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Chapter 1
Tess pulled her mouth off her brother's pulsing cock.
"Mmmm, God," she grinned. "Is that good!"
"Just hurry up," Jeff panted. He clutched the back of her head and pressed it closer
to his glistening prick. He swiveled his hips upward, trying to force his cock back into
her mouth.
Tess swung her head to fling blonde hair out of her face.
"Just hold your horses!" she gasped. "I'm doing the best I can!"
She opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around the bulbous prickhead.
Jeff raised his hips still higher, eager to feel her mouth encircle his entire cockshaft.
He pressed a little more firmly on the back of her head at the same time, feeling his
aching cock sink farther into his sister's mouth.
"Mmmm, yeah!" he whispered. "That's it! Suck as much of my cock in your mouth as
you can!"
He started to buck. His body quivered as he flexed his ass muscles.
Tess moaned and squealed as she felt his huge cockhead press into her throat.
"That's the stuff," Jeff said. "That feels so good! I'm ready to shoot any second!
Pound my cock with your fist! Ooooo, yeah! You'll have my cum any second now!"
He worked his hips in circles, feeling her tongue press against the thick cum-chute
on the underside of his cockshaft, throbbing and ready to blast a load of creamy jism
into her throat.
Tess bobbed her head up and down his cock with increasing vigor. The thought of
his cum splashing into her mouth excited her. Her pussy was already damp, the
deep interior of her cunt itching as it trickled with excitement.
As she tightened her grip around her brother's cock with one hand, she reached into
his crotch with the other. She clutched his balls. Her fingers encircled the upper part
of his low-hanging sac and pulled downward. Then she fondled his meaty balls while
her fingernails scraped over the tender flesh of his inner thigh.
She pulled more of his cock into her mouth. She worked her tongue around the long
prickshaft. Every now and then she lowered her face as close to his crotch as she
could, sniffing the heady aroma of manly cock-hairs, sweaty balls and his cock slick
with her spit.
She bobbed lower. The knob of his cock fucked deeper into her throat. She gagged.
"Easy, Tess," Jeff said between rapid breaths. "Don't bite off more than you can
chew. You're doing just fine the way it is. Just pound my cock harder. Apply more
suction with your mouth." He rotated his hips downward, easing his prick out of her
throat. "Aaah, that's it. You don't have to do that deep-throat stuff the first time. We
can work up to that later. For now, just keep sucking my cock with your tight mouth.
Mmmmmm, yeah!"
He rubbed the back of her head reassuringly, twining his fingers in her long, wavy
blonde hair. His ass was bouncing with increasing fervor as he inched closer to
shooting his wad in her mouth. Though his prick and balls were aching for release,
he didn't want to choke her and ruin her first time at cock-sucking so she would
never want to do it again.
Tess gripped his lower cockshaft tighter and pounded it all the harder. She knew it
would be just like when he pounded his cock himself, and would probably cause his
cum to shoot all the sooner. Her lips raced up and down his prickshaft, her tongue
tickling the tender spot just under the giant cockhead and pressing more firmly
against his prickshaft.
Soon Jeff's legs started to quiver. He arched his back and tried to shove more of his
cock into her mouth. Then just as quickly, when he heard Tess gag again as his
prickhead pressed into her throat, he sank his ass into the mattress. His body jerked
uncontrollably as he felt the impending release of his cock and balls.
"Oh, yeah!" he gasped, squirming and panting.
His neck arched, his head pressing into the bed. He clutched his sister's head tightly
and held it still. His crotch began slapping up into her face fervently, his cock
stabbing into her mouth as it exploded.
"Unh, unh, unh!" he panted. "Oh, yes, yes, yes! This is it! I'm coming! Suck it, Tess!
Suck my cock hard! Pound it, pound it, pound it!"
Tess bounced and jerked violently as she sucked as hard as she could on her
brother's erupting cock. Her one hand massaged his balls with great speed and
dexterity while the other raced up and down on his slick prickshaft. Her eyes bugged
out as she felt his cock pulse in her mouth with every blast of his hot thick cum.
Jeff raised his head and stared through watery eyes at his crotch. He watched with
great joy as his cock disappeared over and over again into his sister's mouth. His
chest heaved frantically as he pumped a mighty load of his precious warm cum into
her throat.
"Oh, god, yessss!" he wailed. "Suck it, Tess. Suck the cum right up from my toes!"
Tess's cheeks caved in from the pressure she was applying to his exploding cock.
She could feel the mighty spurts of his cum shoot against the back wall of her throat
as she pounded his cock frantically. She tried to swallow as fast as she could,
welcoming with great glee the torrent of his salty, funky spunk.
When she felt the blasts of his cum slow a little, and the great fullness of his cock
stuffed in her mouth shrink, she pulled her head back. His hands relaxed their
pressure on her head and she was able to pull back far enough so only the head of
his great cock was in her mouth. She sucked on his prick-knob as if on a giant soda
straw, eager to vacuum up every drop of his tasty cum.
The great spurts of his cum slowed to a few sprays, then oozed out his cock in a
thick, steady stream for a couple of seconds. She greeted the gobs of cum on her
tongue eagerly, then rolled the rich cream around in her mouth, tasting the great
male flavor. With hums of delight, she swallowed happily, sending the gooey fluid
down to join the rest in her belly.
Jeff's body convulsed a few final times as his cock chucked up the last of its load. He
let his ass fall back to the bed while his sister sucked and licked his flagging cock
dry. He stroked her pale blonde hair gratefully, his chest heaving as he struggled for
Tess slurped her mouth off his prick, then sucked and kissed his cockhead a few
more times. Her fingers continued to play with his balls, feeling the shriveled leathery
sac grow long again after producing his mighty load. She scratched his thighs and
balls and gave his cockhead a final sucking kiss as she laid his limp prick on his
hairy belly.
Then she raised her head.
"How'd I do?"
"Great," Jeff said between breaths. "Absolutely great. That was one hell of a blowjob!"
"Thanks," she said, grinning. She tucked some loose strands of her bright-yellow hair
behind her ear and started to get up to leave.
Jeff grabbed her wrist. "Hey, where are you going?"
She scowled at him. "Well, that's what you wanted, isn't it? Wasn't that our
He gave her a lusty grin. "Well, yeah, but -"
"But what?"
"Don't you wanna get off, too? I mean, what were you playing with yourself for if you
didn't want to get off?"
She shifted her weight and tried to pull her wrist out of his grasp. "I can take care of
He shrugged. "I can too, but it's better when someone else does it for you."
He released her arm to see what she would do. She pulled it away.
"Suit yourself," he said with a tone of finality in his voice, and pretended to get up.
She stared at him. "Let me get this straight? Are you trying to tell me you want to ..."
He clutched her wrist again and pulled her closer to the bed, this time with very little
resistance. "You just squat over my face and I'll show you just exactly what I'm trying
to tell you."
Tess leered at him. A soft grin wrinkled her lips. She rested one knee on the bed and
swung the other over his well-developed torso. She continued to look down into her
brother's handsome face, still not believing what was about to happen.
Fifteen minutes before, when he had caught her playing with their mother's dildo, she
thought the shit was going to hit the fan for sure. Tess had known for quite a while
that their mother kept dildos, vibrators and other sex toys in her nightstand. More
than a few times, when no one was home, she slipped in, borrowed one of the
tantalizing instruments of pleasure and fucked herself silly.
But this time, when Jeff caught her, he threatened to tell. She begged him not to.
She promised him she would do anything - if he promised not to tell.
Although she had only sucked on one guy's cock before in her young life, she had
really gotten off on it. And she never thought she would suck on her own brother's
cock. But it was either that or get tattled on. And when she was sucking his prick into
her mouth and feeling his cum shoot down her gullet, she never thought she would
see the day when he would be eating her pussy.
She slowly lowered her damp crotch to his face as he lifted his head off the pillow.
She could see his lips part and his wet pink tongue slide out between his teeth -
inching closer to her aching, pulsing cunt. Slowly, inch by inch, the distance between
his tongue and her cunt narrowed, until finally she felt the flat of his tongue press
right against her moist yellow-fringed pussylips.
She flinched. Her heart thudded wildly. Her throat went suddenly dry. She thought
her pussy was going to explode right then and there.
Her hips jerked back and she yelped. Shivers of excitement raced throughout her
system. But Jeff's head persisted in closing the gap, and in another second the tip of
his tongue was tantalizing her pussy again.
Her ass sank closer to his chest, her pussy closing in on his mouth. Jeff reached up
and clutched both her asscheeks, raising and lowering them as he snaked his
tongue around the surface of her juicy cunt. He scooted a little lower and pulled her
crotch closer to his face.
Jeff brought his hands up under her thighs and into her crotch. With several fingers,
he separated her damp cuntlips and lapped up the entire slick crevice of her pussy.
Her cunt was extremely wet, sweet, and tasty, and he could feel his cock getting
hard just from eating her.
When his tongue traveled higher and flicked into the area between her upper
pussylips, Tess flinched. He had touched that tender little fleshy bubble of her clit.
She shook and shuddered, her insides feeling as though they were on fire.
"Unh, God, Jeff!" she panted. "Jeez, Louise! I can't believe it! That's driving me nuts!
I can't stop shaking!"
Jeff thought he must be hurting her. He feared he was doing something wrong. He
stopped licking her clit and pulled his head away from her crotch.
Tess panicked. She instantly spread her knees to force her pussy lower to his face.
"Oh God, no, Jeff! Don't stop! Holy shit! Don't stop now! I'm quivering all over! I've
never been so worked up! Just keep licking my clit and you'll have me shooting off in
no time!"
She wriggled her ass and ground her pussy against his face. Jeff stuck his tongue
out again and this time it sank deep into her cunthole. He darted his tongue in and
out of the fleshy folds of her pussy, tasting more of her sweet juices.
His face was wet already from her free-flowing cuntjuice. His nose nuzzled into the
upper crease of her cunt, jiggling against her clit as he thrust his tongue deeper and
harder into her flaming fuckhole. The flesh on the underside of his tongue began to
hurt and burn, as though it were about to be ripped from its moorings.
But that didn't stop him. His rapidly revitalizing prick flip-flopped on his lower belly as
he devoured his sister's delicious cunt. His heart was beating frantically, his
breathing speeding up.
Tess clutched her tits and started massaging them as her pussy heated up in
response to Jeff's tongue-bath. Her eyes closed automatically and she was lost
suddenly in a dream world. She floated and drifted, feeling a long, drawn-out orgasm
rising as Jeff continued to lick and suck her cunt.
Her firm tits seemed to be screaming with a desperate hunger. She pressed them
into her chest, trying to relieve the deep aching. Her tits hurt almost as though they
had been bruised, and she needed to knead and massage the pain away.
Then she tweaked and pinched her nipples. Her back arched, her mouth hung open,
and low moans rolled up from her throat as she inched closer to her orgasm.
Jeff could tell she was nearing blasting off by the way her body arched and shook
uncontrollably. He fucked his tongue in and out of her pussy all the more eagerly,
dying to have her climax and shoot her sweet cuntjuice in his mouth and all over his
face. Then, just as quickly as he had shoved his tongue into her cunthole, he pulled
it out and worked it over her clit again as she trembled and convulsed more rapidly.
He kneaded her asscheeks harder, feeling their firmness, their smooth flesh. He
slipped several fingers into the crack of her gorgeous ass and pressed them against
her asshole. Instantly Tess sputtered and winced.
"Oh, God, Jeff!" she panted. "This is it! Christ! I'm coming! I'm coming like never
before! That's it! That's it! Flick your tongue over my clit and I'm gone!"
Jeff's tongue fluttered over her clit. He clutched her hips with a steely grip to hold her
ass steady as she erupted. Her body was an uncontrollable writhing mass of joy.
When he felt her pussyjuice start to drip on his chin, he stopped flicking his tongue
over her clit. He opened his mouth wide and wrapped his lips completely around her
puffy pussylips. His tongue flitted and darted as he drank from the overflowing
fountain of her cunt.
Tess squirmed and clutched her tits all the harder. She shook and whimpered. Her
mind was reeling in the greatest ecstasy she had ever known as her brother
continued to fuck her flooding pussy with his long, stiff tongue.
She shook spasmodically and lurched forward. Her pussy came off Jeff's face and
her eyes opened. Jeff reached up and grabbed her, pulling her wet, frantically
heaving and contorting body down next to him.
Chapter 2

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