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08-25-2011, 09:36 PM
Chapter 2. Paying for the dress.

At exactly 11 AM Mary knocked on John's office door and after hearing a single word command of enter she opened the door and stepped inside closely followed by Bill. John turned to face her and totally ignoring Bill he demanded that she raised her skirt to prove she had obeyed the first rule and that she was not wearing panties. An excited Mary carried out John's commands almost energetically which was a surprise to Bill, for his normally placid and sexually uninterested wife was now displaying clear tendencies to be a raving nymphomaniac.

Delighted that she had obeyed, John asked Bill if he had enjoyed eating her cunt after the party finished and almost as one both Bill and Mary announced simultaneously that nothing more had happened after John had left. Partially intending to humiliate Bill and partially intending to begin his training to becoming a complete cuckold, John insisted that Bill remove his trousers and any underwear he was wearing. A more cautious Bill almost began to hesitate until a stern look from his wife made him think twice about it, now expecting to be told to leave his underwear off but put his trousers back on, Bill waited with his small 5 inch prick dangling. It was weird but the more he waited the more his cock began to stiffen until he was sporting a 5 1/2 inch hard on, and John never to miss an opportunity to put a cuckold down instantly said, fuck me I have used bigger things than that to stir my tea.

Still waiting to be told to put his trousers back on, Bill was suddenly shocked when John came around the desk and opened the office door before saying right let's go. He ushered Mary out the door and left Bill to bring up the rear. To be honest Bill looked a site in shoes and socks, no trousers and underwear and his shirt hardly covering his tiny cock and stark white flesh. At a slow pace John made them walk to a car some distance from the office and Bill was aware of curtains twitching from the cabins they passed, this made him blush but increased his sexual tension and his hard on almost became painful.

When they got to the car Bill was expecting to sit in the back but was immediately told to climb in the driverís seat as he was going to be chauffeur to John and the slut. Bill climbed into the driverís seat and immediately felt a sharp blow to the side of his head, as he recovered he asked what was that for and was told as the chauffeur he should have opened the door for the master and his guests. Bill immediately climbed out of the driverís seat and held open the door while John climbed in and then John indicated for Mary to climbing in as well but she ordered her to kneel on the floor in the large spacious area of the stretch limousine. With a wave of his hand John indicated that Bill could close the door and climb into the driverís seat, he then gave him instructions on where to go and at what speed to travel.

In the interior mirror Bill was able to see his wife still on her knees but undoing her blouse, as the car engine engaged and the car began to move at the required speed. Bill was torn between watching in the mirror and concentrating on his driving as occasional glances told him what his wife was up to, as she was now topless and beginning to suck on John's meaty member. Luckily the traffic was light so there was very few instances where an accident could occur as Bill became almost mesmerised watching his wife so willingly sucking on this man's cock.

Following the direction she been given Bill soon turned the car into an industrial estate and a little further down the road into a private yard, John instructed him to park near the gate and having done so he was told to turn the engine off. John quickly managed to tuck his semi hard cock back in to his trousers before exiting the vehicle by the door held open by Bill. Mary was about to grab her blouse when she was told to leave it and the pair of them was told to follow him.

Once again John lead them slowly through the open air and towards the factory unit which was strangely silent as they half expected to hear the sounds of sewing machines at work in the factory unit that served as Benny's fashion unit. When they finally reached the door John rang the bell and after what seemed like an eternity of both Bill and Mary standing out almost naked in a strange surroundings, the door opened and there stood a man as tall as John himself but considerably older as his white hair revealed. The three people were ushered in and led through what seemed like racks and racks of materials into a large spacious area.

This area must have been where Benny held his press conferences and private fashion shows as it consisted of three leather sofas facing a T shaped Cat walk, against one wall was loads of stackable chairs like the type you would put out for a large audience. Immediately Benny ordered Bill to go stand at the end of the cat walk and to placing his hands upon his head, then turning to Mary he told her to remove the rest of her clothes and as John had told him how much of the bitch in heat she was, maybe she should get down on her hands and knees and act like one. Bill stood and watched as both John and Benny began to undress.

Mary let out an audible gasp when she saw the thickness of Benny's cock, it was about 7 inches in length and about 4 inches in circumference and at that point it was still soft. It was soon Bills turn to start to worry when as he watched Benny's cock began to sway as Benny walked towards Bill. Standing in front of Bill Benny then ordered Bill to get on his knees and to prepare this cock to plunge into his wife's virgin arse, as he said this he pointed to his own prick. Knowing to refuse would be suicidal Bill knelt down as instructed and meekly opened his mouth to accept what would be only his second other man's cock.

As he paid oral tribute to Benny's cock and began to harden and lengthen and soon reached its full majestic proportion of nearly 9 inches in length, and was so thick that Bill's mouth struggled open wide enough to accept it easily. Laughing Benny turned around and as he walked back towards Mary he jokingly said that he hoped that her arse could stretch better than the husband's puny mouth.

The best way to describe Benny was the he was a spoiler, in other words he was not so worried about what his victims felt as he was about making sure he got his cock where he wanted it to go and as Mary was about to find out he could be cruel and forceful. For he now knelt behind Mary and after sliding his cock head once along her cunt slit, he lined it up with her anal ring and began to push. Mary's underused anal ring had never had anything pushed up it let alone something this thick, so it tightened up to try to prevent being breached.

Benny was not going to take no for an answer so he just applied more and more pressure until finally the anal ring began to give and his cock head began to slide into a well stretched anal ring of Mary, not content with finally gaining access Benny just continued to increase the pressure until his balls were slapping against her cunt. He didn't even give her time to adjust to this massive cock up her arse he just began pounding away. Mary's cries of pain were pitiful on her husbandís ears but he knew that he could do nothing to help her; in fact it was John who used his own cock to act as a gag quiet her down as he pressed his cock into her mouth and eventually into her throat.

Between the two of them they now savagely began to fuck her at both ends and a really weird thought suddenly went through bills mind, what would happen if both cocks actually met each other somewhere in the middle of her stomach. On and on the two men pounded Mary's body and hurled verbal abuse at all and sundry, calling her a cock loving whore and Bill a spunk loving wimp. The more the two men pounded her body the more Mary began to like and the pain around the anal ring began to rapidly change into one of sheer pleasure and her gurgling sound coming from her mouth began to tell Bill that she wanted more so much more of what they were giving her.

Suddenly John thrusts his cock into her mouth and held it firm, as he unloaded his first load of spunk of the day down her throat and the delighted in having Bill know that his wife a common slut was swallowing every sperm spurt. It was around this time that suddenly Benny grabbed Mary's hips and thrust hard holding his cock deep inside her anal chute and declaring that he would like to see wimp Bill sucks that lot out. Mary cleaned John's cock as he pulled it from her mouth but Benny's was still covered in streaks of dark Brown and contrasting bright white streaks of shit and spunk and looking straight at Bill he demanded he get over here and suck this clean.

Once again Bill knew better than to refuse so he did as he was told and whilst he was actually sucking Benny's cock, Benny was very roughly wanking his almost to the point where he appeared to be trying to rip bills cock from his body. Again the strange thing to Bill was quickly found this exciting enough to actually very quickly reaches own orgasm and was mocked by both John and Benny for coming with such a little amount. As Mary laid there her well stretched arse allowed the mixture of spunk and shit to seep out and immediately Bill was ordered to lick it up, it took ages for Mary's anal ring to close up again and by that time both John and Benny were ready to go again.

This time John lay on his back and ordered Mary to climb on top of him and to slip his cock up her cunt, no sooner had she done so and she felt Benny pressing against her back as he unceremoniously ploughed his cock back up her arse and then the two of them fucked her in sync. As John's cock entered Mary's cunt then Benny's cock was coming out of her arse and vice versa, Mary was like a rag doll between the two of them and she just constantly whimpered as a orgasms merged into one long mind blowing experience, Mary knew that she was now hooked and would do whatever John told her to no matter what.

Once again both men filled her with their spunk and Bill was used to clean her up. An exhausted Mary was soon led out to the car with the naked husband following close behind. For almost 20 min they had to wait totally naked beside the car waiting for John to emerge and to unlock the car so that they could get in to it. As John drove the pair home was telling them that he was pleased so far and that in two hoursí time they would begin to prove their loyalty to him. All the way back to the motel John was smiling and whistling a happy tune as he planned their next adventure.

Arriving back at the motel, Mary was told to get a Bath and to pamper herself but to make sure that she shaved three times her cunt to make sure it was ultra-smooth, and then he was to put this on and come to the main restaurant wearing only the items in this bag. Bill was told that he too had better shave and John pointed to bills weedy cock and added and I don't mean your face. Bill was told that he had to escort is wife to the restaurant stark naked and be prepared to accept whatever was about to happen.