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Some events are like dreams. Their cause, their meaning, their place in one's history remain forever unexplained. They occur once in time; in memory, they are recurring, timeless, with vague borders and an always jumbled, inexact sequence. All one can say is that they occurred, and defiant memory recalls only the pieces, but never their source or their reason.

In the yellow-white sun Martha and Ronnie slipped into their swim-suits and I pulled on my shorts. We strolled through a small forest to a nearby village We drank iced tea with lime and munched sandwiches. Ronnie and Martha chatted and debated while I gawked and watched the parade of Fire Islanders drifting from the city and lounging about the pier. The teenagers passed by, the freaks in their outlandish costumes and body markings passed by, the New Jersey families and the Manhattan executives and the yacht owners and the working girls and average guys passed by. In my mind, while the rest of the world churned around us, I had the sense that the three of us -- hair-bleached me, sunny-faced Martha, dark-eyed Ronnie -- were somehow insular, absolute. Looking back on the whole day, we seemed to be moving in a different direction from everyone else, at a different pace.

After a long lunch we strolled across a wide, open plain of sand dune and low brush, and then through yet another secluded wood, and then to yet another village, speaking among ourselves while no one spoke to us, no one deflected our conversation or our thoughts. Martha and Ronnie gabbed away, I gaped away, and the rest of the world left us to our business. We watched the beginning of the sunset in the early evening, boarding the ferry just as the sun painted the world red and sank into a black sea, and during the ferry ride we watched the day end. The stars came out. Distant lights glowed lazily. The boat docked and we piled into a taxi that barely made it in time to the train station, and then we were on a train going in the opposite direction from everyone else, headed for Manhattan. Two hours later we decided to walk home from Penn Station, the three of us joined as Martha grabbed my hand and pulled me between her and Ronnie and then Ronnie took my hand as well and all three of us strolled, and looked in the same windows together, and commented on the same sights together, and were all tired together from the trip, and all three of us climbed to Martha's place. We made berry tea and sat on the floor in front of the sofa and talked and drank tea and ate cheese and crackers. It was Ronnie who suggested the lights were too bright, so she turned off all but the small table lamp, and all three of us continued as before. Then it was Martha who lit the first cigarette and Ronnie followed, and then I, and Martha told me to open the window a little wider and I placed the small Hunter fan on the sill. Ronnie was too un-comfortable with her swimsuit under her clothes so she removed her jeans and shirt and Martha followed suit, and I got down to my cutoffs, and Martha said, exhaling a stream of smoke into the room, that we were all getting to be smoke fiends. Ronnie talked about Michigan and bad parents and Martha rose and lit two candles, one on each side of the room, and turned off the table lamp. "Nice, Martha!" Ronnie cooed, as the candle-glow draped an almost palpable cocoon of dim, lazily flickering light around us. Martha sat in the middle of the circle we made around the small towel on the floor where we placed the tea and the cheese, and the girls rested on their sides in their swimsuits.

Ronnie told Martha, "You haven't burned candles in a long time."

Martha said, "No, not since our all-nighter. When was it? Three months ago?"

"Yeah, right after gorgeous George," Ronnie lamented. "How did I ever end up with him? Steven, you'd love this guy. Testosterone city. Talk about nuclear overkill."

Martha gave a muffled laugh as she spread cheese on a cracker. "You keep dating the same guy over and over, Ronnie. Only the names change."

"They're all alike anyway, aren't they? I mean, the whole idea is to get sex, right?"

"No," Martha said.

"Sure it is. Steven, you're a guy, right? You know other guys, right? It's biology, isn't it? Getting sex is the whole idea."

I shook my head. "The whole idea is to give pleasure."

Martha smiled at me and nodded.

Ronnie said, "Okay, honey, so you're different."

Martha said, "Steven's very different."

Ronnie leaned toward Martha and said, "And, Martha, my god, his back rub was something else. Steven, you oughtta start a business. I never felt such warm hands. Are your hands always that warm?"

Martha grinned, lying face-down, her eyes secretly teasing me. "He has very warm hands. Very intuitive."

"Lemme see," Ronnie said, reaching for my left hand. "Gimme your hand. Martha, I can't believe this, feel how warm this guy is! You have fever, sweetheart? C'mere. God, his arms are warm, too. Must be that hot Italian blood."

Martha said, "Steven isn't hot-blooded, Ronnie, he's warmhearted."

I blushed and pulled my hand away, grabbing another cracker.

"Aww," Ronnie said, "look at him blush. Aww, look."

Martha said, "Ronnie, leave him alone. You already embarrassed him once today."

"Really? Steven, were you that embarrassed? Aww, I'm sorry. I thought it was pretty funny, myself."

Martha said, "Ronnie, there's a difference between hot-blooded and warmhearted. They don't necessarily go together."

"Ain't that the truth!" Ronnie said. "I've had some very hot- blooded, co-o-old-hearted dates."

"You deserve better, Ron," Martha said.

"Steven," Ronnie said, taking a puff and tilting a finger toward me, "I like your attitude. Martha, why can't I find somebody with an attitude like his?"

"Because," Martha said, sighing, "you grew up with a lot of aggressive people who didn't like you and you're still trying to -- "

"I know, I know," Ronnie said, ruffled. "Martha, I told you not to tell me that again or I'd wash your mouth with soap."

Martha pestered her with a small, sly smile.

Ronnie said petulantly, crushing out her cigarette in the ashtray on the floor at her side, "Why can't I find somebody nice? Everybody I know has the same problem. I always end up with heavyweights who just ..get some kinda kick out of tormenting people."

Martha said, mildly reproving, "Maybe you don't pay that much atten- tion to people who are good to you. It's easy to take them for granted."

"I pay attention to you, don't I? And you're nice to me."

"Maybe you have a problem accepting niceness in men, not in women."

"Steven's nice, isn't he? I like Steven. And you have trouble finding nice people, too, Martha. You're so picky."

"I was spoiled early," Martha said. "My first lover was...very, very good to me."

I bristled at Martha's words, turning my eyes to the ceiling. She smiled at me furtively.

"Steven," Ronnie began, reaching for a cracker, "I bet you don't have any problem finding somebody who's nice to you."

"Doesn't happen often," I said.

"Really? But you're so interesting and sensitive." She beamed at me playfully. "Great with a bottle of Coppertone." She narrowed her eyes skeptically. "I can't believe you have a problem finding someone."

"Only happened once, so far," I said.

Ronnie didn't say anything right away. She frowned, pondering, and absently spread cheese on a cracker. "What's it like," she asked softly, "to be with someone who's really good to you?"

"Wonderful," I said.

"No, Steven, I mean -- seriously -- what's it like? How does it happen? How do you make it happen?"

Martha interjected, "You don't 'make' it happen, Ronnie. It just happens. And not that often."

I said, "You can't make somebody be good to you if they don't want to. I've been raised by people who weren't very nice to me. Not nice in the way one needs, I mean. Relatives bought me things. My parents gave me a place to live. But I wouldn't say they were nice to me. And it's not something you 'do' to somebody else; it's mutual, it's not something you do, it's something that's done."

"Mutual," Ronnie mused slowly, as if tasting the word. "Mutual. No, I never had that." She looked down at the cracker in her hand and murmured, a bitter edge to her voice, "That's something I sure as hell didn't have much experience with in Michigan. Or New York, either."

There was brief silence in the little room. Martha rose on her arms and then stood up quickly. "Are we finished with this cheese and stuff?"

"Yeah, I'm stuffed," Ronnie said, popping one more cracker into her mouth. "Come on, get it away from me. I'll never leave it alone while it's right in front of me."

Martha gathered the leftovers. "Come on, Steven, help me get this into the kitchen."

In the kitchen as she re-wrapped the cheese and I helped her put things away, she whispered, "Steven, I have to get her off this subject. Don't even let her get started." She glanced at me. "Do you like her?"

"Sure," I said.

"I mean...as a real friend. Do you like her?"

I whispered reassuringly, "I feel comfortable with her, if that's what you mean. Not like people I know in Memphis."

When we finished, Martha stopped me with a hand on my arm and whispered, "Wait." In the center of the kitchen she paused and reached up to pull the string that turned off the kitchen light. In the near-dark, lighted only by a spill of candlight from the living room, she waited, unsmiling, with a contemplative frown.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

Her eyes examined mine briefly, and she glanced toward the living room, and she said, "Nothing. C'mon."

We returned to the living room and formed the same circle as before. Ronnie lit another cigarette, looking somber as she sat with her back against the foot of the sofa.

Martha pulled bobby pins from her hair. "Wasn't it nice on the beach today?" she said. "Steven's never seen the ocean before. And never a nude beach. There's nothing like that where we came from, except in no- where places in Arkansas."

Ronnie said she couldn't live without the freedom to lie naked in the sun now and then. The winters, she said, were too long in New York and the summers too short. Martha said that the first time she and Ronnie discovered the nude area they were both squeamish about undressing, making silly jokes and giggling the first time they did it. Ronnie asked if I had been embarrassed and I blushed and said no, and Martha quipped that I had "a lot" to be embarrassed about and Ronnie laughed, mildly shocked, and asked "Martha, how do you know that about Steven?" and Martha smiled enigmatically and said, "I know," and Ronnie looked at her and then at me, and sniggered and said Martha was assuming a lot from the way things must have been with me years before, and we sat quietly for a while, gazing at the candles. Martha said, "Candlelight is so nice, isn't it?" I gave a brief soliloquy on candlelight as natural, and said that for centuries mankind saw something spiritual in candlelight and, even after electricity was invented, fire was still used in ceremony and pageantry. Ronnie thought about it and said she saw something very spiritual in candlelight, too, and it struck her as having a quietly erotic quality. Martha got up and went into the bedroom and Ronnie asked her why she was frittering around and Martha returned in a bathrobe and fished a bottle of Coppertone from one of the bags and said she was going to put on a thin coat of lotion to keep her from peeling. "We got so much sun today," she said, slipping the robe from her shoulders and sitting bare-breasted as she rubbed lotion onto her face and neck, and Ronnie thought it was a good idea. Ronnie told me, "You better put some extra on, too, Steven, so you won't peel. You're not used to the kind of sun you get on Fire Island." She slipped the straps of her swimsuit off her shoulders and rubbed oil on her arms and shoulders, and Martha said it was silly to sit around in their swimsuits after laying nude together on the beach all day. Ronnie said it was rather strange that we looked at each other all day with no clothes on and here we were, the three of us, sitting almost like Puritans in our swimsuits, showing most of our bodies anyway, after spending half the day nude in broad daylight. Martha joked about how civilization had made us so uncivilized when it came to our bodies, and Ronnie agreed. "How did the cave men react to that?" she asked, lighting another cigarette and lighting a second one and giving it to me, "I mean, we weren't always covered with hair." And Martha told her it came from the Bible. "Original sin," she said, "Remember how ashamed Adam and Eve were when they figured out they were nekkid?" And Ronnie laughed and wondered how long it must have taken Adam and Eve to figure it out, and Martha said, "It is silly, isn't it?." Martha giggled and noticed she was already half nude anyway, with her robe around her waist, and I wondered aloud if a candlelight bath wouldn't be as soothing as a sun bath, and Ronnie said, "Hey, wanna take a candlelight bath? What the hell, it's so stupid to feel ashamed, isn't it? Steven already saw me with nothing on," and Martha said, "It's our attitudes, Ronnie, it's our training," and then Martha lay on her tummy and slipped the robe off and asked me to put lotion on her back, and Ronnie watched me rub oil on Martha and asked Martha, "Don't his hands feel great? I told you this afternoon you were missing something," and while I rubbed lotion on Martha, Ronnie went into the bathroom and came out without her swimsuit on and a towel held to her front. She put the towel on the floor and lay beside me and Martha, face-down on the towel, and asked me to do her when I was finished with Martha. When I shifted over to work on Ronnie's back, Martha looked at me and asked if I were embarrassed, and I said no, and she asked, "Why do you still have your shorts on?" and I balked for a minute, wondering if I could conceal a recurrence of the hard-on's I had earlier, and Ronnie said, "See? See how we've been conditioned? I wonder if men are more embarrassed about it than women?" And Martha said she thought that might be true, because the popular conception was that women's bodies were pretty and displayable and men's weren't, and Ronnie said she remembered reading women were ten times more exhibitionistic than men. "I mean," Ronnie said, "look at the magazine rack, the pinups and most of the ads are pictures of women, not pictures of men," and I watched as Ronnie and Martha, lying on their tummies and facing each other, with me between them, grinned and winked at each other, so I stood up and said, "All right, you two, you made your point," and they giggled and I removed my jeans and underwear, and Martha smirked when she saw that I was a little firm, and Ronnie saw too and turned her head the other way, resting it on the floor and saying, "All right, I won't look. Just don't leave my back alone." I knelt down and wet my hands with lotion and spread it lightly on Ronnie's back, and she moaned and said, "Oh, I thought it was the sun that was so warm, but it was Steven's hands!" And Martha said, "I know Stephen's hands," and she looked up at me warmly and asked, "We're not being too demanding, are we, hon? Ronnie and I are so used to each other and we've been on the nude beach dozens of times, when it wasn't closed," and I smiled and said it was okay, and Martha rose onto her elbows and watched me rubbing Ronnie, and Ronnie said, "Well, you two shouldn't be exactly strangers to each other," and when Martha didn't say anything, Ronnie tensed and asked, "Martha, did I say the wrong thing again?" Martha said quietly, "No, hon, it was okay." And Ronnie murmured out of the side of her mouth with her lips against the floor, "Leave it to Ronnie to open her big mouth," and Martha said again, "It's okay," looking up at me to see if I had reacted to Ronnie. I smiled at her and shook my head to tell Martha I didn't mind.

Time passed and the candles lowered. Ronnie moaned a couple of times as I rubbed, and I moved down to cover her legs and then moved up to put lotion on her tush, and she smiled and said "hmmm," and I finished rub- bing that part of her quickly, feeling blood rush to my groin. Martha smiled at me and wiggled her feet and said, "Me, too, Stephen, you didn't do all of me," and I said, "Well, I wouldn't want your tush to peel," and Ronnie giggled at that. I rubbed lotion on the back of Martha's legs and then massaged lotion lingeringly onto her tush, and she smiled, pleased, and Ronnie turned her head to watch Martha and Martha glanced at Ronnie and grinned sheepishly at Ronnie, and Ronnie chuckled and said, "See? I told you he had great hands," and Martha said slowly, "Yes, Ronnie, I know about Steven's hands." Ronnie blushed and crooked an elbow and leaned her head on her raised hand, her small soft breasts leaning toward the floor as she moved slightly onto her side. She watched Martha as I rubbed her, and then looked up at me, and then back at Martha, who closed her eyes and smiled as I finished, and then Martha rose on her elbows and said, "Okay, Steven, your turn. Lie down."

I lay face-down between them, grateful for the chance to hide my rising penis. I closed my eyes and folded my arms on the floor and rested my face on my forearms, hearing Martha slither lotion on her hand. She spread her palms on my back and rubbed languorously, then more softly. She said to Ronnie, "Steven likes the soft touch, at first," and she massaged me gently for a moment and then I heard her say to Ronnie, "Here, you do him," and then I heard Ronnie wet her hands and then felt her long-fingered, hot hands making feathery trails up and down my back and across the back of my neck, and my cock got harder. Then her hands left and reappeared as trailing fingers down my thighs, and the young dark-brown hair on my legs and arms bristled and I heard Ronnie give a little squeal and a chuckle and she said, "Mm, he likes that," and Martha said, "yes, he does," and after lightly rubbing my legs for a minute she gripped me on my lower calves and ran her hands firmly up my legs to the tops of my thighs, saying "It brings the blood from the legs to the heart. Fiore taught me that." I moaned approvingly into my forearms. Then Ronnie's hand left me again and I heard her lather her hands again and then she spread her fingers over my buttocks lightly and she gently rubbed lotion on me there, giving my globes a little squeeze before trailing her fingers across the skin, whispering, "I'd die for a tush like this," and Martha said "He's so cute back there," and Ronnie murmured, "Very cute. I'm so envious." Then her fingers made long, slow, feathery trails over my buttocks and then across the back of my thighs and back up to my buttocks, skimming gently along the crack and then ever so sneakily grazing the hair on my balls, and I jerked and gave a little yelp, and Ronnie whispered laughingly, "Sorry, sweetheart. That was an accident. Really." As Ronnie re-capped the lotion bottle she told Martha, "I'm not used to testicles, y'know. They're so mysterious and amazing, and I never saw them from this angle," and they both tittered about that. With my face against my arms I nodded okay, and then Martha leaned on me from behind, one nipple against my back, and she stroked the back of my neck and whispered to both of us, "Touch is so reassuring, isn't it? It can be so comforting," and Ronnie whispered, "Yes. They say that of all the senses, the sense of touch brings the most pleasure," and Martha said, "I love touching. It doesn't matter where. Steven's a toucher, too. Does that feel nice, Steven?" and I nodded yes, my cock pressing pleasantly into the floor. Martha said, "Ronnie, Steven and I still hold hands in the movies, like old friends," and Ronnie said, "Really? That's so sweet, you two are so sweet with each other," and Martha whispered, "It's nice to just sit and hold hands." I cleared my throat and lifted my head slightly to murmur, "Holding Martha's hand is a different kind of touching. She's a great hand holder." Martha gave a low, pleased little laugh and said, "You like holding hands with me that much?" I nodded yes and then I felt Martha lower her head and her hair grazed my shoulder and her lips touched my back. She skimmed her lips across my back, barely touching, and she said to Ronnie, "Lips are nice, too. They're more exciting than just touching, but they're also soothing when you do it right. Steven likes it this way," and she gave my back a little kiss with the inside of her lips and said, "Such nice skin. Everyone in his family has touchable skin. Try it, Ronnie," and Ronnie said, "Me?" and Martha said, "Yes, go ahead," and Ronnie leaned close to my head and said, "Is it okay, Steven?" and I nodded yes, and braced myself during a long pause and heard Martha whisper, "Go ahead, he won't jump on you," and a few seconds later Ronnie's lips were on my back, gliding wetly, and my cock lurched under me and Ronnie said, "Hmm, yeah. Nice. He smells good, too. God, I'm so used to men who smell like sweat and beer." Martha said, "Steven hates beer," and I cleared my throat and said, "I can't stand beer," and Ronnie said, "Good for you, sweetheart," and Ronnie bent down and held her arm near my face and asked "Do I smell like anything?" I sniffed her arm and said "Like Coppertone," and she said "Is that all?" and I sniffed again and said, "Hm, it's like...Well, I don't know what it's like, but it's nice, it's kinda sweet," and Ronnie laughed and said "We look like a bunch of eskimos in their igloo, sniffing each other." We laughed at that and then Martha joked "We oughtta be using whale oil instead of Coppertone." And then Martha leaned close to my ear and said, "Roll over, Steven."


I didn't move. I lay rigid.

Martha said, "Come on, roll over, you don't want your chest to peel, do you?" and I remained still, and I heard Martha make a little laugh and she gave my shoulder a nudge and said, "Come on, roll over. What's the matter?" and Ronnie said, "Uh, Martha, I think we got Steven a little, uh, al dente, with all that lip stuff." Martha laughed again and asked with obvious amusement, "Steven, are you hard?" I didn't stir. She asked, "Are you?" I nodded yes, and both women laughed. Martha said, "Come on, it won't be anything we haven't seen before," and I shook my head no, and Ronnie said, "Oh, Martha, don't push him. I don't care myself, but you saw how embarrassed he was on the beach today. Come on." Martha implored sweetly, "Oh, come on, Steven, don't be ashamed of feel- ing good. Doesn't it feel good?" and I nodded and she said, "So come on and roll over," and I shook my head, firmly this time, and Martha asked, "How about if Ronnie closes her eyes?" and I shook my head no again, and then Ronnie's lips were near my ear and she whispered playfully, "You want us to wait a minute? I forget that guys are more bashful about this sort of thing than women are. It's easier for us girls to hide the, uh, visual effects, y'know? Want us to wait? We'll wait if you want. C'mon, say yes," and I nodded yes. Her hand touched the back of my neck and she said to Martha, "Martha, he really is touchable," and Martha said, "Ronnie, I don't think that's helping," and Ronnie removed her hand and said, "Yeah, right. Sorry," and I heard and felt them both sit up and Martha sighed and said, "Okay, Steven, we'll wait if you want. I don't want to embarrass you, you know that," and Ronnie said, "Come on, Steven, I understand," and she chuckled and then I heard them both give muffled, whispered laughs and Martha said, "I hope we didn't overdo it." Ronnie said, "Oh, he can't be that excited already," and Martha said, "Ronnie, see how different it is when you're gentle, and loving, and your body is nice to someone else's?" and Ronnie said, "Jeez, I'm so used to just being grabbed and pitched around." Martha said, "Well, some poeple like that," and Ronnie said, "I'm tired of the volleyball treatment, myself." Martha said, "Steven has such a nice body," and Ronnie asked, "Ready yet, Steven?" and I muttered "Almost" against my arm. Ronnie said, "Martha, he can't be that big," and Martha said "Steven's big, hon." Ronnie said impatiently, "Martha, so how do you know so much about his recent development? Huh? So...you're just gonna sit there with that secret grin of yours, and not let me in on this? Steven, looks like Martha doesn't snitch. You can be proud of her," and Martha said slyly "Keeps you guessing, Ron," and Ronnie said sarcastically "I'm guessing, Martha, definitely guessing," and Martha called, "Steee-vennn. Come on. Did you calm down yet?" and I shook my head no and she complained "Hon, aren't you down just a little?" and I said "Almost" and Ronnie asked Martha again "How big, Martha? Come on," and Martha said "Size doesn't matter, Ronnie, it's shape that counts," and Ronnie asked, "Shape?" and Martha said "You'll see. Come on, Steven." Reluctantly I raised my head and groaned "Okay" and shifted onto my side. I saw Martha peering around my body at my slowly settling but prominent cock. She smiled and said, "Okay, that's better," and Ronnie gave me a chummy wink and mouthed the words "It's okay." Martha wetted her hand and spread the lotion onto my chest and gently shoved me onto my back. I shifted to get com- fortable on the floor and put my hands behind my head while Martha and Ronnie settled onto their haunches on either side of me. I closed my eyes.

Martha rubbed my chest and waist and my left leg. Ronnie said "Here, gimme some, Martha," and she lotioned my right leg firmly and for the moment, at least, my cock lay flopped over to one side and behaved, but my scrotum ached. Then Martha began to feather her palms across my tummy and waist and then along my upper thighs and she asked "Feel nice?" I nodded, and Martha whispered "Steven is so flat here and so nicely rounded along his legs. See? Even his knees are cute," and Ronnie whispered "I can see, Martha, don't rub it in. I'd die for a figure like this, and I'm not even a guy." Martha whispered "Steven, are my hands threatening? Do they feel nice?" I nodded, and Martha told Ronnie "He doesn't like to be grabbed, he likes to be caressed, like this," and she ran three joined fingertips lightly in wide circles across my upper thighs and lower tummy and I felt my cock lurch upward in the air and Martha said "See?" and I heard Ronnie utter in wonderment, "Look," and Martha said, "Yes," and I opened my eyes and looked down and Ronnie was staring at the bead of precum on my tip that glistened in the candlelight and then she used two fingers to gently wipe the smear away and I jerked and they both giggled, and Ronnie held up her fingers and rubbed them against each other and whispered "He's wet," and then her eyes found Martha's and Ronnie grinned and blushed and said "Oh, I think...is this starting to feel a little illicit?" Martha's eyes twinkled and she nodded, and Ronnie gazed at the glossy smear she rubbed between her up- held fingers and mused throatily, "Me too. I'm at least this wet myself, right now," and Martha whispered furtively 'Me too." They grinned at each other again and Ronnie looked at my cock, which had just urged its way upward into the air a little, and Ronnie whispered, "It's a perfect shape, Martha. Steven, the doctors did a great job on you," and Martha said, "They must have. Isn't he nice?" and Ronnie whispered, pleased and captivated, staring at my cock, "Oh, very nice. You were a lucky little girl, Martha." Ronnie reached toward my cock but stopped and asked, "Martha, should I?" and Martha grinned and said "Carefully. Verrry carefully," and Ronnie glanced at me and asked "Okay?" and I cleared my throat and paused and Martha said "Well, maybe Steven should say so," and Ronnie pouted and said "Awww," and I said "Okay," and I closed my eyes, waiting. After a second or two I felt Ronnie's long, soft fingers coil around me amiably and my shaft gave her a little throb hello as the heat and texture of her fingers and palm soaked through my flesh and into my thighs. Ronnie whispered "Martha, I see what you mean. It's the shape. Yeah, the shape. Mmm," and Martha warned, "I think this might be a little too much right now, Ronnie," and Ronnie let go of me and I real- ized my back was arched upward and I relaxed onto the floor with a gasp. Ronnie asked "You okay, sweetheart?" and I said, my voice showing signs of strain, "Yes. Fine." Martha laughed and said sympathetically, "Oh, hon, you look so worried!" She bent down and kissed my cheek, whispering, "Don't fret, hon, it'll be okay," and she rose and reached for the bottle of lotion and I said uneasily, "If you say so," and she said "It will. Okay, Steven, time for you to make me and Ronnie look ridiculous. Come on. Wanna do my front?"

Martha moved away from me and I raised up. She lay on her back on the floor and put one hand under head and rested, relaxed and supine. Her eyes met mine and her relaxed face was soft and her eyes waiting. She listlessly held the bottle of lotion up to me and said, "I don't want my front to peel, either." I squeezed lotion into one hand and rested on my elbow, reclining on my side along Martha's length, and smeared and rubbed the lotion into her chest and ribs. Martha turned her head away and closed her eyes and I rubbed between her breasts and then massaged her breasts gently and then circled my open palms more lightly around her nipples and she looked up and smiled and watched my hands on her. I got more lotion and massaged along the tops of her thighs and calves, and then lightly along the inside of her thighs. Ronnie moved and knelt closer behind me and watched, and Martha looked up and past me as Ronnie reclined on her side behind me and I felt her soft length rest against me and a breast flattened against my back, and Ronnie ran her fingers softly along the side of my uppermost thigh and my cock started hardening again and Martha grinned at me, and then I finished with the tickling strokes along her thighs and she parted her legs slightly as I ran a finger along the very edge of her mound, and then she watched as I grabbed the bottle and squirted a drop on my finger and smeared it between two fingers, and then I dabbed a little on one of Martha's nipples and then on the other and smiled at her as she looked down to watch my fingers gently pluck at her nipples. She sighed and her eyes narrowed and she looked at me and whispered "Yes" as I trailed a finger down her tummy. And then softly, slowly, I cupped her mound, my fingers pointing downward, and we looked at each other and I felt Ronnie's hand stop on me and felt her watching, too, as I looked into Martha's eyes. And Martha gave me a small, subtle nod and looked down as I pressed my palm into her mound and made a slow circle, then another, and she closed her eyes, and then I bent my middle finger and probed past her thick, wet cuntlips and her breath wobbled and she closed around my finger as my finger gradually entered, and then my finger searched for and found the secret spot inside her and pressed and massaged it and her thighs whispered apart and she breathed more slowly. I withdrew my finger and made a circle on her clit and she sighed, and I inserted my finger again and very, very slowly, I fingerfucked her with my palm resting on her, and I heard Ronnie breathe behind me and for a brief while the only sound in the room was the two women breathing, and then Ronnie, leaning a little more into me, snaked her arm around my thigh and along my tummy and then two of her fingers held my cock, briefly, and squeezed, once, and then her two fingers dipped into the drop of precum at my tip and I could feel her grinning against me, and I gasped, and Martha reached down to still my hand and she looked at me and bit her lower hip and whispered "Not yet." She glanced at Ronnie and whispered "Be nice to Ronnie, too."

I withdrew my finger and turned to Ronnie, who scooted back to give me room to turn around, and she then lay back with one arm draped over her head and the other across her slightly rounded tummy. She smiled at me lethargically and I smiled back bashfully as I shifted to my other side and wet my hand and began slowly spreading lotion on her sides and waist and then on her shoulders, and my shaft firmed a little more and lay against Ronnie's thigh as my brain swirled. My hands felt the new sensations of a new female body, a body softer and even warmer than Martha's. Ronnie's warm flesh was less silky and less firm than Martha's but tempting nevertheless, baby-soft skin overlaying a firmness underneath, skin that seemed to melt under my hand and cling to my palm as I massaged between her breasts. Her head fell to one side and she closed her eyes as I cupped her breasts, soft globes that sloped lower than Martha's and were less solidly round, but more yielding and puffy and moist, and then I put a drop of lotion on her nipples and gently squeezed and then Martha leaned against me and ran her hand down my arm and whispered softly "She likes you to pinch them a little," and I turned a little and asked Martha "How do you know?" and Martha said "She told me." So I squeezed Ronnie's nipples a little more purposefully and when nothing happened I squeezed a little more, carefully, not wanting to hurt her, and Ronnie's closed eyes fluttered and she smiled and nodded and I gave her nipples several slow, tight tugs with the wet lotion and she sighed with her eyes still closed and whispered "Yes," and I felt Martha smile against my back and Martha whispered "See?" and I nodded and worked Ronnie's dark nipples until they budded and hardened. Then I got more lotion and applied it to the outside and tops of her thighs and then began working more slowly and more lightly and more tantalizingly along her inner thighs below and then above her knees, and then with long feathery strokes I made the first approach upward along the inside of her thighs toward her cunt, and I heard her draw in her breath and looked at her as she lay with her head still turned to one side, and I moved higher along her thigh and felt Martha watching me from over my shoulder, and adding to my excitement was an oddly pleasurable fascination when I discovered that her thigh was so slim and delicate that my hand could wrap itself halfway around it and then Martha's hand stopped moving on my arm as I neared Ronnie's crotch and stroked the tender flesh on the uppermost part of the inside of Ronnie's thighs, and the edge of my hand grazed her soft and glistening black curls and her hips twitched and she uttered "Oh." Then I let my hand graze her wet outer lips once or twice as I stroked and I felt a fluttering under the flesh of her thighs, and then I placed my palm on her tummy and scooted up a little on my side and Martha followed me and watched with her face on my shoulder as I placed my palm on Ronnie's tummy and held it there gently for a few seconds and then turned my palm so the fingers pointed toward her cunt, and then I slid my hand down until I touched her dark whorl and I made a little circle with my palm that moved farther down, and Ronnie's neck tensed and her thighs parted as I moved my palm lower, and then I moved my palm down and covered her mound, her curls leaving small beads of wet on my skin, and Ronnie's hips arched and she gulped and I pressed against her mound and started making firm, slow circles on her and she gulped again, and then I pressed my middle finger slightly and kept making small circles on her and then Ronnie turned her head toward me and smiled and opened her eyes and her smile widened sultrily. She whispered, "Go ahead." I pushed my finger into her. Her eyes glistened and she raised her hips against my hand and she mouthed a quiet, sensual "Yeah." And my middle finger slowly slid in and out and she looked down to watch my finger. After a moment she gripped my finger tightly inside and I acknowledged the sensation with a quiet "Hmm," and she looked at me and smiled and said, "Feel that?", and I smiled and nodded and fingerfucked her slowly and she whispered naughtily, "Feels good," and she looked down and enjoyed watching me do it to her. My finger found that she was much narrower than Martha, smaller, less lubricous but more clinging, and I pulled my finger out of her gently and she sighed a soft "Mmmm" and my finger searched for her clit and found it was short and smallish but hardening and hot, and I made a circle directly on it and Ronnie's body seemed to sink into the floor and her thighs parted and she said happily "Oh yeah," and I made a firmer circle on her clit and Ronnie's eyes half-closed and she looked up at me and narrowed her eyes and whispered seethingly, "That's so good," and Martha moved from me and lay on her tummy with her head near Ronnie's and asked "Is he doing it right?" and Ronnie looked down at my circling finger and her hips bobbed slowly and Ronnie whispered "Yeah," and she gulped hard and gasped and said "Ah," and then she gulped again and said, "Martha, no one ever did this to me," and Martha smiled at her and whispered "Nice, isn't it?" and Ronnie nodded and looked down at my finger and breathed "Oh, yes, it's so...easy and so...lewd." I circled her clit a few more times and then held my finger in her a minute, staying still to let her know I was finished for the moment, and her hips quieted and she caught her breath and then I pulled my finger out of her and she smiled at me and said "Mmm" contentedly.

I looked at Martha, whose eyes met mine, and I stretched my neck and lifted on my arms and gave her a soft kiss on the lips. After I kissed her, Martha looked into my eyes for a long moment and put her hand on my cheek and touched, barely touched, her lips to mine again, and then Martha lay on her back and stretched out and beckoned me with her finger and I shifted to my other side and leaned over her, my eyes asking her what she wanted, and she cupped her left breast for me and I craned my neck down and licked and she whispered "Lips, hon," and I made sleepy glides across her breast with my inner lips and Martha sighed "Yes." I felt Ronnie leaning behind me and near me and Martha said "He does this so well," and Ronnie said, "He looks so peaceful," and I chuckled with Martha's nipple in my mouth and Martha said "He really likes this," and Ronnie asked "You like it too?" and Martha said "Oh, yes. I really love for him to do this. Steven did this years ago and I still love it. It's so loving and his mouth is so good to me." Martha cupped her other breast and I mouthed and licked and sucked it and Martha sighed and bent down to kiss my forehead and Martha said "He never has to tell me how he likes this. His mouth tells me." Ronnie whispered "God, you two are so sweet with each other," and then I began moving my head down Martha's ribs with short licks and nips and then I licked her tummy and she grinned and whispered "Okay," and then my mouth found her tuft and I licked her fuzz and I felt Martha moving her knees apart, and I lifted, and as I lifted and settled my body between her thighs she grinned at me wickedly and hissed "Yes" and opened her thighs until her feet were joined under my chest, and Ronnie sat up on her haunches and watched silently with a look of intense interest as I dipped my tongue into Martha's slit and licked slowly upward, and Martha's head dropped back and she smiled toward the ceiling and sighed "Mmmm," and Ronnie uttered raptly "God, Martha, nobody ever did *that* to me, either," and Martha sighed as I did it again and she said "Oh, he's so good at this," and Ronnie watched me as I repeated the long introductory lick again and then settled my tongue in the firm ledge around her clit and began making small circles with the tip of my tongue and Martha raised her head and looked down at me with a contented little smirk and Ronnie settled onto her tummy with her head near Martha's head and she and Martha traded glances and Ronnie grinned at her and asked "Is it good?" and Martha gasped and said "Oh, yes, Ronnie, it's...mmm...very good," and Ronnie asked "What does it feel like?" and Martha chuckled and swallowed with mounting pleasure and said "Ronnie, I have no idea how to describe this," and Ronnie glanced at me and said "Steven, no fair," and Martha said "Take it easy, Ronnie, you'll get yours." and Ronnie said "I wouldn't know what to do, I've never done this," and Martha gasped as I worked and she said "Just tell him what you like, hon," and Ronnie said "I wouldn't know what to tell him," and Martha said "Don't worry, Steven's good at figuring it out," and she stroked the back of my neck as my tongue licked and pressed and Ronnie asked "Doesn't his mouth get tired?" and Martha shook her head no and said "Ah," and I made a motion to rise and start on Ronnie but Martha held my head and said "Wait, hon, wait a minute...a little more...a little more," and Ronnie grinned surprisingly at Martha and asked "It really feels that good?" and Martha said "God, yes," and then Martha patted me on the shoulder and said "Okay, hon," and I stopped and she caught her breath and I moved up and hugged her and she kissed my neck and pulled back and her eyes full of lust glittered into mine and she whispered, "Be good to Ronnie."


Ronnie's eyes stayed on mine and glowed with anticipation as she lay back and draped her arms around her head. I rolled to my other side and tenderly kissed the hollow in her throat, a new place and a new pleasure for me as my lips explored Ronnie's soft and pliable flesh. Then I kissed her small, slender left shoulder and her arms came around my neck and she offered her right shoulder to my mouth and I licked it and then nipped at her long throat, and she bent her head back and stretched her neck and breathed "ahhh" as I kissed her there. Then I licked and nipped my way to her left breast and found that she was smaller than Martha and I could take most of Ronnie's tit in my mouth and I did so, and tongued the sloping underside and then licked and sucked her nipple. It stiffened as I pinched it lightly between my lips and bothered it with my tongue, and Ronnie twitched enjoyably and crooned "Yeah, that's the way." While I pleasured Ronnie's breasts Martha moved to kneel beside her, and Ronnie said "Martha, this is really good," and Martha whispered "Yeah?" and Ronnie looked down at my mouth on her nipple and whispered "Yeah," and although I relished the newness and the unique feel of Ronnie's hard dark nipple and her long, warm, slender arms that coiled around my head and shoulders as she cradled me to her, I began to slowly lick and kiss my way down her torso. She tensed a little and caught her breath and then trembled as I kissed around and then below her navel. Her hands moved to my shoulders, and she started breathing nervously, and she whispered "Steven," and I continued licking downward and she said again tremulously, "Steven...", and Martha asked "What's wrong, honey?" and Ronnie gulped and said "Nobody ever did this for me. God, George never even warmed me up." Martha said "Steven's being good to you, Ronnie. Pleasing you pleases him." Ronnie gritted her teeth and gasped and watched as I licked the silken curls above her mound, and I found that her mild scent was like sage, and Ronnie gasped again and then relaxed a little as I moved to kiss her inner thigh, and I ached inside with the realization of how different and moist and clingy her skin was there, and I inched my lips closer to her cunt and she tensed again and gripped my shoulders and I raised my eyes to see her looking at me. Her eyes were wary and she gritted her teeth and breathed quickly, and I tentatively licked along the edge of her slit and she stiffened and gasped with surprise and smiled timidly, waiting, and I licked again and she gasped again and her pelvis lifted, and I extended the tip of my tongue and delved gently into her slit and gave her a long lick upward that ended with a caress along the short length of her clit and she gasped, and her eyes softened and she whispered hotly "Ah, that's nice!" I began making circles around her clit with my tongue. She smiled ecstatically and sighed "oh, yes...oh, honey, yes," and she softly bit her lower lip and arched languidly and irregularly under my mouth while I licked. I stopped to cradle her clit on my tongue and clamped my lips together and sucked and she gasped "Oh!" and then her thighs fell farther apart and she tilted her pelvis up a little and offered her cunt more urgently to my mouth, and she gritted her teeth and gasped and moaned shakily "Oh, Martha it's so *good*," and Martha laid a hand softly on Ronnie's trembling shoulder and I paused to suckle her clit again and Ronnie sighed a quick, steamy "Ah," and her breathing and her voice grew tense and shaky and her eyes found mine and she whispered "Steven..." She gulped and licked her lips nervously and said, "The only person who ever made me cum was me," and as I sucked, my eyes gazed past her tummy and past her heav- ing breasts and into her pleading eyes, and she trembled and whispered needfully, fearfully, "Don't leave me hangin', honey," and I winked at her reassuringly and Martha told her softly "He won't," and Ronnie moved one hand from my shoulder and her hand shook a little as she wiped sweat from her upper lip and then she gripped my shoulders again with both hands and whispered "Be good to me." I covered her cunt with my mouth and flattened my tongue against her slit and my flattened tongue nudged forward until her clit and portal were completely bared so that I could lick her entire cunt from bottom to top, and my tongue found that she was hot and salty and syrupy and the edges of my tongue felt the difference between Martha's smooth, firm slit and Ronnie's tasty, fleshy, fuzzy one and Ronnie moaned and hissed and said again through her teeth, "Be good to me." My tongue stroked longingly and she gulped and her eyes closed and her head drifted back and I could see only her arched throat and her chin. Softly she cried, "Be good to me..." and Martha stroked her fore- head, and Ronnie's thighs opened and the tendons pulsed as her hungry cunt sought more of my tongue and her hands gripped my shoulders tighter and I nudged my mouth closer to her, my upper lip finding the tip of her small, slippery clit. I nestled my lower lip against her clit's root, and my tongue cradled the length of her clit, and I tightened my lips and sucked. Ronnie gasped and her throat made a helpless "uh!" sound, and then I softly flicked my tongue up and down along her captured nub and she groaned weakly and then she whimpered and her body went taut and she moaned urgently "Faster...faster...no, slower, honey, a little slower..." and then gasped "that's it! Oh that's it!" and she gulped hard and her voice trailed off with a rapturous "Oh, god, that's it." She quivered as I sucked her clit and flicked my tongue with the speed she liked, and her wetness dripped over my chin, and then for a long moment she held her breath, and then she said loudly into the air, as if with sudden, ominous comprehension, "Oh my god," and she tightened again and moaned hoarsely with the same dread and powerlessness, "It's gonna happen. Oh my god it's gonna happen," and Martha smiled at her and said simply "Mm-hm," and Ronnie's hips rose and her clit throbbed and I knew she was there, so I sucked and flicked and her whole body jerked and she made a languished, surprised "Oh" sound as her chin strained upward and her mouth fell open, and she humped and jerked spasmodically several times and her nails dug painfully into my shoulder and she softly cried a rhapsodically joyful "Yes" and then "Yes" again and then a louder "Yes" and then her hands gripped me so tightly that her arms trembled, and then after a long moment a prolonged, violent tremor coursed through her, and finally she jerked and slumped and her head raised and fell forward and she heaved a loud "Oh!" and then she struggled to breathe, her grip on my shoulders relaxing and her hips bobbing, and her cunt withdrew from me as her climax waned. I knew her clit needed rest, so I held my tongue still against her for a few seconds, feeling her clit flutter slightly, and then I raised my head and saw she was a gasping, panting little girl with her eyes shut tightly as she winced with exhaustion. I pulled myself up and wiped my wet chin with my forearm and moved to cradle her against my chest. Her head fell back against my shoulder and her body felt willowy and limp and feverish against me. I kissed her forehead and eyelids and she raised her slim, soft arms that felt so good and friendly on me and draped them over my neck and shoulders and rested her face against my chest, and Martha moved to her other side and stroked her shoulders, and Ronnie panted and smiled bashfully and wiped her shiny brow and said, "Whoo!" and said breathlessly "Now I know what I sound like when I cum," and Martha smiled at me and whispered, "You were good to her, Steven," and I held Ronnie, feeling strong and protective as she nestled her delicate, heaving, tired body against mine. She closed her eyes and swallowed hard and said, "Steven, that was so good," and she breathed deeply and asked "Did I sound like I was out of it?" I answered "No, you sounded into it."

The small, candlelit room seemed untouched by time. The earth stopped turning. As if in a dense, humid fog of sensuality, I slithered across the floor and enfolded Martha in my arms, my sweet and needed Martha, and we kissed longingly and she lay back on the floor and opened her legs under me and grinned, her eyes simmering lazily, and she whispered, "Lick me, hon. Don't wait. Lick me." I glided my mouth down her body and felt my cock leave a smear of precum on her leg as I slid lower and Martha whispered "I'm so close," and when my face was over her mound I saw her fingers holding herself open and her voice dripped with lust and she whispered "Lick me" again and my tongue found her sweltering, slick, and ready, and she ground her clit against my tongue and sighed a low, salacious, breathy "Ahhhh", and I laved her clit with my tongue and glanced up to find her still grinning and she whispered "Yes," and Ronnie, still a little breathless, crawled to us and lay on her tummy and rested her hand on Martha's arm. When I sucked Martha's clit her head fell back and her eyes closed and her lips mouthed the words "So good," and by the hardness of her nub -- her hot and sensitive jewel that was bigger than Ronnie's and was so easy to find and to grip with my lips and that throbbed so strongly when Martha was close to cumming -- I knew that Martha would be there soon and so I sucked more lightly and moved my tongue in a wide circle that surrounded but bypassed her clit, and Martha arched and moaned and I watched her long, elegant neck tense, and Ronnie gazed into Martha's face lovingly and stroked Martha's arm, and Martha's hand on Ronnie's shoulder began to tighten and Ronnie took Martha's hand and held it and gave Martha's hand a little kiss and stroked it, and Martha's hand grasped Ronnie's and Ronnie told her, "Now I know what it feels like." And Martha said, "I'm close... Ronnie, I'm so close. He has me right on the edge. Oh, so close!" and Ronnie glanced down at me, perplexed, and asked "God, Steven, how do you do that?" and Martha whispered "He just knows," and Ronnie grinned at me and said "Do me that way next time, Steven." My cock lurched at the thought and I wondered how long I could keep my mouth and teeth and tongue going, and Martha began saying more urgently "Almost there... almost there," and Ronnie whispered to her "It must feel so good," and Martha closed her eyes and stretched her neck and showed her teeth with a happy grin and sighed "Oh, it does," and then she tensed and hissed "It's so close," and then she gushed loudly and excitedly "Now!" and she panted and then stiffened and held her breath and my cock and my heart swelled with gladness for Martha because I knew she could no longer resist, and I nudged my tongue along the length of her yearning clit, stroking slowly, and Martha jerked and Ronnie watched her intently and then Martha whimpered and her head rolled to the side toward Ronnie and then she made a happy "Ah" sound as she arched and then stiffened more. Her clit seemed inflamed under my tongue and her hand trembled on Ronnie's and Ronnie whispered "yes" and watched Martha cum, and then Ronnie's eyes widened, startled, as Martha's mouth fell open and Martha's whole body trembled once, twice, and again, and Ronnie whispered "oh, honey, yes" and stroked Martha's hand, and soon Martha gave a long, loud, sweet sigh and then a low "mmmmm" as she relaxed and her climax ended, and her clit receded and softened and her hips twitched once and she started breathing again, and she looked down and stroked my hair while I cleaned her with my tongue. Martha said "Nice. Ah, nice," and I removed my mouth and wiped my jaw. I rose, resting on my heels, and Martha rose and bent to me and held my face and kissed me softly and Ronnie watched in awe as we kissed and hugged. Martha kissed my neck and shoulders and held my face tenderly and kissed me again.

Then Martha looked down and saw my half-wilted cock. She said, "My goodness, what happened to him?" I was a little breathless after all my work. I said "He's been holding back so long, I think he gave up," and Ronnie said "Hey, we can't leave him hanging, can we? Pardon the pun." Martha moved her legs out of the way and kneeled beside me, and Ronnie kneeled in front of me and gave my face and chest damp little kisses, saying "I'd like to put in my two cents worth, sweetie. You sure had me feeling good," and her lips moved down my chest and onto my tummy. She lay down with her legs extending away from me and smooched my navel and murmured "Look, he has just enough hair, in all the right places." Martha smiled at me and asked, "Want Ronnie to finish you off?" I looked at her and hesitated and Martha nodded yes and I nodded yes back and said "Okay." Martha looked down at Ronnie and said "Your move, Ron," and Ronnie encircled my half-hard cock with her long hot fingers and I sighed with the pleasure of it, and she licked the bead of precum off my tip and mused aloud "Lessee, how's Ronnie gonna be nice to Steven? Too bad we don't have any condoms," and I smiled down at her and said "This will do," and she grinned up at me and asked playfully "Okay if I suck it? Hm?" and I grinned back and she cackled softly, "Want me to?" and I said "Yeah," and Ronnie said reassuringly, still looking up at me, "It's okay to cum in my mouth," and I said "Okay," and Martha added, "He has a nice clean taste, hon." Ronnie peered at her, surprised, and asked, "How do you know that? Huh?" Martha smiled secretively and Ronnie said, "Uh-huh. Holding out on me," and her fingers jiggled me a little and I tensed and settled more comfortably onto my legs beneath me and spread my thighs a little to give her elbows more room. She put my cock in her mouth and sucked once, popping me out of her, and I moaned and she grinned up at me and then she put her lips around me and started sucking too tightly, moving her head rapidly and jerkily. I groaned and held her head still and said, "Hm, no, no, wait a minute," and she lifted off me and looked up questioningly and Martha said "Ronnie, what are you doing?" and Ronnie said "What's it look like I'm doing?" and Martha laughed and said "Ronnie, when they say 'suck it off', they don't mean it literally!" and I laughed and Ronnie laughed. Ronnie said, "I thought that's the way you're supposed to do it," and Martha said "Maybe some men like it raw that way, but Steven likes it slow and dirty," and Ronnie said, "Oh. Show me," and Martha said, "Come on, be nice to him, when you suck so hard and fast you squeeze all the blood out of his cock, and it dulls the nerve endings," and Ronnie said defensively "That's the way guys told me to do it, the few guys I did it with. They said hey baby suck the chrome off that thing." Martha said, "Yeah, big guys with stainless steel dicks. Steven's sensitive. Look, start easy, and real wet -- the secret is, your mouth should feel wet and soft," and Ronnie lifted her head and said, "So show me, already," and Martha said impatiently, "Oh, here, gimme your finger. I feel so silly doing this..." and she sucked Ronnie's finger for a few seconds and Ronnie said "Oh, yeah, I see...you don't really suck, you just grip with your tongue. Hmm, if only my finger could cum," and Martha stopped and said "And Steven likes it when your mouth just slides over him, y'know, I mean don't try to strangle him with your lips," and Ronnie looked up at me and asked "Ready for a second try?" I nodded and she started sucking again and Martha watched carefully. After a couple of sucks Martha asked me, "Okay, Steven?" and I stopped gritting my teeth and said "Yeah, it's ...okay, but...," and Martha told Ronnie "C'mon, Ronnie, wait a minute," and Ronnie rose and asked Martha to show her again and Martha said impatiently "Oh, Ronnie, he's gonna cum before we get anywhere," and Ronnie said "Well, show me!" and Martha said "It's not a science, it's an art. Watch, now, first I get my mouth really wet and then I cover him all at once so he's, you know, drippy. Watch," and she sucked on her tongue inside her mouth, gathering moisture, and then she bent and put her mouth around me, enclosing fully and gently, and started slowly moving up and down and I gasped and said "Okay, careful," and Ronnie said "Okay, okay, I get it," and Martha sat up and watched as Ronnie lay down in front of me again and held my cock and muttered "We'll get this right yet," and then she touched her inner lips to my tip for a second and then nipped at it and my cock arched with a pleasant itch and was getting big and rigid. Martha said, "Good, Ronnie," and Ronnie murmured "You smell good", too," and I whispered "Thanks." Ronnie looked at my cock and said "I never tried it this way." She gathered moisture inside her mouth for a few seconds, and then she lowered her head, and I sighed quietly and jerked inside her as she enclosed me completely and started moving up and down slowly. Martha looked at me with an odd, kinky little half-smile and asked "Good?", and I blushed and nodded yes and she whispered, "Enjoy it, hon." She looked down at Ronnie and said, "Slow down when he starts cummin', Ron, he really likes that," and Ronnie said "Mm-hm" with her mouth full of me. She started nodding her head, her lips sliding greasily, her cradling tongue inducing a tauntingly mild suction as it rode along the underside of my shaft and tip. I gave a prolonged, gratified sigh as Ronnie settled into a languid rhythm, moving her head in strokes of about three inches, always leaving at least two inches of my cock warmly immersed, and Martha, smiling mischievously, watched me enjoy Ronnie's spitty-wet mouth, and I hissed softly when I realized that Ronnie had found exactly the right speed, depth, wetness, and gentle suction, and I smiled at Martha, whose eyes met mine with a sensual, conspiratorial nod of approval, and I knew my feelings were not the sweet, poignantly shat- tering emotions I had when Martha sucked me, but the look in Martha's eyes told me that this was deliberate, primal, wanton carnality, and then Martha looked down to watch Ronnie's lips gliding along my wet cock.

It took Ronnie less than a minute to thoroughly and satisfyingly suck me off. At first I feared I might be too shy to cum with Martha watching. But Ronnie worked with an easygoing, lubricous, unerring efficiency that brought me steadily and swiftly to the brink of orgasm. When she sensed my impending cum she slowed her pace by half, delaying me for several sucks as Martha had suggested. While I hung on the edge, my hips poised and taut, Martha looked up inquiringly. I grinned and nodded. She smiled back, our eyes joining us in lecherous complicity. Held wetly between Ronnie's sliding lips, my cock pulsed once, then again. Against her caressing tongue the slit in my tip yielded a gentle, initial gush. Her head slowed. My hips twitched and I panted and grunted, and then I spurted inside Ronnie's mouth. She swallowed loudly. Martha looked up at me, grinned knowingly, and winked. I spurted more, several times, hot and hard and fast, deaf and blind while I emptied my balls into Ronnie's mouth. She sighed pleasurably through her nose and gulped, then gulped again, then she enclosed me totally, the opening of her throat beckoning at my tip, the delicious pleasure of it evoking a powerful new gush of hot cream, and then I slumped, gasping and huffing, gritting my teeth while Ronnie finished me off. Finally, with a last, long, tight suck and a swallow, Ronnie raised her head and released me. She wiped cum from a corner of her mouth, licked her lips with a tasty sigh, and regained her breath. She exchanged catty grins with Martha, who gave her a nod of approval, and Ronnie, pleased, reached down to soothingly tug my aching cock as she smiled at me.

I floated backward and lay gasping, face-up, my legs still folded under me. Ronnie asked, "Was it good? Huh?" I panted several times before replying dully, "No," and they both laughed.

We rested, stroking each other and talking. Ronnie confessed that she had no idea how all this got started, and she asked Martha "Did you have any idea something like this would happen tonight?" and Martha smiled impishly and said, "I gave it a thought, earlier on the beach, but I didn't know it would happen." Ronnie said happily, "But it was nice, wasn't it?" and I agreed. Martha asked me, "Were you embarrassed?" and I said, "Yeah, a little, but..." I glanced at Ronnie and said, "You were too good to resist," and Ronnie chuckled and said wryly, "The whole thing was too good to resist."

We lay naked together in the candlight and one of the candles died out with a little puff and a hiss, and Martha asked Ronnie, "Did you feel that old Catholic guilt when you realized what was happening?" Ronnie confided that what she felt was embarrassment more than guilt, but my mouth felt so good on her that she was taken completely by surprise when she climaxed. "It happened so fast," Ronnie said, "I don't even remember how it happened," and she gave me a little kiss and said, "Thanks, Steven," and I said, "My pleasure." Ronnie heckled Martha, saying, "Well, Martha, you sure didn't have any trouble cumming," and Martha blushed and said, "It was a very erotic situation," and Ronnie said "God, wasn't it? I know I couldn't have done a thing if it I'd been with anyone else. I just felt so trusting, with the three of us." We talked about the physical and emotional sensations we experienced, and Ronnie said she discussed sex frequently with Martha but she'd never been so frank and experimental. Ronnie was curious to know how it felt for Martha and for me to hang on the edge as long as we did, and Martha and I told Ronnie that we both liked it that way, that there was a peculiarly intense pleasure in holding back for a while. Ronnie asked, "But how do you know when you're partner's ready?", and Martha and I explained various signals. "Of course," Martha said, "You can always just tell your partner you're ready." Ronnie gazed at the candle, entranced, and said, "It happened so quickly for me. I guess it was because it was the first time anyone ever made me cum. What's it like...I mean, is it like making it last longer?" Martha said, yes, it was a lot like prolonging orgasm. Ronnie said, "God, that must feel great." We asked her to describe how she knew when she was near orgasm, but Ronnie said it was all so new and mysterious that she couldn't explain it. We decided I should eat her again, taking my time, and she wanted to learn to describe what she felt and how to tell me what she wanted. Patiently, I serviced her with my mouth while she and Martha instructed me. It took longer this time, and soon, instead of licking with a steady rate as I usually did with Martha, I learned to read Ronnie's responses and to speed up as her pleasure mounted. I discovered that she didn't want me to suck her clit until she was ready to finish. With her and Martha prompting, I held Ronnie on the brink for several minutes while Ronnie pulled her knees back and used both hands to hold her legs up and spread so she could feel all of my mouth on her. When she gave the word, I sucked her clit steadily and tongued it. She came, easily, noisily, pleasurably, with a prolonged second peak.

Afterward, Ronnie fell asleep as she rested against Martha's shoulder. Martha told me more about Ronnie, and more about New York, and soon we were yawning.

Martha looked down at the slumbering Ronnie. She whispered, "I hope she feels better now. You were good to her, hon. I'm glad you were good to her."

"It wasn't easy," I muttered.

"Hm? Wasn't easy, what do you mean?"

"I mean...well, you were watching."

She smiled craftily. "Ah-ha, you'd rather you two did it behind my back?"

"That's not what I meant."

"Oh, I'm sorry. I know. I know what you mean."

We both watched as Ronnie slept. She seemed very peaceful.

I remembered the feel of Ronnie's soft, sucking mouth. I must have dozed off, half-sitting up on my legs, for my eyes closed and I heard Martha ask me something. I blinked and looked up at her. I asked, "What?"

She had a strange little half-smile on her face. "I said, did it feel good? When she sucked you off?"

I blushed. "Well...yes."

"Better than me?"

"No way, Jose."



She paused. "Steven..hon...does this--did doing this make you feel...?

I looked at her questioningly.

She went on. "Did it make you feel really, really wicked?"

I blushed again. "Yes."

"Me too. You know, it was so strange, it was sort of like...when we first did it, you and I."

I pondered a moment. "Yeah, it was a lot like that. Kinda scary."

"Yes," she said, her voice drifting off as she seemed to slip into deep thought. "How strange, the things we learn about ourselves, that our folks in Memphis never wanted us to see..."

I found my cock stirring. I wondered if I had a drop of cum left. I cleared my throat, and mustered my courage for a moment, and said to Martha, "It wasn't as good as it was with you, though."

Martha smiled sweetly. "Come on. I saw how you came in her mouth. You were floored."

I shook my head. "Not as good as you."


I looked deeply into her. "I want to cum in your mouth."

Her smile gave way to a serious, lusty, steady gaze. She whispered, "Okay."

I sat on my legs, as I had earlier with Ronnie, and Martha lay on the floor before me and slowly, wetly, in her uniquely loving and lescivious way, she slid her mouth over my cock and starting sucking.