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Femdom by the author
Dark Fantasy , Authoritarian, BDSM, Blowjob, Bondage and restriction, Female Domination

I’d been trying to bring bondage into our relationship for a few months. As a little girl, I’d always enjoyed games that involved tying each other up, be it cops and robbers, cowboys and Indians, whatever. I’d evolved into somewhat of a switch, finding almost equal joy in restraining and toying with others as I did being restrained.

My boyfriend had resisted all my attempts, citing weirdness, uncomfortablitiy, claustrophobia, and that he “didn’t want to do that” to me. After months of discussions to what bondage actually was and what it entailed (as opposed to the leather whips and chains misconception), he’d relented and started experimenting.

There was always a D/s aspect to our relationship. Inevitably, when one or both of us wanted to fuck, one or the other would assume a dominant role. He enjoyed having me get naked in front of him, and pushing my head down when I blew him. I enjoyed toying and teasing him until he couldn’t stand it any more.

We’d progressed to the point where we’d brought handcuffs into sex. “Here, put these on,” I told him, tossing him a pair of short linked cuffs as he walked into the bedroom one night. “Oh no, no no babe,” I told him as he started to slip them on. “Behind the back.”

He raised an eyebrow before shifting his arms behind him and clinking them shut. I walked over to him smiling, taking in the gorgeous sight of his helpless body. He was 5’11, towering compared to my 5’2, skinny at a little over 150 pounds, but all muscle.

I noted with some satisfaction that the bulge in his shorts had grown considerably larger. I’d worn a thin black tank top that showed all the cleavage my 36B breasts could afford. My white sweatpants did little to hide the black thong I wore, showing off my built ass and legs. At 130 pounds, I was very nearly a physical match for him. It made things like this all the better.

“My, I do like having you helpless,” I said with a smile, tracing my hand up his leg and brushing his hard 7’’ cock. I walked around behind him to find that he, once again, had cuffed himself loosely affording some means of escape.

“Well, not completely helpless,” I said to a questioning look by him. Before he could react, I tightened both wrists, locking him in until a time when I felt merciful.

“What’s the matter baby?” I cooed at his nervous look. “Did I ruin your safety net?” His look confirmed my comment. “Don’t worry, I’ll play nice.” I grabbed his cock and stroked it through his pants. Some of the nervousness faded into arousal as he loosened up, albeit slightly. “I love toys…and that’s what you are for me tonight. A toy.”

His gaze softened at that, getting more into the mood.

“Now,” I said, walking around him once more, allowing my eyes to wander lecherously, making him feel dirty for once. “You might be bigger and stronger than me, but none of that matters now,” I eyed him slyly, making sure he saw my eyes flit to his cock again. “But I think I need to be at a bit more of an advantage. I pulled myself close, breathing on his neck, pressing my body against him, increasing his arousal. I gave his ass a playful squeeze before running them up his body and slipping my hands under his thin and weathered T shirt.

It had several holes throughout over years of use and abuse, though it wasn’t one of his favorites. I deftly threaded my fingers through some of the holes, and in one swift motion ripped the fabric off his body.

Before he could protest I put a finger to his lips and ran the other hand up and down his bare chest, taking great care to run my fingertips lightly over his six-pack, down to the edge of his shorts. Smiling at him I slid the fingers an inch beneath the waistband, just car enough down so they brushed the tip of his cock, causing him to gasp suddenly before returning them to their place around his waste. Well, maybe a tad lower on his hips, giving me more skin to look at.

By now his cock was straining at his thin mesh shorts, a very apparent bulge beneath his waist. “Do you want to be freed?” I asked him. He nodded and smiled.

I stood back and watched him. “Well, go right ahead,” I told him. He hurried, his cuffed hands struggling to loosen his shorts. He managed to pull them down halfway to his thighs before wiggling to maneuver them down his legs. I couldn’t help but giggle at his eagerness. He went to work on his boxers, but I stopped him.

“That’s good enough for now,” I told him, holding them up. He looked disappointed, but his expression changed when I slid to my knees and slipped his cock out through the slit.

I slid it into my mouth, maintaining eye contact with him, enjoying the taste and the feeling of his hardness in my mouth. Recently, through some practice with a few ever willing bananas, I’d learned to deepthroat.

Inch by inch I slid his cock down my throat, never breaking eye contact until my chin reached his balls. He rolled his head back and moaned at the sight of me swallowing him whole. I deep throated him a few more times before pulling off, leaving him bewildered.

“There’ll be more for you later…if you’re a good boy. Now take those boxers off.”

He started to struggle with them, unable to pull them down thanks to the resistance his exposed cock was providing. After several minutes of struggling under my amusement, he finally managed to haul the front over his cock and work them down his legs. “Good boy,” I told him, reaching down to grab them and toss them aside. I made sure to straighten out slowly, giving him a nice long look at my ample cleavage.

I licked my lips and looked at his rock hard cock. “Having fun babe?” I asked him, not bothering not to stare. Out of the periphery of my vision I saw him nod eagerly.

I grabbed a backpack and pulled it over to where he stood. I stole a glance at him again and smiled, thoroughly enjoying the situation. I grabbed an implement and walked over to him, kneeling before him once more.

“What are you doing?” he asked nervously as I fiddled around his cock with the leather straps.

“I’m giving myself a bit more control.” I wrapped the device around about 4 inches of his shaft. It was a cock leash, giving me about a four foot length to lead him around by.

“Baby…” he started nervously, but I cut him off, giving a slight tug on the lead.

“Be a good boy now…it’s not like you have much choice.” I pulled, harder this time, forcing him to follow me around the room. He didn’t seem to be thrilled about it, but his cock was just as hard as it was before.

“Don’t look so glum baby, I’m having fun.”

I led him around the room a few more times before grabbing a chair and sitting him down, finally freeing his cock from the leather confines of the leash. I swung his arms over the low back of the chair and fastened the cuffs to one of the horizontal bars that made up the back of the chair.

I grabbed his cock and stroked it idly while kissing him full on the lips. “To make sure you can’t go anywhere,” I told him. I kissed my way down his body, stopping only to lick a ring around his head before grabbing more equipment and going to work on his ankles. I deftly tied them to each leg of the chair, further securing him.

“Nice,” I said, marveling at his helplessness, “but I don’t have quite the access I want.”

The chair was old, wooden and simple. There were two armrests that protruded from the back of the chair and rested on single dowels on either side. Since the chair was old, some of the glue wasn’t as effective as it used to me. I pulled both arms up and off of the dowels and removed them. Now the arms only stuck out from the back of the chair, leaving a space between them and the seat.

Before he could process what was happening, I pushed both legs wide of the dowel holes and replaced them, spreading his legs wide. Grabbing still more rope, I secured his legs to the arms of the chair.

“Now the fun can begin,” I taunted him, grabbing the bottom of my tank top and peeling it over my head. I wore no bra beneath, and my B’s cups dropped minutely at their freedom. It was his turn to lick his lips as he eyed me salaciously.

“Oops,” I said, tossing the tank top aside and walked in front of him. “Too bad you can’t do anything about it. I turned around, leaning towards him and started rubbing my ass against his cock. I knew the rough feeling of the cotton sweatpants would drive him wild.

He moaned as my ass worked his cock. I knew he wanted nothing more than to roughly grab my tits and pull me close to him, to thrust into me powerfully and take over sexually.

I wasn’t about to let that happen. I turned around and surveyed the carnage of my work. His head was rolled back and he was straining at his bonds. When his head lifted and he finally looked at me once more, I peeled my sweatpants down to reveal a miniscule black thong that barely covered my shaved pussy.

“Enjoy the view? I know I’m enjoying mine,” I said with a smile. I pulled up a stool and sat right in front of him, leaning over so my hair spilled onto his inner thighs and around his cock. I breathed on him lightly, causing him to jump within the ropes and strain to bring himself closer to my lips.

With some effort, he managed to inch himself close, just brushing my lips with the tip of his cock. A strand of precum fell making a line from his cock up to my mouth. I broke it with my tongue and gulped the tiny bit of sweetness down.

“That wasn’t very good,” I scolded him. “Do we need to restrain you some more?”

“No, I’m pretty stuck as it is,” he replied with a grin.

“Nonsense,” I said getting up and grabbing more rope. I wrapped several strands around his midsection, holding him straight against the back of the chair. I looped more around his thighs, restringing his legs further.

When satisfied I sat back down and resumed my position. He tried in vain to bring himself closer to me but the new bonds held him fast.

“Mmm,” I moaned, sliding him into his mouth, bobbing halfway down rhythmically for a few moments before pulling off. “I love sucking your cock babe,” I stroked it softly while looking into his eyes, “but I’m going to do it on my terms.”

Much to his disappointment, I stood and pulled something else from the backpack. I pulled it out of the case and snapped the shutter.

“What are you doing?” he asked nervously as I took picture after picture of his helplessness.

“Preserving the moment,” I replied sweetly, zooming in on his cock and snapping a few more pictures. Satisfied, I zipped it back in the case and sat down.

“Now, what can I do with you?”

“Blow me?” He replied begging.

I ran a fingernail lightly up his shaft causing him to shudder. “Eventually…but I want to have some more fun with you.” I looked at him slyly for a moment, running my hands up and down his inner thighs. “Actually, blowing you isn’t such a bad idea.”

I moved off the stool to my knees, this time taking the full length of him into my mouth. I strained the confines of my throat with his cock, holding down for several seconds before slowly sliding my lips back up to his head. I pulled off and stopped. “You have to do something for me…” He looked at me bewildered, unable to speak. “You have to let me know when you’re going to cum. Okay?” He nodded and I resumed sucking him, picking up my pace this time.

I placed my hands on his thighs as I shamelessly deepthroated him over and over again. I leaned my head back slightly with every upswing ensuring he could feel the full length of my tongue. I stared right at him, but before long his head was rolled back in ecstasy.

“Oh god, oh god,” he moaned repeatedly as I continued to pleasure him.

Before long, “Oh god, I’m gonna cum…” As soon as the words left his mouth, I stopped and pulled off. He stared at me, incredulous. “Don’t stop…please…”

“I don’t think you’re in a position to give orders,” I told him with a smile, enjoying his agony. “How bad do you want to get off tonight?”

“Tonight?” he breathed, begging.

“Yes, I have something you want…very very badly from the looks of things. What are you willing to do to get it?”

He paused for a moment. “What do you want?” He asked hopelessly.

I thought about it. “I want to do this more often…much more often,” I said, licking my lips at the thought of having more control.

“How often?”

“As often as I want,” I said, dropping the hammer.

“How often is that?” he asked nervously.

“Tsk, tsk, trying to set terms? Yes or no? Yes gets you the blowjob you so crave, albeit the way I want to do it.”


“My, that was easy…you must be really horny.” He nodded emphatically.

I dropped back to my knees. “We’re going to this a little differently. You don’t have to tell me when you’re going to cum, but you do need to get permission. Cum to early, and need I remind you, you’ve got two nice sensitive balls…and no hands. Understand?”

He nodded. I smiled, maintained eye contact and began sucking him much more. The earlier action still preyed on his body. He was ready in no time. “Can I cum?” I swatted his thighs, hard. “Say please,” I demanded in the split second his cock was out of my mouth.

“Please may I cum?” Still looking at him, I shook my head. “Oh god,” he moaned, gritting his teeth and tensing up. At this pace, it wasn’t even fair. I slowed to an easier, but more agonizing rhythm, but did not stop working him with my mouth and tongue.

“Unh, unh, unh,” he grunted with each bob of my head. I could feel his cock start to twitch in my mouth. Seconds later…”please may I cum?” I shook my head again. “Oh god baby, I can’t take this much longer,” he pleaded, “please may I cum?”

I denied him once again, and increased my pace. His eyes went wide. I wrapped my hand tightly around my shaft, buying precious more seconds. He’d have been levitating out of his chair at that moment if the ropes hadn’t held him down. As it was he was hurting himself straining against them.

“Oh god, oh god, please, please, please…” was all he managed to get out.

This time I rewarded his patience by nodding, and moving my efforts to his head. “Ahh, fuck,” he screamed, before he bit down hard on his lip.

His cock swelled to a nearly impossible girth within me, holding for several seconds before squirting many hard streams into my mouth and down my throat. I moaned happily when his cum reached my tastebuds, reveling in the sweet saltiness.

He continued cumming hard for several more seconds before it finally died to a slow drip. I milked him with my hand, making sure to drain him completely. When I was satisfied I’d gotten the last drop, I pulled off him and showed him the massive load he’d dropped in my mouth. I could only hold it for a few seconds, and even then some dribbled down my chin. I swallowed and licked the last little trickle off my face.

“Good boy,” I said giving his weary cock a little pat.

I moved over to the pack and grabbed a collar. I fitted it around his neck and padlocked it shut.


I put my finger to his lips.

“Shhh, you’re mine now.”

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