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Who I Am Before I Was Ch. 01

Note:this is not my story i found it and all credit goes to the Author

Summary: Ok. This is around and up to Passion . Jenny is still alive. Buffy and Angelus have continued their relationship without the others knowledge. Well, continued with the sex part anyway.

This story is a little violent, (not in my opinion, but someone else might think so). It contains m/f sex. Oral; anal; bloodplay, etc. This is Angelus and Buffy and all NC-17 – so take it to heart kiddies. If you are under the legal age to read this, leave now or forever hold your piece.

Now for the much anticipated Disclaimer: Not mine. Nor will they ever be. They all belong to the mighty (but clueless), Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, the WB, UPN, and everyone else that is not me. I get less than zero dollars for writing this smut.

. . . . . When the Blood Screams . . . . .

He knew she never told them. She couldn’t. The moment they knew, their virgin little minds would never be able to wrap around it. Grasp the need. The hunger. Including, if not especially, her watcher. It would definitely be one for the Watcher Diaries: Slayer has sex – willingly – with vampire. Not just any vampire; the Scourge of Europe.

Unfortunately for this particular Slayer she did not want anyone else but vampires. Or, one in particular. No one else could ever be able to satisfy her. She knew he was no longer her boyfrien., Yet still she craved him like no other. He rained torment down upon her, but still, the longing was always there. She loved the man they used to call Angel. But Buffy Summers lusted after the man they now call – Angelus.

“Slayer,” Angelus called out amidst all the tombstones that aligned the cemetery.

Buffy turned facing the man that flooded her nightmares and invaded her dreams. The man that was the cause of every fantasy and dirty thought she ever conjured. “Angel,” she responded simply, not completely surprised at his presence.

His brows narrowed at the sound of the souls name. He knew she still called him that. Not that she thought they were the same, but it gave her the illusion to dream to herself that she was not betraying her soulmate. Most times Angelus did not care what she called him when they spoke. Though he had made it perfectly clear that when he was inside her, thrusting into her tight heat, she would call him by his real name. His demon’s name. It gave him satisfaction watching her cringe at having to admit it was the demon that was giving her ultimate pleasure. It was the demon that pounded into her and had her screaming in exquisite rhapsody over and over again.

Angelus surveyed the surroundings, “Ah, looks like the little slayer is all by her lonesome tonight. What?” he smirked, “no one wanted to play with you?”

Buffy shrugged, “Better things to do, I guess,” she looked into his eyes. Not eyes that surged with love and devotion. No. These were eyes that swelled with lust and dominance. How many vampires in history could claim – and not be lying about – screwing a Slayer? None. Buffy continued on, “Must we always play these cat and mouse games? You know why I’m here,” she said in a serious tone.

“Ah yes,” Angelus said grinning as he leaned against a nearby headstone. “You are here for a fuck. Or more precisely, my cock. You know, lover, I gotta say, twice a week, not really doing it for me. I think we need to take this to the next level.”

“Sorry,” Buffy quipped, “it’s all I have time for,” it wasn’t the truth. She begged Giles for research and training every day – and night. She needed this man. He was in her system. And keeping herself busy allowed her to attempt to keep all her feelings and desires at bay. Buffy continued on, trying to show her annoyance at actually having to see him, “I kinda have a pretty busy life you know. Is hard to squeeze you in,” she narrowed her eyes.

“Don’t I know. You are pretty tight lover. Not that I mind, of course,” he sneered, “but have you ever thought of using a dildo? Oh,” Angelus put his hand up to his mouth contemplating, “on second thought, scratch that. I think I like being the only thing to ever be inside you. The only thing that will ever be inside you.”

“Not enough you’re the only man? Oops, sorry – demon? Angel was a man.”

Angelus growled low in his throat, “Nope.. Guess not,” he smiled.

“Well,” Buffy began as she twirled a stake in her hand, “back to the reason I’m here. It’s not for a fuck. Word is a few vamps are set to rise tonight. Courtesy of Spike from what I understand.”

“Hmm. Wouldn’t be surprised. He never really did have standards. Would turn a goat if he could. He never did listen to my teachings.”

“Gee,” Buffy said sarcastically, “I wonder why? Anyway, are you going to leave me alone now? I have a job to do. You know, the one I don’t get paid for.”

“Sorry lover. I can’t wait until later on. The only job you need do, is a blow job on me. I’m in need of your services now,” Angelus slowly walked toward Buffy until he stood only a breath away above her. Buffy turned her head upward as he held her chin up with a finger. “My little slayer. So fucking hot I can smell you. Your arousal is intoxicating,” he closed his eyes and took in her natural scent that only rose at the thought of him, “you smell so fucking good.”

Buffy blushed as her eyes went past his to the grave that was being disturbed. “Um…I think…...,” she couldn’t form words as Angelus slipped a hand under her short skirt and massaged her wet curls. She wore no panties. “Angel. . . . . there’s. . . . ,” she closed her eyes.

The new disoriented vampire made his way to the surface. Buffy had long since forgotten him as Angelus continued to stroke her, his eyes closed as well.. The vampire approached the unaware lovers. Just as he was ready to pounce, Angelus pulled his hand away from under Buffy’s skirt and grabbed the stake she still held. Buffy moaned at the loss, “Angel why’d you. . . ,” in a flash Angelus dusted the vamp without even turning around.

Angelus leaned down to capture Buffy’s lips, “Don’t worry about the other two either. They rose before you got here. I took care of them.”

Buffy pulled back, “Why should I honestly believe you?”

“Because. I didn’t want anyone disturbing our night. And I know that had I let the other two go, you would have to go searching for them. Thus, causing our night to end early. I couldn’t have that,” he said smugly.

Buffy looked at him questioningly, then dropped down her guard. She knew he wasn’t. She stared down at the grass. She didn’t want to feel this way. This wasn’t Angel. This wasn’t the man that loved her. But she still loved him. He may only have Angel’s voice and body, but it was all she had left of him. She couldn’t let that go too. She often wondered if Angel would hate her for doing this if he ever knew. Or would he understand? Could he understand?

Buffy continued to stare at the ground when she spoke, “All day I’ve been thinking about this. About you……,” she trailed off.

Angelus watched her inner struggle. Watched as her chest heaved with each breath she took. It picked up its pace, triggering his thoughts about how more aroused she was becoming with every breath. “What have you been thinking about my little slut?” he said softly.

Buffy raised her eyes to his, “I’ve been thinking about………about you fucking me hard. Making me scream. Never letting me go.”

“I never will let you go,” Angelus said as he came up to her, pushing her up against a tree. “So, hard you want it, slayer? Hard you’re gonna get it. Every part of you will scream out my name before I’m done with you,” Angelus stared into her eyes, “understand this slayer: I am not, nor will I ever make love to you. We fuck. I make it good for you. You make it good for me. That’s all this is about. Got it?” It was a lie. Angelus knew it. He only hoped Buffy never would realize the ugly truth. Or, the ugly truth as he saw it.


“Yes, what?” he said leaning into her.

“Yes, Angelus”

Angelus smiled in appreciation of her submissiveness. He lightly traced a finger along her face and down her neck. Once he reached her throat, he opened his hand and wrapped it around her throat. The grip was tight enough that Buffy had to grasp a moment, but not tight enough to completely cut off her airway. As Angelus gripped her throat tightly, the smirk disappeared off his face as he arched in and slowly nipped her lips. Sliding his tongue over her lips to silently tell her to open her mouth. Buffy complied as Angelus slipped his tongue inside her. The kiss started of slowly, as if they were two high-schoolers on their first date, then gradually picked up speed to the level only Buffy and Angelus knew.

Angelus thrusted his body into hers. Pressing his clothed erection into her stomach. He kissed her more forcibly as his hand still gripped her throat. Buffy’s arms flew around him and pushed him into her. In that moment, Angelus tore his hand away from her throat and ripped open her top and tugged on her bra as it to, gave way to his ministrations. He flung the items to the side on the ground, carefully making quick work of her skirt. His hand returned to her throat as he stared into her eyes, “Who am I, Buff?”

Buffy closed her eyes, “Angelus.”

“Good. Now, say it with your eyes open.”

Buffy slowly opened her eyes and whispered, “Angelus.”

A rush of arrogance flowed through Angelus as he unzipped his fly and pulled out his long, slick penis, not even sliding his pants down. Buffy looked at him questioningly. He merely smiled wickedly, “I know you find comfort in touching this body when we fuck. Feeling my skin beneath your fingertips. So I’m not going to undress. It’s merely a formality anyhow,” he said smugly as he glanced down at his throbbing cock, “well, look’s like I’m ready for you.” Buffy’s eyes followed his as she stared at his cock. At Angelus’ words, she looked up at him, “Now, let’s hope you’re reading for me.”

Angelus grabbed her upper arms and thrust her against the tree, impaling her on his pulsing dick in one long motion. Angelus groaned as Buffy cried out in pain at the invasion.

“Oh, fuck,” she cried out as she gripped his long coat with her tiny fingers. Angelus didn’t move, allowing her to once again grow accustom to his girth.

“That’s right, Buff,” he said at her former statement, “we are fucking,” Angelus slowly moved inside her. He would never admit it, but he didn’t want to hurt her. Partly, because if he did, she wouldn’t find pleasure in their affair. And if she didn’t find pleasure in these acts, she would never crave him and hate herself for doing so. But he also never wanted to do her harm. As unfortunate as it was, there was still a part of him that loved this girl. And it was more than just he’s penis. Whether there was still a piece of Angel inside him that refused to let her go, causing this sickening emotion, or whether it was he himself that loved this girl. He did not know. Nor did he spend too much time racking his brain over it.

Angelus picked up the pace of his thrusting as Buffy tried to keep up. He gripped her hips tightly and held her close as he fell with her to the ground.

“Tell me. Tell me you love it, Buff,” he said slamming into her with bruising force.

“I love ………ah God….I love it……………...Angelus.”

A smile crossed over his features as he continued his movements, “Do you want to come my little Slayer? Do you want me to fuck you into the ground? Tell me, my love,” he whispered in her ear.

“Yes!” she cried out tugging at his shirt.

“You want my flesh, don’t you? You want to feel my skin on yours?” It wasn’t a question. The answer had always been quite clear.

“Yes, Angelus……….please,” Buffy cried.

“Fine,” he pulled out of her hot snatch and moved his way up her body so that he straddled her chest. His cock was hard and glistening from their combined juices in front of her face. “What would your little friends think of this? The Slayer stark naked about to give head to a vampire?” Angelus glanced up, then looked back down at her face, “in a cemetery no less.”

Buffy glared up at him, “Fuck you,” she said bluntly.

“No,” he said smiling down at his hard member as it bounced in front of her face. His expression suddenly became serious, “Fuck it, Buff,” he grabbed her head and pulled her up so she was face to face with his cock. No more encouragement was needed as she stuck out her tongue and took one long languid lick up his shaft. Angelus growled, “Fuck, yes.” His growl only goaded her on as she took his entire member in her mouth, careful not to gag as she swirled her tongue around it. Keeping a hold on her head with both hands, he thrusted inside her willing mouth. “Oh, fuck………..damn Buff, you’ve gotten so goddamn good at this,” he shouted, “you are the best fuck ever……..I’m gonna come, Buffy. I’m gonna come all over your mouth and face……….Oh, yes…………do you want me to do that? Huh…………”

Buffy couldn’t respond, not with a huge nine-incher stuck down her throat. She merely grabbed his dick with both her tiny hands and thrusted him at her own pace.

Angelus repositioned himself so that he stretched flat above her while he supported himself with his hands in the grass. Buffy took her hands away so that he could fuck her mouth, “Oh, yes, baby………fuck it……….,” he said through clenched teeth as he pushed in and out of her mouth.

Buffy could only groan as she brought her hand to the juncture between her thighs. She started stroking and pinching her clit. Her moans grew louder as she entered two digits into her dripping core. It was no comparison to what was there only moments before, but it would have to do.

Angelus groaned as he went back to his original position straddling her chest. He pushed her hand away from her center, “Mine,” he growled, as if she wasn’t even allowed to get herself off. He pulled out of her mouth, “Do you want my come, Buff?” he said as he pumped his shaft.

“Yes,” she moaned, “I want it.”

Angelus smiled as he pumped harder, “Oh…….fuck yes…..I’m gonna come Buff,” Angelus growled as he came hard into her mouth and around her face, spilling his seed onto her supple breasts. “Fuck, baby,” he slumped forward, burying his wet crotch in her face.

The humiliation of that final act caused Buffy to push him off her, “Get off.”

Angelus smirked beside her as he rested on his side, “I just did.”

“You’re a real bastard, you know that?”

“Ah, come on Buffy. Don’t worry. I’m never one to leave a woman unsatisfied. I’ll be back up momentarily for another round. But I guess I could do a little something for you.”

Angelus cuddled closer to her, his eyes remaining on hers as his left hand crept down to her dripping pussy. The moment his hand glazed her sensitive clit on its way to her core, Buffy arched into him, “Oh, God.”

“No, my sweet. Not God. He would never bring you the pleasure I do.”

Angelus stroked her as their eyes remained fixed on each other. “Why...,” Buffy started, “why did you pull …ah…..yes…,” Buffy ground herself into his hand as he slid two fingers, then three, inside her hot channel, massaging her clit with his thumb, “my hand…..you pulled my hand….”

Angelus smiled at her lack of being able to even form a complete sentence at his ministrations. “Why did I pull your hand away from being able to finger yourself?” she nodded, “because every part of you belongs to me. You are mine, and your body will know it,” he grinned, “well, I suppose it already does know it, doesn’t it? Or you wouldn’t be here with me right now?”

Buffy gripped his shirt as her climax approached. Angelus cruelly pulled his finger out of her. Buffy began to protest until he leaned into her, “Shh, my darling,” he brought his fingers up to her lips, “taste yourself. Taste the juices that only flow for me. Go on,” he encouraged, “I promise you’ll love it. Taste yourself on my fingers.”

Buffy reluctantly opened her mouth to allow him to slip his fingers inside. He did not move., only kept his stare as his face became unreadable. Buffy knew what he wanted. She was to do this on her own. She took hold of his fingers in her tiny hand, and slowly licked from palm to fingernail. Taking each digit in her mouth and cleaning it thoroughly as a smile crept across his face. “Taste’s good, doesn’t it?” Now you know how you taste to me. So delectable. A truly fine dish.”

Buffy had closed her eyes, paying attention to his fingers the way she would his cock. It tasted bitter and tangy. At first she wasn’t sure if she did like it. After moments of realizing she could only taste this way because he made her taste this way, she began to enjoy it. It suddenly became a naughty thing to do that she would only do with him. At his voice, Buffy opened her eyes once more, then retracted his fingers from her mouth and nodded.. “It tastes….”her lips turned into a mischievous grin, “bad……,” she said with a gleam in her eyes that made Angelus proud.

“I will permit you to finger yourself when you’re alone. So long as you imagine your fingers are mine as they stretch inside of you, feeling the warmth of your pussy and mouth. And when you come, you are to stick those exquisite fingers of yours, in your mouth. You are to clean each one thoroughly as you just did mine. Doing it in the same manor,” Buffy nodded, “and Buffy,” Angelus said sternly, “you will suck your fingers clean. Never wash them until you have tasted yourself. Understand?”

“Yes, Angelus.”

“Good girl. Now, would you like me to make you come on my face?”

“Yes, Angelus,” she repeated. He smirked and leaned down taking a hardened nipple into his mouth, biting down, then doing the same to its twin. Each time causing a shriek of pleasure to escape his lovers mouth.

Angelus looked up at Buffy after he finished his assault on her breasts. “Didn’t want them to feel neglected. I’ll be having a little fun with them later on,” he flicked her nipple with his tongue once more, then made quick work of finding her hot, dripping core. No longer dealing with butterfly kisses on her stomach or nuzzling her abdomen. With his tongue thick and wet he glided it up her snatch, from her anus to clit.

“Oh, fuck,” Buffy screamed as her hands fell to the back of his head, holding him in place. Angelus lapped up all her juices. He stretched his tongue out as far as it would go, then tightened the muscles as he dove into her channel as it glistened in the moons light. He brought his right hand up to massage her clit while he thrusted his tongue inside her. He reached under her bottom with his left hand and pulled her closer. He slowly used his index finger to massage her puckered anus. Buffy groaned into him, arching up so that he was buried within her wet curls.

“Oh yes, Angelus…my ass…use your fingers,” the moment she said it, Buffy was ashamed. She had just asked him to fuck her in the ass with his fingers. Good girls didn’t do that sort of thing. Of course, good girls didn’t fuck the soulless version of their former boyfriend in a cemetery either. But the very idea of Angelus pushing inside her virgin ass, turned her on to extremes.

Angelus looked up from her sopping curls, “My baby wants it in the ass, does she?”

“Yes,” she called again.. She just couldn’t help herself

“Well, I thought I’d have to wait longer to introduce you to that, but you being willing isn’t all bad either,” he entered three digits into her aching cunt and used his teeth on her tiny nub. Gently biting as his left index finger entered her tight back passage. He stroked inside her anus as Buffy began to writhe on the ground, tearing the grass from its comfortable roots. Wave after wave of sheer ecstasy shuddered through her body. The final orgasm came as Angelus bit hard on her clit while thrusting his fingers savagely in each of her passages.

“Oh, fuck…..God…yes Angelus…oh Yessss!” Angelus was pleased. That scream probably woke up most of the residents of the cemetery. Not just the ones who were killed only to rise again. Angelus pulled his fingers from her body, causing a gasp to escape her. Buffy was completely sated. She couldn’t move. Her eyes were shut. Her mouth hung open.
finger entered her tight back passage. He stroked inside her anus as Buffy began to writhe on the ground, tearing the grass from its comfortable roots. Wave after wave of sheer ecstasy shuddered through her body. The final orgasm came as Angelus bit hard on her clit while thrusting his fingers savagely in each of her passages.

“Oh, fuck…..God…yes Angelus…oh Yessss!” Angelus was pleased. That scream probably woke up most of the residents of the cemetery. Not just the ones who were killed only to rise again. Angelus pulled his fingers from her body, causing a gasp to escape her. Buffy was completely sated. She couldn’t move. Her eyes were shut. Her mouth hung open.

Angelus took the brief intermission to pull his pants and boxers all the way down and off. His cock stood tall and firm as he threw his jacket off as well, leaving him clad only in his maroon silk shirt. Buffy began to slowly be aware of his intentions to fuck her again. Angelus grabbed her arms and pulled her up to his chest, forcefully kissing her. His tongue sought hers. Tangling and dueling with hers as he held her tight against his body.

Buffy kissed back, meeting him with the same bruising force. Her lips were certain to be swollen after tonight. Buffy’s need to breath began to overwhelm her as she struggled to pull away from him. Angelus quickly flipped her around so that she lay face down beneath him on the grass.

“Angelus, please. I can’t do anymore,” she pleaded, “I’m sore.”

“Oh, but you will, my love. You’ll take all I have to give, and you’ll love every minute of it,” Angelus reached under her, feeling her wetness still coat her center and down her thighs. After his fingers were soaked, he brought them around and inserted a finger in her anus. Buffy groaned and lifted her ass higher, to give him better access, “Oh, my little Slayer does in deed love it in the ass. Just think,” he leaned into her until his mouth brushed her ear, “I get to take your virginity all over again.”

Despite being aroused at the thought of him fucking her in the ass, the words he spoke stung her. Without thinking she responded, “I didn’t give you my virginity. I gave it to Angel. And as you keep reminding me, you two aren’t the same person.”

Angel growled and leaned against his heels. Just as he did, a large smack crossed Buffy’s ass. “Ow! Fuck!” she screamed.

In a low, dark and serious tone, he shot back, “Don’t ever speak to me that way again. What Angel took gently,” his penis started to probe her puckered entrance as he leaned in once more, with a smirk, “I’ll take by force,” with the final word, Angelus reared into Buffy, causing a cry of pain to shout out her throat. He had pushed all the way in and just stopped moving.

Buffy’s cry gave way to small whimpers as she gripped the grass tightly beneath her, “Please, Angelus.”

“Please what?” he asked coldly as he tried to hold back his groan of pleasure at being inside her once more.

“I can’t……….it hurts,” she managed to get out.

“Yes, baby. And you are exquisite when you’re in pain.”

“Pleas stop,” she pleaded.

“But I have,” he quickly responded with a grin.

“Get your fucking cock out of me!” she screamed over her shoulder.

An eyebrow arched as Angelus taunted, “That one’ll cost you,” and with that he pulled out and pushed back in roughly. Another cry escaped Buffy’s lips, but only moans came from Angelus. “Tell me Buff. Tell me you’re sorry, and I promise to make it better.”

“Liar,” Buffy sobbed. His eyebrow arching once more, Angelus pulled out, leaving only the head of his penis inside her. Before he could have a chance to thrust back in, Buffy cried out, “I’m sorry! God, I’m sorry.”

Buffy tried to think back. Even though it was only moments before, through all the pain, it was difficult to find what she was searching for. She couldn’t remember why she needed to apologize. “I’m…….I’m sorry for mentioning Angel,” it was easy enough to figure out. Most times he was angry was usually because she had mentioned his name., which occasionally made her wonder how insecure Angelus really must be.

“Good. Now, what else?” Keeping up this game of twenty-one questions was starting to take its toll on him. He needed to thrust back inside her again. And this time, not stop until his come leaked out of her ass.

“I don’t remember. Please Angelus. I am sorry.”

“Remember this my little whore: just because he and I are not the same inside, we are on the outside. Except clothes-wise. I know that you prefer my sense of style to his,” he taunted, “but his face is my face. His chest you love pressed against you, is my chest. And his cock, most definitely his cock, is my cock. So you see, Buff, we both took your virgin pussy that night. Just think – it was kinda like a threesome,” Angelus mocked. Buffy didn’t respond, but he knew there was something on her mind. “Tell me. Say it, Buff. What are you thinking?” She shook her head. Angelus thought a moment, then rubbed her ass where he had smacked her. “I promise I won’t hurt you if you tell me. Even if it is about him.”

Buffy slowly lifted her head and looked over her shoulder at him. Angelus nodded in assurance. Buffy opened her mouth slowly, “If you both took my virginity, then w-wouldn’t,” she began to stutter, not sure why she was even telling him this, “w-wouldn’t he still be inside you to take this part of me?”

Angelus stopped rubbing her ass and looked around the cemetery as if to ponder his response. Buffy wasn’t sure if he was looking for something, or contemplating his answer. “Well, no,” he finally answered, “I was still inside of him because he was still a demon. Just had that pesky soul. A demon is a demon, Buff. When his soul flew the coop, he’s just a plain ol’ demon. Well,” he chuckled, “not a plain ‘ol demon. Me,” he stated with a show of pride. “Good question though. It’ll clear up anything else you want to say, I’m sure.”

Buffy’s head once again fell to the ground. The pain in her heart rising far beyond the pain Angelus had inflicted upon her.

Angelus, getting anxious and one the verge of blue-balls, took some pity on the girl. He would never admit it, but he cared for her. Maybe even loved her, if that was possible. He stole another glance around them, making sure no one would see or hear him, “It isn’t your fault, you know. You love me because you love me. You loved Angel, and your body got used to that. Needs it even. It won’t give up the feeling of me being inside you. My cock is still his. Your blood is mine, just as it was his. When you walk down the street and sense me, it is your blood that knows I’m there. Maybe not me specifically. Either way it has always done it, has it not? Your blood senses your mate is near. It craves me as it did him. It screams for me Buffy. Just as mine does for you. Thanks to fruity soul-boy, anyway,” he muttered under his breath. “And Buff, when the blood screams….you can’t ignore it. It is everything you are,” Angelus finished. He couldn’t take much more of this sappy crap. He could tell though, it had made a difference. He could feel her loosen up around his shaft, no longer trying to fight him. Angelus knew that none of this bond crap was any more her fault than it was his. What Angel had felt for this girl, caused Angelus to have the same bond with her. It was just that powerful. He was a part of her, as much as she, him. Even past her death, he would love her. He knew it. He didn’t like it, but would have to make the best of it. And if that meant fucking her like crazy, he’d have no problem with that either. Because, he had to admit to himself, she really was the best fuck of his life. Or, unlife, as it were.

Angelus leaned over her, causing a moan to escape both their mouth as he shifted inside of her. He whispered in her ear, “If it pleases you, you may think of him while I fuck you in the ass. Only this once, of course,” Buffy opened her eyes in astonishment. This was huge, and something that would probably never be repeated. A vague resemblance of a smile crossed over her features. “But,” he began once again, “when its time for you to come, my name will still be on your lips, regardless of who is on your mind. Understand?”

Buffy nodded, “Yes.”



He sighed, “What?”
“How have you been able to stand not thrusting, even though you’re inside me?”

Angelus laughed, causing ripples to spark through Buffy’s body, “Buff babe, I have no fucking idea. And I sure as hell can’t wait any longer.”

“Me neither,” Buffy moaned, “I always wanted to do this with Angel. Its so……bad.”

“Well, then,” Angelus pulled himself all the way out of her, causing each participant to groan, “Relax. For once, I’m going to go easy on you. And for the record, he wanted very much to do this with you., but thought you too chaste. He thought you would be disgusted with him if you knew some of the things he wanted to do with your body. Now, enough about him.”

Angelus leaned down and began kissing her sore bottom. A hand crept under her and brought some wetness from her pussy up to her rectum. Attempting to make it nice and slippery. His other hand began stroking his cock. He quickly stopped the activity on his cock, realizing one or two more strokes and he’d be done. He used his hand to part the globes of her ass as he stuck his tongue out and circled her anus with it.

Buffy groaned and raised her ass higher in the air, “More, Angel……”

Angelus furrowed his brows at the name, but continued. He glistened her opening with his tongue and used it to slowly probe inside her. He wanted her to be fully ready for him this time.

Angelus continued rimming her, “Oh…fuck yesssss…Angel……I need you now……I’m ready….,” she panted.

Angelus grinned and knelt on his knees. He brought a hand beneath her again and slowly slipped two fingers into her hot core. Buffy groaned and began to grind against them. He pulled his fingers out and reached around to her mouth, “Suck them,” his voice husky with lust.

Buffy willingly complied, taking his fingers in her mouth, “So wet. I’m always so wet. And……” she took another lick, “and gooooooood” she coed.

“Yes you are baby,” he retracted his fingers from her and used both hands to open her cheeks apart once more. He slowly pushed the head of his cock inside her. Feeling her tense slightly at the new intrusion, he rubbed her cheeks slowly, “Just relax baby. It’ll hurt less,” he said as he positioned himself further inside of her waiting depths.

“Oh, God.” Buffy called out.

“Buffy,” Angelus sang to her cautiously, “behave. I said only one other man’s name can come from your lips. And God isn’t it.”

“Harder Angel, Please, all the way in.”

“Remember, you said it,” Angelus thrusted forward, embedding himself completely inside of her. This time only waiting a few moments for her to get accustom to his girth before pumping wildly inside of her. “Oh, fuck, Buff…..I want to feel you around me for eternity,” he said pumping wildly inside of her.

Buffy screamed in pleasure, “Oh yes, forever Angel. Fuck me. Fuck me hard.”

“Baby likes it in the ass, doesn’t she.? Daddy found something you like, didn’t he?” Angelus said thinking about what Angel was missing out on. Had his former self known she loved it up the ass, it would have made him glow with happiness.

“Yes, Angelus,” she sighed, “yes.”

Angelus’ face lit up. She called his name, and wasn’t even coming yet. She didn’t even notice since she kept calling it. His pace quickened at his realization that he finally would have this girl. Not because she held on to the memory of Angel. But because she wanted Angelus.

“Fuck, Buffy. Your ass is so tight,” in a moment Angelus ripped off his shirt and gathered his sweet lover in his arms, making sure that she was pressed firmly against his chest. Angelus reached around and began to pinch and stroke her clit.

“Yes, Angelus, I’m coming. I’m coming,” she shouted.

He continued his vigorous thrusting, “I’m going to make you come so hard Slayer.”

With a final pinch, Buffy screamed in pleasure as tremors rocketed throughout her body, “Yesss, Angelusss,” she gripped his arms brutally, finally reveling in the comfort of his skin on hers. Angelus continued to pump inside her body still shook with aftershocks. Tilting her head, she whispered, “Bite me, Angelus. Drink.”

Without a hesitant moment, he punctured her soft skin. Drinking her warm blood. Savoring the thick taste as it flowed into his mouth, caressing his throat on the way down with the sweet flavor that was uniquely Buffy. With a loud holler, Angelus emptied his seed inside her, triggering another orgasm in her. They screamed each others name, clutching each other tightly as Angelus pulled his fangs from her neck as they both fell to the ground.

Angelus, aware of his weight, rolled off her and stared at her until her eyes fluttered open. “What?” she asked, barely having the breath to form words.

“I don’t ever want you to change.”

Buffy arched an eyebrow, “I think that’s kind of inevitable,” Buffy looked around at her discarded and tattered clothing, “Oh God, how am I going to get home. You tore all my clothes.”

“Wear my coat. It’s long enough to cover you completely,” he stated simply as he rolled onto his back, staring up at the stars.

Buffy grabbed his coat and wrapped it around herself. She gathered her clothing from the ground, “Whoa. My legs are a little wobbly,” she smiled at him, the sweat still glistening off her flushed face,

Angelus loved how she looked at that moment. It was then that he realized that he could never let this girl go. Not even if she died, which, the very thought caused a growl to escape his throat. Buffy turned to head home as her lover called back to her, “What? No goodbye, Buff? I’m hurt.”

She glanced over her shoulder, “You’ve never said it after you’ve fucked me. Why start now?”

Angelus shrugged and muttered under his breath, “Thought it be nice,” then raised his voice so that she could hear, “See you in two days?”

“I’ll try,” Buffy turned around to look at him, “but I can’t keep doing this. I’m supposed to kill you. If anyone ever knew……” she trailed off, “I can’t keep doing this. You’re a bad habit that I have to kick,” she said turning around and heading for home, “One of us is going to have to die,” she mumbled to herself.

Angelus heard her last remark as he grabbed his clothes and began dressing himself, softly saying, “Well, you’re a bad habit as well, my darling. But I refuse to kick you. So I guess you’re right,” he said standing watching her disappearing form, “one of us is going to have to die.”

In that moment Angelus sensed something behind him and turned around, “Spike,” he said plainly, not surprised to see him.

“Oh, man. This place reeks of something. And it ain’t the dead. Have you and the pet been going at it again? It smells like a bloody brothel. How’s a man supposed to feed when all he smells is flippin’ sex in the air. Can’t bloody well feed when you got a hard-on poking into the stomach of your meal.”

Angelus smirked at his grande-childe, “C’mon, let’s go.” They continued their walk through the cemetery, Angelus spoke, “By the way, where are the kiddies? They should be awake by now.”

“I just checked on ‘em. The ground hasn’t been disturbed on two graves, so I’m guessin’ their still fast asleep. Lazy, I guess. Better for us, cause I could tell your bloody Slayer dusted the third.”

“Yeah, I know. She showed up early,” Angelus smiled, “Doesn’t matter. Cause Spike, my boy, I have a feeling life is about to get very interesting.”


Kai Kenobi
10-09-2005, 04:25 PM
let me know if you want me to find his other chapters

10-09-2005, 11:40 PM
very good please see if you can find the other chapters

10-10-2005, 06:16 AM
Yes more chapters would be great!

Kai Kenobi
10-11-2005, 05:06 AM
Who I Am Before I Was Ch. 02

Note: this is not my story all credit goes to the Author Aingeal_leannan

Okay, so this is the second part of a series. The first part being, When the Blood Screams, which was initially intended to be a stand alone. But with a little, lets say, pressure, from friends, I've developed it into a series. Which I am kind of hooked on now. So, I figured I should give this series a name, since it doesn't have one. This is Who I am, Before I was. I know it may not make sense, but eventually it sort of will. Kind of like, you are the person today, who you were destined to be before you existed. Okay, deep, I know. So, anyway, that's the name of the series now. This story takes place I guess about a week after the first story. A little more plot this time. Who knew I could write plot??? Still totally NC17 though. I wasn't going to go totally go insane. And now, the ever important Disclaimer: Not mine. All Joss'. And everything that is wrong with the two shows is all his too. Please send feedback.

Chapter 2: Fully and Completely

"I think it gets a little old, Spike, trying to destroy the world. And exhausting if I do say so myself. And frankly, I'd rather spend my energy elsewhere," Angelus coyly stated as he relaxed on the mansion sofa, sifting through an old book that was boring him beyond means.

"Like shaggin' the Slayer?" it wasn't really a question, "I don't get it, I know she's hot and all of that, but she doesn't have the expertise a vamp does. She doesn't have, ah," Spike smirked as he regressed into his subconscious remembering how the previous day with Drusilla had been played out, "let's say, pleasure for pain."

Angelus smiled, "Spike, my boy, you have no idea what she is capable of. You forget," he stood, strutting over to his wayward childe, "she is the Slayer. Therefore, her ability to except and enjoy pain is completely matched to a vampire. If not more so."

Spike huffed and turning away from his Sire, tossed himself onto the sofa Angelus had previously been occupying. Lighting up a cigarette, he spoke once more to Angelus, "How do you figure?"

Standing adjacent to the fireplace in the cavernous room, Angelus smirked, "She's human. Makes her willingness to partake in rather masochistic sex, all that more interesting," at Spike's clueless look, he continued on, "You see, we're vampires…"

Spike cut him off as he bolted upright on the couch, "Bloody hell. We are? Damn, all this time I never knew," Spike's sarcasm was brought to a halt with a flying fist contacting his jaw.

"Don't get smart, William. Allow me the courtesy to finish," Angelus relaxed against the fireplace once again, "we're vampires, so it is in our nature to seek pain out. It's essentially what we live for; causing pain for our victims; enjoying pain with our lovers. It's a need for us. It's why we exist. To induce, and enjoy, pain."

Spike nodded, "Yeah. It's a beautiful thing, ain't it?"

Without giving Spike's remark notice, he continued his explanation, "Whereas Buffy, all things born of light and goodness, she seeks pain out as well. Only not to destroy it as she is supposed to do. She seeks it because it is a need for her. Most humans may, from time to time, enjoy a little pain, but tend to still prefer the softer side of things. As vampires we don't have the choice. It is our nature to want pain. As a human, Buffy's nature is to fear it, yet she does not. She embraces it."

"Alright, so you're saying she should want all the happy, fluffy things in life, yet she wants pain instead," Spike pondered a moment, "still not getting what you're saying here."

"She couldn't handle a human boy, nor will she ever, because I'd break his skull, but she couldn't handle one. Or should I say, one could not handle her. Even if he may be into B&D or SM, it is still not providing what she needs, which is a true person of darkness. Not someone who plays a game to escape the world. Pain is our world. Not an escape. That is the world for which she lives in, even if Buffy herself has yet to know this. Her strength as the Slayer needs to be tested. As do her healing powers. Only I know how to truly test them. And if – when, I chose to show her the ecstasy in pain, she will not only welcome it, it will be like a homecoming for her."

* * * * * * *

Angelus watched as Joyce waited patiently in line at the Dry Cleaners. Amazing how the purpose of this little shop inside the Sunnydale Mall was that it cleaned items, yet the store itself was the proprietor of unsanitary conditions. Nonetheless, people still flocked here to get their precious garments or soft duvets cleaned. What they usually got was a lost item and a free coupon for the next time they came in.

Angelus chuckled as he headed toward the opening of the small store. Such things should be left to true professionals. Angelus sent clothes weekly up to a San Francisco Cleaners that has been around since the Earthquake of 1906. They were expensive. But nothing had ever been stolen or lost. Every blood stain, every dirt mark that Buffy herself was the cause of on Angelus' garments, or cum stain as it were, were always so well laundered and folded beautifully when they returned. It certainly helped that the store never changed hands. It was still owned and operated by the very same people that dealt with the tattered and debris-filled items from 1906. Well, people is such as loose term. Malinolan demons. Human in their appearance, but very much demon in their actions. If, again, that earthquake had been any indication. Such troublemakers, Angelus thought, always stirring up something. Be it a tavern brawl, or a shattering earthquake. However, they were masters at doing laundry.

As Joyce walked out of the store into the main mall with clothes in hand, she bumped into something, "Oh, sorry," she looked up into the face of a very gorgeous man.

"Ms. Summers," Angelus greeted with a smile, "you probably don't remember me, but I was…"

Joyce cut him off, finally remembering her voice in the wake of this man's beautiful face, "Yes, Angel, right? You were tutoring Buffy?" Of course. Everything always had to do with Buffy.

"That's right. I guess I should be flattered you remember me," he said sincerely.

"Well," Joyce embarrassingly laughed, "I don't think I've seen you since then, so my guess is you gave up on Buffy and her history?"

Angelus shook his head, "It wasn't that at all, Ms.Summers. I believe Buffy was actually learning, but I have to say, it was my fault the tutoring stopped. You see, I think Buffy developed a crush on me. And I certainly didn't want that to interfere in her school work."

"She…oh, I'm so sorry. She never told me."

"She was probably embarrassed. A girl her age, liking a man my age."

"Well, I'm sorry if she made you feel uncomfortable. I'm glad you stopped it before it could go anywhere. It…didn't," Joyce stuttered, "…go anywhere, did it?"

"No. Absolutely not," Angelus answered in such truthful form. The last thing he wanted Joyce to know was that he was inside her daughter in everyway imaginable. "How is she doing in her history, if you don't mind my asking?"

"Not at all and frankly, she's doing horrible."

"Hmm. I don't think I should start tutoring her again, but perhaps I should talk to her. I did leave her rather abruptly when she attempted to kiss me. I would like to explain my reason for leaving. I don't want to feel like I caused her pain. I know how impressionable teenagers are. I didn't want to hurt her," this was beautiful. Joyce was eating this stuff up. He could tell by the look on her face. "If I could just let her know that I'm involved with someone else. Explain to her that she should be with boys her own age. I'm sure she will concentrate on her studies once more."

Joyce smiled. Here was a nice, gorgeous, sweet, gorgeous, man that made her wish she was a bold woman so she could pounce on him. It was no wonder Buffy was interested. But he was involved. This was good, because maybe by telling Buffy this, she will loose interest. Maybe even get her grades up. Joyce didn't know why, but she trusted this man with her daughter. This man that smiled with concern for Buffy's welfare. Not with lust like most boys. Yes. This man was okay. "Why don't you come over tonight? You could speak with Buffy. She'll be home anyway. I grounded her for sneaking out," Joyce smirked, "Oh, and you can call me Joyce."

Grounded? Yes, of course. Angelus knew this. It was originally the reason behind this little game, so that he could still fuck her while she was, incapacitated, as it were. But suddenly this was becoming interesting. "Joyce, of course. I would love the opportunity to speak with her tonight," he leaned in closer to her, "but I think I should speak to her privately. I don't want to give her the impression that I tattled on her. Hormones are a part of life. And I don't see why she should feel like she did something wrong by coming onto me. I just want her to know that."

"Well, you can speak with her in her bedroom. I have to go out later anyhow. Why don't you stop by a little later? Say, around eight," Joyce stifled a laugh, "I'm sorry, that's usually date time isn't it. And you said you were involved, so.."

"Oh, no. Eight is fine. My girlfriend is…otherwise engaged tonight."

"Great. Well, I should get home. She's probably waiting for dinner. Till later then."

"Yes. But first," ever the gentleman, "allow me to help you with all those clothes to your car. You don't want to trip," he smiled as Joyce handed over some of the items.

* * * * * * *

Buffy finished her meal, leaving the dining room to drop the dish into the sink. "So what is it?" she asked to her mother from the kitchen.

"We aren't sure exactly. We have to work on restoring it first. It looks like an old relic from Asia, circa 1800s. Buffy, it's really fascinating. You should be interested in this stuff you know."

Buffy walked back into the dining room where her mother had spread out documents of places the artifact may have originated from. "Sorry, mom. History and me - not so much love there."

Joyce stood bewildered at her daughter as if trying to remember something. Then it clicked, "Oh, Buffy I can't believe this. I forgot to tell you. You're old history tutor is coming over."

Buffy's face went blank, "What," she asked quietly.

Joyce watched the emotionless face of her daughter. If she looked close enough, she almost looked frightened. Joyce walked toward her, holding Buffy's head in her hands, "Honey, he told me everything."

Aghast, Buffy stood back wide-eyed, "What?"

"He told me that you tried to kiss him and that that's the reason he won't tutor you anymore. Sweetheart there's nothing wrong with that. He is very good looking. Too old for you, definitely, but good-looking nonetheless. He's coming here to smooth things over with you. To make sure you aren't hurt."

Buffy breathed a little easier, but was still concerned, "So, you saw him. Spoke to him."

"Yes, we ran into one another at the mall today. Literally ran into. Purely by accident though."

"I'm sure," Buffy said under her breath.

Joyce watched her daughter's emotions play on her face. It almost seemed as if she was thinking back on something. The door bell rang, bringing Buffy back to the present. The present, as in staring at her mothers concerned face. "That's probably him, Buffy. Do you want me to get it?"

"No. I will," she said leaving her mother to her work.

Buffy opened the door to see Angelus on the other side. He stared at her with lust filling his brain, and blood filling his cock. Buffy was exquisite. Her rarely worn jeans hugging her hips so deliciously. Her tank top, save bra, highlighting her luscious breasts as her nipples began to poke through at his heated gaze. "Hello darling. I trust your mother told you of my little drop-by?"

Buffy glanced over her shoulder, checking to see if her mother was still busy at the table, then back at her lover. "Why did you talk to her? Why involve her?" she asked with innocence.

"Hmmm," Angelus put his finger to his mouth as if to contemplate his answer, then simply replied, "because she was there."

"Buffy," her mother called from the dining room, "we don't need to freeze the house out. Let Angel in."

Angelus smiled, "She does so adore me."

Buffy moved to the side, granting access to Angelus. Softly she said, "She adores you because you showed her Angel. Not Angelus."

A growl came up from his chest, but before he could react any further to her little comment, Joyce walked up to them. "Good to see you again, Angel."

"Likewise Ms. Sum…I apologize," Buffy rolled her eyes, "Joyce. Likewise, Joyce."

"Well, why not get straight to it. I know you wanted to talk to Buffy, so I'll clean up in the kitchen, then I have to leave. Work. It's fascinating stuff, really. Only Buffy doesn't have interest. So, I won't be back until very late."

"But mom…" her mother wasn't really allowing her to be alone in this house with Angelus, was she?

"No buts, Buffy. I think it's very admirable for Angel to speak with you. For him to take time out of, what I'm sure is a very busy schedule. With work, and a girlfriend, and, I believe school as well, right? I think it's nice. Please show him a little decency."

Buffy had heard nothing else except the girlfriend part. Had he actually told his mother he had a girlfriend? Jealously also waged itself inside her. Maybe he was with someone else. Dru? Another vamp? And just calling whomever that was, his girlfriend.

"Thank you, Joyce," Angelus turned to Buffy, "Buffy, maybe we should speak in your room?"

"Ah, I don't think…"

"Go on, honey. I'll just shout when I'm leaving," she turned to Angelus again, "please come by more often, Angel."

He smiled as he watched Joyce's retreating form. "She really is very nice, Buff. I don't know why you give her such a hard time?"

"I really don't think that's any of your business, Angelus," she punctuated the last word. "Why are you really here?"

"Because, your insolence as your mothers daughter has caused you to get grounded. Really, Buff, you must stop such childish behavior. Sneaking out. Tsk, Tsk, little girl. What will your punishment be?" his grin played across his face as he watched anger begin to cloud her eyes.

"Insolent? Childish? How childish is it to be caught sneaking back in your room after you've been fucking your un-dead ex-boyfriend in a graveyard. And I believe I already have my punishment set for me. That's why I'm stuck here, grounded."

Angelus sighed and took her hand, heading up the stairs, "Your mother isn't the only one who gets to dual out the punishment. That's my area of expertise. And childish because you know better than getting caught," once they reached the platform of the upper level, Angelus roughly pushed Buffy against the wall. "and there is nothing ex about us lover. Except maybe x-rated," he said pushing his straining erection into her taut stomach. "I am not your ex-boyfriend. I am your boyfriend. Just not in the flowers and candy sense. You are mine. I thought we already covered that."

Buffy tried to push him away. Her mother was close by. But then again, maybe if her mother saw how Angelus had manipulated her, she would throw him out. Of course, thinking that he would not retaliate, was an illusion. Angelus was playing nice, at least to her mother. Why rock the boat? The truth was that Buffy loved that he was here. They stood only inches away from her bedroom. With her mother leaving, that meant Angelus could stay overnight. In her room. In her bed. Somehow that seemed more intimate than all the things they had been doing the last few weeks. Suddenly Buffy realized he had said nothing. He was staring at her. Watching her train of thought as if he knew what she was thinking. Could he?

Angelus leaned into her, his mouth hovering over her ear, he whispered, "Say it, my darling. Ask me what it is you want to ask," he finished with a slight lick to her ear as he heard Buffy take a deep breath. Angelus pulled back, watching her face, keeping a listening ear out for her mother.

Buffy's eyes turned down. Fixed on his chest, she whispered, "Stay with me?"

A roar of male pride surged through Angelus. His cock twitched in his pants at her innocent tone to her question of a not-so-innocent nature. "Why, my love, I wouldn't think I've being anywhere else."

Angelus moved a hand to the button on her jeans. He pulled the button from its comfortable hold, and slowly slid the zipper down. Buffy's eyes shot up to his at his actions. Quickly placing her hand over his, she panicked, "No. Not here. She'll hear. Please Angelus. Wait until she's gone."

"No," he stated simply, removing her hand from his, and continued with the zippers journey. "Think about it Buff. Remember the other night in the cemetery? Imagine if your mother knew. Imagine if she knew how easily and quickly you spread those beautiful thighs for me," he tugged her jeans down past her hips, letting them rest by her knees. Her panties soon following the same path, "then she would know, wouldn't she. Your mother would know that you were a woman. A sexual being that needs to be sated." Buffy had long since closed her eyes, giving Angelus free will to do as he pleased. He took her hands and placed them on his pants zipper. She didn't move. "C'mon. Think of it. Think of how your mother is just under us, while I'll be inside your warmth, your beautiful pussy clenching around my cock. Think of the danger, my darling," he finished as she slowly stepped out of her clothing.

Buffy opened her eyes to see him staring at her. She stared back as she began to slide his fly down, and undo the button. She reached inside his pants. He didn't wear underwear. She was not surprised. Buffy pulled out his hard shaft, slowly stroking it as his pants pooled around his ankles. "I want you inside me," she whispered, "I want you to fuck me while my mother is only a second away. I think I want her to…I want her to catch us. I want her to see my face flushed in the moment of bliss," still evenly stroking his hard prick, as he never tore his eyes away from hers, "I want her to hear me scream your name as I cum. I want her to know that I'm squeezing your cock as you flood inside of me," Buffy panted harshly, "I want to watch her face as she realizes just what I've become."

"And what is that lover?"

"A whore." Buffy flew into his arms and kissed him roughly. Savagely. Her tongue sought his out as he pulled it into his welcoming mouth. Pushing her body up the wall, he quickly sheathed himself inside of her. Buffy cried out. But her moans could not escape the prison of his mouth as they continued to devour one another. Angelus would not let her go. He brutally pushed her into the wall, knocking a picture out of place, and picking her up, Buffy's legs surrounding his thighs in an instant. He continued his brutal thrusts as she came up for air. "Fuck me, Angelus. Fuck me like the whore I am."

"My whore," he said as a hand grabbed at her breast, twisting it. Buffy whimpered, but made no move to stop him. "See the pleasure I can give you, Buff. I can bring you this pleasure for eternity," he said thrusting into her wet heat.

Buffy gripped his shoulders tightly as her release neared. Nothing had ever been this intense before. She was fucking Angelus a whole twenty feet from where her mother stood, and never gave it another moments thought as she hurled over into her abyss. Clutching at his shoulders hard enough that she knew she was drawing blood beneath his shirt.

With the smell of blood filling his nostrils, and Buffy clenching around him, Angelus came, spilling his seed deep inside her welcoming body. The couple made no sound when they came except a squeak from Buffy and a groan from Angelus.

"Did you say something," Joyce called up the stairs.
"No mom." Buffy said, still panting from her orgasm and still wrapped around Angelus. "Okay, well, I'm leaving now. I see you tomorrow honey," Joyce said walking to the door, "And it was nice seeing you again Angel."

"Yes Joyce. I'm glad I came," he called down to her. Angelus smugly stared into Buffy's foggy eyes. "I'm definitely glad I came," he said quietly as they both heard the door close below them.

They continued to watch each other for long, sustained moments, until, finally Buffy, unwrapping her legs from Angelus, let her feet fall to the floor. They stood, once again face to face, and half-clothed. Buffy began to turn away until Angelus placed a hand on the wall, effectively cutting her off. She stood in place, until finally looking at him once again.

At her curious gaze, Angelus remarked, "You might as well take off the rest of your clothes. You won't be needing them," he said with a mask of emotionless features over his face.

Slowly Buffy began to pull her tank top over her head. Angelus stood back to get a better view. He watched as her breasts bounced free from their confines. He reached a hand out to grasp one plump piece of flesh between his hands. "I could eat you alive. Savor your flesh between my teeth for eternity," he spoke softly, more to himself than to her.

"What is it you have planned," she said warily.

"Hmm. Things your dirty mind has never even allowed you to fully process. Things that will make you quiver in fear and lust. When I'm done with you darling, you will yearn for me, far more than you already do." Angelus once again stepped back and pulling his trousers back up, tucked his penis back inside his pants. Buffy gave him a weary look. His lips curled into a smile, "Don't worry, lover. You will only be out of my presence for a short time. Now go into your bedroom and wait for me," Angelus traced her features with a fingertip, "I'll only be but a moment."

Buffy watched as he descended the stairs. Bending over to pick up her clothes, Buffy heard him call out to her, "Leave the clothes on the floor Buff." Buffy dropped the items and left them. Slowly she walked into her bedroom very aware that she had heard the front door open and not close until a minute later.

Buffy stared out her window. How did she get here? At least before, she was giving him a fight, now, nothing. She was a willing participant. Tears began to flood her eyes as she realized just what she had just done. She had fucked Angelus only steps away from her loving mother. She had wanted to be caught, wanted to put her mother in danger. How could she have done that? Buffy covered her face with her hands as shame overwhelmed her, and suddenly feeling very aware of her nudity, she turned to cover herself, only to be faced with an angry Angelus, a leather bag swinging at his side. He dropped the bag with a thud to the floor.

"I see," he snarled, "now we're back to playing the martyr again, are we? Oh, poor Buffy. Has to fuck a demon to protect her family. Boo fucking hoo," he yelled in her face. "This self pity is really getting tiresome. If you are as adult as you claim to be, you'd fuck me and give up this crying bullshit. It's boring, and not in the least bit truthful."

Buffy choked back a sob as Angelus lunged for her. Grasping her roughly, "Ow, Angelus, you're hurting me."

"And isn't the pain exquisite," he purred and dipped a finger into her sopping pussy, thrusting a few times, then pulling it back out. He held his glistening hand to her face, "this is truth, Buff. You're juice on my hand is the real truth. You can't escape that. It gives you away every time," he finished as he licked his hand clean, making sure to watch her face the entire time. Another tear streamed down her cheek as he leaned in and kissed it away. "Its lesson time," he said flatly, "lay on the bed."

Buffy slowly pulled away from him and, pulling the covers back, laid flat on her back on the bed. Angelus took the covers from the foot of the bed and tore them away, tossing them on the floor. "We won't be needing covers. There will be no sleeping tonight."

Buffy watched as Angelus picked up the bag he had carried in and placed it on her desk. Unzipping it, he pulled out several items. Nipple clamps, a few dildos and vibrators, leather straps, and a knife. Angelus turned to look at her. He wanted to watch her writhe on the bed, wanted to see her pass out from too much pleasure and pain, wanted her to go so far over the edge to where she could no longer differentiate between the two. And tonight would be that night.

He walked over to the bed, leaving all the toys on the desk. He quickly divested himself of his clothes as his hard cock once again sprang free, growing even thicker at Buffy's hot gaze. "Now," he said softly, "I want you to be the person you're supposed to be. Do what you want. And I know what you want. So take it, as your nature commands you to.

Buffy leaned forward and in one instant, took his entire length into her welcoming mouth. She made slurping sounds as she devoured his cock. Angelus let his hands fall on the back of her head, guiding his shaft between her lips. "I know you like that, don't you? All your crying, all the pain you have inside, it doesn't have to be that way. You just have to learn to take what you want," he smiled sadistically, "and I know you always want my cock." Buffy pulled away and looked into his dark eyes as she pumped him with her hand. Angelus' eyes, eyes that held no love for her. Not like Angel's. No, these eyes held nothing but possession for her. A desire to break her. And break her he would.

"Please Angelus. Just fuck me. You don't…" she eyed the items on the desk, "you don't need those. All I need is you."

"Lover, you need to be taught. You need to open yourself up for me. Fully and Completely," he grabbed her head roughly, "now suck me off, so I can get on with the lesson." Buffy took a breath and lowered her head once again. No longer intent on enjoying the feel of his cock, Angel's cock, in her mouth. Just trying to hold back the trepidation she felt at what the night ahead held for her.

Angelus thrusted into her waiting mouth, "Fuck it Slayer. Fuck it hard," Buffy pulled away and while pumping him savagely, she nibbled on the head, which caused Angelus to roar, "Again. Do that again," he ordered. As one hand continued its movements, the other fell to his sack to fondle him. Buffy bit a little harder with her blunt teeth on the head, but before Angelus could make another command, she quickly sucked the tender tip into her mouth. Sucking hard, before biting down again, Angelus came with a howl, "Yesss," not caring for her, he pushed his penis further down her throat, making sure she swallowed every last drop of his essence. Once he was sure he had cum all he would, he fell on the bed beside her. Glancing over at her, "See, you already know pain is a sustenance for pleasure, that's why you bit me. You knew I would love it. It was a superb blow-job, Buff. I have definitely taught you properly how to suck cock."

Without thought, Buffy responded, "I guess I learned from the best cock-sucker."

Angelus flew up and smacked her face so hard she crashed against her headboard. Fire flared inside of him as Buffy rubbed her stinging face, tears once again welling up inside her. "You bastard. It was a joke," she shot.

"I guess I don't share your humor. Don't move," he said turning around in all his naked glory to pick up the leather binds. "You're attitude gives me pause, Buff. I've been so lenient with you today. And your little self-pity party and big mouth are starting to irritate me," he held up one of the straps, "turn over."

"What? I'm not letting you tie me…" before she could finish her sentence, Angelus threw her on her stomach and jumped on top of her, effectively pinning her beneath him, her head facing the end of the bed, and her feet nearly touching the headboard.

"I told you to do as I say. I'll make you scream in pain before the night is through."

"Let go. Angelus, please….don't do this."

"Ah, Buff, you're so beautiful when you beg," he said snapping a leather strap to each of her ankles, then attaching the other end to her headboard. "These straps are a little different than the ones you would find commonly in a sex shop. You see, domination would be no fun if our submissive partner could at any point break free. So, vampires have to add a little magic. So, you won't be able to break loose of these, darling, so sit tight."

Angelus stood at the end of the bed, watching as she quietly sobbed, laying flat on her belly. No, this really wouldn't do. "Buff, I want you on all fours. Do that for me, won't you?" Buffy slowly raised herself on her knees and hands. "Hmm, much better," he snarled. Angelus kneeled down so that he could see underneath her; her breasts hanging, her chest heaving in and out, and her pussy juice seeping down the inside of her thighs. Perfection. He used the remaining two binds and snapped them around her wrists and then tied them to the bed legs.

Angelus brought the items from the desk, and placed them next to her on the bed, as he scooted underneath her. His head placed firmly beneath her vagina. Buffy slowly lowered her mouth to his cock, but was stopped almost instantly, "Don't touch it. I don't want you touching any part of me, understand?"

"Yes." Don't touch him? What was this? Angelus was giving up a blow-job? What were his plans? Was she being punished or was this a reward? A night for her enjoyment only? No, that couldn't be it. Then again, Angelus was underneath her, ready to perform cunnilingus, and she didn't have to please him even though his dick stood straight in front of her.

Angelus leaned up, and inhaling her scent, dove straight in. Lapping at her juice as Buffy screamed in unrequited lust. She tried to push herself on him further, but was stopped as he held her thighs. He ate her so delicately and thoroughly. Making sure not one part of her pink little cunt was untouched. Un-tasted. He made her cum, twice, three-times from eating her out. His entire face glistened with her honey.

Buffy began humping his face, for which he allowed. He ate her for nearly an hour, without even sliding one of his long digits inside of her. Never once did his tongue even enter her heat. It was all done with sucking and licking. Biting and nibbling. When her seventh orgasm neared, she screamed as it rippled through her, Angelus finally giving in to his want, turned his head and sunk his fangs into her thigh, causing another climax to shatter through her.

Buffy collapsed on top of him. With a growl he pushed her back up, "I said on all fours. Stay that way, Buffy."

"I can't. It's too much. No more, please."

"Darling, we have barely begun," he said as he moved his head toward her anus. Now starting his tongue-wash there. As he nursed her tight, puckered hole, she begged him to fill her. With his tongue; finger; cock, anything. She needed something inside of her. He refused.

Twenty minutes, and three more orgasms later, Angelus stopped licking her back passage. How Buffy was still standing, was beyond him. But the second time she had fallen from exhaustion, he had bit her clitoris, causing her to bolt upright and shoot straight into another orgasm.

"Please….I can't…it hurts Angelus. I just need you inside me," Buffy panted, no longer ashamed at her need for this man. This demon.

"No," he said moving out from under her. He looked her in the eyes, the first time in hours, "lick my face clean." Too far gone in her own need, Buffy complied, lapping up the remnants of herself on his face. And to say there was an abundance would be an understatement. She finished with a passionate kiss to his lips, as Angelus pulled away. "I'm hungry."

At Buffy's bewildered look, he picked up a strap that had to egg-shaped vibrators attached to each end. He strapped it around her waist, effectively positioning one egg on her anus, and the other on her clit, neither, though, was inside her body, merely on the surface. Once again he scooted underneath her, this time facing her. He watched her eyes as they drifted shut from time to time, "I'll make you crave all that I crave." Grabbing the knife, he shuffled further beneath her, so that he was face to face with her breasts.

Buffy could feel his rigid staff between her legs, and attempted to appease her hunger by sliding against him. As Angelus felt her shift, he growled warningly and bit into her breast, drawing blood, but quickly pulling his fangs back out once he felt her relax, no longer attempting to engulf his cock in her slick heat. Buffy took the warning. But why wouldn't he want to be inside her? He had said that was where he always wanted to be. Only, his choice of words was somewhat less flattering.

"Angelus, what are you doing with the knife?" she asked with nervousness etching her voice.

"Soon," he said attempting to mollify her. Before she could make any further complaint as to her clit's tenderness, and her core's aching need, Angelus used the knife to cut a small slit under the curve of her breast.

Buffy screamed in pain as the metal sliced her. A wound no longer than three inches, yet seemed far more excruciating. Just as he cut her, Angelus reached around and hit the button on the vibrators, sending Buffy flying as she experienced yet another orgasm. Only, this time, the pain was evident in her bliss. Buffy's rapture now weighing heavily on her pain, as Angelus continued to make tiny slits on her chest, belly, and abdomen. He greedily sucked up all the blood as it seeped from her body. Each slice causing another climax to ripple through her, so much that not even when one finished, another began.

All the cuts Angelus made had already begun to heal as he pulled away from her, allowing her a moment to rest on the bed. Buffy would definitely have to change the sheets before her mother saw. It was wet with sweat, droplets of blood that he had not caught, and her juice. The entire roomed smelled of her essence. But the ultimate goal tonight would be Buffy willingly causing pain for pleasure. She already begged beyond thought to him to stop using the vibrators on her clit. Over twenty climaxes, Buffy could barely think. But wait. One more for humiliation, he thought.

Still allowing her to rest on her sore stomach, Angelus climbed the bed behind her. He removed the now stilled vibrators from her waist, and tossed them to the floor. He slowly rubbed her ass, "It's occurred to me that I've never drank from you." A muffled sob came from her throat. Nothing Angelus recognized as words, so he continued on. "I don't mean your blood darling. I mean the very last thing you have to offer me," he said as he dipped one finger into her heat.

Buffy warily raised herself on all fours again. On shaky limbs, she finally felt him inside her. It wasn't what she wanted most, but it would do. Her fogged mind couldn't make out what he was doing though. Just one finger? He was stretching it inside her as far as he could, then he began stroking. "Oh, God….don't stop," she screamed clenching on his finger.

Angelus stroked inside of her. Suddenly this moment became everything to him. He wanted to taste all that flowed from her as she came like she never had before. The g-spot. It was sure to soak the sheets and the mattress itself. And Angelus wanted that flood in his mouth. He knew that she would find shame in such a messy act. Would probably cry herself to sleep over it from sheer embarrassment. It shouldn't take long. Not with the amount of orgasms she had already had. Just a few strokes in just the right spot, and she would be there.

Buffy was soon thrusting on his finger. He knew that if he wanted to, he could probably fill her tight pussy with his fist. She felt just that wet. But that would be for another day. "Oh yessss, Angelus…fuck me….fuck me…," she cried as her soaked hair clung to her back. A few strands falling around her face. Then it happened, she screamed so hard, he knew as he pulled his hand away, and positioned himself under her, swallowing as much as he could, and yet still not near enough as it wet the sheets. Buffy herself could scream no more, as her sore throat wouldn't allow it. Then, it was done. She collapsed just after Angelus retreated.

What Buffy felt in the moments before was something far too intense. She had actually wanted him to stop. The rush that was building inside of her scared her. It was too much. Too new. But he wouldn't stop. She didn't even know what was coming, and when it did, the humiliation that filled her was beyond words. She had soaked the entire bed. It almost felt like she was peeing, only she had never felt that much bliss during a simple routine bathroom break. But all she felt now, was soaked sheets beneath her body.

Angelus gave a few strokes to his cock, almost oblivious that after all these hours, he had still yet to cum. No matter, the time for that would arrive soon enough.

Angelus untied her wrists. She had yet to open her eyes. Had she passed out? No, her eyelids gave a slight flutter. He turned her face to look at his. "Buff. Would you like some cock now. I know you need something in that hole of yours. So long been denied."

Despite her fatigue and pleasure that no longer could be called pleasure. There was pain. But, oh so delicious pain, she nodded slowly. "Inside me. You need….to cum…"

"I will." Angelus pulled something out from beneath the bed. Buffy opened her eyes slightly, eyeing the contraption. He smiled, "It's a Sybian. I realize that I've said I don't want anything else inside you but me, but, since I'm not famous for keeping rules, I bought this. I want to see you ride it."

"Where did you…."

"Oh, I hid it under while you were having dinner. You didn't even hear me. So much for that so-called Slayer ability of sensing vampires," he huffed. He moved to untie the restraints at her feet. She made no move to get up.

With barely open lids, Buffy looked at the contraption. It was large. I guess so that she could straddle it, and a penis stood on the top. Like all a woman had to do was sit on this and feel pleasure. How could something so stupid looking, be pleasurable? Then her mind drifted to Xander and Cordelia. They looked stupid together, and yet appeared to be enjoying themselves immensely while in closets.

Angelus placed the Sybian on Buffy's bed. He took her hand and helped her up. She could barley even keep her eyes open. Angelus leaned down and grazed her ear, "Climb on, darling. It awaits you." He helped her maneuver over the toy and watched her face shift in pleasure/pain as she slowly slid down on the phallus.

Angelus walked over to the chair that was planted facing away from the bedroom door. Sitting down in it he wrapped his hand around his penis, watching Buffy intently. She didn't move. She had had nothing inside her, except his finger, since their escape hours ago in the hall. But her exhaustion had taken its toll. Instead of thrashing around, Buffy was nearly asleep. So much for Slayer stamina, Angelus thought. Very well then, he would instruct her.

"Buff," her eyes looked toward him, glazed over with drowsiness, "touch yourself, my love. Squeeze those nipples that have been neglected." Buffy complied. Angelus shook his head in disappointment. No, this just wouldn't do. He rose from the chair and turned the machine on. Another orgasm shot through her in an instant. Brief, but nonetheless, another. Buffy rose slightly off the machine, keeping it clear of her clit, which she planned to avoid altogether. The last few times Angelus had been playing with her little pearl, the pain wretched through her entire body, causing tears to fall from her eyes. No, there would be no more of touching that particular body part for days. Maybe even weeks. Angelus took the nipples clamps from the floor, and fastened one onto a protruding nipple. Buffy cried out, and Angelus smiled down upon her, then quickly fastened the second one onto the other nipple. "There. Now that's better," he said walking backward to sit in the chair once more.
Buffy was once again overwhelmed with the sensations. Could a person really die from too much sex? If it was possible, Buffy thought that her death awaited her. Thrusting shallowly on the machine, Buffy squeezed the nipples that were encased in their own prison.

Angelus watched her. He watched as she slowly rode the machine, pleasuring herself, all the while not knowing how she was playing beautifully into his hands. And when she grabbed hold of her taut nipples, sending shock-waves of pain throughout her body, yet not stopping, he knew he had her. She would do anything he asked of her. Angelus took hold of his cock and began pumping hard. This time when she came, he would be right there along with her. As it should be. He wanted to drive his cock inside her, but not tonight. There was one final test she would have to pass. He watched mesmerized by her, sneaking a few glances at himself as he saw pre-cum begin to ooze out of his shaft. He couldn't believe how long he had held out. Watching her once more, he began to pump in earnest, "Yes, Buff, fuck it hard….fuck it like you fuck me."

"Yes, Angelus….you're cock….only your cock….I want you inside of me," her tears welled up in her eyes as both lovers struggled to reach the height of their peak.

Just before he knew he would explode, he made one last order. Would she take it? "Pinch your clit, Buff. Roll it between your fingers. Touch it."

"It.." she sobbed, "it hurts…"

"The pain is ecstasy Buffy. The pain is pure bliss."

"Oh, fuck…yes," she thrashed, her juice slicked over the entire machine as Angelus watched her hand travel down her body. She grabbed a nipple, and at the same time, pinched her clit hard. Buffy screamed in pain as the orgasm washed over her. Tears falling from her red face as she fell off the machine and onto the bed.

The moment her fingers toyed with her bud, Angelus came, his semen spurting over his hand as he jacked himself off like a schoolboy. His cum shot all over his belly and the hair between his thighs, but not once did he ever take his eyes off her. She was the most glorious thing in his life. Though he would never tell her that.

Buffy couldn't move. Couldn't think. She was laying in soaked sheets that she herself was the cause of, and didn't care. She never wanted to move again. Until….

Angelus kept his eyes fixed on his Slayer. He had won. She had willingly caused herself pain, just to feel the slightest resemblance of pleasure. Buffy did it knowing that it would make her cry. Knowing that it would cause her unbearable hurt. Yet, she still did not resist. She now had to live with the knowledge that she enjoyed pain. Craved it. And Buffy wasn't the only one….

Angelus beamed with male pride as his eyes fixated on Buffy, "She is beautiful when she comes. Isn't she Willow," Angelus slowly turned his head to the red-head standing in the open door.

Buffy lifted her head, "Oh my God. Willow." Before any more words could be said, Willow had escaped down the stairs and out of the house. Buffy turned mortified toward Angelus.

"Well, it wasn't your mother, but you got caught like you wanted to."

Let me know if you want any more

10-11-2005, 06:12 AM
another please :)

10-11-2005, 11:30 AM

Kai Kenobi
10-12-2005, 07:05 PM
Who I Am Before I Was Ch. 03

Note: this is not my story i found this on the internet all credit to the Author Aingeal_Leannan

So here it is…. the Third installment of the series. The plot is forming in my mind as I write. Too bad my mind can't type, then I could get some much needed rest. Damn graveyard shift. Well, I guess that's appropriate, isn't it. Here we go, this story is NC-17. So kiddies, say bye. Go watch the Power-Puff Girls or something. And the Disclaimer… not mine. They are all Joss', Mutant Enemy, WB, UPN and no longer David Greenwalt.

Rant: You can either read this, or skip over it. As a huge fan since Welcome to the Hellmouth first aired, I believe I've earned the right to get snippy. Okay, so I'm finding it very difficult to write anymore. Most of my other stories which are hard to find, if impossible, were written a long time ago. But now, I merely watch Buffy as a mean's to an end. I hate it. Really I do. I hate the mockery the writers have made our beloved characters. I loved Spike. Second season, and when he came back for an ep in the third, even when he first got chipped, but now…I hate him. They killed the heart of who the vamp was. And a soul…that was supposed to be this rare thing. That's what made Angel special. Now it degrades that. Buffy is no longer the person, in my opinion, for which we all fell in love with. I felt small vindication this year in an earlier episode when she said, forgive me if this isn't exact, Angel is the only one I will ever love for the rest of my life….that was a warmth to the heart all us original fans needed.

Too bad they still keep going with this Spike thing. And as for Angel, and Cordelia saying she believes she always has known she loved him – gag! The only reason I want to see them get together, is to hopefully see some Angel nakedness. But that's my own issues J But other than that, this whole kid thing, (which, no offence to Vincent) was better if the baby stayed a baby. It was bad in the first place, but why did it have to go all soap opera. I feel like I'm watching Days of Our Lives. Angel seems to all but forgotten about Buffy. While I admit I get more entertainment now from Angel than I do Buffy, I'm still not impressed with what each character has turned into. If this is indeed the last year for Buffy, which I believe it is, I can only hope that the writers and producers give us something back. The way I would do it - Buffy would leave Sunnydale to fight demons in Europe, etc, all around the world so she can experience life. The when Angel comes to its final episodes of the shows run (which I hope will be a long way from now) that Buffy comes back for those last episodes. And they shag so hard it would make people who read these stories, blush. Maybe I've been reading too much fairie-tales. But that's my wish. Whew! I'm done now. Let's move on, shall we….

Chapter 3: Secrets, Lies & Bad Guys

"Willow," Buffy called from across the quad as she saw the red-head scurry past the large group of kids. Buffy ran after her friend, calling her name as she did. She wasn't sure what she was going to say to her once she had her attention, but something needed to be said after that weekend. Everything was out in the open. Well, only one thing really. Willow knew Buffy was having sex with Angelus. But she didn't know the reasons; the desires that coursed through each of them. The hunger that was unshakeable. Only Buffy and Angelus knew that. No. The only thing Willow knew, was that she was on her bed pleasing herself through Angelus' instructions, and was in no way forced to do so.

Willow finally halted in her tracks. She had heard Buffy the last few moments calling her name. But the churning of her stomach at the thought of facing her best friend kept her from turning back. But it seems that Buffy had other ideas. Was this really the place to have this conversation? And what would she say? 'So Buffy, how's that thing with your ex going? You know, that screwing him on your bed thing? Been going on for awhile? Hmm…interesting. Well, good luck with that then.' Somehow, Willow thought, that didn't have the zest she was hoping for.

At the soft touch of Buffy's hand on her shoulder, Willow slowly turned. "Hi, Buffy. I didn't hear you. So, did you study for the Chem test?"

"Willow. We need to talk."

"About what?"

Buffy sighed. Maybe Willow was too innocent for this. But how could she be after all the things she had witnessed since Buffy situated herself in her life. But hoe could demons, ghost and vampires measure up to what she had to observe to the other night? Simple. It couldn't. "Will, please. We need to talk."

Willow nodded as she followed Buffy toward the clustered trees away from the building. They could talk there without worrying about passerby's looking and listening in. Buffy didn't sit, merely stood facing the tree as Willow stood behind her. Languidly she turned with several tears streaking her face. "I love him Will. I know who he is. I know the things he's done. But I love him. I'm surrounded by death all the time, but Angelus, he makes….he makes me feel alive."

"He is death Buffy. How can you say that you love him? He's like the opposite of Angel."

"I know. I love Angel too. And I want him back. I do. But if I can't have Angel, I need at least Angelus. I don't expect you to understand…"

Willow shook her head slowly as anger marked itself across her face. Her eyes beginning to spill tears she didn't dare wipe away, "You're right Buffy. I don't understand. I don't understand how you could put all of us…you, in jeopardy. How you could degrade yourself for him. Mock what you and Angel had.."

"I'm not mocking it."

"Yes you are Buffy. Don't you get it? Angel tried to stay away from you. To protect you from everything he was. He fought to save you. And now you go willingly into Angelus' bed? Screw him for what? So you can get off. No, I think you're the one that doesn't understand. And as for feeling alive, I would think the people that love you and help you would make you feel that. Not some demon."

"You weren't…you weren't meant to see what you did on the weekend," Buffy stood closer to Willow, "you weren't meant to –"

"What? Find out? My guess is the only thing you are really worried about Buffy, is me telling Giles. What would he say? The only reason you wish I hadn't see you two is because now I know. This isn't your dirty little secret anymore. It's our dirty little secret. Only, I don't know if I like keeping secrets like that Buffy. Did you never stop to think? I guess not."

Buffy hung her head, "I can't stop loving him Willow. His soul was taken, but he can still talk to me in such kindness that I think it's Angel. Angelus was right. I love all of him. And I have completely submitted to him. And I like it."

"Then have your fun Buffy. I hope he doesn't kill you," Willow said with bitterness, "I guess we know where your loyalties lie," Willow took several steps back from where Buffy stood. "I have to get to Science class," with that she turned her heel and walked off wiping tears of betrayal from her eyes.

Buffy leaned against the tall oak and slid to the ground, taking comfort in the soft turf as her mind wondered back to the last time she had been against a tree…..

"Tell me. Tell me you love it, Buff"

"I love…ah God…I love it… Angelus"

"Do you want to cum my little Slayer? Do you want me to fuck you into the ground? Tell me, my love"


"You want my flesh, don't you? You want to feel my skin on yours."

"Yes, Angelus…please."

"Buff. Hey Buffster."

Buffy shook away her thoughts as she looked up toward the sky, but only seeing Xander in front of her. "Oh, hey Xand, sorry, I guess I will in la-la land."

"Well, understandable. I mean, we are at school, and this is the last place you want to be aware you're at. Although, I tend to restrict my la-la land trips to the classroom. I find that's where they are the most useful."

Buffy stifled a laugh, then, at the offering of an open hand, stood just as the bell rung, "Oh nuts. I was supposed to meet Giles in the library before Homeroom. They both headed off toward the open doors to the school, squashing themselves between the hordes of kids that were clamoring to get inside.

"You seen Will today?"

Buffy stammered before releasing a nervous "No."


"Come on you sodden poofter. Tell me what happened the other night when you when over to the little chit's house?" Spike said as he wrapped his arms around Drusilla.

"Oh, our boy had some fun, didn't he daddy," Dru swooned from side to side as she leaned her head against Spike's shoulder. Angelus merely gave her an evil smirk which only goaded her on, "Oh, tell us," she clapped, "the Slayer enjoyed her lesson did she?"

"Of course she did Dru. It was the same lesson you were taught, and you loved it," Angelus walked closer to the couple, slowly tracing a finger over Dru's face just before Spike pulled her away.

"Listen Mate, I suggest you get your fill of the Slayer, then toss her aside. Or better yet, KILL HER for bloody sake. You are a vampire you know. And she's the Slayer. We have that whole 'immortal enemies' sort of thing happening between our two kinds."

"Spike, if you knew what this girl tasted like –"

"Well then, I guess I'll have to have a taste of her. I am feeling rather puckish."

Before Spike could make a move, Angelus had vamped out and lunged forward wrapping his hand around the blondes throat, "You will never taste her. Not her blood. Not her sweet juices. Not her skin. She is mine," he growled, shoving Spike against the wall.

"Oh, my two boys are having a tiffy…it's so like the old days," Dru twirled around in her dress.

Spike brushed off his leather duster as he watched the retreating form of his grand-sire. "Well, if you so bloody in love with her, why don't you make her your mate," he said more out of humor than anything else.

Angelus turned on his heel. Looking back once again at the blonde, "Perhaps I will."

"What? I was only damn well joking mate. You can't possibly be thinking about turning her?"

"Why would I want to do that? I rather like her spread thighs warm when they're wrapped around me. And her hot honey flowing from her body. Spike, it's the most delectable wine."


Xander could feel the tension between Buffy and Willow in chemistry class. Buffy kept looking at Willow. Willow kept her eyes focused on her work, intent on not letting Buffy know she was aware of the constant staring. During class, Willow had ignored Buffy's attempts at speaking with her and even knocked the note Buffy sent her way, to the floor. Good thing Mr. Sherbank's eyes never left his teacher's edition text book.

Come lunch time and two classes where they had all three been together, Xander was more than confused and more than annoyed. Buffy walked away on her own, making her own private spot in the lounge, away from Xander and Willow in the cafeteria.

Xander stared at his oldest and dearest friends as she chewed on the same piece of lettuce from her salad for the last ten minutes, finally dropping his fork down with a crash to his plate. Willow looked up at him confused. "What is going on with you two?"

Willow shook her head, "Nothing."

"Riiiggghhttt. Nothing. Nothing is the reason our best friend is eating lunch alone. Nothing is the reason you barred Buffy from making any contact with you during chem. and lit class. Nothing is the reason she seems to be completely lost."

The final words had hit Willow the hardest. How could she be angry at Buffy? Did she even have the right to be considering the only time Buffy was happy was when she was with Angel, and that was brutally taken away from her? Maybe she was too hard on her. Buffy was clinging to any scrap of Angel she could. But she had said it as clear as crystal….she loved Angelus. What Willow had witnessed had stayed in her mind the entire weekend. The picture could have been caught on film and sewn to the insides of her eyelids and Willow couldn't have seen it more than she already had. Was this really Buffy's fault or just another thing in a long list of things she couldn't control? Like being the slayer. It wasn't in her control that she was the Chosen One. And it wasn't in her control that she fell in love with a vampire.

As Cordelia and Oz made their way to the table she and Xander sat, Willow stood up and barely making eye contact, "I'll be right back."

The three teenagers watched the retreating form of the redhead. "What's that all about. Buffy's being all hermit girl, and Willow's being all 'in her own world'..Jeez, issues much, "Cordelia said before taking a bite from her pita bread.

Buffy had seen Willow approach but didn't bother to look up. Willow had made it obvious that she had no intention of speaking her today. Or ever.

"Hey," Willow said shifting her feet nervously and her hands played inside her overall jean pockets.

Buffy glanced up trying to give her best impression of a girl who had no cares in the world, "Hey."

Willow glanced at the empty space on the couch next to Buffy. Buffy nodded as a silent understanding of a truce came to play. Willow sat wringing her hands before turning to look at her friend, "I'm sorry Buffy."

"No Will, It's me. I should have told you. Instead you had to find out that way. I'm sorry, I don't know what's wrong with me," as much as she tried, Buffy could not hold back the tears that had been threatening to fall all day, "I don't know what's wrong with me," she echoed.

Willow sighed heavily, "You're in love."


It was after six when the uninvited, although not restricted, guest entered his office. He had been researching the Watcher Diaries once more. The hellmouth hadn't seen much action since Angelus had come into play, and that worried him. The judge was defeated, but he had no other speculations as to what the trio of vamps might be thinking of next. Until he was managed to be thrown off his game.

"You brits…such hard workers"

Giles spun around in his office only to see Angelus standing in his doorway with his trademark smirk flashing across his face. "What do you want?"

"Hmm. Good question. You think after as long as I've lived, I would know the answer to that. Thing is, I guess it changes. Like now for instance. I want information," Angelus said, pushing himself away from the doorframe to stalk toward Giles.

"Information? What kind? Like what I think would be the worst way to die so that you could perform such an action on me?"

Angelus laughed, "No. Not at all," his tone changed as he stared at the tweed-clad man. "Something's coming. I heard it underground. I don't know if it's really something to be concerned about, but I have a name. Means nothing to me. But it may to you."

Giles took his glasses off. Quickly scrubbed them clean with his handkerchief, then replaced them on his nose. "You want me to help you? Why? I thought you would rather enjoy something coming to town so that you may want to recruit it for the fight against the Slayer."

"The Slayer. Come on Rupert. Must we be so informal. It's just Buffy. Calling her the Slayer isn't going to intimidate me, so lets just use her name. And no, I don't need to recruit. You see," he began as he strolled around the tiny room catching glimpses of all the different books and resource material on the shelves, "since my, hmm, new found soulless state, I've managed to live up to my old reputation. I don't want anyone new coming in, I own this town," turning to face Giles only a foot away, "and own everyone who's in it. So," he began in a cheerful tone again as he continued on his tour of the office, "I thought I'd give a head's up. If I see it first, whatever it is, I'll kill it. And if the Slayer, oops," he smiled. "I mean Buffy. If our dear little Buffy sees it first, she can kill it."

"What's the name?"


"I don't believe I've ever heard of it."

"Hmm. Well, apparently it hails from Scotland. Hence the name. So start from there."

"I must admit I still don't quite understand."

"Apparently its coming here to kill Buff. And since I don't want that to happen, atleast," the smirk returned, "not quite yet and not by someone other than me, I thought I'd give you a head's up. The only things I've heard, is that it is large and mean, and evidently very slimy and quite the brutal thing. So, since I doubt it will be wearing a kilt to give itself away, I suggest research mode. Best of luck. Oh, no need to mention this little conversation to our Buffy. I don't want to give her the impression I'm trying to protect her. Because trust me when I say, I'm not. I will kill her. But not before I have my fun," Angelus made his last statement knowing full well that Giles would tell her some of the conversation, if not the entirety of it. But this would cause Buffy to think that he was trying to guard her. Something that, although she would hide the knowledge of what Giles told her about today, he was betting that he'd receive the best fuck ever for performing this little action of protectiveness. Buffy's words from the weekend had been echoing in his head since the moment her beautiful lips had set them free upon the world….. "Fuck me, Angelus. Fuck me like the whore I am."


After school, Giles had allowed Buffy to skip training. Buffy had looked like she needed a break, and for some reason, Willow did as well. The two had gone to the coffee shop, indulging in espressos and doughnuts. Afterward Buffy had decided to go back to the school to see Giles. She felt bad for blowing him off, and even worse for not letting him in on her extra curricular activities, although with Willow in the know, Buffy had felt some weight lifted off.

The relationship between the two was still somewhat strained, but Buffy's tried not to push it. Willow wasn't going to tell, that's not to say that she approved or even thought that Buffy's was safe, but she had to find her own way out of this. Buffy was right. The romance novels were right. A love like Buffy and Angel's couldn't be forgotten overnight, especially since you still had to see the same face nearly every day.

Buffy and Willow walked through the corridor to the school. It was quiet and only the faint sound of the custodian a floor up could be heard as they each entered the library. "Giles," Buffy called as the two girl rounded the counter only to encounter Angelus standing in the doorway.

Willow's expression was a look of terror. Giles appeared to be worried, although probably more for Buffy having to see Angelus in front of her. Buffy herself felt like a deer caught in headlights, terrified that he had spilled everything to Giles. And Angelus, Angelus stood with mock concern. Intrigued at the very idea of Buffy finding him there. He hadn't planned on that. But the look on her face was the reason memories existed.

"Angelus," Buffy spoke in a hushed whisper.

Giles stood up close behind Angelus as he looked at the frightened girls. Even Buffy appeared to be frightened. "He was just leaving."

Angelus smiled briefly at the Watcher before turning his attention back to the girls. "Yes, I was just leaving. I just wanted to cum by," Angelus gleamed toward Buffy as he spoke the word, "and let Giles in on something.

"What would that be?" Buffy stood tall hoping the desire and fear were not evident in her voice.

"I just had an urge to speak with him. A hard, pulsing urge that I just had to get off…," slowly his lowered hand moved across his groin, circling it, drawing both Buffy and Willow's attention to his straining leather pants, "…my chest."

Although undetected by Giles, Willow could sense the hidden foreplay playing out before her eyes between the two lovers. Raising her eyes she noticed Angelus watching her, knowing that she was staring at his barely restrained erection. Angelus' eyes beamed with male triumph causing Willow to quickly jolt her head another way.
ing Willow to quickly jolt her head another way.

They all stood in silence, Slayer and Vampire communicating merely through eye contact. But the unspoken words weighed heavy on the silence, until Buffy spoke up, "I thought you were leaving."

Angelus grunted, "Yes, I suppose I do have things to do. Actually, come to think of it, I don't have plans for this evening. I'll be home all alone tonight. Nothing to do. Maybe something will come up though. Something that I can do. Have a pleasant evening ladies," turning his head slightly to glance at Giles, "Rupert, I guess you'll be taking care of the matter we spoke of," then turning back again he headed toward the door before stopping in front of a blushing Willow. He traced a strap on her overalls under the heated gaze of Willow, and the angry glare of Buffy, "Why Willow. You look so cute today," leaning close to her ear he whispered loud enough for Buffy's hearing to hear, but not Giles', "you look good enough to eat. Maybe the other night could have had a better outcome if you hadn't run out the door at the side of my beautiful Buffy cumming," pulling back slightly as his finger now traced her chin, "did u want to fuck me that night?" his grin made its way across his features just then, "or her?", he smiled before leaving, not even bothering to give Buffy another look.


Buffy threw Angelus against the wall, backhanding him in the face before throwing him down on the floor. Angelus' evil laughter could be heard throughout the halls of the mansion. Quickly she straddled his waist, grinding her wet, pantiless, snatch against his leather pants. She ripped at his clothes, tearing it and throwing the shards away, and still he continued his laughter. Lowering her head she quickly dove for a nipple, taking it between her teeth and biting down hard. He ceased his laughter as a howl tore through him, quickly tossing her onto her back before he maneuvered over her, swiftly ridding himself of his pants, he thrust into her tight heat as Buffy pulled his hair, then pulled him toward her, devouring his mouth with her own.

"Did you want to fuck her? Did you? Tell me? Did you imagine being inside Willow?" she panted.

"Yes…she'd be so tight. Her little virgin pussy. I bet you thought about fucking her too…"

"Never came….ah fuck Angelus…never came to mind…"

"Well its come to hers….over and over again in fact."

Buffy flipped them over so that Angelus lay beneath her as he rode his pulsing cock, "I don't know what…hmm....what your talking about. We're friends."

Angelus rested his head against the hard marble of the floor as he watched his Mistress take pleasure on his cock. She was tweaking and squeezing her nipples between the seams of her blouse of her own accord in wicked force. Enough that it caused her to moan and hitch her voice. Without even realizing it, Buffy was taking pleasure in pain. However, Angelus noticed it. He was also very aware that Buffy's attack on his body was out of jealousy and possessiveness. She did not like his little display of affection toward Willow in the library one bit. In all his thoughts, Angelus was unaware that Buffy has stopped her movement. Looking up he watched her eyes play on him. He smirked, "Sorry lover. Was I not paying any attention to you?"

Buffy eyes lowered with anger, "You were thinking about her weren't you?"

Angelus arched an eyebrow. What was this now? Had he missed something?

"You were. You were thinking of Willow. I was just making fun earlier. I know you did what you did in the library purely for my benefit, but not now. You were imagining Willow fucking your dick, weren't you?"

Well, this, he thought, has turned around on me. Damn. It started out so promising.

Buffy stood, disengaging his cock from inside her. She crossed the room to her bag, buttoning her blouse up once more as she pushed her skirt down to cover herself.

Angelus rolled over on his side, bracing his head on his hand as he watched Buffy move throughout the room. He glance down at his cock, still hard and still throbbing wondering where the heat of its lovers pussy had gone. Angelus looked to Buffy again, "Don't be a tease Slayer. Finish what you started."

Buffy spun on her heel, "Why don't you go over to Willow's house. She'll take care of it."

"Buff. You're acting like a child. Now come over her and service my cock. I'll make it all up to you."

"Service it yourself," Buffy said as she walked past him. Before she could even reach the door, Angelus grabbed her by the hair and pulled her back, throwing her across the room against the wall.

Angelus held Buffy against the wall. His fierce eyes piercing into her defiant ones. "What are you going to do Angelus. Rape me? Have your way with me again?"

His eyes flashed, "I have never done anything to you that you didn't want. Don't insult me. And don't INSULT MY COCK!" he screamed as he let go of her throat. "Now get on your knees and service me you whore," he growled.

Buffy winced at his remarks and fought back the tears of his screaming at her, "I'm not a whore."

"You aren't? Hmm. I seem to recall something…what was that?" he said in a thoughtful tone, "ah, yes," smiling, he raised his eyes to the ceiling as if in thought, and panted out in a high pitched tone, mimicking her words days before, "I want you inside me. I want you to fuck me while my mothers' only a second away. I want her to realize just what I've become…,"Angelus paused and looked into her eyes as he watched the words she had spoken play across her face. Almost nonchalantly, but not quite, he simply added the last of her words, "A whore."

Buffy's eyes fell to his chest. He was right. She had spoken the word more than once. But felt it far more deeply inside her. Why stop now. What was the point. Slowly she lowered herself to his jutting member as she took a hold of his cock. His dark, angry gaze never left her for a moment. Buffy slowly took his rod into her mouth. Nibbling it and sucking it as her tears fell on his shaft only to be wiped away by her own mouth. She could feel Angelus watch her. Glancing up quickly she saw the hatred in his eyes. She was being paid back for that remark of hers earlier. But instead of holding her head as he usually did, pumping into her mouth at a gagging force or speaking obscenities to her, he stood silent. The only emotion on his face were his eyes, glowering into her. Not once did he utter a sound or make a slight movement. Merely stood still, watching her.

Buffy knew he was about to cum, as she could feel his balls tighten. When she released him from her mouth and began pumping his seed out, spilling onto her blouse, still, he made no sound. No grunt. No jerk of his hips like he always did. Just those same eyes piercing into her.

Buffy wiped her face and stood again facing him. His look was cold. She was certain he was going to just plow into her. Take his pleasure anyway he wanted. Instead, he did nothing. Just stood there. After what felt like years to Buffy he turned away and walked to the other end of the room. Heading toward the bathroom, he tossed over his shoulder, "Leave. You've provided your service."


Buffy sat on the swing set in the park. His words dancing around in her head for the past hour. You've provided your service. Maybe she was wrong. Maybe Angelus didn't care about her. He was imagining himself with Willow, not her. And her great blowjob, which usually created amazing special effects on his part, were, to pardon the pun, blown off.

"I was a mouth for him. Just something for him to lose his load. He's probably fucked women while we've been together. Been together," Buffy thought as she laughed to herself, "like we were some sort of couple. He never cared. He just fucks who he wants."

"You're right, luv," Spike said coming out from behind the bushes with a wooden bat in hand. "He fucks whomever he wants," he said as he delivered a powerful blow to Buffy's head. Staring down at her unconscious body he smiled, "Now it's my turn."

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All credit to the Author Angeal_Leannan

Pangs of Clarity

Where the hell is she? She pulls a stunt like she did last night, then damn well takes off and doesn’t come back. Well, I know I told her to leave. But Fuck! When has she ever listened to me before? And now it’s daytime. Can’t leave. Damn sun. I have a raging hard on, which granted is my own fault since I was wacking off in the shower recalling her disobedience from last evening. Spit of a thing that Slayer. Pisses me off enough to shove my cock down her throat, and now I want nothing more than to fuck her for hours because she’s such a headstrong child.

Fuck! Where is she??


“So you haven’t heard from her?”

“No. I’m afraid not Joyce.”

“Oh,” she sunk deeper into the couch, “I just thought, well, Buffy talks so much about you. And you’ve helped her out so much. I just thought…oh Mr.Giles. I don’t know what to think. She wasn’t angry when she left for school yesterday morning. But you said she was at school.”

“Yes Joyce. She was. And she was fine,” Giles had been steadying his nerves with bourbon all night. Was the beast Angelus spoke of? Was it the Erkshire? Even through all his extensive research last night, he had not come across anything remotely at all what Angelus spoke of. But then, where was she? “Joyce you need to keep calm. This is a small town. Chances are she just needed time to herself.”

“She’s never done anything like this. I’ve called Willow. Xander. No one knows where she is.”


His cupped her heavy breast in each of his palms, slowly fondling her, hoping to arouse her from her slumber. He had taken off every article of clothing she had had on the previous night. Spike inhaled each piece extensively as he savored the aroma of her juice mixed with the smell of Angelus. He even darted out his tongue to taste a sweet drop that had decided to linger around longer than the whole act itself.

Buffy’s head slowly moved as he backed away. Spike stood as he watched her features contort. First the soft moans escaped her at the awakening of a new day. Then the awareness that something had happened the night previous, but she couldn’t remember. Then the pain she felt in her temples as consciousness began to take over. And at last, the sharp fear of remembrance.

Buffy bolted her head up to witness Spike’s stare. He smiled back at her, “Are we alright then, luv? Thought I might have hit a tad harder than I should have.”

“You bastard. Let me – ,” slowly Buffy’s head followed the lines of her body. From her bare toes painted with a light pink, up to her round breasts peaked with a rosy hue. Fear washed over her, “what did you do?”

“Relax. We didn’t shag. I just wanted to have a good eye-full of what Angelus has been seeing. Hoping that I’d see it myself.”

“See what?”

“What keeps him so bloody infatuated with you,” he backed up slightly as he turned to stoke the fire. That was one thing at least that Buffy was grateful for. “I have to say, I don’t see it. I mean, sure, tight little petit body and all. But that’s it. And Angelus has had his share of little blondes.” Again he turned to watch her. “But there has to be something more,” he leaned against the wall, “is it the fact you let him bugger you?” Buffy’s eyes widened, “Oh, luv, we all know of that. He squeezed into you in the cemetery.”

“Are you going to kill me or just talk my ear off until I commit suicide? ‘Cause as amusing as this all is, I do have places to be.”

“You have no place to be. After the story your lover told your Watcher, his head will be buried in those musty old books. The only place you have to be is here. You see I’m thinking that if I can’t see why he so enamored with you, maybe I’ll be able to feel it,” a wicked grin spread across his face. A grin that would have made Angelus proud.

“This is getting old,” Buffy said while attempting to subtly pull on her restraints, “we all know how jealous you are of Angelus. Add that to the fact that he’s probably been screwing Dru since he’s gone all soulless and all. You want a little payback. Well, if I don’t kill you first, I’m sure Angelus would love the honors. And since I have read up on some of his more interesting and creative torture techniques, I’m sure you’ll be in for some good quality time with Daddy,” she smiled.

“Keep talking luv. It’ll make it all that more enjoyable,” Spike said while pulling off his duster and unzipping his fly.


“Giles what are we gonna do? No ones’ heard from her since yesterday. Its nightfall now,” Willow finished as tears streaked her face. Xander placed his hand on her shoulder in an attempt to console her. But quickly moving away, she went to stand beside Oz.

“I don’t know. Jenny has been looking through a few things in the occult. See if anything was slated to happen this week; any dark ceremonies and such. So far, no luck,” Giles said pulling off his glasses, wiping them then replacing them back on his nose. It was more out of nervousness than cleanliness.

The library doors opened and Cordelia walked through the doors. Off everyone’s somber faces, she quipped, “What? No one’s found little girl lost yet? I thought you guys were supposed to be, you know, the Scoobies or something,” They all glared toward her. Xander shook his head at Willow’s even stare toward him and slowly lowered his head. Cordelia huffed, “More like Inspector Gadget. You guys are always screwing up.”

“Cordy,” Xander spoke, “you’re not helping.”

“Whatever,” she stated off their looks, “I just thought you’d all want to know that I saw Angelus on the way here.”

“What?” They all spoke in unison.

Giles approached her quickly, “What do you mean you saw him? You saw him, but he didn’t see you?”

“No. I mean, he and I spoke. And can I just say, I know he’s all evil and stuff, but at least he talks more now than he used to. Though I kind of liked him better not talking. I mean, don’t you hate it when people talk none stop about themselves? So juvenile.”

“Cordelia,” Again they all spoke in unison, their irritation growing and patience growing thin.

Giles sighed heavy then carefully looking into the young womans eyes, “What did he say?”

“Yeah,” Xander walked closer, “and how’d he wind up not eating you?”

Willow snuggled closer to a protective Oz, “Even Angelus didn’t want to get to know Cordelia that intimately.” Oz smiled back at her.

“He asked me if I had seen Buffy. That’s it.”

Giles looked at her questioningly, “He asked you if you had seen Buffy?”

“Yeah. He was all quiet at first, ya know. Then it was like macho jerk showed up, and he adds, ‘cause I’m up for a good fight.’ Men. I know what he was up for,” she smiled, “those leather pants show it all off,” she said looking over at Willow who turned her head slightly to avoid the gaze.

Giles cleared his throat at her last comment. “So he doesn’t have her. Or -,” Jenny walked in the room. Giles raised his eyes toward her, “Jenny. Did you find anything?”

“I’m sorry Rupert. I couldn’t find a thing. All is quiet on the evil side. Well, on the planning of bigger things anyway. And I couldn’t find anything about this Erkshire either.”

“Damnit,” he muddled under his breath.

Xander gathered his jacket, “Well, I can’t just sit here anymore. I have to do something. I’m gonna check out the cemeteries. Keep my ears open if I can hear anything. Cordy, wanna come?”

“Yeah. Cause I just wanted to spend my evening in a graveyard with you. Do you know how much these shoes cost?”

“So, you’ll get daddy to buy another pair.”

Cordelia pondered a moment, “Well, there is a lot of evil and scary things out there. And I am gonna get scared. And you know what happens when girls get scared,” she smiled as Xander had momentarily forgot all about Buffy.


“I don’t know Rupert. Maybe Angelus only spoke to Cordelia to throw us off. Maybe he has her?”

They weren’t a couple anymore. But still, Jenny Calendar had such grace. And although she was certainly at least partly responsible for Angels turn, due to her silence, Giles was in love with her. “I must admit, I was somewhat skeptical when Angelus came to me about this Erkshire. I mean, he did explain himself, although rather weakly. There is just something I’m missing.”

“What are we going to do?”

Giles finished his cup of tea, setting the mug with a clang on the desk. “We’re going to pay Angelus a visit.”

***** “Oh Buff. You have to watch this part. It’s beautiful,” Spike said as he turned up the volume on the TV.

Buffy slowly moved her head to the side and watched the images play out on the screen. It was she and Angelus. They were at her house. The camera, courtesy of Spike, had been planted in the house with thanks to a minion. Since Spike didn’t have access to the Summers home, the minion was therefore hired.

Buffy was sitting on the island in the kitchen. Her bare legs hung over Angelus. Her skirt hem rode high on her thighs and her blouse torn open to reveal a beautiful burgundy silk bra. No lace, Simple and elegant. The bra enveloped her breasts snuggly, but comfortably so that her breasts bursted above the seam. She was in a state of complete abandon as Angelus continued to lap at her pussy.

“Here comes the shot Buff. Wait for it,” Spike said as he watched the video-tape with his raging hard on in hand, slowly stroking it.

The video showed before them as Angelus’ face finally came into view with that arrogant look on his face. Spike paused the tape, “Look at him luv. His whole bloody face is covered in your juice,” Spike looked at Buffy, who had been watching the scene wishing she was back in her kitchen. Back with her legs hanging over her lover as he lapped her up. Noticing Spike’s glare, she turned her face out of view. “Aww, come on. Tell me there Slayer. Are you soaked right now?” he waited a beat before continuing, “you could answer me, and I’ll just move on. Or you could not answer me, and I’ll just come see for myself. So then, are you soaked?”

“Yes,” she whispered.

Spike smugly turned toward the TV again, hitting the play button in the process.

“My lover does like her pussy tasted, doesn’t she?”

“Yes. Please Angelus. Fuck me. I’m so wet. I need you to fuck me hard.”

“Hard lover? Why? Were you a bad little Slayer?”

“Yes,” she moaned as she desperately tried to get closer to the mouth that had abandoned her moist center.

“How were you bad, lover?”

“Because. We fought. I hurt you. Cut your eye.”

“Hmm…yes. I seem to recall now. Tell me Buff,” Angelus said as he slowly traced her lower lips with a finger, teasing her mercilessly, “did you want to taste my blood? Did you, even for one fleeting moment, imagine drinking from me? Becoming my mate for eternity. Think about it lover: you and I fucking until the end of time. I’d shower you with the most beautiful and priceless gifts. You’d be my Queen and we could rule the world together. My mate. My lovely little Buffy. Tell me,” he lowered his head briefly, sticking his tongue out and lapping up her juice that had began to drip, then returning to watch her face, “tell me Buff. Did you want to taste me?”

“Yes,” she sighed.

Buffy closed her eyes. How could she have admitted that? They had fought earlier that evening. More of sparring partners actually. But she had done a high kick that connected with his face. Cut his eye. She saw the blood. Witnessed that she hurt her lover. And felt a pang in her heart because of it. But as Angelus stood watching her, he saw the look in her eyes. The desire flow through her at the possibility. Perhaps the inevitable.

She had walked slowly up to him that night. Placed her hands on his shoulders and leaned up. She tasted his cheek, ran her tongue up the side. Nearly bathed his face, yet avoided the blood. It was a step she couldn’t take. Wouldn’t. Or so she told herself. But she wanted to feel as if she was going to do it; the adrenaline rush, the desire to be by this man’s side for all eternity.

“Were you ever going to?” Spike questioned as he momentarily stopped stroking his cock, “when you walked over to him. Were you going to taste his blood?”

There was that pang again, Buffy felt. But was it because of her admitting that she even contemplated it. Or, was it because she really had? In that moment, she really wanted nothing more in the world than to taste his blood. And for him to take her. Every last part of her.

A smile spread across his face. Angelus buried his head back between her thighs as Buffy placed her hand atop his head. Not to guide. With Angelus, no guidance was needed. The hand was to keep him there. One thing she learnt with Angel during their makeout sessions, was he had an incredibly long and talented mouth.

Angelus tightened his tongue, and while a finger played across her clit, he inserted his tongue into her passage, fucking her with wild abandon. And shocked at himself, he had not pulled away at the feel of her hand on his head. He liked it there.

Buffy began to grind harder into him, “Oh, fuck. Angelus. Yesss…deeper…I want your cock. Please. I need it..”

Angelus’ tongue lashing did not waver. He continued his penetrative lashing long after her orgasm had subsided. He stood and thrust his cock inside her tight passage, causing another orgasm to ripple through her. Her legs swung around him, holding him tight to her sweat soaked body as the two lovers screamed out their ecstasy as Angelus emptied his seed deep within her body.

Buffy fell against the island, completely spent. Angelus gathered her in his arms and, with his cock still hard, carried her over to the dining room table where he placed her. Buffy stirred as she realized she was fully on the table.

Angelus could feel Buffy’s eyes on him, “Lets hope this table is sturdy. They don’t make them like they used to.”

“I can’t. Angelus. We’ve been going at it for hours. I’m sore. And my mom will be home soon.”

“Aww, poor Slayer. Maybe you need another good fucking in that hole. I mean, if you want it to get used to something, you have to keep at it,” he chuckled, “perhaps I should attach my dick to you all day long. Have you walk around with me shoved in that tight pussy. I’m sure Giles would love the show. He doesn’t get much.”

Buffy sighed as he got on the table, straddling her. “Sit up.”


“Sit. Up.”

Buffy rose slightly. She watched as Angelus took her blouse off and then her bra, discarding each of the items onto the floor. Slowly, Buffy lowered herself back down to the table.

“Remember back in the cemetery when I said I had plans for your tits later? Well, here’s my plan,” Angelus stood on his knees and with both hands, fondled her breasts, occasionally sweeping down to capture a puckered nipple between his teeth and gently biting down. It didn’t take long for Buffy to start swooning again.

“That feels…so good. I never knew that being touched here could turn me on so much..”

Angelus, who had been stroking his cock, sat back up, and with cold eyes, said, “Hold your tits together,” off Buffy’s look, he stated it again, “hold your tits Buff. I’m gonna fuck them and watch my come spill out over them and on your face.”

Buffy looked at herself, as much as she could while lying down, then questioningly at Angelus.

He sighed heavy, then reaching out, pushed her breasts tight together, like this.” Buffy replaced her hands with his. He pumped his cock several more times, then raised himself slightly on his knees. He pushed between her breasts and Buffy could hear his sigh. He thrusted between them, quickly gaining momentum. And while Angelus seemed to be having the time of his life, this did little for her.

Buffy darted out her tongue each time the purple head came toward her. She desperately tried to taste him, but he moved too fast. The only thing she felt was the overwhelming desire to have Angelus back inside her again. Pain be damned. She wanted some relief from the aching in her core.

“Oh, yes….I love your tits Buff. They are so fucking good. I’m gonna come….fuck,” Angelus thrusted profusely. The sensations were incredible. This human was tight everywhere. “Fuck,” Angelus pumped several more times, then spilled his seed of her neck and face.

Angelus could feel her wiggle under him. “Hmm…guess my Buff wasn’t really ready to call it quits just yet, was she?”

“Please Angelus.”

“Well, as much as I love to hear you beg and see you on your knees…” he grabbed the thick candle that rested at the end of the table. He held the candle while he wiped the remnants of himself from her body on it. The candle glistened with his semen when he was through.

“What are you doing?”

“We’ve gone nine times in the last couple of hours. Even I need a good twenty minutes every now and then. Just relax.”

Angelus sat up once again and positioned the candle at her entrance. Buffy had a worried look on her face. Surely she must have gotten off on household items before. Either way, she would now. He thrust the hard item inside her as she lifted off the table. It didn’t take long for her to fuck the candle the same way she fucked him.

Spike turned the TV off. As he glanced over to his side he saw Buffy holding her legs tight together, desperate for the friction. Passion played across her face. She needed to come. Well, Spike thought, he was due for a little community service…


“Xander! Oh…don’t stop. That feels…” Xander began, in his own clumsy state, pulling on Cordelia’s nipple. His hand went underneath the hem in her track pants. Her panties soaked with her desire. Xander wanted nothing more than to get down on his knees and eat her right there. The last time he tasted her, he wasn’t sure about the taste. But suddenly his views changed, Cordy had this high pitched scream when she came. And her arrogance didn’t stop when she left school grounds. She gave orders, “Xander will you just stick your finger in already. I’m soaking my pants.”

He smiled up at her. “And my hand. But of course that’s not the first time. Cause this isn’t out first time. Well, it could be out first time if we go all the way, cuz we haven’t done that -.”

“Oh would you shut up,” Cordelia grabbed his hand and threw him against the stone monument. One of many that housed the dead. She quickly unzipped the fly to his kakis. Pulling out his cock, she smiled up at him, “Now I better get the favor returned. Cause if what happened last time is gonna happen again, then you can forget it buddy.”

“I’m sorry I fell asleep after. You just did such a good job.”

“Thanks for the compliment,” she sneered then lowered her head toward his cock. Cordelia didn’t start slow. She plunged his cock as far as she could down her throat as her hand pumped his cock at the same time. The only thing Xander could do was hold on for dear life.

“Damn. Cordy. Really. You should start slow. It’ll make him last longer. On second thought. Don’t slow down. No one needs to see his dick longer than ten seconds.”

Cordelia had jumped up to stand beside Xander, who frantically tried to tuck himself back in his pants.

Cordelia’s hands rested on her hips, “What are you doing here. Aren’t you supposed to be out killing people or something.”

Xander leaned in close to her, “Unless it’s us he wants to kill.”

“Relax school boy. I’d never go anywhere near your blood. I’d be afraid it would make me a bumbling idiot. But Cordelia….those tits just speak to me,” he smirked. Cordy. Really. You should start slow. It’ll make him last longer. On second thought. Don’t slow down. No one needs to see his dick longer than ten seconds.”

Cordelia had jumped up to stand beside Xander, who frantically tried to tuck himself back in his pants.

Cordelia’s hands rested on her hips, “What are you doing here. Aren’t you supposed to be out killing people or something.”

Xander leaned in close to her, “Unless it’s us he wants to kill.”

“Relax school boy. I’d never go anywhere near your blood. I’d be afraid it would make me a bumbling idiot. But Cordelia….those tits just speak to me,” he smirked.

She smiled, “Thanks.”

“Any word on Buff?”

“No. And you’re the one that probably has her,” Xander quipped before shutting up.

“I don’t have her. If I did, she would be down on her knees sucking my cock right now. I didn’t get the satisfaction I really needed from her last night,” Angelus had meant to say those words quietly to himself, but the others had heard.

“Yeah, right,” Xander laughed, “like she would go anywhere near you. Unless it was to beat your ass again.”

“Hmm. Well, you could ask Willow. She saw it all.”

Willow and Oz came into focus as Willow stared with a straight face toward Xander as the realization slowly spread across his face that Angelus was telling the truth.

Oz spoke softly to change the subject, “We ran into Angelus a minute ago. Still can’t find Buffy.”

“Well, I’m off. I’m hungry and none of you are at all appetizing to me. Don’t follow me. Or I’ll break your necks. Nice chatting with you all again, “he smirked, “its been really boring.”

They all watched as Angelus crossed the space between them. Xander then quickly held up a crucifix, “You’re not going anywhere fang boy.”

“Don’t test me boy. I’ve been in a good mood,” suddenly his face softened. “Goodnight. Oh, and Cordy. Try to slobber less when you go down on him. Really, not very ladylike. Buff does it much better. Very clean,” with the final comment, Angelus reseeded into the woods leaving the four in the cemetery with nothing left to say.

It had all been said.


“Get the fuck away from me,” Buffy screamed as Spike traced a finger on her lower lips. He brought the finger to his mouth, slowly tasting it.

“Hmm. So warm. I miss that. The taste, the warmth is just so delectable when you’re a human.” Spike stood again walking toward the end of the room again. His face hidden from her view, “but I’ve been thinking. We could shag. I could get off. Kill you, marking the tally up to three Slayers. And really piss Angelus off. Or I could do something far worse,” he turned his face back toward her.

Buffy’s eyes widened as clarity came into focus at his plans. Spike stared back, a smile that made his fangs shine bright in the dim light.

***** Angelus passed by the old cabin in the woods. It was near the interstate highway that led out of Sunnydale. But why would anyone want to leave the Hellmouth? The town, while not heavily populated, was a great place to live, feed and play.

He stopped in his tracks. “Buffy,” he whispered to himself. Angelus took a deep intake of the air. It was Buffy. He could smell her. She was afraid. And she was…horny? He frantically turned in his track. Desperately searching for which way her scent had gone. Until he picked up another scent. His face changed from the glorious man that most of the world saw, to the evil creature that very few people saw after the initial second before being attacked. “Spike,” he growled.


The door burst open as Angelus watched Buffy slip from Spike’s embrace to the ground. The blood slowly ran down her throat to the hard floor beneath. Her naked body bathed in the glow of the fire.

Angelus looked up to see Spike. Spike’s eyes gleamed and the only thing Angelus noted was the blood that surrounded him mouth. He never heard the words that came out of Spike’s mouth. Nor did he hear, just before his attack, Drusilla come up behind him with a crowbar. There was nothing but silence until the crack to the head.

Dru looked up at Spike. “Poor daddy. His head’s been warped by the pretty Slayer. But not anymore, right Spike?”

“No, my princess,” he picked her up, twirling her around the room, “not anymore.”


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