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08-11-2011, 04:00 AM
originally by Daveplaid

I stood, confused in the doorway of the bar. I was certain this was the right place, it was the only pub in the area, but from the doorway it looked to be one room and she was clearly not present. Perhaps she'd got fed up waiting for me to arrive. Not my fault, it takes a long time to go the length of the city via transit, and I'd kept her appraised throughout but still. I could understand if she'd left. Well, no use just standing in the door looking like an ass. Gathering my courage and preparing to be stood up, I fully entered the building.

Immediately I felt like an idiot. There was a corner, hidden from the doorway and what first felt like an oppressively small bar blossomed into a huge yet cosy pub. And there she was, in a booth tucked into the corner. A very discreet choice. I smiled inwardly.

She heard my footsteps as I approached and looked up, a nervous smile dancing across her lips. She stood and hugged me, pressing firmly into me. I smiled, greeted her and quickly checked her out. We'd never met before, and had been set up by mutual friends. She was larger, and somewhat older than I'd ever been with, but she had a beautiful face and something about her smile drew me in. I sat down, ordered a beer for myself and a cocktail for her then set about the business of getting to know her.

The night progressed, and two hours of conversation flew by. I honestly cannot recall a word of what we talked about, but a connection grew. She reached across the table at one point and brushed the hair back from my face. I was blown away, I'd never been on the receiving end of that before. I felt my cock stir, and something inside melted a little. I took her hand and said bashfully, "Um, I think I'm going to try the kiss."

I stood, leaning across the table to kiss her gently on the lips. Her mouth parted first, her tongue tentatively probing at my lips until I met it with my own. I sat down as I felt the table shift. My cheeks were flushed and I was glad that I was sitting. She grinned.

The conversation turned from there to sexual experiences and tastes. I confessed I had a tendency to go commando under my jeans, which I find very comfortable when flaccid. Aroused was a different story. Smiling wickedly, she stole a peek under the table. She came back up, looked me in the eye and said "I'm a squirter." I nearly came on the spot. I'd never been with a woman who squirts before, and confessed as much to her. At this point, she came around to sit on my side of the booth.

We kissed more, groped surreptitiously under the table and decided to head back to her house. First, she excused herself to go to the bathroom.

We walk, arm in arm towards her house, but we didn't get very far before I pulled her towards a hedge and groped her frantically. She responded enthusiastically and when I pushed a hand down the front of her jeans I found she was sporting the sans panties look as well. She whispered in my ear, "I took them off in the bathroom." We nearly ran to her house at that point.

In her room, clothes are ripped off, and the second I get her jeans down I drop to my knees in front of her, tonguing her clit and pushing two fingers deep into her wet pussy. Less than a minute later, she grabs my head and I feel liquid coursing down my forearm to splatter on the floor. Luckily, she had hardwood floors. She pushed me onto her bed, straddled me and said "you aren't going anywhere" with a huge smile on her face. She quickly sat on my cock, sighing as it slid home.

She proceeded to squirt a few more times in this position until I flipped us both over, pulled her knees up over my arms and pounded as deep into her as I was able. She screamed my name, and soaked even more of her bed. I don't know if this is normal, but this lady squirted a ton. She seemed exhausted at that point and I pulled myself out. She scrambled for my cock, thinking I was about to cum. She was sorely mistaken but I did not correct her assumption.

She happily swallowed my length, lying on her back with her head over the edge, grabbing my ass to pull me completely into her mouth and throat. I moaned and bucked my hips forward. Her hand came around to cradle my balls and stroke between my sack and asshole. I nearly screamed and pulled out of her mouth. I still hadn't cum yet.

We lay on the bed, panting and chatting and petting. We drank water, and tried to spoon in such a way as to not be lying in the huge wet spot on her bed.

After a half hour of this, we started fucking in earnest. We 69'd, and she started playing with my ass, something completely new to me. She jumped on top again and soaked my from my hips to my knees. Eventually, she asked me to stick a finger in her ass so I obliged. I then asked, breathlessly, if she'd let me fuck her in the ass. She giggled and agreed. On her knees, she guided me into her ass, telling me when it was too much. Another first for me, I'd never had anal before. It was warmer, and tighter despite the fact that whenever she came, she'd clench so hard she almost pushed me out of her pussy. I started to slowly fuck her, and she moaned. She reached between her legs, pushing her fingers into her wet snatch and asked if I could feel it. I could.

I couldn't take much more of this, it'd been three hours at this point. Her bed was thoroughly soaked, I was exhausted and nearly overwhelmed from everything that had happened that night. When she asked if I could feel her finger fucking herself while I plunged deep into her ass, I felt the damn break.

I moaned louder, "Fuck, I'm cumming!" and she screamed back "cum in me, cum in my ass!" As wave after wave hit me, I slammed as hard as I could into her. I felt her squirt one last time before we both collapsed. We smiled, kissed and I called a cab. I headed home on shaky legs and had to endure a half hour of lecturing on Middle Eastern culture, but it was entirely worth it.

Unfortunately, we haven't spoken much since.

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It is a pleasure to read such a well-written story. Everything is necessary in the story; there are no unnecessary details. This is one of the best brief stories I've read recently.