and
Maud. When appetite was satisfied, the old woman
cleared everything away, but did not forget to leave
on the table another clean service, some cold
viands, wine, spirits and mineral waters, for fear the
lovers should feel inclined to pick a little bit before
retiring for the night, and she disappeared with
strict orders not to trouble unless she heard the
bell. Tbe door bolted, Maud reclined upon the sofa
and, summoning her lover, begged him, to continue
the subject he had let drop when dinner was served.
Charlie, as usual, wanted but very little asking and
started again to finish the lecture that so excited
his mistress).