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The lucrative business.

John McGuire was a ladies man. In every aspect of the definition he was a man who could charm the ladies out of their knickers as easy as changing his shirt, of course it helped that his equipment was larger than average in fact his member was twice the length of an average cock. His cock fully erect stood a proud and hard Ten and a half inches, but more than that it was almost two and a half inches in circumference.
It was not only the fact he was so well endowed but also he had the unique knack long since lost to most men of actually listening to women and even more important of hearing what they said. A few years ago he met up with a very rich widow and soon had her as his extra lover and when she passed away being fifteen years older than him she obviously repaid his kindness by leaving him all her money.

After much debate John bought a small motel of twelve cabins in the edge of the new forest in rural Hampshire. At first trade was slow then he hit on the idea of offering wild and lusty weekends to swingers and love lost women. He advertised the motel as the acronym WOMAN, Wyevale Open Moor Accepting Nature. Slowly word had spread and now nearly every week end from spring to early autumn his motel was fully booked and not just by women wanting his services.

He found that he seemed to attract more than his fair share of cuckold males wanting to see their partners taking such a massive member and paying over the odds to witness it too. It was Ryan Johnís friend who jokingly mentioned he should be charging well-endowed single men for the chance to come and screw these horny women. The germ of that idea festered away until he had built up a squad of twenty suitably endowed and trusted friends who he could rely upon to perform and yet would still pay handsomely for the privilege.

This is the story of one of those weekends and of a new experience that John was to undertake and begin to love.

Bill and Mary had met early and become man and wife at the age of 23 and 18 respectively, but because of Maryís stout upbringing she saw sex as dirty and only to be done for procreation, so she had almost trained Bill not to demand it, in fact over sixteen years of marriage they had sex less than twelve times and always strictly in the missionary position with the lights out and nothing kinky either. Not that Mary would really know what kinky was, for she was not even sure about foreplay.

A friend of Billís at work had told him about this place where the scenery was magnificent and as a weekend getaway it was ideal, but for the life of him he could not remember its name but it was somewhere near the new forest and advertised on the internet. He told him that it included a choice of self-catering or full board and for Bill the clinching details were that there was excellent fishing nearby.

Not exactly being a computer novice but not technically minded either Bill, thought he would try to search the internet to discover the location and see if it appealed to him and Mary, but he located WOMAN instead, yes it had all that his work colleague had said but what intrigued Bill was the specials he read about, but never enough information to openly say it was swinging or wife sharing.

The other thing which with hind sight was strange was that it did not give booking details only an email address to enquire through. So Bill sent an email of to Woman@lifechanging.com (NOT A REAL E-MAIL ADDRESS) and was surprised to receive an automated reply asking for photographs of the couple likely to be attending. It also asked some rather personal questions like male and female statistics, likes and dislikes as well as standard questions like how long would the pair of you want to stay and if you had a referral from an existing customer.

Poor Bill was a bit naÔve when he replied to this message, he wrote back giving Maryís statistics as 42D 28 36 and his own as 40 40 44. Her likes he listed as sewing and anything to do with the local church and his own as fishing and reading, they would like to stay for a week and a colleague at work had mentioned the place but could not recall its name or prices but did tell him it was on the internet; however he did include a recent picture of himself and his wife, not as intended naked but one taken at their local churchís last outing so it was fully clothed and all proper.

John chuckled when he saw the e-mail from Bill, but he was taken with the photograph and decided he wanted to take this woman and make her his slave to his ten and a half inch trouser snake. So he decided to play along and sent back a reply not mentioning the real purpose of the centre he owned and sure enough Bill signed up and booked. On the drive down to Hampshire the conversation between Bill and Mary at times began to get a little heated as Mary wanted to know why it had to be a Wednesday to a Wednesday booking as it would mean her missing helping clean the church something her and her mother Ruby always looked forward too.

She also warned Bill that she would not put up with him disappearing fishing all the time although secretly she did not mind as it allowed her to concentrate upon herself and the things she liked doing. So you can imagine they were hot and bothered by the time they arrived at Wyevale Open Moor, Bill quickly booked in at the farm style house and was told his cabin was the last one in the line. He was impressed with the look of the place for the farm house reception was sandwiched between two adjoining large style barns which served as restaurant and entertainment venue so they would be lots to do.

John the owner having booked the couple in offered to show then to the cabin and he walked slowly in front of the car, down the line of cabins and indicated Bill should park off to the right on the opposite side of the road to his cabin. Bill thought this was strange as surely he could have parked beside the cabin just to unload and then move his car but John explained that no vehicles were allowed to park even for a short while beside the cabin in case of damaging the Eco systems that maintained the cabins integrity. This was not true but sounded convincing enough to achieve the required outcome.

It allowed John to casually chat for longer whilst Bill was busy unloading the car; something that in the end even Mary was glad about.

Initially John spoke to Mary through the car window and the conversation was pretty light and general, sensing he interest increasing he suggested that he showed her the scene from behind their cabin and opened the door of the car for Mary to exit by, as he led her to the side of the cabin, his hand rested in the small of her back as he seemed to guide her to his will. For Mary she could not explain why but ever since she began speaking to John she had begun to feel butterflies in her stomach and suddenly found her cunt begin to gently itch and lubricate.

John was a perfect gent as he led Mary away, but his plan was running so smoothly he allowed himself to smile; now he was very gently stroking the small of Maryís back as they walked and when they reached the back of the cabin, John deliberately stood in front of Mary and told her to close her eyes. When she did so he gently pulled her to him so tight she could definitely feel his large cock inside his trousers against her thigh and then gently whispered to her that she could open her eyes and take in the view.
Sheepishly Mary opened her eyes and gave away her true feelings as she automatically stared at the semi hard mass in Johnís trousers; that is until John coughed and pointed off to the distance where the new forest formed a perfect contrast to the lowland farmerís fields. As Mary followed his lead and began looking out over the countryside John slowly moved behind her and moved up so close to her butt that once more Mary could feel his semi hard cock, he felt the weight of Mary settle back against him and he knew he had her where he wanted her, now the problem was Bill and how to reduce him to the subservient cuckold. But with years of practise John was ready for the next phase of his seduction, he slowly allowed his hands to slide gently up the sides of Mary until they contacted the sides of her breasts and then they were gone. The action had its desired effect as Mary aloud an involuntary gasp to escape her lips.

Now without any more contact John turned and walked slowly back towards where Bill was just finishing unloading the car, as he anticipated, Mary hurried along to catch up to John. Not only that be she was literally trying to renew the contact between the pair of them, she did not even seem to care when Bill was around. John now moved his attention to Bill knowing that denying Mary the attention she craved would drive her nuts and as the old saying went; Ďleave them alone and they will come home wagging their tails behind themí

Turning to Bill John asked about his fishing skills and almost challenged him to a fishing duel, only the fishing John was referring to had nothing to do with wet slimy fish. Then when he saw that Bill had taken the bait he suddenly changed tact and promised the challenge would take place within 24 hours but for tonight they were to be his guest at an evening meal. John even produced a sexy looking dress for Mary which would prevent her from wearing a bra as she wore the strapless number. He laughingly told them he had contacts in the industry and they were literally knock offs from the last years fashions but in reality it was part of the deal the designer had to be allowed to practise his particular kink with the women seduced by John.

At seven thirty pm the three of them entered the right hand barn and were escorted to a secluded niche where Mary slid in first and before Bill could follow her John slid in beside her claiming hostís rights, so Bill slid in on the opposite side to his wife and the new found friend. John asked what Bill wanted to drink and demanded that Mary try one of the special cocktails they served. Bill settled on a straight scotch and when the drinks arrived a double was handed to Bill whilst a lighter coloured scotch was handed to John and the endorphin laced cocktail was handed to Mary.

Every time Bill looked like emptying his glass, often with the help of numerous toasts from John, another double was delivered to Bill. Maryís cocktails were working overtime with her too for she felt so horny that if the chance occurred she would have willingly gone out on to the dance floor and screwed the lap dancing pole. By ten oíclock Bill was plastered as well John expected, and the look of lust in Maryís eyes was so strong that she seemed to be visually raping every male she looked at.

Carefully John led Bill back to their cabin, and as he tried to collapse on the sofa, he missed and ended up on the floor, in his drunken stupor he could not believe his eyes or his senses, for there right in front of his eyes his own wife was literally raping the mouth of a man she had met only hours ago. Even worse she did not complain or fight him when he undid the zip on the back of her dress.

Pretty soon she was swaying to some imaginary music wearing only her briefest of panties and nothing else, much to Johnís obvious arousal ad delight. Suddenly he could not believe his ears as he heard John demand that his beloved Mary, kneel down and pray aloud to be permitted to suck Johnís cock. Shocked he watched as Mary did exactly that, even Bill gulped loudly as he saw for the first time another manís cock and more than that as he became to know a real manís cock. Mary struggled to stretch her mouth to accept the head of Johnís cock let alone any of the length.

John seemed to be gentle as he eased his cock a little at a time into Billís wifeís open eager mouth, John added to the effect by telling Mary that he recognised right from the word go that she was a cock sucking whore and he was going enjoy breaking her in. Bill tried to rally to his wifeís aid and defence but the steadier hand of John sent him sprawling with a blow to the side of his head, John snapped, ďDonít worry wimp, you will have the pleasure of eating my spunk from her well stretched cunt before you go back home!Ē

Bill realised that Mary was a willing partner in the act he was witnessing right now, soon John demanded that she remove her panties and as they appeared soaking wet with her cunt juice, as she did so he suddenly grabbed Billís head and told her to stuff them into his mouth and make him suck the juices from the panties. Bill could hardly refuse what with John holding his head so tight and pinching his nose until he had to open his mouth to breathe and Mary suddenly popped her panties into Billís mouth and John held his hand over Billís mouth and nose until he saw him began swallowing the saliva and cunt juices.

Now Bill watched as for the first time in his life he saw Mary take part in a sex act that was not in the missionary position and in the full glow of the cabin lights. For Mary was on top of John and was holding his cock just below its head as she tried to fit it up to her cunt and Bill thought that there was almost three times as much still showing below her hand. Mary was determined to get to the bottom of this impressive looking cock and was open grunting as she forced inch after inch into her well stretched cunt hole.
John added to the situation by demanding that Mary tell him how much she wanted his cock up her useless cunt and how she wanted him to flood her cunt with his spunk so she might have his baby. Mary almost repeated him word for word in parrot fashion but even she baulked at the baby bit. John never let up and eventually as the last few inches began to disappear up her cunt she finally demanded John make her pregnant and promised she wanted his child more than anything else in the world.

John pushed her further, by demanding she confess to wanting his friend to fuck her virgin arse in exchange for that dress she had worn and suddenly Mary was a little fearful but the pleasures of her cunt being over full of cock and the sensations of finally feeling she had become a true woman she admitted everything and would have sworn to kill her husband if it meant she could keep getting the sensations that damned cock was creating right now in her. All the time through his drunken stupor Bill watched the transformation of his wife in to a raving nymphomaniac and he just could not believe she could take such a sized cock, after all his own five inch cock was disgusting to her and she only allowed him to have his way once in a very long blue moon.

Bill was suddenly brought back to the moment when he heard his own wife scream out that she would let anyone John told her to, fuck her as long as she still got to enjoy his cock like she was now. Instantly she regretted her comment for John suddenly turned and whipped his cock out of her, grabbing her by the throat she felt he really meant to murder her as he squeezed and he snarled at her, ďWho do you think you are slut dictating terms to your master?Ē

Bill tried to get up to come to his wifeís rescue but the firm heavy hand of John sent him sprawling once more and his efforts were greeted with laughter as John chided him that he would be a wimp amongst wimps and he would soon learn his real place in life. With that and rather unceremoniously John seemed to flip Mary over on to her hands and knees and roughly slammed his cock back into her cunt from behind whilst treating her tits as stress balls. The sheer thrill of having her cunt stuffed so full of his cock outweighed the pain she felt in her tits and the strange thing was that she began to enjoy the mixture of pleasure and pain.

John suddenly announced that if he told her to bring him some fresh meat she would surrender up even her own family members without hesitation or else and a fearful Mary agreed instantly. Then with a final long sharp thrust John held his cock fully embedded in her cunt as she felt like a fire hose had gone off inside her cunt. She too suddenly began wailing like a banshee as her orgasmed ripped through her soaking wet body, at some point she collapsed forward and after what seemed like an eternity only became aware of a gentle sensation at the edge of her cunt.

As her mind cleared further she heard John demanding that Bill had better do a good job licking his spunk out of her cunt because he was a potent baby maker and if the bitch gets pregnant it would be Bills fault and problem.

It was now two am as John issued his final commands of the night, Bill was not to touch his wife in any way and she was to present herself at his office door at 11am prompt to go pay for the dress. As John turned to leave he tossed an envelope towards Bill and simply barked, ďThe RulesĒ

As Bill read the letter inside the envelope, he wondered what they had got themselves into, for there was a list of rules they were not even allowed to sign up to they had to accept them forthwith.

Rule 1.

Sluts and bitches will not wear panties in the presence of the master!

Rule 2.

Partners of the sluts and bitches are not allowed sexual favours from those whores!

Rule 3.

Both parties will not discuss whatever happens at the motel with anyone!

Rule 4.

When required to do so sluts will provide fresh meat at the time stated by informing the meat that they have been given a free holiday and this is the only excuse to get them to the motel that must be given!

Rule 5.

Sluts and their partners will make themselves available as and when required! No exceptions!


Failure to adhere to the above rules will result in severe punishment to the offenders and their partners by anyone appointed by the master.

As if to prove his power over them the last thing the letter insisted was that they tear the letter in two and both each eat one half of the letter.

Taking the letter from Bill, Mary tore the letter in half and pressed one half to Billís lips and told him to eat up as she quickly popped her half of the letter into her own mouth and chewed before swallowing.

With that their fate was sealed.