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indian aviator
08-27-2011, 10:15 AM
Chapter 4
"Oh God, Jeffy!" Dianne gasped, pulling her mouth off his. "Your cock is hard again."
Instinctively, her thighs parted. She swiveled her hips upward, feeling the huge knob
of his prick drag down the steamy crevice of her pussy. She paused when she felt
his throbbing cockhead contact the yawning opening of her cunt.
Jeff wriggled his hips, feeling his prick-knob move around in her cunthole. He
grinned lewdly, his face still smeared with her pussy- juice. He thrust his hips forward
just a fraction of an inch and felt her gaping pussyhole open up and swallow his
cockhead inside.
A look of awe spread over Dianne's face. She had never suspected the inside of her
pussy would ever feel anything as stimulating as the hard, hot flesh of her own son's
"Oh God, Jeffy, yes!" she panted. Her eyes rolled. "Shove your cock in me!" She
pressed more firmly on his ass. "Stick your cock in me farther."
She lifted her ass off the bed to draw more of his cock into the plush overheated
interior of her pussy. A long low moan of joy rippled up as she felt his cock fuck
effortlessly into her cunt.
Jeff flexed his thigh and ass muscles and continued his slow journey downward,
inward - the solid length of his cock fucking into the depths of his mother's cunt. He
swallowed hard. His eyes bugged out in disbelief as he concentrated on the amazing
sensation of her hot tight pussy walls as they enveloped his cock and slid along his
lengthy prickshaft.
He felt his thick cockhair coming in contact with the fine, damp bush of her pussy. He
felt her cunt muscles flex and tug his cock. He felt his nipples, hard and excited, as
they pressed into the soft but firm mounds of her excited tits.
"Oh, God!" he cried. He clutched her head with the sides of his arms and gobbled up
her mouth, his tongue slashing hers as he ground his cock around in the depths of
her furnace-like pussy.
His prick was ready to burst, and he fought to prevent it. His jaw muscles tightened,
his breath trapped in his expanded lungs. He quivered from head to toe as he felt his
cock throb - swelling and pressing into the snug chamber of her pussy.
He suddenly pulled his mouth off his mother's. He had never been so worked up in
his life. He couldn't control the overpowering sensations raging in his balls and in his
His mouth opened and closed as his ass instantly started rising and falling, his balls
tingling and crowding up in his crotch. He fucked his cock into his mother's cunt
rapidly, forcefully, in time with each of the spurts of thick cum jetting out of the head
of his prick.
Dianne knew what was happening. She welcomed the torrent of his cum by slapping
her hips up to meet his as fast as she could. Her body ached with the release of a
quick turbulent orgasm. But it also ached with the yearning for more, much more.
"Oh, Jesus, Jeffy!" she moaned, her mouth pressed close to his ear, her lips and her
jaw limp with the overriding sensations of orgasm bursting throughout her system.
"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck your mother good! Hard and fast!"
She dug her nails into his ass, the muscles in her long slender arms straining and
bulging in her ravenous desire to feel his cock fucking her cunt as powerfully as it
"Unh, unh, unh, oh God, yes, yes, yes!" she groaned as his cum shot into her pussy
and combined with her own generous outpouring of fuckjuice.
Jeff felt his balls slam painfully into his mother's ass as he continued to fuck his
exploding prick into her. Sweat oozed from his pores and hot flashes charged
through his body. Every muscle was taut, strained, rock-hard and working overtime
as he practically nailed his mother to the bed in his crazed ravaging of her pussy.
He stopped bucking and thrusting almost as rapidly as he had begun. He felt the
rapid spurts from his cockhead slow as the storehouse of his cum emptied into her.
He pulled his cock back to the lips of her pussy as she went weak under him, then
hammered his prick into her a few final times before suddenly relaxing.
His body crashed onto hers, his heaving chest mashing against hers. Their mouths
met and they exchanged tongue probes and hot moist air. His fingers entwined in
her hair while her hands stroked his ass.
"Oh God, Ma," he finally said as he deposited moist kisses all over her face, neck
and tits. "Jesus Christ! What a fuck! I've never been so worked up in my life. I don't
know what got into me. I'm sorry I came so soon. I hope you're not disappointed."
She released his ass and slapped one asscheek playfully.
"Hell no," she said with a chuckle. "I know what to expect. I was young once myself.
And so was your father. You're a chip off the old block, that's for sure."
He stared at her. "Really? I'm sorry. I wanted to make it good for you, too. I didn't
mean to come -"
"Don't worry about it. It was fine for me. It was great. Just may be the best I ever
had. I saw stars aplenty. Besides, it gives us something to work on. It can only get
Jeff grinned at her and chuckled lustily as he ground his cock around inside the
squishy depths of her overflowing pussy.
He raised himself on his elbows so he could bow his head. Wrapping his mouth
alternately around each of her swollen tits, he separated his sticky body from hers.
When he pulled his half-stiff cock out of her cunt, the odors of their combined
fuckjuice wafted up to his nostrils.
He sank his prick back into her again, and repeated the action. Each time he did so,
it felt as though her cunt was gripping his cockshaft a little tighter. He felt renewed
vigor in his balls and in his cock, which was swelling in her talented cunt.
Dianne's neck and back arched, shoving more of her aching swelling tits into her
son's mouth. She moaned uncontrollably as she rotated and slowly thrust her hips up
to meet his, his prickshaft ballooning inside her.
In a matter of minutes, Dianne could feel his cock - thicker and longer and harder -
sliding into the insatiable depths of her pussy once more. With long slow steady
strokes he fed his cock into her, pulling it all the way out sometimes till the huge
cock-knob popped right out of her cunthole. But his cock was so rigid that he
immediately plugged her empty pussy full again.
Jeff gradually built up steam, like a jet roaring down the runway, and was soon
fucking his cock into her about as fast as he had done before. He pounded her cunt
mercilessly. Then, pausing to rest, he ground his groin around hers. The side of his
face rested on her shoulder and he grabbed her asscheeks, slapping her sloppy
crotch on and off his stiff prick as fast as he could.
Dianne shuddered in the throes of another glorious orgasm. She felt herself go
weak, abandoning all control of her fragile body to the strong arms and cock of her
son. All she felt was his cock stabbing her ravenous pussy relentlessly, and that's all
she wanted as the waves of her climax washed over her.
When she felt herself drift back to reality, Jeff was in one of his slower interludes,
grinding his cock around inside her pussy and gnashing his pubic bone against hers
hungrily. Shivers of delight rippled up her spine.
She wrapped her arms and legs tightly around his back and started a slow rocking
motion back and forth. She kissed his lips fervently, slavering the insides of his
mouth with her wildly active tongue. When she rocked him over onto his back, she
pulled her mouth off his.
"Ah, good," she said, grinding her pussy around on his stiff-rigid cock. Her eyes
closed as she savored every inch, every nuance of his cock probing around inside
her. The jack-hammer thrusting had been fine, she thought, but what she needed
every now and then was a long, slow fuck.
Dianne moaned long and low, a smooth velvety sound issuing from her throat as she
ground her pussy around on her son's cock. A dreamy smile of tranquillity and
increasing pleasure brightened her face.
Jeff raised his hands and clasped his mother's torso, his palms pushing her massive
tits outward all the more. He ogled her ballooning tits, his mouth going dry. The large
dark caps surrounding the tiny hard nipples called to him, begging him to satisfy his
hunger, to turn his mother on all the more. His head lifted off the pillow. His mouth
opened and surrounded one of the huge firm nipples.
Instantly Dianne groaned and arched her back. Her tits ached deep inside, and only
the firm pressure of a talented mouth sucking on them could relieve the yearning.
She clutched the back of Jeff's head and pressed her tit farther into her son's mouth
as she twirled her cunt around on his rigid cock.
Jeff trapped the stiff little nipple between his teeth and lightly bit down. He flicked his
tongue over the eraser-like nipple, eliciting moans of delight from his mother's throat.
Matching her grinding motions, he flexed his ass muscles, sending his cock roving
around more forcefully inside her drenched cunt.
As her body started to undulate and rock, Jeff could feel the constrictions of the
tightest parts of her pussy clutch and stroke his prickshaft like a well-trained fist. His
cock felt like a firehose plugged up at the nozzle, swelling, ready to burst. He
agonized in extreme ecstasy with each pump of her tight pussy over the bulging
parts of his cockshaft.
Moans of increasing pleasure rippled from his mouth. His ass continued to rise and
fall in short, slow movements as it tightened and relaxed, his cock inflating and
pulsing and moving around inside her eager pussy. On the upstrokes, he pressed
and gnashed his pelvis around hers, stimulating her super-charged clit to greater
orgasmic release.
Dianne seemed to be losing control of all her senses, except those in her cunt and
tits. Her mind reeled and her blood boiled with the impending release of another
nerve-wracking orgasm. She grew more powerless, more willing to relinquish
complete control of her body to Jeff. The more forcefully and rapidly he fucked his
cock into her, the more she wanted him to ravage her completely and mercilessly,
leaving her weak and sated in the wake of another orgasm.
Her muscles relaxed and grew limp. Her body began lowering closer to his. Her
knees trembled and her legs and arms went weak as she ground and thrust her cunt
less and less vigorously on his cock.
Jeff didn't disappoint her. He could feel her body succumbing to the need to be
fucked powerfully. Sharp sighs escaped her throat as he fucked her cunt all the
faster, all the harder.
A piercing wail of desperation escaped from Dianne's throat when Jeff pulled his
cock from her churning cunt. He placed her face-down beside him, then crawled
around back and fucked his throbbing cock up her cunt from behind.
Dianne was powerless and she loved it. Sharp grunts and yelps filled the air with
each thrust of his bludgeoning cock into her. She lay with her cheek on a pillow, spit
drooling out of her open, half-twisted mouth as her son hammered her pussy.
"Unh God, Jeff," she cried, her words obliterated by the pillow. "More, more, more! I
love it! Fuck me as hard as you can! I can't get enough of your cock! I've never come
so much in my life!"
With infinite youthful vigor, Jeff fucked his cock into her insatiable pussy. His biceps
bulged impressively as he clutched his mother's hips and yanked her ass back to
meet every one of his forceful thrusts into her. His jaw hung open and his chest
heaved rapidly.
"Oh, God, Ma!" he panted. "Oh God, oh God, oh God!"
Tears formed in his eyes as he felt the familiar tingling sensation in his balls that
preceded every orgasm. His knuckles whitened as he dug his fingers into her hips
and slapped her ass back all the more forcefully. His body convulsed as massive
spurts of his cum fired into the flooded chamber of her pussy.
Dianne managed to slip a weak arm under her body, her hand just barely extending
to her cunt. With rapid-fire speed and excellent precision, her fingertip flickered over
her exposed, quivering clit, and she exploded.
Unintelligible words and grunts and shrieks filled the room as they came
Almost as rapidly as it began, it ended. Except for their uncontrollable rapid
breathing, they were motionless. Jeff collapsed on top of his mother, forcing her to
the bed.
"Oh God, Jeffy," Dianne said. "That was magnificent. I've never been fucked so
thoroughly in my life. How was it for you? Was it as good as those little girls you
occasionally get to swing on your cock?"
Jeff sputtered as he laughed. "Are you kidding? A hundred times better. A thousand
times better!"
"Good. But believe me, it'll get better yet. All we need to do is practice."
And over the next several months, Dianne seized every opportunity she could to fuck
him. Whenever her husband Ron, Tess and her other son, Andy, were gone, she
and Jeff had another opportunity to practice fucking, as she put it.
"I don't want you to disappoint your little fuck partners," she would say. "Besides,
practice is its own reward, and you can never get too much."
They fucked in just about every part of the house and in every position possible. The
days, and some of the nights, were spent in wild fuck sessions.
Jeff suddenly had his hands full trying to fit both his sister and his mother into his
busy fucking schedule. But he didn't complain.
And neither did Dianne. Now she was getting more than her share, for she and Ron
were still fucking regularly.
Then one day everything changed. Jeff was fucking his mother from behind again, a
position that both of them preferred. They were in the fenced-in back yard. Jeff had
been swimming in the pool when Dianne came home, and she had coaxed him out
of the water and between her legs.
Then, with the sun beating down on them warmly, drying the sweat on their bare
backs as Jeff fucked his cock into her from behind, they were startled to hear the
patio door open. Their hearts thudded in panic as Tess stepped onto the patio in her
bikini bathing suit.