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This is a very amusing manner, but it is not
everybody who can carry it out successfully. You
must first get a donkey, not too obstinate, and the
lovers must have some idea of how to ride these
capricious beasts without being frightened, and the
woman must mount like a man. In these bicycling
days there should be no difficulty about so small a
matter. The woman cocks her leg over the donkey's
back, where there is no saddle, only a rug, and a
pair of shortened stirrups. If the spot chosen for
this randy ride is not secluded enough for the cava-
lier and his lady to be completely naked, the female
must lift up her petticoats back and front, lean
forward encircling the donkey's neck with both her
arms, throwing up her arse by rising in the stirrups.
n.an mounts behind her, leans back, holding on



the donkey'a tail with one hand, while with the
other he slips his cock into the loving cunt dog-
fashion* which, hy the position she is now in, is
easy enough. When all is ready, the woman,
empaled, drops down between her fucker's thighs,
and her lover catches hold of the animal's tail with
both his hands behind him. Now they dig their
knees into the donkey's sides, which starts him off
and at the same time holds them fast in the postures
they have chosen. The donkey trots and shakes their
backsides well right and left That movement
increases their pleasure and, when they are about
to spend, the lover pulls the ass's tail, which finally
causes him to kick out behind, or jib, however
patient by nature he may be, forcing the man's
prick to penetrate still further, to the great and
certain voluptuous satisfaction of both parties. But
they must not lose their head when they lose their
cream, as it sometimes happens, for then the jibbing
beast gets rid of his double burden and the lovers
find themselves on the ground with all their spend-
rags knocked out of them.

51 The Gunner and the Cannon

The woman lies on her back and loins; arse,
thighs and legs outside the bed and across it



man stands in front of her, taking one of her feet in
each hand just ahove the ankle and holds them up
as high as possible, a trifle forward, but straight up
ana open. He can thus take a proper view

of the breech and point his rammer to clean the
cannon. He pushes his prick forward and by bis
position it should slip in by itself. Once within, he
shoves on with might and main, at the same time
thrusting up and down one or the other of the legs
he holds, or both together, which causes all sorts of
varied motions to be felt inside the cunt, not for-
getting nippings and rubbings which voluptuously
excite the thrice happy prick, making it stiffer than
ever, and communicating to the two working
partners indescribable pleasure, which finishes
— alas! but too soon — by a double reciprocal

52 How to Get a Boy

The woman lies on her back on the bed acros,
it, her legs outside. The man stands up in front of
her and takes up her right leg at the calf, placing it
under his left arm. With his right. he lifts up the
left leg of the woman, which he places straight up^
the calf reaching thus to the front of hie right shoul-



der, at the side of Lis face. With one hand he
opens the lips of the eager woman's lower mouth,
plants his prick inside and shoves away with his
arse until he spends, heing careful to first try and
time himself so as to ejaculate at the same moment
as the female, and secondly to drive his emitting
cock in as far as his strength will permit, so that
not the least drop precious liquor shall he lost.

Tke opinion of several learned doctors, spe******ts
for the generative organs, is that to get a hoy the
woman must have the right side lower than the
left when heing fucked, so that the man's seed should
fall towards the right flank, where they opine male
children are always conceived.

53 How to Get a Girl

This is the same posture, only the man tucks
under his right arm the left thigh of the female.
Then with his left hand the lifts the woman's right
leg straight up, so that her right side is higher than
the left. The rest as in the preceding position, where
I have explained the idea of the learned authorities.

It results from these two postures, and from the
reasons given, that we might attain the same result
in many different ways of fucking ( * The Ordi-



nary *,« The Inseparables », Nos. 1 and 2, or any
otter where the woman lies on her back; her arse
uplifted by cushions or a pillow), as long as we do
not forget that, where the birth of a boy is desired,
the woman should have her left side higher than the
right and * vice versa », if she yearns to bring yet
another cunt into the world, to delight the butterfly
rogerer who flits from flower, tasting the honey of
each. There can never too many cunts on this

54 The Living Mattress

The man lies on his back stretched out at full
length on the bed, his prick stiff standing like
Nelson's monument. The woman mounts upon
him and takes her place as in the * Empalement
Backwards », (No. 20). When she has herself
lodged the column m its nook, she stretches out her
thighs on those of her companion and leans back-
wards, reclining with her shoulders upon his chest,
and she turns her face towards him a little to give
and receive lascivious kisses. Thus she rests as upon
a mattress, and the man, his tongue between her lips,
presses her titties, her belly, the bushy mount and
the clitoris, passing his hands from behind cverJier



sweet body. They move gently and cautiously, as
with heavy strokes the prick might slip from its
prison, as in this posture it does not advance very far
into the cunt, where the woman can, however, keep
it in its place with her hand. To perform properly
thus a long prick is needful and a fellow boasting
such a weapon will have no need to fear injuring
his mistress.

55 The Toad

The woman lies on her back at full length on
the bed, a large pillow or even two under her arse
to force the cunt well up in front; her head and
shoulders are also supported by cushions. (In Scot-
land, I believe, the heavy family bible is often
made use of in this posture-a favourite one across
the border).

The man gets over her in ordinary fashion.
Wnen he is in, the woman lifts up her legs and
thighs as high as she can, keeping them well open, so
that her heels touch her buttock* above the line of
her thighs. Her knees press against her lover, near
his armpits. They are pressed together in each other's
arms, and the man profits by the position of the
woman, who in this way presents her cunt as open



as possible, to stove in bis tool till tbeir bushes
mingle. With many a groan and sigh of lust, with
repeated strokes of loins and arse they enjoy trans-
ports of erotic joy which do not last for ever and
shortly a double emission brings down the essence
of love.

56 The Basket

A round bottomless basket is suspended by its
two handles to a cord running over a strong pulley,
or ship's « block *, which is fixed to the ceiling, the
end of the rope reaching the ground. The woman
sits in the basket between the handles, her back
supported by one side, and her legs thrown over
the other, hanging over the edge, which comes
under her knees. Her arses ticks out of the bottom-
less basket and her mount and cunt are forced out
as well. The man draws the basket up a little by
pulling the rope and lies down at full length under
it, his shoulders on the ground and his prick
upstanding like Cleopatra's favourite needle, facing
the secret beauties of the woman which pout between
her arse-cheeks. He lets the basket gently down
again, holding the rope with one hand to keep the
load at a proper height, and with the other he



adjusts Lis prick in tne cunt. Aa soon as be is
landed, he pulls the basket up and down alternately
and gradually, so as not to let his cock slip out, and
when it is a prisoner root and all, he can give a
hall-turn to the basket the left or right, which
deliciously twists his prick, makes it as hard and
as a piece of wood and procures incalculable
pleasure to the lovers, obliging them to discharge as
if their sexual organs were spermatic fountains,

57 Upright Fucking

This is the counterpart of * Dog-Fashion
Upright » (No. 38). The lovers are face to face;
the woman mounting upon a low stool, or cushions,
arranged in such a manner that her cunt is on a
level with the man's prick, who gets into her in that
position. He holds her to him with one hand, their
mouths glued together, her heaving breasts crushed
against his hairy chest With his other hand, he
directs his cock and, once inside, clasps her by the
arse to draw her close to his body. Now they both
agitate their frames in unison, lip-licking and
tongue-sucking, crushed close together, and rubbing
their two skins one against the other. They are soon
compelled to finish as usual, by a mutual ecstatic



This posture is not a very comfortable one, and
* Dog-Fashion Upright \ (No. 38) is no easier.
They are both tiring, requiring long pricks to give
much pleasure, and can only be recommended for
an occasional momentary whim.

58 The Game of Honey-pots

The concluding remarks of the last posture apply
to this one, which demands a long prick, although
analogous to « Waste Not, Want Not*, (No. 48),
ana « The Grand Entrance *, (No. 49), which are
far from being so difficult. The one I am about to
describe requires the couple to be flexible and adroit,
without sufficient reward awaiting them for their
pains; the same pleasure being procurable in other
ways less fatiguing and easy for all. Thus it may
be only noted for being a simple curiosity, to be
tried once in a while.

The woman lies on her back on the bed or on a
soft carpet; her loins supported by a cushion. She
lifts up her thighs, keeping them well open, so that
her knees come up to her nipples and her heels touch
her buttocks. When she is thus squatting, on her
hams, the man straddles across her, his feet outside
to the right and left of her body, the part of his arse



at the function ol his thighs placed upon the insteps
of the woman, who lorces herself to take up as little
space as possible. He insinuates his tool through the
four thighs into the lady's cunt, passing his arms
round and between her knees and body to grasp her
arse and draw her to him. She, on her side, holds
him by the neck and advances her rosy mouth for
their tongues to meet. When the man is comforta-
bly installed, he moves up and down without any
rough movements, so as not to let his cock escape
from the grip of the hairy lips, and everything
finishes by a double and copious outburst, well-
earned by the dificulty vanquished in succeding this
posture, so inconvenient for both,

59 The Swing

A bench about two feet long, well-cushioned, is
fixed by each end to a long double rope, knotted
and plaited together about three feet above. The
ropes are fixed to trees, or to a beam, so as to form
a swing. The man sits in the middle of the seat of
the swing; the woman places herself across him, as
in « The Cock-Horse », (No. 39), and puts his prick
in the proper place, passing her thighs round him so
thai her legs are crossed behind his back, Each of



the actors clasps hold of the cords to left and right
and the man starts the swing with one foot on the
ground to begin with, and afterwards keeps it going
by the movements of his arse and loins, generously
returned by the woman, which posess the double
property of accelerating the swinging diversion and
being exactly needful to help the fucking which our
lovers are having while passing through the air.

It is prudent that they should pass a belt round
their bodies attached at each end to the cords of the
swing, for without this precaution, in the moment
of enjoyment, when all strength leaves them and
their eyes grow dim, they may chance to let go the
rope, and fall heavily to the ground. Tke woman,
although the most ardent, is at bottom the weakest,
and she should on no account be allowed to spend
on a swing without being fastened to it. Ederly
voluntary cuckolds, who allow their wives to have
a lover on condition that they be present when he
is fucking their better half, will do well to have the
operation performed on the swing on a summer
afternoon. They can look up and enjoy the sight of
united cock and cunt flying through the air above
their nose. In the case of a fall, the impotent
husband can leave off frigging himself, and catch
one or the other or both, if they tumble off» and



thus will have done something useful for once in
his life.

60 The Swinging Target

The woman sits on the swing alone, on the edge,
lifting up her legs and opening her thighs, pressing
her heels to her buttocks, so as to reduce her hody,
so to speak, to the smallest possible compass and
presenting her cunt outside the seat of the swing.
She leans her head and shoulders well back, thus
forcing the private parts still more forward and
holds on tightly to the ropes.

The man stands in front of her, prick in hand,
pointing to the centre of the living target. He is soon
ensconced in the hairy bull s-eyc and with a slight
push drives the swing from him. As it returns with
its laughing, lascivious burden he takes good aim
and should land within at every return of the swing.
He continues this play as long as it pleases him,
and, when he feels the venereal spasm approaching,
he seizes the opportunity to stop the swing and
discharge at his ease while the lady, tired ol the
oscillation, invites osculation and mixes her essence
with his.



61 The Double-Headed Beast; or,
Two Ends to the Stick

The woman lies at full length on the bed,
sideways, presenting her hack to the man who take6
the same position hut in a double-reversed sense.
That is to say he is on his hack, on the opposite side
to that of the woman, his head towards her tail. He
passes one leg and thigh between hers, below her
posterior beauties; his other is thrown over her,
thus bringing his bust towards hers on a level with
their groins. Now is the time to adjust the cock,
hy bending it into the woman's cunt and keeping
it in the warm and moist furrow with one hand,
which also tickles the clitoris and the mount within
reach, while both push on, retreat and push again,
but with great care, so as not to break the

For this is yet another of those postures requi-
ring skill, precaution, and above all a long lithe
prick, with which there is oi course always a better
chance of succeeding no matter whether the position
be easy or difficult If you don't believe me, ask
the ladies! With a long prick it is very easy to
take a few inches off the wrong end by not letting
the whole of the monster rush right in, but what



remedy is there tor a short cock? It ia impossible
to add an extra joint

62 The Sack of Corn Forwards

The woman lies across the bed on her back She
up her legs and thighs, and right and left passes
her feet in two loops of a rope, sufficiently high up
so that she is only supported on the sheets by her
head and shoulders and her loins, hips and all the
rest are opened out and in the air. The man gets on
the bed and passes his head and his body, from front
to back, between the open thighs of the lady, to
whom he presents his arse, while her head is between
his feet He leans forwards, fixes his prick in her
cleft and, once ensconced, he lies quite forward,
supports his hands on the bed near her shoulder-
blades, and she can enjoy the view in perspective of
die muscles on his brawny arse and hi* heavy bag
and balls, agitated by the erotic exercise he is
taking. His thrust is soon quicken, driven on by
the play of his dear sweetheart's deft digits, unable
to resist the desire to tickle his appendages and slap
the cheeks of his posteriors, stretched close to her
eyes. The man fucks, and caresses and moulds all
the backside beauties that his eyes devour, and he



can even pass Lis Lands in front to visit the Leaving
snowy breasts and other beauties with easy distance.
The final result of all this refined debauchery is a
magnificent ejaculation, of which not a drop is lost
for the lady, as by this position all the allowance
runs to the very bottom of the womb, tickling deli-
ciously this most sensitive organ.

63 The Sack of Corn Backwards

This is the contrary of the preceding position.
The woman is placed as before, but the man, instead
of getting between her thighs from front to back,
takes up his position now from back to front and
consequently plants his stake dog-fashion, having his
feet behind the shoulders of the woman on the bed.
He leans forward, his face resting on her breasts
which he can kiss, lick and rub his nose against. In
return, the woman can advance her randy mouth
and tongue and lifting herself up a little suck his
breath. The battle terminates by a volley from both
parties and they have as much pleasure as in the
preceding posture. In both these methods of fucking,
the man truly resembles a sack of corn placed on a
trestle — that idea furnishing the titles to the two
positions I have just described and which terminate
the salacious series.



CLarlie (stopping). — I think now that I have
finished my task as far as regards the 1st ^ of the
1st Section of my 1st Chapter.The longest and most
difficult is done, but it is now ten o'clock; I am a
little tired through talking so long, so let us to bed,
so that I may rest in your arms. I suppose that you
are not visiting me with the sole idea of listening to
my talk. Your letter promised me a day and two
nights of love and passion. You must keep your
word. My lecture on the diverse moves of sacrificing
to Venus must not cause my darling to perjure

Maud. — "Wicked man! I expect you want to
try and realise a few living pictures with me, copied
from some of the lewd canvasses you have unrolled
just now. I consent, but promise me that, after a
few hours of pleasure, you will continue your
enchanting dissertations, which interest me so much
that I don't intend to sleep a wink until after you
have thoroughly exhausted the subject, even though
I set up listening to you the whole night long,

Charlie. — You know well that your will is
law for me, But first to bed!

[The lovers retire between the sheets and they
try a few experiments, realising a respectable



number of tbe foregoing postures, and then Charlie,
faithful to his word, continues his sermon on the
mount., (of Venus), as if he had not sustained the
delightful interruption].





Charlie. — I have finished the description of
the various methods used to fuck a woman in the
natural orifice, and I now come to a few other

An old song says :

« The distance between a girl's cunt and arse-hole,
« Is but a foul crabs' jump without vaulting pole »

This being mathematically incontestable, we
must conclude therefore that all the postures I have
already described can serve nearly all just as well
for sodomising a woman as for rogering her.

But although a woman is cunt all over for a
true fucker, the act of sodomy or buggering, even
with the feminine sex, should only be a momen-



tary caprice for him and not a leading habitual vice*
The sodomite in general is right up to a certain
point when he maintains that all tastes exist in nature
and the best of all is our particular one, whichever
it may be. But it is none the less logical to say that,
if all men had this exclusive propensity for spending
in the woman's arse, the world would come to an
end. This motive alone shows the dangerous trap
into which we should fall if we allowed such prin-
ciples to be indefinitely applied. They are true at
bottom, if you will, as this limitless extension would
soon bring about a radical solution of the problem
of depopulation. But happily there are a very small
number of exclusive sodomites, in proportion to the
considerably stronger army of old-fashioned cunt-
fuckers, so that there is very little harm done and
we ne$d not trouble about the question. Let everyone
do as he or she likes, as long as strict secrecy is
kept, without scandal, or moral and physical
violence. I frankly confess that is has always seemed
pitiful to me to drawn arguments from religious
law against pederastic pleasure. I go further and.
declare that religion has nothing to do with fucking
in any shape or form whatsoever, if quietly carried
out as I said just now. I am at liberty to speak freely
as I am a perfectly disinterested party, this peculiar



taste never having been mine. I have perforated a
few blushing backsides, I confess, out of pure, or
rather impure, wayward fancy, and curiosity, with
women only. Some of the sweet innocents have even
begged me to distend their wrinkled sepia, factory,
either because they wanted to try the experiment, or
as they told me, for fear of getting that swelling
behind the navel that rarely goes down under nine
months. But I have always preferred the true road
to paradise and l think it is rank blasphemy to mix
up our bibles and prayers in all these fucking follies.
When will the common anserous herd, as credu-
lous as they are silly and addle-headed, clear their
muddy brains and cease to listen as if they were
oracles, to certain individuals of different religious
denominations, who are not such fools as they look
and who mix up, or more truly « feign » to mix
up, so-calleds acred decrees with sociabye-laws and
sentiments of true morality, the only ones that nature
inspires man with at his birth, with the repugnancies
that the prejudices of conventional education alone
bestow on simple and timid minds! These gentry
who preach from acting as they talk and, when
together with their colleagues, they do not fail to
unmask and agree that everything is generally permis-
sible when no one is hurt. They do not stop even



there when it comes to the application, as they admit
without restriction that nothing is forbidden if it is
hidden. But enough of such serious argument. I am
getting too oserious and my theme is a gay one.
Let me return to my bottoms.

Nearly all the postures for cunt-fucking can be
used for buggering a woman, by reason of the
neighbourhood of the two apertures. To my
knowledge there exists no way of bottom-piercing
that cannot also be used for copulation in front
and, as I believe I have described every possible
way of plugging a cunt, it would be going over the
same ground again to explain them all once more as
applied to sodomy with your enchanting sex. Let
it suffice for me to tell you that in all the postures
described as for the cunt, is is only necessary to
place the mans cock a few inches higher or lower
according to the position of the woman for her to
be fucked in the arse, as the two holes are so near
to each other that the realisation of the attitudes is
fust as easy and the change of lodging is indifferent
for the action in itself.

Nevertheless the easiet ways to get up a lady's
fundament are those which I have described in the
cunt-postures under the name of : The Back-View
(No. 7). — The Elastic Woman (No. 14). —



The Wheelbarrow Backwards (No. 18). —-
Empalement Backwards (No. 20). — Tne Basket
(No. 56). — The Sack of Corn Backwards
(No. 63), and all the dog-fashion postures : No. 11,

18, 20, 25, 27, 29, 32. 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37,
38. 43, 45, 46, 48, and 53.

The remarks I have made here and there, con-
cerning the facility or difficulty of execution of the
various postures, apply-equally, sometimes more and
sometimes less, to their performance in sodomitical
style with women.

It must also not be forgotten that in all cases and
in all ways of sodomistfeg the female, it is the mans
duty to take up his position in such a manner that
one of his hands can fr{g her cunt, although his
prick neglects it, tickling the clitoris, the nipples, etc.
The entrance, too, should never be effected with
brutality or violence and, until the little brown hole
is sufficiently dilated to admit the prick easily, a
little grease should always be applied and the
masculine acorn will be all the more comfortable if
anointed also before the Socratic act. A very pretty
preparation before inserting, the battering-ram in
the back precints is a simple kiss or warm caress of
a moist tongue, when the saliva takes the place of
cold-cream. Indeed, this voluptuous kiss is generally



well received by both sexes, even wben no pederastic
violence is intended.

To sum up, men sbould never be selfish or
ungrateful; we ought to try to give as much pleasure
as we can while we are receiving voluptuous joy
from the woman, and the feeling that we are doing
our duty to our companion will double our




You can well understand that these postures are
not very numerous, as it would be idle to describe
all the ways and means by which a loving couple
can mutually frig; seated, standing, lying, down,
forward, backward, etc. For the woman one or more
fingers of her lover will suffice, or his hand will
rummage her mount and cunt, tickling her clitoris,
the large outer lips and the smaller inner ones, the
perineum, the arse-hole, the breasts and their nipples,
the posteriors, the shoulders, the back and loins, etc.
To please man the woman also uses her hands
to grasp, shake stroke and caress her lover's prick
and balls, the neutral ground between his hairy purse
and arse-hole, which later retreat also comes in for



a good share of tickling, not forgetting the cheeks
of his hum, etc... The whole to he accompanied with
reciprocal kisses on every part of the hody, dove-
like slobbering with tongues entwined and all other
ordinary episodes.

The best and principal methods for mutual
masturbation I shall now describe, remarking that
all other means are only copied or derived from

1 The Genuine Frig

The man is seated on a sofa, by the side of the
woman, on her right hand. She is seated too. He puts
his left arm rotund her waist or passes it over or
under her left shoulder to mould her breasts, or slips
it under her arse to press her bottom. With his
right hand, he gently opens the lips of her cunt and
tickles her clitoris with one finger, pushing it in
and out and round about in every direction. To
increase the pleasure he must moisten his thumb
and middle-finger with a little saliva and, pressing
the thumb on the clitoris, slip the index into the
cunt and the middle-finger into the arse-hole, bend-
ing the other digits. He rapidly and lightly moves
his fingers thus placed, forwards and backwards.



gently at first and furiously fast when the discharge
is near. His nails should he cut short and well filed
and all fugged edges rounded off, as a scratch might
do great harm to the delicate internal parts of the
woman's genitals, leading to the formation of sores
in the whomh and rectum.

The woman on her side takes her lovers prick
in her right hand and shakes it softly and volup-
tuously. She uncovers the sensitive nut hy drawing
down the foreskin and pulls up the hood again, gently
at first and then quicker tightening her grasp so as to
stretch the « fraenum » hy drawing down the skin
of the prick towards the root. She lets her hand
travel softly down towards the root, and then comes
back to the gland, wetting her thumb in her mouth
and passing it backwards and forwards over the
fraenum and the ruby head, which she lightly rubs.
During this time, her left hand is busy with her
lover's balls. She presses them with a loving soft
grasp, caressing the bag and its contents and the root
of the prick, the perineum and its vicinity, etc. She
also can wet a finger of the left hand too, and tickle
his arse-hole, and if she can, force it right up his

The couple embrace and kiss at the same time,
pressing againet each other; they do battle with



their tongues and soon the burning spunk hursts

reciprocally from the reservoirs, inundating their
active hands.

2 The Strawberries

The woman lies on her back on a bed or sofa,
her knees lifted up a little and well apart. The man
places himself at the right of the couch near her,
seated, or on his knees, according to the height of
the piece of furniture in use. He passes his left arm
round his charmers neck and brings it above her
chest, grasps her left breast and tickles the straw-
berry nipple with one of his fingers. A.t the same
time, by stooping a trifle, he takes in his mouth the
corresponding strawberry of the right bubby, causing
the stiffened point of his tongue to quiver on and
about it. His right hand, the fingers duly moistened,
slips under the uplifted thighs of the lady, and the
thumb is on the magic button, the index in the vagina
and the middle digit up the tiny dark hole. From
time to time the lover abandons the right nipple, to
fasten his lips to hers and tickle her tongue with his.
She, to please him in return, passes her right hand
between his body and the bed and catches hold of
bis prick, frigging it well and also its appendages,



with all due science, gentleness and with fairy-like
touches, using all the little tricks and dodges des-
cribed in the foregoing frig, so as to properly caress
him who is caressing her so well himself. The
conclusion is imminent and is marked hy a delicious
reciprocal spend which the lovers exchange in their
hands with the utmost satisfaction.

Besides frigging, there are other means for enjoy-
ing mutual pleasure between the sexes without the
intromission of the viril organ, so much feared by
many women who have not even confidence in
French letters, or the little sponge, and still less in
the solemn oath taken by the lover to withdraw at
the critical moment and not spend inside.

I allude to gamahuching, name that is given to
the action of tickling, sucking and licking with the
tongue and mouth the sexual parts of man or woman.

Here is the description :

3 Sixty-Nine

The woman lies on her back on the bed, her
thighs apart, her knees uplifted. The man straddles
over her in the contrary sense, on his knees, her
head being between his thighs. He stretches out to
his full length, the elbows supported on the bed at



the side of her hips and his face is hidden between
her thighs. He passes his hands under her posteriors
to open the lips of her cunt and place his mouth
upon it, putting his stiffened tongue on the clitoris
and frisking the point all round it. He must plunge
his tongue as far as he can into the interior of the
cunt, sucking the clitoris and drawing it up between
his lips, while with the index in the vagina and the
middle-finger up the arse, he shoves backwards and
forwards, caressing and stroking all the other parts
with his other hand. During this time the woman
has been active. With one hand she has popped hit
sugar-stick into her mouth, nibbling it, sucking it,
tickling the fraenum and ruby head with her pointed
tongue, holding the foreskin tightly back. W^ith her
other hand she tickles, caresses, presses and dandles
the balls, the root of the prick that is not entirely
in ber. mouth, his hairs, the perineum, the arse-hole,
into which she forces a moistened finger, and the
arse-cheeks which she softly strokes, and gently
pinches and slaps. These caresses are continued
until the approach of the culminating pleasure, when
it seems ae if the woman was trying to swallow the
prick, so much does she force it down her throat
while madly sucking at it, while the man is evidently
trying to press his whole face into her cunt and eat



her saucy clitoris, so much does he press inside the
former and draw the latter between his lip6 and
teeth. Thus each of the lovers receives in his mouth
the spunk oi the other without quitting their po$t$
until the discharge is complete and all the reservoirs
are dry, swallowing or rejecting afterwards, accord-
ing to their taste or their passion of a moment, the
divine liquid so voluptuously and salaciously

position is always known as « Sixty-Nine
from the position of the lovers' heads, as they form
exactly the two figures 69, showing a head which-
ever way they are turned. The sign of the Zodiac ;
« Libra \ the Balance, offers the same appearance.

4 Sixty-Nine Reversed

This is the same posture * vice versa » the only
difference being that the man is now lying on his
back, the knees drawn up a little, and the woman
mounts upon him, on her knees, right and left of his
head, her cunt on his face and her arse in the air,
while she has her head between his thighs sucking
his prick while he licks her cunt.

The rest as in the preceding explanation; tLe
climax being the same, so that there is nothing



more to tell you of the original game of heads and

5 Combined Gamahuching and Breast-Fucking

Tne man sits in the middle of a low sofa, and
in front of him, at his feet, between his open legs is
a stool. He leans a little backwards, the loins and
shoulders supported by some cushions. Tne woman
mounts upon the sofa, turning her bottom towards
the mans face, and, placing her feet upon the couch,
she stoops forward and leans her hands upon the
stool in front of her between his legs. By this posi-
tion, being opened out and leaning forward, she
offers her cunt below her posteriors fully exposed
and outstretched to the mans mouth. He clasp his
lips to the hairy slit, his tongue quivering inside it
and licking the clitoris, and he kisses her round hum
and also the arse-hole, not forgetting to push his
tongue therein — a soft caress not to be forgotten —
and when he is sucking with all his might the
throbbing cunt, he can also let his nose press against
the backside. By the way the lovers arc now placed
the breasts of the woman are touching the man's
prick. He puts it between the two heaving globes
and passing his arms between her legs presses with



both hands, so that the titties close upon his cock.
Working with arse and loins as well as sucking her
cunt, he soon sets the woman frisking and moving
convulsively about beneath his caresses, and it is not
long before the man receives in his mouth the liquid
proof of her enjoyment which he returns with
interest between her breasts.

6 The Man Sat'Upon

The man lies on the bed, crossways a little, his
knees up, the heels touching the buttocks, turned
towards the inside of the bed, his head on the outside
edge. The woman places a stool near his face,
mounts upon it, with one foot, passing the other over
her lover and placing him and bending down, she
supports her cunt on his face and her arse comes
upon his chest, just below his neck. She does not
press too heavily so as not to. stifle him and lifts
herself up a little on her feet, putting one hand upon
his head which is supported by the edge of the bed.
Stretching out her other hand she takes a firm grasp
of his cock and frigs him cleverly, tickling his balls,
the neutral ground between his bag and arse-hole
and the root of the prick, following up by a gentle
rubbing of the sensitive scarlet bead, drawing the



foreskin backwards and forwards. Tbe man, with
one hand passed behind her, plays with her aree,
which is turned towards his feet and supports the
robust posteriors on his mouth, while his tongue
tickles the clitoris and plunges into the vagina as in
the preceding sucking sketches. He passes his other
hand between her body and the leg that is out-
stretched and supported by the stool, bringing it
round in front to part the hairs and the lips of the
cunt, so as to make the vibrating gap more accessible
to his greedy mouth. Lastly, he strokes the randy
woman's belly and feels her bubbies, and in deep
gratitude she lets loose her spending essence over his
face and in his mouth, and he, far from ungrateful,
shows his sympathy by spunking vigorously into the
soft white palm which is frigging him.

7 Heads and Tails

The couple lie upon the ground in the position
of « Sixty-Nine Reversed », (No. 4 « ante »). When
all is ready, the man puts the woman's thighs over
his shoulders, right and left, and, holding them
firmly, gets up standing, the woman encircling his
loins with her arms. When they are thus upright,
the woman has her head downwards and her legs



up in the air. She takes the stiff cock in her mouth,
holding on with one hand to the loins of the man
standing firm on his feet and her other hand serves
to tickle his balls, etc., as in the other gamahuching
bouts. The man pressing the woman, whose cunt and
arse-hole are close to his mouth, to him by one hand
on the small of her back, passes his other hand over
her backside, parting her bush and the cunny-lips.
working his tongue within it according to the
gamahuching maxims already laid down. The same
hand is next needed to caress her bum and its
wrinkled hole, etc., until feeling the sovereign
pleasure about to manifest itself, and his strength
leaving him in consequence, he backs towards the
bed and falls thereon so as to discharge in comfort
and without fear of accident.

8 A Lazy Sixty-Nine

This is the game of * Sixty-Nine * (No, 3 * ante »)
or « Sixty-Nine Reversed * (N°» 4); but now the
lovers try it both lying full length on the side, the
man being on the right side and the woman lies
doing * Sixty-Nine * with him on the right side
also. Or else the man is on his left side and the
woman also, but always in the « Sixty-Nine *



position, so that in any case she has her cunt near
his mouth and his cock is pointed towards her rosy
lips. Each lilts the thigh up a little, on the opposite
side to that which he or she is lying, so as to faci-
litate the passage of the other s face between the
thighs, as well as the hands which exert themselves
in caressing stokes, pats and pinches all round within
reach, while their two mouths do their mutual duty
to the sexual parts. The lovers have thus no weight
to support. All is pleasure without any trouble,
increasing their joy and making them spend in each
other's mouth with more voluptuousness than ever.

I think, my darling, that you are now fully
instructed in all the postures that two lovers can
take if they wish to exhaust all the delights of love
without dangerous penetrations, which might lead
to living proofs of adultery and fornication, but in
which nevertheless the pleasure is mutual and
partaken of by both, and the enjoyment of the final
melting moment of spending transport is complete
for lover and mistress.

Do now I will pass on to the pleasures of the
man alone, by the aid of the woman without the
latter taking any share in the fun, except by the
innate knowledge of the pleasure she gives. For it
is also a great enjoyment to give pleasure to the



loved one and note tLe effect our efforts produce,
even wLen we do not perhaps experience tLe actual
spasm. But it is none tLe less agreeable to make
tLe object of our adoration spend freely, even if
we do not discbarge at tbe same time, altbougb
tbere is no law to prevent us frigging ourselves
wbile sLowering voluptuous caress of band and
tongue on anotber.