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1 The False Fuck

The woman is tired of spending, but tbe man is
still clamorous for more. She lies on ber side and
so does tbe man bebind ber. He approaches bis body
and slips bis prick between ber thighs, which close
upon it and he gravely fucks between her snowy
columns as if he was in her cunt or arse-hole. To
heighten the illusion he plays with, and feels, all her
charms and she, twisting her face half round towards
him, gives him her randy tongue, while she tightens
her thighs and moves them gently together to excite
by the touch of their smooth skin the emprisoned
prick, which rubs against the hair of her cunt, while
the white, round, velvety arse warms the man s belly.
Such a combination of caresses soon forces his



amorous sluices to burst and tbe inside of her thighs
is soon sticky with the jet of his manly essence,
position can be recommended to all having to do
with very young girls or half-virgins. The same
remark applies in nearly every to all easy postures
where no actual penetration is required. Incestuous
papas please note.

2 Real Suck

The man is half seated on a sofa or bed. The
woman goes down on her knees before him, seizing
his sugar-stick in one hand and placing it in her
mouth. She sucks it at her ease, while with her
other hand she tickles, presses and dandles the balls
with every accompaniment and salacious play before
described and which it is idle to repeat at each
change of position. The man can always find some
mischief for his idle hands to do in pressing her
hubbies and other charms within his reach until the
shell bursts in the warm, soft mouth of the sucking,
licking, slobbering, half-choked darling. She must
not cease the sweet play of her caressing tongue and
lips and teeth round the shaft, and swollen red head
of the bursting prick, until she is sure that the last
drop has exuded from the orifice of the urethra.



and tne trtre sucking female, sue who really enjoys
having a cock in her mouth, excited hy the taste,
the perfume, its excitable movements, the warning
throbbings and final heavenly explosion of seminal
liquor, eagerly swallows the entire dose, and I may
say that the lady who keeps it all in the hollow of
her cheeks till she can conveniently get rid of it
by expectorating into a convenient receptacle, is
unworthy of the name of a true British sweet sucker.

3 Bag-Piping

The man stands up, his backside supported by
the edge of the bed and the woman is on her knees
before him, either on the ground or on a pile of
cushions according to her height. She places the
beloved prick between her two breasts, the point
coming under her chin, and she presses her two full
globes with each hand, looking with sweet adoration
at her lover, who is moving his arse as if he was
in her cunt or her bottom. His weapon thus pressed
between the hubbies, which also rub against his
balls, is deliciously titillated and soon a superb jet
of seed spurts from the dark red swelling acorn,
bespattering the neck and face of the woman and
falling back upon her bust.



To enjoy this pastime fully it is needless to say
that the woman must have enough development of
the hreasts to he able to press them against the manly
organ as if they were the two bags of a pair of
bag-pipes : hence the name given to his method of
spending. Some cold-cream between the breasts
will be found an improvement. With a little skill
and wish to please, the lady can bend down her
head and tickle the top of the prick with her tongue
and, if she really loves the man who is thus boldly
fucking her titties, she will open wide her mouth to
receive the fountain of seminal liquid upon her lips
and tongue.

4 Bag-Pi ping Reversed

This is the same pleasurable cxercice for the
male, but with a few extra salacious novelties

The woman lies on her back on a low bench or
narrow couch, her head reaching just at the edge.
The man straddles across her face, his arse just
touching her chin and she has a good view of his
posteriors, his brown hole, etc. He is standing up,
his legs to the right and left of her body and face.
He places his prick between the breasts, the point



towards her navel, and presses the heaving globes
with his two hands thus manufacturing a delicious
cunt for himself, into which he pushes as if it was
the real article. While he moves, rubbing his prick
between the fleshy hillocks, the woman kisses and
licks his arse, the perineum, and the arse-hole which
is so near her face, pushing in her pointed tongue
as well, or a moistened finger; not forgetting to pet
and dandle his balls with her hands which she passes
behind her lover. These lewd gymnastics soon make
him discharge, sprinkling the stomach, belly and
navel of his darling with a cascade of essence which
runs down to the mount and the cunt.

5 A Ride in the Valley

This is almost the same as « Bag-Piping
(No. 3 * ante *), as far as the result is concerned.

The woman lies at full length on a narrow bench
or couch and the man cocks his leg over her face,
standing up, one leg to the left and the other to the
right, his face turned towards hers. He puts his prick
in the valley of her breasts, between the two proud
white globes and she presses them together to form
an imitation cunt. His hands are free to play with
all the charms he can reach; he tickles the nipples



on the bubbles that emprison his prick and, passing
his arms, behind, trifles with her belly and the hair
on her mount; the climax coming eventually and
causing an inundation ol spunk upon the neck and
lace ol his delighted sweetheart.

6 Armpit Fucking

The woman bends one knee to the ground and
the man stands before her. She puts his prick under
her armpit between her body and the top ol her
plump arm, either Irom behind or Irom the front
She squeezes the prick against her side and the man
moves as il in a cunt. He leels her bubbies and she
soltly wriggles her arm, while holding the man's
arse with one hand, il he is lacing her. She caresses
his muscular backside, slapping it and tickling the
division ol the cheeks, pushing a wetted linger in
the hole in the middle. With the other hand, she
strokes the balls and the perineum as well as the
root ol the prick, which soon, unable to support the
sensation and all these caresses any longer, spurts
out a tremendous volley ol generative fluid on the
back, loins and arse of the women. If the man has
taken up his position behind the woman, the woman
cannot lavish all these tender touches upon him; she



can only react the end of his prick with her free
hand and play with the scarlet top which comes from
behind and appears in front of her body from under
the hairy armpit. In this case he finishes this whim-
sical way of enjoyment by spending in her hand.

7 Imitation Sodomy

The man is seated on the edge of a chair, his
body well forward. The woman approaches him,
backwards, presenting her arse. She leans forward,
supported by the back of another chair. Her poste-
riors thus nicely jutted out in front of the man, he
puts his prick in the crack of her arse, between its
two full cheeks;his balls being near the end of her
cunt. He presses her bottom with his two hands, to
make this randy gutter as narrow as possible. The
woman moves lewdly about and he shoves heartily
up and down till the boiling liquor bursts forth, as
a consequence of these libidinous caresses, inundating
tbe loins and arse of the woman, trickling down the
division of the cheeks of the bottom, which form an
elegant imitation cunt for a prentice pederast.





I The Selfish Gamahuche

Tne woman places herself on a pedestal, the shaft
of a column, or a light small piece of furniture, such
as a night-table, on which there is just room enough
for her arse. At either side hangs a rope, which she
grasps, and throws herself backwards, seated on the
edge of the pedestal so that her « os coccyx » alone
supports her body. By this her arse and cunt are
thrown well forward; her legs and thighs are wide
open and her feet are placed left and right on the
backs of two chairs standing at each side of her table.
Thus her knees are bent up to her breasts and the
man goes down on his knees between the chairs and
her open thighs. He presses his mouth to the cunt so



prettily offered and exposed, thrusting in his tongue
and tickling the clitoris with the end of it; and
moistening his middle-finger he quickly inserts it
into her dark little hum-hole while, forming a two-
pronged fork with that finger and the index, he folds
hack the other digits and insinuates the latter in the
cunt Now all is at work at once, and soon the lady
finds herself in heaven and gratefully shoots her soft
roe into the mouth of her sucking lover.

2 Selfish Heads and Tails

The man being on his knees leaning backwards,
supported by a pile of cushions, the woman comes
and places herself upon him, her face on his knees,
her belly on his breast her head towards the ground,
her arse up in the air, legs and thighs wide open, her
feet and knees under the arms of the man, right and
left He has thus well within his reach the cunt and
arse of the woman, but much higher up than in the
the description « Sixty-Nine Reversed » (No. 4
Chapter 1, 2nd Section « ante »). The man grasps
a bum-cheek with each hand, opens the cunt-lips,
parting the hair, thrusting in his tongue and making
active play on the clitoris. He can do the same to
die axse-hole, or plunge therein a moistened finger.



He feels and slaps tbe bottom, rummages every-
where with his hands, but as it is necessary for the
woman to use her hands to sustein her body head
downwards she cannot frig her lover. Neither can
she suck his prick, because she has to keep her head
up so that the blood shall not rush to her brain as
it has a tendency to do as a result of this position.

Soon a flood of feminine essence fills the nose
and mouth of the man, proving the happy effect of
this style of lascivious enjoyment.

3 Face Fucking

The man lies at full length on the bed; the woman
being on her knees facing his feet, above his shoul-
ders, straddling on his face, the thighs wide open.
She leans backwards, one hand on the pillows to
support her body. The man's face is thus between
the woman's thighs and he gamahuches her with the
most voluptuous play of his tongue. He passes one
hand between her body and the back of one of her
thighs and presses the small of her back to draw
her towards him. He forms the fork with index and
middle-finger of his other hand, closing the other
fingers, and pushes one in the arse-hole and the
other in the cunt and shoves them in and out, turn-



ing them about in every direction, until be feels two
orifices nip and pinch him through the palpitations
of lust, and at last an abundant discharge bedews
his face and drops into his mouth.

I can think of nothing more to tell you, sweet
Maudie, and now you are as knowing as I am in
all these libidinous theories. I think it is time to
experiment a little practically and then retire to rest
in each other's arms.


9&9M9&9& 9&\9& 9M&q\qg


Maud. — My darling, I have yet one more
thing to ask you and that is some information and
explanation concerning so called secret methods, by
which a woman can give herself up to the pleasure
of the caresses and embraces of the man she loves
without danger of getting in the family way.

Charlie. -— Frankly, the best and surest way
would be to prove mutual love by caresses, without
introduction of the prick in the cunt, for if it goes
in ever such a little way, or even if the discharge
takes place only just within the outer lips, with
some women the greedy orifice has such avidity for
spunk, that it can suck up enough to effect the
dreaded result of conception. A man, if he really
loves the woman he fucks and does not wish to risk
getting a child, must feel very sure of the moral



control he exercises over himself to get into her
with the firm intention to withdraw in time to
discharge completely outside. He must he away
before the fountain starts playing and not return
until the prick be carefully washed and pressed, so
that not a drop of seed remains at the end, nor in the
canal,.which is needless to say the man cleans at
once by the simple act of pissing. The least drop
into the vagina suffices to cause pregnancy,
The same remark applies to the second introduction,
where, after having once gone away, discharging
outside, the prick goes back without having been
cleansed and wiped, with something remaining of
the preceding discharge either at the orifice of tke
gland or in the canal that can penetrate into the
sexual organs of the woman by the friction of a
fresh venereal act, even before causing a fresh spurt
of semen. Therefore we must be out * too soon »
so as not to leave * too late *. To finish, the man
can use his hand, or his lady's, or migrate to any
other part of her frame as may suit, as I have
pointed out in all my descriptions of postures
without real intromission. Better be outside * too
soon » than to run the risk of dropping the little
liquid parcel in the dangerous greedy hole and
causing an illnees of nine months duration. To



conclude my remarks, I can only say that too much
prudence can never do any harm, especially as the
doctors with all their learning have not yet teen
able to tell precisely how the female is fecundated.
So I shall be excused if I make mistakes in the deli-
cate subject I am now treating, as what I know is
from experience only, having no real scientific
knowledge to boast of.

1 No Bottom-Fucking Allowed

oi the secrets oi not getting the woman
with child is, to begin with, not to put the prick in
the cunt, and I note a vulgar error which bars even
the arse-hole as being too near the genuine aperture!
It has also been said that after a first discharge one
may fuck as one will, second and later copulation
being unable to cause pregnancy. I need hardly stop
to point out the inanity of this belief.

2 Snuffing the Candle

Another way which is as good as any with a
man who can be reasonable, even while fucking, is
to go ahead and enjoy oneself and content our
companion in every way possible, as long as we



dislodge our tool before tbe discbarge begins, and
slip it up to ber navel, or jerk it on one side 00 tbat
tbe woman can finish us off with her hand far from
the cunt and receive in her soft palm the spunk of
which she fears the prolific power *.
This is called * Snuffing the Candle »•

3 No Mutual Spending Permitted

Another vulgar error consists simply in not
« coming * together, that is to say that the woman
takes care not to open her sluice-gates until either
before or after the mans dew has moistened her
rose. The persons who consider this method as
infallible declare that conception only takes place
when the lovers spend together, their seed mixing at
the moment of the mutual ejaculation, and that the
least interval between the two jets deprives the
mixture of all its virtue and stops fecundation. I do
not believe in this system, although admitting that
the pleasure in fucking is doubtless greater when the
lovers spend together and that the genital organs in
such a case are better disposed to receive the germ.
But it does not follow that there will be no con-
ception without simultaneous discharges, as proved
by the fact of many wives of icy temperament




tearing large families without ever Laving really
« spent* « corner or «enjoyed* in tLe wLole course
of tteir conjugal career. Women violated while
under the influence of narcotics, or victims of rape
without the slightest feeling of pleasure have also
been known to bear children.

4 The French Letter

A well-k now check is the use of the French
letter, name given to a kind of elongated bag or
case made of a very thin skin or fine india-rubber.
This is slipped over the prick and, being made for
the purpose, has the proper shape and length to fit
the member, just as the umbrella case fits an
umbrella, with the exception that naturally the
French letter is only open at the end where the
cock goes in. They are blown out before using to
see that they are sound and being wetted stick tightly
round the shaft and head of the viril organ.

With ease, the man starts fucking as soon as his
cock is thus covered up. His seed, instead of spurt-
ing into the woman's vagina, is forced to remain
inside the sheathy, which is so thin, that neither the
man nor the woman can scarcely perceive its pre-
sence during the action, which can be consequently


carried to a natural end with the same voluptuous
pleasure as if there was nothing at all to separate
the sexual parts of lover and mistress.

This protecting skin is also worn to prevent
contagion and to guard against venereal disease when
fucking doubtful women, hut heing so thin there is
always a douht that it may hurst in the thick of
the battle, or the friction of cunt and cock may
cause a leak, and then the subtle liquid escaping
renders its aid a delusion and a snare. Such accidents
may happen, but rarely, especially if a good article
is bought of a respectable chemist. I have used them
often with ladies who feared pregnancy and never
found one split. But their use becomes fastidious
and troublesome by the care and bother necessary
before going into action, and afterwards as they
should be renewed at each fresh fuck.

We have seen some lately which are only little
round bags fitting over the nut of the prick, fastening
under the ridge of the acorn, and 1 must not forget
to tell you that the late Doctor Ricord, the great
French venereal spe******t, declared that the French
letter was « a cobweb against contagion and a shield
against pleasure *.




5 The Spong

Another precaution against pregnancy that I
know ol is rounded on a scientific truth, which is
that to produce conception the seed should be pure
and without the least loreign admixture. A drop of
any fluid, a little atmospheric air or anything else
you can think of, added to the seed, immediately
deprives it of all prolific virtue. If we combine this
formula with this other necessity for generation
— that the man's seminal fluid must penetrate into
the woman's womb to fecundate her —- we may
make her use a little round fine sponge, about the
size of a small nut, fastened to a thin silken string
about ten or twelve inches long. This sponge is
moistened with weak vinegar and water, or any
other acid may be used, if sufficiently diluted, and
it is then plunged into the cunt, leaving the end of
the riband outside, so as to be able to withdraw after
coition, in order to rinse it, moisten it again and
replace it for a fresh fuck.

It can be easily understood that, by means of the
presence of this moistened sponge in the vagina, not
only does the man's discharge find an obstacle to
prevent it reaching the womb, but even if some drops
do manage to get past the sponge, they are mixed



with the acidulated water with which the latter is
wetted and this admixture is calculated to roh the
liquor oi its wonderful procreating power,

Instead of the sponge a small india-rubber pessary
can also be used. They are sold at all chemists and
bandage shops, and sometimes soluble pessaries can
be purchased for the same use.

6 The Injection

The last and most convenient check to stop large
and small families is that the woman should jump
up immediately the man has spent freely within and
pump a sufficient quantity of weak vinegar and
water into her cunt. I think that this means is cer-
tainly as good as any other, but how can the
woman tell if the boiling viril essence has not
already reached her worn may inject as long

as she likes and clean out her vagina and the neck
of the womb with oceans of liquid from her enema,
but if the tiniest drop of dangerous seed is already
within, there is no hope for ner.

But all said and done this is a very uncertain and
risky matter, as once the seed is sown it is well-
nigh impossible to prevent the chilcf. being born,
unless criminal practices are resorted to, to the
imminent danger of the mother's life.




How many poor girls suffer, if they are a few
days behind with their monthly derangement and
what relief when the crimson flow appears!

And even that means nothing sometimes, as
pregnant women often have regular or irregular

I have now told you the little I know to prevent
conception. Now let lovers choose and invent fresh
means if possible, if they have no confidence in the
saying that in love and war many blows are given
in vain and the biggest cowards are the soonest
captured. Having put on one side, as I told you, all
religious scruples when treating of these matters,
I have great indulgence for the weaknesses of
women who wish for pleasure without running the
risk of getting with child. But this indulgence I no
longer grant when I hear a proposition to destroy the
result of their voluptuousness, as in that case a sin
is committed against society at large. The act which
was the original cause can no longer be excused and
becomes nothing more than the first step in the path
of crime. When checks are employed to prevent
conception, no harm is done; we are no more guilty
than when we formicate each other, but if $ou
seek to destroy the generative result you murder a
being who belongs to the community of which you



yourself are a member, and you trample under foot
all human and social laws.

So I stall tell nothing concerning the methods in
vogue to procure abortion, which means, as you
know, the destruction of a child already conceived
and breathing.

Maud. — And you are right, this last topic is
so horrible to my mind that it does not inspire me
with the least curiosity. I cannot thank you enough
for all your teaching, being now fully satisfied on
all the obseure points that I wished cleared up, and
I am ready to prove my gratitude in any way you
like for the trouble you have taken and the patience
and amiability you have shown.


(Here the dialogue ceases. The lovers give them-
selves up to lewd and libidinous voluptuous enjoy~
ment more enjoyable than any talk, and sleep over-
comes them in each other's arms, until the moment
arrives for separation and Maud starts off to the
country to effect heralibi).


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