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Teri screamed as she came for the fourth time that evening, as she felt
Steve shooting his second load deep into her hot receptive pussy. "My God
Teri, you are insatiable tonight. what has gotten into you?" Teri was
collapsed on the bed, lost in the fog of the afterglow. She loved the way
her husband fucked her, he was so good in bed. but Teri had something
else on her mind at the moment as well.

Teri was a stunningly beautiful woman, with an incredible body and a
gorgeous face. Everyone she knew compared her looks and body to Angelina
Jolie, and there was much more than a passing resemblance to the sexy
actress, right down to her luscious lips. Steve knew he lucked out when
he met Teri, and his friends constantly reminded him they were waiting in
line behind him if he ever tired of his gorgeous wife. There was little
chance of that happening, for as beautiful as her face and body were, her
libido was incredible. She was enthusiastic and imaginative in bed, and
kept her man very satisfied, not only with both her beautiful mouth and
her sexy shaved always-wet pussy, but her sexy personality and
devastating smile as well.

"Remember me telling you about Mandy, my friend from the gym?" How could
Steve forget? The woman Teri described was a 5'2", 100 lb red-haired
vixen with big firm tits, a slender waist, and a body that Teri described
as "meant for fucking." Steve thought about the couple of times he had
stroked his big cock in the shower as he imagined his stunningly
beautiful wife seducing this gorgeous girl, in their bed, and sharing her
with him. "I think I remember her, why.?"

Teri knew her husband well enough to know he was lying, and she chuckled
at him. he always made her laugh. "Well, she told me yesterday that she
broke up with her boyfriend, Rick. you know him, right? Damn fool that he
is. Apparently he thought she was too inhibited in bed, and he left her
for some slut from work." She spoke slowly and relaxed, almost as if
talking in her sleep, "Personally, I blame Rick. I am sure she would
blossom if the right person got a hold of her." She trailed off without
really explaining herself.

"Anyway, she was devastated. so I told her she could come stay with us
this weekend. I hope that's ok with you." Steve nodded, and smiled a
little to himself. His wife has shared her fantasy of being with another
woman, although she had never acted on it. He also knew that she was more
than a little attracted to Mandy from the detailed description of her
body that she had given him from seeing it in the locker room. right down
to the hair on her pussy that matched her head. The thought of his wife
licking that red-haired pussy was the thought that caused him to paint
the shower walls with his thick cum on more than one morning.

Friday night Steve arrived home to the sound of the 2 women talking in
the kitchen, and soft feminine laughter, and he felt his cock stir. He
pushed the thoughts out of his mind, and walked in the kitchen and kissed
his wife. a deep passionate kiss as always, and she returned it just as
passionately. It was Mandy's nervous giggle that reminded them they had
guests, and they broke the clinch so Teri could introduce Mandy to her

The redhead was still blushing from the sight of the sexy couple in a
passionate kiss as Steve extended his hand and introduced himself, "You
must be Mandy, hi, I'm Steve" He smiled as he looked Mandy deep into her
green eyes. He had a way of both putting people at ease with his smile,
and yet, making them somehow anxious with his stare. Mandy looked
transfixed back at him, and could only manage a feeble "uh huh" in
return. "I think she likes you Steve", Teri laughed, "I better keep a
close eye on you two." Mandy felt herself blush even deeper, and the
other two laughed again.

Steve cooked dinner as the two women talked and drank wine, and watched
him in action. In the kitchen, he moved the way an athlete moved on the
field, or on the court. with grace, elegance, and plenty of style. Mandy
couldn't help but feel jealous of her friend; Steve was the kind of man
every woman lusted after. He was handsome, very charming, and from the
way his pants fit, she knew why Teri was always in a good mood. She felt
her own panties dampening at the thought.

After dinner, Steve cleared away the dishes so the two women could
continue to talk in the other room, and opened their third bottle of
wine. Mandy was obviously beginning to feel tipsy, and slurred her speech
a little. Emboldened a bit by her friend's drunken state, Teri was
touching her more and more as the evening wore on, on her hand, her arm,
her leg, occasionally even hugging her to show support for her friend.
And Mandy was obviously enjoying the physical contact almost as much as
she was enjoying looking at the impressive bulge between Steve's legs.

Feeling suddenly lightheaded, Mandy attempted to stand up, say good
night, and walk into her room. When the room started violently spinning,
she lost her balance and fell right into Steve's lap. She felt his hands
on her body as he attempted to catch her, and one hand actually closed on
her breast as he did. As she started to blackout, she felt Teri's soft
lips press against hers, and she moaned softly.

Her dreams were filled with erotic visions of large hard cocks, and big
firm hands all over her body. But there were also those soft lips, Teri's
lips, which floated in and out of her dreams as well. So soft. she could
feel her pussy moistening under the attention she was receiving. And the
sounds; they sound so very sensual. like someone else was really enjoying
the attention they were receiving as well.

As she awoke, and her head began to clear she realized that the sounds
she had heard were not dreamed, but were actually quite real. And they
were coming not from the next room, as she initially thought, but from
outside. The couple had a huge yard, and no neighbors for several hundred
yards. Teri had confided to her that she and Steve loved to soak naked in
their outdoor hot tub. Hoping to maybe catch a glimpse of the man she
spent almost the entire evening lusting after, Mandy threw back the
covers to go investigate.

As she went to get up, she suddenly realized she was completely naked
except for her skimpy lace thong she was wearing under her jeans. Unable
to remember too much, she wondered how she had come to be in this state
of undress. She remembered falling on Steve. remembered the feeling of
his hands on her body. the feeling of being in his arms. mmmm.. but not
much after that. Teri must have undressed her, she quickly realized. Then
she thought; had Steve helped her undress her unconscious body? Had they
both seen her undressed? The thought made her blush, and more than a
little uncomfortable, but also more than a little curious. What had Steve
thought of her almost naked body? Or Teri, for that matter, what had she
thought of her body as she undressed her? The thought made her shiver.

As she got up and crept over to the window, the sounds had changed.
gotten more excited, more urgent. As she looked out, she gasped loudly at
the sight that greeted her. Teri was on her knees in the hot tub,
apparently naked, while Steve was sitting the edge with just his legs
hanging inside, obviously naked. He appeared to be yawning; his head was
thrown back, his eyes closed, and his mouth open. But the noise she was
hearing was not that of a yawn. It was then that Mandy realized that Teri
was on her knees because she was sucking her husband's long fat cock.

>From the angle she was at, Mandy had more of a side view that allowed her
>to take in all the action. She could see his entire cock, as Teri slid
>her mouth up and down that long shaft, taking him deep into her throat.
>Sometimes Teri would stroke him with her one hand as well, other times
>she would squeeze and pinch her own hard nipples. The other hand was busy
>below the water, where Teri was apparently rubbing her pussy and
>fingering herself. Steve was obviously enjoying her skills immensely,
>judging from his expression and loud moans. The sight made Mandy rub her
>own pussy in excitement.

Suddenly Steve stood up, and Mandy froze; had he seen her watching them?
She would be so embarrassed if she was caught, but she was also
incredibly turned on by then, and she couldn't look away or stop
fingering herself. Steve then tried to pull Teri to her feet as well, but
she seemed reluctant to let go of his cock. When she finally relented and
released it, it sprang up with such force that Mandy could hear it slap
against his stomach. He pulled her to him, and kissed her deeply; a kiss
so deep that it made Mandy's pussy instantly drip with excitement. How
she longed to be kissed like that. She slid two fingers deep into her own
pussy, and pinched one of her hard nipples as she watched.

Steve then turned Teri around and she bent over for him, and Steve
caressed her sweet ass for a second. Mandy couldn't help but be jealous
of that naturally tight firm ass that Teri maintained almost
effortlessly, and she thought of how good it looked in the kind of tight
pants Teri loved to wear. She realized what she was thinking, and pushed
the thoughts out of her mind, and back to her friend's husband. and his

She continued to finger her wet pussy as Steve got behind his wife and
began to slide that massive cock between her legs. She couldn't quite see
that impressive meat as it slid between her engorged lips and deep into
her pussy, but she knew from Teri's reaction when it did. Her head
snapped back, her eyes closed, and she moaned "Yesssssssssss baby, fuck
me!" She pleaded with Steve, as her husband obliged by sliding more of
his cock even deeper in her soaking pussy. As he began a long slow in and
out motion, Teri's moans turned to screams.

Mandy couldn't take it any longer, and began to experience a long hot
drawn out explosion of an orgasm that almost made her knees buckle. It
started in the pit of her stomach, and spread like a raging firestorm,
culminating in a long series of spasms that totally wracked her body,
making her shudder over and over, as wave after wave of pleasure crashed
through her body. She saw stars and felt her asshole pucker again and
again, and her pussy pulsated around her fingers. As she began to
collapse, she grabbed the towel rack as she slid down the wall and
slumped to the floor.

As she fought to catch her breath, Mandy decided that what she really
needed was a long hot shower to get her mind off of sex. As Mandy
listened, the sexy couple continued making their sweet love in the hot
tub outside, and she stepped into the shower. As she lathered herself all
over, her thoughts ran to how nice it would be to be with a man again.
Her body drenched in the hot, bubbly water, Mandy slowly felt those
familiar feelings of lust and longing seething through her body. As she
rubbed the scented bubbles all over full breasts, she noticed her nipples
were hardening, and growing more sensitive again. She could also feel the
wetness returning between her legs, her neatly trimmed red-haired pussy
getting wetter and wetter, and not just from the water.

Oh, how long it had been since she had had sex. Really, really good hard
sex! How she wished she were in Teri's shoes, or more accurately, in her
bed. To be able to fuck Steve's brains out, and have no regrets. She
fantasized about sucking that cock, about tasting it. taking it deep in
her throat as she had just watched Teri do this morning. Which was odd
for her; one of Rick's biggest complaints was that she would never suck
him. But as beautiful as Steve's cock was, he was married to her friend,
so that was just not possible, and she pushed it out of her mind again.

Feeling relaxed from the long shower, Mandy had lain down on the towel on
her bed, and continued caressing her body. The orgasm she had was so
wonderful, but instead of quelling her desire it seemed to fan the
flames. God, how she longed to be touched by hands other than her own. As
one hand fell down and began to massage her clit, the other began
squeezing her breasts, and softly twisting her nipples. Mandy felt that
familiar rising within her, as she could feel an orgasm building slowly.
She began to moan softly, dreaming of Steve and Teri making love, then of
being between them, dreaming of numerous pairs of hands touching her
body, and of several tongues feasting on her every
inch..."Ungggghhhhh", she cried quietly... her arousal made even more
intense by the inclusion of Teri in her fantasies.

Mandy didn't even hear Steve and Teri re-enter the house through the
back door, and begin calling her name. Temporarily satisfied from their
uncharacteristically brief lovemaking, they had decided to go out for
breakfast rather than cook. They had put their swimsuits back on and came
in to invite Mandy to go along with them. Not getting a response, Steve
and Teri both crept up the stairs, where they thought they could hear
Mandy crying. They both gasped as they opened the door and walked into
her bedroom, and saw her lying naked on her bed, obviously in the throes
of pleasure.

"Oh my God, I'm so sorry!" Teri exclaimed, in embarrassment.

Mandy, likewise, jumped up and tried to shield her body with her towel.
This was fruitless, of course, as her body was still wet from the bath
and she was half sitting on the towel. She looked at the shock on Teri's
face, and the obvious redness on Steve's. This would teach her to be
masturbating in her friend's house!

"I'm so embarrassed!" shrieked Mandy. "I didn't even hear you, I
mean see you... I'm sorry, what time is it?" Mandy was obviously
totally caught off guard.

Steve piped up, "We were just going out for some breakfast, Mandy, and
we wanted to invite you to join us."

Teri, however, had other ideas entering her head. Always audacious, she
sensed an opportunity here. This was one reason she had brought Mandy
into their home, and she wouldn't let an opportunity like this pass. She
felt a craving for this other woman -- not one she could easily turn away
from. She walked past Steve, and sat next to Mandy on the bed. Mandy was
shocked at Teri's unmistakably overt behavior, and could only stare at

"Steve, I think Mandy could use a little help here." She quipped. Teri
reached out, and began running a hand along Mandy's bare thigh.
Excitement raced through her body as she did so. She knew she could
possibly lose her friend, or worse. However, she desired Mandy, and fate
had presented the perfect opportunity. Watching Mandy around Steve all
last night had gotten her so horny, and the quickie in the hot tub had
just made it worse. What a better way to seduce him, and Mandy, and have
fun herself?

Mandy pulled backwards; away from Teri's touch, even as her hand tried
to pull away the towel and reveal Mandy's big firm breasts. "Teri, My
God, what is wrong with you!" A shocked Mandy replied, half because
Teri's advances stunned her, and half because she was bewildered by the
surge of pleasure going through her body.

Teri moved towards Mandy, and pushed her back on the bed. "Steve, I
think Mandy really needs to be touched. Look how wet and soft her skin
is, and how hard her nipples are." As Teri purred, her fingers danced
over Mandy's engorged nipples, as they puckered to her touch.

"Ohhhhhh, please stop..." Mandy moaned less than convincingly. "This is
so wrong", she thought to herself. But her body betrayed her excitement
as her nipples hardened even more, and her breathing became even heavier.

As Teri lowered her head to suck one of Mandy's nipples into her hot
mouth, Mandy tried to push her away. Teri released the nipple momentarily
and spoke to her surprised husband, "Steve, why don't you help me with

Just then, Mandy felt Steve's hands pin her arms to her sides, rendering
her helpless. Teri was lying over her legs now, so she could not move or
push her away. Steve could smell the distinct scent of lust on both of
them. Then Mandy gasped loudly as Teri's mouth descended over her nipple,
greedily sucking it into her mouth.

Teri loved the sensation of Mandy's nipple hardening in her mouth, as
she chewed it and sucked it in while massaging her large breast. As Mandy
opened her mouth to protest, Steve leaned down and stuck his tongue in
it, kissing her deeply. She loved the sensation of this firm masculine
tongue eagerly thrusting in her mouth; reminding her of those make out
sessions with Rick she missed so badly. And Teri's mouth on her firm
breasts was driving her wild with lust.

As Steve held her arms down, Teri licked her way down Mandy's belly,
pausing at the belly button to let her tongue squirm around inside. Mandy
jumped, making very nervous sounds. She sensed what Teri was going to do
next, but was very anxious.

"Ohh noooooo.." Mandy moaned, as Teri began the serious task of licking
her thighs, from below the kneecap to her panty line. As Mandy quivered
with pleasure and nervousness, Teri asked "Steve, don't you think Mandy
would love to suck your cock?"

Mandy looked up at the handsome man beside her, half questioning and half
longing to taste him. As he removed his hands from hers to pull down his
shorts, Teri reached up and secured them herself. Mandy could not get
away. She was Steve and Teri's meal. And there was nothing she could do
about it. And somehow, realizing that thought excited her even more.

As Steve pulled down his shorts, his firm 8-inch cock sprang out. Steve
was ready to burst. From his short episode with Teri in the hot tub this
morning, to this beautiful firm redhead lying in front of him, he could
not control himself. He grabbed Mandy by her fiery mane, and gently but
securely guided his cock into her mouth. Tentatively, she opened her
mouth to take in this monster. It had been quite a while since she had
given any man a blowjob, but she had obviously not lost her touch. Her
tongue began teasing the head of his cock, and her sucking increased in
speed, as she forgot how much she missed this. Steve emitted loud
guttural moans as this hot, captive mouth worked wonders up and down his

Meanwhile, she had totally forgotten Teri, who was now nuzzling her face
in her beautifully scented red haired pussy. It was too late to protest -
and her mouth was full of Steve's cock anyways. Her legs seem to spread
themselves as if they had a will of their own, and she had to admit a
burning desire to have her pussy licked. and at this point she didn't
care who licked it. Although deep down she had to admit to being
extremely aroused by the sight of Teri's sexy face between her legs, but
the though of performing 'lesbian sex' petrified her.

"Unghhhhh god..." She cried between sucks of Steve's cock. Nobody had
ever licked her like this, and Teri's tongue was very talented. Teri
craved the taste of Mandy's pussy, and hungrily ate her, taking her clit
all the way into her mouth while she plunged first one, then two fingers
into her pussy.

"Mmmmm. God you taste so sweet..." Teri cooed as she ate Mandy,
relishing the way she twisted her body in response to each lick. Mandy
tried to moan, but Steve was now enthusiastically fucking her mouth with
his big cock, and moaning himself... "Ahhhhh! OHHHHHH! I'm going to
cum." He guided her head up and down his shaft firmly with one hand in
her red hair, massaging her large firm breast and hard nipple with the
other. Mandy had to admit that she loved the feeling of losing control,
of being taken by these two wild lovers. She loved feeling Teri's tongue
in her soaking wet pussy, her hands massaging her hips and probing her
tight ass, and Steve's strong masculine hands all over her sensitive
tits and his massive cock deep in her throat. She had never known such
passion before.

Before Steve could cum, Teri abruptly got up from Mandy, and pulled him
away. "Steve, wouldn't you love to fuck Mandy?" she cooed in his ear,
as she gave it a soft lick. He looked hesitatingly at Teri, and at Mandy,
not sure what to do next. Teri grabbed his erect member in one hand, and
began pumping it slowly as she licked his ear. "Wouldn't you love to be
inside that hot red haired pussy of hers? Wouldn't you love to cum
inside her? Mandy, tell Steve how badly you want him to fuck that tight
sweet little pussy of yours." Mandy could only moan in response, and
Teri laughed.

Steve needed no further prompting, and quickly knelt between Mandy's
legs, and slowly eased his cock inside of her... First one inch, then two
inches, and then he abruptly stopped.

Mandy cried in frustration... "Ungghhhh! What are you doing? Please
Steve, Fuck me now!"

She then noticed a naked Teri in front of her. She had peeled off her
bathing suit top and stood there, showing off her incredible body. Her
firm tits and hard nipples looked amazingly delicious, she had to admit,
as Teri absently played with them. Teri also ripped off her obviously
soaked bikini bottoms; showing Mandy her shaved smooth wet pussy. She
dipped one long finger deep inside scooped some of the cream Steve had
deposited earlier, and then rubbed their combined juices on Mandy's lips.
When Mandy reflexively licked her lip to try and clean it off, Teri
laughed again.

She knelt over Mandy's face, so her ass was facing her while Teri looked
at Steve. Her pussy was dripping wet, literally, and the aroma was
intoxicating; like a wildly exotic perfume. Mandy knew she was hooked at
once, but still she resisted, refusing to surrender to wild urges inside
her. "Mandy, if you want Steve to fuck you, you have to lick my pussy."
Teri exclaimed.

"Oh no! No way! Please no!" Mandy exclaimed. Despite some playing
around with other girls in college, this was one frontier she had never
crossed. Steve eased himself into her by one more inch, then back out
again as Teri continued to straddle Mandy on the bed, held her by the
hair and pressed her wet pussy back against Mandy's face.

"Listen bitch, we've given you lots of pleasure today, and it's my
turn. After everything we've done for you, it's the least you can do."
Teri then pressed harder against her, this time mashing her cum soaked
pussy over a crying Mandy's face, wriggling it back and forth... "NO! I
can't. Umpphhh..." Mandy complained, her cries muffled by the wet pussy
pressed onto her mouth.

Just then, Steve thrust his full length into her, making Mandy gasp with
the unbelievable sensation of being stuffed completely with his big cock.
With the incredible surge of pleasure, Mandy's mouth dropped open wide
and her tongue unintentionally touched Teri's clit. She was surprised by
the taste -- she thought it would be awful, but it was actually quite
pleasant. Teri moaned loudly at the first touch of her conquest's tongue
on her steaming pussy, knowing Mandy was hers completely now.

As Steve began to thrust into Mandy's soaked pussy faster and faster,
Teri began fucking Mandy's face shamelessly. The other woman's hesitant
tongue drove her wild. She knew she was being wonton; corrupting little
miss perfect. but that made it sooooo wicked and much much sexier. Each
tentative lick across her clit drove her closer and closer to orgasm.
Teri cried out as she fucked Mandy's face, rubbing her wet pussy all over
her... "Ohhhhhhhhh Mandy! Don't stop! Eat me! Suck my Pussy! You're
soooo damn good! You're a natural pussy licker. I knew you would be!"

For the first time that day, Mandy felt in control. Steve was fucking her
hungry pussy, filling her, satisfying her lust as no one else ever had.
And Teri rode her face like a wild animal, panting for more, and Mandy
loved the taste of her hot pussy, dripping with Steve's cum more than she
ever thought she could. These two lovers needed her, they lusted after
her, and she loved it. She felt so sexy, so sensual, so alive, and she
was cumming again and again...

Mandy began eating Teri's pussy even more hungrily, and even slid her
two fingers deep inside her and sucked hungrily at the cum inside. Teri
gasped at the sudden added passion from Mandy, and rewarded her by lying
down in a 69 position and began licking Mandy's clit as Steve pounded her
pussy. She was also licking Steve's cock with every stroke as it emerged
from Mandy's pussy. Steve was crying out, and he was thrusting like a
wild animal. The sight of Teri on top of Mandy, Mandy eating Teri, and
Teri licking his cock was pushing him over the edge.

"AHHHHHH GOD! Ungggghhhhhh!" he screamed, as he came inside Mandy,
thrusting faster and faster, as he fired off his second load of cum that

Mandy loved the feeling of Steve's cum spurting deep inside her womb, and
she soon exploded in another incredible orgasm of her own, crying out
into Teri's pussy. Teri locked her arms around Mandy's hips to lock her
still as she too came again from the vibrations on her clit. Both women
moaned in orgasm again, and again. and exploded together, again.


The three bodies collapsed next to one another on the bed, exhausted from
the carnal lust. Teri was the first to speak, "Mandy, I am sorry if we
forced you.. But you are just so sexy, and I wanted you." But Mandy cut
her off by kissing her deeply, her tongue thrusting deeply into her
Steve whispered to his sexy wife, "I think she forgives you baby" as he
pressed his now hardening cock against her tight ass and reached around
to fondle her firm tits, and hard nipples. As she reveled in the opposing
sensations of soft female flesh in front, and the hard masculine body
behind, Teri couldn't help but wonder in her mind, "How did I ever get
this lucky?"

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