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09-28-2006, 08:52 AM
My wife had a college professor who really tried to be “cool” with her students. So she would typically have students over for events at her house. Also, she would allow students to turn in projects to her home if they were not able to get them to class in time. Let me describe my wife’s professor to you.

Her name is Amy. She is about 5’6” and is somewhere around 130 pounds, brunette. She has small, supple tits. But the thing that caught my eye about her is her ass. Being an ass man, this is normally the first thing that I notice. Amy has an ass like a Black or Latina woman. It is thick, pear-shaped and fills her pants out incredibly well. She has a muscular ass like a gymnast or track runner. I would take sneak peeks at her ass every chance I would get.

Well, one day my wife had an assignment to turn in and there was no way that she would make it to school or to the professor’s house because she had a busy day and it was a 45 minute drive one way just to get out there.

“Honey, aren’t you driving out to school today?”

“Yes, babe,” I said. “I have a couple of classes today.”

“Well, could you drop my project off at Amy’s house or her office for me?”


I tried not to sound too excited but who would not love the opportunity to see that incredible ass once again. I got Amy’s phone number from my wife and called her as I was driving out to school.

“Hey Amy, this is Al.”

“Oh Al, it is good to hear your voice. To what do I bestow the honor?”

“Haley, finished her project and wanted me to drop it off. Where would be the best place to meet you?”

“Well, what time were you thinking of trying to drop it off?”

“I have a two hour break in between my classes. My first class ends at 3:05. I could bring it by then.”

“Well, I won’t be at the office but you can drop it by my house.”

A wicked smile crossed my face and I felt like the heavens had opened up for me and the stars had all aligned.

“Sure, I will be there at around 3:15 or 3:30.”

“Great, I will see you then.”

I went to my first class and let me tell you, I could not believe that time would move that slowly. I looked at my lecture notes later and they made no sense. All I could think of for that hour was the chance to see Amy’s beautiful ass.

Class finally let out and I basically sprinted to my car. The stars were aligned. I did not get stopped by one red light and made it to her house a lot faster then I had originally anticipated. I grabbed my wife’s stuff and knocked on Amy’s door. And there she was.

“Come on in.”

As she turned away, my eyes went right to the object of my every manly desire. I could feel an instant tent being created in my pants.

Once inside, I handed the project to Amy. She took it and set it down right next to her desk. Amy was wearing this tight skirt that perfectly accented every divine quality of her ass. I blatantly took advantage of the exquisite sight I had kneeling before me.

“Do you like what you see?”

Startled I looked up and our eyes met in the mirror that was right in front of us. In my haste to check out her ass, I did not notice the full length mirror. Being caught with my hand in the cookie jar, I apologized for being so offensive.

“Sorry, I just could not resist.” Wanting to test the waters, I made the next statement. “It is just that you have such a beautiful ass.”

“You know that I have seen you looking at me before. Sometimes I would wear certain skirts, shorts, or pants just because I knew you were going to be there.”

Emboldened by her statement, I stepped forward and landed a kiss on Amy’s mouth. Her response was immediate and I found myself in a lust filled embrace. Man, could this woman kiss. She started to push me backward until I landed on her couch.

“You do not know how long I have waited to do this. Haley has told me about how satisfied she is in your marriage. I wanted to see this for myself.”

She quickly unzipped my pants, pulled out my cock and proceeded to lower her mouth unto my cock. My cock is about 7.5” long but 2.5” thick. Her technique was phenomenal. She would let the head of my cock brush against her throat while open and collapsing her mouth in order to keep a tight ring around my cock.

I could no longer take it. I had to have that ass. So I grabbed her, put her face first on the couch and slid my cock into her from behind.
“Uuuummm please fuck me with your thick cock. Take it slow at first, I have not had sex in a while.”

So I worked my cock into her until my balls slapped against her arse. I gave her a few thrusts just to get her cunt loosened up. Out to my head and then into her cunt up to my balls.

“Amy, your pussy is so tight. It feels soooo good.”

At this point, I started to fuck her like a jack rabbit. I grabbed her hips and fucked her for all she was worth. Then I got a wicked idea. I wanted to try something I had never done before and this was my chance to do so.

“I love how you play with my clit while you fuck me. I am going to cum soon.”

I picked up the pace and fucked her as hard as I could. Suddenly, she let out a scream and started to tremble underneath me. This was the chance I had been waiting for. I pulled dripping wet cock out of her cunt and pushed it into her asshole.

“No, no. I have never done that before. Please stop, it hurts.”

I did not care. I was not going to miss out on the chance to fuck this gorgeous ass. She squirmed underneath me trying to get away. But my grip was too strong. Her virgin ass was soooo tight.

After a few minutes of anal fucking, her song started to change as she relaxed her arse.

“Come on. Fuck me up the ass. It hurts but it also feels so good.”

That was all of the incentive I needed. I grabbed her hips and would pull her ass onto my cock as I entered her each time.

“Oh Amy, I am about to cum.”

“Cum for me. Fill my bowels with your seed.”

I shot my load into Amy’s arse. I have since be to Amy’s place a few more times but things have changed since my wife and I graduated. But nothing will ever be like that first time.

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Excellent story...great flow and spacing....thanks for posting this....

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very nice thank you

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